The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 19

“No, not gonna happen.” Tiffany closed her eyes and sighed heavily. When she looked back up at Alice, her vision was blurred by the tears forming in her eyes. “We’re gonna go.”

“Why am I not surprised, Tiff?” Alice scoffed as she crossed her arms. “Fine, take Erin and go.”

Alice’s words felt like a dagger through Tiffany’s heart, but she knew it was the right choice. There was no telling what Alice might do to her and Erin were they both deep in trance for her. The best case scenario would be Alice doing nothing, just wanting to see if Tiffany would do that for her. The worst case could be any number of terrible outcomes, too many for Tiffany to imagine. And that wasn’t even taking into account Dillon and the silent calculations going on behind that intense gaze of his.

It felt like a gut wrenching admission, but it simply wasn’t worth the risk. She’d have to go about things differently. Her and Erin needed to get out and regroup. She looked at the pain and disappointment in Alice’s expression, to the greedy zeal of Dillon’s gaze as he looked Erin up and down. It sent chills down Tiffany’s spine, and made her worried for Erin. One well-spoken phrase from either Alice or Dillon and Erin could end up siphoned away from Tiffany’s control.

She didn’t bother to hide the bitterness in her voice. “Erin, wake up.”

Erin blinked several times in succession and shook her head then her arms as she reanimated. “Huh-whatza? What’d I miss?” She looked frantically around at Tiffany, Alice, and Dillon in turn.

“Not much, Erin,” Alice said while staring firmly at Tiffany. “You were both just leaving…”

Erin frowned. “Oh. Okay then, I guess.”

Alice’s gaze dropped to her feet. “Yeah,” she uttered miserably. “Okay.”

Dillon was the first to stand, moving his chair as he did to make a clear path and holding his arm towards the exit. “Thanks for stopping by ladies,” he said, and Tiffany could hear the smugness laced through his voice. “Don’t be strangers now.”

Tiffany could feel her blood boil as she shakily rose from her chair, with Erin following suit. She had a thousand things to say, but no words would come out. She needed to tell Alice to listen, to trust her, to understand why everything happened the way it did. She also needed to protect Erin and herself. There were too many conflicting objectives and she was feeling herself becoming overwhelmed. It was definitely time to get out of there.

“I’m sorry…” Tiffany croaked as she made to leave.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Erin snapped suddenly. “Yes, fine, we’ll leave! But you better not be blaming Tiff for all this, Alice! It’s mostly my fault, but it’s partly yours!”

Everyone looked to Erin at this, with expressions mixing from surprise to anger. Tiffany noticed Dillon’s fist clench, while Alice looked up to Erin in confusion.

“What?” Alice asked, frowning defensively. “What are you talking about, Erin?”

“I’m the one who put suggestions into your head making you think about doing stuff with Tiff and me! I’m the one who made you kneel on the floor of your flat naked so I could use you to intimidate Tiff. Everything that’s been bothering you is a result of me fucking up. Tiff is trying to make things better! She always tries to make things better! So stop moping about with these losers and—”

Dillon took an aggressive step towards Erin and pushed her back so hard that she stumbled back into the armchair she had been sitting on.

“The fuck!?” Erin spat at Dillon as both Tiff and Alice made similar sounds of protest.

Ross was on his feet now, his game forgotten as he stood ready to pounce. Alice jumped out of her chair and rounded on Dillon.

“Dillon, what was that?!” Alice demanded angrily.

“I warned them! I warned them both!” Dillon snapped back. “I told them not to tell you what to do, in case you have to fucking obey it or whatever!”

Tiffany looked back anxiously at Erin. She seemed unhurt, but her face was a picture of pure fury.

Erin seethed venom as she pulled herself back to her feet. “If you fucking touch me again, I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Well then stop being a stupid bitch and do as you’re told!” Dillon replied heatedly. “Don’t tell Alice what to do! Don’t give her any sort of suggestion or anything! She’s not fucking going anywhere, and you’re not going to change that!”

Tiffany stared pointedly at Dillon, then Alice. His agitation had bubbled to the surface, sure, but Alice’s ire was now directed at him for losing his temper at Erin. Tiffany felt like shouting at Dillon as well, though her anger at his actions mingled with her fear of what he might do next. But it was clear to her that she wouldn’t do anyone any good if she let her own rage burst forth. If she let that happen, it meant she’d lost control.

Instead, she pushed down hard on her anger and fear and instead focused on what Mistress Tiffany would say, and how calmly and confidently she would say it. “I don’t think that’s up to you. I think that’s up to Alice. If she wants to stay, that’s fine, but don’t you dare act like she’s yours.”

“Why, because she’s yours?” Dillon replied heatedly. He took a step closer to Tiffany now, but she didn’t shrink down. “Because you did some fucked up sci-fi crap to her head to make her lose control of herself? I’m the only one here trying to help her!”

“Help her how?” Tiffany replied coolly, looking up at Dillon’s fuming face. “By offering her booze and drugs? I don’t see how that’s helping, and I’d rather Alice tell me what she wants, rather than have your poor attempts at mansplaining it to me.”

“Everyone just calm down,” Alice said, though no one seemed to listen.

“You’re so fucked up,” Erin interjected shaking her head at Dillon. “I mean, you know Alice’s history, what the fuck are you doing?”

Dillon turned back to Erin to angrily reply, but Erin wasn’t finished.

“And you!” Erin now stared intensely at Alice. “What the fuck! Things get a little hard and confusing so you fuck off to your douchebag drug dealer ex?!”

Dillon looked ready to explode at this, but Erin ploughed on, oblivious to the outrage on his face.

“We’re your friends, Alice! And yes we fuck up, but you could have talked to us, you could have given us a chance to explain, a chance to apologise! And what about fucking Marion! She didn’t do anything wrong and you just bail on her too! I mean, seriously, not cool!”

Alice was turning bright scarlet now. She looked ready to either burst into tears or start yelling herself, and Tiffany wasn’t sure which one would happen. Dillon was furious, as was Erin. Ross looked agitated, unsure of what was going on or what he should be doing.

Tiffany took a deep breath, feeling an odd calm wash over her even as her heart pounded away in her chest. “We’re not here to tell you what to do, Alice,” she explained calmly. “We’re here to tell you that we love you and to make sure you make this decision yourself. If you want to stay and you want us to go, that’s fine. But we miss you, and Josh too. We’re all worried about you.”

“And Trev?” Alice asked in a shy croak. “What about Trev?”

Tiffany hesitated for a split second. Trev possibly didn’t even know that Alice had run off. They hadn’t seen or heard from him since the same evening of the memory gap where they last saw Alice. Alice was closer to Trev than she was to anyone, except perhaps Marion. She surely wouldn’t react well to hearing that Trev was clueless about her freak out, but Tiffany wasn’t willing to lie to Alice. Not now… Not when she was clawing her way up to the moral high ground against Dillon.

Erin, however, didn’t miss a beat before insisting, “Of course! You know he and Josh would both be here, but we insisted it was a girl thing.”

“Then why the fuck are you here, butch?” spat Dillon.

Erin looked ready to kill, and Tiffany herself saw red. Without thinking, she prodded Dillon in the shoulder and sharply declared, “Trust me dumbass, she’s not a dude.” She then cocked her head to the side and added with sickly sweetness, “And yet she still has more balls than you.”

Tiffany wasn’t ready for what came next. Something in Dillon’s eyes seemed to snap, and in a flash, he slammed her against the wall, his forearm pressed up tight against her throat. Pain shot through her body and she tried to gasp for air but couldn’t.

“Dillon!” Alice shrieked in shock. She moved to try and stop him but Ross suddenly grabbed her and roughly pulled her back while she thrashed and struggled.

“Say that again,” Dillon hissed. “I dare you.”

Tiffany’s eyes were watering, but she could see Dillon’s hateful gaze boring into her. She couldn’t breathe, and felt a surge of panic flood through her mind.

Then, as quickly as Dillon had sprung upon Tiffany, Erin was behind Dillon, one hand grabbing a tuft of his hair, the other holding a switchblade to his neck.

The entire room seemed to freeze. Alice stopped struggling against Ross’s grip, while his efforts to restrain her ceased in turn. Dillon seized up, arm still pressed hard against Tiffany’s neck.

“Make a wrong move and I’ll fucking end you,” Erin seethed. “Now, very slowly release her.”

Dillon took away his arm from Tiffany’s neck and she crumpled to the floor, choking in sparse breaths of air. Her vision was blurry and dizziness overwhelmed her, so much so she could barely make out what was going on above.

“Alice, please help Tiff,” Erin calmly instructed.

Before she knew it, a soft pair of hands were helping Tiffany to her feet, and she could make out Alice’s concerned expression as she was assisted to the door. There was more talking, Erin telling Ross to get out of the way, and then it was too quiet to make out. The disorientation was immense, and she felt like she was barely able to breathe still, coughing and choking every other moment. There was some kind of commotion from the lounge, Ross and Dillon both swearing loudly.

Then suddenly Erin was next to them. “Time to go, right now!” She insisted. “Alice, please don’t tell me you’re still staying after that!

There was the slightest pause in which a new arm linked with Tiffany’s. Erin’s, she assumed. Then, Alice said grimly, “No, no I’m not.”

“Then come on, let’s get the fuck out of here,” Erin urged. “Alice, just grab your shoes, there’s no time for anything else.”

“Fuck, Erin, what did you do?” Alice anxiously asked, throwing her shoes on before grabbing Tiffany again. The apartment door opened and Tiffany was aware of being shuffled through into the hallway.

“Fucking justice is what I did! It’s a flesh wound, he’ll be fine! But I couldn’t take em both, and if I hadn’t done something they’d be fucking on us right now!”

“Fuck, Erin! Fuck he has a gun!” Alice squealed in a panic. Tiffany’s feet seem to be moving on their own at this point as Alice and Erin held her on both sides. She felt like her vision might be clearing, but the corridor and stairs were still spinning violently so she found herself closing her eyes as she tried to draw raspy breaths. She could hear Alice’s own breathing getting suddenly sharper. “He’s going to come after us, Erin. He’s going to cat—”

“Don’t panic!” Erin snapped back, “he won’t be that stupid. You don’t shit in your front yard, it’s bad for business…”

Alice seemed unconvinced and continued to hyperventilate. Tiffany wanted to try and reassure her, but panic was still swimming in her own mind, though her immediate concern was more about collapsing due to lack of oxygen before they reached the lobby.

“Tiff, Tiff!” Erin shook her as they came to another landing. “Just shake or nod your head, are you able to make it outside? We’re going to jump right in the first cab we see, okay? It’s not far, can you make it?”

Tiffany nodded her head, wheezing heavily. She could still breath, just not easily, and they couldn’t delay in case Alice was right about Dillon coming after them. Through the pain and dizziness, she pushed herself on.

It was a blur, but Tiffany found herself guided into the back seat of a cab, Alice and Erin squished in either side of her.

“Just drive!” One of them ordered, and just like that, they were away.

An exhausted, stunned silence settled over the three of them, with Alice and Erin panting for breath and Tiffany wheezing strained breaths as she cradled her neck with both hands. They shared occasional glances with each other but nobody spoke.

The silence was eventually broken by the taxi driver, who was frowning at them through the rear view mirror. “She doesn’t look so good… You going to the hospital?”

The three girls exchanged a glance before Tiffany shook her head vigorously.

“Tiff, are you sure?” Alice asked earnestly. “Can you even breathe properly?”

Tiffany tested the waters and tried to whisper. It unsurprisingly came out raspy and hoarse. “I’m… okay… no… hospi… tal”

“She’ll be alright,” Erin told the driver, though Tiffany could see the concern plastered across her face.

“Okay, then where to?” The driver shrugged.

“Back to Josh’s?” Erin asked. “I left my stuff there, sooo…”

Tiffany shook her head again and prodded Alice, before pointing at her chest.

“My place?” Alice asked. Tiffany nodded. To her, getting Alice home to safety and comfort was still the priority, no matter how much pain she herself was in.

“Okay, yeah,” Erin agreed. “To Alice’s.”

Once Alice had given her address to the taxi driver, the rest of the journey passed in a strained silence. Tiffany felt desperate to say something, but she felt like any more speaking would hurt her already tender throat even more. She could feel the discomfort of both Alice and Erin, and wanted to reassure them, but found herself helpless and feeling more and more tired with each passing minute.

Before too long, they were paying the taxi driver and were shortly after buzzed into Alice’s apartment by Marion, as Alice had left her keys at Dillon’s place.

Marion proceeded to make a fuss over both Alice and Tiffany, bringing an ice pack for Tiffany’s neck and handing her a couple of pills.

“These are pretty strong anti-inflammatory painkillers I have left over from my skiing injury last winter.” Marion explained. “I still think you should see a doctor, but if you’re going to be stubborn about it, then this will at least take the edge off for the next few hours.”

Tiffany took the tablets gratefully and swallowed them with the help of some water over the next few minutes, each swallow hurting like hell and making her wince.

“Now, just because you’ll feel the pain subside a bit, doesn’t mean you can talk more. You need to rest your throat and your voice,” Marion cautioned. “So no talking, and no eating, you can have water and juice, or like a smoothie, but food will just aggravate it right now. They’ll kick in fairly soon, but I just remembered you might get a bit drowsy or spaced out.”

Tiff nodded solemnly as Marion gave her a scrutinising stare.

“And lastly, definitely no drinks or other drugs right now.”

“Don’t worry Marion…” Alice said glumly, “I’m the only waster around here… And I’m going to go cold turkey. Again. Starting now…”

“Okay, yeah.” Marion nodded with a grim smile, though Tiff could feel the hurt and fear that was radiating from her, while Alice was staring down at the floor, wearing a guilt ridden expression. A deafening silence hung over the room for an awkward moment.

Erin’s agitation from it quickly became apparent. “Maybe you want to lie down, Tiff?”

Tiffany looked at her, then Alice, with large doe eyes and offered a weak nod. She hated not being able to talk.

“Yeah, let’s get you some rest,” Alice agreed with a heavy sigh.

They helped Tiffany through to Alice’s bedroom, and Alice insisted that Tiffany take her bed. When Tiff moved to protest, pointing back to Alice, the blonde smiled wearily.

“Come on Tiff, you’ve done enough for me today…” Alice said softly, placing a hand on Tiffany’s arm. “Let me do something for you now.”

“She’s a funny one like that, isn’t she? Always wanting to put others first, even when it doesn’t make sense,” Erin remarked, following them both into the room and closing the door behind her. “By the way, I told Marion that we all had some private things to discuss, so she knows to give us some space.”

“Uh huh?” Alice raised an eyebrow at Erin. “And what is the privacy really for, Erin? So one of you can say some words that puts me in a trance, and then I wake up like some mindless zombie slave to you?”

“Honestly, Alice?” Erin stepped towards Alice, her head cocked slightly and her eyes narrowed. “If it were up to me, damn fucking right I’d drop you into trance right now and completely reprogram you. You wanna know the first thing I’d do?”

Alice said nothing, but instead crossed her arms and offered Erin an unamused glare. Tiffany watched them both and rolled her eyes, cursing in her mind that she couldn’t tell either of them to simmer down.

Undeterred, Erin continued. “I’d thoroughly implant the thought that you value yourself enough that you don’t go running off to absolute asshole men every time you wake up with fucking bedhead or a sore throat or something!”

Alice shrugged. “So, you’d alter my entire personality because you don’t like the guys I shack up with. Great, what else?”

“Alright… I’d make you be more honest with yourself, and with us,” Erin suggested. At this, Alice looked at her quizzically, and, feeling her confidence boosted, Erin continued with a knowing smirk. “How long have you been in love with Trev and won’t admit it to anyone?”

Alice shrank back at once, before determinedly shaking her head. “No! That’s bullshit Erin, where are you even getting this from?”

Tiffany watched Alice carefully. The way she tucked her hair behind her ear as she spoke, the change in her body language… Alice was lying. Tiffany would have felt like her breath had been taken away if she wasn’t already feeling like that. Instead, she looked at Erin’s triumphant grin. How did she know that about Alice? Was it something she found out from a deeply entranced Alice at some point in the last few days?

Erin was pressing her advantage now. “Oh come on, Alice. I’ve seen the way you look at him, the way you are around him, and how completely you clam up whenever Lucy is there, like you’re literally choking on the jealousy. Lucy knows, by the way, and it’s why she hates you most of all of us.”

Alice shook her head some more, but her eyes were starting to tear up now, and her voice was losing its conviction. “You’re just imagining things, Erin. I don’t look at Trev a certain way.”

Erin threw her arms up in exasperation. “Like hell you don’t. You look at him the same way Tiff looks at you!”

Alice suddenly looked at Tiffany with wide, fearful eyes. Tiffany felt her heart jolt. Did Erin just…? Did Erin seriously just say that? She glanced back at Alice, her own eyes tearing up now. Yes, she had felt like Alice was the girl of her dreams, and sure she had felt that pretty much from the moment she had met her, but this wasn’t how Alice was supposed to find out! She wasn’t ever supposed to find out!

“Erin!” Tiffany rasped in a hoarse whisper. It sent fresh spikes of pain through her throat. She really couldn’t speak yet, much to her growing dismay. She instead looked back to Alice. Alice looked shocked, but her expression betrayed her guilt.

She had known… How long had she known? Tiffany felt a dull ache in her chest. She wasn’t going to pretend that it was fair or anything, but knowing that Alice was fully aware of how she felt without ever acknowledging it just… hurt.

Alice spun around angrily. “Why, Erin? Why?”

“Because you wanted to know what I’d do if I was going to trance you,” Erin said forcefully. “Having you grow a spine and face up to the tough situations in your life? Yeah, that’s what I’d do.”

Alice held herself as tears started to fall down her cheeks. “Then why haven’t you fucking done it already?”

“Because I’m not the Mistress here,” Erin said with an intense gaze. “Tiffany is.”

Alice looked back towards Tiffany, visibly gulping. “So what are you gonna do, Tiff?”

Tiffany heaved a deep sigh and made a slow motion with both of her hands flat that she wanted to mean “let’s all just calm the fuck down a bit.” Alice seemed to recognise this and relaxed slightly.

Erin, however, tensed up. “Alice through the looking glass.” She said purposefully.

Alice looked surprised for the slightest instant before her whole body slumped into a relaxed stupor. Her eyes glossed over and her mouth hung open slightly.

Tiffany threw her arms up and gestured angrily at Erin, thinking what the hell! as she did so.

“What?” Erin shrugged. “C’mon Tiff, surely you were planning on doing that sooner or later, but you’re not exactly vocally enabled right now, so I figured I’d help you out.” She approached Alice from behind and ran her hands up the slim body of the entranced blonde. Alice didn’t react in the slightest, only swaying slightly under the pressure of Erin’s hands running over her body. “Don’t tell me you don’t want Alice like this… Don’t tell me you don’t want her ready to be whatever you want her to be.”

Tiffany watched with clenched fists, feeling simultaneously outraged and aroused. She immediately wanted to bark at Erin that she was out of line, but she knew her throat wouldn’t be able to handle that. Instead, she crossed her arms and made no secret of her displeasure on her face.

“Oh please!” Erin protested, though still smiling. “You can’t possibly have gone through all of that just now and be having doubts about this, Tiff!” She ran her hands under Alice’s top now and leaned in to whisper softly in her ear. “Alice, you are Tiff’s slave now, just like me, and you obey her in all things, understand?”

“I understand.” Alice faintly murmured back, otherwise remaining unchanged, blank and slumped.

Tiffany waved her arms frantically in protest and made a complaining noise. “Erin! Stop!” she finally rasped, grinding her teeth through the pain of doing so.

“Okay, fine…” Erin reluctantly shrank back from Alice and crossed her own arms. “I obey, Mistress, even if I think you’re being a ballsack about this…”

Tiffany wrangled angry hands through her hair. Why wasn’t Erin understanding her? She had to find a better way to communicate than wild gesticulation and occasional forced gasps of orders. She looked around Alice’s room and saw a notepad and several pens on a cluttered desk. Hurrying over to it, she started furiously scribbling down a message for Erin to read. Erin started to approach but Tiffany finished and held up the notepad moments later.

I’m not going to enslave her.

“What? What are you going to do then?”

More frantic scribbling. Undo all her triggers—FREE her!!!

“Tiff! Are you insane?!” Erin hissed. “You leave Alice to her own devices and look what happens! Dillon!” She threw her arms up before violently pointing at Tiffany’s throat. “And that!”

It’s MY choice—I’M the Mistress, remember?

“I know! I know!” Erin ran her hands over her face. “But Tiff—Mistress! You’re making a mistake!”

I’m doing what’s RIGHT! She doesn’t WANT to be a slave!

Erin wrung her hands out in front of her in complete desperation. “Oh my god how do you not get it?!” She was tearing up now, and Tiffany took a break from her note writing as Erin dropped to her knees.

“Tiff, admitting to you that I wanted to be your slave was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And as hard as it was, it still only happened because you coaxed it out of me… Alice isn’t there! She won’t be able to admit to you or me or herself how much she craves someone taking control of her, taking away her responsibility for all the crap she has in her life.”

At this, Tiffany raised her eyebrow and shook her head slightly. She didn’t understand, what was Erin talking about? What crap was in Alice’s life? Sure, some poor decisions when it came to men and substances, but apart from that she was smart, popular, beautiful. She had friends all over campus, and Tiffany felt blessed that she ever wanted to hang out with her and Josh and the gang. What Erin was saying didn’t make sense, and it was starting to piss her off.

Erin then heaved a deep sigh and shook her head. “I’m sorry, Tiff. Mistress, even. You don’t know, you can’t, and I shouldn’t blame you for that, as much as I want to. The fact is, girls like Alice don’t go chasing after guys like Dillon unless there’s a reason. That reason will be hers, and I doubt she’d be willing to share it, just like I have crap I’m not ready to share. You should do what you need to do, but trust me, Alice would be lucky to be your slave. Please don’t leave her in a position where she has to figure all of this out by herself… It’s overwhelming.”

Tiffany let Erin’s words process through her mind. She definitely didn’t get it, but maybe that was besides the point. She truly cared about what Alice wanted in all this, but if Alice didn’t know what she wanted, what then? If she released Alice from all of her triggers and every last compulsion, would she run back to Dillon or an equally bad ex? Would she go off the rails? Or would the whole experience have given her the clarity to take control of her own life? What gave Tiffany the right to decide?

She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed heavily through a strained throat. The throbbing pain seemed to be dulling, but she felt so tired. Maybe all of it would make sense in the morning… Rest almost seemed like a pleasant prospect, yet she still felt wired from the events of that afternoon.

No, she couldn’t rest yet… Alice was in trance, and Erin was… wait, what was Erin doing?

Erin was crawling towards her now, eyes gleaming with desire and deviousness. “I’m sorry for arguing with you, Mistress,” she said sweetly, leaning down and kissing Tiffany’s feet. “I’m sorry I’ve been difficult.” She started running her hands up Tiffany’s ankles. “I don’t mean to be bad, I just want what’s best for you, and what’s best for her.”

Tiffany moaned softly. Erin’s fingers were magical, applying and releasing pressure in a soothing yet exhilarating rhythm. Tiffany felt like clay under her fingers, and felt her tension start to crack.

Erin rose, as did her hands, and soon her fingers were gliding under Tiffany’s top, caressing her skin. Tiffany closed her eyes and sighed happily. The pain in her neck and throat was still throbbing, but was a lot easier to ignore with Erin’s graceful tender touch gliding across her flesh.

Tiffany then opened her eyes and looked nervously to Alice, as though the entranced blonde might snap out of her blank daze at any moment. There was zero chance of that though, and she would have no memory of anything happening while in the trance, so Tiffany found herself easily closing her eyes once more and relaxing into Erin’s enticing embrace.

“I want to take care of all your needs. I crave being your instrument of pleasure. I love touching you, kissing you, being your toy and your slave…” Tiffany’s top was off now and Erin was nibbling her earlobes between each whisper, sending shivers of pleasure down Tiffany’s spine.

“Use me, Mistress? Fuck me, punish me for being stubborn? Pretty please? Please may this slave suck and fuck you ’til you cum?”

Wanting to say yes a thousand times, Tiffany just moaned and nodded her head. Erin smiled excitedly, her lascivious auburn eyes drinking her Mistress in.

Tiffany’s bra was deftly removed, and her breasts were soon being caressed and suckled by Erin’s eager hands and mouth. Wanting to not aggravate her throat, she whined and moaned with growing bliss as quietly as she could.

“Just imagine what it would feel like if Alice was doing this too…” Erin purred, running her hands through Tiffany’s hair. Tiffany’s hands were grabbing Erin passionately, tearing her hoody off and relishing her milky smooth skin. She couldn’t help but picture Alice emerging from her tranced stupor, her empty gaze replaced with lustful obedience, dropping to her knees to join Erin in her enthusiastic affections. “It would feel so good, wouldn’t it?”

Another moan escaped Tiffany’s lips, and she found herself nodding, enjoying the imagery Erin was conjuring. It would be so incredible for Alice to be teasing and nibbling on the nipple that Erin wasn’t currently focusing her playful tongue on. Tiffany’s mind was fogging to everything except the pleasure Erin was stimulating in her and the image of Alice taking part.

“You want Alice to be your slave just like me. The thought of her being your slave makes you want to cum...” Erin whispered through heavy excited breaths into Tiffany’s ear. Her hand unbuttoned Tiffany’s jeans, and two fingers slid gracefully into Tiffany’s wet and waiting pussy.

Tiffany bucked her hips and gasped as Erin’s fingers pulsed in and out of her. Her eyes snapped open, her gaze looking up pleadingly at her slave. ’More!’ she thought as she gasped breathlessly, writhing helpless to Erin’s skillful touch.

“You can’t cum yet, Mistress. Not yet. You need to admit it first. You want Alice to be your slave so badly, don’t you?”

’Yes!’ Tiffany thought, drinking in Erin’s words without attempting to process them. ’Can’t cum yet, need to admit it.’ Another deep pleasurable moan was siphoned from her as she frantically nodded again. She let herself get lost in the pleasure, like her mind was melting away. She closed her eyes again, feeling the growing wave of her impending orgasm building up within her.

“Getting closer, Mistress. You can’t cum yet, getting closer. You want to be able to enslave her without worrying about it, don’t you?”

Tiffany’s head nodded automatically. “Yes!” she rasped hoarsely, not thinking about anything else. She was so close, so close!

“You need a plan before you can cum, a plan for her. You want me to help you enslave her without feeling guilty, don’t you?” Erin’s lip curled up as she spoke, her eyes glinting with mischievous joy.

“Yes!” another rasping breath, and more frantic nods. ’Need a plan… Don’t stop, please don’t stop!’ she thought beggingly, desperate for her release.

“You’ll cum when you have a plan, Mistress. You simply can’t cum until you have a plan, and you need to cum, Mistress.

“Please… please…” Tiffany pleaded, her mind liquid pleasure swirling around Erin’s words. ’Need a plan, need to cum! Need… need to!’

“I have a plan for you, Mistress. Do you want to hear it?”

“Yes! Yes!” Distantly, Tiffany still felt her throat hurt as her begging pleads rasped from her lips, but it paled compared to the torrent of erotic bliss that was poised to crash through her body and mind. Never had she ever wanted to orgasm so badly in her life.

Erin spoke softly, yet persuasively, her voice soothing and so easy to follow. “First, you want me to put you in trance, yes?”

“Yes!” God that sounded so hot. Maybe not wise, but hot. Put me in trance…

“And once in trance, you want me to make you okay with completely enslaving Alice, yes?”

“Yes!” Holy hell, to be manipulated like that, to be twisted into doing what she knew was wrong…

“And then you want me to wipe your memory of my changes after, don’t you?”

Oh fuck, even hotter. ’Wipe my memories…’ “Yes!”

“Then tell me to do it, Mistress. Tell me to enact your plan that I made for you. Tell me to do it, and then you can cum.”

“Do it! Do it, please!” The words escaped her lips before she had time to let her thoughts catch up with her.

“Gladly. Cum, Mistress, cum,” Erin commanded lovingly, placing her free hand across her mistress’s mouth. Tiffany screamed into Erin’s hand as the orgasm exploded throughout her body and shattered her mind. She lost herself in wave after wave of pleasure, moaning and spasming as the bliss of it jolted through her every nerve. Eventually, the powerful rush started to fade away like an echo, and she couldn’t tell how much time had passed before she opened her eyes once more and focused on Erin.

Her slave was kneeling above her, a triumphant glint in her eyes. “You looked like you enjoyed that, Mistress,” Erin said with an air of smugness. “I wanted you to fully savor it before I enacted your brilliant plan…”

Brilliant plan? ’Oh fuck!’ Suddenly, clarity and understanding snapped back into place within Tiffany’s mind like a sprung trap. She had effectively told Erin to drop her into trance!

“Sssshhp Ennn Shhhp!” She tried to utter her trigger for Erin, but her slave’s hand held firm across her mouth. Erin probably understood what Tiffany was trying to say, but it wasn’t enough for her to drop into trance. A sick panic collided with Tiffany’s intense pleasure. She felt an alien exhilaration from knowing that she had trapped herself this way. She was about to lose her control, and she was trying to stop it from happening more as an impulse than really wanting to.

“Uh uh, Mistress! No backsies.” Erin grinned. “And really, I’ve been wanting to say this all day…”

One last frantic idea entered Tiffany’s mind as Erin took a deep breath, clearly wanting to deliver her trigger phrase with some theatrical flare. And that split second delay is what cost Erin her triumph.

Erin’s look of exhilarated victory was suddenly interrupted as Tiffany quickly placed a finger on her forehead. Her mouth formed an “O” but no words came out. Instead, her expression melted away, her eyes glossed over and lost focus, and she slumped into a blank, empty stupor.

No longer trying to keep it in place, Tiffany found it much easier to push Erin’s hand away from her mouth, allowing her to expel a deep, harrowed sigh.

Drenched in sweat and still buzzing in the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm, Tiffany allowed herself to catch her breath. That had been too close... But for now, as both Erin and Alice stared blankly into nothing in front of her, she was safe.

* * *

Dillon paced around the lounge restlessly as Ross sat with a laptop and a phone on the sofa.

“Are you sure you’re not gonna go see someone about that?” Ross asked, staring at the bandage and dressing they had put on Dillon where his neck and shoulder met. It had been a patchy Google-researched job, and the bathroom looked like a warzone now, but they had cleaned and dressed the slice Erin had made over the top of his shoulder. She had clearly tried to not cut too deep, it was a fucking distraction for her to get out with the other two bitches.

Alice. They’d taken Alice. He still couldn’t believe everything that has happened in the last two days, so this latest development sat well with all the crazy shit that had preceded it.

“I’m sure,” he replied irritably. “Just tell me, did you manage it?”

“Yeah, I did,” Ross said grimly. “You don’t really believe all that shit though, right?”

“I believe what I saw…” Dillon replied. “When what’s her face, Tiff, when she said that phrase, the dyke in the hoodie just checked out. Like, she was gone, man. I’ve seen some people space out when on a trip, but there’s always some sign of something going on in there.” He prodded his head. “But she just looked like the way Alice described—I think they’ve made something that can really fuck with people’s minds.”

“I dunno man, it all seems a bit too twilight zone to me, just sayin’.” Ross shrugged.

“Well, we’ll find out,” Dillon insisted. “Let’s hear the first one, then.”

“Sure.” Ross hit a button on the laptop, and a sound clip played.

“Sleep, Erin, sleep,” Tiffany’s voice spoke through the speakers.

“Haha, fuckin’ A!” Dillon smacked Ross’s back and paced around the room in excitement.

“I still can’t believe you recorded the whole thing on your phone.” Ross shook his head. “You realise that with that as evidence, you can have the pigs put away the bitch that cut you, right?”

“Like fuck I’d ever go to the pigs!” Dillon snorted. “Besides, if that does what it’s supposed to do, ‘Erin’ will be like she was before, and then she’ll get what she fucking deserves.”

“Yeah, except you don’t know her, you don’t even know her last name, and you don’t know where she lives.”

“That’s why you made the second clip though, right?” Dillon turned back to Ross pointedly.

“Yeah, sure. That one I had to splice together, but I picked the best byte and I think it’s passable.”

“Let’s hear it then.”

Once more, Ross tapped a button on the laptop, and once more, Tiffany’s voice spoke through the speakers.

“Sleep—Alice—sleep.” The flow of it was imperfect, but it sounded close enough as if Tiffany were naturally speaking the words.

A wide smile spread across Dillon’s face. “Yeah... That’ll do nicely.”