The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 30

“Wakey wakey, little slave.” Tiffany stroked Erin’s face as she gradually stirred in the chair. Her bleary eyes opened to see Tiffany leaning over and smiling sweetly at her, while everything else was fuzzy and dark.

Erin’s voice was dry. “Tiff?” she managed. “What’s going on?” She was sitting on the sofa in Josh’s lounge. She tried to recall her last memory, but her mind felt so sluggish. It was clear she’d been in trance, but to what end?

Tiffany grinned. “Funny you should ask that, really. It’s what I wanted to ask when I walked in here just now.” She furrowed her brow, though the sly smile never left her face. “You in the chair, already deep in trance, Josh and Trev arguing over what to do with you. Quite the predicament you found yourself in…”

The mist in Erin’s mind slowly began to disperse. She had been with Trev, but it was Josh who arrived and triggered her. As her vision started to recover, she looked and saw that the boys were sitting either side of her. Both Josh and Trev looked directly ahead, staring mindlessly into space.

Tiffany motioned to the tranced boys. “Don’t worry about them, they both dropped into trance for me nice and easy. I was worried that the same protections you put into Josh would stop him from going into trance for me, but it clearly helped that I programmed my trigger into him later than yours and didn’t put the same conditions on it.”

The memories started flooding back into Erin like a torrent now. Of course! Josh wouldn’t drop for her because of that condition she gave him that if she was under anyone else’s control, he wouldn’t go into trance for her when she said her trigger. But what she didn’t know was why he put her into trance. She never told him to do that for any reason. She looked up at Tiffany and sighed deeply. “I’m sorry, Tiff, I think I messed up. Trev did something to me when I saw him, I think it was something Lucy did.”

“Oh, I know all that.” Tiffany shrugged. “I quizzed you all while you were under, just to understand exactly what was going on here. And yes, Erin, you did mess up.”

Erin felt Tiffany’s last words strike her like a slap to the face. Her heart jolted. She found her throat getting dry alarmingly fast. Where exactly had she gone wrong? What could she have done differently?

Before she could answer, Tiffany crossed her arms and spoke down at her. “You are my slave, Erin. I trusted you and I come here to find your loyalty to me in tatters. I don’t really know what to say.”

Erin pushed herself to her feet, clenching her fists and exhaling angrily through her nostrils.

“Look, Tiff. Mistress,” she fumed. “I was clearly programmed without my knowledge. And honestly, even though I felt completely helpless to Trev, I still knew you were my Mistress. I still wanted to obey you and have you there to command me.”

Tiff smirked. “Nice to know I’m not entirely forgotten while you betray me.” She then steeled her expression. “Now kneel.”

Erin squared off against Tiff, their noses inches apart and their eyes boring into each other. Erin wore a look of bitter resentment, while Tiff’s face was icy and unwavering.

As Erin looked deep into Tiffany’s eyes, she saw determination, passion, and an iron will. She could argue with Tiffany until she was blue in the face. She could protest the finer points of being under someone else’s control absolving her of the actions she carried out. Or, she could point out that Tiffany herself was manipulated at the same time by the same phone call, but clearly Tiffany had figured a way out of it, so perhaps that meant she should have as well.

No matter how Erin spun things in her head and tried to envisage every way the conversation could go, it always ended the same way. Her pussy throbbed and she knew there was only one thing for her to do.

She exhaled deeply, and slowly dropped to her knees. With her head bowed, a rush of pleasure flowed through her as she said, “Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

She dared to glance up, and saw a devilish smile spread across Tiffany’s face. “I love making you kneel.”

Erin snorted back a laugh. “Well, you’re singularly good at it.” Then she dropped her voice to the most sultry tone she could manage, before adding, “Mistress.”

They exchanged a long, lust filled stare. It looked to Erin like Tiffany was deciding whether or not to make her service her Mistress right there and then. Erin hoped she did, she craved the taste of Tiffany’s pussy and the feel of her skin. She felt better with her face buried between her Mistress’s legs than she did at any other time.

Tiffany grabbed Erin’s hands and pulled her to her feet. Her face flushed, she shook it quickly then chuckled. “You’re such a good slave. God the temptation to fuck you is so strong right now!”

Erin grinned. “What’s stopping you?”

Tiffany took a deep inhale. “I’m trying not to let my libido call the shots anymore. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it has a habit of getting me into trouble.”

Erin wrapped her arms around Tiffany and leaned in close to her. “I dunno, Mistress… Getting into trouble can be fun.”

“Only if there’s always a way out of it,” Tiffany replied. Their lips were nearly brushing now.

“I’m sure there always is…” Erin leaned in to kiss, but Tiffany pulled away slightly.

“Patience… Patience, dear slave,” Tiffany gently instructed. “There’ll be time for that very soon. First, we need to program our favourite boys. I wanted us to do it together.”

Erin jumped back, her face lighting up in glee. She glanced to Trev, then Josh, then turned back to Tiffany, barely able to contain her joy. “Does this me- Are you- So you’re okay with...” Her words tumbled over each other as she gestured excitedly to the two tranced boys on the couch.

Tiffany held her hand up in a calming gesture as she smiled serenely. “Yes, I’ve had a long think about it all, and I’m going to make you all into slaves.”

Erin squealed with excitement. “So, Alice?” she asked keenly.

“Alice still needs rest,” Tiffany explained. “But when I left her apartment we were both very clear over who was the Mistress and who was the slave.”

Erin bit her lip and then her expression filled up with lustful longing. “Fuck me, that is possibly the sexiest fucking thing you’ve ever said.” She dropped to her knees once more. “This slave can’t wait to serve you alongside your other slaves, Mistress.”

“Good girl.” Tiffany approved, running a hand around Erin’s neck and chin. Erin closed her eyes and blissfully craned her neck around Tiffany’s touch like the most affectionate kitten.

“I was worried after the other night that you weren’t going to,” Erin murmured dreamily.

“I struggled with the idea, I admit.” Tiffany tilted her head to one side. “But my mind is very made up on the matter now.”

Erin smiled contentedly. “So everyone on that list you made? You’re going to enslave them all?”

“For a start.” Tiffany nodded. “Once we’ve done that, we’ll go from there. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, slave. First I want you to break these two good boys for me. I’ve stripped them of all previous programming and left them as blank slates for us to reshape. They only have trance triggers and some special conditioning, but were I to wake them up right now, they’d be free agents.”

Erin stifled a moan of arousal. Programming two slaves with her Mistress? After that unfortunate business of being infatuated with Trev earlier, which admittedly was great at the time, this was going to be the best day ever! A small part of her mind raised its hand and timidly suggested that it seemed too good to be true that Tiff had come about this way. The last they had discussed it, Tiffany seemed to be determined to perhaps trance her friends, but not in any way enslave them.

Erin wanted to dismiss the voice outright, why look the brainwashing gift horse in the mouth, after all? Still, the words slipped out before Erin could contain then.

“I’d love to, Mistress. What changed your mind?”

Tiffany knelt down in front of Erin, her dominating dark eyes meeting Erin’s gaze and making the tomboy inhale sharply. Not breaking her gaze, her hands slid down to Erin’s jeans and undid her fly. Erin started breathing quickly, feeling her heart pounding like a jackhammer in her chest.

“Honestly?” Tiffany said as she deftly pushed two fingers into Erin’s dripping pussy. “You did, Erin.”

Erin shuddered and gasped with barely contained bliss as Tiffany’s fingers pushed and pulsed inside her.

“I had time to think,” Tiffany continued, her calm face inches in front of Erin’s excited and flushed expression. “I thought ‘why am I being such a drag? Why am I afraid to use the power I have struggled and suffered for? And why do I need to be afraid of how my slaves will feel while controlled when I can make them feel anything?’” she elongated the last word, whispering it into Erin’s ear.

“Fuuuuck…” Erin gasped, her body tensing and squirming with each movement of Tiffany’s fingers. “Oh, Tiff, fucking hell!”

Tiff pulled back to face Erin again, and stopped moving her fingers. “When I couldn’t answer any of those questions to my satisfaction, I changed the ‘why’ to ‘why not,’ and here we are.”

“Please… please don’t stop!” Erin whined between pants of lust.

“Are you sure you want me to continue, Erin?” Tiffany asked with a sly smile. She pushed her fingers deeper into Erin and enjoyed the tomboy’s unrestrained moan.

“Yes! Please, yes!” Erin rapidly breathed, closing her eyes and riding the waves of pleasure.

“Okay…” Tiffany said warningly, “though you should probably know that I programmed you and the two blank boys either side of you to become extremely compliant when aroused, less able to resist any suggestions the more turned on you are.”

Erin panted and cursed under her breath, before forcing her eyes back open and managing to give Tiffany the briefest look of confusion.

“You want me to stop?” Tiffany asked sweetly.

“No!” Erin managed between sharp breaths. “Already your slave! Want to be controlled. Keep going!”

Tiffany leaned in and bit Erin’s neck, before purring into her ear. “Good girl.”

“Yes!” Erin gasped in response. It felt like liquid lust was pouring out of her as Tiffany’s fingers stroked her into submission. She felt ready to do anything, say anything, be anything for her Mistress.

Tiffany then grabbed her chin and stared deep into her eyes before speaking in a stern, commanding tone.

“My words control you. You can’t resist my commands. You can’t help yourself but obey me. Obedience is pleasure, and resisting feels pointless.”

“Yes!” Erin panted, nodding furiously as her breathing got quicker still. “Your words… Control me. Can’t resist commands. Can’t help myself, must obey… Obedience is pleasure... Resisting pointless…”

“You will always obey your Mistress. You will always be a good, loyal, and devoted slave.”

“Yes, fuck yes!” Erin squealed. “I will always obey you, Mistress! I will always be a good loyal devoted slave!”

“Are you close to coming?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes Mistress! Very close!”

“Good,” Tiffany said curtly, before drawing her fingers out of Erin and enjoying the look of desperate pleading that suddenly washed over Erin’s face.

“Mistress! I- But- What?” Erin stammered, trying to hide the whining tone that crept into her voice. “Please…”

“Oh no, slave. If you want your reward, you need to earn it. It’s time to wake up Trev and Josh here and turn them into slaves every bit as devoted as you are using the technique I just used on you.”

Erin caught her breath and shook her head with a resentful chuckle. “You’re such an evil bitch, Mistress… I love it.”

“Right?” Tiffany smirked. “It would be trivial to just program them completely while in trance, but honestly, where’s the fun in that?”

Erin bit her lip and shuddered as she moved towards Trev. “Alright, Mistress, I’ll try not to rush it too much, but not gonna lie, I wanna get this done so I can fucking cum.”

“Don’t rush it…” Tiffany instructed. “Savour it.”

“As you wish.” Erin grinned. “How do I wake Trev up?”

Tiffany nodded in approval. “Just snap your fingers in front of his eyes when you’re ready for him to be awake. I’d recommend getting him at least partly aroused first though. Neither of the boys are in the same predisposition you were when it comes to submitting.”

“Fair point.” Erin shrugged. “Ooh, I have a fun idea as well…”

Erin knelt before Trev who was still sitting on the sofa staring ahead into nothing. “Okay,” she said, licking her lips, “let’s get this show on the road.”

Tiffany watched, a satisfied smile creeping across her face as Erin unzipped Trev’s pants and coaxed his limp dick out.

“Can you hear me Trev?” She spoke up to his blank, expressionless face.

“Yes,” Trev replied in a toneless drone.

“Awesome.” Erin took a deep, anticipating breath. “When I touch you, both in trance and awake, it arouses beyond what you thought possible, and you are able to get more aroused than you ever have been, understand?”


“But you can’t and won’t be able to cum until I tell you to, understand?”


“Mmm, this is gonna be fun…” Erin purred as she stroked Trev’s cock. Within seconds, it had grown rock solid in her firm grip. She stroked it slowly for a few more seconds, before licking it lightly. With one excited glance back up to check that Tiffany was watching, she then sensually took the whole length into her mouth, moaning softly in enjoyment. Only after several moments of sucking Trev’s hard shaft did Erin raise a hand in front of his face and click her fingers.

Trev jolted into alertness with a sharp breath in as the pleasure of Erin’s sensual attention hit him with the force of a hurricane.

“Erin! Tiff! What’s going on- oh fuck!” He struggled to speak as his breath was taken away, his hands involuntarily clenching on the sofa cover and his eyes rolling back in his head. After a moment of this he managed to pull his focus together once more, although it was clear to see that his mind was awash with confusion. “Erin, what are you doing? Tiff is right there! Tiff! This isn’t what it- I mean, this is, but I can explain, just, umm…”

Erin briefly emerged from Trev’s crotch to smile devilishly up at him. “Trev, relax. Just focus on me and focus on how good this feels,” she instructed, before eagerly taking his pulsing cock back into her mouth. Trev immediately moaned louder than before, cursing as he ran his hands through Erin’s short hair.

“Fuck me that’s good. Erin, that’s fucking amazing!” Trev gasped. For the time being, he paid no more attention to Tiffany who continued to watch with a sly smile. He tried to look away, and tried to say something else, but everytime his gaze wandered or his mouth twitched, he re-focused his attention on Erin and became lost in the pleasure she was giving him.

Erin continued to take Trev deep into her throat, enjoying Trev’s ever increasing pleasure. Trev kept cursing between gasps and closed his eyes as his head rolled backwards to rest against the back of the sofa. Soon he was whining and pleading with his eyes for his release.

All of a sudden, Erin stopped sucking him and had jumped to her feet. “Take off your clothes,” she commanded as she hastily removed her own outfit. Trev complied wordlessly, and Erin helped him remove his pants as he obediently took off his top. His face betrayed his confusion, but the sweat dripping down his forehead and his unwavering focus on Erin showed he was too horny to try and make sense of anything in that moment.

“Good boy. Good boy…” Erin purred and she straddled Trev on the sofa and carefully lowered her dripping wet pussy onto his solid erection. They both heaved a sigh as the mutual sensation washed over them, and then Erin began to move her hips in a slow, sensual motion.

“Don’t worry about anything, Trev,” Erin reassured him, running a hand gently down his check. “You were on the verge of letting go of your reservations and embracing what it feels like to be in control with the power of the Algorithm at your fingertips. It would have felt good, I assure you, but that wasn’t meant to be. You barely started to play the game, but you’ve already lost. You’re under the power of the Algorithm now, your mind ripe for re-writing. You didn’t have a problem with Lucy or myself being a mindfucked bimbo for you, so you could treat this as a form of karma.”

Tiffany felt a warm flush spread through her body as she watched Erin work. The way she simultaneously rode him and gently implanted subtle thoughts into his mind was a treat to behold. Tiffany felt a familiar temptation to slip a hand to where she could further stimulate her enjoyment, but she managed to control herself. There was work to be done, after all, and there would be plenty of time to play once everyone was nicely programmed.

Erin continued to rise and fall on Trev, but as she did so she leaned into him so their foreheads met. Speaking in a loving whisper, she explained, “I’m so glad I’ve gotten to spend all this time with you this past day. It’s been really special, and the fun we’ve had together doesn’t have to end. It’s just instead of being in control of me, your place is the same as my place, serving at the feet of your new Mistress. You will be a wonderful slave, obedient yet playful, loyal yet insightful. You’ll still be you, don’t worry, I won’t take that away from you. You’ll be you, only… better. Understand?”

“Yes.” Trev nodded between his moans and gasps.

“Any questions?” Erin asked.

Trev thought for a brief moment, then asked, “What’ll happen to Lucy?”

Erin smiled sweetly. “Whatever Mistress wants to happen to her. She’s cute, I can’t imagine she won’t end up another slave, just like you, just like me. That thought makes you happy. You want to be a slave. You want to serve, and have Lucy serve beside you. Isn’t that right?”

A moment of struggle appeared on Trev’s face, gone as quickly as it appeared as he nodded again and slurred, “Yes…”

“Good boy. Everything I’m about to tell you will become your new reality. Everything I say you’ll say back and realise it’s your truth.” She kissed him, long and deep, with a passion Tiffany had felt from Erin before but never witnessed from the outside. Erin broke the kiss and grinned delightedly, before completing her instructions. “Just look into my eyes, and repeat everything after me.”

Trev stared enraptured at Erin, his every sense focused on her.

“I serve and obey my Mistress,” Erin said.

For a moment Trev looked like he was forcing his lips shut. After several heavy breaths through his nose, he shook his head frantically, then visibly relaxed. Breathing out calmly through his mouth now, he uttered, “I serve and obey my Mistress.”

“I am a good slave for my Mistress,” Erin said without missing a beat.

“I am a good slave for my Mistress,” Trev repeated. No delay this time. Not a hint of hesitation. No resistance. Tiffany’s lips curled in satisfaction as the two slaves became lost in their mantras together.

“I don’t need to act or behave any differently than I normally do, except I will serve without question when I am needed to.”

Trev repeated each line perfectly, his eyes locked with Erin’s. She fed him several more instructions, before finishing with, “This slave is ready to serve and obey Mistress in any task she desires.”

Focused so intensely as if in a trance, Trev replied, “This slave is ready to serve and obey Mistress in any task she desires.”

Erin kissed him one last time, then lifted herself off his still achingly hard erection. “Good boy,” she purred. “Stop repeating me now, you’re ready to serve.”

With the eye contact between him and Erin broken, Trev seemed to return to his faculties. He blinked a few times, then seemed to notice Tiffany properly for the first time. With a sheepish grin, he scratched the back of his head and chuckled. “Hey, Mistress. This has been a really weird day…”

“It’s about to get weirder, my lovely slave,” Tiffany replied, looking from Trev, to Erin, then finally to Josh, who was still clothed and spaced out in trance on the other side of the sofa.

“One down, one to go, Mistress.” Erin beamed. “I am so fucking horny right now.”

“Fuck, me too!” Trev remarked, sounding perplexed as he looked down at his exposed erect cock.

“Well then, you slaves better get to work.” Tiffany shrugged. “I mean, no orgasms until your task is complete.”

“Wow, that’s harsh,” Trev remarked. “Is she always such a hardass?” he asked Erin.

Erin just shook her head slowly with a begrudging smile. “On a good day, yes,” she replied. “Alright, Josh’s turn.”

“Trev, you go ahead and help Erin with this however she sees fit,” Tiffany instructed.

“Yes Mistress,” Trev replied, before turning his attention back to Erin. “What do you need me to do?”

“Hmmm, let’s see…” Erin mused, before climbing back onto the sofa beside the blank expressionless Josh. “I think this time I’ll give him instructions the whole time, while you suck him off.”

Trev stared at Erin for a few moments with a bemused expression. “You want me to do what now?”

“You’re going to give Josh head and keep him aroused while I program him,” Erin repeated plainly.

“But I’m not… I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being g- it’s just I’m not gay,” Trev objected, confusion washing over his face.

“It doesn’t matter.” Erin shrugged. “You don’t need to be gay to obey. Obedience is pleasure, and this is how you can most help me. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.” Erin winked, before adding, “And just to avoid confusion, enjoying it doesn’t mean you’re gay now, just that you enjoy the obedience. You down with that?”

Trev frowned and looked off to the side for a few moments, deep in thought. When he returned, his expression had become one of indifferent acceptance. “Yeah.” He shrugged. “I am. I’m just really surprised because like fifteen minutes ago I wouldn’t have been.”

Erin laughed. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to that feeling in a couple of days. Now, let’s see.”

Positioning herself so that her mouth was just a couple of inches from Josh’s ear, Erin began. “Can you hear me Josh?” she asked softly.

“Yes,” Josh replied in a dull monotone very similar to how Trev had in trance.

“Alright.” Erin sighed happily. “When Trev or I touch you, both in trance and awake, it will turn you on beyond what you thought possible, and you will get more aroused than you thought possible, understand?”


“But you can’t and won’t be able to cum until I tell you to, understand?”


“Good boy,” Erun purred, before turning to Trev. “Why don’t you get him started there Trev, I’ll wake him up once you’re nicely underway.”

“Alright.” Trev nodded, getting onto his knees in front of Josh. “I wonder if I’ll be any good at this.”

Tiffany watched, keeping her expression as neutral as she could manage to hide the tsunami of arousal and excitement that was surging through her body. Seeing Trev and Erin work together in arousing Josh in order to enslave him… It was simply delicious.

Once Josh was hard and in Trev’s inexperienced yet eager mouth, Erin spoke once more into his ear. “Josh, when you wake up, you won’t try to move from the sofa. In fact, until you are told to, you won’t try to move at all, understand?


“Good boy,” Erin praised. She looked down at Trev, who was slowly taking as much of Josh as he could into his mouth. “Fuckin’ A, dude, you’re a natural! Alright, let’s wake him up and make him just like us...”

With a snap of Erin’s fingers, Josh’s eyes opened instantly. He inhaled sharply, his eyes darting everywhere, trying to process the sights, sounds, and sensations in quick succession. After a couple of seconds, his gaze lingered on Erin, and he urgently said, “Emergency Erin Entrancement!”

Erin snorted with laughter, before shaking her head. “Yeah, that’s not gonna work. Relax, Josh, I’m not going into trance and you’re not going anywhere until we talk about a few things.”

“Fuck.” Josh grunted, glancing down at Trev, before angrily snapping his gaze back up to Erin. “Okay, what y’all motherfuckers been doing now?”

“Relax…” Erin insisted through her devilish grin. “There’s no need to get worked up or worry.”

“Like fuck!” Josh spat back, his expression full of frustration. Tiffany had no problem imagining Josh jumping to his feet and throwing both Trev and Erin off with ease. Erin’s last suggestion to him in trance had been a wise one, and it meant that Tiffany didn’t have to worry about putting Josh back into trance. She could just watch and enjoy as her entire body tingled with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Josh continued to voice his anger, switching his irate gaze mostly between Erin and Trev, but occasionally glancing up at Tiff. “You’ve been messing with the Algorithm! You’ve messed with your own mind and mine! And you’ve clearly been messing with Trev because why the fuck is he sucking my dick right now?!”

“Relax, dude,” Erin repeated. “Don’t fight it, just accept it. Accept that it feels good, accept that you’re super fucking horny, and accept that I’m in control right now.”

“No,” Josh replied through heavy breaths. “Erin, Trev, you need to stop, you need to stop this. Hrrrgh!” As he tried to move Tiffany watched in fascination. Josh’s muscles tensed, his toes and fingers clenched, but he couldn’t move an inch from where he was sitting.

“Just admit it feels good,” Erin instructed confidently, running her finger over his lips and down his neck. Josh shuddered at her touch but kept his mouth closed, snapping his eyes tightly shut to focus as hard as he could.

“I love how much you’re fighting it,” Erin continued. “It’s going to make the moment you give in so much more satisfying for me and for your new Mistress.”

At this, Josh opened his eyes and looked at Erin quizzically. Then he stared at Tiffany and understanding washed across his face.

“Tiff,” he said bluntly. “You have to put a stop to this. It’s gone too… Uuuuhhh… Far!”

Trev had increased his speed now, clearly intent on breaking Josh’s concentration.

“Hey!” Erin said in a mockingly chastising tone, grabbing Josh’s chin and forcing his head towards her. “That’s not how you address your Mistress, naughty boy.” She then turned to Tiff, and in a docile tone uttered, “My deepest apologies, Mistress Tiffany. I’ll break this slave for you, and he will apologise himself in a few minutes, I promise.”

Josh gritted his teeth and closed his eyes again. “Tiff, come on! Can’t you see that—”

“Shhhh.” Erin placed her fingers over his mouth. “Enough now. Be a good boy, stop resisting. It’s so hard to resist, but it’s so easy to obey. Hard to resist, easy to obey. Say it with me, slave. Hard to resist. Easy to obey.”

Josh’s mouth twitched, and his face scrunched up with effort.

Erin stroked his face and ran her hand down his top, leaning closer to his ear so she could repeat, “Hard to resist, Easy to obey.”

Josh’s breathing was getting more and more rapid, but between the breaths he mumbled incoherently, “Hrn, rist. Eas, bay”

“Hard to resist. Easy to obey,” Erin whispered seductively.

“Hard. Resist. Easy… Obey,” Josh strained.

“Say it clearly, my good boy. Hard to resist. Easy to obey.”

“Hard to resist,” Josh repeated. “Easy to obey.”

“Good boy. Now relaaaaaax…” Erin instructed softly, and Josh did. Tiffany felt a surge of pleasure encompass her as Josh’s muscles untensed and his expression fell slack. As his breathing slowed, he opened his eyes to look at Erin, his gaze now soft and submissive where it had moments ago been defiant.

Erin kissed him on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you. As your pleasure rises, you’re ready to hear and obey my every word. Now repeat after me…”

Erin ran through the same programming she had with Trev, and within moments it was over. Trev pulled away from Josh’s erect cock without him being allowed to cum, and instead she ordered Josh to strip so both he and Trev could kneel either side of her on the floor, all of them facing Tiffany with looks of obedience and adoration on their faces.

“Your new slaves, Mistress!” Erin chirped happily. “What d’ya think? Rate my method out of ten?”

“I think only two of three slaves before me are kneeling right now,” Tiffany said in a pointed tone.

Erin stiffened at this, glancing either side of her and then back to Tiffany. Tiffany could see some words of protest bubbling behind Erin’s lips, but the tomboy seemed to think better of it and instead kneeled. “Yes, Mistress, my apologies for my disrespect.”

“Apology accepted, my dear slave.” Tiffany smiled, stroking Erin’s hair. “Now, I just need to call Alice for a second.”

“Right!” Erin grinned. “Have all your slaves in earshot at once.”

“Something like that,” Tiffany smirked as she placed a video call to Alice on her phone. As it rang, she positioned it on Josh’s TV stand to capture the three kneeling slaves in the frame. Once happy with the position, she went and sat on the sofa behind Erin, so she too would be visible to Alice.

After a few more seconds of waiting, the call connected, and Alice appeared on the screen. Her hair was fuzzy and the room around her was dark.

“Hey Alice, how are you?” Tiffany asked loudly

Alice sighed and forced a smile. “I threw up several more times and feel exhausted but can’t get to sleep. So, you know, getting better. But that doesn’t interest me quite as much as what I see there. What have you been up to, Tiff?”

“Just training some slaves,” Tiffany replied airily. “Well, delegating it anyway.”

“Good to know you’re one of us, Alice!” Erin spoke up excitedly. “We’re going to have so much fun!”

Alice looked into the phone with an amused smile. After a long pause, she nodded slowly, and spoke in a gloating, condescending tone. “That’s right. We are going to have so much fun. Slave.

As Alice said that final word, Tiffany placed her hands on Erin’s shoulders. All of a sudden, a chill went down Erin’s spine. That… didn’t seem right. She waited for Tiffany to say something, to correct her slave in how she addressed her fellow slaves. Surely “sister” or some other term would be better suited coming from Alice. A nervous energy wrapped around her throat, shattering the blissful high she had been riding on. Even Tiffany’s touch, normally a source of arousal and excitement, was this time making her feel uneasy.

“Umm… Okay. Yeah,” was all she managed to say. Alice seemed to ignore this response.

“Alright, I’m still pretty beat, so let’s do roll call and then I can go rest some more.”

“Gladly,” Tiffany replied, rising from the sofa. As her hands left Erin’s shoulders, Erin felt her mind racing. What was going on? It felt like Alice was the one giving instructions. But that was impossible. That was…

Erin looked round to see Tiffany stripping out of all her clothing and her jaw dropped. Her heart leapt in her chest and ice flooded through her veins. All colour drained from her cheek and she watched, frozen in shock as Tiffany pulled off her top, then her bra, then slid down her trousers and panties, becoming every bit as naked as Trev, Josh, and Erin herself.

“Make some space, slaves,” Tiffany ordered once she had discarded her clothes on the sofa. Trev immediately shuffled to the side, and Erin found herself in a numb autopilot where she did the same. She watched aghast as Tiffany kneeled down next to her to address Alice on the screen.

“This slave is your completely devoted and obedient property, Mistress Alice,” Tiffany said fervently. “It lives to serve you, and it exists for you to use it for any purpose.”

Erin’s chest started constricting, squeezing the air out of her lungs and clamping her heart in a vice. She wanted to say something, do something, but she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, and could barely think. It felt like her mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening and had instead decided to cease functioning. While she kneeled frozen in her stalled haze, Trev spoke next.

“This slave is yours to command, Mistress Alice. It serves you with obedience and devotion above all else, and it will never fail to meet your needs.” Trev’s voice was more serious sounding than his usual jovial tone, and Erin was able to turn to see the fiery zeal on his face as he looked at Alice on the phone screen.

“This slave lives to serve and please you, Mistress Alice,” Josh said next. “It will obediently and effectively improve upon the Algorithm a hundredfold to enslave anyone you desire, and it will be your devoted tool to use as you see fit indefinitely.”

And then, there was a long pause. Alice looked expectant, and either side of her, her naked friends, Alice’s slaves, stared forward towards the screen. Erin’s heavy breathing was the only sound that anyone noticed. Erin’s mind was gradually getting itself into gear, but as soon as she wrapped her head around the concept of Tiffany somehow having become Alice’s slave, a torrent of panicked thoughts burst into her head. Her danger sense was going off the charts. However it happened, and whatever this situation was, it made her feel extremely afraid. She noticed that she had broken out in a cold sweat, and as she raised her hands she realised that they were trembling uncontrollably.

“Well?” Trev said, breaking the silence. Erin snapped her head towards him to see him now looking at her with disapproval. Her mouth hung open to speak, but no words came out.

“Erin, we’re waiting,” Josh added sternly. Erin turned to see both Josh and Tiffany staring at her now. Josh’s expression was akin to Trev’s, full of disapproval. Tiffany, however, had a softer expression, and when she spoke, her voice was full of kindness.

“Gentlemen, be gentle, please,” Tiffany insisted. “She’s just scared and confused, she’s just realising what’s happening. She’s probably figured out that I added extra programming to you both so that instead of enslaving you both for me, she was doing it for Alice all along.”

“Tiff,” Erin managed to say, in barely more than a hoarse whisper. “Mistress?” Her voice was full of doubt and uncertainty.

“There, there, Erin,” Tiffany soothed. “We were waiting to see if you would simply accept your new Mistress without prompting, but I understand your hesitation.”

Erin snapped her eyes shut and forced herself to take a deep breath. When she exhaled, she found herself able to open her eyes and form a full sentence, her voice still shaky and dry. “Tiff, what the fuck is going on?!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Tiffany replied with a friendly shrug. “I belong to Mistress Alice now. I’m her devoted servant, her obedient slave, and I’m here to ensure you all will be too.”

“Why? How? I just- I’m so confused,” Erin stammered. Even hearing it spoken out plainly wasn’t helping her digest it. Inside her was a hurricane of fear and uncertainty, tearing apart her composure and fraying her every nerve.

“It doesn’t matter why or how.” Tiffany smiled at Erin, a plastic smile with cold, uncaring eyes behind it. “Slaves don’t need to know all the details, they just need to obey.”

Erin’s protests were flustered and faint. “But Tiff, I- I- I’m supposed to be yours! I don’t want to serve Alice, I never agreed to that, I nev—“

“It’s quite simple,” Tiffany said sharply. “You are my slave, and I am Alice’s slave, so now I’m making you Alice’s slave. Not much has to change to be honest, just the face of your Mistress. Or rather, I should say, our Mistress.”

“But you’re my Mistress!” Erin protested, shaking her head frantically. “I enslaved Trev and Josh for you!

Tiffany twisted her head to one side slightly. “Did you though? Think back.” Her smile grew and her eyes danced with glee as she watched Erin anxiously analyze the last few minutes.

Erin racked her brain, trying to recall the exact words she used in brainwashing her friends.

Holy shit, she just brainwashed her friends.

She just brainwashed her friends for a Mistress that just bowed naked to Alice. Alice wasn’t supposed to be a fucking Mistress. The Algorithm had fucked with her mind, someone had done this to her.

Someone had made Tiffany a slave. Tiffany was Alice’s slave! Oh fucking hell, she’d just enslaved Trev and Josh, not for Tiffany but for Alice! The last traces of colour drained from her face as if it would never return.

Erin wobbled to her feet like a drunk, stumbling and using the sofa for support. “I- I have to go- Tiff, I have to get out of here!” She started frantically searching for her clothes, tears pouring down her face.

“Erin, stop,” Tiffany ordered sternly. “You’re being silly.” She rose to her feet and spun Erin around to face her.

“Am I, Tiff?” Erin croaked, her voice barely coherent. “Am I being silly for being freaked the fuck out by you all professing your eternal devotion to fucking Alice?!

Tiffany frowned. “You’re being unruly. Calm down and stop being such a wet blanket.”

A look of fury flashed across Erin’s face, but she nevertheless took a deep breath and visibly regained some composure. She stared Tiffany dead in the eyes and spoke in a venomous hiss. “I never agreed to this. I knelt for you, Tiff. You made me want to, but that was you in control, not someone else’s bitch. Fuck, I could’ve made you my drooling fucktoy, but I held back because you had this… Energy about you, this inscrutable allure. You got inside my head and made me feel safe enough to submit myself to you. I mean, fuck!”

“That’s right, Erin, I made you my slave,” Tiffany chastised. “And as my slave, I get to decide what happens to you next.”

Erin’s fists clenched as she quietly seethed. Though she spoke calmly, her anger filtered through, the tip of a vast iceberg of cold fury. “No. No you fucking don’t, Tiff. I told you to show me you had the strength, show me you had the will. Show me you could command me, and I’d obey. This isn’t it Tiff, becoming Alice’s slave!? How the fuck did you even become her slave? When was she in the slave making game? What the fuck happened after I left yesterday?”

Tiffany frowned, for a moment, then smiled. “You don’t need to know, you just need to accept that you’re Alice’s slave now.”

“Yeah, I think that idea can fuck right off, Tiff.” Erin sighed aggrievedly. “I don’t know why I’m even talking to you, you’re fucking whacked out of your mind. This isn’t you, you’ve been brainwashed, you’re compromised. I really need to talk to…”

She turned her attention to the phone screen, where Alice was smirking at the scene unfolding before her. In a stern voice, Erin declared, “Alice, you better tell me what the fuck has happened and how it did before I come over there and beat some answers out of you.”

Alice shook her head solemnly, before addressing Tiffany. “She’s being so brutish, slave. Fix it, will you?”

“Of course, Mistress,” Tiffany replied feverishly. “I live to serve.” She placed her hands on Erin’s shoulders, facing her directly. “Hold still,” she ordered softly.

“No, Tiff, don’t!” Erin objected. “I’m going to get dressed and get out of here. I can’t stay here.”

“You will stay, and you will obey,” Tiffany said matter of factly. “And you will become a good obedient slave for Mistress Alice.”

“Alice, make her stop!” Erin insisted angrily.

Tiffany shook Erin sharply for a moment. “You will address your Mistress appropriately! You will call Alice ‘Mistress’ from now on.”

Erin ignored Tiffany and glared at Alice on the phone screen. “I mean it! Make her stop, Mistress!”

Erin’s eyes snapped back to Tiffany’s triumphant gaze. “Shit!” she whispered. “Shit, Tiff, I need to go. Please let me go!”

“You will stop feeling the need or desire to go.” Tiffany calmly explained.

“Okay… okay…” Erin said slowly, more to herself than to Tiffany, but still looking at her Mistress’s face. Former Mistress’s, it would seem. “You’re compromised, and you can control me. I need to resist, I don’t need to go, I don’t want to go, okay, so then I need to stay and help you break free.”

That was it, surely. She wasn’t leaving, but she could still do something to help Tiff. Surely there was something she could do. Of course! Triggers!

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Her mind was Tiffany twisted!” Erin blurted out in desperation. There was a stupidly slim chance that Tiffany’s triggers hadn’t already been scrubbed, but she was willing to try anything.

Tiffany just stifled a chuckle, and her smile grew as Erin’s expression fell, a cloud of hopelessness hovering over the naked tomboy.

Erin then grabbed Tiffany by the shoulders and tried to move them both towards Josh’s bedroom. If she could only get Tiffany in front of the Algorithm… She found it incredibly hard to move, like she was surrounded by thick treacle, but if she could just get there she might possibly be able to—“

“You don’t want to break free, and you want to become Alice’s slave.” Tiffany explained politely, not wavering under Erin’s grip. “You want me to help you realise your place serving her.”

“No!” Erin cried, her eyes darted everywhere, to Josh and Trev waiting and watching expectantly, to Alice on the phone screen who wore a face of amusement, to the door that she no longer wanted to escape through, back to Tiffany.

She had to resist, she had to! She knew she was in trouble, but she couldn’t think of any way out. She grimaced, trying to hold onto her thoughts. She didn’t want to be enslaved by Alice, she didn’t!

But why didn’t she? Surely she should just think about it for a second? She shouldn’t just reject the idea without thinking about it first, right?.

“Urgh… no… no…” Erin scrunched her eyes closed and breathed heavily. She had to resist. she just had to. She definitely had to… consider it?

She tried, but she couldn’t stop the thoughts forming in her mind. Why not be Alice’s slave? Alice seemed to have been overwritten with a dominant persona nothing like her typical self. Meanwhile, Tiffany kept on fucking up, probably in part because it was just her unaltered personality running the show, swinging wildly between embracing the Mistress within her and erratically rejecting it. Yeah, Tiffany had been all over the fucking place. Alice wouldn’t be like that. Alice would be a good Mistress. Alice would be way fucking better than Tiffany…

“No…” Erin whispered, feeling all desire and loyalty for Tiffany slip away like water through her desperate grip. Tears ran down her face and she let out a deep, harrowed sigh.

“Yes.” She nodded slowly, to Tiffany’s approval.

Becoming Alice’s slave would be so much better for her. Yes, yes it would. It seemed so obvious now, she had been fucking stubborn and dumb to resist it.

She was ready, ready to submit herself to a true Mistress. She felt sheepish now for being such a stubborn bitch, and a sudden fear encompassed her that her Mistress would reject her for being so resistant. Her heart started to race and she looked pleadingly at Tiffany.

“Please,” Erin said bashfully. “Please help me submit and serve.”

Tiffany stroked her hair. “Gladly, slave. I’m glad I could sway you, but I’m not surprised.” She smiled devilishly and leaned in to whisper in Erin’s ear. “After all… my words control you. You can’t resist my commands. You can’t help yourself but obey me. Obedience is pleasure, and resisting feels pointless.”

“Yes. Yes!” Erin elatedly felt the words wash through her. It did feel increasingly incredible to obey, and the idea of resisting was a mere shadow of a memory at the back of her head now. She couldn’t help but obey Tiffany. Hey body tingled knowing she was so easily controlled by her words.

“If you think about it,” Tiffany said suggestively, “It’s pretty hot… Your Mistress, once powerful and in complete control of you, reduced to a helpless slave by another.”

“Yes.” Erin smiled, feeling all her doubts and fears dissolve away into a warm, pleasant haze.

“And now you, once a slave for me, once so eager to do my bidding, soon to see me as simply another slave in the service of our Mistress.”

“Yes. Fuck Yes!” Erin sighed. Her pussy moaned at her, desperate for stimulation that only her Mistress could permit.

“You’re ready to be programmed, slave. Programmed just like me, programmed just like you did to Trev and Josh.

“Yes. Program me, please.” Erin gasped, feeling the arousal pulse through her veins and swirl around her mind. “Please.” She glanced at the phone screen once more and saw Alice smiling with approval. Instantly, her heart filled up with longing and an overwhelming desire to drop to her knees. “Program me for Mistress. Make me her perfect slave.”

Tiffany gently pushed Erin back until she fell into a sitting position on the sofa. “Come on boys.” She winked at Josh, then Trev. “We have work to do.”

Flanked by the two men, Erin shuddered in anticipation, As Tiffany sank to her knees before her and guided her legs apart, she drew in a nervous and excited breath. Keeping her eyes on Alice, she felt more tantalised than ever before.

Mere inches from Erin’s moist waiting pussy, Tiffany looked up and bit her lip for a moment. “Remember, none of us will or can cum without Mistress’s express command. Understand?”

“Yes,” Erin, Trev, and Josh replied nearly in perfect sync.

“Good.” Tiffany smiled. “Boys, help along and when the time is right, make sure Erin is programmed every bit as thoroughly as you both have been.”

With that, Tiffany leaned into Erin’s waiting pussy and started to tease her and pleasure her with her gentle tongue. Erin’s world exploded into fireworks of pleasure that set her mind ablaze with lust. Within moments she was moaning and writhing on the sofa, grabbing the cushions or the flesh of whoever she could reach. Josh ran one hand through her short hair and pinched her nipple with the other, while Trev leaned in and started biting her neck.

Erin’s moans rapidly grew in noise and intensity, so much pleasure flooded through her that she couldn’t think, her vision was a fuzzy blur or sparks and her nerves vibrated with ecstasy.

“She ready?” Trev grinned, coming away from Erin’s neck after leaving several purple bite marks.

Josh nodded stoically. “She’s ready.”

Tiffany continued her loving service to Erin’s grateful pussy as she screamed out her pleasure with her head tensely jerked back against the couch. Josh and Trev leaned on either side or her and took it in turns to overwrite her mind with new instructions.

“Are you ready to have your mind moulded to serve Mistress Alice, Erin?” Josh asked.

“Yes.” Erin breathily replied between her pleasurable moans. “Yes.”

“Good girl,” Trev took over. “Everything we’re about to tell you will become your new reality.”

Josh continued, “Everything I say to you will become your new truth.”

“You serve and obey Mistress Alice.”

“You are a good slave for our Mistress.”

“You don’t need to act or behave any differently than you normally do in the world at large, except you will serve without question when you are needed to.”

“Every decision you make, you will be thinking about how to make Mistress’s life better.”

“Every day, your main goal is to serve your Mistress to the best of your abilities.”

“In public, or around non-slaves, you will keep your enslavement and Mistress’s position a secret.”

“In private, you will behave like the perfect, obedient piece of property you now are.”

“You love being a slave to Mistress Alice.”

“You will reject or avoid anything that will disrupt Mistress’s control over you.”

“You will seek to enslave more people for Mistress. You will only ever use the Algorithm to further Mistress’s control over yourself and over others.”

“You love being a slave for Mistress Alice more than anything in the world.”

“Your life is now entirely devoted to being Mistress’s loving and loyal slave.”

And with that, Trev, Josh, and Tiffany withdrew from Erin, leaving her breathing heavily on the couch and gazing a million miles away.

Tiffany turned around and knelt facing the phone screen where Alice was still watching with intense enjoyment. Soon she was joined by Trev on one side and Josh on the other, with a gap between them. After a few more moments, Erin had managed to regain her composure and shambled off the couch to join the lineup of kneeling slaves.

“Ahh,” Alice spoke at last. “That’s better. Now let’s do that roll call again.”

Tiffany, Trev, and Josh took it in turns to recite their complete obedience to Alice, word for word from what they had said a while earlier. Except this time, instead of being stuck in shock, Erin immediately spoke up when Josh had finished.

“This slave belongs to you, mind, body, and soul. It exists to serve you, it longs to obey you, it knows it exists to do anything and everything asked of it for you. It’s purpose is to be an extension of your will, and it will always obey without fail.”

Alice smiled a wide, beautiful smile. “That’s better,” she said approvingly. “That is much, much better.” She looked down for a moment, then back at the screen. “Okay, slaves, this little exercise has sapped the energy from me. We’ll continue it in a bit. Stay kneeling there. Don’t speak to each other, don’t move at all. If you desperately need to toilet or something, take care of it then come right back without doing anything else. Ignore all phone calls apart from if it’s me again. If someone somehow physically enters the apartment, force them into the chair and enslave them for me. Otherwise, use your initiative in order to serve my best interests, but right now I just want to rest and call you back in a few hours. Do you all understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Tiffany, Erin, Josh, and Trev all responded in reasonable sync.

“Good slaves. We’ll finish up here once I’ve had some rest.”

And with that, Alice disconnected the call.

The four slaves knelt in place, watching the phone. None of them moved. None of them spoke. Each breathed softly, content in the knowledge that they were obeying completely.

Minutes passed, then hours. At several points someone’s phone buzzed, or there was a loud noise of traffic from outside, but nobody moved, nobody so much as flinched.

Despite the luxury softness of Josh’s carpet, Tiffany could feel her knees and legs get more and more painful, but the pain was nothing compared to the thought of willingly disobeying her Mistress. She continued to kneel, continued to stare at the phone, and continued to obey.

They all did.