The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 35

Laughter surrounded her, waking her up with a start. Tiffany opened her eyes to find herself at the kitchen island in Josh’s apartment. On the table were three large open pizza boxes, each missing a few slices. Scattered arounds the table were cans of juice, bags of donuts, and a pile of cutlery that had been forgotten about. Alice sat to her right, Josh to her left. Trev and Lucy were across the way. Each of them were fully dressed, and in some state of consuming food of drink. They seemed happy, carefree, laughing and joking among themselves.

Tiffany blinked several times. She felt like she was waking up from a dream, or maybe a nightmare. Alice enslaving everyone… Erin rescuing her, betraying her, then… rescuing her again? It all felt so absurd. Yet she knew it was real. Horrifyingly real. Daylight was still pouring in through the windows, and a glance at the nearby oven clock showed it to be a little after one in the afternoon. Had all of that happened with Alice just a few hours ago?

“Oh hey!” Trev announced excitedly as he noticed Tiffany. “Look who’s back with us!”

Everyone turned to face Tiffany and gave a small cheer. Alice beamed widely, and Josh patted her back. “About time!” he chuckled.

“Uhh, thanks…” Tiffany said uncertainly. Everyone looked at her expectantly. “Umm, sorry, what’s going on?”

They all laughed again, though Lucy was noticeably more muted than the rest. “Please excuse them, Tiffany.” she said with a roll of her eyes. “We’ve all been temporarily stripped of our worries and concerns. It’s made everyone…” she narrowed her eyes distrustfully, “jolly.”

“Okay…” Tiffany looked hopefully around the table for a better answer.

“We’re currently under control for the duration of this conversation.” Trev shrugged. “But also we’re aware of it and are just to, like, roll with it. The pizza sure helps. You hungry?”

As soon as Tiffany was asked, she realised that she was completely starving. She struggled to recall what she had actually eaten over the previous few days, and on cue her stomach rumbled expectantly. She instinctively reached for a slice.

Holding it just before her lips, she suddenly eyed up everyone suspiciously. “Taking a bite of this isn’t going to turn me into a mindlessly horny sex slave, is it?”

Everyone burst into laughter again, even Lucy joining in this time.

“No, but watch out for those flap jacks.” Alice giggled.

Tiffany couldn’t shake how surreal it all felt. She took a bite of pizza, and instantly felt a little better about everything. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

“Are you okay?” She asked Alice earnestly, not able to hide the concern or guilt on her face.

Alice smiled kindly, and slowly shook her head. “No, Tiff, I’m really not. But right now none of it’s affecting me. I know once this conversation is over, depending on the choice you make I might be left completely traumatised by the last few days. But for now I’m just grateful to be carefree and myself again. Plus, pizza and soda, right?”

“Oh, okay.” Tiffany replied faintly. “What do you mean by choice I make?”

Trev chipped in jovially. “Our fate has been left in your hands! He clasped his own hands together theatrically, before turning serious. “So, umm, don’t screw it up.”

Josh shook his head with a knowing smile. “Dude, you’re confusing the hell outta her. Why don’t we backtrack a bit, and let Tiff ask some more questions.”

Tiffany looked at Josh and pleaded with her eyes.

“Or… I could do my best to explain things?” Josh suggested.

Tiffany nodded slowly. “Please.”

“Okay,” Josh nodded. “Just tell me the last thing you remember.”

Tiffany dug into her memories, looking around the table as she furrowed her brow.

“Erin sold me the fuck out.” She said finally, shaking her head as the words left her trembling lips. She felt furious at herself that tears were already threatening to trail down her face. She pre-emptively wipes her eyes and sniffed. “I thought I was following her plan to save…” She turned to Alice. “You! All of you! But it was a lie. She set me up to fail, to fucking fall apart like a… like a…”

“Flimsy house of cards?” Lucy suggested. When everyone immediately glared at her she shrugged and raised her eyebrows. “What?! I’m just trying to help!”

Trev look exasperated, and addressed Tiffany with a serious tone and expression that Tiffany wasn’t aware he was even capable of. “Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that Erin didn’t sell you out. Not really.”

Tiffany looked at Trev, simmering anger in her eyes.

After a moment of awkward silence, Alice said quietly. “What he means is that it was a trick. It was a trick, for… umm, me.” She looked at Tiffany, the expression on her face betraying her remorse. “Erin used you as bait and herself as the distraction to deprogram me from the personality you gave me.”

Tiffany wasn’t even sure what the feelings she was experiencing actually were. Her chest was tight, her throat dry, and her hands were trembling on the table. She wanted to run away from all of them with their laughter and apologies but she knew she couldn’t. Words continued to fail her though, and she instead ran her shaky hands over her face into her hair.

Josh placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “Let me run you through it.” Tiffany gave him a timid nod. He took a deep breath before continuing. “Erin knew that Alice had been seriously messing with your mind. While she had you in trance at her apartment she had you recount everything that happened to you, both leading up to you making Alice how she was and everything after.”

Tiffany cast her mind back. Was she even sure in what exactly happened and why? It had all started going wrong from the moment that voicemail from Dillon almost made her obedient to him. And as for what Alice did to her, half the time she had been in trance, and the other half she had spent being bent and broken repeatedly to the point where the entire instance was one big disorientating blur.

“Anyway,” Josh continued, “Erin wasn’t 100% sure but she thought you wouldn’t be able to resist Alice after all the damage she had done to you. She figured that either you’d voluntarily put yourself in front of the Algorithm or Alice would have Trev and I do it, or whoever else was there.” He shifted in his seat, his face a grimace as he watched Tiffany stare at him.

He took a tempered breath, and pushed through. “Either way, Erin expected you to be put in the chair as one of the more likely outcomes of her plans.”

A familiar numbness enveloped Tiffany. She could feel her emotions shutting down on her, almost like they knew it was that or burst out in an uncontrollable mess. “More likely?” she asked. “Plans, plural?”

This time Alice spoke up, adopting the same careful tone that Josh used, like she was delivering bad news to a patient in hospital. “Erin explained to us that she planned for several different outcomes. You had, like, a file on a flash drive, and you were going to install it on the computer? That was actually one of the plans, but she had others in case it didn’t work.

“Yeah…” Tiffany replied in a distance murmur.

Trev piped up in a more animated fashion. “She basically came up with so many plans she just threw them all at the wall to see what stuck.”

Josh cleared his throat. “The plan that worked was while Alice was so focused on reclaiming both Erin and you, she used one of the main features I programmed into her second Algorithm for her, which was the ability to remotely control the one here.”

Tiffany grabbed another slice of pizza and quietly ate while Josh spoke. She felt that she should somehow be more surprised that Erin used her as a sacrificial pawn, but she really wasn’t. The whole thing screamed of Erin.

“She was watching you from the webcam the whole time you were in my room.” Josh explained. “Between that and staying on the line on the phonecall, she could tell exactly what was happening and when to react to new developments.”

“For what it’s worth Tiff, she was rooting for you.” Trev added.

Alice then placed a hand on Tiffany’s other shoulder. “She knew that when she mentioned to evil me that she has freed herself from my control, I wouldn’t let that stand, so she heard and saw me send Trev and Josh after her.”

“Didn’t they get her?” Tiffany asked nervously.

“No.” Josh shook his head. “We didn’t.”

Alice chuckled lightly. “She had me in trance mere minutes after I sent them. It took a few more minutes for her to program me but then she had me phone them, telling them it was a trap, that Erin had set the Algorithm to ensnare them both and that she wasn’t even there for them to capture. They turned around and when they arrived back here I put them under.”

Trev grinned. “Erin said to say, and I quote:” he paused for effect, then put on his best Erin impersonation. “Tiff! It was fucking genius!”

A slight smile crept onto Tiffany’s lips, before she forced it away. So Erin had actually saved everyone? She’d really done it?

“So then with us all in trance,” Josh continued calmly. “Erin went ahead and deprogrammed everything that Alice had done to us. All of us.”

Lucy spoke up now for the first time in a while. With an intense glare she said. “More than that. Erin removed everything done to us all up to that point. Completely.”

Tiffany blinked at her in surprise. She looked around everyone sitting there once more, and the question that seemed obvious hit her like a ton of bricks. “Hold on… Where’s Erin.?”

They all looked at her, then each other, then at Tiffany once more.

“She couldn’t stay.” Alice said eventually, because no one else was willing to speak up.

“She, umm….” Trev mumbled. “She said she needed some space from this all.”

“I think she feels guilty over how it went down.” Josh added solemnly. “I’m sure she didn’t want to hurt you, she just wanted to save Alice. All of us, really.”

“Yeah…” Lucy rolled her eyes. “I don’t really know what they’re all talking about, so can we get onto the disturbing part please…?”

Alice gave Lucy a cold stare, then turned back to Tiffany with an attempt at an upbeat expression. “She means the part where we’re all under programming for the duration of this conversation.”

“Duration of this conversation?” Tiffany echoed. She felt like she wasn’t so much along for the ride as being dragged behind the runaway train with a rope, but she did her best to take in all the information as it came.

“Yeah.” Trev nodded. “It may not feel like it, but we’re all stuck at this table until you decide what happens next.”

Josh sighed deeply. “Erin has somewhat muted our natural response to all the stuff that’s happened with the Algorithm. She’s programmed us all to stay much more calm and rational than we otherwise would be after everything that’s happened.”

Alice picked up another slice of pizza, before shrugging. “I mean, I get it, I would be freaking the fuck out right now if left to my own devices. She also wanted to ease you into all things she changed, Tiff. You’re not under the same programming we are.

“How come?” Tiffany asked. She tentatively reached for another slice of pizza, even though her first slice sat on the plate in front of her, just a single bite taking out of it.

“Because it’s what Erin wanted.” Alice replied. “She wanted you free of all programming so you could decide what happens next. She figured you could handle it, and she wanted you to be the one to decide.”

Tiffany shook her head. “I’m sorry, decide what?” she asked.

“Everything, dude.” Trev gestured dramatically. “You get to decide what we remember, how we act, and whether or not we keep the Algorithm.”

“Yeah.” Lucy said, her voice dripping in sarcasm. “Because you’ll be so responsible with all that power.”

“Look guys.” Josh addressed the table calmly. “Erin saved us all from a situation that was clearly spiralling out of control. She’s also programmed us to go along with this whole thing. I don’t agree with it, and frankly none of us should. But focusing on how messed up it is won’t help matters. We’re supposed to make sure Tiffany knows exactly what the decisions she has to make involve, to make sure she makes the best one.

Lucy glared at Josh. “I’m sorry, best for who exactly? Best for Tiffany, yeah! Best for Erin, maybe, because it’s clearly what she wants… But best for us?” She gestured towards Josh, then Alice, and then grabbed Trev’s arm and pulled him closer to her. “I don’t think Tiffany is going to make any decision that’s actually best for us. She looked pointedly at Alice, then Josh. “Do you?”

Alice looked downward at her plate, shaking her head lightly. “Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know what I would do were I in Tiff’s position.

“I know exactly what I would do.” Josh said with an air of authority. Everyone looked to him expectantly. He gave them all a stern glance. “I would erase all of our programming, so none of us are under the influence of the algorithm in the slightest way again. Then I would delete it, and never try to remake it.”

“Seriously?” Trev scrunched up his face. “You’d really delete the thing? After everything we know it can do.”

Alice sighed heavily. “If you’re going to delete it, I don’t want to remember anything about it or what happened while we were all being mindfucked by it… Don’t do half measures, nuke the fucker and our memories.”

Josh frowned, shaking his head in disagreement. “If we do that, what will we have learned? How will we have grown? And besides, what about all the loose ends? If we don’t remember anything, they’ll come back to haunt us.”

“What loose ends?” Trev asked.

Before Josh could answer, Lucy interjected. “I agree with Alice! We should forget this entire week, the algorithm, everything about it. It made me do things that I don’t want to remember.”

“Oh please…” Alice scoffed under her breath.

“You want to say something, Alice?” Lucy stared intently at the blonde.

Alice shook her head, continuing to stare down at her food.

“Yeah, I didn’t th—“

“You know what, Lucy?” Alice interrupted angrily. “Yes. Yes I would like to say something. The only reason you’re wanting everyone to forget everything is because it came out that you’re cheating on your boyfriend his god damned roommate, of all people! I have no doubt you have no problem with us all going back to thinking you’re just a bit clingy rather than being a fucking lair!”

Lucy looked at Alice coldly. “Fine, I’ll admit it, I do want you all to forget. I want Trev and I to connect better, because we’re meant to be. We’re soulmates, and I know I made mistakes but I’ll do better. I just want another chance.”

Trev shook his arm free of Lucy’s grip and pulled himself away from her. He looked directly at Tiffany. “Tiff, I want you to make the decision you think is right, but personally, I would keep the Algorithm and the memories.”

Lucy tried to speak again but Trev just shook his head and hushed her. “Leave it. It’s out of your hands, and mine.”

“Tiff, you haven’t said anything in a while. Are you okay?” Josh asked.

“I’m… I’m…” Tiffany struggled for the words. She really got to choose what happened to the minds of everyone? And the fate of the Algorithm? It seemed unreal, and she couldn’t even begin to vocalise her thought process.

“It’s alright.” Alice said kindly. “It’s a lot. We’re all staying pretty calm because Erin literally programmed that into us so we could catch you up and explain the options to you You’re only under the programming that’ll take effect when you make your decisions. For example, if you make everyone forget, that’ll include you. But you can also make everyone here forget except you, if you want.”

“When you’ve made your decision, we just need to right it down here.” Josh pushed a piece of paper towards her. You get to decide all the fine details you like, such as we could all retain some or all of our memories, but still be under your control, or perhaps just have triggers to drop into trance for you. You can also choose to be under someone else’s control if you want. You can write down the name here and when we execute the instruction, you will fall under their control. If you want. If you want Erin to remain in control of all of us, that’s an option too. Or you could give control to, I dunno, Lucy.”

“I’d be okay with that.” Lucy said sharply.

“Don’t.” Trev shook his head in warning. He brushed Lucy away once more and sulked behind a piece of pizza.

“The only one you can’t affect is Erin.” Josh continued. “She’s been deprogrammed completely, remembers everything, and doesn’t plan to get in front of the Algorithm, or even come back here ever again.”

“Wait, what?” Tiffany frowned. “She’s not ever coming back.”

Alice gave Tiffany a concerned look. “That’s what she said to us. She kept you in trance because, well, I’m guessing she maybe found the idea of saying goodbye to you a bit too much. But she told us that too much of all of this is her fault, and that if we do get to keep our memories, we’ll realise that and kick her out of the group, like she thinks we’ll do to you, too.”

Tiffany felt her heart racing again. She opened her mouth several times to speak, but her voice was becoming too dry and painful to let words out.

“That’s just a guess she was making.” Josh attempted to reassure her. “She doesn’t know that’s how we’d react if we keep our memories but are no longer bound by the programmed calm she put in us. But once you make your decision, this civil discussion around the table will be over and we’ll be free to be fully ourselves again, if you let us. And yeah, we might freak out a bit, that is unless you decide to keep us altered like this or do something else with us.

“If I do…” Tiffany croaked. “If I do let you all go back to normal. Will… will we be okay?” She looked at each of them in turn. “Be honest with me.”

Alice shook her head slowly. “No… Tiff, no. Not after all of that. I couldn’t be.”

“I’d need some time and space, Tiff.” Josh sighed. “I don’t know how long.”

“We weren’t okay to start with.” Lucy shrugged. “Not that I expect you to lose any sleep over that.”

Trev scoffed loudly, seemingly coming out of his recluse. “I can’t believe you guys.” He quickly turned to Lucy. “You, I can believe, sadly.” He then turned back to Alice and Josh, irritation all over his face. “Tiffany messed up, sure, but you’re acting like that was the only thing messed up. Josh, the very first thing you said about Alice when you saw her in trance was… Lemmi think…” He scrunched up his face briefly. “Oh yeah! ‘What do we do with this sexy kitten now she’s in trance? I know, let’s make her a pornstar!’”

Josh blushed, quickly retorting with “I just want to state for the record that when I call one of the ladies a sexy kitten, the whole thing is meant to be taken as irony…”

“Yeah, nice save.” Trev rolled his eyes. “And Alice, come on!”

“Come on what?” Alice tensed. “Trev, do you even know everything that Tiff did to me? It wasn’t just making me into evil bitch me, before that she made me… she was going to…”

Tiffany held up her hand. “Trev, just don’t… It’s okay. I deserve all of you hating me.”

“I don’t hate you Tiff. And we would be okay, I promise.” Trev insisted. He then looked at Alice, a mixture of guilt and anger on his face. “I think I am maybe in the unique position of everything working out so well for me through all of the Algorithm bullshit.” Everyone gave him curious looks at this. He took a large gulp of soda, burped unapologetically, and continued. “I was never a target or anyone’s object of desire, sure, I can’t related to what that must have felt like, but being messed around by the Algorithm, and also feeling what it’s like to exert power over people close to you… It’s possibly the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve learned more about myself in this last week than I have in the last two years. And it was a wake up call.”

Trev grimaced, and clenched his fists. “I thought I was better than I am. When everything that happened led Lucy to implant suggestions in both of you” he motioned to Alice, then Tiffany, “and Erin, I could have stopped her at any time, but I didn’t. She sold the fantasy to me, to have all of you happy and… and…” he deeply exhaled. “I would have been fine with all of you being my sex slaves.” He admitted. “And honestly, if that power was thrust into my lap again, I would do it again, except this time I wouldn’t even try to fight it. I could have made you all happy, programmed all of your negativity away, let you embrace and enjoy life. We would have had fun. It would have been something else. And now I know that I’m the kinda guy who will let himself be corrupted by that power in a heartbeat.”

A silence hung over the table. Trev then snorted a chuckle. “Honestly, when I think about it, Tiff probably has more self control than me. She has my blessing to use the Algorithm on us to do whatever the fuck. I know she cares about us, I know she won’t let anything bad happen to us. As far as I’m concerned, the bad shit only ever happens when someone gets in the way of Tiff being in sole control.”

“Trev…” Alice said, a frown of confusion on her face. “I… So you’re saying…”

Trev grabbed a slice of pizza and shrugged. “Before my goddamed girlfriend messed around with her mind, what did Tiff do to you that was really so bad?”

“She made me her slave!” Alice shot back heatedly. “She made me call her Mistress and kneel in front of her, like I had no will of my own.”

“Okay, and did that feel bad?”

“No.” Alice shot Trev a look of scorn. “Because I was programmed not to feel bad.”

“Actually…” Tiffany mumbled, her next few words inaudible to everyone around her.

“What, Tiff?” Alice asked impatiently. “What is it?”

“I… I never programmed you not to feel bad.” Tiffany replied meekly.

“So you programmed me to feel good, whatever!” Alice dismissed her. “My point is, Trev, th—”

“No no…” Trev interrupted. “Tiff, did you programme Alice to feel good about being your slave either?”

“No.” Tiffany shook her head. She looked into the distance for a moment, before turning back to Trev, then Alice. “I programmed you the same way I programmed Erin. I didn’t force feelings upon you. In fact, I think I programmed a thing that would make you tell me if you were particularly unhappy or happy.”

Alice glared, before shaking her head briskly.

Trev cleared his throat and said in a delicate manner “So, any feeling good you had was… what… you enjoying being Tiffany’s slave?”

“Trev, stop!” Alice replied in a shrill voice, her cheeks turning bright pink.

Tiffany nodded in agreement. “Yeah, Trev, just leave it, okay… It’s okay.”

“I can’t believe you’re advocating for me being Tiffany’s slave!” Alice fumed at Trev. “I can’t believe you…”

“Alice…” Trev said through a pained expression. “I’ve never known you to be happy for more than fleeting moments. Honestly, whenever I look at you, besides your beauty and your kindness, your life is a constant chase towards the next high, the next hit, the next escape. You carry so much pain and grief under the surface everywhere you go… I just want to know, did it feel that way when Tiff had programmed you?”

Alice simply stared at him, then Tiff. Tears swelled in her eyes until they were rapidly streaming down her face as she broke out into a quiet sob.

Trev stretched his hand across the table and placed it on top of Alice’s. She squeezed it and wept. Tiffany nervously placed a hand on her shoulder now, and Josh placed his hand on her back. Lucy rolled her eyes and poured herself another glass of soda.

Eventually, Alice managed to get some words out through the tears. “What’s wrong with me!?” she wailed. “The first time I feel good about myself in years and it’s because someone turned me into their fucking slave?! What the fuck!”

“It’s okay.” Trev reassured her. “Really, it’s okay. I’ve recently learned I’m a monster who wants to make a harem out of all my lady friends. You don’t get to pretend to be more of a mess than I am…”

A brief chuckle escaped Alice’s lips, and she wiped her puffy eyes. “I don’t think you want to go down that road with me…”

“Try me.” Trev said, staring deeply into Alice’s eyes. She kept his gaze, and slowly nodded her head.

“Tiff.” She said, turning to face Tiffany once more with a much calmer expression. “No matter what, I don’t want to be your slave, your puppet. You’ve proven to me before that you don’t care about my views but I just want to remind you that I want no part in any of it. Now go do what you want, but I think there are at least some aspects of this whole thing that I do want to remember. She looked back at Trev and smiled.

Lucy scoffed. “Should I even be here? Should I just go? Oh, that’s right, I can’t” She leaned across the table towards Tiffany, daggers in her eyes. “Listen, Tiffany. I know that I have no say in what’s going to happen and that it’s probably going to screw me over. I would kill for the power that you have, and for all the things you could do with it. So do what you’re going to do, and don’t screw it up.”

Tiffany bristled in her seat slightly, and offered Lucy a curt nod. She then turned to Josh, who was watching her solemnly. “I guess everyone has said their thoughts apart from you, Josh. What are you thinking?”

Josh clasped his hands in front of him and shook his head. “Tiff, no matter what you choose, I don’t think you have a ‘right’ choice in front of you.” He air quoted with his fingers for effect. “No matter what you do, there are pros and cons. You could destroy the Algorithm and free us all from it, but if I’m being honest, none of us will be the same again and I don’t expect our friendship group to survive. If you destroy it, free us, and also wipe all of our memories of it, it feels like there are too many loose ends that might come back to haunt us… Jan’s arriving here in a couple of hours, for one…”

“Dillon…” Alice added.

“Not to mention if our memories are gone, no one knows about Lucy’s cheating anymore…” Trev muttered.

“See?” Josh said. “So that leaves keeping us under your control, right? Which is morally reprehensible. Surely you can see how wrong it is after the chaos it’s caused? Surely you know what it’s like being completely helpless and not enjoying it after what happened to Alice, what she did to everyone… The guilt and doubt you’d have to live with. And if you controlled all of us, never having to face consequences for your actions… Well, honestly I think it would corrupt you beyond recognition.”

“So that’s it?” Tiffany asked, her heart as heavy as lead. “No good options? Lose my friends, lose my memories, or lose myself?”

“I dunno…” Josh said, “I guess you could always give away the power to someone else. Or maybe program some moral anchors into yourself to ensure there are lines you don’t cross.

“Yeah… maybe…” Tiffany trailed away, as that truly was a new idea. She could program herself with the parameters she needed to be a fair and just controller of everyone. She had learned from Alice how not to make a Domme. Maybe she could apply those lessons to her…?

But honestly, programming herself was a decision for later. What to do with everyone was the decision for now? Did she free them, or keep them all under her control?

If she freed them, she’d then need to decide whether or not to wipe their memories, and whether or not to destroy the algorithm... Could she really bring herself to do that after everything? On the other hand, was there any other reasonable option? Surely keeping the Algorithm at this point would be unforgivable?

Unless the forgiveness was programmed in, she realised.

To give up control now, when it was finally entirely in her grasp, wouldn’t that be even more unforgivable for an entirely different set of reasons? After everything that she had been through, personally, didn’t she have the wisdom and the courage to know what to do and what to avoid using the Algorithm now?

She could control her friends with the lightest of touches. A few memory alterations here, a little behaviour tweak there, and she could put things back to normal… Well, almost normal. A new normal that allowed her to drop her friends and Lucy into trance at any moment. That would be a normal she could very easily get used to.

On the other hand once again, what if she just leaned into this power completely? What if she gave up the pretence that she cared about anything but fulfilling her fantasies? What if she admitted to herself that the idea of having four utterly obedient slaves to cater to her every whim was just too much to resist?

But then she thought of Erin. What would Erin want, after everything? She said she needed space, but was that just to let Tiffany pick up the pieces and put something together, or was it because she was really done with her, done with all of them.

There were so many ways that things could go, but if Tiffany was being honest with herself, what she wanted more than anything in that moment was for Erin to saunter through the door, grinning like a maniac and telling Tiff that it’ll be okay. She would pull her in for a kiss, melting into her soft embrace, before pulling away and seeing that look of need in Erin’s eyes. The need to submit, to serve, to be taken care of. To be safe.

That look on Erin’s face as she sunk to her knees… That’s what she wanted, and she wanted it more than anything at that moment. So how to make it happen? Do it with the Algorithm, or without? Do it in subtle control of everyone, or as their all out Mistress?

Then Erin’s words came back to her once more.

‘You don’t need the program for me to be your slave... Command me... Show me you have the strength and will to control me, and I’m yours. Mistress’

With that, Tiffany finally felt like she knew how to make it happen. Acting before she inevitably changed her mind, she pulled the piece of paper towards her. Everyone around the table watched her with baited breath, and a smile formed on her lips, and she began to write.