The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 44

The rest of the week flew by. Before they knew it, Friday was upon them. Tiffany and Erin agreed they would cut their last class of the day to get to Josh’s place early and help set up.

Tiffany walked into Josh’s apartment flanked by Erin and Hannah, all of them dressed to party. Erin had abandoned her usual style of baggy clothes in favor of black leather pants and a mesh top that covered but didn’t conceal her strapless red bra underneath. Hannah wore a dark green dress that could have been plucked out of a fairytale, accessorized with a large belt around her waist to make it look a bit more modern. She wore a sparkling emerald necklace with a matching set of earrings and was only short a tiara over her curly red hair to complete the look of royalty.

Tiffany herself was wearing a purple love-heart corset with black lace woven throughout, a short tartan skirt of similar colors, and a pair of fishnet leggings. Her gently curled hair cascaded over her bare shoulders in shimmering waves, and her eyes popped with carefully applied midnight eyeliner.

As the three of them walked down the entryway into Josh’s kitchen, Tiffany brought her and her companions to a sudden stop. The three of them stood silently as Josh and his teammate Bobby made out against the kitchen island, clearly oblivious to the new arrivals. Hannah covered her mouth in delighted excitement, her eyes wider than they’d ever been. Erin took in the view with a shit eating grin on her face, while Tiffany bit her lip playfully as she watched them run their hands all over each other, their lips locked in a passionate exchange. This went on for what felt like several minutes, and it was only when Bobby unfastened Josh’s belt and frantically pulled down his pants and boxers that Tiffany decided to clear her throat.

Josh and Bobby both jumped out of their skin, cursing as they turned to see the three girls watching them with undivided attention. Josh fell over in the attempt to pull his pants back up, and Erin burst out laughing, to which everyone soon joined in.

“How long have you been there?” Josh asked once his crotch was hidden again. His cheeks were burning red, as were Bobby’s.

“Not long.” Tiffany grinned. “I figured you’d want us to announce ourselves before things got… further?”

“Killjoy,” Erin snorted jokingly. “But I guess we have some prep to do, yeah?”

“Yes!” Josh cleared his own throat now. “Prep. You guys know Bobby, right?” Josh gestured sheepishly to his teammate who was now half hiding behind the kitchen island.

“Uhhh, hi,” Bobby said awkwardly.

“Yeah, we met at Trev’s birthday last year, I think.” Tiffany leaned her head to one side as she thought about it. “Either way, nice to meet you again. I’m Tiffany. Everyone calls me Tiff.” Tiffany extended a hand over the kitchen island as Erin gave Josh a fistbump before introducing herself to Bobby.

“Oh, and this is my roommate Hannah.” Tiffany turned around, expecting to see Hannah next to her, but she was still in the entryway with wide eyes and a wider mouth. Tiffany turned back to Bobby. “Excuse me, Hannah is experiencing technical difficulties.”

Tiffany and Erin returned to Hannah’s side and guided her to sit at the kitchen island. She let herself be led and started to mumble under her breath. “Did you see it? It was so… big...”

Tiffany shrugged. “I mean, I guess if that’s your thing…” She deliberately omitted the fact that Josh had trance fucked her in almost the exact same spot around a week previously.

Erin stifled her laughter. “Remind me to introduce my friend Mike to you tonight, Hannah… That’s if you want to study a large specimen in more detail…”

“Oh…” Hannah replied, her cheeks flushing red. “Umm…”

“No need to rush her.” Tiffany hugged Hannah from behind and gave Erin a quick warning glance. “Remember the goal tonight is ‘flirt with boys’ and possibly make out a little. The rest will come when she’s ready.“

“Fine!” Erin rolled her eyes. “But I want to see you making out with a hot guy before the night is done!”

Hannah gulped nervously, smiling as she blushed. “I’ll try… I hope this works…” She held up her wrist to show a silver charm bracelet.

“It will.” Tiffany planted a friendly kiss on her cheek, before unraveling herself from Hannah and turning her attention to Erin. “So… you invited Mike after all, huh?”

“Yup.” Erin nodded casually. “And Izzy.”

Tiffany felt herself stiffen. “Anyone else I should know about?”

“Well I almost invited Gob…” Erin shrugged. When Tiffany squinted in confusion, Erin added “Y’know, the Uber driver? I owe him for several free rides, and I thought maybe I could use the Algorithm to make him think we’re all square.”

“But you didn’t,” Tiffany said, not trying to hide the concern in her voice.

“I didn’t,” Erin repeated. “I figure Izzy and Mike are enough for me to handle for one night.”

“You know we need to program them both, right? Are they coming together?” Tiffany asked. “It’s just that Mike seemed suspicious of me, Erin. We can’t afford to screw up tonight…”

“Tiff, it’ll be fine,” Erin reassured her with a hand on the shoulder. “We’ll take care of it together.”

“Take care of what?” Bobby asked. He had calmed down from his embarrassment and was leaning over the far side of the kitchen island.

Erin and Tiffany exchanged an awkward look before they turned towards him. Tiffany reminded herself that she ought to be careful about what she talked about around people who weren’t in the know.

Erin spoke casually, intent on brushing Bobby off, “Just some business we have with them, nothing important.”

“Actually…” Tiffany said. “That’s not true.” As Erin grunted in frustration, Bobby, Josh, and Hannah all turned their attention to Tiffany.

“Oh?” Bobby replied, a confused half smile playing across his features. “What’s up then?”

Tiffany walked up to the other side of the kitchen island and leaned over towards Bobby. “So Bobby, for the last week we’ve been developing and fine tuning what’s basically a brainwashing machine. We call it the Algorithm. When used properly on someone, it puts them into a deep hypnotic trance and allows whoever is there to program their brain, give them commands or instructions to follow, alter memories, you name it. The reason for this party is because someone found out about the Algorithm that we don’t want, and that might become a problem for us. So we have invited him over later tonight under the guise of the party, but really we’re aiming to spend the next few hours gradually brainwashing all of our party guests to be an army of obedient sleeper agents ready to overpower and force this guy into the Algorithm so the threat can be neutralized. Honestly, that’s actually plan ‘B’, as plan ‘A’ is to use an alter ego that I programmed into our friend Alice to seduce and coerce him in front of the Algorithm. But basically at the end of tonight, everyone who knows anything about the Algorithm will be under its control, and probably most people will end up having their memory wiped of it. It’s safer that way. Mike and Izzy, Erin’s friends, are two of the people we need to brainwash, and that’s what Erin was talking about when she said that we’ll take care of it together.”

When Tiffany finished, Bobby stared at her for a long moment before cracking a wide grin. “Haha, that’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, just say.”

“I’m not joking,” Tiffany said, staring into Bobby’s eyes. Bobby’s smile faded a bit as he was caught by Tiffany’s gaze. “But it doesn’t matter, because you won’t really remember anything about mind control or the Algorithm from this evening, and anything you do hear that’s about putting people in trance or controlling them, you’ll promptly forget, won’t you?”

“Yes.” Bobby nodded slowly, spacing out as he did so. “Okay.”

Tiffany turned away and clapped her hands together. “Right then, now that’s taken care of, how’s the Algorithm doing?”

Josh turned from Bobby to Tiffany, hints of irritation in his expression. He nevertheless let it go as he started explaining the changes that had been made to the Algorithm.

“So it will trance anyone without needing to hit the right frequency first?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes and no,” Josh replied. “The modifications you asked for means that it will capture the attention of and perhaps mesmerize anyone who looks at it, but I’m almost certain it lacks the strength of the pattern that is fine tuned to the correct frequency for someone. So I don’t know if someone would be able to resist it or not, but it would probably give us enough time to find the right frequency for them to put them into deeper trance, and it should make putting headphones on them much easier than if they were resisting it.”

“Okay, so the weaker version is like a lure, and then the original Algorithm takes ’em down from there?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes, pretty much.”

“Excellent.” Tiffany nodded. “That’s exactly what we need to make things go a bit smoother tonight. Good work, Josh!”

“Meh.” Josh shrugged. “All in a day’s work. Plus Janet was a big help with it.”

“Of course.” Tiffany nodded. “Where is she anyway? I thought she might be here already.”

“She told me she was going to continue working on the tablet in her dorm room,” Josh explained. When he saw Tiffany tense at the idea, Josh shook his head and quickly added, “You don’t need to worry Tiff, she’s been given clear instructions to keep it a secret and return all of the materials I let her take. She said she was so close to getting something working and didn’t want to be distracted by the party. All going well, she’ll come join us later with a working prototype.”

“Eh.” Erin shrugged. “She didn’t seem much of the party type anyway…”

“Okay, that’s fine I guess,” Tiffany said grimly. It was a point of concern that Janet had been given such free reign, but she quickly reminded herself that Janet was under strong conditioning that Josh and her had put there. The risk was minor. “But I need you to tell me her dorm number. Oh, and did you get a chance to work on that other request of mine?”

“No problem, and yes I did.” Josh nodded, sending Janet’s details to Tiffany in a message. “If you give me your phone I’ll install the custom app I made onto it. It’s on mine as well, so either one of us can activate it if needed.”

“Let’s hope it’s not needed…” Tiffany replied gravely. “I’m much happier sticking to the first plan.”

“Me too.” Josh nodded. “Although I still need your input, and then it could really use a test before we try it out for real.”

Tiffany looked at Bobby, and then at Hannah. “I think we can arrange something… Shall we go test it?”

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Erin interjected. “We’re forgetting the most important thing here guys!”

Tiffany looked at Erin in confusion. “What? What is it?” She felt a sudden worry build up within her. What had she forgotten?

“We need to order the pizza!” Erin exclaimed. “I’m literally ravenous…”

Josh and Bobby chuckled, while Tiffany rolled her eyes with a groan. Hannah seemed to perk up with excitement. “There’s going to be pizza?”

Erin laughed boisterously. “It’s Josh’s place!” she declared as though it was obvious. “There’s always pizza!”

“This is true…” Josh nodded solemnly. “There is always pizza.” He got a couple of menus from the fridge door, handing one to Hannah and the other to Bobby. “Let me know what you want, I’m getting the usual for Tiff, Erin, Alice and Trev, plus an assortment of others for whoever wants them.”

“Havoc’s Pizza…” Bobby read on the menu cover. “Ha, sweet slogan.”

“Right?“ Erin grinned, reciting “Cry ‘Havoc’! And let slip the taste of pizza. It’s cheesy as fuck, but then so is the pizza…”

“Hawaiian please!” Hannah chirped with glee. “You can’t beat pineapple on a pizza!”

Tiffany looked at both Erin and Josh, both of them freezing rigid at this remark. Before either of them could start arguing, Tiffany held up her hand and sternly said. “Let it go, guys, Hannah is free to enjoy whatever she wants.”

With the pizza ordered and the fridge stacked with drinks, the five of them headed into Josh’s spacious bedroom and approached the Algorithm.

“Say, Tiff?” Hannah pulled Tiffany aside as Josh started setting up the Algorithm.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

“Can I have a word, umm, in private?” Hannah seemed nervous as she asked, which made Tiffany frown with concern.

“Of course.” Tiffany patted her on the shoulder reassuringly before turning to the others. “We’ll just be a few minutes, go ahead and get Bobby set up in the chair.”

Josh acknowledged Tiffany’s request as she and Hannah went through to the spare bedroom together.

“You okay?” Tiffany asked as she walked in. She was quickly thinking about all the things that might be upsetting Hannah, and it didn’t take long for her to realise that there were a lot of possibilities. Hannah had been programmed against her will and essentially been a pawn in the game Erin and Tiffany had been playing with each other. Although Tiffany had endeavoured to keep things tame with Hannah and always take her feelings into consideration, it didn’t change the fact that she had used the Algorithm on her and made her compliant to more and more gradual brainwashing.

Then there was the fact that Erin turned her into a completely obedient and eager slave. Even though it was temporary and only took effect when Hannah wore her collar, the few times she had worn it had been the most intense experiences of her life. Had it been too much too soon for her? Or was it something else entirely?

“I’m okay,” Hannah said unconvincingly as she closed the door behind her. “I guess I just wanted to ask something before it got all busy and stuff.”

“Sure,” Tiffany said, sitting on the double bed. “Ask away.”

“It’s just…” Hannah clutched her arm awkwardly, looking down at the floor. “What you said to Bobby… About most people having their memory wiped at the end of the night. I just wanted to know if that included me.”

Tiffany thought about it for a second. If Hannah was looking for reassurance, that was easy to give. “If you don’t want to forget, I can promise you I won’t make you forget at the end of the night.” She meant it too. If she needed to, she could always erase Hannah’s memories the following morning, or anytime. Hannah didn’t seem convinced though.

“But it’s something you can do, right? Make me forget at any moment? That’s what the Algorithm lets you do.” Hannah kept her eyes downcast. Tiffany realized that it was so she couldn’t stare into Hannah’s eyes to make her let go of her concerns. It wasn’t really a problem though, she could drop Hannah into trance at any moment. She just enjoyed using her hypnotic stare when she could.

“I guess so.” Tiffany shrugged. “It lets me do anything, really. And you’re my helper, right?”

“Of course!” Hannah looked up briefly at Tiffany, her eyes glossy. “I just don’t want to be made to forget, or to…” She trailed off, her gaze darting away again.

“Or to what?” Tiffany asked, getting up from the bed.

“Change me again, I guess?” Hannah said. “I want to help you, but I don’t want to lose myself I think.”

“That makes sense.” Tiffany nodded. “I don’t want to change you per say, Hannah, but there are areas that you want to explore and I want to help with that. Like your bracelet there. If you take that off I’m not sure you’ll have the confidence to flirt with any boys tonight. But if I just put that confidence in you permanently, then we won’t know how much it’s changed you. Small steps like using the bracelet are to help you, that’s all.”

“And it also helps you…” Hannah murmured. “Because it shows you what you can use the Algorithm for.”

“Yeah.” Tiffany nodded. “I guess so.” She felt Hannah’s unease, as though she was nervous about saying what she really wanted to say. “There’s something else bothering you Hannah. What is it?”

“I guess…” Hannah hesitated. “I guess, I’m wondering what it’s like to be able to control people so completely. I wonder what things would be like if I’d discovered the Algorithm instead of you, you know?” She looked up nervously at Tiffany, unable to maintain eye contact for long.

“You want to be the one controlling people?” Tiffany asked, tilting her head to one side in curiosity. “I wouldn’t have guessed that, I thought you were happy being my helper and stuff…”

“It’s not that I’m not happy helping you, Tiff. Of course I am.” Hannah looked up into Tiffany’s eyes again briefly. “But if I had control over everything happening, I just know I’d do things differently.”

“Oh yeah?” Tiffany replied with interest. “How so?”

“I’m not sure, Tiff.” Hannah sighed heavily. “But as much as I want to help you, I feel like you controlling me and everyone who comes to this party is… it’s…” Hannah scrunched her eyes closed and clenched her fists, digging deep for courage. “It’s wrong!”

Tiffany shook her head slowly. “Of course it’s wrong, Hannah.” When Hannah looked up at Tiffany in surprise, Tiffany simply shrugged. “The right thing to do would have been to destroy the Algorithm the moment we knew what it was capable of. We made a different choice, and then certain mistakes led to the wrong people finding out about it. This party’s entire purpose is to correct those mistakes, and ensure that everyone who knows about the Algorithm or even just suspects something is brought under control so that it doesn’t ultimately fall into the wrong hands. I need you to trust me on this.”

“I’m trying, Tiff,” Hannah said earnestly. “I don’t want to seem ungrateful for everything that’s happened over the last few days. I get that you need to take care of people who know about the Algorithm, I see the need for that. But when you’ve done that…” Hannah replied cautiously, averting her gaze again, “when you have everyone who knows about it under your control… Then you’ll erase their memories of it so you can destroy the Algorithm? Because it’s the right thing to do, right?”

Tiffany frowned sadly. “Hannah, I’m sorry.” She put a hand on Hannah’s shoulder. It was clear that a few words of comfort wouldn’t be enough for Hannah here, Tiffany realized. Her programming needed to be slightly tweaked, to make sure she accepted the situation. Tiffany spoke kindly as she explained, “You’re not going to remember this conversation Hannah, so I can just tell you that I’m not planning on destroying the Algorithm. I’m going to use it, with Erin, to make things better for us, but also to help people. It has the power to make people better. I made a promise to Alice that I’d help people with it.”

Hannah looked up at Tiffany once more, their eyes locking, Tiffany’s filled with resolve, Hannah’s with fear. “The Algorithm must exist. There’s too much potential to let it go to waste.” Hannah looked down again, slowly backing away from Tiffany as she continued to talk. “You don’t need to worry though, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“Tiff… no…” Hannah pleaded. “It isn’t right, I know you want to do good but—“

“Only part of me wants to do good, Hannah,” Tiffany interrupted her, closing the gap between them once more. “The other part wants to be selfish, indulgent, and evil.”

Hannah looked back at Tiffany anxiously when she said that last sinister word, looking steadfastly into Tiffany’s eyes despite her fear.

“Tiffany, you can’t be evil with something like this!” Hannah said urgently. “Too much can go wrong!”

“It’s okay to be evil and selfish sometimes, Hannah,” Tiffany said playfully. “Besides, if you were in my position, you’d understand that controlling people is irresistibly hot.”

Hannah tore her gaze away once more, turning her back on Tiffany completely. “So you’ll make me forget this conversation, then the Algorithm, then how much control you have over me?”

“Yes,” Tiffany said, more seriousness in her voice now. “If I have to. I admit that I worry that I’m the wrong person to be in charge of the Algorithm, but I’m not willing to risk anyone else using it either. You don’t need to worry about anything though.”

It was a kindness really, Tiffany rationalized even as she saw Hannah tense. She would take Hannah’s worries away, let her enjoy the party, and ultimately take care of her. Hannah didn’t need to be concerned about how and when Tiffany used the Algorithm. She would get to have her fun, flirt with boys, and then it would probably be best to wipe her memory sometime after the party. It was easier this way. Hannah had a good heart, Tiffany reminded herself. It wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t handle the shades of gray that were involved in using the Algorithm. She was too innocent, and Tiffany was going to keep her that way.

“I don’t know, Tiff. As much as I want to help you, I’m pretty worried…”

“Hannah. It’ll be okay. Look at me,” Tiffany said.

Hannah shook her head and grunted in refusal.

“Hannah…” Tiffany said gently. “It would be helpful if you looked into my eyes right now.”

Hannah looked up into Tiffany’s eyes, tears running down her face. “I’m sorry, Tiff.”

“Don’t be.” Tiffany soothed her. She opened her mouth to speak once more, but as Hannah’s hand gently pressed the top of her head, all of her thoughts drained away. Her eyes glazed over and her expression dulled, leaving Hannah staring into Tiff’s cold, empty eyes.

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod what have I done?” Hannah squeaked in a panic. “I didn’t even know if that would work, I thought it might’ve been a prank Erin pulled when she said I could put you into trance like this. It’s not a joke right, you are in trance, you are in trance, aren’t you Tiff?

“Yes,” Tiffany said plainly.

“Oh gosh, okay. Umm, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do… But I had to do something Tiff, because you were going to make me forget this whole interaction, weren’t you?”


“I knew it I knew it I knew it. I had to do something, but what do I do now?” Hannah breathed heavily, clutching her face as she stared into Tiffany’s blank eyes. “You’re going to brainwash everyone and then keep them all under your control and I can’t let you do it Tiff, I just can’t! I want to help you but letting you do this to me and everyone else isn’t helping you, it’s letting you escape all accountability! I need to stop you, that’s how I can really help you… But how do I stop you without it being obvious to anyone who is already doing your bidding? Oh god Tiff I don’t know what I’m doing! I’m so far out of my depth here I don’t know where to start! And oh heck we’ve already been gone a few minutes, they’ll be wondering where we are!”

Hannah put her hands on Tiffany’s shoulders. “Oh I know, I have an idea! Tiff! Quick! Do that thing with your eyes! Tell me to be calm and confident!”

Tiffany’s eyes regained their focus for a moment, and they bored deep into Hannah. “Be calm and confident,” she said in a dull, emotionless way.

Hannah felt her nerves subside almost instantly. She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, her nervous frown being replaced by a calm smile. “That’s better, Tiff. Thanks.”

Hannah stretched her arms up and slowly circled Tiffany. “I can’t tell you how different this feels, Tiff… I should have asked you to do this from the start… Then again, you only really used the Algorithm on me to do things you wanted to do. It’s easy to see through now that I’m not so nervous and anxious for your approval.

“Someone has to stop you, Tiffany,” Hannah said gravely into the lifeless gaze that met her. “You’re playing with peoples’ lives like it means nothing.

“We don’t have much time, so here’s what we’re going to do. Once you wake up from this trance, you’ll not remember that I did this to you. You’ll remember instead that you used your eye staring thingy to make me stop worrying about all the things I was worrying about. We’ll go back through to the other room, and you’ll continue your plans as normal. But when the point comes where you have control over everyone at the party and everyone who knows about the Algorithm, you’ll suddenly feel that you need to come to me and you’ll ask to talk to me in private. Then we’ll see about doing the right thing together, okay?”

“Yes,” Tiffany mindlessly responded.

“Good. Good, Tiff. It’s for the best, I hope you’ll see that when this is over…” Hannah nodded decisively. “Now wake up.”

Tiffany snapped back into awareness, her eyes finding Hannah’s right away. “There…” She cooed softly. “Feeling better?”

“Much, yes,” Hannah smiled bashfully. “I’m sorry I bothered you.”

“Don’t be!” Tiffany reassured her. “I’m just glad I could help.” She felt glad it had been so simple to alleviate Hannah’s concerns. She loved staring into someone’s eyes and bending them to her will. She felt a strong temptation to stare once more into Hannah’s eyes and tell her that she needed to make out passionately with Tiffany before she could leave the room. It would be harmless fun, and maybe it would help Hannah relax.

But time was short, and Tiffany knew there was a lot to be done before more guests arrived. “Come on!” She grabbed Hannah’s arm and pulled her back through to Josh’s bedroom where the Algorithm was now running with Bobby sitting blank eyed and motionless in the chair facing the swirling, enticing patterns.

“There you are…” Erin said wryly. “I was about to come investigate what you two were up to. Not having too much fun without me I hope…”

“Not at all.” Tiffany winked at Erin. “I wouldn’t start the fun without you, you know that.”

“I just needed a pep talk is all…” Hannah added shyly. “Even with this…” she held up her wrist with the bracelet on, “I’m still a bit nervous.”

“You don’t need to worry.” Erin grinned. “That puppy is designed to properly kick in when there’s a guy there that you can flirt with. And Josh has invited how many members of his team tonight…?”

“Just a few of them.” Josh shrugged. “But there are always more who tend to show up, and sometimes some cheerleaders… And then friends… Before you know it things can really get out of hand.”

Tiffany smiled deviously. “I’m kinda counting on that… I take it we’re ready here then?”

“We are,” Josh replied. “I just need you to make the recording now.”

Tiffany joined Josh at the control console for the Algorithm and was handed a sheet of paper. “This my script?”

“Indeed,” Josh said. “When you’re ready, lean in towards the pop filter in front of the mic there and I’ll start the recording. Just speak slowly and clearly. They’ll be deep in trance by the time they hear this, so we don’t want the instructions to be unclear.”

Tiffany read over the page once silently before nodding to Josh. “I’m ready.”

Josh hit the record button on the console, and Tiffany started speaking into the mic.

“Relax now and listen to my voice. While in this deep, mindless trance, listen only to my voice. My name is Tiffany, and this is my voice speaking to the deepest part of your mind. You’re in a deep hypnotic trance, and I am going to explain a few things to you now. While in this deep trance, you will listen to and obey my voice and my voice alone. You will carry out the following instructions to the best of your ability.

“Firstly, when you wake up from this trance, you will have no memory of being this deeply hypnotized, and you will have no memory of me talking to you like this. You will only remember being spaced out by the pretty patterns on the screen, which you will remember were cool and fun to look at. You will fall back into this trance instantly whenever I say the words ‘Sleep deep for me.’ and you will only wake up from it when I tell you to.

“Next, for the duration of the party, and until you wake up from your next actual sleep, you will feel a mild euphoric high, like you are in the best mood and you’re ready to party and have fun. You will not feel the need or desire to drink excessively or take any drugs while under this effect, but you will feel energized, happy, and full of fun.

“Also, once awake, you will put on one of the glowstick bracelets that Josh offers you, and ensure you are wearing it for the whole duration of the party. If for any reason you lose your glowstick bracelet, you will seek out Josh to get a replacement. While wearing the bracelet, you will find you are unwilling and unable to leave the party. You will not take it off or give it to anyone, and if anyone asks you where you get them, you will tell them to speak to Josh.

“Lastly, when completely awake, if I tell you that I need you to do something for me, you will comply immediately no matter what my request is. To you, it will feel like your highest priority is to complete my request once I make it, and this will feel perfectly normal to you.

“Let all of these instructions solidify in your mind. You will wake up when I tell you to or once the noises and the visual patterns have stopped. You will then carry out these instructions subconsciously, while not consciously remembering this trance experience.”

Tiffany sighed wearily after she finished the final line of the script. Josh hit the relative keys to save the recording. As this was going on, Hannah shuffled next to Erin and asked, “Why the glowsticks?”

“So we can track who has and hasn’t been through the programming,” Erin replied. “We can single out people not wearing them much easier that way.”

“Ah, okay.” Hannah nodded. “Clever.”

“Yes, yes, clever, whatever,” Erin rounded on Hannah. “Care to share what you were up to with Tiff just now?” Erin’s eyes were alight with mischievous glee. “A little trancing perhaps? Some fun suggestions maybe?”

Hannah’s eyes widened for a moment, but she quickly broke into a bashful smile. “You got me, haha, I couldn’t help myself.”

“That’s my girl!” Erin grinned. “I was wondering when you would grow the balls to use the little Tiff shaped head pat present I gave you… So what did you do?”

“Ahh… Well…” Hannah bit her lip as she looked away for a moment. “It’s kinda a surprise for later.” She gave Erin a demure look. “There’s no way to put you into trance right now is there? It’s just I’m sure you’d enjoy the surprise as well…”

“Tempting! Tempting, sure.” Erin tilted her head in consideration. “But I’ll have to pass. It’s important that at least somebody stays programming free for the most part, y’know? Just in case the unexpected happens, which knowing us, it totally will…”

“Of course!” Hannah chirped. Only when Erin turned away did her cheerful smile turn into a scrutinising frown.

Back by the Algorithm’s control console, Tiffany and Josh had finished another two brief recordings, and Josh was checking the audio file quality.

“That should do it.” Josh nodded as he finished typing. “Now all I need is to interlace the recording to play through the headphones and each subject will be conditioned without anyone watching knowing that it’s happening. Any observers should be dulled by the more wide range entrancement pattern on the screen anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem to program our party guests in batches of maybe three or four. I wouldn’t try to push it past that though.”

“That’ll be fine,” Tiffany said, a pleased smile on her face. “We’re not expecting more than a couple of dozen people anyway, and Dillon has been given a much later invite time.”

“What if he comes early and we’re not ready?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

Tiffany chewed her lip in thought. “Well then we’ll figure it out. Alice just has to get him into this room, then the Algorithm can do the rest.”

“And if Alice can’t?”

“Then either you or I press the button.” Tiff said gravely, eyeing up her phone. “But I don’t think it’ll come to that… We’ll be ready.”

“I like your optimism, Tiff.” Josh play-punched Tiffany on the arm. “The rest of you terrifies me, not gonna lie,” he joked. “But I like the optimism.”

“I find that strangely complimentary…” Tiffany replied coyly. “Okay, I wanna test how effective the new visual pattern is at snaring someone unexpectedly…” She eyed up Hannah and Erin talking by Josh’s bed, both of them clearly able to see the massive screen that was currently only set to Bobby’s frequency. A click of a button on the control console would be all it took to activate the more generalised visual pattern interlaced with the Bobby specific one.

Tiffany paused, stuck in thought. This was an opportunity to take Erin off guard and potentially bring her under complete control. A part of her so desperately wanted that, to play mind games that would drive Erin wild. The two of them had joked several times over the last few days about deeply enslaving each other, one of them turning the other into a permanent drooling mess of arousal and obedience.

Erin had jokingly threatened to make Tiffany have increasingly powerful orgasms in public unless she found a place to bring herself to climax, filming it on her phone for Erin’s viewing pleasure.

Tiffany had shot back describing a plan to turn Erin into a blonde bimbo obsessed with pink dresses and giving strangers too much affection.

Erin had then mused over making Tiffany experience free use day, inviting paying customers to use her helpless, unresisting body in any way they pleased, while Tiffany would only be able to express her desire for more.

The most recent idea Tiffany had told Erin about was programming her to whole heartedly believe she had been infected with a virus that was slowly turning her into a lifelike sex robot, unable to think of anything except providing pleasure and obeying her robotic program.

Needless to say, these exchanges of ideas were often accompanied by both of them getting hot and bothered, and the sex that inevitably followed had been incredible. Tiffany felt flushes of arousal pulsing through her just thinking about it, and more so when she considered activating the Algorithm’s new visual pattern and ensnaring Erin along with Hannah in its enticing, colourful web.

She could make Erin forget it happened, or better yet, program her to think it was her own idea. She could be conditioned to thank Tiffany endlessly for the joy of being brainwashed so unexpectedly. Even if it could be considered a betrayal, Tiffany reasoned, she could ensure Erin never thought of it that way. She could make it so Erin was blissfully in agreement to the whole thing, then after the party they could work out who would control the other and when.

She knew, guiltily, that the existing agreement between them was for all such negotiations and implementations to be after the party, leaving Erin without programming for the duration as a sort of security measure. If Tiffany went behind Erin’s back on that agreement, then Erin would likely be devastated if she ever found out, and rightly so.

But if Tiffany brainwashed Erin now, she would ensure that her newest slave never found out. She would just be perfectly happy with the situation Tiffany crafted, and even as they came up with their agreement to share power, Tiffany would ensure she always had a hidden way to ensure her complete dominance of Erin, and everyone else.

And really, wasn’t that what she had wanted from the start? Complete control! A harem of blissfully obedient slaves who still believed themselves to be Tiffany’s free willed friends? This was her moment to make it all happen… Was she going to let her feelings, for one girl, however strong, get in her way?

No! Urgh! She had to stop this train of thought! Her and Erin had finally gotten to a good place without any brainwashing required, which was a miracle to be celebrated, not torn apart… How could she just throw away something so real and beautiful for the idea of what things might be like?

As Tiffany wrestled with the conflicting views inside her, she knew that whatever she chose, she would have to do so now. There would be no turning back.

And in the end, as she looked at Erin’s beautiful smile and smoking hot body, she made the decision in a heartbeat.