The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 46

Tiffany tensed up as she tried to stare Lucy down, the shorter girl’s face concealed by the hoodie as it were. “You weren’t invited.”

“Tiffany,” Lucy said again, trying to hide a shake in her voice. She pulled off her hoodie to reveal her familiar petite frame, clad in a sexy red dress with a plunging neckline and a tantalizingly short hem. Satin tights covered her skinny legs, and together they left nothing to the imagination of her slim figure or the milky white skin that lay waiting underneath. She was dressed to kill.

The sudden change in appearance knocked Tiffany off her guard. Damn, Lucy was looking hotter than ever. It didn’t remove the animosity she felt towards the petite girl however. No… it would surely take a lot more than that.

But to her surprise, Tiffany felt herself burning with desire all the same, wanting to throw herself at this seductress before her. It made no sense, it was Lucy… Her body filled with lust even as her mind tried to catch its bearings.

“Uh, um…” she stammered.

“I hope you don’t mind, it’s just so hot in here,” Lucy said nonchalantly, throwing the hoodie away without a care. “I need to talk to you.”

Tiffany looked at Lucy in her tight dress and tighter leggings. Eyeliner streaked down her face, her hair, usually uniformly curvy, was uneven and tangled in places. If anything, the disheveled look made more enticing than ever. Intense. Passionate. She held herself with a poised tension, like a cornered animal ready to lash out. Tiffany found it strangely exhilarating, especially with just how on edge Lucy seemed. They were all alone. The door was locked and the sound of the party thumped through it. She didn’t know how long it would take Erin to return, but not likely soon enough. She had to deal with Lucy by herself.

The idea of seducing Lucy into the chair to make a toy out of her was delicious, but then Tiffany imagined that maybe it would go the other way, that perhaps Lucy would take control, manipulate her into the chair, and before Tiffany could stop it, obedience and submission would flow into her from the Algorithm, sealing her fate. The twin fantasies wrestled around in Tiffany’s mind, her arousal making it hard for her to think about anything else, but the rational part of her brain thankfully kicked in.

“Well I… I don’t want to talk to you,” Tiffany replied half heartedly, doing her best to force her fantasies down. It wasn’t the time for any of that. It wasn’t… Not with her. “The door is, uh, right there.” She wished she could have delivered her words with more conviction. “How did you get in here without being seen, anyway?”

Lucy scowled, then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, Tiffany could still feel a furious anger radiating off of her, but her expression was at least controlled, like she was trying with all her willpower not to explode. There was something else happening, Tiffany saw. A nervousness? Excitement? She found it hard to read, but everything about Lucy was putting her on edge. Her skin tingled in trepidation and excitement from just being in its presence.

“Nobody paid attention to me when I came in.” Lucy scoffed. “I saw Josh was ogling the guy playing the music, so I kept to myself for a while, and then I saw my Trev coming out of this room with the blonde bitch all over him. When I couldn’t see you, I thought you might still be in here. But you don’t need to talk, Tiffany. Just listen. That’s all I need.”

“Need for what?” Tiffany asked with a slight look of concern, before shaking her head. “Nevermind… I’m not interested.” It was a lie, she was dying to know, but Lucy could never be trusted. The act of her crashing the party in secret was ringing alarm bells in Tiffany’s mind. She must have been lucky or skilled to have slipped past anyone that would recognise her hiding within that hoody, but it was still a bold move.

“Tiffany, please!” Lucy strained. “I’m in so much pain, just hear me out.” She shook as she stood, her fist clenching and unclenching rapidly

Tiffany rolled her eyes. Enticed or not, she forced the rational part of herself to hold tightly onto the reins. It didn’t take much reflecting to decide she had had enough of Lucy’s crap for three lifetimes. She walked towards the door, fully intent on unlocking it and kicking Lucy out.

Lucy watched her with wild eyes, and when she saw Tiffany reach for the door lock, her hand shot out and grabbed Tiffany’s.

“Hey!” Tiffany tried to yank her hand away, but Lucy’s grip was determined. She felt electric shivers run up her arm as Lucy squeezed tight. “Let go!”

“No!” Lucy pleaded. “Not until you listen! Not until you brainwash me!”

Tiffany’s heart leapt, and she momentarily dropped her guard. Did she just hear that right?

“Brainwash me! Put me in your Algorithm!” Lucy begged her, her other hand suddenly grabbing Tiffany’s neck and stroking her skin with a desperate determination. The touch sent electric shivers down Tiffany’s spine, briefly preventing her from reacting while Lucy continued to plead. “Do whatever you want to me, just anything to make the pain go away!”

“Lucy, what? What are you saying?” Tiffany squinted in confusion. The hand caressing her cheek and neck and the other gripping tightly to her hand were confusing her. There was so much passion simmering under Lucy’s touch, it almost burned in Tiffany’s mind. It was confusing yet exhilarating, but she couldn’t let herself fall for it! “Look, let go of me!” Tiffany yanked her hand away, successfully this time, before batting Lucy’s other hand away.

“Come on, Tiffany,” Lucy said intensely, looking up into Tiffany with those manic, unnerving eyes as she reached once more for Tiffany’s face. Tiffany pushed her hands away several times before Lucy shrieked “Tiffany!” enough that it froze her for a split second, and once more Lucy’s hands had grabbed her. This time she cradled Tiffany’s face on either side as she leaned in, openly sobbing. “Trevor dumped me. I have no friends, I honestly have nothing without him! Nothing! All I have left now is pain! I came here wanting to win him back, show him I could be everything he wanted me to be! But I see now it’s impossible! It’s fucking impossible, Tiffany.” Tears were streaming down her face now as she stared into Tiffany with harrowed eyes.

“Lucy…” Tiffany found it hard not to feel pity and equally hard not to give in to the rapidly growing temptation in her. No, she wouldn’t play Lucy’s game. She mustn’t! She needed to make Lucy leave. “I’m, I’m sorry, but that isn’t my problem, Lucy.”

“I know you don’t have to do anything Tiffany, I know…” Lucy pleaded. “But you can. You could so easily just fix me. What would it be to you? Nothing! It’d be five minutes of mindlessness for me and I could actually enjoy life again. Your Algorithm, it makes you blank, it makes you mindless. You know what it’s like. Wipe my memory of Trevor, or make me not care. Make it so I’m your mindless puppet, I don’t care, I just want you to help me.”

God it was tempting to say yes. Tiffany could feel her fantasy screaming at her as it burned throughout her body. She forced herself to take a deep, centering breath, as she calmly grabbed Lucy’s wrists to remove her hands from touching her.

“Not to sound like a bitch,” Tiffany backed away from Lucy, shaking her head. “But you hurt my friend. Why do you think I’d want to help you with anything?”

“Because I could be whatever you wanted me to be!” Lucy shuffled forward and tried to clutch Tiffany’s corset. Tiffany continued to back away until she was up against Josh’s dresser. “Just brainwash me, Tiffany,” Lucy demanded. “Make me into whatever you want me to be, as long as you make me stop caring about him!” Having cornered her, Lucy’s hands found their way to Tiffany’s waist, squeezing and caressing as she kept eye contact. Tiffany’s words caught in her throat for a moment. She wanted to close her eyes and lean back, let Lucy touch her and submit herself willingly to her heart’s content. Why was Tiffany fighting it? Why not accept a slave on a silver platter?

“No!” Tiffany again pulled away from Lucy, and Lucy again followed her. “Lucy, you need to leave!”

“Oh come on, Tiffany!” Lucy scoffed through her tears. “Listen to yourself! You don’t want to have me as your obedient little fucktoy?” She once more cornered Tiffany, and as Tiffany looked away her conviction grew. Lucy grabbed Tiffany’s neck with one hand and deflected the now barely protesting arms with her other. “You do, don’t you!? I’ve seen how you look at me, when you think I won’t notice… You want me, but not just me. Isn’t that why you’ve kept the Algorithm? It makes you go so blank and deep, so easily. I can’t stop thinking about that first time I felt it. I fell into trance so easily, I didn’t even know it.” Their eyes met again. Tiffany wasn’t trying to push Lucy away anymore as the smaller girl looked up determinedly into Tiffany’s eyes. “I relaxed and felt my mind go empty for the first time in forever. You know what it feels like, it feels so good…” Lucy’s other hand ran over Tiffany’s breast now, and Tiffany couldn’t stop the mild gasp from escaping her lips. “I just want to feel it again. You could do it so easily, make me anything. Your fucktoy, your slave, your little pet on a leash. Just picture me as you want me. Imagine me blank and helpless for you.” Lucy started to kiss Tiffany’s neck and Tiffany felt her knees weaken. Between playful bites, Lucy whispered, “You want me, you know you want me…”

As her heart pounded in her chest, Tiffany realized that she couldn’t deny it. She wanted to feel more in control, but could only sigh and gasp under the pleasure of Lucy’s touch. Of course she wanted her. Lucy was beautiful like a porcelain doll was beautiful. It was unsettling in some ways, but incredibly alluring in others. What would it be like having that as her plaything? Something she and Erin could have endless fun with, no? Would Erin be into that?

Her thoughts tugged back towards reality. Would Trev be okay with it? Certainly not, he specifically told her not to do it. He’d never accept it unless Tiffany programmed that acceptance into him, and, by extension, Alice. Maybe even Josh. But god, that was so easy to do… She had been on her best behavior, mostly. She had used her power with much more restraint… Would throwing all that away be worth it for the prize? A pretty little Lucy doll that her friends simply wouldn’t accept without being made to.

But she could do it, if she wanted to… Hell, she could do anything. They wouldn’t mind because she’d simply program them not too. Well, Erin would be a harder sell, but not impossible… She could even erase her own guilt at the decision if she really wanted. It would take seconds, and then she’d have Lucy as her prize.

But she knew she should be respecting Trev’s wishes. If she was to ignore them, it wouldn’t be a great idea.

Lucy sighed as she kissed her way down Tiffany’s neck onto her shoulder. She slipped a hand under Tiffany’s tartan skirt and started stroking above her panties that were undeniably damp now

“Fuck…” Tiffany melted against the dresser that Lucy pinned her to, moaning with enjoyment, unable to stop herself..

“You want me.” Lucy purred, a devious smile spreading across her lips before softly biting Tiffany’s nipple. “I’ll be your good girl… How does that sound, Tiffany? Or would you rather I say… Mistress…”

To her surprise, Tiffany found her mind picturing Erin, with that shit eating grin of hers slowly turning into a look of complete devotion. The way she knelt, the way she looked up into Tiffany’s eyes. Even just remembering the way she said ‘I obey’ with such single minded reverence sent a shiver down Tiffany’s spine. She smiled. It was a nice, warm, pleasurable feeling that enveloped her.

But it came with a reminder. Erin was truly her good girl. Erin wouldn’t approve of this. Deep down she knew that. And for good reason.

“Stop.” Tiffany shook her head. Panting, she mustered what was left of her will and pushed Lucy away more forcefully. They stood facing each other for a tense moment, both of them catching their breath.

“You’re right,” Tiffany admitted, holding her hands out to keep her assailant at bay. “I do want you. But it isn’t right... Honestly, Lucy…” She fought herself to get the words out. “You should go.”

Lucy seemed to shrink into herself in that moment, a shriveling flower that had lost its water. As Tiffany looked at the petite brunette, she found to her amazement that she couldn’t help but truly pity her. She tried so hard not to, to remind herself that Lucy consciously chose to cheat on Trev, to hate all his friends, and when given half the chance, was ready to betray all of them to further her own selfish desires. The consequences of her actions undoubtedly weighing on her, Lucy looked so broken, so unhinged. Tiffany wanted to tell her to find someone to help her, but she didn’t think she had anyone.

Lucy looked away, shaking her head with a sardonic smile. When she turned back to Tiffany, there was a manic glint in her eyes. All of a sudden, she was uncoiling from her hunched posture like a predator readying to pounce. It felt like a different person was emerging from the shadow of the pleading, desperate girl that had been there a moment before. Her eyes betrayed a barely contained fury, and they drilled into Tiffany’s soul.

“When did you become so soft, Tiffany?” Lucy said mockingly. She glanced around briefly before spotting the hoodie and slowly strolling over to it. She retrieved something from the pouch, then turned back to face Tiffany. “I thought I’d appeal to the part of you who wanted to be in charge, but that was clearly a mistake.” She then raised her hand in front of her face and down dropped a large crystal pendant on a chain. “I don’t mind, to be honest, the groveling was worth a try but I almost made myself sick…”

Tiffany scoffed as Lucy started swinging the pendant rhythmically in front of her eyes. “Are you kidding me?” However, there was a presence inside her that squirmed with excitement and urged her to lock her eyes onto the swinging crystal.

“Kidding?” Lucy said softly. “No. I’m going to hypnotize you now, Tiffany, so watch the pretty pendant and listen to my voice.”

“Lucy, this is ridiculous…” Tiffany said bluntly as her eyes followed the pendant briefly before switching to look at Lucy’s eyes instead. “You can’t hypnotize me.”

“Yes I can, Tiffany.” Lucy spoke in an eerily calming voice. “You don’t need to do much apart from watch and listen.”

Tiffany shook her head, scoffing again. She could turn away, or bat the pendant out of Lucy’s hand. She didn’t have to indulge Lucy’s bizarre belief that she could actually hypnotize her. Tiffany would have to be willing for that to work, wouldn’t she?

“I don’t blame you for being skeptical, I suppose,” Lucy continued, swinging the pendant at constant rhythm. “It’s not the same as the Algorithm. It’s not like this will suck you in without a choice, but you can easily choose to watch the pendant swing back and forth, choose to listen to my voice, choose not to worry about it, and choose to relax.”

“But I’m not choosing that,” Tiffany replied as her eyes followed the pendant again. “You’re right. It’s not the Algorithm. I’m not letting you hypnotize me.”

Lucy just smiled as she continued. “But you’re curious to see if I can, and you even want it to work. You want to follow the pendant, you want to listen, you want to relax and feel yourself slipping away. And that’s okay, Tiffany, you’re allowed to want it and enjoy it, even if it doesn’t work.”

Tiffany didn’t want to admit that Lucy was right. It was like her most sensual and erotic fantasy was being fed to her with a silver spoon, and she couldn’t resist having a taste. She shook her head again, slower this time. Her favorite part of the fantasy was the effort of resisting that was slowly worn away. That she would keep saying no but not actively stop Lucy’s attempts until it was suddenly too late and she couldn’t fight it any longer. She yearned to feel that submission. She craved it so badly even though she knew how dangerous it was. Under no circumstances should she actually let Lucy hypnotize her. The problem was, the immense sense of danger filled her with excitement and arousal. She could feel pleasure trickling through her mind, and it was like irresistible honey that she simply had to taste. One more spoon, then she would stop, just one more spoon…

“…you’re completely safe to enjoy this, you know it won’t really work, it’s not the same as the Algorithm, it’s just fun to pretend…”

She would feel safer if this was happening with Lucy already conditioned to obey her and to give back any power she took. She needed to brainwash Lucy more than ever now. She knew she shouldn’t. Trev didn’t want her to, and Erin told her she should respect his wishes. And that was a great idea.

“…not even needing to pay attention, just imagining that the sound of my voice is instilling in you a deep sense of calming relaxation…”


Why was that a great idea? She knew that it was, but it seemed odd that it was. She has no qualms about subverting or even denying Josh’s wishes based on the circumstances, but respecting Trev’s wishes was a great idea no matter the nuance. She contemplated how she felt about Erin and Alice’s wishes. She only felt the desire to respect Erin’s wishes if it was in Erin’s best interest or it would ultimately benefit them both. With Alice however… Respecting Alice’s wishes was a great idea no matter what. But that didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel like her. She was under no illusion that she was in her position of power because she had disrespected her friend’s wishes, their boundaries, their very free will…

“…breathing so slowly and evenly that each breath relaxes you so much more, all your worries slipping away…”

It meant she had been conditioned, without her knowledge, and recently. As she tried to rack her brain to trace back the suggestion, she noticed that she was spacing out while Lucy was still trying to hypnotize her..

“Just letting your conscious mind drift off to sleep, letting your thoughts drift away…”

Had Lucy been talking this whole time? She chastised herself for drifting off into her own distracted thoughts and realized that she needed to be paying attention to what Lucy was saying. Although, she couldn’t help but admit to herself that it was deliciously fun to pretend that she was really slipping into trance. It was tantalizing to imagine that her control…

“…talking to your subconscious now…”

…was really slipping away…

“…easy to follow my words as they bring you deeper and deeper…”

…and that she was actually being hypnotized…

“…just pretending that you’re really being hypnotized, finding it impossible to resist how good my words feel, making you aroused, making you wet, making your will weaker and weaker as you…”

It felt so good to pretend.. It was like she was floating in a pool of sexual serenity, the honey of her forbidden desires a warm delight on her tongue and a growing fire between her legs that filled her entire body with sticky sweet pleasure. An intoxication that consumed her as her eyes idly followed the pendant and her ears let Lucy’s words flow.

“… at the mercy of your arousal that wants to sink and submit, wanting to focus as hard as you can now on the pendant and my words…”

Tiffany knew how she could focus more. She started tapping her thumb and middle finger together, as it would let her focus vividly on Lucy’s voice and the pretty pendant that was swaying in front of her eyes. She tapped once. Twice.

Then stopped. She needed to stop. She was actually slipping here! It felt impossible to believe, but that just made her all the more vulnerable to it. She clawed against her own desire to fall, to fail, to surrender. It wouldn’t be worth it with Lucy. Ever.

Shaking her head briskly, she grabbed the pendant out of Lucy’s clutch and threw it across the room. “Enough!” She seethed, forcing her awareness to reform from the hazy fog it had fallen into. “You’ve made your point.”

Smiling triumphantly, Lucy then bit her lip as Tiffany glared at her. “Awwww… You were doing so well there, Tiffany. You looked like you were slipping away…”

“I was!” Tiffany sighed in flustered exasperation. “I can’t believe I was, but I was.” She looked at Lucy, hating how obvious her cheeks blushed. “Don’t do that again.”

“Well then give me what I want…” Lucy smirked. “If you’d just wiped my memory of Trev like I wanted you to, you wouldn’t have forced me to try that.” She took a step towards Tiffany, gazing at her with intense eyes. “I don’t need the pendant you know…. You can stare into my eyes instead if you like… Or just close your eyes and relax to my voice… Just sleep.”

Lucy snapped her fingers and Tiffany’s eyes fluttered closed. She felt her thoughts cloud over and her mind slow as her body yearned to relax and sink.

“That’s right, Tiffany. Dropping down for me into relaxation, arousal, submission, sleep.”

No! It wasn’t safe! Who knew what Lucy would do to Tiffany in trance?! It was more of a struggle this time, but Tiffany forced her eyes back open.

She shook her head again, unconsciously taking a step back. When had it gotten so hot? Why did she want to give in so bad? This wasn’t safe. “No! No hypnosis, no Algorithm.”

Tiffany tried to get to the door to unlock it. This was getting out of hand. Why was she so horny? Why was she vividly imagining dropping to her knees the next time Lucy snapped her fingers? The wetness between her thighs was constantly demanding her attention, and the urge to give in to it was getting too much. She had to get out of there. She had to get help. She couldn’t use the Algorithm on Lucy, and she felt like she was about to lose all self control.

“I don’t like taking no for an answer,” Lucy replied, closing the gap between them and blocking Tiffany’s attempts to reach the door. Lucy drove Tiffany across the room until her back was up against the giant screen of the Algorithm. Pressing herself up against Tiffany’s body, the two of them locked eyes. “And let’s face it, Tiffany, you’re the kind of person who likes saying yes, aren’t you?”

Tiffany stared down at the shorter girl, refusing to reply as she felt her heart race. She didn’t feel like she had the willpower in her to deny it. She felt like soft putty in Lucy’s hands and at the mercy of her own hormones that seemed hell bent on betraying her.

Would giving in to Lucy’s persistence and her own urges be so bad? Tiffany’s need was driving her crazy, and while she wouldn’t have picked her, she was finding Lucy’s direct insistence irresistible. It spoke to the part of her that got all warm and fuzzy and compliant when faced with an indomitable will.

When Lucy put two fingers up to Tiffany’s lips, she knew she should back away, tell Lucy to leave again, anything except what she was overwhelmingly tempted to do.

Part of her begged her to take back control. Lucy was hardly an imposing figure, if Tiffany really wanted to she could force her way past her.

But that just made her want to surrender more. Being dominated by the petite wisp of a girl would be an extra layer of humiliation on top of her self disgust for how far she had already let things go.

What was taking Erin so long? If she was here, Tiffany knew she’d behave differently. She would muster her strength and power through her aching desire to submit.

But Erin wasn’t there, and it felt like a headrush when Tiffany realized that she couldn’t stop herself.

She knew it wasn’t clever to part her lips and let Lucy slide her fingers into her mouth. She knew she shouldn’t start sucking softly on them, and she was painfully aware that her involuntary moan made her sound like a horny slut.

But that’s because she was a horny slut. She was weak, she was submissive, and right now she was melting around Lucy’s touch.

“You like saying yes, Tiffany,” Lucy whispered into her ear and moved her fingers in a way that coaxed Tiffany into a nod.

Tiffany felt the shame burning inside her, a guilty flame that was exceeded only by the inferno that was her desire for Lucy to play with her like she was a helpless fuckdoll. Urgh! Why?! Why did it feel so good?!

She couldn’t help herself. She was caught in an ethical impossibility, knowing that it only felt so irresistible because it was completely wrong. Surely she could snap herself out of it… Surely she could stop this before it went any farther. Before it went too far.

But she didn’t want to. Instead her lust filled body gave in fully to the temptation, and she started grabbing and caressing Lucy’s milky pale flesh.

“Yes…” Lucy breathed into her ear as her free hand slid up Tiffany’s leg and under her skirt. “Say yes for me, Tiffany.”

Lucy’s fingers deftly slid into Tiffany’s panties and slowly teased the lips of her sex.

“Yes,” Tiffany murmured over Lucy’s fingers, feeling like the word was siphoned out of her mouth through no choice of her own.

“Again,” Lucy instructed, bringing her fingers out of Tiffany’s mouth while parting her lower lips.

Tiffany gasped repeatedly as if there was no longer air in her lungs. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she rasped breathlessly.

With that, Lucy stopped teasing. Sliding her fingers effortlessly into Tiffany’s needy cunt, her lip curled as she hissed into Tiffany’s ear. “That’s my good slut. Say yes.”

Not even processing the words, Tiffany simply did. “Yes!”

Lucy drew out her fingers, now drenched in Tiffany’s juices, and brought it up to Tiffany’s mouth. “You’re a weak-willed bitch, aren’t you?”

Scarlet in the face and at the mercy of her overwhelming arousal, Tiffany felt the burning shame and humiliation as she nodded desperately and whispered, “Yes.”

Lucy thrust her soaked fingers into Tiffany’s mouth and smirked. “Suck,” she commanded in a tone that made it clear she expected to be obeyed.

And Tiffany obeyed. She felt both disgusted at herself and so incredibly turned on that she imagined there was nothing she wouldn’t do just to prolong the pleasure for one more moment of the ecstasy that she felt. She suckled her own arousal off Lucy’s fingers and felt desperate for more. She wanted to drop to her knees and taste the nectar of Lucy’s flower, imagining it as a drug that would addict her to Lucy’s control indefinitely.

“You really are a pervert, Tiffany.” Lucy said in a mocking tone. “You like it when I prove that to you, don’t you?”

Tiffany nodded, whining with need as she did so. What was she doing!? Why was she this weak for Lucy!? It made no sense, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Lucy grabbed a thick clump of Tiffany’s hair and pulled her over to Josh’s gaming chair that sat before the Algorithm. Crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, Tiffany didn’t resist being thrown into the chair, and she gasped in anticipation as Lucy pushed her legs open. A part of her mind cried out to her that sitting in the chair was a dangerous place to be, but she quickly ignored it. The Algorithm was off, and Lucy was focused on her, not it. She could enjoy this guilty indulgence safely. It felt too good to stop, but she would if she really needed to.

Lucy knelt down and looked up at Tiffany with a superior smirk. Her hand had crept back under Tiffany’s skirt where she had resumed in mercilessly teasing Tiffany’s aching sex. “You’re too weak to resist me, Tiffany. You like losing to me. Don’t you?”

Breathing heavily, Tiffany nodded in pleading desperation. “Don’t stop,” she begged between breaths. “Please don’t stop.”

“Only so long as you admit you need to be controlled.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress!” The words spilled out of her mouth before she could stop herself. What would Erin say if she could see her now? Would she be angry? Amused? Would she feel betrayed? Aroused? Maybe both? Maybe neither.

“Oh, you really are a submissive little slut, aren’t you?” Lucy gloated, stroking Tiffany’s clit exactly once and causing her to shake and whimper. “I mean, I wanted you to repeat my words back to me, but I’ll take it if you’ll willingly address me with such a… superior title…” She briefly caressed Tiffany’s clit once more, deliberately withholding pleasure to enjoy Tiffany’s squirms.

Tiffany moaned with need as Lucy’s words sank in. She had tried to keep her need to submit in check, she really had. That primal instinct inside her to follow where she was led, to kneel and obey a will stronger than her own… She had stuffed it down so hard while she came to grips with being in control of the Algorithm, only letting it out to play under pre-programmed conditions with Erin, not letting it breathe otherwise. Now it was spilling out of her, gushing out in waves, a torrent that she couldn’t control.

“You’re going to do as I say,” Lucy said sternly.

“Yes, Mistress,” Tiffany replied quickly

“Good. Now tell me that you need to be controlled.”

“I need to be controlled,” Tiffany repeated obediently.

Suddenly, Lucy jumped to her feet and slapped Tiffany loudly across the face. Tiffany was stunned as her skin stung from the blow.

“You didn’t address me properly!” Lucy snapped angrily. “Apologize. Now.” Her eyes were ablaze with fury, though it seemed like she was actually holding herself back.

“S- s- s- sorry, Mistress!” she stammered, still reeling from the blow but finding herself even more desperately turned on than before. Fear mixed with pain, and it only served to heighten her feeling of surrender. It just felt so good to just give in. It came so naturally to her. “It won’t happen again, Mistress! I need to be controlled, Mistress!”

“That’s better,” Lucy said, still glaring down at Tiffany in the chair, her head twitching slightly. “Keep repeating that you need to be controlled now.”

Tiffany looked up at Lucy with pleading eyes. “I need to be controlled, Mistress.”

Lucy knelt back down before Tiffany and ran her hands up the inside of Tiffany’s legs, pushing them apart once more. Lucy’s hands were sweaty, and she herself was breathing heavily.

Tiffany squirmed and gasped, unable to focus on anything but the pleasure as she remembered to repeat, “I need to be controlled, Mistress.”

Each time she repeated this, Lucy’s lips kissed the inside of her thighs, further and further up as Tiffany affirmed her new desire. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, feeling the buildup of incredible waves of pleasure. Lucy’s soft hand guided her own to the warm wetness between her legs, and she began to stroke her way to utter bliss.

“Slowly,” Lucy’s commanding voice whispered into her ear. “Keep saying your words for me, slut.”

“I… ahhhh! Need to beeee… controlled, aha! Mistress!” Tiffany managed the words between her gasps and pants. She felt a climax rapidly approaching and repeated the words as many times as she could before an orgasm exploded within her.

She writhed and screamed out, unable to contain herself. Her body shuddered as the sensation overwhelmed her, her fingers stroking every last gasp of joy out of herself. She rode the wave of pleasure for as long as she could, imprisoning herself in a cycle of orgasms that she didn’t want to end. What felt like minutes of pure lustful heaven crackling through every nerve in her body boiled her mind with pink fuzzy bliss and reduced her to a drooling, comatose puddle of pleasure.

She felt like she had dissolved into the chair and fused with it. Her mind blown, her body subdued beyond measure, she vegetated in the chair, enjoying the repeated aftershocks of the most intense and incredible orgasm of her life. Eventually, sweating and panting, the intensity of her climax began to subside, and her awareness started trickling back into her mind.

Her eyes still closed in utter bliss, an inebriated smile was stuck across her lips. It had been so good! So fucking intense! The reality exceeded her fantasy expectations, with the exception that the process hadn’t permanently enslaved her will to the one who created the orgasm within her. She was alright with retaining her autonomy after the climax, honestly. If that was really the end of her free will, she wouldn’t be able to experience the delicious act of surrender again, would she? And while it may have been Lucy that broke her resolve this time and turned her into a submissive sexdoll of horny obedience, next time it could be Erin. Or Alice… Maybe even Hannah, or fuck it, Emelia the pizza girl…

But it was Lucy who did this to her this time. And the reality of that was starting to catch up to her. The pleasure was fading quickly now, but the shame remained as strongly as ever. Had she really called Lucy ‘Mistress’? Urgh! And she’d crumbled before her… God, she had been so weak!. She’d basically gotten horny with her submission fantasy and thrown all self control out of the window! It was beyond embarrassing… Yes, it was playing out a fantasy she had, perhaps even her most favorite one of all, but it was supposed to be under strictly controlled conditions.

Lucy was the furthest from controlled conditions one could possibly get. And due to the conditioning that she suspected herself to be under, she couldn’t put Lucy into the Algorithm, which, she was forced to admit, meant being alone with her in here was a terrible idea.

Where was Lucy anyway? After what felt like an age of being shut away in her own head, her eyes snapped open. She was horrified to see Lucy was at the control console of the Algorithm, focused on its interface.

“Ah, there you are, Tiffany,” Lucy said with a gloating smirk. “I thought I might have actually fried your brain with all of that. For what it’s worth, I’m glad I didn’t.”

Tiffany’s mind raced. “What are you doing?” she asked urgently, unable to hide her concern. She wanted to spring out of the chair and push Lucy aside, but her muscles felt like jelly, and she struggled to muster the will to move. Lucy had turned her attention back to the console, although she glanced nervously at the door before addressing Tiffany again.

“Oh, you don’t need to worry, Tiffany,” she said condescendingly. “Since you were so unwilling or unable to help me wipe my mind, I’m just going to take care of it myself. I have the frequency I need, though I will need that chair from you when the time comes. You’ll need to wipe it down first though, because…” She looked at Tiffany with undisguised disgust, especially at the small puddle between her legs. “Ew.”

More shame burned up within Tiffany, and she felt her cheeks turn scarlet. How could she ever possibly let a bitch like Lucy manipulate and degrade her like this!? What was she thinking? That was just it, wasn’t it, she hadn’t been thinking… At least not with her brain…

So Lucy was going to brainwash herself? That was actually a convenient work around for the fact that Tiffany herself seemed to be unable to put Lucy through any programming of the Algorithm. Certainly, once Lucy was done, she needed to do something about the conditioning in her mind that she had been unaware of. She wasn’t 100% positive it was there, but she needed to be sure one way or the other. And if that was there, what else had she been programmed with while remaining unawares? She needed to know.

“How are you going to program yourself while you’re under the influence of it?” Tiffany asked, suddenly realizing that there seemed to be a gap in Lucy’s plan.

The screen burst to light in an array of dazzling colors, taking Tiffany off guard as the patterns swirled from the screen quickly into her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Tiffany,” Lucy said calmly. “I know how to get around that problem.”

Tiffany felt wave upon wave of soothing relaxation wash over her. She didn’t need to worry. She idly wondered what Lucy’s solution was, but the ideas came slow, and her thoughts were sluggish. The lights from the Algorithm were so pleasant, so captivating. It was hard to focus on anything else. Then the realization hit her like a gentle breeze, with far too little intensity to spur her into action. Lucy walked up to her now, though Tiffany couldn’t make out her expression or determine what she was holding in her hands as she was too fixated on the pulsing patterns that enveloped her mind in a heavy colorful fog. “This… this isn’t your frequency,” Tiffany managed to murmur.

“Of course not,” Lucy said, clamping the headphones around Tiffany’s ears. “It’s yours.”