The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“All Mixed Up”

“S-sorry,” Doug mumbled, his eyes crossing and uncrossing repeatedly as he tried to focus his gaze on Jessie’s rapidly moving hand. “I, I just, I... everything’s getting, um, mixed up. In my head, I mean, I... I can’t tell what’s a memory and what’s a daydream and what’s really happening. Is, is that a thing? Does that really, um... really happening?” The words sounded disjointed and incoherent in his ears, sentences overlapping and echoing into one another like his brain was skipping a groove. “I, it’s all so... every time I blink, it’s like my brain gets more, um. Scrambled. Is, I, is this, I....” Doug blinked.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” He rubbed his temple, momentarily bewildered by the sudden sensation of nagging forgetfulness that tugged at the back of his mind. “I guess I just thought for a moment that we... um, I mean, that you... oh, never mind. Just forget I said anything. I guess my head’s all mixed up today.” He stood up, stretching his cramped legs—Jessie’s dorm room might have offered plenty of privacy for their tutoring sessions, but one thing it didn’t offer was a desk. “I don’t know why, but I keep having these weird stray thoughts about—” Doug looked down. He realized a moment too late that his hands had moved all by themselves to unbuckle his belt and drop his trousers, exposing his cock. He blinked in astonishment.

His fingers reached out to tangle into Jessie’s long, curly mop of auburn hair, gasping in arousal at the unfamiliar sensation of her warm wet mouth around his shaft. “I, w-wait, no, that’s... I, weren’t we just....?” Doug’s eyes rolled back in his head, and his synapses stuttered one misfire after another as he tried to sort out the sensual fantasies he was having about the college sophomore from the reality he was experiencing. “You, you were over... we were over on the floor, and, um, um....” Her tongue rubbed up and down his shaft, and he arched up off the mattress with a groan of helpless delight. The bed didn’t feel like a daydream. He didn’t know how he got there, but the blowjob felt all too intensely real. His eyelids fluttered, trying to keep from closing, but eventually he couldn’t help squeezing them tightly shut in mindless ecstasy.

Doug rubbed at his sore, groggy eyes. When he opened them again... perhaps it was his imagination, but wasn’t Jessie a little closer? “Sorry,” he muttered, trying to pass off his momentary confusion as the usual undergrad mix of lack of sleep and over-caffeination, “I just... I was up late studying for exams, and I don’t think I....” He looked down at his forearm. It was as though there was a phantom sensation there, like he could feel the ghost of a caress on his pale skin. That was absurd, though. Jessica Rourke was a drop-dead gorgeous woman from a wealthy family, and he was a chubby nerd whose only real value to her was his understanding of covalent bonds. She might have asked for some tutoring, but that didn’t mean she wanted to touch him or anything. Doug closed his eyes, willing the sensation to fade.

Instead, the pleasure intensified. “I, um, you... you don’t have to do that,” he babbled, stepping back as far as he could with his pants and his boxer briefs tangled around his ankles. “I, I really don’t know what came over me, I don’t know why I did that, I... did, did we already have this conversation?” Doug took another step back, but Jessie simply scooted forward along the dormitory floor to keep pace. Her hand continued holding his cock, stroking him to an erection within moments. “I, I don’t feel like my head is, um, I mean, if you need me to... to leave, I can, um, I can do that because—” The backs of his thighs thumped into the side of the bed, and he tumbled helplessly onto the mattress. Within seconds, Jessie was between his legs stroking his cock. “Um, I, oh... oh, fuck, I... did this already happen?” he whimpered, his hips rising and falling in thoughtless bliss. “I can’t tell what’s a, a memory and what’s a daydream and what’s really... um, really....” His eyelids drooped shut, unable to remain open in the face of so much constant, overwhelming pleasure.

“It’s all just a daydream,” Jessie whispered softly in his ears. Doug tried to focus on her words, on the sensation of her fingers around his throbbing shaft, on anything at all, but it was just too hard. He was so relaxed, almost paralyzed with dreamy lassitude. The momentary shock he felt when she reached into the waistband of his pants and grabbed his cock had melted into sweet, sleepy pleasure and he couldn’t summon up any real urgency to his thoughts anymore. “It’s all a warm, sexy daydream and you don’t need to remember what I’m doing to you right now. You’re going to wake up from this sexy daydream wanting to take off your pants and get more comfortable, aren’t you, good boy?” Doug’s head bobbed vacantly up and down. He could feel a trickle of drool spilling from his slack lips, but it didn’t seem to matter. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, not even time, and eventually his glassy eyes slipped shut once more.

“...but if it’s all just a daydream,” he murmured in bemusement, his eyes struggling to open as the thought fluttered through his confused and groggy consciousness, “why does it feel so real? Why does it feel like you’re really sucking my—ohhhh, f-f-fuck!” Doug’s fingers gripped the sheets tightly, his whole body going rigid with pleasure. He didn’t even register the moment between Jessie’s mouth coming away from his aching shaft with a loud popping sound, and her warm wet cunt settling onto his hard cock. He only noticed her soft, musical giggle and the absolute, overwhelming bliss of her slick pussy clenching around him. His eyelids gave up the struggle and he faded into insensate ecstasy.

Doug’s eyes refocused on Jessie’s snapping fingers. “Hello, hi, Earth to Doug?” she asked, an amused smile on her dimpled pink cheeks. “Wow. If this is what shaking hands does to you, I can only imagine what you’re going to be like if I touch your forearm.” He blushed, but she didn’t seem upset at all. She was actually grinning at him, beckoning him in as if he was an actual friend and not just someone who was helping her out with her chemistry homework to earn a little spare cash. “Come on in, it’s just the floor to sit on but it’s a single so we won’t be disturbed. Are you sure you’re alright? You look a little tired.” Just the mention of sleep made Doug’s eyelids droop, and he closed them for a tiny moment to steady himself.

The sound of her musical giggle brought him back to full awareness. “You’re such a dork, you know that?” Jessie said casually, as though she didn’t have one hand moving rapidly up and down his throbbing shaft and the other lightly stroking his sensitive balls. “I mean, you really thought I dressed in a crop-top and cut-off shorts, lit candles and put on soft music, and asked a guy up to my room to study chemistry? You’re the most adorable goof ever, Doug. I think I want to keep you.” Her dimples made a reappearance for a moment, then vanished as she leaned down to swallow his cock all the way down to the base in a single smooth motion. Doug’s head lolled back onto the pillow and his eyes rolled back into his head until all he saw was the red warmth behind his closed eyelids.

He opened them again, a bright afterimage still visible as he turned his gaze away from the flickering candle and back to Jessie’s beautiful forest green eyes. “Sorry, I... am I apologizing a lot?” he asked, his brain feeling strangely empty. He hoped he wasn’t going to need to refund Jessie her money. “I guess my mind was just wandering for a moment. I just, I was thinking for a moment about....” Doug blushed again, the image of bright red lips around his cock sending a wave of heat through his body. “Um, the candles. Yes, they look very nice. They, um, they smell great, too. You, you’ve got really good taste.” Doug rubbed at his eyes for a moment, trying to clear away the spots that lingered in his vision.

“...but, but that wasn’t how it happened,” he mumbled, more to himself than to the woman riding his hips and reaching down to play with his tight, aching nipples. “You, she, that was later, she sucked my cock after... oh god, it’s all messed up in my head, I, I can’t think, I... oh, oh fuck my head is all so, so, um, umm, uhhhmmmmm....” It was no good. The pleasure was too much for him. Doug’s memories tangled together in a web of pleasure that imprisoned his weakly struggling mind, wrapping him up again and again in sticky threads of hot, wet ecstasy that captured him within Jessie’s control. His eyes fluttered open for a brief moment, just long enough to sear the image of Jessie’s bouncing breasts into his consciousness, before slipping shut once more.

The wave of dizziness passed. Doug realized he was holding Jessie’s hand again, her surprisingly strong muscles steadying his uncontrolled descent to the floor. “I, um, you don’t have to do that,” he mumbled, shamefaced. “I really don’t know what came over me, I....” He could only imagine what she must think of him right now, a clumsy goof so awkward and uncomfortable around pretty women that just brushing against her bare arm made him stumble and fall like a flailing Jerry Lewis caricature. “I don’t know why I did that. I... did we already have this conversation?” The sensation of deja vu hit him even harder than the dizziness, and he struggled to blink it away.

“It’s okay,” Jessie murmured, her voice soft and soothing and so incredibly sensual that his cock twitched and drooled precum onto her fingers with every heartbeat. “It’s okay, my good boy. I just wanted you to be a little more comfortable so I could really get inside that smart, suggestible brain of yours and help you relax.” Her free hand pulled off his shoes and socks, tugged off his pants and his underwear until he was naked from the waist down. He’d never been naked with another woman before, and a part of him wished that the lights were out so she couldn’t see how pale and pudgy she was, but Jessie’s eyes seemed to be drinking him in with the greatest of pleasure. “Go ahead and take that shirt off for me, sweetie.” Helplessly, his hands tangling his head in the thin fabric until all he could see was cotton, Doug complied.

“That’s it, good boy. That’s my sweet, silly dork.” She was riding him faster now, grinding against his pubis with every thrust until her pussy clenched tightly around his shaft and her words occasionally dissolved into moans. “So many nerves in that pretty cock of yours, s-so many channels to let my mind connect to yours.” Her tits bounced up and down, captivating Doug’s glassy eyes, emptying his thoughts until he no longer knew whether this was real or a pleasant daydream or a memory he had yet to have. “I’m inside your head, I’m f-fucking your brain now, I’m f-fuh, fucking your brain and it’s... oh fuck, it’s so fucking slick and wet and FUCK!” Jessie’s motions became jerky and erratic. Her eyes closed, and Doug’s closed in sympathy right along with them.

They opened rapidly in shock, though, when he felt Jessie’s hand wriggle under the thin fabric of his t-shirt and press against the soft flesh of his belly. “Um, I, what, I what?” he babbled, unable to contain his astonishment at her sudden familiarity with his body. Not that it was unwelcome—he’d been having increasingly intense fantasies about Jessie almost since he shook her hand—but this didn’t feel like a fantasy. This felt all too real. She was really squirming her fingers into the waistband of his jeans, sending waves of tingling pleasure up his spine and into his increasingly groggy brain as she reached down for his cock. And the moment she gripped it, everything went warm and soft and liquid with pleasure. Doug’s eyes unfocused. The world swam away into a blur of hazy euphoria.

All he could think about was his cock now. Time folded over itself, thoughts echoed and overlapped, his mind crumbled under the sensory onslaught like Jessie was literally reaching into his head and scrambling his brains, but the throb at the tip of Doug’s penis only grew stronger and more overwhelming. It was an incandescent star of pure white ecstasy that gathered and strengthened and grew until he couldn’t hold it back anymore, until his balls tightened in wild, helpless arousal and then finally released in one convulsive spasm after another. “Good boy!” Jessie growled, her pussy swallowing every spurt of hot, sticky cum. “Good boy, my good boy, mine always. Mine. Mine. Mine.” Doug’s consciousness faded into mesmerized slumber with her voice still echoing in his ears.

“Don’t think anything of it,” Jessie said, giving his forearm a little squeeze. “So you’re a little dorky, and maybe you get a little dizzy and confused sometimes. A lot of women like a smart guy who’s easily led, you know?” Doug’s brow furrowed in confusion—she couldn’t mean her, could she? And she couldn’t mean him, either. He did his best to ignore it, not wanting to come off as some kind of weird creeper who hit on the women he tutored. “Just relax, let go of all those worries. Just let things happen and enjoy where the night leads you.” Doug nodded vacantly, his eyes locking onto one of Jessie’s flickering candles as she lightly stroked his forearm. It was good advice, and he decided to take it. He drifted away into a pleasant reverie, a sexy daydream, a hot and steamy memory of things yet to come as his stare slowly and helplessly went blank.