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Title: The Alpha Girl

Tags: f/f, mc, fd

Description: Persephone is turned into a werewolf and forced to compete with Iris, the alpha, for her place in the pack

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

A flash of white claw and fang. Feet pounding the asphalt, heart pumping in her ears. Muscles aching. Can’t stop. Can’t stop. Can’t look back. Keep running. Dizziness. Panic. Run harder.

Round the corner. Keep running. Harder. Harder. Stumble. Heart skips a beat. Run harder still. Losing strength. Glance back. Mistake. A huge, black mass of bestial muscle and wicked claw and growling teeth. Not enough air to scream. Run harder.

Another corner. Another stumble. Trip. Fall. Yelp. Knee scrapes the sidewalk. A red-hot lash of pain. Blood. A jubilant, inhuman roar from behind. Too close behind. Panic. Blind panic. Desperation. She surges to her feet. Tries to run. Tries harder. Tries harder.

Not enough.

A monstrous grip on her arm. Can’t run. Pulled down. Now, she screams. Too late. Its lupine maw bites down. Her arm. Pain so sharp she sees white. It pins her beneath its bulk. Another lunge. Another bite.


And pain. And blood, and blood, and blood, and blood, and blood.

* * *

Persephone awoke with a scream, drenched in sweat. It took her a long time to convince herself that she was really home, safe, in bed. That it wasn’t real. Except it was real—or at least, it had been. That was the worst part. It wasn’t easy to comfort herself with the idea that monsters weren’t real when she’d been attacked by one. It had been three nights ago. Persephone had been walking home alone at night from the diner where she worked, when she’d been set upon by something. A beast. A monster. It had been unreal, like something from a nightmare, and Persephone had sometimes found it hard to convince herself that wasn’t all it had been. It wasn’t like she believed in monsters. A much simpler explanation was that it been some kind bizarre hallucination. That explained why the horrific wounds she remembered suffering had vanished without a trace. If she tried to tell anyone about the thing that had attacked her, they’d say she was crazy. Maybe she was.

But that didn’t explain why she’d been turning into a werewolf.

Every night after the attack, Persephone had changed. She’d grown two feet taller and had sprouted fur, claws, fangs, a tail, and more besides. At first, it had confused and terrified her, especially because the changes weren’t just physical. She’d been almost overwhelmed by uncomfortable, unfamiliar, animalistic instincts, although she’d mostly managed to hold them in check and keep control over herself. Mostly. Still, the control was small comfort. What was she supposed to do? Didn’t she have enough to deal with already? She had rent to pay, her boss was an asshole, and then there was the transphobia. Getting a fresh start in a new town, Silverdale, away from her shitty relatives, had seemed like a good idea at the time. And it had been, in truth, but Persephone struggled to feel good about a waitressing job in a diner, especially given how much casual transphobia she was exposed to. It made her boil with rage every single time, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t talk back. She couldn’t assert itself. Her boss would chew her out if she tried, and besides, she just didn’t have it in her. Being assertive wasn’t really in her nature. It would have been more manageable if she’d had any friends to lean on—some other trans girls, perhaps—but she didn’t. That was the price of moving to a small town, she supposed. At least the rent was almost affordable.

With a sense of mounting dread, Persephone looked at her phone. Had she woken up too early, or too late? Recently, each one seemed equally likely. Each night since the attack, she’d turned into a werewolf. That didn’t make it easy to keep a reasonable sleep schedule. Tonight was the full moon, and she was hoping that maybe a few days after that, the transformation would stop—at least until next month. With that thought in mind, Persephone groaned as she hauled herself out of bed. At least she’d woken up roughly on time. She’d be able to get to work without getting chewed out by her boss, and without dragging her feet from exhaustion for her whole shift. Next month’s full moon, like next month’s rent, would have to wait until next month. Persephone picked her pink, checkered, absurdly retro waitress uniform off of the floor and headed for the bathroom so she could shave, shower, put on makeup, and start her day.

* * *

It was night by the time Persephone’s shift ended. She’d been working the afternoon shift, but as the afternoon had turned to evening, her boss had told her that she needed to stay on until Whitney turned up for her shift, and then a full two hours later he’d told her told her, in no uncertain terms, that no-one else was coming, he was going home, and it was her responsibility to finish her shift and close up for the night. As a result, she’d been on her feet all day, running herself ragged while her boss yelled at her for not working even harder. Asshole. But of course, there was nothing she could say. She just had to stand there and take it. Just like she just had to stand there and take the impatience, rudeness, arrogance and transphobia of all the customers. She wasn’t sure which was worse, the outright bigotry, or the weird looks and hushed whispers that confirmed that even the majority of people who weren’t openly shitheads still viewed her as a freak. It was so exhausting, and what was most exhausting of all was the fact that, once again, she had to stand there and take it, with a polite smile and a ‘yes sir, coming right up.’ If only she could put those fuckers in their place. It made her so angry all the time. But she couldn’t—not only would she lose her job, every time she had the slightest chance to assert herself she simply froze up. That made her angry too. Angry at herself.

Once she was done closing up, Persephone finally stepped out into the cold and locked the diner behind her. After wrapping herself up as tight as she could in her jacket—partly for warmth, and partly to hide her ridiculous uniform—she petulantly kicked one of the jack-o’—lanterns next to the door. It was one of her boss’s slightly tragic attempts to get the diner feeling seasonal. It was funny, Persephone thought to herself, that she’d been turned into a werewolf right around Halloween. That, in turn, reminded her that she had to hurry home before the moon truly rose, triggering her transformation. The last thing she wanted was to turn into a werewolf right in the middle of the street, even if all the streets were practically deserted. Like she needed another thing to worry about.

With that in mind, Persephone set off towards her apartment at a brisk pace. Her pace quickened further when the wind started to blow, sending the fallen autumn leaves scattering ominously around her. There was something strange and discomforting in the air, like something was wrong, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Like she was in danger. Like she was being watched. Maybe it was the werewolf that had attacked her several days ago, back to finish the hunt. Maybe it was werewolf hunters. Were werewolf hunters a thing? Persephone had no idea, and she was in no rush to find out. How long did she have before the moon rose? Persephone quickened her pace yet again, so that she was practically jogging, but she was brought to a sudden halt when a menacing figure stepped out of the shadows right in front of her.

“Evening, pup,” the figure said.

Persephone was so startled she could have screamed, but at the same time she couldn’t help but think: ‘pup?’

“We were wondering when you’d finally make it out of that crappy diner. Fortunately, we found you before the moon rose.”

More questions blossomed in Persephone’s mind. ‘The moon’? Did that mean…? And ‘we’?

“C’mon, pup,” the figure chided her. “Cat got your tongue?”

That comment set off a chain of giggles from the shadows. The figure stepped forward into the rapidly-dwindling evening light. It was a girl. She was about as tall as Persephone, but that was where the similarities ended. The girl standing before her looked fierce and supremely confident, and her hair was in a wild mane that was totally unlike Persephone’s neat ponytail. She was dressed in black jeans and a black leather jacket over a white tank top, and was sporting more than a few piercings. As she stepped towards Persephone her posture was hunched and combative, but her face was fixed in an unnervingly manic, wolf-like grin. Flanking her was a whole gang of half a dozen or so other girls that loped out of the shadows after her, all of them dressed similarly. They looked like some kind of gang. Persephone was equal parts scared and baffled.

“W-what do you want?” Persephone managed to ask.

“I’m Iris,” Iris said, ignoring her question. “And these are my… friends.”

“Persephone,” Persephone replied automatically, before she realized she didn’t care if Iris knew her name or not.

“I know,” Iris laughed, pointing at Persephone’s nametag.

“Oh.” Persephone felt foolish, for some reason.

“I’m here because I’m hoping you’re going to be one of my… ‘friends’ too,” Iris finally explained. A smattering of knowing laughter passed around the rest of her gang.

“And why would I want that?” Persephone asked, starting to back away.

“What? You don’t want to be with your own kind?” Iris advanced on Persephone remorselessly, keeping the distance between them constant.

“Wait.” Persephone paused mid-step. “You’re all trans?”

Iris rolled her eyes. “Well, actually, yeah, we are. But that’s not what I was talking about. I was talking about the fact that we’re werewolves.”

“O-oh.” Persephone was left blinking, stunned by the revelation. It was real. It was all real. She wasn’t crazy. She was a werewolf. And if these were a whole bunch of other werewolves, and they knew about her, then did that mean… “Wait… does that mean… the other night?”

Iris grinned even wider, showing teeth. “We always make a point of getting in touch with new trans girls.”

“You turned me into a werewolf?” Persephone couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You attacked me?”

“Yep. That was me.” Iris shrugged, seemingly indifferent to the accusation. “Like I said, I was hoping you could be one of my… friends.” Again, she paused before the word ‘friends’, like it was some kind of joke Persephone wasn’t in on.

“I… see.” Persephone had a million questions, but right now she felt certain she needed to focus on getting herself out of there. Something didn’t feel right. Her instincts were telling her she was in danger. But she didn’t think Iris would simply let her turn around and walk away. “And what does that mean, exactly?”

Iris started tapping her feet impatiently. “We’re wolves. And what do wolves have?”


“Knew you were a smart one,” Iris snorted. “And what’s the one thing everyone knows about wolf packs? They have alphas.”

“Actually, I think that’s kind of a misconception.” Persephone remembered reading something about that online. “That only applies to wolves in a captive environment, research has shown—”

“Oh, shut up,” Iris snapped. “Who’s the expert on werewolves here? You, or me?”

Persephone couldn’t see a way to argue with that. “You.”

“Exactly. So, as I was saying, a pack has an alpha. And that’s me.” Iris’s grin took on a sinister affect. “And everyone else follows the alpha.”

As if to illustrate her point, Iris prowled over to one of her companions and, to Persephone’s shock, reached down to roughly grab her ass. The girl Iris was shamelessly groping looked just as tough and mean as Iris did, but she didn’t resist in the slightest. She just looked down meekly and submissively as Iris felt up her ass, and then her tits, and then pulled her head back by her hair so she could bite the girls neck hard enough to leave a mark. Once she’d finished displaying her power, Iris turned back to Persephone, a hungry look in her eyes.

“You don’t want friends!” Persephone cried, appalled. “You want minions! You’re just a bully!”

“Yeah?” Iris started advanced on Persephone again, invading her space. “And what are you gonna do about it? You’re part of the pack now.”

Persephone froze. She was terrified. She didn’t know what to say. She’d never been in a situation like this before in her life. What was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to stand up to someone like Iris? The idea of fighting seemed foolish, but what else was there? Submission? At that thought, the thought of rolling over and letting someone else beat her for the hundredth time that day, Persephone felt something rise inside her. Something new, but strangely familiar at the same time. Some steel core of resistance, buried deep within. No. Just this once, she wasn’t going to let someone walk all over her.

“Fuck that!” Persephone retorted. “I’m not part of your stupid pack. I didn’t sign up for any of this.”

Iris sighed theatrically, but the look on her face was anything but disappointed. “Y’know, I was being nice before, but just to be clear: you don’t have a choice.”

Backing down was so normal for Persephone that it took her a long moment to steady herself and stand her ground. “What, you’re gonna make me join your little club?”

“Something like that,“ Iris sneered. At her sides, her pack were beginning to fan out, forming a loose ring around Persephone. Blocking her escape. “Wolves don’t obey the alpha because they want to. They obey out of instinct, out of their own nature. They follow the strongest. It’s biological. You ever heard of pheromones? Believe me, they’re very real, especially for us werewolves. Once I put you in your place, following my lead will be as natural to you as breathing.”

“Fuck,” Persephone swore under her breath. She couldn’t believe this was getting even crazier. Pack instinct? Mind-controlling pheromones? It sounded insane, but Persephone had absolutely no doubt that Iris was telling the truth. She could already feel it. There was something in the air, something bestial and unnatural and irresistibly powerful. The more Iris flexed her dominance, the more it grew. With it, grew the sense that resistance was futile. That it would be better to submit. That submitting would be right. But Persephone wasn’t ready to give in to that. Not yet. She made herself clench her fists so tight her nails dug into her palms, trusting the pain to keep her alert and in her right mind.

“So,” Iris continued. “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. You submit, or I put you in your place.” She licked her lips. “We’re going to be having a lot of fun either way, believe me.”

Silence hung heavy in the air for a long moment, as Persephone considered the choice in front of her. Anything but submission seemed insane. It wasn’t like she stood any chance against Iris—that seemed obvious. Surely choosing to fight meant little more than subjecting herself to needless punishment and humiliation. What good would it do in the end? Perhaps she should just submit. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. The malicious look on Iris’s face made that hard to believe, but Persephone wasn’t sure if there was anything better to hope for. She could give in, and make the best of whatever bad situation she found herself in. Just like she always did. If she was being honest with herself, Persephone had to admit that another bully in her life, pushing her around and dragging her down, was the last thing she needed. Why did it always seem to happen to her? It was so unfair. The more she thought about that, the more Persephone’s heart started to pump and her fists started to shake. She was so sick of it. It felt never-ending, but for the first time it occurred to her that maybe the reason it felt that way was because she’d never really tried to end it. Maybe she could. Maybe she should. Her anger kept rising and rising. She realized that the moon was close to appearing in the sky, and realized that its supernatural pull was already starting to influence her mood. But she didn’t care. It wasn’t like she wasn’t normally angry. She was, she always was. She just never let it out. But maybe there was a first time for everything. As she stood facing Iris, smoldering with rage, Persephone’s mouth set into a determined line. She was done giving in without so much as a fight.

“Fuck. You,” she spat, at the werewolf girl standing in front of her.

Iris didn’t seem perturbed in the least. “Well, aren’t you just full of surprises?” Then, to Persephone’s shock, she threw back her head and howled to the sky. Even though she had yet to transform, the sound was inhuman enough to chill Persephone to the bone. In response, the rest of her pack howled too, filling the night with a disconcerting symphony of monstrosity. Then, Iris’s pack started to spread out even further, completing the ring they’d been forming around Persephone. There was no escape.

Persephone was still afraid, but her rage was stronger. She fixed Iris with a vicious glare. “Is this how it’s going to be? You need your whole pack to take me on?”

“Hell no,” Iris scoffed. “They’re just here to make sure you don’t think you can turn tail and run. This is between me and you. It’s all about proving who’s the strongest.” Iris looked at the sky. The clouds were beginning to part. “Right on time. Here we go.”

At that moment, the moon rose above the clouds on the horizon, filling the deserted street with moonbeams. They fell across Iris’s face, obscuring her features and drenching all of them with light. Almost instantly, Persephone felt herself start to change. It was nauseating at first, like her entrails were slithering around inside her, contorting themselves into all the wrong shapes. Then came the pain. Every muscle in her body ripped itself apart as they grew in a relentless, unnatural surge, making her bend double in agony. When she stood again, she was at least two feet taller than she had been. Her form was becoming powerful and muscular, but also sleek and honed like a predator’s. Her clothes were ripped to shreds on her body as she tore out of them, and as she groaned with the pain her face elongated into a slight snout and her mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, turning her groan into a bestial roar. Then came the fur, a thick coat of black, soft hairs all over her, making sure that no-one who saw her would have any doubt that she was something monstrous. Her transformation almost complete, Persephone looked down at herself. Her feet had reformed into massive paws, and wicked claws had sprouted from her fingertips. On her head, she could feel that her ears had turned into those of wolves, lending her dramatically enhanced hearing, and she could now see through the night as clearly as if it was broad daylight.

She had turned into a werewolf.

It wasn’t just Persephone’s body that had changed. Feral instincts started to take hold of her mind, and she couldn’t help but howl at the moon, the wolf part of her jubilantly celebrating its freedom. For the first time in her existence as a werewolf, she was joined by other, discordant howls. Persephone peered around herself guardedly. All around her were werewolves. Iris’s whole pack had transformed at the same moment as her, although most of them had had the willpower and presence of mind to remove their clothes before giving in to their urges. They snapped and growled as Persephone looked at them, and she snapped and growled back in return. To her they looked like little more than slavering beasts, ready to set upon her and devour her, but she wasn’t afraid. Not anymore. She was a wolf. A predator. And she was ready to fight for her place in the pack.

Staring Persephone down from just a few feet away was her opponent, Iris, also transformed. Iris’s werewolf form was similar to hers, but if anything a little bigger, and still bore the vicious girls distinctive, arrogant smirk on its lupine face. Persephone had no doubt it was going to be a tough fight. Iris was surely much more of a fighter than her, and had clearly been a werewolf for far longer. As she inspected her rival, Persephone started to find herself getting distracted by something: a scent. Iris’s scent. With her keen wolf nose, she could clearly smell all of the werewolves around her, but Iris’ scent was somehow distinctive and insistent. It became the only thing she could pay attention to. As angry as she was at Iris, there was something alluring about her scent. There was something pleasant about it, and as Persephone allowed herself to experience it, the sense of rage that had been fueling her determination started to ebb away, subdued. And as she felt less and less angry, she started to feel more and more foolish. Why was she doing this? Wasn’t it very silly of her? She didn’t have a chance against Iris. Besides, Iris was the one who had turned her, and was offering her a place in her pack. It was almost kind. She’d have comfort and companionship and be able to bond with other trans girls just like her—why was she fighting it so hard? Maybe she’d been too hasty. Maybe-


Persephone snapped out of the musk-drunk stupor she had slipped into as she remembered what Iris had mentioned to her. Werewolves had pheromones. That was what Iris’s scent was doing her. It was influencing her, manipulating her instincts and urges, making her want to submit. With that fact fixed clearly in her mind, Persephone was able to shrug off the effect, and when she did her anger came roaring back stronger than ever before as she railed against what Iris was trying to do to her. She growled again and opened her mouth to show teeth, but Iris just let out a snarling laugh at her threat.

“You’re already feeling it, aren’t you?” the alpha taunted her. “Wow. You’re going to be so easy. Just wait until we’re up close and personal.”

“Shut up,” Persephone snarled, but internally she was starting to feel worried. The slightest dose of Iris’s pheromones had had a shockingly potent effect on her; what was more concentrated exposure going to do? Even now that she was prepared, Persephone wasn’t certain she’d be able to resist. It was obvious that Iris was going to exploit her pheromones as much as possible, and the last thing Persephone was expecting was for her opponent to fight fair. She thought about how roughly and shamelessly Iris had groped one of her subordinates right in front of her. Was that was in store for her? With that thought in mind, it was impossible for her not to notice Iris’s nakedness. The werewolf girl’s breasts were completely exposed, but much more prominent than that was the huge girlcock hanging between her legs. It had clearly grown with her transformation—just as Persephone’s had—but unlike Persephone, Iris was far from shy about her junk. In fact, as Persephone stared, Iris started to grow hard.

“Like what you see?” Iris mocked. “You’ll be getting a taste of it real soon, when I make you my nice, tame breeding bitch.”

Persephone growled, and tried to pretend Iris’s comment hadn’t stirred something inside her. “Enough talking,” she spat back, her voice low and animalistic. “Bring it on.”

In the space of a heartbeat, Iris flew at her. She was so fast that despite her supernaturally-enhanced reflexes, Persephone was only just barely able to bring her arms up in time to prevent Iris grabbing her by the throat. Instead, they ended up locked in a grapple, with Persephone being forced back, dangerously off-balance. Her hands pressed at Iris’s shoulders, desperate to keep her slavering jaws away from her, but the vicious werewolf was just so powerful. All around them, Iris’s pack were howling and jeering exuberantly. That fueled Persephone’s anger. She was not going to let them win. Mustering all the werewolf strength she’d never really tried to flex before, she planted her feet and started to push back. The two of them ground to a halt, their strength proving almost evenly matched. Persephone tried to tear into Iris with her claws, and she felt Iris trying to do the same, but they were keeping each other at arms’ length and their thick fur hides provided protection. Persephone wasn’t sure how long she could hold out, but she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

“You’re stronger than I thought,” Iris grunted. “But it won’t matter.”

Without warning, Iris pivoted at her hips. The resistance that Persephone had been leaning into suddenly vanished, and her own strength worked against her as she was sent careening forwards to the ground. But there was no time for shock. Persephone hit the asphalt hard, but she was already turning, ready to spring back at her attacker. Iris, though, was already right on top of her. The alpha werewolf pounced, and now that Persephone was beneath her, was able to use her body weight to keep Persephone pinned. Already starting to panic, Persephone lashed out with a flurry of swipes with her claws. She felt them bite and draw blood, but Iris barely flinched. She knew she was winning, and her adrenaline was pumping so hard she barely felt the pain. After a few moments, Iris was able to brush Persephone’s hands aside for an instant, and that was all she needed to surge for her throat. Persephone turned and squirmed, and the two of them ended up wrestling furiously on the ground, twisting and turning and wrapping their powerful, lupine bodies around each other, each one fighting for dominance. But in the end, it was Iris who ended up on top.

“See?” Iris taunted gleefully. “You’re weak, pup.” She was half-straddling Persephone, with one of her knees pressing down painfully on her chest and with her hands keeping Persephone’s pinned to the ground. Persephone wasn’t sure how it had ended up that way. It had all been an adrenaline-fueled blur. She whined and growled and snapped her jaws, but it was an impotent gesture. She was at Iris’s mercy.

“How does it feel?” the alpha continued. “Being underneath me. Don’t worry. It’s completely natural. This is where you belong, pup. You’ll soon see that.”

“Fuck you!” Persephone spat. She needed to hold on to her anger. It was all she had.

“Still so fierce,” Iris laughed. “That won’t last. You’re starting to feel something, right? Now that we’re so close. You can’t help it.”

Persephone hadn’t been feeling anything—she’d figured maybe the adrenaline was keeping it at bay—but once Iris put the idea in her head, it was instantly overwhelming. Iris’s scent was everywhere. It was all over her, and now it was all over Persephone too. Iris had started to sweat with the exertion of the fight, and thanks to that her musk was so heady it was dizzying. It hit Persephone like a physical force, stunning her for a moment. Iris seized on that moment to force Persephone into an even more submissive position, with Iris straddling her chest and using just one hand to keep Persephone’s pinned above her head. With her other, now-free hand, she caressed Persephone’s face for a moment, pulling back just quickly enough to avoid Persephone’s snapping jaws.

“You’re slowing down,” she teased.

It was true. Persephone could feel it. Her werewolf body, so fast and powerful just moments ago, was becoming sluggish and heavy. It was the pheromones. Iris’s scent hung heavy around her, and she couldn’t shake it off no matter how hard she squirmed. It felt like it was sapping everything away from her—even her rage. It seemed numb and distant now, and with its absence, she was suddenly conscious of how weak she felt and how strong Iris seemed. The alpha’s grip on her was like iron. No matter how hard Persephone struggled, she couldn’t wriggle free by so much as an inch. She stopped struggled. She told herself she needed to save her strength, but in truth she wasn’t sure she had any strength left. Her muscles were little more than jelly. It was like she was getting an invisible massage, taking away all her tension. It felt so seductively good, but without that tension, she was powerless.

“S-stop,” Persephone grunted, and instantly felt ashamed.

“Begging already?” Iris taunted. “That’s good. But I think you need another dose.”

Iris bent forward and grabbed a handful of the thick, matted fur on Persephone’s head and used it to wrench her head upwards. Persephone found herself being smothered by Iris’s warm, inviting breasts. She was so shocked it took her a moment to realize what Iris was doing, and that was too long. Before she could stop herself, she’d already taken a deep breath, inhaling a huge amount of Iris’s thick, heady, feminine musk. At that distance and intensity, it was overpowering. Persephone instantly felt dizzy. The whole world felt as though it was spinning around her. She felt like she was drunk, much more drunk than alcohol had ever made her. The feeble attempts she’d still been making to try and get free faded into nothingness. She didn’t have the strength for it left in her body, and even in her mind it was growing harder and harder for her to hold on to her resistance. The anger that had been blindingly vivid to her moments ago was now like a lost dream. Without that, there was only one thing that was constant. In her mind, in her thoughts, there was a constant, inescapable drum-beat of: submit, submit, submit. Not only had Iris’s pheromones taken the strength from her body, they were now filling her with strange urges that only submission could fulfill. The alpha’s musk was stronger than any drug, changing and remolding her thoughts, cementing her place in the pack. But it wasn’t just pheromones. There was something more. Something deeper. Persephone’s werewolf instincts were working against her. Submission felt right. It felt natural. Iris was the strongest, her instincts were telling her. She was the alpha. Submit. Submit to the alpha. It was right. It was her place.

“That’s better,” Iris crooned, allowing Persephone to slump back to the floor. “Feeling more co-operative now, huh?”

“I-I… wha…” Persephone could barely think the words she was trying to say, and it came out garbled and appallingly slurred.

“Thought so.” Iris was grinning like a hellion. “It’s OK, pup. Now we can have some fun. Time to learn your place.”

Iris shifted up Persephone’s body until her ass was resting practically on her chest. Then, she reached down and grabbed her cock. It was already halfway to being hard, and as Iris started stroking it, it grew to its full length right before Persephone’s eyes. The moment she saw it, huge and already dripping with precum, Persephone’s eyes went as wide as dish-plates. She wanted it. She didn’t want to want it, but she wanted it nonetheless. She wanted it so much. Just the sight of it was stirring a deep, primal need inside her. All reason and rationality vanished from her mind. She was pure animal. Cock. It was an alpha’s cock. Her alpha’s cock. Just as it felt right and natural to submit, it felt right and natural to service and worship the magnificent cock she was staring at. She now recognized the strange, weak feeling Iris’s pheromones had been instilling in her body. It was arousal, but not like she’d felt it before. It was so much stronger. So much rawer. She’d never been so horny in her life.

“Oh yeah.” Iris kept stroking her cock. The up-and-down motion of her hand along her shaft was hypnotic. Persephone couldn’t look away. “You want this, don’t you?”

Persephone nodded. She couldn’t help it. She wanted it so badly.

“Good dog.”

Persephone whined, a pathetic, mewling, dog-like sound. She no longer felt like a wolf or a predator. Just a bitch in heat. As she whined, a single drop of precum fell from the end of Iris’s cock. Instantly, Persephone twisted her neck and squirmed into position so it fell into her open mouth. The mere taste of it made her moan. It was divine. Her alpha’s precum. It made her whole body throb with pleasure and warmth, but between her legs, her own cock was still soft. That was right, she knew. Iris was the alpha. Her cock was the only one that mattered. Persephone was only there to be used. She started panting furiously, her long wolf’s tongue lolling out of her mouth and covering herself with drool. She needed to be used.

“Now, suck,” Iris told her.

The alpha girl raised herself on her knees a little, allowing Persephone some measure of freedom of movement. Without thought, Persephone rushed to obey the alpha. She lifted her head and wrapped her lips around Iris’s cock, taking it as deep as she could. Iris moaned gratefully, keeping a loose grip on Persephone’s mane with her hand and using to guide the submissive werewolf’s messy but enthusiastic blowjob. Persephone wasn’t skilled, but she was desperate to take as much of Iris’s dick as she could, and Iris was very audibly appreciating her efforts. For her part, Persephone was in heaven. Nothing had ever felt so perfect, so right. This was where she belonged. The best part that between Iris’s legs was exactly where the scent of her musk was strongest. Each time she buried the alpha’s cock in her throat, she received yet another dose of powerful pheromones. Far from trying to fight the effects, Persephone now actively embraced them. It felt so good to be drunk off Iris’s musk, and with each passing moment her mind was growing more and more addled.

“God, look at you,” Iris moaned. “I knew it from the moment I first saw you. You’re nothing but a weak, pathetic, pushover bitch.”


Despite the pheromones, despite her instincts, despite everything, that word managed to pierce the thick fog of drunkenness and arousal surrounding Persephone’s mind. It echoed around her head, distracting her from Iris’s cock. A pushover? Was that what she was? Part of her, driven by the need to submit to Iris, was telling her ‘yes’, but another part of her was insisting ‘no’. A pushover was the last thing she wanted to be. She wasn’t going to be like that. Not anymore. She was sick of it. The conflict between those two parts of herself started to spark, and eventually it set her mind ablaze, and the fire of her anger came roaring back. Her rage swept everything else aside, and strength flooded back into her monstrous limbs. Armed with that, Persephone didn’t hesitate. She wrenched herself free of Iris’s grasp and threw the alpha onto the ground next to her.

Though more powerful and more experienced, Iris was completely taken off-guard by Persephone’s sudden display of resistance. The alpha had been convinced she’d won. Now, Persephone was determined to prove otherwise. Before Iris could recover, Persephone sprang into life and was right on top of her. She didn’t know how to fight as well as Iris did, but after the pair wrestled for a moment, Persephone found she was able to keep Iris down by lying across her and using all her weight. It was difficult, and the alpha threatened to get free at any moment with her wild flailing, but Persephone felt invigorated.

“I’m not a fucking pushover,” she howled. “And I’m going to beat you!”

Iris had fought dirty. But now, Persephone knew all her tricks. In a moment of furious clarity, she’d realized something: if Iris had pheromones, she did too. And there was no reason to think hers were any less effective. Without warning, she changed tactics, and instead of trying to keep Iris down, she pulled her upwards—right into her armpit. Iris’s eyes went wide when she recognized Persephone’s ploy, but it was too late. She tried to hold her breath, but Persephone held her firm until she had no choice but to breath deep, inhaling Persephone’s pheromone-laden musk. The moment she did, Persephone felt her opponent slacken. She howled with joy. She could win this! Determined not to let overconfidence be her downfall, as it had been Iris’s, she kept smothering Iris for several long moments, forcing the erstwhile alpha to inhale more and more of her musk. Each time, she weakened. Eventually, once she was satisfied Iris would no longer be such a threat, she released her. Iris simply slumped to the ground. Pleasingly, her eyes were hazy and unfocused. She looked just as drunk as Persephone had felt before she’d turned the tables.

“W-what… no… this… can’t…” Iris managed. Formerly so arrogant, she now sounded scared. Persephone loved it. She loved how powerful it made her feel. It was such a turn-on.

“Not so tough now, huh?” Persephone taunted. Now, her instincts were telling her something different. She could be the alpha, they were screaming at her. Leadership of the pack was hers for the taking. She was the strongest, and the strongest had the right to take whatever they wanted. She could tell Iris was feeling exactly the opposite way. Her opponent’s cock, pressed against her leg, was starting to wilt and soften pathetically, whilst Persephone’s dick was growing bigger and harder than it had ever been in her life.

“I… fuck… you,” Iris whimpered. Persephone could feel her trying to struggle, but it was the easiest thing in the world to brush her efforts aside.

“Oh no,” Persephone warned. “Fuck you. What was it you called me before? A breeding bitch? Let’s just see who’s the real breeding bitch.”

Filled with strength she’d never known before, Persephone reached down and flipped Iris over onto her front. Then, she grabbed her opponent by the tail, using it to hoist her ass into the air. Iris offered nothing more than a pained whimper of protest. Persephone started rubbing her throbbing cock up and down against Iris’s ass, teasing her with the humiliating prospect of what was about to happen.

“You all see this?” For the first time, Persephone raised her head to look at the other werewolves, still standing all around them. They had stopping jeering, and just looked at her in numb shock. “Now watch your alpha take my dick like the worthless, slutty breeding bitch she is.”

Persephone spat on Iris’s ass, and then used a finger to rub her copious saliva around Iris’s hole as lube. And then, without hesitating, she buried her cock all the way inside her rival. Instantly, iris went totally rigid, like every muscle in her body had been struck with electricity. The look on her face was pained, but the look in her eyes was something very different. She looked manic, frenzied. Lustful. From bitter experience, Persephone knew that no matter what Iris was trying to tell herself, her instincts were warping her mind to convince her that she was doing exactly what she was supposed to do: serving as a useful, obedient cock-sleeve for the wolf that had beaten her. Persephone was determined to hammer the message home. Not allowing Iris a single moment to regain her composure, she started thrusting her hips back and forth, hammering her cock in and out of the defeated alpha.

“You like that, huh?” Persephone grunted. The joy of victory was a head-rush like nothing else. She was the strongest. She was a true predator. A true wolf. She’d never been so aroused. In truth, Iris’s pheromones were still affecting her, making her desperately horny, and now that was coupled with the primal, bestial urge to breed. Eager to further express her dominance, she reached forward and used her hand to keep Iris’s face pressed against the asphalt as she mounted her. “You like my cock?”

Iris said nothing, but her cries of protest were quickly turning into moans. The look on her face was a mixture of devastating humiliation and absolute, mind-shattering arousal. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and she was drooling shamelessly. She looked ridiculous. She looked broken. Persephone loved it. She wanted to degrade her rival further and further. She wanted to see Iris utterly humiliated, her reputation crushed beyond all repair in the eyes of her pack. She’d never felt such urges before, but she embraced them eagerly. They felt too good to do anything else.

“I thought you were meant to be tough,” Persephone sneered. She was moaning too; fucking Iris’s ass felt incredible. Not was the feeling of dominance absolutely incredible, Iris’s ass was just so damn tight. The perfect breeding hole. “I thought you were going to put me in my place. I guess this is my place, huh? Pounding your pathetic, needy ass, while your whole pack gets to see exactly what kind of filthy whore you are.”

Again, Iris said nothing, but her moans were rising in intensity, and from the blush in her lupine face, Persephone could see exactly what was happening to her. She was utterly lost to the pheromones and her animal instincts. She wanted this now. She couldn’t help herself. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be humiliated. It was her place.

“Beg,” Persephone snarled. When Iris didn’t respond, she raised her hand and delivered a firm smack on her ass. “I said beg!”

“P-please…” The slurred, plaintive words seemed to force their way past Iris’s lips. “Please… please fuck me!”

“Good dog,” Persephone mocked. Iris let out a defeated howl. Her predatory instincts running wild, Persephone starting running her clawed hands all over Iris’s body, hurting her and scratching her and marking her. “Now, what are you?”

“N-no,” Iris whined, somehow still barely conscious of what the admission would represent: total defeat. “I, I can’t!”

Persephone growled vicious and reached a hand around Iris’s neck, threatening to choke her. It only made Iris moan harder. “I said ‘what are you?’, you stupid fucking slut.”

“I… I… I…” Iris finally broke utterly. Moaning desperately, her eyes rolling back into her head, she screamed her new truth for all to hear. “I’m your pathetic, worthless breeding bitch!”

Persephone came. Her load came out like a flood, instantly filling Iris’s aching, needy hole. Persephone kept fucking her, eager to ride her bitch for as long as possible. She howled, and Iris howled too, but she experienced no such relief. Her limp dick, swinging uselessly between her thighs, let out a few weak spurts of precum, a pathetic match for the thick ribbons of werewolf cum that were now dripping out of her ass. Iris knew she had lost utterly, and it had never felt so good. On the other hand, Persephone had never known she could feel such incredible pleasure. She’d never known she had the potential in her to be so vicious, so domineering, but even as her arousal started to fade slightly, she wasn’t ashamed. Her only slight regret was that she hadn’t fucked Iris for longer, but she knew that she would have many, many chances to make use of her new bitch in the days to come. Feeling like a primal goddess, Persephone pulled out of Iris and rose to her feet, leaving the former alpha to collapse in a messy, cum-soaked heap on the ground. She looked around herself, staring down each member of the pack in turn.

“I’m the alpha,” she declared. It wasn’t a question. One by one, the other werewolves each bowed their heads in submission. Persephone grinned a wolfish grin. She thought about what it was going to be like, being the alpha of her very own pack of werewolves. She was going to be making quite a few changes compared to Iris, she decided. Then, she thought about her job, and the way her boss treated her. It made her blood boil. There was no way an alpha like her was going to let herself be treated in such a manner.

Oh yes.

Things were going to be very, very different from now on.

* * *