The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Alphabet Exchange

By Anostus

Carolyn Summers seemingly had it all. Nature had blessed her with a keen intellect and a bombshell body. She was a serious student—the head coach of the speech and debate team, and the president of the student council. Now in her senior year and just having celebrated her 18th birthday, she was on track to be the valedictorian, but she still found things to complain about.

Carolyn adjusted her bra strap, and sighed.

“Ugh, I wish I was more like you,” Carolyn said eying the breasts of her vice president Stacy Smith. They were both staying late preparing decorations for the dance next week.

Stacy looked at her icily. Stacy played second fiddle to Carolyn in everything. Second smartest, second hottest, second most athletic. Stacy was the head of the cheer team, but she didn’t enjoy the queen bee status that position usually conferred, because everyone knew that if Carolyn had had time for it she would have taken that title as well.

“What do you mean?” Stacy asked through gritted teeth.

“Oh, just your breasts. You know?” Carolyn said. “It’s gotta be nice not having back problems. Or bras that dig into your shoulders.”

Stacy turned red with both anger and humiliation. Carolyn’s breasts were one area where she had Stacy beat hands down. Carolyn’s F-cups made boys mouths water, while Stacy’s modest B-cups were the only feature she felt self-conscious about.

With some difficulty, Stacy managed to spit some words out, “Oh? Have you been thinking about getting a reduction?”

Carolyn gave a sideways smile. “I don’t know. I kind of wish there was a way to try on tiny breasts without committing first, you know? If only we could trade for a bit, huh?”

The words hit Stacy like a brick. Trading? Why hadn’t she thought of this before? If she guided this conversation right...

“Carolyn,” Stacy said a bit too eagerly. “What if there actually was a way for you try on small breasts?”

Carolyn smiled, “I mean it would be pretty cool, but it’s too bad there isn’t.”

“No, there is!” Stacy bit her lip. She really wasn’t supposed to tell people, let alone for something this trivial... and petty.

“What are you talking about, like an Instagram filter or something?”

“No...” Stacy made her resolution. She was going to tell her. “With magic.”

“Magic?” Carolyn said bemused.

“Yeah, I’m... a witch,” Stacy said. “And with my magic I could let you try out tiny breasts for a while.”

Carolyn looked at Stacy with genuine concern.

“Stacy, is... everything okay. Have you been feeling alright and everything recently?”

Stacy rolled her eyes. “Look, I can prove it to you! Unfortunately, I’m not powerful enough to trade our breasts...” A crying shame too, Stacy would have absolutely stolen Carolyn’s breasts if she had the chance. But the plan she was cooking in her head was better anyways. “...But I’m pretty sure I can trade one of your traits for another. As long as I have your permission. Magic can’t do anything without a person’s spoken permission.”

Carolyn still didn’t know what to make of this conversation. Was her vice president really truly losing it? Or was she just telling a really weird joke.

“Yeah, sure. You have my permission. Let’s see this little magic trick of your.”

Upon hearing those words, Stacy’s lips curled into a wicked grin. Her hands started moving in a rhythmic pattern and her voice took on a strange timbre.


Carolyn felt a sensation like static playing across her breasts. And at the same time she felt her head swimming. Had she been drugged or something? She looked at the water bottle in front of her and reaching a shaking hand to it.

“Did. you.... put. something. in. this?” Carolyn forced out, the strange sensation in her head and breasts continuing.

“I already told you!” Stacy said, clearly annoyed. “This is magic!”

Whatever this was, Carolyn didn’t like it. Then she saw it. It was almost imperceptible at first, but after several seconds it was undeniable. Her breasts were shrinking. Her proud F cups were now E cups. At the same time, she noticed something about the feeling in her head. At the edge of her awareness, there was some dreamlike memories where she was the smartest girl in class. She was also... it was hard to force herself to experience the dreamlike memories, but it seemed like she was also the president of the student council in the memories. But that was just a silly fantasy! Carolyn was smart—not a straight A student, but a straight B student. And she was only the vice president of the student council not the president. Stacy was obviously the president.

Stacy crossed her arms. “You know, if you stop resisting this will all go much more smoothly.”

“I’m. not. resisting.” Carolyn as she said it she realized it wasn’t true. She was resisting, and what she was resisting was the knowledge spilling out her head like water out of a bucket full of holes. She was forgetting stuff! She could remember that she used to know a lot of things: Calculus, Physics, Chemisty, Literature, History—all of it had been so easy for her. She had worked hard to fill her head with that knowledge—or rather she didn’t need to work hard. She pushed her self in classes, but it was all so trivial. But that didn’t seem to be the case anymore. She tried to force herself to remember what it had been like to be the valedictorian, but now that seemed to be a pipe dream. She was a C student. She had never seen any need to go above and beyond. Plus, she had a nice body. D cups were nothing to scoff at, and she figured she could marry rich and make a decent house wife or something.

No! That wasn’t true. She tried to remember the real truth. She closed her eyed to concentrate, but then she heard a male voice.

“Uh, Stacy. Is your friend okay?”

Carolyn opened her eyes and saw Adam Trethers. What the?

“When did you get here?” Carolyn blurted out. “What are you doing here?”

“Uh, well Stacy and I are making decorations for the school dance next week...”

That’s right. Adam was the student council vice president and Stacy was the president. Carolyn was actually wondering why she was here at all.

Stacy smiled. “It looks like you stopped fighting it. Good, that’ll make this so much easier for you.”

Carolyn didn’t know what Stacy was talking about in the back of her mind she was aware of a feeling in her head and breasts, but it was very slight now. She looked down, and couldn’t put her finger on it, but something did seem... wrong. She had C cups. Were her boobs always this tiny? Oh well, it was still more than Stacy. Stacy may have had smarts and looks, but at least nature saw fit to give Carolyn better looks than Stacy. Smarts? Eh, who needed them! Carolyn was a straight D student, and had only avoided being held back due to a generous district policy of social promotion. No matter, who needed book learning anyway? She was going to skid by in life on her looks—find a sugar daddy and breeze through life. What more did a girl need?

As she was thinking that, she frowned. Carolyn grasped her breasts. Something was definitely wrong. Her boobs were not B cups. They had been at least C cups? She was the same size as Stacy, and somehow it didn’t seem fair that Stacy would have a body just as hot as hers AND brains on top of that! Nature wouldn’t allow such an imbalance, would it? Not that Carolyn new about nature. Or anything really. She was an F student. Her parents had put a lot of work in arguing that she shouldn’t be held back in spite of her grades, and it had worked for two years, but she was now taking Junior year a second time.

“Ugh! What is she doing here?” Adam complained. “You didn’t invite her, did you?”

Carolyn was indignant. That’s not how boys were supposed to talk to her! She couldn’t compete with a girl like Stacy on brains, so she had instead competed with more “relaxed” moral standards. She was more popular Stacy even though she was her equal—suddenly the static stopped and her head stopped spinning. Her thinking still felt a little clouded—was it always this hard to think?

Stacy nodded, “Yes, before Carolyn dropped out, we were... friends. I thought I’d invite her to hang out. For old times’ sake.”

Carolyn processed those words.

“What do you, like, mean? I didn’t, like, drop out! I’m a genius or something?”

Stacy looked between Adam and Carolyn. “Adam, could you please leave us alone for a few minutes? I have something to discuss with Carolyn. Alone.”

Adam looked confused, but oblidged leaving the two of them alone in the room.

Stacy looked across the table at Carolyn. She seemed happy. Oblivious, but happy.

“Well, Carolyn. What do you think about your new breasts?”

Carolyn looked down at her A cups. Now that Stacy mentioned it her boobs had been a lot bigger, right? She cupped her almost non-existent assets.

“Well, I think I remember having, like, super big boobies and they were a total pain. My back was always hurting—these are so much better!”

“So, Carolyn. Do you think you’d be happy with breasts this size forever?”

Carolyn’s slowed down thoughts processed the question. She did like this size. But it would have been nice to have something a little bigger...

“Well, I kind of want boobs as big as yours!”

Stacy shook her head. “Unfortunately, the magic can only make your boobs as big as they are now, or as big as they were before. And you need to make a decision before you go to sleep tonight. Whatever you decide on, that’s how your breasts will be forever. I can’t do anything more, you have to decide.”

Carolyn put her finger to her lip. It was a hard decision. She wasn’t used to thinking about, well, anything this deeply. She remembered hating how big boobs got in the way of everything, but then again boys seemed to like big boobs more...

Stacy smiled insincerely, “You know, it’s really not a hard decision. If you stay like this, you can always get breast enlargement surgery and be right back where you were. You could even be bigger!”

Carolyn was so glad that she had a smart friend like Stacy. That made the decision super easy!

“Alright,” Carolyn said cheerfully, “I guess I’ll stay like this then!”

Stacy nodded. “Alright, just keep you decision in your heart as you go to sleep tonight, and the magic should become permanent.”

* * *

Cari smiled as she shook her fake assets. About a month into her new life, she had started missing the world of big titties. So she got her sugar daddy to buy some fake boobies for her. Now she had a perfect porn star body. And a perfect porn star life!

She smiled for the camera. She couldn’t think of anything to complain about.