The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Ozhojabbe

Ethan opened up his laptop, logged on to 8chan, and clicked on a thread with some rich bitch who had committed fraud, whose pictures had been captioned with things like “Gender Equality?” and “This is what a feminist looks like.” He knew exactly which image from his collection would be perfect here. He dragged the image (titled leftist_screeching.jpg) into the box, and wrote his comment:

“Obviously the patriarchy framed her to keep women down, shitlords.”

He admired his clever satire before hitting send. Not wanting to wait for a response, he tabbed over to Youtube where he had a video about Anita Sarkeesian on in the background. He made a lengthy rant in the comments denouncing Anita and her virtue signalling followers, and ended by pointing out that women suffer so little real oppression that SJWs have to invent it by pretending that video games having sexy girls was somehow oppression. As if video games didn’t also have unrealistic standards for men!

He was about to press send, when he received a Skype call. Strange—most of his gaming buddies were probably studying right now (like he should be, if he was honest with himself.) He saw that the call was from Cassie. He hated Cassie ever since she had first spoken up in his Women and Philosophy class. She was everything wrong with Blue Pill society—a totally entitled woman who thought that because she was attractive she got a free pass and could use the people around her. Well, he was pretty sure this call had something to do with the fact that she had skipped all her classes this week, and he wasn’t about to be her on-call 24/7 beta that hung around for sex that was never going to happen. She would reap the failure that was her just reward if he had anything to say about it.

“Hi, Cassie,” Ethan said, barely hiding his disgust. “What do you want?”

Cassie just laughed when she saw him. “Holy shit, it actually worked!”

Ethan rolled his eyes. Getting a little ahead of ourselves, weren’t we?

“What worked?” he said.

“Oh, nothing,” Cassie said a small smirk still on her lips. “I’m just calling to get some help on my—I’m sorry, can I see your shirt?”

Ethan had to admit that Cassie made him a bit nervous. Her voice had an easy charm to it, and her body was so... No! He couldn’t let himself be walked over. He had to remember the game.

“Sure, whatever,” he said with as much nonchalance as he could muster while moving the camera. He couldn’t let her know he had any interest in her. Girls like her just wanted attention. Starve them of it, and the panties would drop.

Cassie nodded. “That’s a cool design. I especially love the font they used to spell ‘meninist’.”

Ethan almost accepted the compliment, but quickly stopped himself. Cold. Cool. “Enough with the small talk, Cassie. What do you want?” More firmly this time—she would think he meant business now.

“Well, I was on vacation this past week, and I was hoping you might be willing to lend me the notes you took in class.”

It might have been a bad connection, but Ethan could swear she actually batted her eyelashes. He could feel his rational mind shutting itself off. No! He had to remember the game—he’d never sleep with Cassie if he gave her what she wanted.

“Sorry, Cassie. I don’t think I can share my notes with you.” He said it firmly. He could tell by how strong she was putting on airs that he was her last hope—it was pretty late and she had probably already tried everyone else. Perfect for him.

“Oh, really? Maybe this will change your mind,” she said coily pulling out her phone and making a show of sending a message. “Take a good look. If you help me, there’s definitely more where that came from. In fact, I might need to come over there for some... in person tutoring.”

Ethan’s heart fluttered. What had she sent? He waited for a few agonizing seconds before remembering that he had lost his phone today. Crap. All his reading on “the game” hadn’t prepared him for something like this. With the way she was talking... he shuddered thinking what might be in store for him. He decided that things would go best for him if he just played along. He pulled out his wallet and pretended to be checking his phone. He didn’t know what she had sent, but with the way that bitch was talking—there was no way it was innocent. He did his best to imagine what she looked like naked (which wasn’t hard to do, given how often he had fantasized about her in class.)

He made his best guess as to how he would react to such a racy pic from his classmate.

“Oh my god.” He paused for effect. “What have I been doing this whole time! This is incredible.” He watched her carefully, hoping he had arrived at a reaction only a few degrees off from what she was expecting.

Cassie looked relieved. “Babe, do you finally see things clearly? I’m so sorry for doing this to you. I’m going to be right over. I’ll definitely make things up to you.”

The last line was so seductive that Ethan didn’t realize for several seconds that he was staring at a blank screen. She had hung up. And she was coming over. All the seduction techniques he had practiced had worked! He couldn’t fight it anymore and he didn’t want to—he was aroused and had a pretty good feeling about how things were going to go tonight.

Anticipation, and fantasies filled his head as he waited for a knock at the door. How would things play out? His cock was fully at attention when he heard the fateful sound. His hand was shaking as he opened the door.

In a flash, Cassie pounced on him. Her lips were on his, and her hands were immediately working their way down to his pants.

“Did you miss me this week?” She said, unbuttoning his pants.

That voice. That body. The real thing was so much better than his fantasy. Ethan started helping Cassie undress while he answered her. “Oh, fuck yes. I couldn’t concentrate at all this week—I was constantly looking at your empty seat and thinking about what kind of bitch misses a whole week of classes.” Crap. Ethan hadn’t meant to speak so freely. Had he ruined things before they even really started?

Cassie smiled and unclasped her bra. Ethan did a double take. He knew negging was supposed to work on girls, but he didn’t know it was supposed to work so well. When her bra finally hit the floor, all thought left Ethan’s head. He had seen plenty of pictures of naked women online, but that paled in comparison to this. Years of frustrated virginity were finally at an end for him.

“Don’t hate me for making you think that way!” She said teasingly. “It’s just, if it worked, I- I didn’t want you wanting anyone but me.”

How could he want anyone but her? She was perfect. They were soon in his bed together, and words gave way to utterances of passion. Ethan etched every perfect touch, every subtle movement in his mind. These were memories he would treasure forever.

When they had finished making love, both lay there panting and enjoying an afterglow which thought and words would only have ruined. They just existed in each others embrace, the sensation of skin on skin, of sweat, and each others sweet scents all that tethered them to the world of sensation.

Ethan did not remember falling asleep, but he woke up in the middle of the night when he found himself shivering from the cold. He looked over and saw that Cassie had taken the covers at some point in the night. He thought sleeping one night without covers was a fair trade for losing his virginity. As he lay there trying to fall asleep again, his curiosity was getting the better of him. If that was the kind of chick Cassie was, what kind of image had she sent him? His phone would probably show up eventually, but he had to know what started him on the best night of his life. It would make the story so much better when he told it to his gaming buddies.

He carefully crept out of bed, and over to Cassie’s phone which was on his night stand. He was amazed when he found she didn’t have a password or anything keeping someone from using the phone. He went through her texts and found his name. When he clicked his breathing stopped.

There was a spiral image. As Ethan stared at it words began coming into his mind.


Ethan felt like he was melting.


Melting. Becoming nothing. Ethan felt like his mind was a hurricane of activity.


The hurricane didn’t slow, but he started to realize that “Ethan” was in the Eye of the storm. Back where everything was calm and made sense.


Memories flooded back into Ethan’s mind. The person he had been the past day—no, the past week—was not the real him. He was not a woman-hating virgin who thought the only good use for a woman’s mouth was pleasuring a man. Cassie was his girlfriend, and they had both bonded over their shared passion for social justice. He had been there alongside her at the women’s marches, protests, and educating trolls and misogynists online.

And he had just lost a bet to her. It had all started a week ago, when Cassie had mentioned she was getting into hypnosis right before leaving on a week-long trip. Ethan had expressed his skepticism about hypnosis, and Cassie had made a bet on the spot: she thought with one session she could turn him into the kind of person he hated for her entire vacation—his opposite in every way. And somehow (Ethan could still barely believe it, even though he had lived it) she had succeeded. She had molded his brain like putty, and turned him into a parody of himself.

Ethan cringed thinking of all the horrible things he thought in the past week. All the self-loathing and lack of self-awareness, all the girls he judged for the way they dressed, all the terrible things he had said in class (he would have to apologize to a lot of people), and the “friends” he had made—losers who thought “gamer” was an identity on par with “black” or “trans.” However, as he replayed the week in his head, he realized he had enjoyed one part of it quite a bit.

The sex with Cassie had been incredible. Because of his lost phone, he had gotten to experience sex with Cassie from a completely different perspective. He definitely enjoyed their usual lovemaking—a union of two souls bound by mutual respect and admiration—but tonight... Tonight had been amazing. Seeing her as an object to be manipulated into sex, as an attention whore who was only good for a quick shag and who he would never waste time having a deep conversation with. It was so different and he liked it in a way he never would have guessed. He was happy to be back to normal, but maybe he could convince her to spice things up in the bedroom with a little hypnotic role-playing.

* * *

Cassie looked to her side. Ethan had fallen asleep right after sex. Typical. Time to make the walk of shame back to her dorm. Not that she was particularly ashamed—Ethan was a good lay, and he was a great sugar daddy. She would drop him in a heartbeat when someone better (read: richer) came along, but for now he was more than adequate. Maybe she wouldn’t even drop him—two sugar daddies was better than one, and what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, after all. And who could blame her if she did? She was used to a certain standard of living, and if Ethan alone wasn’t able to provide that...

She stepped out into the hallway, and began the walk back. Not realizing she had forgotten her phone.