The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Altered Arrangement

Synopsis: Two business partners decide to change the nature of their arrangement. Well, one of them decides to, anyway.

Tags: md, mf

Elizabeth strolled confidently into the elevator. Her fingers floated over the buttons briefly before pressing for the top floor.

She had never been to this building before. Although her partner preferred to meet in the comforts of his home, he rarely stayed in one for very long. As the elevator ascended, she checked her reflection in the mirror paneling, making sure her auburn curls hadn’t become untidy in the ride over, and that her makeup hadn’t smudged anywhere on her alabaster skin.

It wasn’t that Elizabeth was a vain person, but when meeting with her business partner she’d always felt the need to make sure her appearance was flawless. She wasn’t attracted to him, though she could appreciate that he was casually good looking. It was more that the nature of their arrangement made her self-conscious to anything that might convey weakness to someone that needed to see her as an equal.

She looked down to her phone, making note of the time before opening up her text conversations and finding the name Alicia. “I’ve arrived,” Her fingers typed.

She got her response within a few seconds. “Yup, got you on GPS. Clock started.” Elizabeth checked the time again, deleting the texts, and then returning her phone to her bag.

Elizabeth appreciated the irony that she trusted her fate to a one-time mark. Three years ago, Alicia had been earmarked for a client who had an affinity for blondes. While researching the girl’s background to see if she met all the necessary anonymity requirements, she discovered Alicia possessed a mixture of intelligence and drive are hard to find. In a rare moment of morality, Elizabeth decided it would be a crime to waste those qualities. Maybe she saw something of herself in the girl. Whatever it was, Elizabeth had spared Alicia the unhappy fate of winding up a doting slave to some businessman, and instead offered her a place in her organization.

The elevator door opened. Elizabeth found herself face-to-face with a buxom brunette with porcelain skin and full lips. She was wearing a black lacey dress that stopped at her upper thigh.

“Good evening Ms. Woods,” the women said smiling. “Mr. Silner is expecting you. He said he would receive you on the terrace. This way, if you please.”

The woman stepped away from the door, allowing Elizabeth to enter and get her first glimpse of the penthouse. She was momentarily awed by her surroundings. She’d been in business with Ryan Silner for several years now. In that time, she’d gotten used to his penchant for enjoying the finer things life had to offer: High-rise lofts, cars, swiss-made watches. He never wanted for comfort, and over the years their partnership had granted him the means to live in relative luxury. What she saw now though was a new level of opulence: floor to ceiling windows that offered a panoramic view of the city skyline, handcrafted furniture, marble floors, expensive artwork on the walls.

After a few seconds, Elizabeth recovered from her shock and followed the brunette towards the spacious terrace that sat off the living room.

“Ms. Woods is here to see you sir,” the woman said as they stepped outside. Ryan Silner was standing at the railing admiring the view, but on hearing these word, he turned and greeted his guest with a confident smile.

“Thank you Gabby. You can drop the formalities, we’re not in compromised company. Would you please fix me an old fashioned, use the Knob Creek this time. And for our guest...”

“A Manhattan.”

“A Manhattan,” Ryan repeated, smiling at the girl evidently named Gabby. “Find a good rye for that.”

“Of course, Master!” Gabby beamed as she answered. She gave a quick curtsy before turning and disappearing back into the penthouse.

“She’s new.” Elizabeth’s gaze lingered on Gabby for half a second before returning to Ryan.

“Yes, I’ve grown a little fond of her. Not much for conversation, but she is enthusiastic. Please.” He gestured towards two empty chairs.

Elizabeth smiled as she slid into the nearest one. “You do seem to love a place with a view.”

“I do. Something about looking down on all of the people as they go about their lives.”

“Like Zeus looking down from Mount Olympus,” Elizabeth commented slyly, raising one of her eyebrows. It drew a chuckle out of Ryan.

“That’s a bit much. I wouldn’t presume to compare myself to Zeus,” Ryan said, pausing for half a second before adding “Apollo, perhaps.”

“May we talk business?” Elizabeth asked after the moment had settled.

“Of course.”

“The Macau job has been closed.” Elizabeth sifted through her messenger bag and pulled out a small padfolio. She found the paper she was looking for and handed it across the table to her partner. “The client received the shipment on Monday without incident. He was... satisfied.”

“I do good work,” Ryan answered without modesty. “And the funds?”

“The balance has been settled. You should see your share transferred into your account by the end of the week.”

“Very good. Anything else?”

“Mr. Timitel has sent has another wish list,” Elizabeth answered, handing Ryan another paper. I’ve already begun sourcing.”

“Ah, more blonde bimbos,” Ryan said looking over the request. “He does have a type, doesn’t he?”

Elizabeth nodded. “Yes, and lucky for us, he usually gets bored of them after a few months. A business is nothing without repeat customers.”

Their partnership had produced many such customers over the years. Ryan was indeed good at his work, and Elizabeth at hers. Underground slaveing has always been a lucrative enterprise for those with the knowhow for it, but Elizabeth and Ryan offered a product no other could match. Most slavers will kidnap whoever they think won’t be missed, ship them halfway around the world, and deliver them to their clients without any more care than a common mailman handling a package. Elizabeth Woods and Ryan Silver offered a very specialized product: whatever the client wanted. A dotting housewife, a devoted sex slave, and emotionless husk without a thought in their head; whatever the client asked for, they could provide. In fact, they were the only ones in the world that could provide. Brainwashed slaves was a completely cornered market.

Each partner provided their own skillset. Elizabeth had built up a complex network of informants, government officials, and hired muscle. She dealt with the clients, handled logistics and paid of the needed protection. Her end probably accounted for 95% of the work, and virtually all the expenses, yet it was Ryan that provided the essential element.

He called it ‘shaping the merchandise’. Elizabeth had only seen him do it once. A mixture of curiosity and skepticism had gotten the better of her in the early days of their partnership and she had insisted on see one of the assets “shaped”. She witnessed the first stages of the process: drug cocktail, lightshow, relaxing music laced with subliminals. At some point a few hours in, she had come to the uncomfortable realization of the vulnerable situation she’d foolishly placed herself. Watching the girl slowly succumb to her brainwashing, Elizabeth had belatedly realized there was nothing that would have prevented her new business partner from strapping her to a chair and subjecting her to the same process. Thinking back on it still brings a chill to her spine. After several uneasy hours, she’d inquired how long the process usually took.

“It varies,” was the answer she had received from Ryan. “A lot of different factors at play. How resistant that asset is, how complex of a personality the client requests. At least two or three days. You are welcome to stay. I have beds set up down the hall.”

Elizabeth hadn’t stayed. In that moment, she had seen enough—and felt anxious enough—to want to make a hasty early exit. She spent the next few days coming up with her ‘contingency plan’ to make sure she never put herself in such a vulnerable position again.

“This shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill,” Ryan spoke after reaching the end of the list. “Let me know when you’ve acquired our merchandise, and I will take possession for processing. Ah, drinks.”

Gabby glided back onto the deck, carrying a cocktail in each hand. “Do you need anything else, Master?” She asked after setting the drinks down on the table.

“No. Thank you, Gabby. You’ve done a good job today. Go entertain yourself in your bedroom.”

Gabby let out a near silent moan. “Thank you, Master!” She curtsied before disappearing down back into the apartment.

“I already have a few leads. It won’t take long,” Elizabeth slipped her cocktail and cringed. “Mhmm, this really is quite bad.”

“She’s still learning. Unfortunately, she was a complete novice when it comes to bartending. I’ve been trying to train her, but between my schedule and her societal obligations, it’s been hard to find the time. She’s worth the effort though, just for this alone.” Ryan raised his hand gesturing back to the lavish apartment.

“This… societal obligations.” The implication slowly dawned on Elizabeth. “She’s—”

“The heiress to the Ainsley family fortune,” Ryan said, finishing her sentence. “Well one of the heiresses. She has two sisters, and an inconvenient number of cousins. Still her family’s trust provides well enough as you can see.”

Elizabeth fixed him with cold glare. “I don’t think I have to remind you, in our profession, anonymity is a valuable currency. Once spent, it can’t be recovered. My contacts are happy to provide the needed protection so long as the check clears and our activities remain discrete. But if we start plucking apples from the highest branches, then we risk creating the type of attention that can’t be ignored.”

Ryan smiled. Far from being stung by Elizabeth’s censure, he seemed to enjoy it. “Relax, Elizabeth. Have you seen any stories in the news about an heiress going missing? Or heard anything about unusual financials with the Ainsley fortune? Trust me, I know how to be discrete. I’ve been in the game long enough to know how it’s played.”

Elizabeth felt herself loosen. He did know how to keep his head down. They’d been in business together for five years, and Ryan hadn’t committed any egregious errors during that time. A few minor missteps sure, but nothing so serious that Elizabeth had to call upon her connections to clean up a mess. She supposed that earned him the benefit of the doubt.

“Yes, alright. I do trust you, and I guess you’re allowed to have side investments. But promise to be careful. The Ainsleys practically own city hall. One wrong move and this entire thing comes crashing down on us.”

Ryan leaned forward and took Elizabeth’s hand in his own, gently stroking his thumb across her knuckles. “I promise I’ll be careful. You know I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you.” Elizabeth felt her heart flutter, a comforting warmth seemed to spread through her soul. She smiled while gazing into his warm eyes, before catching herself. Reluctantly, Elizabeth swallowed down her sentiment and straightening back up. Sensing her change in disposition, Ryan released her hand and leaned back in his chair. “Is there anything else?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth replied, still mentally kicking herself for dropping her guard. “Speaking of protection, I’m afraid the cost of ours is going to go up. I’m sure you know our friend in the DA’s office lost his reelection. His replacement is proving to be… a bit more difficult to deal with.”

“I was worried about that. An honest public servant?”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, just a tougher negotiator. She’s very aware her office is key to our operation. For that she wants an extra $10,000 a month. It’s a steep increase I admit, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind.”

“Apparently our new DA can,” Ryan replied darkly.

“Well, I think we’ll have to pay it. I’ve been going back-and-forth with her for weeks. She isn’t budging.”

“Perhaps what’s required is a tougher negotiating tactic.” The warmth was gone from Ryan’s eyes now.

Elizabeth gazed back at him for several seconds, trying to find some alternate meaning to what he was saying. “You don’t mean—”

“Four days with her is all I’d need. Five max, if she’s as feisty as you’re implying.”

“You don’t think someone will notice a newly elected DA go missing for a week?”

“Even lawyers take vacations, presumably,” Ryan said casually.

“She has a family,” Elizabeth snapped. “A husband, a son, two daughters.”

“The more, the merrier.” Ryan offered, as though it was the simplest solution in the world.

“Do I need to give you the apple branches speech again?” Elizabeth’s rage was starting to rise. “You are overreaching now, and apparently are making a habit of it. What you’re suggesting is almost sure to backfire. In fact, it will likely land us both in prison. This isn’t how we run things.”

Ryan considered her words for a moment. Turning away so he could face the city skyline, he seemed deep in thought, as though he was silently debating with himself. Only after the internal deliberation seemingly ended, did he turn back. “Elizabeth, I’ve been thinking about our arrangement. I’m worried we’re not allowing our organization to reach its full potential. We’ve been ruled too much by caution. The payroll is becoming bloated and it’s restricting growth.”

“You want to start shaping our contacts and employees?” she asked, incredulous.

“I wasn’t just talking about our contacts and employees,” Ryan answered with a cold stare. His mouth slowly curled into a smile as he waited for her to pick up on his implication.

“This partnership is over.” Elizabeth stood up and hurriedly collected her papers, jamming them into her messenger bag without care. “I’m sorry you got greedy. We had a good thing going, and it could have stayed that way for a long time.” Elizabeth turned to leave.

“This partnership isn’t over, just changing. Sit back down Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth collapsed back into the chair without thought. Only after she was once again seated did she realize what she’d done. A pit in her stomach begin to form. Her mind raced for an explanation. Glancing down at her half-finished cocktail, she found it.

“You drugged me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ryan smiled as he glided back to his own chair. “I would never.”

He’s lying, Elizabeth thought. The fact that I know he’s lying means I still have my mind. I can get through this. Despite her efforts to rationalize everything, that pit in her stomach wasn’t going away. Then she remembered her contingency protocol.

“You don’t think I’ve planned for this? You really think it never occurred to me that one day I would end up in your crosshairs.” Elizabeth’s voice seemed to find a confidence her mind didn’t have. I’m still speaking clearly. I can’t have had much of the drug if I’m speaking this clearly. I only had a few sips… She glanced at the cocktail still sitting on the table before looking back up to defiantly meet his gaze. “I have an associate waiting for word from me. If they don’t get it within three hours, my connections with the police raid this location. Before you think about moving me, I’m gps chipped. There’s nowhere you can take me that they can’t find. Can you shape me in three hours? I assure you I’m much feistier than some district attorney.”

Elizabeth waited for some reaction. When Ryan grinned, she felt the pit in her stomach grow into a stone. “You are much feistier, and probably smarter too. My respect for you is one of the reasons I waited so long to do this. But I’m afraid I haven’t been honest with you these past few years about my process. The drugs, the lightshow you sat in on years ago, was in just for show. The actual process is more… natural. No machines, no special serum; just me. I told you I didn’t drug you and that’s the truth. I would never lie to you, Elizabeth.” Ryan looked at his watch and then back to her. “Unfortunately for you, the process is also a bit quicker than I’ve let on. Three hours is plenty of time.”

Elizabeth twisted, desperately trying to get her legs to respond, but she remained locked in place. He must be bluffing. No one can just control people. I must be drugged. But… he would never lie to me.

“I admit, back when we first started together my abilities were less… refined than they are now. It did take time to get into someone’s head, twist their thoughts, erase their mind, turn them into whatever I wanted. All of this is getting you turned on by the way. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and you’ve provided me plenty of practice over the years. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle as a child. You struggle for a while but one day it just clicks, and then the world is your oyster.”

Elizabeth squirmed as he spoke. She felt a warmth down in her sex, causing her to gently grind on her chair. Yet she was still terrified. Her eyes were fixed on Ryan as he spoke. Tears were beginning to well up. One escaped and slid down her cheek.

“Hey hey…” Ryan leaned in, gently taking her hand in one of his while the other wiped away the tear. “I’m sorry, I got a little introspective there and forgot myself. I don’t mean to be cruel. Just relax. It will all be fine.”

Elizabeth sagged in her chair. The ill feeling in her stomach began to recede. A warm calming cloud seemed to engulf her. It will all be fine... But I’m losing. Those two thoughts competed for supremacy in her head.

“Please,” she whispered. It was all she could muster. She wasn’t even sure if she was pleading for him to stop or to keep going.

Ryan smiled and cupped her cheek. “I really do admire you, Elizabeth. You’re beautiful, smart and ambitious. You fought your whole life and built something great for yourself. And now you’re going to give it to me.”

“But I don’t want too,” she whined in heat. Her hand drifted down to her groin and she began to rub herself through the fabric of her dress. She could feel her panties getting wet.

“What you want doesn’t matter. What I want is the only thing that matters.”

That makes sense. I was being selfish. But I hate him. He is taking everything from me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself.” Ryan said, as if reading her thoughts.

Wait, can he read my thoughts?

“I can’t read your thoughts,” he said simply.

That was silly, of course he can’t read my thoughts.

“You’re happy, Elizabeth,” Ryan gently stroked her cheek. He gazed tenderly into her eyes, coaxing a smile on her face. “You’re happy because you’ve wanted this for so long. Back when you first sat in on that demonstration. You saw that girl being stripped of her mind. You were so turned on then, weren’t you? You fantasized what it would be like to be in her place. To be remade to serve me.”

Elizabeth remembered that day. How tempted she had been to throw herself at Ryan’s knees and beg him to make her just another slave. She’d been so horny she had to excuse herself early. After she left, she spent days masturbating at the thought of her being strapped to a chair, injected, bathed in lights and subliminals, having herself completely erased and reshaped entirely to Ryan’s desires. God, it had been so hot.

“Since the first day we’ve met, you’ve been attracted me, haven’t you Elizabeth? This whole time we’ve worked together, you’ve thought I was the man of your dreams. You love me, Elizabeth. More than you’ve ever loved anyone in your life. You’ve wanted to be mine for so long.”

She remembered when they first met in that hotel lobby so many years ago to broker their arrangement. She had desperately tried to maintain her professional façade. All the while, she had secretly longed for him to seduce her and take her up to his hotel room. Every meeting they ever had, she had wanted to give herself to him and the only thing that had stopped her was the worry that he might not accept her.

“You’ve always wanted to give yourself to me, haven’t you? And the good news is I’ve finally decided let you. You serve me. You live for me. You belong to me now, and you will happily do whatever I tell you. How does that sound to you, Elizabeth?”

“It sounds wonderful,” she breathed out.

“Of course it does. It’s what you’ve always wanted. Picture it in your head, Elizabeth. Picture all of the ways you are going to serve me.”

Scenes surfaced in her mind. Her betraying all her contacts to Ryan, leading them one-by-one to him so that they too could be remade. She flashed to her in that same slinky dress Gabby had worn, serving Ryan a cocktail on the terrace. She could make a better old fashioned than that slut. Slut… She pictured herself in the bedroom, naked with a blindfold around her eyes and a ball gag in her mouth.

“Come back to me now, Elizabeth.”

She was shaken from her fantasies and brought back to the present. The first thing she was aware of was how wet the chair underneath her had become. Her eyes found Ryan still sitting across from her. She smiled at first, but it turned to a frown as she noticed he was no longer looking in her direction. Why isn’t he looking at me. Is he mad at me?

Instead, Ryan’s eyes were scanning the surrounding buildings. His gaze darted about, as if he expected some prying eyes peeping into their conversation. After a few seconds, he seemed satisfied and stood up, offering Elizabeth his hand. She accepted it; their fingers connected and she felt the warmth emanate from his touch. A dreamy smile formed across her porcelain face.

“As I said, sometimes I forget myself.” Ryan smiled down at Elizabeth, causing her heart to flutter. “We should probably finish this conversation somewhere more private. We only have three hours, after all and I like to be thorough.”


“What’s that?”

“It’s only two hours before the failsafe kicks in. I lied earlier to buy time.” Elizabeth suddenly frowned. I lied to him. Why would I do that? Why would I ever want to avoid this? What if he rejects me? Now that he knows, what if he doesn’t want me anymore? That can’t happen! Not now. Not when I’ve finally gotten everything I want. “I’m sorry,” she offered weakly.

Her fears were alleviated when Ryan smiled down at her. “Intelligent to the very end. I can’t wait to put that mind of yours to better use. Let’s go inside now. Apparently, I have a little less time than I thought.”

She smiled as he led her back into the penthouse.

* * *

Elizabeth lay on her stomach in bed; It wasn’t exactly how she’d pictured it in her fantasy. She was naked of course—Master’s Egyptian cotton red sheets ribboned around her pale curves, roping her in his control—but instead of a blindfold and ball gag, she had a laptop and notepad. On the screen in front of her, Elizabeth had tabs open to her various bank accounts and offshore holdings. She was typing away when a moan from across the room temporarily drew her attention up.

A lithe young girl with dirty blonde sat in a love seat by the wall. Her one hand was hungrily pawing at her breast while the other was teasing her clit. The girl’s young heart-shaped face was twisted in pleasure. She bit her lower lip in a vain effort to swallow down another moan. Master stood over her quietly whispering in her ear.

“Yes!” Alicia inhaled, “Yes I will. Yes, Master. Yes, I am yours!”

A hum of arousal raked Elizabeth’s body as she watched her protégé fall into Master’s enthralling charms. She watched his lips move and tried to imagine what words Master’s velvety voice was pouring into her apprentice’s ear.

‘You will serve me. You will obey me. You belong to me. I own you.’ Elizabeth let out a ragged exhale. She imagined Master’s words as though he was whispering them nto her. His sweet voice glazing her thoughts all over again, coating her brain in sugary submission. Her hand drifted down between her legs, but she managed to stop herself. She needed to focus. Master had given her a task and that was far more important than her fantasizing over her own enslavement. His will easily triumphed over her growing desires, and she continuing typing.

“Of course,” Alicia’s high voice sang in desperation. “Whatever you want.”

That had been another one of Elizabeth’s fantasies come true. Alicia was the first person from her former life that she gloriously served up to her Master. He had finished her enslavement—within the two-hour window she had foolishly set for him—and sent her to retrieve whoever was on the other end of that annoying contingency plan.

“After all,” he’d said, affectionately running a hand down Elizabeth’s stomach and resting at her slickening pussy, “I’d rather not be constrained to only two hours every time we meet. Don’t you agree?” Of course she agreed; she doubted she was even capable of disagreeing at this point. With her first orders received, Elizabeth had set out to Alicia’s apartment.

“Everything alright?” Alicia had asked, answering the door with a concerned look. She must have sensed something was off; Elizabeth showing up at her door only hours after meeting with the most dangerous man in the city. She couldn’t help but admire Alicia natural intuition. She’ll make such a useful slave once Master is finished shaping her.

“Never better,” Elizabeth answer honestly. That had the effect of disarming Alicia’s suspicions, and the girl pivoted to let Elizabeth in. The second her back was turned, Elizabeth sank a tranquilizer into the unexpecting girl’s neck. Alicia had just enough time to give her mentor a look of confused terror before the sedative set in. Then Elizabeth had delivered the girl to the fate she’d once saved her from.

“God, yes! Whatever you want. Master, please!” Alicia whinnied in a pitch that could crack glass. The hand that had been fondling her own breast flashed out and grabbed onto Master’s shoulder for support. He leaned down to whisper something in her ear and Elizabeth heard her shriek as her orgasm took hold.

Alicia’s face contorted. She flopped awkwardly on the seat, bucking her hips while trying to prop her foot underneath her to brace herself up. She tried to keep her balance on the chair while body spasmed in the ecstasy brought on by Master’s controlling voice. Master—gentleman that he was—braced Alicia into his body to help prop her up. With the added support, the girl’s writhing hips rose from the chair, leaving an unmistakable damp spot in the velour where her shining pussy had just occupied.

Elizabeth lay mesmerized by the whole scene. She tried to think back to her own moment of breaking, wondering if it had been as total as her protégé’s. Cruelly, she could only summon vague memories now. The whole night had become blended together in sticky submission. It was impossible to recall the exact moment she had surrendered herself completely to her new lifestyle. She remembered Master’s delicate fingers working at her own sex while he whispered sweetly in her ear telling her what a good slave she was going to be, and after she’d enthusiastically agreed, first catching sight of his wonderful cock. Thankfully, she had no problem recalling the moment he’d entered her, consummating their new arrangement and cementing Elizabeth’s enslaved status. That glorious moment will be burned into her memory until the day she dies.

Eventually, Alicia came down from her high. She turned to one side, and began to rub her face against Master’s arm. Her lovely face smiled in absolute satisfaction.

“Sleep for me now, Alicia,” Master tenderly whispered to the girl, just loud enough for Elizabeth to hear. “Sleep, and dream of your submission.”

Alicia’s eyes fluttered for a few seconds before they settled closed. Her body sagged in the love seat as a stupid expression began to dawn on of her face. Elizabeth noticed one of her hands had resumed clumsily palming at her breast.

“I’m afraid Gabby may need a new chair,” Master sighed while walking over to the bed and leaving Alicia to sleep on the velvet couch, now dampened by her own juices. He dangled his hand in front of Elizabeth’s face. She planted her lips across his knuckles. God if I could only spend eternity worshipping this hand.

“Something tells me she won’t be too broken up about it,” Elizabeth whispered breathily against her Master’s hand.

“Probably not.” Her Master pulled his hand away began to trace it down her lower back, cupping her ass and giving it a squeeze. Elizabeth bit her lip to prevent a heavy sigh from escaping her lips. Master’s eyes pivoted from her naked body to the laptop. “I assume you’ve been keeping busy while I entertained Alicia over there.”

“Yes, Master.” Elizabeth reluctantly turned her attention away from his exploring hand and back to the screen in front of her. “The accounts are all being closed, with the balances transferred to you within a few days. I’m having your name added to all of my less liquid holdings.” She looked up at him hopefully, anxious that her efforts had pleased him. Her fortune probably paled in comparison to what Gabby had brought him, but it was all she had in the world and she’d just surrendered it to him without hesitation. She hoped the gesture at least meant something to him, even if the real value was insignificant.

Elizabeth was rewarded by her Master with smile and brush of her hair. “Outstanding. And the other item I assigned to you?”

Elizabeth basked in his praise while she handed him the notepad she’d been writing on. “The names and salaries of all of our contacts,” she explained. “I’ve sorted them by the most expensive, if you want to start at the top; I can make the arrangements to introduce you.”

He chuckled in satisfaction, sending another shot of pleasure echoing through Elizabeth’s body. “I see our DA friend is at the top of the list,” His hand continued to idly grope at Elizabeth’s ass.

Elizabeth gave him an impish look. “Not technically our most expensive, but I anticipated you’d want to start with her.”

“You know me too well.”

Elizabeth stifled another moan. As much as his affirmation tickled her, she knew now was time for business. Master continued to look through the names on the list for a minute before he finished.

Tossing the notepad aside, he looked back down to Elizabeth. “I guess the only question now is, what do I do with you?”

“Me?” Elizabeth asked in confusion.

“You’ve turned over everything to me now—or you soon will anyway, once I’m through your list—I’m not really sure what purpose you serve after that.”

“I-I can still run things for you, handle the day-to-day that is.” Panic rose in Elizabeth’s chest, but she tried to keep it from infecting her voice. “I can make sure it all goes smoothly. You don’t have to trouble yourself with the petty details. I won’t take a salary, of course.” She looked up at him with a worried smile.

“Your assistant over there seems to have things well in hand,” He said, giving a quick nod in Alicia’s direction. The sleeping girl’s hand had once again found her wet cunt. Elizabeth could only imagine with envy the dreams she was having. Meanwhile, in the real world, Elizabeth was quickly finding herself in a nightmare.

“I could be your maid,” Elizabeth said, desperation sinking in. She gave him a frantic look. “I could cook and clean for you. I promise I’m a better with drinks than Gabby. Here, I’ll make you an old fashioned right now and you can see!”

She made to get up from the bed, but he silently restrained her. “Elizabeth, don’t be foolish. You, a maid? What a ridiculous notion.”

It was ridiculous, she realized. What was I thinking presenting it as an option? But if not that, what is he going to do with me?

“Please, tell me.” She begged, grasping at his arm in a weak gesture. “How can I serve you?”

“Hmm, what do you think you’d fetch on the market?”

“W-What?” She asked with a sense of dread setting in.

“Have any of our clients taking a liking to you? I’m sure one or two of them must have gotten flirtatious at some point in your dealings.”

“Mr. Sergeyev,” She closed her eyes and whispered as she thought back to all her encounters with the mysterious Russian tycoon. He’d made no secret of his lust for her. Almost every one of their interactions featured a grope of her backside during a hug, or an ‘accidental’ brush against her chest. During their last meeting, he’d dropped all subtleties. “He offered me half a million to spend a week in the Maldives with him.”

Her master raised his eyebrows in surprise. “$500,000 for a week? I wonder what he’d pay for a lifetime.”

“Name your price. He’ll pay it.” Elizabeth closed her eyes and silently prepared for her fate. She didn’t want to leave him; certainly not for a dog like Sergeyev. Nothing could be worse. For a few brief hours she’d tasted nirvana, and the rest of her life would be a hollow existence by comparison. But this was what her Master wanted. It was her job to give it to him. Elizabeth opened her eyes, resigned to her fate, and looked down to her laptop. “I’ll email him now and begin negotiations. $6 million should be a good opening offer.”

“$6 million?” Her Master laughed. “You should stop talking now; this is actually getting tempting.” He pushed the laptop away. “I’m only messing with you, Elizabeth. Sometimes I can’t help playing with my food a little. It’s a disgusting habit, I admit.” He drew his knuckle across her face. Elizabeth closed her eyes again, exhaling in a mixture of relief and excitement. “I’d be a fool to get rid of you. As I said, I’ve valued your companionship over the years, and I think under our new arrangement, I’ll value it a hell of a lot more.”

“So, let me tell you how things are going to be from now on,” he said, straightening up into a commanding posture. “Obviously, I will call the shots. Your opinion is always welcome but make no mistake over who is in charge.” He paused to look down expectantly. Elizabeth gave an eager nod and he continued. “On a day-to-day level, not much will change. You’ll continue to do what you do best, I will do what I do best, and together we’ll make me lots of money. Then, when you clock out at the end of the day, you’ll serve me drinks out on the terrace. And whenever I feel like enjoying you, we’ll come in here, and you’ll give yourself to me. However I desire. Whatever I want. How does that sound?”

“Amazing,” her voice broke, tears of joy filling her eyes. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

He leaned down and kissed her lips. Elizabeth melted into him. Her whole soul seemed to light up in a beautiful barrage of fireworks.

After a few blissful seconds that Elizabeth wished could have lasted for a lifetime, her Master pulled back. “Did you say the DA has daughters?”

Elizabeth’s face lit up in mischief. She reached out to the laptop and pulled up one of the tabs she’d set aside; an Instagram post of two young brunettes in bikinis posing together on a beach.

“Chloe and Madison,” she said, indicating each to her Master. “Madison is in her second year in law school and Chloe is set to graduate from Princeton next spring. I thought you’d like them.”

Her Master chuckled, “Ah Elizabeth, I’m an idiot. I should have done this years ago.”

Elizabeth felt her heart glow. Her Master folded up the laptop, pushed it aside, and fell on top of his newest acquisition.