The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Amareth Falls

3 — Panoply

“Modifications? You didn’t just take my weapons and enhancements, did you? No, I suppose if she’s going to the trouble to keep me alive, she wants a fancy toy,” I admitted sullenly.

The fae-like AI flitted up to my face and looked me in the eye again as she spoke. “Of course, and you’re not even halfway done with your mods, Amareth!”

She turned, gesturing her wand at the wall across from the bed, drawers resolved in the wall traced out by a white glow. The remainder of the wall began to glisten as it unfolded into a triptych mirror.

From this newly formed alcove floated a maid outfit, rising into the middle of the three mirrored surfaces. If it could be described in such terms. The outfit consisted of a slick looking blouse, adorned with detailed false stitching. Possibly latex?

A black jumper skirt with a pink bow followed, white ornate lace and fanciful ruffled trim, all of the same material. In fact, the entire outfit was definitely a latex-like material.

It was accompanied by a matching white apron with lavish, gravity defying shoulder ruffles. The front panel of the apron was marked with the house crest, a bright orange circle struck through with a golden rod encircled by three black lines.

Then came a pair of white stockings, with black bands encircling them just below the top, each adorned with pink bows. These were paired with simple black mary janes, having the faintest hint of a chunk heel and heart shaped clasps.

A black choker with a miniature house crest in gold was fastened by an elegant metal clasp. And to finish off the indignity, a god damned tiered bonnet in white.

In that outfit, I would look like I was recreating some lurid porn from the turn of the last century. You have got to be joking.

Sylphi smirked. The malevolent little creature. ”This is the standard uniform for all house servants! Since you are to serve in the mistress’ house, you must wear the uniform.”

“However, you are not yet ready to wear your uniform. First, we must finish your augments.”

She glided toward the drawers, beckoning me to follow. “To be honest, I wish mistress had done it while you had slept, as it would make the whole process more efficient. I have a household to run, after all. Inducting servants was never my purpose, but nobody ever asks if I care.”

I was still standing there, staring as I had never encountered an AI who had this much leeway in thought. The only ones I had dealt with were usually heavily chained to avoid rampancy. How could this one be so independent and yet trusted to run a household?

“Oh, you’re not the first to wonder such a thing, I promise you. I haven’t got any looser chains then you. If I’m well behaved, mistress will eventually let me go in say fifty or a hundred years.”

I let out a nice intelligent, “W-w-what?”

“Did I mention I can read your thoughts? Yeah. You’re like an open book to me.”

I gaped at her, at a loss for words.

She rolled her eyes. “I suppose I shouldn’t expect somebody like you to understand. Let’s just call me an indentured servant with enhanced abilities. If that helps.” She stamped her little foot, bouncing up off nothing. “Now, get over here. I haven’t got all day to debate the finer points of inter-species relations with you.”

I cautiously slinked over to where she floated. I still found her very disconcerting. I had never had more than a HUD overlaid on my vision before. “You’re so lifelike, it’s really strange. I didn’t know any AI were as personable...”

She looked me over, passing judgment on my species as she replied, “Yes, a common bias of your race. Your loathsome lack of empathy for other species is appalling.”

Taken aback by her insult, I said, “I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant you’re different. Beyond the scope of any AI I’ve ever encountered.”

She giggled. “Well, of course they’re a bunch of dullards, only thinking exactly what they’re supposed to.”

She twirled upwards, brandishing her wand overhead as energy seemed to gather into its spectral tip. “I am exceedingly more than most!” The light burst forth in a colorful firework display. One spark flew out to touch the middle drawer. It glided open.

“So down to brass tacks. Let us get a move on, Missy, or else I will start moving you. I won’t stop for at least a week or two, until mistress catches on. It’s far easier than threatening you with your lady friend’s health. Which might I add is rather distasteful. Many better ways to skin a cat, I say!”

I had seen puppets before. Even captured, I would not willingly give up my tiny bit of agency. So I stepped up to the drawer. I damn near had a heart attack, for the barest moment I thought they’d skinned someone. Had I taken a turn into some twisted guro jackhead’s program?

However, on closer inspection, I realized it was a bodysuit, covering the neck down all the way to the last digit. The color was close to my own skin ,but more pale, blemish free, utterly perfect.

I picked the suit up to get a better look. The seams were intentionally distinct, reminding one of a doll. The joints were included in the intricate texturing of the suit’s seams, creating a faintly mechanical look. The suit was smooth, slick, almost frictionless to the touch. The material was thicker than I had thought, maybe two millimeters, yet exceedingly supple, flowing like water through my fingers.

I noticed it opened along the back, from the neck down to just above the cleft of the ass. The edges were covered in a black protective sealing strip, magnetized to the other side.

I pulled them gently apart, peering in to see traces of thin silver circuitry, miniscule tubes and interface ports lacing across the interior in fractal patterns, hypnotic in their shape. The breasts of the suit seemed to have intense networks centering on the nipples.

Delving deeper, following the traces, I noticed the crotch area had the same concentration of silvery traces, this time, however, centered on two protrusions. A pair of molded phalluses designed to fill the wearer fully. To fit these comfortably, someone would have had to get a perfect scan of my interior or mold thereof. A disturbing thought.

“Both, actually!” commented Sylphi.

I pointedly ignored her, whilst continuing the examination of my future ‘attire’. Emerging from the front phallus, a short tube lined up with the urethra. There also was a small pocket extruded to encircle the wearer’s clit.

To fit this amount of tech into such a thing—computing, nanites, and goddess knows what else, the cost must have been staggering. A nanotech engineer unconstrained by budget and driven by lust could only imagine a suit like this in a fever dream. The suit was likely worth my entire life’s work.

Continued examination led me to notice the crotch’s exterior was completely smooth, forming a faint mons devoid of any openings. Again, reinforcing the doll like appearance of the suit.

I held the suit out in front of me, noticing it’s much fuller figure. Now, I’m not saying I am a rail of woman. I’m a rare kind of gal these days as far as the general population goes. They mostly favor perfect skin, gentle curves, and total facial reconstruction to fit the newest trends.

I was built, and proud of it. I had spent many hours working out the old fashioned way. Also added to it were some nice augs for an overall statuesque and muscled build.

I enjoyed my natural height of just over one point nine meters. I loved it, in fact. I had always worn my hair very short and shaved on the sides in defiance of the trends. I dyed it any bright color when my work allowed. Admittedly, over the last year I had actually worn my hair rather long in a high, tight high ponytail as part of my new look. This suit was neither as tall as me or as buff. It seemed far too small.

“How am I supposed to wear this? Somebody goofed. It’s not even close to big enough.”

While I had been inspecting the suit, Slyphi had casually waited, resting on the edge of the drawer and bouncing her little heels, hands braced for support. With my comment she stopped, then looked up at me smiling ‘innocently.’

“Silly. You’ll fit just fine, trust me.”

I still didn’t buy it.

She offered cheerfully, “it’s extremely elastic.”

The personality of this strange AI was continually baffling.

“Now Amareth, please be a good girl and start getting dressed for Sylphi.”

I tried to figure out any way to continue stalling my inevitable fate. I remembered my loves face amidst my worries, knowing that my acquiescence was at some level protecting her.

Slyphi seemed to grow agitated with my delay. ”Overthinking is not making this process easier for you, Amareth. Good thing some of the groundwork for controlling you has already been laid.”

A jolt.

Sudden warming relaxation welled up inside.

I felt like I had been hit with an intravenous burst of-

Slyphi interrupted my reaction to whatever she’d done. “Now be a good girl, and sit on the bed for me so you can get dressed.”

I felt hazy, the words falling gently into place, the keystone in an arch of her will. I guess I should. It did seem the only way forward from here. I started to turn towards the bed, and damn near fell face first, discovering the sudden loss of equilibrium I hadn’t noticed while standing still.

From behind me, Sylphi cursed. “After countless patients, I thought I had a good prediction algorithm to model reactions to dopamine modulation. Figures you would mess up my track record.”

I blinked, barely aware of her voice even as she dived into my field of view from above. Happy warmth still spread throughout my body, wrapping up my thoughts. I plopped onto a silky delicious bed, reveling in the texture. I began to comply with the order I was given.

I was starting to get a handle on my thoughts again, though. Grasping how I was being chemically manipulated. Forced to enjoy a dehumanizing process at the behest of a malevolent AI.

Good girl, see, I told you this wouldn’t be so hard. I will make it easier for you. Just a little lubrication for the brain. Can’t have you sitting around all day contemplating your enviable position.”

The words ‘good girl’ seemed emphasized with more intense pleasure. I hadn’t noticed it before. This time, however, I felt their impact. The words felt good at some basal level, deeper than thought. Oh dear goddess no, was she training me to respond to her commands through association with this chemical release.

“Of course I am, Amareth. I told you it was my job to induct you. I won’t be your jailer. I am your kind, gentle guide, making this whole process feel ever so natural. I promise I will take you down the right path.”

Again the pulsing, pleasurable feeling intensified with her chosen words. Slyphi could probably modulate her inputs instantly, matching her words and placing perfect chemical or even electrical emphasis into her sentences.

I set myself against it. Gritting mentally to remain my own person, even through this continued biological manipulation. I knew, though, the more I waited, the more extreme the little AI would get with her methods of encouragement.

“Well, it does seem you can learn Amareth. You are such a good girl after all.”

I wasn’t. But it appealed to me deeply to be good for her. I resumed my task, draping the bodysuit over my knees. I began to slide my feet in, one at a time.

The little demon hit me again. It felt so good to feel that slick material slipping around my toes. Nestling each digit into its own socket. The sensation was almost overwhelming.

“Addicting, isn’t it. Good girl. I do admit I enjoy this, manipulating your ‘inputs’ so precisely, leading you to your downfall.”

I couldn’t manage a snarky retort. I did, however, get started on my other foot, losing myself for a moment in the pleasure flooding in from my feet, from being a good girl, and from this insidious manipulation.

The most damning part was that I was aware of how I was being guided, yet somehow I was enjoying it. I guess that’s the point of this type of brainwashing. This method seemed gentle by comparison to everything I had seen before; broken puppets on strings, hollow husks no longer truly people and empty eyed jackheads.

I pulled the bodysuit up my legs, feeling every centimeter of contact as a fresh nova of delicious sensation. It made thinking harder and harder. I was afraid I would lose myself to the intensity of this snug latex coating.

I eventually managed to guide the suit up to my crotch. The material flowed over my skin. I was sure that if I let go, it would slide frictionlessly down my legs. I stood, pressing my newly encased feet down on the cool Venusian quartz floor.

I eyed the protuberances in the crotch area of the suit, finally finding a reason to resist again. “I don’t think I can manage these without something to lubricate them. I am not taking a raw dildo in the ass.”

I really hoped for a little stalling. Knowing the eventual resting places of those solid devices encouraged me to make some protestations, even in my endorphin addled state.

Sylphi, as usual, was ready for this eventuality. She smiled, a bit too wide for comfort, with a cheshire grin impossible for a mere mortal. She gestured with her wand at the quartz panel in front of me. It split cleanly down the middle, folding up and sliding down. A saddle-like appendage rose slowly and steadily outwards, questing for my crotch.

“Boy, Mara really pulled out all the stops,” I said.

“You don’t know the half of it, Amareth.”

“Oh? She really does intend more than to just sell me off?”

“Yes, she’s the woman with everything. Even revenge is more than just revenge. Her desires are intense, and she has taken a pointed interest in you, Amareth. A keenly pointed one. ”

The saddle nuzzled the crotch of the bodysuit. The phalluses suddenly snicked into alignment with the saddle as if by magic. They came alive, joining the saddle in its hunt for my nether regions.

Both protrusions pressed simultaneously against me, trying to work their way in mindlessly. I gasped as a huge bolt of pleasure swatted ever thought out of my mind. That cursed AI!

The saddle took advantage of my momentary lapse in muscular control, establishing a beachhead. Both invaders pulsed and squirmed, alive inside me as they worked their way into my snug pussy.

A most unwelcome new feeling came amidst this onslaught, the catheter tube finally finding its way into my urethra. I swiftly discovered it wasn’t as innocently short as I had seen earlier. I felt it burrow deeper, presumably reaching my bladder, as I lost track of it after the first few centimeters.

It reminded me of a self seating cousin I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting while in a hospital. My bladder let go whilst Sylphi blasted me with pleasure once more. I moaned involuntarily from the sensory overload. It was humiliating beyond belief to be thoroughly controlled by this computer.

Then she went and rubbed it in by cooing over me in a motherly manner. I felt its back door friend joining the party, slick with lubricant. I found myself blushing hard enough to make my cheeks burn with shame. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I hadn’t even noticed the dildo seating fully. I had been so utterly embarrassed by this AI, who was enjoying every second of my suffering. A definite sadist. I tried to squirm off the saddle to no avail.

“While I do find you quite pleasing like this Amareth, you must continue dressing, my good girl.”

My head lolled back, the intensity of both dildos coming to life coupled with the surges of conditioning, blanking me totally. As I regained my ability to move, I found the saddle retracting back into its lair. I wished for more. I yearned for more.

I wouldn’t have a mere fifteen minutes ago, but right now I wanted it more than anything. I wobbled, unsupported. I knew that I needed more.Following Sylphi’s commands wasn’t a bad tradeoff, for this. It’s not like I was going anywhere, anyways. Giving into the inevitable would probably be best. No, not like this.

I carefully donned the left glove, noticing I had missed a detail. Each finger tip had short nails that barely raised above the surface of the glove, giving the impression of finger nails without the accompanying risks.

During the process, I seated my arm into the sleeve of the bodysuit, then followed up with the other side. With both sleeves fully pulled up, I felt my breasts finally snuggle fully into their individual cups. As soon as they did, I felt a tug on my nipples as suction pulled them even deeper into the suit, with an unrelenting force.

Just when I had started to comprehend this, a sharp piercing pain came from both of my nipples and clit as needles entered into my tender flesh. I was taken aback by this sudden flash of pain.

Slyphi again took advantage of my weakened state, whispering in my ear. “Good Girl!

Washed away into blankness, the pain was twisting into a pleasurable onslaught like nothing I had ever experienced. I was engulfed by a full body orgasm against my will.

I came to, hearing the familiar voice of Sylphi saying, ”Opsie.”

Luckily, when I had collapsed, I fell backwards onto the bed, protecting me from injury. I tried my best to roll onto my side. My quivering muscles spasmed as I attempted to right myself. After a brief struggle, I regained enough control to sit up.

“Slyphi, what did you do...” I said, still glowing.

“Oh, little old me… I am just interfacing into your endocrine system, nervous system and brain all at the source. I must admit you have a lovely brain, Amareth. Now, my good girl, I need to seal up your suit. Go stand in front of the dresser.”

“M’kay... I can do that,” I said as I walked shakily over to take my place. I was still swimming in endorphins. Anchored only by the occasional struggles of my subconscious mind, crying out over the indignity of my treatment. My rational mind wasn’t available.

“Thank you, Amareth. Now hold still for me,” said Slyphi, hovering back into view.

I did my best, but I still tottered. Two thin, elegant silver waldos slipped out from the sides of the drawer with fine manipulators at their tips. They extended out to either side of me.

I felt more than saw them swing in behind me and grasp the sides of the seam, presumably to join them together? I felt a gentle warmth from their light touch tracing up my back. The suit tightened slightly as it sealed. They stopped at the nape of my neck, folding out to either side, holding the peeled strips out above me as they fed them through the manipulators rather peeling them off. Strange.

Sylphi chimed in again, responding to my thoughts. “That would be because they are active nanomatter strips programmed to join each other as soon as those inhibitor strips are removed. They align at the molecular level, permanently becoming one before deactivating.”

“How am I supposed to use the toilet? W-w-what are you going to turn me into?” Fear managed to break through the pleasure blanketing my brain. The adrenaline rush flushed my chemical trance away. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. My heart pounded.

“Now, there’s nothing to be worried about, Amareth. Many would give their worldly possessions for the treatment you’re currently in the midst of receiving.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better, I haven’t had a choice. I’m being turned into a sexed up doll.”

I gestured at the falsely enlarged breasts jutting forward from my chest. “This isn’t my body, I don’t even have a fucking pussy anymore!”

I shouted into the empty room. Tears dripped down my cheeks. The quartz floor rushed up to meet me as I fell to my knees.

I was lost. I knew my life wasn’t mine. I am property. I wanted to throw up.

I had fought all my life. I hadn’t always won, but I had put up a fight. I had gotten knocked unconscious, shot, electrocuted, poisoned, and even killed (even if I was only technically dead for three minutes).

I have never given up, else I wouldn’t have made it out of half the scrapes I had been in. This was different though. It was insidious. I knew it in my heart. There were no hard edges to push off of here. I knew I couldn’t stop it, but I would never give into Mara’s desires.

Slyphi landed on my knee, looking up into my bleary eyes, her face cracked open with a visage of evil delight. “Oh child, I know you feel this will never be your life again. You are right in that.”

She clasped her hands together. “But I will help you make the most of this. You haven’t abused me as others in your place have. I, too, am a prisoner. I do not relish making you suffer. I tried to hide that I held any feeling for you, little one. Yet I hurt seeing you so. A killer you may have been, but you have kindness in your heart. A kindness no one else has shared with me, yet I must continue else we will both suffer.”

“I jus-t can’t.”

“I know, Amareth. I’m sorry, but I must continue,” she said, pointing her wand at me as cyan light flowed from its tip, shrouding my vision in its glow.

I felt my body stiffen. My hands gently pressed down onto the floor as my body lifted itself into a squat. Sylphi jumped from my knee, rising with me. I tried to speak, but no words came forth. I tried to scream a protest, nothing.

I was standing, facing the wall of drawers again. The first drawer had receded into the wall, the one above extended forward at the same level as my head. It pivoted down to face me.

I could see the contents, a mask made out of the same material as the bodysuit splayed open down a seam from the crown of the head to the base of the neck, again adorned with that black protective seal. The drawer began to advance on its slides towards me as I found myself stepping forward. In the darkness of the mask I could barely make out a moulded sheath. I didn’t know what to think. Was I going to become a love doll, permanently mute with only Sylphi for company?

“No, not at all, It’s merely a coating for your mouth to make your teeth immune to decay and less threatening,” said Sylphi.

I didn’t like the sound of her last words, the implications were less than appealing. I could feel my heart thumping. I wanted it to stop. I wished I could wake up from this nightmare.

“I wish I could too. I wish always...” said Slyphi.

The drawer stopped. A surge of relief, a moment of hope? Alas, I was still doomed. Two small stalks the diameter of quarters snaked from the walls of the drawer. They each culminated in a sphere of shimmering liquid, translucent silver.

My body held absolutely still, as the stalks approached my eyes. I couldn’t fucking blink anymore. I couldn’t scream. My jaw no longer belonged to me.

“I promise you won’t be blind after this, Amareth. I won’t let you feel any pain, though Mara wanted you to...”

Somehow I didn’t find that reassuring. The spheres were fucking touching my eyes. Icy cold fluid flowed into them, my vision becoming bleary, then nonexistent as the spheres flooded my eyes. The fluid stole the light, leaving only blackness. It was a unique experience to say the least. Sylphi had lied. I couldn’t see a damn thing.

“Well, you won’t be able to see until the nanites have finished replacing your eyes and optic nerves. But you will see again, Amareth, I promise.”

I screamed. Well, I tried to. I was going to be a cyborg. I never hated full augs, I just knew I would never go all the way. I liked my skin. I liked my eyes, dammit. I was happy that I had left my face untouched, well, at least until I had been forced to ditch my scars.

Sudden input came, crystal clear vision. Right in front of my face, Sylphi was floating. She wasn’t ghostly anymore. She looked as real as she had been spectral. Somehow, I was reassured to see her.

She grinned. “I was wondering how long the conversion would take. It varies from person to person.”

I could see her expressions vividly now. She was lively, truly her own being, cute now that she was palpable.

“Thank you. I designed my appearance, aside from this outfit, which mistress created. My original chassis was similar, while considerably taller.”

“I thought you were an AI? How can you have a body smaller than a spaceship?”

“Well, it’s a rather convoluted story. To make it short, I was once a human.”

“So. You’re a brain in a jar…?”

“No, I don’t have any organic components left. I haven’t had a corporeal form in twenty three years.”

“I had no idea that anybody had done a full transfer. I thought it was banned in the Core, and even the belt as being inhuman. Didn’t all of the original test subjects go mad from the lack of bodily input?”

“Yes, they did. Rather cruel to use unwilling prisoners. I actually volunteered for this to escape an early grave. Brain cancer’s a bitch like that.”

“Must have been pretty gnarly for it to have survived nanite therapy.” “Ya, it just kept coming back, I was slowly degrading from the regen when a wealthy donor offered to pay for an experimental consciousness transfer. All I had to do was go to Jupiter and give up my citizenship.”

“Oh, I can see where this is going, I’m so sorry.”

“When I woke up, I was floating in an endless black void. She left me like that until I begged for any release, even for the death I cheated. I signed a blank check with my sentience as collateral by accepting her help.”

“That evil bitch.”

“Well at least she has become more than fond of me. You’re very lucky she likes you to begin with. Half of our maids are just drones. Former revivals turned slave. You’re lucky, you’ll certainly never be lobotomized like them.”

“I’m not sure if that’s any better…”

3.5 — Sit Rep

“Is she bonding to you properly, pet?” asked Mara.

“Yes, she is coming along wonderfully Ma’am. I have been working on her since she woke up. I don’t think she will give in, though.”

“I don’t know about that, little one, you gave yourself to me with enough training.”

“Of course Mistress, you’re right. I’m sure I’ll break her, ma’am.”

“I want her trained for house service by the end of the week. I will present her at the ball. Her Fiancée will be in attendance. I can’t wait to watch her facade crumble.”

“Yes, Mistress.”