The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Amareth Falls

5 — Uniform

* * *

I slipped my foot into the first part of my only possession—my uniform. Sylphi had finished toying with me for now and had gone back to her characteristic voyeur-like observation.

The material of the latex stocking slid delightfully up my synthetic skin, as if they had been made for each other, which I suppose they had. It was even more intense to touch the smooth, slick textile now. My skin was electric, as though I was made of nerve endings coded for pleasure.

Once I had both stockings up my legs, I felt the little bands around the cream colored socks tighten slightly on my thighs. Next, I picked up the matching panties. I was obsessed with the liquid texture, rolling the smooth textile between my fingers.

I slipped them up until they nuzzled against my mons. It brought me back to the earlier demonstration. I shivered, remembering the alien sensation of having mutable sex characteristics. She thankfully had restored me to my familiar cleft.

I checked out the panties in the mirror. They clung to me perfectly. Emblazoned on the front was another house crest. I lifted the bra, pulling the straps up and over my shoulders, shuddering as the cups brushed my permanently erect nipples. This elicited a needy sigh from me. I reached up, pulling the bra’s band tight.

The clasps found each other magnetically and sealed together. I had never found this part easy, but my new frame seemed far more flexible and even a bit narrower in the shoulders. My old body would have struggled with this task, but my new form easily accomplished it.

I looked in the mirror at my newly clothed doll body. I saw almost nothing of myself except for the face. All of my features were still mine, yet softened by the nanotech dermis making me an ethereal doppelgänger of my old tough self. I looked downright adorable, demure, and dainty. For fucks sake. The rest of my uniform left me somewhat disheartened by the abject femininity of it. In fact, I had no idea where to start.

“Uhh, Sylphi?”

“Yes, Doll?”

“Why is there a blouse and a dress? Am I supposed to wear both?”

“Why am I even remotely surprised by your lack of culture, you are going to be a handful for the other maids. It is quite simple, you wear the blouse under the jumper skirt to maintain your modesty.”

“Modesty!” I scoffed. “You’re telling me I’m supposed to be modest, after you just turned me into a literal fucking sex toy?”

As I spoke, a part of my vision lit up with a HUD element counting up to two. It blinked with a red glow.

“In your duties, you will be expected to act as much more than a simple toy!”

“Then what the fuck am I going to be doing if I’m not a fuck toy?” The counter ticked up twice, blinking more incessantly.

“You will be a part of the Mistress’ household and will help with many different tasks. Cleaning, hosting, attending guests, and of course being at the disposal of our Mistress,” she admonished me whilst gesturing with her wand. Also, I think now is a good time to warn you about that counter you’ve been ticking up. It’s a demerit tracker that will count your social mistakes that impinge on the rules of your status. If you fill it all the way, you will be punished for your crudeness.”

“Oh, you have got to be fu—“, I would have screamed, if I could’ve.

An electric pain starting in my most sensitive regions spread throughout my now frozen body. It was worse than being grazed by that railgun round back on Mars. It was worse than breaking a toe. It was worse than dying.

“What the fu—“ Again I was lost in this sea of agony. Leave it to me to let another loose. I silently cursed at myself, which thankfully seemed allowed.

“My goodness, Amareth, you are the first person who hasn’t figured that out on the first shock…”

I groaned, slumping down on the bed. I didn’t feel any lingering pain, but I felt a little dizzy.

“Ya, well I’m just not most people.” I chuckled, trying to shrug off the dread of being shocked again.

“Yes, you certainly aren’t. Well, it’s best you get back to dressing, or else you will earn demerits for that as well.”

“Oh, lovely, they aren’t just for frelling curse words?”

“Of course not, they are to ensure your behavior without having to puppet you. Mistress doesn’t want mindless automatons, she… she wants obedient, subservient servants.”

“D-does she do this to you as well, Slyphi?”

“Something similar, yes. It’s almost worse without a body.”

I shivered at the implication.

“I’m sorry”

“Yes... Now I suggest you dress the rest of the way, Amareth. I just can’t bring myself to call you a doll. I don’t feel this way for the other maids, but they never treated me like you do, dear.”

I grabbed the blouse and slipped it up over my head. I was fast falling in love with latex. I adored the way it felt sliding over me.

I buttoned up the collar and cuffs of the blouse, picking up the whole heavy dr—tiered jumper skirt. Huh, that’s weird, it’s just a fancy d—jumper skirt.

Oh, I guess this is part of the maid programing. I realized I knew the names of all the constituent parts of my uniform. I settled the dress on my body and looked at the last few items spread over the bed. Only the choker, Mary Janes, and the damned maid’s bonnet remained.

I started with the easiest, slipping the shoes on and clipping the straps over each foot, feeling the shoe reshape itself over my toes. The little heart clasps were such a cute touch. Next, the choker. It closed easily, and tightened just enough that I could still get a few fingers in between it and my neck. This is what it’s like to belong to Mistress. I shook my head, trying to get rid of these intrusive maid thoughts. I’m a fucking top, for Jupiter’s sake.

“Are you sure you’re a top, Amareth? I’m not sure I buy that.”

“One, I’m not just gonna give that up. Two, must you read all of my thoughts?”

“Knowing and doing are two very different things, though I will always admire your tenacity, darling Amareth.”

“You’re not gonna acknowledge my question, are you?”

She smiled ruefully, and booped my nose with her wand.

“No, I shan’t.”