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Amazonian Pride

* * *
CODES: mf, md, mc, gr

SYNOPSIS: Kiana, an amazonian princess has been captured by a mage, what fate does he have in mind for her?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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* * *

Kiana stood naked, poised with her large tits and round ass pushed out from the high heels and her hands on top of her head as her long black hair flowed over her back and shoulders. The Amazon princess looked over at the three men standing across from her but she made no movement one way or the other as they spoke.

“And she’s for sale?” one of the men asked.

“Of course.” a second one replied.

“And the, ah... modifications?” the first one asked.

“I can’t speak to the previous owner’s tastes, but he does recognize that some may not appreciate the changes he made. But he has tired of her so, as she’s not in ‘mint’ condition, she’s for sale at a discount.” the third man replied.

The first man raised an eyebrow, “Discount? That sounds like too good of a deal to pass up.” he said as the three of them turned and walked out of the display room where Kiana remained.

* * *

Kiana was tied down naked on to some kind of steel framework, her arms held out at 90 degrees from her body behind her and bound at the elbows and wrists, her legs splayed apart and similarly restrained at the knees and ankles. Around her neck was a collar that was attached to the same framework that held her arms out.

It clearly wasn’t any natural metal, her Amazonian strength would have been easily able to break it even without any real leverage that her current position provided.

She had just woken up, straining against the bonds as she thrashed from side to side trying to escape. But now, clear that she wasn’t going anywhere, she waited for the eventful arrival of whoever was responsible for this.

She thought back to the battle that she had clearly lost and tried to recall it. She’d been patrolling the port area of the city, having received a tip that a large shipment of contraband would be arriving. She hadn’t thought much of it, not calling for backup or letting any of her colleagues know, it wasn’t like it was anything she would normally have been concerned about.

With effort, some of the haze cleared from her memory and she remembered dropping into the middle of a group of men with machine guns, she easily disarmed them and put them out of commission. Looking around, a shipping container stood half open and several other men ran from the scene.

She hadn’t worried about them, they were in suits and ties, clearly the brains of the operation and she would catch up to them soon enough. But a strange glow from inside the container had made her curious and she’d taken the time to look inside.

Several creats filled it, several opened, but the glow coming from one in particular. Walking up to it, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, but not in time, as she had gazed down at the object and a bolt of energy struck her in the forehead.

And then... she was here. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait much longer until a man walked into the room, she didn’t recognize him but he wore a suit and cape and she recognized some of the glyphs that were embroidered on it, a Thulian Mage, and a master by the look of it.

“Release me Mage and I will go easy on you.” she spat out.

He just smiled in response before going over to the table that she hadn’t noticed and took a sheet from it that covered what was on it. There were two strange looking dildos on it, or at least what she assumed were dildos. He picked one up and stepped back over in front of her, holding it before her face.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked, holding up one of them as she got a better look at it. It had a long shaft but at the base of it was some kind of cover that she imagined would extend several inches to each side of where it was inserted.

“Some kind of perverted sex toy by the looks of it.” she snorted.

“I guess, yes, that is what it looks like and to be honest it will be going exactly where you think it is. It was in the shipment of artifacts you so rudely interfered with. Or should I say, tried to interfere with. But it’s so much more than a sex toy, it’s one half of a set of Dicien trainers. ”

Kiana raised an eyebrow not recognizing the phrase.

“Oh, I don’t expect you to know what that is, it will be easier just to show you.” he said, then reached down and slid it into her pussy.

She gasped as the cool object invaded her, “Bastard! Take it out immediately!”

He let out a chuckle as he strapped it in to place with a leather thong and then left the room. Kiana shouted out after him, but to no avail as he closed the door behind him.

After a few minutes, Kiana became accustomed to the invading object, it gradually warmed up to body temperature and if she was honest, wasn’t unpleasant. That is until she realized that it was becoming warmer and warmer.

She didn’t know how long she was restrained there with it inside of her, but at some point it was obvious that it was no ordinary dildo. Between the growing warmth between her legs and the humiliating position she was in, her body started to betray her.

Her nipples grew hard, her pussy moistened as the dildo started to gently vibrate. By the time he returned, it had to be hours she imagined, she was panting and bucking her hips trying desperately to orgasm.

“What... what... what is it doing to me?” she managed to get out between pants.

“Ah, yes, well as it has done three things really. The first, is as I’m sure you’ve noticed, to greatly increase your sex drive.”

She bucked her hips once more as he spoke, he wasn’t kidding about the “greatly” part, she’d never felt this much need between her legs before and would never have imagined it was possible without experiencing it.

“The second thing is that it’s numbed the nerves in your pussy and clit. Effectively making it very hard for you to orgasm from physical stimulation of either.”

She’d been so distracted by the need that she hadn’t really noticed the vibrations coming from it had been less and less effective as time went on, but now that he mentioned it she did.

“And finally it’s blocked your orgasms, so even if you managed to ‘think’ your way to one, it won’t be happening while that’s inserted into you.”

She let out a moan, partly at the continued need she felt as well as partly at the realization that it wouldn’t go away any time soon. But she did admit at the deviousness of the thing even as it did its dastardly work on her body.

“But don’t worry, all three are completely reversible at the moment.”

The “at the moment” sent chills down her spine as she recognized exactly what it meant.

“Anyway, I just wanted to have this little chat while you were fully aware of the ramifications of what comes next.” he said, pausing only a moment as her body bucked against the framework once more, “In a few hours I’m going to return, by then you should be so desperate to cum that you’ll agree to just about anything. Then I’m going to make you an offer, a simple exchange, your word for your ‘release’.”

The chill ran back up her spine and buried itself in the base of her skull, she knew the meaning of what he was asking and between the need to cum and the fear of what it meant, she wasn’t sure which she would choose and there were still hours to go before he would actually ask.

She thrashed against the framework, half in an attempt to escape and half in need, as he left the room once more.

As an Amazonian, her word was her bond, literally. The magic that imbued her sisters and her with their immortality, strength and speed, also made it so that if any one of them gave their word to any man that they would be magically bound to keep it.

The Amazonian’s seldom gave their word, in fact, the last time it had happened had been over 500 years ago to help defend a small nation from an invading horde. There were still murals of the great battle that ensued, the amazon worrier wading through blood-soaked fields until she had slaughtered thousands. She returned to the Amazonian homeland a changed woman, reclusive and alone, she never spoke of the battle again.

The vibrating in her pussy pulsed again and Kiana tried to simultaneously ignore it and embrace it as her mind tried desperately to find a way out.

* * *

The Mage stood in front of Kiana once more, drool running down her chin as her eyes were defocused and her body spasming randomly.

“Wake up Kiana.” The Mage said and landed an open-handed blow across her cheek.

The sudden slap brought Kiana out of her daze and she gasped as the need to orgasm tried to envelop her again. She could hardly feel anything coming from her pussy, though she knew the continued buzzing of the Dicien trainer should have sent her over the edge long ago.

“There we go, now focus on me Kiana. Do you remember what we talked about before?”

She nodded as the memory of his last visit returned and she managed to focus her mind a little more.

“Good, now it’s time to make a choice. Are you ready to give me your word?” he asked.

Kiana dug down deep, she was the master of her body, not the other way around. With all her strength she managed to form the words, “N... N... N... No! Never!”

It took all she had, but her eyes were focused and sharp and all she saw was him smiling back at her.

“Are you sure? It will be much worse if you don’t. Perhaps though you need to understand what’s going to happen if you do and if you don’t.” he said taking a brief pause before continuing.

“You see if you say yes now two things will happen. First, you will give me your word that you will be my docile, obedient, sex slave. Second I’ll remove the Dicien trainer from your pussy and in a few minutes, the effects will start to wear off, letting you experience the orgasm you so desperately need. After that, I’ll use you for a few months and then more than likely sell you off to some rich super fanboy for his private use.”

Kiana moaned at the thought of finally having a release, her lips quivered as they tried to betray her and say yes but somehow she held strong.

“If you say no, then several things will happen. First I’ll pick up the Dicien trainer’s second half from the table over there...” he said nodding in the direction of the table he’d picked up the one that was in her pussy from earlier.

“And insert it into your ass. Unlike its sibling, this one will increase the sensitivity of your nerves as well as rewiring your mind to interpret any discomfort you might have as pleasure. It will work with its sibling to make these last few hours seem like a day at the beach in comparison. By the time it’s done you’ll be able to have orgasms only from your ass and they’ll be ten times more powerful than any you’ve ever experienced from your pussy or clit.”

She tried to stay focused, she shook her head from side to side, partially in disbelief, partially in horror.

“By the time I return, both the effects of the one in your pussy and the one in your ass will be permanent, with the exception of the orgasm block of course. There will be no resistance left in you, only the need to orgasm. You know this, deep down, you do, right?”

Kiana wanted to shake her head no, but it refused, instead bobbing up and down as the truth hit her.

“Then, you’ll give me your word, not just to be my docile, obedient, sex slave. No, it will be so much worse than that.”

Her body shivered in fear, she wanted so much to say yes but her eyes remained steely as she spoke, “N... Never.”

She knew it was a lie, that if what he said was true she would be unable to resist, but she had no choice, she was an Amazonian, she would not be defeated by a man.

“As you wish.” the Mage said and walked over to the table and picked up the second Dicien trainer and then walked around behind her. The touch of his fingers sent waves of pleasure through her body as he undid the leather thong that held the first one in her pussy, but it was followed by a sharp sting as he pushed the second one into her ass. He then resecured the thong and walked around in front of her once more to look at the mix of discomfort and need on her face before he left the room once more.

* * *

Kiana felt the second and third slap across her face land but it wasn’t until the fourth that she finally let out a gasp and was able to focus on the Mage in front of her.

“Oh god I want to cum so badly! Please! Please let me cum! I’ll do anything!” she let out in a burst of need that brought a smile to his face.

“Anything?” he asked with a chuckle.

“YES! YES! ANYTHING! MY WORD IS YOURS! Simply tell me what to say!” she gasped once more as the vibration of the Dicien trainer in her ass sent another shock wave of pleasure through her body.

It was too much. It had been too much for hours. She wanted to cum more than anything she had ever needed in her life. More than to be an Amazon warrior. More than to be a hero to her people. More than to be the hero of the gods. More than anything.

“Then repeat after me; I Kiana of the Amazons, hereby give my word to be your docile obedient sex slave. To be a sexual object made for the pleasure of others. To be used as my owner sees fit. I shall never again have an orgasm from my clit or pussy or any other part of my body but my anus. I will never orgasm again without the permission of my owner. When my mouth, tits or pussy are being used by a cock I shall act as though I am receiving great pleasure even though I am not. I shall never tell anyone that only my ass brings me pleasure. My owner’s cock in my ass brings me greater pleasure than anything else.”

Kiana repeated the words almost as fast as they left his mouth, she could feel the magic of the bond burning them into her mind as it reshaped every part of her being.

By the time it was finished the Mage had removed the leather thong as well as both of the Dicien trainers from her body and she could fell the wall that had blocked her orgasms start to crumble, but now her own mind would no longer let her cum as her owner had not yet given her permission.

Then he unlocked the framework that held her arms out behind her and rotated them around until her arms stuck out straight to her sides, moments later she felt the Mage’s cock push up against her sphincter and she let out a cry of pure pleasure, “OH GOD YES! Fuck my ass Master!”

He wasted no time in plunging deep into her and she cried out as each stroke sent wave after wave of bliss through her body.

He pushed in deep and leaned in until his lips were at the side of her head, right beside her ear and whispered, “You may orgasm only when you feel my cum in your ass, understand?”

“Oh god yes!” she half whispered back in need as he pulled out and pushed in again.

When he finally released inside of her ass her world exploded in every colour of the rainbow as her orgasm crashed over her and she passed out.

* * *

Kiana woke up in a small room, laying on a basic metal bed naked and she smiled. The memory of her Master taking her anal virginity sent a pleasant wave of pleasure through her as she rolled over and stood up.

The room was empty but a small dresser beside the bed, there was nothing in the drawer and no clothing or other items in the room. At first she sat on the bed waiting for her Master to return, but that seemed wrong somehow and instead, she slid off the bed and on to the floor. She tucked her legs under her, clasped her hands behind her back, pushed her tits out and bowed her head.

A feeling of calm came over her and she knew it was the right thing to do.

She didn’t know how long she sat there, but it didn’t matter, her Master would not have left her there if he didn’t want her to be there and so she waited. Finally, the door owned and her Master entered the room, she wanted so much to crawl over and take him between her lips, but she remained still.

“I see you have taken the appropriate position to great me, very good.”

“Thank you Master.” she replied without raising her head.

“Good, follow me.” he said and turned to walk out the door.

She began to rise to her feet, but just like on the bed, something stopped her. Instead, she leaned forward, placing her hands on the floor and crawling along behind him.

He walked down the hallway and into another room that was brightly lit, “Stand up.” he commanded and she did so, keeping her head bowed.

The room was an operating theatre, in it was a doctor, a nurse and an anesthesiologist, “Do everything the doctor and nurses tell you to, understand?”

“Yes Master.” she replied as he turned to walk from the room.

As he did the doctor walked over to her with a surgical marker and started to draw lines on her body, around her breasts, ass and face without saying a word or asking a single question.

Minutes later she was on the table, a mask over her face, as the world faded from view once more.

* * *

Kiana pushed her two silicone filled tits together with her hands and the two globes hardly changed shape as she did so. Leaning forward she licked her puffed up lips slowly as she wiggled her ass that was similarly filled with silicone.

The doctor had done marvelous work and with her Amazonian healing ability there were no scars left after just a few days. She turned around and placed a hand on the wall before spreading her legs, pushing her ass up and then landing a hard slap on it with her free hand.

In the months since her surgery, she’d used her new body many times to entice her Master to fuck her and this was one of his favourite games. He had commanded her to pose in the corner of the room while he did some work, if she performed to his liking he would take a break and fuck her. If she didn’t he’d continue his work and let her continue trying.

She’d been at it for almost half an hour today and hadn’t gotten much more than a sidelong glance from him so far.

She turned around and leaned back against the wall, then she grabbed hold of the piercings that adorned her tits and gave them a hard tug. She let out a moan before releasing one and sliding her free fingers between her enhanced lips and sucking on them. She could feel the stud in her tongue as she did and pushed her hips out hoping he could see the matching on in her clit.

Letting go of other piercing she reached down and slapped her pussy and clit several times as she bucked against her hand, she closed her eyes and moaned even louder.

Of course, none of this brought her any pleasure really; her tits, lips, clit and pussy were no more a source sexual pleasure than the soles of her feet. But she’d given her word that she’d act like she was feeling pleasure and besides, it was the most likely way to entice her Master into using her ass and that’s where her real pleasure came from.

She opened her eyes to her master standing in front of her and she eagerly turned around, sticking her ass out for him to grab. Minutes later she was in heaven as another orgasm finally crested.

* * *

Kiana stood two steps behind her Master, her tits pushed out, her hands clasped behind her back and her head bowed as the chain laid slack between her tits. One end of it was attached to the collar around her neck, the other was loosely gripped between her owner’s fingers as he sat in the chair in front of a desk.

There was another man sitting behind the desk typing away at a computer keyboard, looking over his glasses that sat half way down his nose, once in a while before finally turning to her Master, “And you’re sure you wish to sell her?”

“Yes, I’ve had my fun over the last year, it’s time.” her owner replied.

“Alright.” the man behind the desk said and stood up. He walked over to a printer by the wall, took a sheet of paper from it and walked around to her owner once more, “Sign here, here and initial here.” he said sliding the paper in front of her owner and handing him a pen.

A moment later the pen came to rest and her Master stood up, turned to her and showed her the paper, it was a bill of sale. She had just been sold.

He handed her new owner the end of the leash, stepped around her and before leaving gave her ass one last smack.

Her mind swirled with questions, would her new owner fuck her ass? Would he do it as often? What was the best way to entice him to?

Before she could come up with any answers he tugged at her leash and led her from his office, through a field of desks and finally to a large room that had a dozen or so small cubby holes in the walls. In several of them was a man or woman, naked or nearly so, posing for some unseen camera.

He guided her to one of the empty ones and directed her into it, “Get undressed and stand here. Pose and make yourself desirable. If anyone comes in, follow their instructions. Understand?”

“Yes Master.” she said as she undressed and took her spot.

It took far too long as far as she was concerned, several days, for a new owner to purchase her. She was grateful to have a new owner as no one had used her the entire time she had been in the cubby hole. Men would come in once in a while and take her from the cubby and let her eat and clean up, but they returned her as soon as she was done.

When she arrived at her new owner’s home, she was happy that he immediately bent her over and gave her pussy a hard pounding, she mewed and grunted, gasped and begged for more with each stroke even though he might have well as been jacking himself off for all the pleasure it brought her.

He fucked her each day, sometimes multiple times, but always in the pussy, or between the tits or in her mouth. She did everything she could to try and get his cock in her ass, finally breaking down and begging him to take her ass with every fibre of her being, but he kept saying no.

He quickly tired of her pleas, he commanded her to never ask to be fucked in the ass again. He didn’t realize it of course, but the command was so general that it wasn’t just him that she wouldn’t ask, but anyone, ever.

She obeyed, of course, quickly turning around and taking his cock between her lips and sliding all the way down his shaft, moaning and playing with her clit as she did so.

As she did, inwardly she knew, she’d had her last orgasm, ever. She knew her Master would never fuck her ass and that she would never ask anyone else to do it either. He would fuck her mouth, her tits, her pussy and he might even let someone else fuck those things as well, but she would never again feel the sexual bliss of her ass being used or the blinding orgasm of her owner’s cum flowing deep into her bowels.

She would, of course, continue to act as if those things gave her pleasure, bringing pleasure to her owner and anyone who used her. After all, she had given her word and she was bound to honour it.