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Amy’s Beautiful Girl


Description: Katy is now in college and enjoying her new found freedom. It seems though that another girl named Amy wants to remake her into her version of beautiful.

College life felt a lot like high school. I was still a cheerleader. I was still six feet, had brown hair, green eyes, and a decent sized chest. I still was just an average student named Katy. The only read difference between college and high school that I could notice was that I was now living on my own.

Being on the cheerleader squad I felt like I was on the top of the world. I was getting plenty of attention from the guys and was showered with gifts each week when I got a new boyfriend. I was seeing far more action than I would have ever seen back home. I felt complete; until I met her.

Amy was probably considered the best looking girl in school. She had long wavy blonde hair that shimmered like gold in the sun, her deep peircing blue eyes would melt anyone’s heart who looked at them, and she was a bit heavy in the chest area without it being too overbearing. Yes, Amy was the best girl in school and the guys didn’t stand a chance at dating her. Although you couldn’t tell in just a glance, she was a lesbian.

It wasn’t just a college thing either. I noticed one or two girls expirmenting for fun while they were still young, but Amy was different. As near as anyone could tell Amy had been a lesbian her entire life. She seemed to even have her own harem, a group of girls that were never too far away from her. All of them super geeks who probably only saw the sun whenever they were with Amy. They were either with Amy or off in their dorm studying.

I never paid much attention to the rumors or Amy herself. I didn’t have any issues with her and I assumed she was the same with me. Being a C average girl I shouldn’t have even shown up on her radar. Had I actually paid attention though I might have figured out how dead wrong I was. Maybe I could have even done something about it, if I had cared enough.

* * *

“You want me,” Amy once told me as I was getting off practice.

“Excuse me?” I stared at Amy as if I had just looked at a two headed horse. She held up a blue gem on a necklace that was the size of her small fist, “Do you want something?”

“You want me,” Amy said again with greater confidence, “You want me badly. You’ll do anything to be with me.”

“Whatever,” I tried looking away, but the blue gem seemed to draw me in. I just couldn’t stop staring.

“I’ll give you some time,” the gem swayed so gently, “Time to figure out what you have to do to be with me and time to actually achieve it. I have high hopes for you and I know you won’t let me down.”

I was about to say something when Amy abruptly put away the necklace and walked away. I was dumbfounded, but as I watched her wiggle her little ass I realized I was a little wet as well. Her words bugged me the rest of the day. I constantly argued with myself that I really didn’t want her. I easily won each argument, but it seemed to be by a slimmer margin each time.

Days past and tried to put Amy out of my head. I wasn’t lesbian and I could easily remember that as I fucked the brains out of every guy I could get my hands on. My climaxes slowly decreased though. After only a week there wasn’t a guy on campus who could satisfy my urges anymore.

Amy’s comments began to haunt me. My arguments were becoming less persuasive. A new side of me was arguing back and getting traction. I remembered how Amy walked away from me while masturbating to the image, for the first time in days I felt satisfaction. It became a regular thing for me; thinking of Amy’s image while masturbating. The next few days gave me the most intense orgasm’s I had ever felt, yet there was that nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough.

My frustration finally reached a tipping point. I realized I had to talk to Amy again, see what she wanted so that I could figure out how to achieve my ultimate climax. Each time I tried to even get close to her though one of her girls stopped me. I tried fighting my way past, but they were far too determined to make sure I stayed away from her.

“Listen, I’ll pay you guys a hundred dollars a piece,” I said one day after another futile attempt at getting to Amy, “I just want to talk to her. I desperately need to do this.”

“Can’t do,” one of Amy’s Asian girls said as she tried to make herself look bigger and stronger than she possibly was, “You’re not good enough for her.”

“Yet,” Amy’s other bodyguard, an orange haired girl with freckles and thick glasses, taunted.

“What do you mean yet?” I inquired.

“Amy only dates beautiful girls,” the Asian answered.

“I am beautiful!” I argued, “Maybe not as much as Amy, but guys say I’m easily in the top five. How could you possibly say I’m not hot enough for Amy!?”

“I never said you weren’t hot,” the Asian said in a calm voice, “I just said you weren’t beautiful. Amy doesn’t want hot girls, she want’s beautiful girls.”

“Alright,” I said through gritted teeth, “How do I become beautiful?”

“Just take a look at the girls around her,” the orange haired girl replied, “You’ll figure it out.”

I stared past the two body guards. On that particular day Amy had five of her girls around her, including the two bitches standing between me and her. One was laying on the grass with her head in Amy’s lap getting her hair stroked. The other two had a pile of books between them as they read. All of them looked vastly different, there seemed to be no common ground.

Then it struck me. It really wasn’t my looks holding me back. Amy didn’t care about what her girls looked like on the outside, she didn’t want to be surrounded by supermodels like herself. She wanted girls that were intelligent and could think. As I stood at that very moment, I didn’t stand a chance. I turned around and walked away while making a promise that the next time I tried to get Amy, I would be beautiful enough to get to her.

* * *

With a new purpose in life I cracked open every book I had and begun studying in earnest. I stopped even pretending to date boys and put them all off. I dropped cheerleading as well since it cut into my study time. My old friends started drifting away, but I could feel Amy getting closer with each good grade on my papers. Nothing but Amy and studying mattered to me anymore.

As the finals approached I realized it was my shot to show Amy I was exactly what she desired. I barely saw the sun in the days leading up to the finals. My appearence shifted as I stopped putting so much work into it. My hair began to frizzle and my skin now lacked the smooth complexion it once had with daily maintenance and makeup. People assumed I was a different person when I finally emerged ready for the exams.

Finals were brutal. Even with all the studying most of the problems felt almost out of my reach. I was confident though, I was a girl on a mission to get the one I so desperately desired. I worked through each exam with the same passion I now had for studying.

The week following was nerve racking. Amy would accept nothing less than straight A’s before she would even talk to me. I began to have doubts if I had achieved my goal. My heart was in my throat when they finally handed out those pieces of paper that held my future. I wondered if I would finally get close to Amy or if I was doomed to a life of loneliness.

My hard work paid off. I was practically in tears as I saw a nice column of A’s going straight down the piece of paper. My average for the year was a bit lower due to my slow start, but I was sure that would go up next semester. Maybe at least now I could finally get Amy’s attention.

Her girls let me past without so much as a word. I met her under a cherry tree that stood at the main entrance to the college. In her hand was the same blue gem she held the last time she spoke to me. The time that had triggered my new desires. Her eyes were full of pride, like a parent who’s own child had gotten good grades.

“I’m glad you made it,” Amy said as she held up the blue gem, “Are you ready for your reward?”

“Yesss...” I fell to my knees and looked up at Amy.

“You are so beautiful,” Amy said as she caressed my cheek before kissing me, “For your dedication to be with me I’ll give you what you desire the most. I’ll enslave you and make you part of my harem. Tonight you’ll share my bed with me and all your sisters.”

“Oh thank you mistress,” the words rolled off my tongue like honey.

“Now look into the gem my precious slave,” Amy began swaying the gem, “Look into the gem and become mine.”