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I would like to formally thank SoulBlazer for inspiring this story and Michelle for holding the writing contest that led to me writing it. Without both of them, the story likely wouldn’t exist. Please enjoy. :)


Anime DNA

Keith carefully pushed down the edges of the poster, smoothing it out as he mounted it on the wall. This was so perfect, he thought, stepping back and looking at the large four foot wide by six foot tall image.

“The guys are gonna love this.” He said to himself, taking the double-sided tape and returning it to the junk drawer in his small kitchen. He’d only been out on his own for three months now and the apartment manager refused to allow him to paint or even hammer any nails on this one wall. Well, he thought proudly, he had solved that issue.

The poster was brightly colored and he really had no idea if the girl was supposed to be a specific character or whether she was just meant to be hot. Either way, he couldn’t have cared less. The hot disproportionate anime girl was exactly what his pad needed. It filled the wall and covered the bland whiteness with a brilliant image that dripped with sex appeal.

Taking a seat on the couch, Keith laid back and appreciated his new art. There were Japanese characters written across the right side and he had absolutely no idea what they said. Still they looked cool, and the place he’d bought it had been going out of business so the whole thing cost him less than the tape he’d used to mount it.

There was just something about the girl. She was young-looking as almost every anime girl he’d ever seen was, but she was immensely mature in the places where it counted. Her tits were absolutely huge, somehow defying gravity and physics as they stood out from her tiny torso. Her waist was incredibly thin, too thin for reality, and her hips flared out, dramatically stretching the tiny pleated skirt she wore. The girl stood with one leg stuck out and her upper torso bent back as if she were on the verge of falling. Her long bright purple hair hung right behind her as if blowing in a steady breeze and her face was tilted to the side, big bright green eyes sparkling.

Keith was absorbed in her massive cleavage barely contained in her tied-off school uniform blouse, when he heard the knock at the door. Dragging himself away from his new wall covering, Keith went and looked through the peep hole.

“Damn” He muttered, seeing his girlfriend and her little sister. The guys may appreciate his new art but if one thing was definite, it was that Courtney would absolutely despise it. She was a very conservative girl and pretty prudish in most respects. He could feel his muscles tense as he opened the door.

“Hey, look who it is.” Keith said, trying to act casual.

“Hi Keith, sorry to pop by but we just came from the mall and I wanted to drop off a couple of shirts I got for you. I left my key at home.” Courtney said, pushing her way past him and into the living room.

As her little sister followed her in, Keith closed the door and took a brief second to appraise his girlfriend. She was nowhere near as busty as the fantasy anime girl, but in reality who was? Still, even as girls go, she was small, possibly a B cup although he never could get a clear look. She was just so uptight and any intimate views he’d gotten were in strictly darkened rooms. She had decent legs and maybe that was what first attracted him to her. She looked good in a short skirt, although he’d only seen her in one once and that was months ago when they first met. Her hips were nice, but nowhere near as curvy as he dreamed about. Basically, she was a realistic girl, attractive but no fantasy girl. Her little sister was a much different case though. She was still in high school and was most likely very popular with the boys her age or even twice her age. She was busty, not huge but for someone her age, quite blessed. She also loved to wear tight clothing. In some ways she was the flip-side of the coin to Courtney.

As Courtney came out from the small bedroom where she’d gone to lay his shirts, the fireworks started. “What the hell is that?”

She stood there staring at the poster with glowing eyes. She was known for her temper and Keith knew when he was in trouble. He stuttered for a second as Courtney and her sister stared at the poster, neither showing anything but disgust at what they saw. “um it’s a poster.” He finally said meekly.

“I know it’s a goddamn poster. What the hell is it doing on your wall?” Courtney raged, crossing her arms in front of her small chest. Her little sister stood there with a knowing grin as though it was enjoyable to see big sis’ boyfriend get in trouble.

“It’s just a poster. I wanted something to fill the blank space there and I found this.” Keith said, struggling to sound strong in his decision.

“Keith, this is nothing but smut. Why would you even think of putting something like this in your living room? It’s hideous and perverted. Can you just imagine what our friends would say?” Courtney fumed, flailing her arms around as she argued.

“I’m sorry, I thought my friends would like it.” Keith said, knowing he just wasn’t going to win.

“Yes, your friends, your perverted little comic geeks. We’ve talked about this Keith. You’ve gotta grow up. Stop fantasizing about little sex dolls in school uniforms. Oh and drop those friends, they’re just pulling you down with them.”

Keith looked down at the floor as Courtney went on.

“I mean really Keith, I have Lauren here with me. Do you think this is at all appropriate for her to see?”

Lauren, still holding her smirking smile, spoke up. “Oh I’ve seen stuff like that before. Jimmy has a poster not too different in his room at home.” She said, referring to her lazy younger step-brother.

Courtney whirled and looked right at her sister. “He does? What kind of man did mom marry? This is just plain pornographic.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t think...” Keith started to say, Courtney quickly jumping back on his case.

“That’s right, you didn’t think. I swear sometimes I think you’d be completely helpless without me here to take care of you. But I am here, and once again I’m taking care of you. Lauren help me get this trash down off the wall.”

Keith went back to the couch and watched helplessly as his girlfriend and her sister walked to opposite corners of the poster. He couldn’t believe he’d had it up less than five minutes and this is what was going to happen. Maybe he should stand up for himself, he thought. He dismissed the idea quickly as he recalled the truth in what Courtney had said about his friends. They were geeks and none of them even had a girl, much less one as strong and independent as he did. She did take care of him, help him figure life out, she even bought him shirts for job interviews. He had to make sacrifices for his relationship and unfortunately this was yet another of those sacrifices.

“Grab that corner there.” Courtney said to Lauren as they each reached up on tip toes to the opposite top corners of the large poster. Neither girl was anywhere close to six feet and that was about a foot below where the poster reached, so both were struggling to remain balanced as they peeled at the corners, tugging up the sticky tape.

“Woah, ooofff!” Courtney and Lauren cried out at practically the same time. They’d lost their balance quickly and grabbed at the edges of the poster falling straight back onto the carpet. Keith simply bit the edge of his knuckle as he watched them tear his beautiful poster straight in half.

“Well, you could help us up.” Courtney grumbled, pulling herself halfway up and looking over at her sister.

Keith stood and tried to tear his eyes away from the ruined anime girl in the poster. Helping first Courtney and then Lauren to their feet, he sighed.

“Damn, I got a paper cut from your stupid poster.” Courtney muttered, sticking the tip of her index finger just inside her mouth. “Me too.” Lauren said, already sucking gently on her own finger.

“I’m sorry, look why don’t you girls go home. I can clean up the rest of the poster.” Keith said, showing as little frustration as he could. Courtney agreed and before she and Lauren left, turned to give Keith a quick peck on the cheek.

“Sorry for really yelling, just get rid of that, okay honey?” She said.

“Alright, again sorry for the screw-up.” Keith said as he shut the door. He spent the next three or four minutes pulling the rest of his poster and double-sided tape off the wall and crumpling it all up into the trash. Taking a seat on his couch he stared at the big blank wall. He was already missing the anime girl. Perverted or not, she sure had been nice to look at. He fell asleep later that night with dreams of the doe-eyed little anime girl with the giant tits. She was so perfect, and in his dreams he began to merge those images with his own life, putting himself in the poster with her.

Courtney tossed and turned all through the night, her mind restless and her body aching in places she’d never experienced before. For some reason her dreams seemed to revolve around giggling bubbly school girls. She kept picturing flashes of school girls acting sexy and dressing sexy and generally doing everything she’d been raised not to do. She woke several times throughout the night, her head flushed with sweat and her sides aching as though she’d been doing a series of sprinting marathons. Finally when the morning came, she could barely pull herself out of bed. She felt every muscle in her body strain with any movement she made. Her hair was in her eyes and she attempted to brush it away as she trudged into the bathroom.

What she saw in the mirror nearly made her jump. She knew she’d had a rough night but this was something completely different from the stressed out girl she expected to be looking back at her. For one thing, her skin looked pale but not sickly pale, just porcelain and smooth. Every tiny blemish she’d ever had, long healed acne scars, ancient freckles, every little mark, was completely gone. Her skin looked perfect, almost cartoon-like in its clean coloring. But this wasn’t where her surprise ended. Looking at her hair, Courtney could swear there were streaks of color in it. Maybe it was the light or her imagination, she thought, but there looked to be hints of purple showing through her ordinary brown hair.

After brushing her teeth and passing off most of these things as just her mind playing tricks on her, Courtney stepped into a nice hot shower to get ready for work. She busily washed her hair, thinking maybe she’d gotten something in it that changed the color somewhat. As she was rinsing off and letting the hot water cascade down her body, she noticed the third major difference, something she couldn’t quite believe she hadn’t seen before. As unbelievable as it was, she knew her eyes weren’t lying to her. Her hips were wider. Whether it was her waist that was thinner or the hips more flared out, Courtney knew something was wrong as soon as she got out and stood nude before the mirror. No wonder her sides were hurting so much, Courtney thought. They were pretty significantly different. The flare was about as curvy as she’d ever seen in old pin-up photos from the fifties. This was ridiculous, she thought, vowing to drop by a local doc-in-the-box on her lunch break and see what might be going on.

Late that night, Courtney finally went to sleep again. She’d visited a doctor and received a clean bill of health. He checked everything in her blood and other than some completely minor variances in her white cell count there was nothing wrong. She’d gotten used to her hips and waist slowly throughout the day but felt her pants squeeze much more than she was used to and told herself if this didn’t go away soon, she’d need to go shopping for some new clothing.

That night, much like the previous night, Courtney tossed and turned. She just couldn’t keep her mind from wandering and her body aches returned with a vengeance. This time not only did her sides hurt but her chest seemed to throb throughout the night. She kicked the covers off more than once with how flushed and hot she was feeling. Her hair even seemed to bring a spur of pain each time she rolled over. Her dreams were filled with giggling school girls and unusually adult behavior. She imagined herself as one of these girls, dressed in a tight little uniform and teasing all the men who checked her out. She kept coming back to the images of a giggling silly girl with no thoughts in her head outside of making boys and men horny.

In the morning, Courtney found herself again dragging her tired body into the bathroom. She stared into her reflection and her eyes widened. Not only was there much more purple in her hair, it seemed longer and smoother, flowing gently over her shoulders and down her back. She looked down her body and saw that not only was her skin still as brilliant and flawless as before, her hips were even wider, her waist so compressed she felt there had to be some internal damage happening whenever she walked. Running her hands up her hips she didn’t stop until she felt the undersides of her normally modest chest. This wasn’t so modest anymore. Beneath her ordinarily loose night shirt, two prominent bulges appeared. Pulling her collar out and looking down, Courtney realized her tits were not just swollen, they looked almost inflated. They were easily two cup sizes larger than the night before. She doubted she could even come close to fitting into her bras.

Working as a secretary at the local bank, Courtney always dressed professionally. Unfortunately that didn’t completely work anymore. No matter what outfit the young woman had tried on, none seemed to fit her or cover her in quite the way she needed. Eventually, she’d settled on a long skirt that now wrapped her hips extremely tightly and only seemed to add to how curvy she was now looking. Her blouse had to serve as a bra as well since nothing came close to covering her suddenly double-sized breasts.

The real problems didn’t start for her until just after lunch when several male co-workers who’d been clearly discussing her looks finally decided to approach her. They said they liked the hair and asked what she’d done. Courtney wanted to say nothing more than an accidental dye job gone wrong, but her mind began to wander. All the girl could think about was flirting with these men. She found herself batting her eyes and arching her back, making sure the prominence of her nipples really drew their attention to her inflated chest. As the men had eventually gotten back to work, she came to her senses and realized what she’d been doing. Blushing and ashamed, Courtney spent the rest of the day hiding out at her desk and avoiding any eye contact. Something was clearly wrong, she thought.

After struggling through her day and barely managing to remain focused on her work, Courtney found herself again preparing for bed. She’d been hardly able to communicate before she left work. For some reason whenever she even glanced at male co-workers, she had this sudden distinct image in her mind of showing them her tits and flirting with them to the point where they might bend her right over her desk and do her like the naughty little girl she was. The doctor had said there wasn’t anything wrong the day before. Still, she was increasingly worried about what was going on. She thought about calling Keith, but then, they’d had that argument and she still felt a little bad over it. Besides, she reasoned, they were going out on Friday. She could share her concerns then. Still, she reasoned, it was best to talk to someone.

Dialing her mom’s house, Courtney waited impatiently for her sister to pick up. She knew she’d be home, she always was on a school night at this time, even considering her popularity and carefree spirit. Pacing back and forth, feeling every movement in her bulging chest, Courtney finally heard someone pick up.

“Hello, ungh...” came the voice of Jimmy, her stepbrother. “What do you want?”

A puzzled expression crossed Courtney’s face. “Um... Is Lauren there?” She asked.

There was a lengthy silence on the other end, during which Courtney felt sure she was hearing grunts or muffled moans. Finally Jimmy seemed to reply, his voice stressed and frustrated sounding. “Uh Yes, she’s busy right now, ungh...”

Several things bothered Courtney all at once. First, why was her stepbrother answering Lauren’s phone? They’d had separate phone lines now for more than two years, and if she wasn’t there naturally voicemail should have picked up. Second, what was he doing and what were the noises in the background? Finally, why was his voice having the same effect as those men at work. Courtney could feel her nipples swelling and hardening with every syllable the boy pronounced. She breathed slowly before talking.

“Just tell her to call her sister.”

“Yeah, whatever, unghhh.... oh...” Jimmy replied, and the line went dead.

That night the dreams returned along with the body aches. This time it was mainly her chest that hurt but also her eyes ached, almost like a migraine but without much of the usual symptoms, just the pain. In her over-active mind, she again pictured being a giggly little school girl with big swollen tits and a tight little waist. She found her mind enjoying the dream much more as she tossed and turned less and less. In the dream she happily skipped along without a care in the world from boy to boy, from man to man, letting each one do whatever he wanted to her. She loved it and after a slightly less stressful night awoke with a smile on her face.

Entering the bathroom, Courtney again had a moment of shock as she looked at her reflection. The girl looking back barely looked the same as she had just a few days ago. Her hair was almost purely purple, a bright shiny color that looked funny and strangely seemed to feel just right. Her tits had ballooned out into proportions she wasn’t even sure how to describe. They were huge and yet she really didn’t feel the weight she might have expected. They simply were there, pushing so tightly against the inside of her night shirt that she clearly could make out her large and surprisingly pointy nipples poking out. As she ran her hands over her hips she felt them flare out more dramatically but not so much as it seemed they finally were stopping whatever changes they were undergoing. Her eyes were what distressed her the most. They looked bigger. There was no other way about it. Her eyes looked big, not freakishly huge by any means, but bigger and more sparkly than before. As she gave herself a sidelong look, Courtney realized she looked like some kind of cartoon sex doll. Her big doe-eyes, her tits, the tiny waist and wide hips, everything seemed purely devoted to sex. She managed to find clothing to fit her for work but made the promise that at lunch she just had to visit a shop in the mall.

The mall was packed with people, the lunch crowd really taking advantage of all the sales going on this time of year. Courtney wasn’t feeling herself entirely. She walked into the mall, her tits preceding her so far so that she bumped into doors and the occasional person trying to get used to the anatomical alterations. Her head was a little loopy and the girl had been very openly flirty so far at work. The bank manager had even had to get on to several of her male co-workers for spending too much time around her desk and not enough taking care of their own business. She giggled a little, thinking about how much those men wanted to do her.

Entering the clothing store, one she’d seen many times before but for some reason never gone into, Courtney walked up to the sales counter.

“Hello, welcome to Fiona’s Fetishwear, can I help you find anything?” Luke asked, as the bombshell of a girl strolled right up to him.

Courtney smiled and licked her lips. “Oh I do hope so, you see I need clothes. I seem to have outgrown my old boring ones.”

Luke smiled and felt just a hint of perspiration break out on his forehead. He’d gotten used to seeing kinky women in this store, but this one was the most. She looked like a fantasy from some porn cartoon come to life. He actually had difficulty controlling his erection enough so he could walk her over to a section of the store he thought she might like. Taking a breath, he calmly pointed out the rows of fetish skirts and tops.

“I believe these may suit you, although you’ll probably have to try some on. Our dressing rooms are just over here.” He said, pointing over to the side of the store.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Courtney grabbed skirt after skirt, each progressively tighter and shorter than the last. She went in each time and tried the skirts on, every last one making her feel more and more comfortable with who she seemed to be becoming. Her mind wasn’t quite so cloudy any more as she eventually stopped bothering to close the door and stripped right down in full view of the sales guy who visibly tented his pants and looked ready to fuck the counter he stood behind. The girl simply smiled and gave him little nods, licking her lips and moving on to try on blouses.

Luke couldn’t believe how slutty this girl was. She looked like a wet-dream and acted like a porn star. He stood, barely even containing the lust in his eyes as she tried on clothing not twenty feet away. Luckily this store had few customers during the day so nobody else saw when she started leaving the door to the changing room open and flashing her unbelievable assets to his leering eyes. He watched her try on blouses and saw that she wore no bra, although he wasn’t entirely sure bras came in her size. She looked like she was carrying full-sized watermelons hidden beneath her shirt and many times as she tried on blouse after skimpy blouse, the girl simply let her nipples hang right out. With every movement, they jiggled obscenely and Luke nearly came several times just watching her.

Late that night a very tired Courtney arrived home with bags of clothing. She’d purchased much more than she originally intended but the cute sales guy had just done such a nice job helping her. She’d barely been able to keep herself from letting him bend her over and screw her little brains out. She giggled as she put the new clothes away. At least the guy did seem to enjoy the blow job she gave him. She could still taste his cum as she got ready for bed. There had just been something so right about sliding down on her knees behind the counter as the man stared out into the mall. She smiled, remembering the way the man grunted hard when she deep-throated his yummy cock and swallowed all the sperm she could, letting only the tiniest amount dribble down over her chin and drip down into her massive cleavage.

The phone rang, pulling Courtney from her thoughts of the day and back into reality. Looking down at the caller ID, she recognized her sister’s number. With a giddy bit of excitement the girl wasn’t entirely used to just yet, she grabbed the phone and happily chirped, “Hiya sis!”

“Hey there girl.” Lauren said, her voice sounding a bit strained, but otherwise not too unusual.

Courtney sat there holding the phone, listening as her sister breathed rather heavily on the line. She wondered why Lauren was being so silent and simply reached up and lightly caressed her nipple as little sis eventually spoke up again. “You, ungh, you wanted to talk to me?” The girl seemed to be multi-tasking, the phone sometimes seeming a bit more distant from her mouth.

Oh, Courtney thought, had she wanted to ask her sister something? What was it, she questioned? She pursed her lips and really thought, but for some reason things were seeming a bit fuzzy lately. She remembered her day at work and all the cute guys she wanted to do all kinds of things with. She remembered shopping and enjoying a nice warm wet snack from the salesman. What was it she wanted to talk to Lauren about?

“Oh,” Courtney said, suddenly thinking she knew just what it was. “You wouldn’t believe the clothes I got today, you really have to see them sometime.”

On the other end of the phone muffled grunts and what sounded like the slapping of skin could be heard. Her teenage sister took a moment to reply and again Courtney had the distinct impression something else was going on. “Ugh, um Oh that’s great, I’ll see you this weekend. You should, unghh... see the stuff I’ve been wearing to school. I’ve been a big hit this week.”

“What are you doing right now?” Courtney asked, unable to contain the curiosity that pecked at her.

Lauren laughed a little on the line. “Nothing much, Jimmy’s been helping me out with some stuff. He’s really great.”

Scrunching her eyebrows, Courtney had a quick thought about neither of them really liking their stepbrother. Why would her sister say he was great?

“I thought you didn’t like him.” She asked.

Again her younger sister laughed a little and seemed to suddenly press her face right into the phone, her voice muffled and loud for just a second. “Oh, ungh, yeah I guess I changed my mind. He still tends to enjoy letting me have it though, and can be a little rough on me.” There was a brief hesitation, during which a male voice gasped. “But I really like it.”

“Okay then,” Courtney said, “I guess I’ll see you later.”

Putting the phone down, the girl dropped her fingers from where they had been, caressing and massaging her swollen chest. She thought of her sister, and then thought of Jimmy. A smile formed on her face and she wondered for a moment if Jimmy would let her have it too. Oh well, she thought, off to bed.

Her sleep was much more relaxed on this night and Courtney found herself happily dreaming of days spent as a giggly fantasy school girl, fucking and sucking, and generally doing everything fun with any guy who wanted her. She saw her big tits bouncing as she mounted herself again and again on any number of cocks, stuffing herself full and eagerly awaiting the next juicy blast into her cunt. There were no body aches, just a minor tingling that seemed to flow over her skin and in the late late morning, Courtney finally woke up and pulled herself from bed.

Entering the bathroom, she giggled and smiled at her reflection. The cute overly buxom school girl looking back at her reminded her of someone. She wasn’t sure where she’d seen her but the girl was cute. Courtney reached up and ripped her nightshirt away, tossing it to the floor as she squeezed and massaged her giant tits, pinching her enlarged nipples and moaning in pleasure that flowed all throughout her body. She squeezed her thighs tightly and rubbed at her wide hips as she nearly got off just looking in the mirror. Eventually she managed to leave the bathroom and began to get dressed.

The new clothing fit her perfectly. The tiny little pleated skirt she’d gotten hugged her every curve, sending a thrill of depravity in her mind every time she thought of the fact that she wore nothing underneath. This was how a giggly girl like her was supposed to dress, she thought, her mind wandering over the many cocks she had to be sure and try out today. Tying her frilly white blouse up around her massive tits, Courtney blew herself a kiss in the bedroom mirror and teased at her bright purple hair. She looked like every man’s fantasy, she thought. Suddenly she remembered Keith and how horribly she’d acted the last time she saw him. She’d torn up his pretty poster. That was naughty, she thought, and she should definitely make it up to him.

Less than ten minutes later Courtney stood at the door to Keith’s apartment, twirling her hair and giggling in anticipation of wrapping her legs around him.

Keith walked to the door in his pajamas. Whoever the hell this was bothering him on his day off better have a good reason, he thought. His week had been on a downward spiral ever since his poster got ruined. He’d had nothing good come from any of this and was promising himself that when Courtney showed up he was going to tell her exactly how he felt about it.

One thing Keith never expected to see was a living breathing anime girl standing at his door and giggling like a little bimbo. He did a double-take as he caught a glint in her big bright green eyes. “C-Courtney, Is that you?”

“Yep, aren’t ya glad to see me?” Courtney asked skipping in past her boyfriend.

Keith stood there in blatant shock as someone who vaguely sounded like his girlfriend but appeared right out of his fantasies strolled into his living room. It took him several minutes to shut the door and even speak.

“Er, what happened to you?” He asked cautiously, his mind telling him he must be still asleep or something.

Courtney walked right up to Keith and kissed him full on the lips, shoving her giant tits hard into his chest. Keith melted into her and pressed his body tighter into her big squishy melons, his hands falling to her substantially wider hips. He pulled away from her and looked her up and down. She was pure sex on legs. He’d never dreamed of a girl this hot and now staring right into the face of one, he had no idea what to do.

“Well?” Courtney asked, grinning and running a hand along his side. “Doncha wanna fuck me?”

Keith didn’t even have to answer as he grabbed his girlfriend’s giant tits and groped her into a near orgasm, shoving her back onto the coffee table. He stood up only long enough to lose his pants and underwear before throwing himself back between her outstretched legs.

Slamming his cock deep inside the girl, Keith silently thanked whatever twist of fate had given him this gift. He ripped at her blouse and revealed the biggest tits he’d ever seen and best of all they seemed entirely natural. He twisted her nipples as he rhythmically fucked in and out of her deliciously tight cunt. His cock had never seemed harder and his mind never more perverted in the thoughts he had of doing all kinds of dirty things to his previously uptight girlfriend. Courtney moaned away beneath him, her purple hair looking so much like that of the girl in his lost poster that Keith grew even harder inside her.

“Oh, Oh, Oh fuck me Keith, fuck me like a little schoolgirl slut. Fill me with your cum, fill me until I can’t take anymore.” The girl cried out.

Over the next two hours, Keith fucked away at the gorgeous creature Courtney had become. She was an animal, grunting loudly and shrieking in orgasms so loud the windows shook. He plowed into her again and again, watching her huge perfect tits bounce all over the place.

During rests from the frantic fucking, Courtney crawled between her boyfriend’s legs and sucked sweetly at his cock, trying to not only coax him back for more but also savoring the taste of his thick masculine meat. Her entire body existed for this purpose, to take cocks and enjoy them like some magical tentacle that could spew creamy goodness into her very core.

As Keith grew hard again and again, he tried different positions, fucking Courtney hard over the kitchen counter, fucking her on the floor in the hall, fucking her in his bed and even on the floor beside his bed. Finally Keith plowed into his girlfriend from behind as she braced herself against the very wall where his poster once hung for less than ten minutes. He thrust his worn out cock deep inside the formerly prudish girl. He wore a permanent grin the entire time and wondered in the back of his mind if he would ever not have one again.

After filling buxom little schoolgirl Courtney with more cum than he’d known was possible to expel in a day of fucking, Keith finally lay satisfied with her leaning over him and slurping away at what was left on his cock. Sperm literally poured from her cunt and puddled on the carpet in his apartment. Who needed a poster, he thought, when he had the real live thing right here for his enjoyment? He gasped and pulled at her purple hair tightly, gagging her on his rapidly swelling cock. Having no idea what had gotten into her, Keith resolved to spend the rest of the night humping Courtney into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, across town, another younger purple-haired girl braced herself on all fours as her stepbrother rammed his cock deeper and deeper inside her. She moaned loudly and shook her head from side to side as she was taken hard and quick by the brat who used to annoy her.

“Damn Lauren, I have no idea what happened to you but you’re such a hot little slut.” Jimmy grunted as he grabbed her wide teenage hips and fucked her for all she was worth. This was already his third time mounting the girl today and he no longer cared about taking his time.

“Oh Oh Oh yessss...” Lauren screeched as she felt her orgasm build and build with every powerful lunge her stepbrother drove into her body. She loved being a sexy little school girl and had enjoyed all the blow jobs she was giving out at school these days. But nothing came close to the feeling of having a thick hard cock poking away inside her and then stuffing her full of warm creamy goodness. She could feel earlier juices running down her thighs as she prepared to take yet another large load from the eager boy.

“Oh wow, unghh... oh here you go sis!” Jimmy shouted loudly, his hands pulling her tightly back up against him as he shook and sprayed her insides down. He slumped down over her back and breathed deeply, letting one hand wander around and squeeze a large expanded tit. He loved his new anime playmate.

“What the hell is going on in here?” The boy’s father said, bursting into the room. He looked down at Lauren, barely holding herself up as his son lay molded to her form, his spent cock still firmly wedged into her leaking cunt. His eyes raged with anger and shock.

“Boy, I told you to stop fucking your stepsister.” The man said grabbing his son and pulling him off the teenage girl. “Not before I’m done with her.” He added, licking his lips.

Lauren smiled happily and giggled as her stepfather quickly mounted her and set into a quick brutal doggy style fuck. The older man grabbed her tits and used them as leverage to really pound the little girl for all she was worth. Leaning in over her, he whispered in her ear.

“This is what you get for dying your hair and dressing like some fucking slut. You just take it like the little cunt you are.”

She rocked with his movements and loved how he filled her so much more than boys her own age. She couldn’t wait until he filled her with his cum and stared blissfully ahead, dreaming of life being a busty horny schoolgirl. Her wide hips felt so delicious when a pair of masculine hands were gripping them like handles and thrusting into her from behind. But the position wasn’t what mattered, the result was. So long as her belly ended up distended full of cum, the girl was a happy one. She had a thought, one that her older sister across town had at practically the same moment.

Courtney swallowed a thick and surprisingly full load of semen from Keith and it suddenly occurred to her, she had changed, but this was a good change. Whatever had caused this, she accepted it with absolute joy. It was a part of her now, it was in her blood, her very DNA and she couldn’t be happier.

The End :^)