The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Chapter 3: The Fun and Games

I rushed up to our apartment, unlocking the door and stepping inside before throwing the mail onto the dining room table. It was all I could do to keep from shaking as I dumped my coat and looked at the wall clock.

5:20... Rachel would be home in about ten minutes.

Thank god for that, as I was going crazy inside.

After the fair, Rachel and I had gotten closer and closer. So close, in fact, that after a couple of weeks I’d asked her if she might want to move in with me, as my two-bedroom apartment was bigger than hers, and I thought it might be a great way to share expenses.

It was also a great way to be closer to her, considering everything I was starting to feel whenever we were together.

She’d agreed, which had thrilled me more than I’d let on, and two weeks ago, with the help of some good friends, we’d carted her stuff up to my place.

Things had been going great ever since... outside a building tension I couldn’t quite get past, a lingering sense of wanting something a bit more from her than just her warm friendship.

Then, three days ago, I’d gotten my credit card bill in the mail.

I’d opened it, and it had seemed rather high, so I’d checked the entries. They all made sense, and seemed valid, except the one... a bill of $250 from an “M. O., Inc.". I’d stared at that, trying to figure it out, until the name, “Madame Olshavsky”, just popped into my head.

Then, everything from our night at the fair had come rushing back to me in a wave of heat and need that had almost buckled my legs.

I’d quickly realized the $250 bill meant nothing to me, as I’d be saving far more than that the first month Rachel was here, what with sharing the rent and utilities, and the economies of scale of shopping for two.

No, our “teacher”... Madam Olshavsky... was more than welcome to it. My payment for “services rendered” seemed inconsequential, my mind suddenly too full of other thoughts and feelings to care about the cost. In fact, those memories and feelings were so strong that five minutes later I’d jumped into my bed, almost fully naked, moaning and masturbating wildly until I came.

It was only when I’d started to clean myself up that I realized I couldn’t mention this to Rachel, that I had to be patient and wait for her to see her own credit card bill and to remember for herself. Oh sure, I could tell her what I now knew, but that wouldn’t, and couldn’t, have nearly the force of her actually remembering it herself.

Besides, why should she believe me about something like that, something that until a short while ago I wouldn’t have believed myself?

The wait had been excruciating, though, and twice I’d found myself leaning against the wall outside the bathroom while Rachel was showering, fondling my breasts and working my pussy as I imagined her inside, all soapy, slick, and naked. My desire for her had been building slowly for weeks, and now was going full blast, and it was an incredibly difficult thing for me to hold inside.

But now, finally, her credit statement had arrived, and I could only hope that she’d remember everything as strongly and happily as I had.

Rachel walked through the front door at last, and though I was trying to be cool, I practically thrust her mail at her. I asked, as innocently as I could, if there were anything important in it. She wasn’t even going to open her credit card bill at first; but I prodded her, informing her I’d just gotten some strange charge on my own statement from the month before.

So, she opened it, as I stood and waited right next to her, my heart thumping, and my body beginning to respond to my hope.

“What the hell is this?” Rachel finally asked. “$250 from M.O., Inc.? I don’t even know what M. O.... ohhhh....

“Oh my goddd,” she said, turning to face me. “Karen... I... she... we... oh my god!”

“Yess... she and we, and I remember everything too, Rachel. And, well... oh please... what we did is all I can feel anymore… all I can think about. I don’t care how any of this happened anymore, as it feels like an incredible gift to me… and I pray it does to you, too.

“I really want you so bad right now I can barely stand it, Rachel... please.”

That’s when I found out she was feeling the same tension and need as I was, as Rachel simply grabbed me, pulled me close, and kissed me the way I’d wanted to kiss her for days.

We didn’t say anything else at all after that, kissing harder and grinding against each other everywhere. The same sense of snakes writhing and twisting around each other filled my mind again, and so strongly I almost came. Her tongue tasted so good, her lips were so very soft, and every time our nipples rubbed and clashed, even through our clothes, waves of lust for Rachel roared up and down my spine.

It was heaven… it was completion, and I clung to her for all I was worth.

We gasped and moaned and tried to melt into each other’s bodies for the longest time, until she finally stepped away, grabbed my hand, and began pulling me toward my bedroom.

And heck, after about 15 minutes, we eventually even made it there.