The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Ashley, Chapter 2

She was so warm and cozy that she hated to wake up. Wrapped up in her plush blanket, Chester curled up at her back and purring like an engine, Ashley smiled to herself as her eyes remained shut. Her mind buzzed in time with Chester, a deep sense of well-being coursing through her. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so at peace.

For a moment, she wondered how long she’d been napping. It wasn’t like her to sleep during the day. But her chores could wait. She wanted to drift in this soft bubble where she felt so calm, so relaxed. She’d been having the strangest dream, one she couldn’t quite recall, but it had felt so good. If only she could dream like that all the time!

She inhaled deeply and then frowned. The cloying scent of honeysuckle tickled at the back of her throat. She tried to cough, but some thing sat inside her mouth. When her tongue pressed against it, it shuddered and wiggled.

Panic exploded in her as her eyes flew open wide. She could see nothing but a faint peach film that covered everything. A scream muffled in her throat behind the foreign object as it began to twist itself in and out of her mouth, sliding back far enough to make her gag without making her actually puke.

She tried to reach up with her hands to pull the thing out of her mouth, but she found them bound in front of her and no amount of frantic yanks freed them. What she had thought before was the cat purring was instead whatever had swallowed her. The harder she thrashed, the more it vibrated, the heavier the floral scent grew and, as a result, the heavier her body grew.

Eventually Ashley grew tired and frustrated as well as scared. She had no idea where she was or what had happened to her. A vague memory of cleaning up the foyer of her house flitted across her consciousness but she couldn’t quite grasp it. The edges of her mind kept slipping, growing dim as that pleasant feeling forced its way back into her. She succeeded in mostly pushing it away, but she worried she couldn’t do that for much longer. It was horrifyingly tempting to just let go.

She schooled herself to stillness, and eventually the thing around her stilled, as well, though a very faint vibration continued to pulse through it. It was so hard not to scream again, but that had gotten her nowhere. Maybe if she went small with her movements, she’d have more luck, kinda like trying to get out of one of those stupid finger traps her sister had given her as a kid.

With deliberate movements, Ashley inched her hands up toward her face. They got as far as the middle of her ribcage when she heard a low whistle. It didn’t come from whatever held her, she could tell that much, but still somewhere nearby. The buzzing began in earnest again as the thing flipped her from her side onto her back and yanked her arms straight. She had just a second to register that her crotch was now completely bald before something moved inside her. Both of her holes had something slick in them, which began a leisurely sawing motion in and out of her.

“Oh God!” she squeaked, or tried to. With the thing still in her mouth, it sounded more like “aw gaw”. Hazy impressions of the same sensations flickered across her mind as the buzzing began to concentrate on her nipples and her now-exposed clit. She shook her head in a useless attempt to deny what was happening to her again, to no avail. As horrified as she was, her cries turned to moans as the thing tried its best to make her like its violation.

She fought now in earnest, trying to breathe in as little of that smell as she could. It seemed like each time she got a strong whiff of honeysuckle, her will softened, her pleasure heightened, and the fog around her brain grew thicker. Unlike at her house, though, the thing around her didn’t completely overwhelm her senses. Grateful as she was, she couldn’t help but wonder why.

Another low whistle emitted from beside her. The thing wedged inside her pussy responded by finding that spot again and buzzed against it just as the vibrating wetness against her clit clamped down. To her horror, Ashley lost complete control of her body a thundering orgasm tore through her. The pleasure of it filled her with a deep sense of shame—good girls don’t enjoy such things!—and, worse, it broke down her physical resistance to what was happening. She writhed and cried out, helpless against what was overtaking her body and soul.

After what felt like an eternity of guilty bliss, she registered a deep chuckle coming from the same direction that the whistle had. Ashley froze, though the occasional aftershock rippled through her, unable to ignore the fact that someone was here with her. That someone was watching her struggle inside this thing. That someone found her situation amusing. Her skin flushed hot with embarrassment as anger rose up with her guilt, and she bit down as hard as she could on the thing in her mouth.

The buzzing cut off, and she had a second of relief to split whatever it was out of her mouth before the thing tightened against her skin, chafing and immobilizing her. The invaders her in her pussy and ass stiffened and swelled, eliciting a cry of pain from her as it felt like it might tear her apart. She could still breathe, though all she could do was scream and scream from the agony and terror. “Please!” she begged as the creature began to force her limbs to curl up into a fetal position. “Please help me! Ow ow owwwwww!”

The creature constricted harder, but now with the appendages inside her pulsating with a vicious beat. Her cries pitched in time with the pain, growing weaker as she couldn’t quite catch her breath any more. The vise around her chest squeezed, and any moment she knew it would crush her ribs to dust. God, please help me! I’m sorry I enjoyed it—I didn’t mean to. Please, I’m not ready to die yet! The world grew dimmer by the second as she started to fade away, a few whimpering mewls the last sounds she thought she’d make.

Then, suddenly, air rushed into her lungs. She gasped and cried, tears and snot pouring down her face in gratitude. “Thank you, Jesus,” she murmured over and over. The pain in her groin stopped, the swelling of the things gone back down, leaving her empty and afraid.

Again Ashley heard a chuckle as a hand caressed her cheek through the membrane. She jumped at the touch, which turned the chuckle into a full-out laugh. “Look at you,” a deep male voice said. “So much fight. It’s been a long time since I found anyone with this kind of spirit. I chose wisely, it seems.”

She opened her mouth to demand to be let out, but the thing holding her shot a huge puff of floral air into her face. Her limbs grew heavy and limp and, for a moment, her consciousness grew fluffy. How easy it would be just to let go…

With a fierce shake of her head, Ashley threw off the sluggishness. She would not go down that easily. “I don’t know who you are, mister, or why I’m here. And I sure as heck don’t know what this thing is you have doing your dirty work for you, but I promise—if you let me go, I won’t tell no one about it. I haven’t seen your face or even know where I’m at, and no one would believe me anyway.” The truth of that latter statement hurt, knowing everyone would think she was nuts if she told them about being swallowed by an orgasmic ball of ooze, but if it got her out of here it didn’t matter.

“Let you go?” The voice made it sound as if it were the most preposterous thing he’d ever heard. “Why would I ever do that? You reacted so marvelously to my pet here,” a hand stroked along her front this time, “that I can just tell how delicious it will be to have you for myself rather than letting you be another dinner for it.”

So many questions, so much terror. She started with the most immediate thing that crossed her mind. “Another meal?” she asked, not wanting to even contemplate the notion of being something’s food.

“Well,” the voice replied, “aside from your ecstasy, which fed it rather well, it does need actual sustenance on occasion, too. Any animal will do, I’ve found—human, cat, squirrel—though humans provide it a more well-balanced meal.”

She knew he didn’t pick cat at random. Tears began to flow in earnest as she thought about poor Chester, that mean old cuss. He deserved a better ending than being swallowed up by some weird amoeba that snuck into her house. “What is this thing?” She put her palm up against the membrane that held her inside, and it began to thrum again against her touch. She noticed for the first time that it was slightly viscous on the inside, which made her nose wrinkle in disgust.

“I have no idea.”


He laughed. “I found it out in the woods one day when I was hunting. It was a fraction of the size it is now, and it snuck up on me in my blind. It tried hard to eat my arm, but it was too weak and tiny. So out of curiosity I laid a rabbit snare and left it there beside it. It devoured that bunny, fluffy tail and all, and then insisted on staying by my side. I took it out with me, hunting or just on walks, and it grew to its full size.

“I found its...other properties...quite by accident. I had a houseguest, and it jumped her in the bathroom. I heard the cries and ran to see what happened. There she was, a nice young realtor writhing in sexual bliss on the tile floor, covered from head to toe by my little pet. I told it to stop, and it did, but when it slid off of her, she was naked as the day she’d been born. Thankfully, she was also highly suggestible so I was able to see her home without her remembering a thing about what happened.”

Ashley heard his words, but all that registered was the fact that the woman was alive after being let out of this thing. “Mister, please, I swear to God I won’t tell anyone anything. Just please please please let me go home, too.”

His hand slid across the membrane again, but this time he was clearly feeling the outline of her body, not his minion’s. He lingered on her breasts and pinched her nipple. Ashley yelped and squirmed, and he chuckled. “Don’t worry, Ashley—you’ll learn to enjoy my touch.”

“No, I won’t,” she whined. Then it clicked. “ did you know my name?”

“Do you really think I don’t scout out those I want for my own fun? I know your name is Ashley Godfrey. I know you live at 227 Mason Drive. I know you live alone in your house since your grandmother died of cancer. And I know you’re a good little girl who’s never had a man’s touch on you before.”

A chill spilled down her spine as his words struck terror into her heart. “Who are you? How do you know all that?”

“It doesn’t matter what my name is. You won’t be using it. As for the rest, well, that’s my little secret.”

She wanted to ask more questions, but the buzzing began again as the honeysuckle washed back over her. The attack was so unexpected that she couldn’t prepare for it. Calm washed over her, relaxing her body and mind. She managed one last, “Please, no,” before everything grew hazy and the world disappeared.