The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Ashley, by Blue Collar Girl

Chapter 7

Ashley knew there was something wrong with her. Like she could feel it deep down in her bones. But she couldn’t identify what it was.

Much like the aftermath of her granny dying, the days blended together with nothing to distinguish one from the other; the big difference being that rather than being lost in sadness, she was lost in lust. Her nights lived in dreams that she couldn’t remember but that left her body aching and her hormones on high. Mornings were full of bacon and waffles and naked, groping masturbation on the floor of every room in the house. Then lunch of burgers or pizza or mac and cheese before putting on her increasingly skimpy bikini and laying out in the backyard. She always had an audience in Dale, and it grew easier to picture someone else up there watching her. WHo she pictured never had a face, but she suspected it was the owner of the voice she kept hearing in the dreams she struggled to recall.

And all she had to show for these days was a killer tan and a body that was morphing into unnatural proportions. None of her bras fit anymore, and all her shorts—the only non-dress bottoms that still fit over her rear—showed the edges of her buttcheeks. Until now, it hadn’t been a problem. But as she dug around in her fridge, and then her cupboards and pantry, she found herself in a quandary: she was out of food. That meant she had no choice but to venture out of the house.

So she dug around in her closet, desperate for something decent to wear. In the end, she ended up with a mishmash of items. The pale blue sundress she pulled over her head only fit because it was stretchy rather than buttoned, and the bust was just this side of decent. And between the pull at the chest and the flare of her butt, a pair of pastel floral leggings were needed. She hated how they fit now—it seemed they barely pulled up far enough in the crotch—but they looked okay when she checked herself in the mirror. And they ended just below her knees, so her tan looked darker in the white strappy sandals she added.

Her stomach growled as she finished getting ready. She giggled at her reflection as she wrestled her curls up into a somewhat manageable ponytail. It brushed the bottom of her neck, which earned an annoyed “huh” from her. Guess it was time for a haircut soon, too. At least all the sun she was getting meant she didn’t need any highlights this year. It rapidly was moving from a dark buttery color to a pale platinum look.

Before she could leave, she still needed to grab something to take the edge off her hunger. “C’mon, there’s gotta be something here!” she growled. She yanked out the last of the orange juice and slurped what was left straight from the carton. She tapped her fingers impatiently on the counter when the dream she had the night before crept into the forefront of her mind.

”Ashley, food won’t curb your hunger for much longer. Or, at least, not food alone.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” her voice gasped back.

A dark laugh, and a ripple of excruciating pleasure slid up her body. “Yes, you do. I am remaking your body as well as your mind. And, of course, building a narrative that will keep anyone from questioning it when I come to collect you.” Something akin to a hand caressed her face, but rather than skin she felt something soft and oily move against her cheek. “You’re pretty enough, and sweet in your own way. But good little girls have never been my preference.”

Ashley snapped back to the present and gave a shaky laugh. Clearly she’d been watching too many soap operas. That could be the only explanation for such a bizarre, dark dream. Still, dark or not, it was pretty hot to think about. Hot enough that she found she was groping her unfettered breasts through the dress. “No,” she told herself as she forced her hands away. “Food, then store. Then you can touch as much as you want.”

In the end, she settled for some cereal. Ugh, raisin bran was so boring and not even close to sweet enough for her tastes these days, but it was better than literally nothing else. She scarfed down three bowls before taking enough of an edge of that she thought she could make it through the store without ripping into the packages before getting them home.

On the drive over to the Piggly Wiggly, she felt spacey and a little lost. She was isolating herself, she knew, and that was a bad thing. Nothing felt real these days except her complete loss of control. She needed a new purpose, but she didn’t know what she wanted. Well, other than food and her fantasies. Maybe after shopping, she could start researching what it would take to get back into Dalton CC. Dalton would provide her mind with some exercise and hopefully some new guys to flirt with.

At this time of day on a Tuesday, the Pig (as her family always called it) was fairly empty. The a/c prickled her skin as she grabbed a buggy, and she just knew that meant her dress would do little to hide her braless nipples. Still, she knew all the people who worked there, though no one made any comment or stared unnecessarily. She loaded up on some fried chicken, a couple of pounds of ground beef, a huge package of bacon, at least 4 kinds of cheese (plus some nacho cheese), pasta, a couple of cartons of ice cream and about 4 dozen donuts. Normally this would feed her for a month, but she knew she would be lucky if this lasted her a week.

Just as she rounded the last aisle, where she picked up several bags of tortilla chips and doritos as well as some cokes and beer, she nearly crashed headlong into another cart. “Yikes! Sorry!” she winced and apologized. It took her a moment to realize it was Jimmy. He looked abashed at seeing her here, and she felt her own face redden as she remembered their last meeting. But it wasn’t just embarrassment that she felt; it was guilt. She belittled him and called him a pervert when he had merely been reacting to her body. And that’s just what men did, right? She should never have done that to him, especially so publicly.

So she pulled out her brightest smile and flashed it at him. “Jimmy, hi! I’m really glad to see you.”

“I...what?” He sounded as confused as he looked.

“I am SO, so sorry for the way I acted at the library the other day. Totally uncalled for.” She put a hand on his arm. “Can you ever forgive me?”

Poor Jimmy. He looked at her like a cornered mouse might a cat. “No, Ash—I should be the one apologizing for how I... I mean, I’m not some stupid junior high kid anymore, you know?”

Ashley nodded, her ponytail bobbing merrily along. “I know. And really, you don’t have to apologize.” She opened her arms. “Hug?”

She thought for a second he wouldn’t do it, but then he smiled and enfolded her into a bear hug. Her nipples responded to being mashed against his chest, which made her shudder. Her action caused Jimmy to nearly get another hard on, but he apparently willed it away despite her body pressed against his. When she pulled away, his eyes looked a little distant. “Your perfume is so nice,” he murmured, almost as if he wasn’t aware he was saying it.

“Why don’t you let me make you dinner to make up for it?” she offered. “I’ll grill some burgers and we can hang out by the pool. What do you say?”

His unfocused eyes drifted down to her chest and lingered there for a long moment. It made Ashley smile as a warm tingle spread across her boobs and her clit woke up at his lingering gaze. But then the unexpected happened. Jimmy blinked a few times, forced himself to look her in the eye, and said with impeccable politeness, “Thanks, Ash, but I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” Before she could try and change his mind, he smiled and continued on his way down the aisle.

A cold chill spilled over Ashley’s body. Tears rose in her eyes at being rejected, no matter how nicely it was done. Worse, she felt a rigid, heavy pain deep inside her vagina, as if a fat icicle had been shoved inside her. The emotional shock coupled with the physical discomfort made her panic. Why was she so upset? She couldn’t explain it, but she could feel that she was moments away from a meltdown. She forced herself to go through the blessed empty checkout line, and the moment she got behind wheel, the tears began.

What had she done, that Jimmy could even stand the thought of being near her now? She was so devastated that she could barely see to drive home through her sobs. The pain in her lower body throbbed an angry beat, a sharp reminder of her failure. Her hunger, her horniness...there was no room for them with her misery. Every piece of her felt broken and bare.

By the time got back home, she could barely get her groceries inside and put away before the pain became unbearable. Ashley crashed to the kitchen tile, her knees bruising as they hit. Soon she was writhing on the floor, skin on fire. She needed to get out of her clothes but couldn’t manage it with her jerky hands. She couldn’t even scream in her agony, the only sounds tiny gasping mewls and her hands slapping the tile.

Time suspended her in that awful bubble, the world gone white as eventually her mind went blank. What brought her back to awareness as knocking. Her body immediately recovered from its affliction, as if the pain had never existed. Ashley wiped at her face with trembling fingers only to find her cheeks dry. “What the…”

Another knock, louder and more insistent this time, regained her attention to the door. She climbed up the front of the fridge, paused to catch her breath, and then hurried to the foyer. She flung the door open, face flushed and chest heaving, to find Jimmy standing there. His face was crumpled into a mask of confusion, and after a second Ashley realized he didn’t even see her there. “Jimmy?” Her voice sounded weird to her, higher and breathier than it had at the store. When his eyes remained unfocused, she laid a hesitant hand on his arm. “Jimmy?”

At her touch, Jimmy’s pale blue eyes snapped into focus. “Ash? How did I…?” He looked behind him and found his car in the driveway.

She tucked her hair behind her ears and asked, “Do you wanna come in?”

He hesitated, and panic flooded her as the acidic burning threatened to overcome her again. He grimaced and tensed, then suddenly deflated. “Yeah,” he said, ladder with resignation. “Yeah, I do.” He stepped in passed her, waiting until she shut the door. Then he slammed her against the door, pressed his body against hers, and kissed her hard.

The shock of his move melted as a faint floral scent flooded her nose. She opened her mouth wider, letting his tongue explore her as she rubbed her achingly tight nipples against his chest. He ground his hard-on against her as his hands gripped her ass and held her in place.

A week ago, Ashley would’ve fought him. She would have screamed and kicked and bit him for muscling his way into her home and molesting her. But today it didn’t even occur to her that ever wanted anything but his body on hers. She felt drunk, as if she were floating on an emotional cloud where she wanted to stay. Not to mention that her body was in fire now, but this one felt oh so good.

The scent of her perfume grew stronger, propelling both of them off a cliff. Jimmy let go of her ass just to rip her dress over her head and shove her to the floor. Ashley moaned as the air hit her tits, and she ran her fingers across them. He got his shorts down, kicked them to the side, and fisted his hard, hot cock before her. She glanced up at him, expression as eager as his was dark, and opened her mouth.

Jimmy shoved himself down her throat and thrust with shocking speed. Ashley gripped his thighs as if her life depended on it, while his hands replaced hers on her breasts. It took almost no time before he stiffened, groaned, and loosed a flood of cum down her throat. And as she swallowed, Ashley felt something inside of herself break off and float away, but a rush of endorphins that enveloped her brain prevented her from caring. She literally felt better than she ever had in her entire life.

She felt so good that she never stopped sliding her tongue along Jimmy’s shaft, and it never grew flaccid. He continued to fuck her face, albeit at a much slower pace, as he dribbled semen along the length of her tongue. Ashley opened her eyes and looked up at him to see him staring down at her, all traces of nice guy gone. Finally, he pulled away with a pop from her suctioned lips. “Not bad, Ash. Not bad at all.” She grinned and giggled at him—she did good for her first time! Jimmy slid his hand back down to her breast as he wiped his sticky cock off in her hair with his other one. “Now get up and get those pants off.”