The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Drumdestroyer3000

Gary Selkirk’s day was about to wrap up when a curious email subject heading just appeared in his inbox. The multi-billionaire financier, in the Forbes 500, pondered the title heading: “Webreach promo”.

It was forwarded from an old colleague, so he figured it was credible. After clicking on it, images popped up of people in offices, seminars, cubicles, small conferences, and other typical work environments.

A message in elegant, purple font popped up: “Welcome to Webreach International. Please have your audio turned on. HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED“.

Gary did so, hearing water coursing like a stream, accompanied with Koto music.

A soft woman’s voice (he wasn’t sure if Chinese or Japanese—he always just defaulted to the “Asian“ generalization) voice-overed, delicately, “You have now entered the world of Webreach International.

“It is our hope in bringing you into an amazing new business paradigm of interconnectedness, with you, the client, always in control, no matter what the outcome of bilateral negotiations, new operating systems, financial management, or other mutually agreed-upon arrangements, all of which are combined into a most pleasing, beneficial symbiosis of—”

As her gentle cascade of the usual PR chatter drifted through his headphones, Gary noticed that all the photos had one thing in common: whether it was a one-on-one shot, or a meeting shot, the same Asian woman appeared in each one. She was tall and very slender, and despite her conservative blazer/pants business attire, its form-fitting cut conspicuously displayed the outline of her breasts, which Gary shockingly guessed to be at least EE or F cup.

Like—eye-poppingly, ridiculously huge, especially on such a rail-thin body.

In one picture—she’s amongst a group of people looking over spread-sheets; in another—reaching forward, in front of an enamoured young man at his computer, as he looks up at her crazily jutting blouse bearing down on him; another photo shows her doing a powerpoint presentation in a conference room. Gary didn’t really register that all the conference participants were white young men in black business suits.

Every shot showed her in profile, with exaggerated curves showcasing one of the most stunning, likely enhanced feminine forms that the philanthopist had seen in ages. One of the shots confirmed the perfection of the bent-over Asian woman’s ass, which was uncharacteristically full and round and hard, then tapered back down to those long, lean legs, in pants (with slightly flared hems) that fitted perhaps a little too tight for an office, but Gary didn’t mind. Nor did he mind the spiky heels with a—thin string of diamonds?—running down the sides of each heel.

He knew he wasn’t the least bit interested in this annoyingly vague presentation, rife with the usual officespeak, and figured his friend was simply forwarding it as one of those “get a load of this broad” emails.

Joining the audio was a very low hum that had a slight throbbing, or pulsating, feel to it. Light static sounds could start to be heard, too.

Gary worried they might drown out the soft, fluttering woman’s voice, which grew on him. Her sweet, very sibilant “s” sounds, and halting, yet pleasing delivery—peppered with the occasional flirty inflection—made her otherwise dreary jargon more than welcome at the end of a tiring day, allowing him to relax, allowing him to recline back a bit, allowing him to feel, maybe, arousal, he wondered?

Her very well-recorded voice was definitely having an effect on him. Every wet sound in her mouth was loud, making him feel she like was erogenously nibbling at his ear. Her light, breathy voice was the kind most guys would kill to have at pillow-side, Gary found himself thinking.

“In partnership, we can grow strong. Always rising hard to the occasion. Forging a bond that will court success every time. Bonds that will last.”

A brief white flash lit up his screen, and then back to a new set of office shots. Gary was frustrated that these newest pics didn’t have the striking Asian in them. At the bottom right was a pulsating purple arrow, which Gary clicked on, bringing up the next battery of pics, which did feature the Asian again, in more office settings, as his loins churned with approval.

“In an environment of open exchange, Webreach lets you probe into all the services we offer, lets you take advantage, lets you seize opportunities, windows of opportunity that we will open wide for you, and let you in, sealing those partnerships, sealing them tight, and being so valuable, so cherished, in the workplace and the community.”

Another white flash. The vapid, near-meaningless PR palaver grew less tedious on Jack, and became more soothing and arousing, as he sat back, taking in more images of her in her pin-striped business suit, or in a tight, black, knee-length dress and white blouse with a black, skimpy, hooter-highlighting vest.

Yet another flash, making Gary wonder what their frequency will be. He got distracted, though, by noticing that Dragon Lady appeared to be the focal point in every photo now, with good-looking males keenly listening to her. Were some of them looking at her not-so-concealed porn star body?

Gary wasn’t sure if he was starting to hear things, but under the sweet-voiced office speak, intermittent static, and undulating hum, he thought he also heard an Asian couple talking, the young woman sounding very sweet and sexy, teasing a man who sounded anguished, pleading. The more distraught he sounded, the more enthusiastically she teased him. She laughed one of the sweetest, softest laughs Gary heard in a long time.

Or at least that’s what he thought he heard. And was he now hearing spacey, echoing sounds of a girl slowly going “oooooohhhhh”, “uuuuuuuuuhhhhh”, “oooooooooooooo”, “uuuuuuuuhhhhhh”.

And if that wasn’t enough—he wondered, flabbergasted, if he was also beginning to hear yet another girl, without the echo-chamber effects this time, going, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “oh yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

“Webreach—the company of choice. Webreach—the right one for the management of your assets. As you can see, the fascination with assets stirs a passion within our new clients, who will soon become familiar with our management systems, our control policies, our implementation of a rigorous program to bring everyone into the fold, to consolidate interests for the common good.”

At the bottom of the page another purple arrow throbbed with increasing size that finally caught Gary’s attention. He no longer noticed the white flashes, one every 30 seconds, at first, and then in increasingly more frequent intervals, but gradually so.

Clicking onto the next page, his eyes almost popped out at the sight of the only (and large) picture on his screen—her. Sitting on a desk, looking directly at the camera, long legs crossed in the black skirt, hands on knees, long, shiny, French-tipped nails, arms framing those gigantic, vest-buttressed tits, she exuded an air of clinical inscrutability.

“oooooooooooo”, “aaaaahhhhhh”, “mmmmmmmmm”.

The pleading man sounded like he was going out of his mind, on the verge of tears, while the woman’s voice went a tone lower to put some menace into her evident cock-teasing.

“uh’, “ooo”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “you love it”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”,

Down the left of the page ran a column of text. While the the fuck-girls and the couple still remained barely audible, the noises and the koto music got louder, allowing Gary to focus more on the text, which read: “Greetings. My name is Takura Tena—proprietress and overseer of Webreach International, a consulting company bursting at the seams” (as Gary’s eyes homed in on her white blouse, which fit too tight, stretched open between the buttons, providing tiny peak-a-boo holes into her cleavage) “with ideas sure to influence you and provide you with the necessary learning aid into the basics of this well-oiled, well-greased, nice and slicked up, lean, mean fighting machine.” (her spinner hardbody = check) “Adding a new complexion” (her shining, facial-creamed face = check) “to the managerial dynamics of your work environment, Webreach strives to incorporate the most advanced techniques in employee/employer relations, to reintegrate the old manager/consultant paradigm into a more relaxed and open, sharing experience. As you can see, we provide all the lucrative assets” (Takura’s lovely, massive breasts) “required in extracting from your company the necessary objectives in establishing the Webreach influence, the Webreach delegation skills, the special Webreach T.L.C. treatment that every single one of our clients find quite intriguing. I am also the one providing the instructions you are listening to right now. Continue, now, at a nice, leisurely pace”

“uh”, “uh”, “uh” “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh“, “uh”, “yeah, fuck me”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “ah”, “uh” “ah”, “ah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “uh” “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

Clueing in that he was rubbing the front of his pants, Gary did a quick mental inventory of anyone left in the office, and satisfied that it was only him remaining, unzipped his fly and let his rock-hard cock stand free and throbbing, bobbing for the mesmerizingly statuesque Chinese goddess, Takura Tena, commanding his attention.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, “ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh”, “UH”.

His thoughts drifted momentarily to the former business partner who forwarded him the Webreach promo, and wondered why he sent just the link, and nothing else. Gary expected a couple quips or at least a hello. He made a note to himself to commend his friend for passing on this amazing beauty. The throbbing purple arrow at the bottom of the page made him click without thinking.

The next page showed another big solo picture of Takura, startling Gary at the complete change in tone. Same clothes, and sitting on the desk, but now her mouth was open, like in shock, yet her face was slightly angled away, while looking at Gary with what he thought was a charming sparkle in her eye, already coaxing some precum out of his erection.

The koto music went quieter again, as Takura began to intone in a more sultry manner, “At times there are unexpected developments in business. When taken by surprise, you’ll notice that sometimes the best way to adapt is with agility and sometimes even good humour. And, as you can see, charm can figure prominently, too.”

“oh god”, “oh god”, “oh god”, “uh-yeah”, ”yeah”, “yeah“, “yeah “mmmmyeah“, “yeah“, “yeah“, “YES!”, “YES!”, “pound it!”

The low, throbbing hum sometimes reached levels that were so sub-sonically discomforting that Gary thought his ear drums were going to burst from the sub-sonic waves, at times. It was at these moments Gary wanted to turn down the volume, but whenever the sub-sonic waves crashed in, the fuckgirls and the Asian couple came in much louder as well, compelling Gary to at least confirm he wasn’t hearing things under all that noise, and continued to listen, keenly, through this uncomfortable sonic barrage whenever it slammed in on him, every minute or so.

The static also came and went, making it even more difficult to hear the fuck-girls and the couple. Even within the static, itself, Gary began hearing a very high-pitched tone, so high he thought of whistling steam out of teapots, even dog whistles, and strained to hear whatever snippets of the couple he could, despite his inability to understand anything they said. At least he could tell the woman still sounded sexy and sweet as shit while her grovelling man whimpered away. Her evident dominion over him made Gary’s pulse spike up.

Takura, however, came in much more loudly and clearly—louder than anything else in the mix—despite her soft voice being actually quieter than the others. Her flirtatious inflections became more frequent, especially the double entendres that goaded Gary to further appreciate what he was seeing. Once or twice he thought she took on an arch, almost scheming tone.

“uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “OW”, “oh”, “yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “yeah deeper”, “slam it”.

“You may click on the pulsating, purple arrow at the bottom of my page. You will notice the size it has swollen to.”

Indeed, Gary took his eyes off Takura’s open mouth (which wasn’t glossily lip-sticked in the previous photo, he was struggling to remember?) and looked at the arrow. Not only was it larger than ever, but now it was more vaguely phallic-shaped, the arrow end morphing into a knob that flexed slightly upwards, like it was trying to sniff out something.

Clicking on it brought up another photo of Takura still sitting on the desk, a long leg crossed demurely over the other. She was holding spreadsheets in one hand and pointing to them with a pencil in the other. Those incredibly long, thin legs were more exposed, as Gary’s eyes immediately gravitated to a wide, lacy, black garter band, visible under a thigh slit that he was absolutely positive didn’t exist in the previous photos.

“oh god”, “oh god”, ”oh god”, “oh, FUCK” “jesus fuck the shit out of me”, “harder!” “HARDER!” “GODDAMN YOU, FUCK ME HARDER!!!”

More signs in this photo started to bring out the red flags: the way she leaned forward while twisting her torso, making her big tits look like they were about to swoop down and smother him; tongue just touching top teeth; eyes molten with soft seduction; eraser-end pointing to the sheets; and, quite alarmingly—the top buttons in her blouse were undone, revealing not only a massive, swollen valley of mammoth cleavage (well moisturized and gleaming, like her face), but also a necklace with a sparkling, bright, little diamond pendant, nestled plunk in the middle of her breasts.

The Voice of Sanity in the back of Gary’s mind reminded him of the 25-year-old Chinese student who seduced a U.S. defense contractor and honey trapped him into providing her important military information. Gary also thought of Katrina Leung, who used sex to get classified information from an F.B.I. agent, and then ensnared yet another F.B.I. agent (who happened to be investigating her ensnaring of the first agent). There were also all the little Chinese temptresses dotting hotel bars and lobbies in all the finer hotels, cozying up to their targeted foreign businessmen, luring them into photographed hotel rooms for sex and eventual blackmail, or luring them into hand-cuffs for negotiations through torture.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, “uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh”, “mmmmmmmmm“, “yyyessssss”.

“ooo”, “uh”, “ooo”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “ooooo yes”, “yes”, “mmmm”, “oh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

These thoughts, though, were clouded away by Takura’s tiny little diamond pendant. It sparkled with a piercing glow that intermittently shone extremely brightly, and then faded away again, repeating these intervals, making him count three steamboats between each surge of bright, sparkling diamond light.

The pendant gif started to vary its intervals more often, at times making the greased stroking machine financier wait a frustrating five, or six, sometimes seven maddening steamboats before Takura’s pendant sent off its shroud of beautiful, shimmering light sparkles again.

Sometimes her pendant—nestled nice and deep in that mesmerizing abyss of symmetrically diverging curves of honey-dew-sized flesh—excited Gary with two sudden flashes in a row. At other moments, Gary wondered if all these shining diamond flashes were going at intervals that might suggest some version of a morse code.

“oh so good”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “fuck the shit out of me”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “thrust it”, “yes”,

“Webreach International, the choice that every one of our new clients find it impossible to resist. So hard to resist. Quite hard. The opportunities we offer are beyond your wildest dreams. We will guide you. We will show you ways that are most agreeable to our flow of business, our flow of sharing, our flow of giving, our flow of taking. Let Webreach in, and take hold. Pulling you, the client, in. But now you must pay attention to how big and long and thick the arrow is at the bottom of the page now. It needs to roam and explore some more.”

The engorged purple arrow was now more unmistakably erection-shaped—longer, slimmer, slightly curving upwards, the head more defined, still sniffing out for something more, flexing up and down, hungrily.

Clicking on it, the next page brought up a photo of Takura at the opposite end of a twelve-person conference table, staffed with the usual young white professional males. They were less subtle this time with their admiration, some of them definitely ogling, slack-jawed, at Takura’s thin, huge-breasted body.

Standing behind the far end of the desk, her hands planted on it, she looked straight ahead at the camera with the same neutral expression as in her first solo photo. Was there a slightly cocked eyebrow? Eyes narrower? The slightest upward curl at the end of her lips?

“oooooooooooohhhhhhh”, “mmmmmmmm”, “uh!”, “ooooooooooohhhhhhh”

Gary was trying to figure out what was odd about the photo. The sight of Takura, though, distracted him from noticing that the low angle of the photo was taken at her admirers’ shoulder level, so that below their shoulders was out of view. To ensure this, the picture, itself, was cropped accordingly.

Because only their heads (and very top of their shoulders) were in view, it was difficult to discern, for sure, whether or not their arms were behind their backs. The composition of the photo looked like there was a row of heads along the bottom, with a slight hint of shoulder, and maybe a very curious possibility that she had them all bound.

“O”,”O”, “O”, “uh”, ”uh”, “uh”, “uh”, ”uh”, “guess ya changed your mind on things, huh?”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “that’s it”, “OH” “yeah!”, “bang it”, “bang me”, “uh”, ”uh”, “uh”, “yeah, that’s it”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

Gary only slightly registered their shoulders, as Takura’s sparkling diamond pendant started to glow again, the gif resuming its random intervals of showers of dazzling light shards, complementing the white flashes that began the email, now at twenty-second intervals.

“Webreach is about dedication. Webreach is about commitment. Commitment to how we establish new parameters. Webreach has years of experience of transitioning a company’s directives into a new co-operative sensibility. It’s all about dedication to order. Dedication to Webreach. To join the Webreach team.”

Gary’s erection was completely slathered in precum, his cock standing completely upright whenever he took his hand away. His cock never stood at attention so fiercely like this, making him realise not only the power of his desire for Takura but also her sensual power to control his manmeat correspondingly. At times he wanted to cum, but would always take his hand away, letting his glistening monster bob and throb, prolonging the overwhelming bliss as long as he possibly could.

“oh yes baby”, “yeah”. “yeah”, “oh yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

Eventually he noticed—under the sparkling of the distracting pendant—that a couple more blouse buttons were undone to below her boobs, exposing her entire cleavage, as well as the middle section of her bra, which was sheer pink with darker pink pinstripes, its black lace trim swooping down low enough to reveal a peek of her areolae. Takura’s nipples were large enough to be visible above, through, and below the wide, black, see-through lace. Gary appreciated, very much, how her blouse’s unbuttoning came down just low enough for a full, entire view of those nipples—nice, big, brown, shiny, pointy suckable nipples that made Gary slam his fist down even harder on his now precum-y bag.

“With Webreach, we can take care of the flow of harmony in any corporate environment. We can direct you down different avenues that guarantee success and understanding—an understanding of the Webreach process. You see, every client is taken care of, is accounted for, and personally taken into consideration when assessing your value to Webreach. We urge our clients to focus, straight ahead, at our main objective, and to feel the pull, the lure, of the task at hand.

“These tasks will be carried out, and our company will benefit, as long as we keep looking straight ahead, and moving forward. And when you look straight ahead, we maintain our focus. Solidifying our focus. Concentrating hard on shutting out all distractions, so that when Webreach tightens its focus, straight ahead, you find that our goals become much clearer, more viable, more desirable, locking you in, helping you see goals more clearly, helping you want to become part of our team, the amazing, wonderful Webreach team.”

“oh”, “ah”, “oh”, “ah”, “ah”, “ah”, “yeah, fuck”, “stuff my pussy!”

Gary was content to stroke a nice easy rhythm up and down his slimy shaft, each downstroke slapping down on his tight-as-a-plum scrotum. The room filled with the sounds of Gary’s occasional mumbling “oh god”, “aw yeah Takura”, and “fucking goddess”, as well as his fist—slapping down, at varying speeds, on his cum-moistened flesh.

He wanted his cock in between Takura’s hooters. The more he looked at them, the more he seriously wanted to find out who this woman was. He needed to text his wife that he was in a meeting but the power of Takura was making it difficult to take his eyes away from the screen. He never recalled so much gooping loads of precum all over his cock, in turns getting sticky from the old cum, then replenished and slicked up with unending seepages of new cum. Noone got him off like this before.

“uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh”, “ooooooooo”, “oooooohhhhh”, “uuuuuuhhhh”.

Rapid sounds of “DOI-YOI-YOI-YING!”, “DOI-YOI-YOI-YING!”, “DOI-YOI-YOI-YING!”, “DOI-YOI-YOI-YING!” brought him to the attention of the purple arrow, obviously now an erection, going up and down, repeatedly, up to a crazy 80 degree angle, where it would spastically jiggle to a stop, exactly like a spring door stop jiggling to a stop. Scrambling with several click attempts, Gary finally hit the bouncing hard-on.

His computer fan whirred into action while another solo Takura picture came up. Doing a power-point presentation, she pointed, with a riding crop, to the following words on the white jiffy board behind her: “TRAINABILITY”, “ASSETS”, “KOWTOW”, “UNITY”, “REVERENT”, “ATM”.

It wasn’t lost on Gary—seeing the oh-so-slightly highlighted first letter of each word stacked upon the other—what the acronym was. The more puzzling aspect (along with the riding crop) was a leash(?) in her other hand, leading off to something on the right side of the photo that was cropped (n.p.i.) out of sight.

No bra this time, just tons of gleaming, gigantic hooter-flesh, barely contained in her unbuttoned, showcasing blouse, her nipples almost completely exposed, the actual nipples, themselves, just barely covered, yet affording Gary an unforgettable view of the top half of her lovely, brown, gleaming areolae, needing to be sucked on and licked, he thought.

Takura’s pendant still persisted with its random intervals of diamond-like explosions of light, sometimes leaving delayed “shrapnel tracers” of what looked like diamonds and tiny dollar signs that gradually faded away again, as the pendant maintained its distracting, throbbing little gif glow.

The pendant’s location, so perfectly at the top of her cleavage, became so much the centre of Gary’s attention that he didn’t notice—nor feel the vibration of—his lit-up cell phone, on his desk to his immediate right. Whether he was aware of the incoming call or not, all he registered was the way her pendant diamond’s throbbing glow and sparkling flashes made such a nice, soft, counter-point to the equally unpredictable flashes of the much whiter, harsher, original blasts of light (the latter, he wondered, appearing more frequently?).

Did he just hear the pleading man saying Takura’s name? And the woman might have sounded like Takura talking in a girly-girl way, Gary speculated.

“uh-yeah”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh-yeah”, “uh-yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

As the fan whirred furiously away, Takura said, (the first sentence said with a hint of sharpness), “You must look where I’m pointing! Trainability. As a preferred new client, you will enjoy all we have to offer in our comprehensive orientation programs that will immerse you in the Webreach way of seeing things. It all begins with focus. To focus on looking at what is in front of you. To focus on it and lock your gaze in there. Deep in there. Deep inside. So deep inside that you want to go deeper. Much deeper. Deeper than the others, so that you stand out, you become the client that gets noticed, the client that stands out, hard, much, much harder than the others.

“Training you, the client, to show Webreach what YOU can do for us. The more focussed you are, the more you’ll succeed, the more you will embrace the Trainability program, and strive, at every level, to excel, beyond your expectations, and even ours, if you truly show devotion of focus.”

Takura’s skirt was now leather, and much shorter, hugging her firm, perky, perfect ass. The bottom of her blouse was tied, underneath her tits, the knot tucked just under her big, shiny jugs, Daisy Duke style. Again, Gary was intrigued by the way the Asian temptress angled her face away, to the board this time, yet still looking at the camera, at Gary, this time with wicked, reptilian seduction—raw, smoldering, unmistakable lasciviousness, tempered by a coaxing, teasing look of invitation. Her open, glossy lips, almost snarling, made Gary want to thrust his slimy erection in between them. Badly.

The photo became a gif. Her upper body swivelled just enough to allow Gary to notice on the back of her right shoulder a tattoo of three reddish small flowers and three leaves—the flowers in a tight cluster, as each leaf poked out between the flowers, and bubbles around them. She’d look down at it, and then at Gary, with a cocked eyebrow, lips forming an “o”, then that amazing upper body swivelled back to the original position, and back to her original toothy snarl.

And back and forth, accordingly.

“oh fuck”, “oh fuck”, “oh fuck”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “yeah fuck me, my fuckslave”, “mmmmm”, “OH!”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “get that in me deeper!”, “fuck!”, “fuck me!”

“Our next obligation—Assets. As you can see from the picture galleries you’ve been feasting your eyes on, assets play an important role in effecting change.

“Webreach’s assets, as you can see, are plentiful, bountiful, ripe, full of the gift of life, full of focal points, focal points that you, the client, should be staring quite intently at, by now.

“You should be taking in the way how really, really nice assets can go a long, long way in cementing a ‘Reciprocal Exchange Program‘.

“A Webreach asset is one that a client wants to grab a hold of, to latch onto, and not let go.

“Because of Webreach’s obvious assets power, new clients are eager to dive deep into the valley of opportunity, diving so deep into the assets of Webreach splendour, deep between those assets, our Webreach Web, our Webreach light, a light shining so beautifully, a shine so easy to guide the client along, to help him focus, more and more, on my assets.

“Webreach’s assets should be on our clients’ minds at all times, first and foremost, filling your mind up with—well, you know. My assets have been very effective, over the years, at implementing Webreach’s Reciprocal Exchange Program, locking in the deals necessary to exert Webreach’s influence, known the world over”.

“The new client is delighted to find out if they’re eligible for our Reciprocal Exchange Program, or, REP, as we will call it now. You will find it desirable to recognize my assets as the primary impetus behind REP, and other appealing features, for instance, if your portfolio indicates a northward pulse of opportunity for Webreach, then you will find yourself wrapping your hand around that very pulse, dear client, or maybe you already have, and visualize yourself qualifying for Webreach’s Bilateral Assessment of Client’s Assets, or, BACA, involving very close, intimate, one-on-one consultations with, me, Webreach Proprietress Takura Tena, allowing you to explore and probe my assets, while I assess and explore your asset eligibility, and if you qualify, your acceptance into the Webreach team just might be on the verge of one of your biggest dreams coming true. Maybe, the biggest?”

“OH”, “OH”, “OH”, “OH”, “OH”, “OH”, “OH”, “OH”, “yeah fuck”, ”yeah fuck”, “ooooooo“, “uh-huh”, ”yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “divorce the bitch”, “oh yeah”, “oh yeah”, “uh-huh”, “yeah“, “that’s it”, “that’s the way you want it”, ”uh-huh”, “uh-huh”, “yeah”, “that’s it”.

With his eyes locked on her pendant, the world’s second-richest man peripherally noticed how Takura delicately held the leash by just the tips of her thumb and forefinger. The other fingers were elegantly fanned out to let the light catch on her long, shiny nails, with an extra bright sparkle spot on the very tip of her pinky nail. Even in his enamoured state Gary figured the pinky-nail sparkle was photoshopped, but got him more aroused anyway.

“In conjunction with REP and BACA—which, by the way, you will be expected to remember what they stand for—you, the Webreach client, will pop up with excitement to learn about your ‘New Client Appreciation of Takura’s Assets’, or, NCATA, which is a very comprehensive meditation on the value of my assets, and how they managed to effect change in the way business will be eventually conducted between you and me.

“But my apologies, (yes! believe it or not!) for leading you astray with NCATA, which I will eventually allow you to luxuriate and bask in, but for now I want you to give me your undivided attention to the next word on your daily list: “Kowtow”, which essentially reminds the new client that mutual respect goes a long way in today’s office space. Especially if that respect is one that is in accordance with Webreach’s Interpersonal Deference Initiative, or, I.D.I.. The client’s I.D.I. Quotient is closely monitored on a daily basis to insure you are conforming to the Webreach harmony, Webreach integration, Webreach fealty and dedication“.

Gary wasn’t sure if he was seeing things, but in the bottom right corner, he thought he saw—in a fuzzy, horizontal oval—a very, very faint video of a woman on top of a man in coitus on a bed. The more Gary squinted at the screen, the more he wondered if it was Takura, given the woman’s tall, slender frame juxtaposed with her almost cartoonishly huge, firm tits, just like Takura’s. The blackness of her vaguely Gibson Girl hairstyle was enough to possibly confirm this, but any further details on her were impossible to make out.

His double take at the man, below her, confirmed that it was actually two guys. One of them was handcuffed to the iron gate-style headboard, and the other was handcuffed in the inverse, shackled with wide arms to the identical-looking footboard. The crazily extended length of the bed soon became evident—the mens’ opposing legs barely crossed over each other.

“oooooooooooo”, “mmmmmmmmmm”, “oooooooohhhhhhh”, “aaaaahhhhhhhh”.

With nice, slow, easy gyrations, she rode one of them, with her back to him, while holding out her hooters, in offering, to the other one, whom she was facing. She reached down beside her on the bed for something thin and long, and then did an “up! up!” gesture with that hand. In response, the man she was facing (at the footboard) bucked up his loins so that his ass came high off the bed. She gestured again, as he complied again, his large erection flailing ludicrously into blurry view.

Like a puppet on a string, the man kept bucking upwards whenever she gestured. Her other hand alternated between tickling the scrotum underneath her, (sending shudders through the fucked guy) and then fondling her tits, or rotating her fingertips over her big, fat, perky nipples for the other guy’s viewing entertainment. Sometimes her “up-up” gesture remained in the air, as he complied by keeping his butt high off the bed until she decided to lower her hand again.

Maintaining her slow grind on the other guy, she looked at the camera, at Gary, as she angled her body towards the buck-puppet, her long-nailed hands slowly running up his legs. She latched onto his throbbing, north-pointing junk. With one hand, her thumb and forefinger were around the base of his shaft, while the other thumb and forefinger were around his testicles.

As she proceeded to slowly pull on both body parts (and then back down, then slowly pull up again, or jerking) she noticed that the guy she was riding, behind her, had to angle his upper body upwards, toward her, to relieve the strain of his erection yanked completely back in the opposite direction when she angled her body forward to jerk-off her buck puppet. He could only go so far before his handcuffs kept him back. She picked up what Gary guessed to be the riding crop and gestured back at the guy behind her to lie completely flat again, to which he immediately complied. Her head remained turned at the man behind her, most likely admonishing him, and then turned her attention back to the bucker again.

Gary continued squinting at this faint, ovular image, transparent enough to see through it, to the leash Takura held in the power-point picture, underneath. Some of the finer details, like her handling of the erection, were too blurry to discern, leaving Gary a little to his imagination as to exactly what she was doing to them.

“uh-yeah”, “oh”, “oh”. “oh”, “oh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh-yeah”, “uh-yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”.

“So—when you kowtow, you are constantly measured against the rigorous, exacting, and exciting standards that we have set for the Webreach Interpersonal Deference Initiative, which lets you, the client, strive for the opportunity for advancement, allowing you, the luckiest of clients, the opportunity to prove your value to Webreach, because sacrifice and compromise, dear client, are to be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Devotion and gratitude will please me, your proprietress, Takura Tena.

“But NOW we will slip nice and easy to the next priority on the list, which you should have been already able to anticipate by now, and—by the way—anticipation is a most valued asset within the Webreach network—to anticipate goals, to anticipate objectives, to anticipate directions—it is most pleasing to those of us in charge here at Webreach that such, attributes, are developed by you, the client, especially if such, anticipations, such, offerings, indicate an eager willingness on the client’s part to cleave to our input, our invaluable influence.

“Of course, while I am still on the subject of the pleasing necessity of anticipation—the client must be well aware that the liberal use of such a privilege can have its drawbacks if the client’s input is not within the parameters of the Webreach paradigm. The avoidance of punitive measures is definitely in the client’s best interests, but can also foster a stronger client/master bond when disciplinary implementation is enacted. Nonetheless, there is something to be said for the importance of a judicious use of anticipatory input on the part of the client.

“and so—it is hoped your anticipation has led us to the next juicy item on the menu, and that’s of course, Unity, which requires teamwork, Webreach style.”

“mmmmmm”, “oooooooooooooo”, “yyyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhh”.

“The client will appreciate intertwining unity with kowtow and trainability, but must resist such temptations, and instead, channel such eagerness and focus on the seduction of unity, itself, dear client, and embrace it, feel it, become a part of the team, one of many moving parts, to make Webreach grow and expand and enlarge so it can thrust itself out there, yet, at the same time, receive, and take, envelop, and consolidate, re-shape.”

In the bottom left corner, another blurry video appeared, this time a circle. A man sat on the edge of a bed with Takura in a robe standing in front of him. Indicating “no”, he waived both hands at her, shaking his head, and turning away. She let her robe slide to the floor, her huge, perky breasts out in full view, making him look. Reaching down with both hands, she mimicked working his manhood as if he had been standing in front of her, and mischievously shook her gravity-defying juggs at him. This got him off the bed, moving toward her, as she pointed to the floor.

He hesitated, making her point again. Slowly, he got to his knees, his face inches from her shaven pussy. Before he could feast, she wagged a finger at him, blocking access, as he put both hands behind his back so they were crossed over his butt. Takura ran her long-nailed fingers through his hair, then grabbed hard, thrusting his face into her, as the tall, slender Asian temptress bent her knees a little, and gyrated. This continued for quite some time, her long, thin body (in heels) and massive, undulating, heaving tits grooving hypnotically to her gyrations, and then the gif went back to the beginning, with the guy sitting on the bed again.

The first video—with Takura working the two guys on the extendo bed—turned out not to be a gif, so when Gary looked at it again, it showed her slapping buckboy’s erection back and forth, and then she went upright, regally squat-fucking the guy behind her, straight up and down, her hands imperiously on her knees, spread wide. Shimmying for buckboy, Takura lasciviously shook her massive tits sideways at him.

“uh-fuck”, “uh-fuck”, “uh-yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah “, “yeah”, “fuck”, “yeah”, “fuck”.

“Unity, the Webreach way, incorporates diverse players from every sphere, a melange of eager participants, so grateful to be taken in under Webreach’s Ring, all contributing to the common good of the Webreach cause. It’s a bond, dear client, that you can’t escape from, but it’s also a bond that you don’t want to escape from, because you start to realise how good Webreach unity is, how you want to be a part of all these different pieces, from different backgrounds, different life experiences, different high-profile occupations and concerns.

“The next word on this lovely list, that, it is hoped, you didn’t anticipate too quickly, is, naturally, Reverent, which, again, many clients have to be quickly reprimanded for succumbing eagerly to the temptation of making the irre—sis—tible link between reverent, kowtow, and trainability, and unity.

“However, over time, it will be incumbent on the client to easily discern between those disciplines, to be able to distill the different shades and hues of each of these seemingly similar concepts, getting further drawn into the Webreach ring, wanting, badly, to prove yourself to the Webreach ring, seduced by the opportunity, seduced by the promise of unity, seduced by your growing ability to savour the distinctions between these disciplines like an expert wine connoisseur appreciating the different undertones, bouquets, and other features of a fine glass of wine.

“Like a carrot on a stick, these incentives are dangled in front of you, and, sure enough, one by one, you, like all the rest of them, get sucked in, deep into my web of Webreach unity, getting sucked in, by the pull, the lure, the promise of a blissful unity that goes right to the very core of your being, to your very centre, as I, Takura Tena, Proprietress of Webreach International, suck that core, suck it out of you, sucking the bliss into you as I suck the bliss out of you.”

During her suck-talk, a third, fuzzy mini-screen appeared in the top left corner. Shaped in a vertical oval, the video showed Takura on her knees on a Persian rug giving head to an old but well-endowed man. As the camera backed up, she daintily grabbed—her pinkies extended—the guy’s wrists, and slowly guided them into self-closing hancuffs welded onto the iron-gate-style footboard that he had been standing blissfully back against. He jerked in surprise, as the camera backed up some more to reveal her face-sitting another old man on the rug, hog-tied.

Takura’s ass slowly gyrated on the ridiculously-bound cunnilinger, then she rubbed forwards and back, then gave him cheeky little pummelings, then hard, bucking slam-downs, then raising her treasure just out of reach, to make him strain his neck up to her, wiggling her firm perfection at him, taunting him to strain harder and harder to extend his neck upwards, then bringing herself down again, with more of her slow, gyrating smothering, with emphatic little “oomphs” at the apex of each gyration.

Gary was especially blown away by the way Takura (as she looked to the side, to the camera, at Gary) was able to maintain, the whole time, a vigorous, almost piston-like nine-inch deep-throating—without missing a beat. Steady, furious cock-sucking, while at the same time shackling her fellatee (who soon gave in) and smothering her hog.

Gary almost came when she suddenly stopped sucking, and just held the giant bomber near the head. With an inquiring, imploring look at Gary, Takura nibbled and licked away at that head, her tongue flicking like a snake. Sometimes she would give the knob a quick little suck, then release—like a reverse kiss, with opened, glossy lips—over and over, or, just slowly lapping the knob, with softer, dreamier eyes. This turned out to be a gif as well, as it suddenly looped back to the beginning, pre-handcuffing.

“oh fuck”, “oh fuck”, “oh fuck”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “yeah fuck me”, “mmmmm”, “OH!”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “oh fuck”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, NO FUCKING WAY does she fuck you as good as this, right?“ “right, baby?”, “mmmmm yeah—thought so”, “get that in me deeper!”, “fuck!”, “fuck me!”

“Attractive investment opportunities have the client exactly where it most pleases the Webreach ring. My final power-point presentation directive—ATM—makes it clearly incumbent on the client to familiarize himself with Resource Allocation—R.A., of course—especially, dearest, most valuable client, in accordance with the Reciprocal Exchange Program, which has already been clearly outlined for you, to which I must re-emphasize, at this point, your evident gratification at my final delineation of such a directive without having to refer to its beautiful, erection-causing acronym, REP.

“ATM is very crucial to your allegiance to the Webreach Ring, dear client. It is as equally important as all my other power-point key words that I certainly hope have been quite sufficiently embedded into your psyche, locked in, cannot escape, does not want to escape, too happy, too content, too eager to meet the directives, too—dare I say many clients have said—tit—illating, too desirable a web to break free of, because of the almost addicting, supreme gratification that only some of my very few, top, select clients are worthy of.”

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh”,

“And again, an observant client is almost bursting at the seams to make those hard-to-resist comparisons between my Assets and ATM. Obviously, in your extremely titillated state, you may not always think straight, leading to lapses in reasoning that prevent you from seeing the razor-sharp difference between such things as ATM and my Assets.

But not to worry—in your malleable state I will gently guide you through your BACA, which I hope you’ve remembered will be your Bilateral Assessment of Client’s Assets. As I ease you nice and smoothly through this process, dear client, you will find your focus, determination, drive, and commitment to the Webreach ring starting to swell, thicken, enlarge, and beginning to throb and twitch, with an almost compulsive desire to make ATM your obligation, dear client, your imperative, to fulfilll, to satisfy the parameters as set out in the Webreach ring.”

During the ATM spiel, the final corner of the screen (top right) to receive a video began showing a video of Takura rubbing the groin of a man in a suit. He brought out his wallet as she fondled with one hand and deftly undid his belt and fly with her other. Soon she was sensuously stroking his erection with one hand while the other impatiently flapped open her palm at him to start planting bills on it. After about ten bills, she’d clamp her thumb over them and then flap her fingers up and down again for more, to which he’d comply, stacking more bills in her hand while she hand-jobbed him. After he planted a fourth stack, the gif went back, but only to the beginning of the bill stacking, her cock-stroking in the background.

uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “yeah fuck me”, “mmmmm”, “yeah”, “yeah”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “uh”, “really? You’d do that for me, baby?”, “oh”, “oh”, “oh”, ”yes”, “yes”.

“The ATM mindset will help you secure your focus on my assets, which in turn will you help secure your place in the Webreach ring. In my final reminder of your acronym management—your NCATA, or New Client Appreciation of Takura’s Assets, will be essential in influencing your ATM mindset and will orient you accordingly.

“And eventually, the REP, BACA and NCATA programs will re-integrate your whole approach to business strategy—a wise move in today’s face-paced financial climate, where allegiances can be only fleeting flirtations in the night, while at Webreach, dear client, the commitment draws you in, and wraps around you, securing you in, tight, making you long, badly, to help the Webreach ring be the best it can be.

“I expect this power-point session to have been most illuminating to you. My new clients: it can be a bit of an eye-opener when seeing what I, Takura Tena, your Webreach ring proprietress, have to offer.

“As you can see—my multitasking, my dynamism, my flexibility, my drive, my micro-managing, my divine encouragement, my attentiveness, my sensitivity, and my appeal has struck a chord, I hope, deep within you, fueling a desire to come in to the fold, to give in, to let go, to cherish the joys, the many joys that await you, dear client, the promise of such thrilling interactions, intimate one-on-one exchange of ideas, exchange of resources, bodies of influence moving and affecting whole societies in motion, that feeling that you will come to think of as that “becoming a part of the Webreach team” feeling, so irresistible, no clients have been able to fight the temptation yet, the power of my assets taking control of the situation, making the final decisions, pointing the way, letting you get in between the action, at the centre, from which all things operate, from which everything is focussed on, the valley into which my clients fall, deep, so deep, falling in there, sandwiching you in there, squishing you in there, as it were, right in between where you want to be.

“A bountiful way to keep abreast of my assets, client, is the titillation of realising that such ripe opportunity is busting out, almost uncontainable, needing to be set free, out in the open, to be seized, to be grabbed, to squeeze, for all your dear life, wanting, so badly, to latch onto my nice, ripe assets, and not let go, because, my dear client, they’re so easy to grab, to squeeze, to become devoted to, to get hooked on, as you will indicate in NCATA, which stimulates you, stimulates your desire to get further and deeper into the joys of the Webreach ring, encircling, enticing you

“You just might, dear client, actually twitch and throb at the exciting prospect of actually meeting, face to face, me, your new proprietress, Takura Tena. The usual thoughts that run through the eager, receptive minds of the new clients are ones of excitement and anticipation, especially after they’ve had the chance to admire and appreciate my prowess at advancement in the predominately male-driven workplace, and, as always, finding a way to always get my, leg up, on the situation, which you, dear client, will appreciate, night and day, in your sleep, in your dreams, all the time, keeping you constantly stimulated, and attuned to the Webreach ring.

“By now there’s nothing you want more badly than to just sit back and enjoy the sparkles from my pendant. It rests so beautifully, just sitting there, twinkling whenever it wants to, deep in between my nice, big, smooth assets. If you look long enough at my pendant, you might see a special pattern of the sparkling flashes. Only a small handful of clients have been able to de-code the pattern, involving hours of undivided attention to figure out the sparkle pattern. It’s so easy to do. Many find it quite addicting, because you find yourself thinking that you have never seen anything so beautiful, so enticing, in your entire life.”

Suddenly Gary’s screen showed a live cam-shot, with crystal clear resolution, of Takura sitting in front of her computer and staring right at the gasping financier. With one demure leg over the other, she sat on a plush lavender chair, her arms on the arm rests, hands draped over the front of them, with long, shiny nails. She had her position perfectly framed so the bottom of the screen showed just below her knees—in other words, including an area that potentially afforded a view as primordial as the impulse to open one’s eyes in the morning. She swivelled back and forth, just barely.

Takura was wearing a skin-tight, light pink, long-sleeved pvc top. The black area over her chest and shoulders was made to look like a skimpy black vest with pin-stripes, three buttons down the middle, and a little red bow tie. The skimpiness of the “vest” afforded Gary a view of the nicest lotioned cleavage he’d ever seen right before (sort of) his very eyes—acres of gleaming tit flesh, framed in a “v” by dual, thin slivers of light pink and then the vest, barely covering her big, gleaming nipples. Gary smiled at recognizing her skimpy leather dress she previously wore in her power-point presentation/multi-Takura-video screen. Her dress revealed, under crossed thighs, the lacy garter again, but this time with reams of gold and black credit cards tucked just under it, evenly.

He finally took note of the truly sleek sensuousness of Takura’s face. Much like her long, slender body, her cheekbones were long and slender too, which framed lidded, bedroom eyes and down to her accordingly long (in height, not protrusion) nose. Even her drop earrings were long, shiny filaments of silver capped with sparkling, pea-sized diamond clusters. She had glossy, light pink lipstick, and light pink eye shadow, the latter with a windswept sheen, and a hint of sparkles. Her necklace had a sparkling crystal the size of a golf ball.

In English that Gary wondered if it had improved since she started, Takura said, “Before we proceed one whit further, Mr. Selkirk, I must emphasize the high sensitivity of our next stage in the induction process. People other than ourselves privy to such undertakings would be ill-advised to be in your office. Noone else in your office is online, I see, so, I’m running on faith here, Gary, that noone, in person, would be intruding on us?”

Gary mentally inventoried again, and concluded that even if someone was still around, they weren’t going to get past his always-locked door. He didn’t, however, account for her comments about the induction process, or the fact that she knew not only his full name but also that noone else in his office was online. (Let alone that she was able to suddenly appear on his computer screen, live on cam.) (When he had clicked on the spastically bouncing purple erection—bringing him onto her power-point/multi-video page—he set off her hacking program that allowed her to completely infiltrate everything in his computer.)

“Everyone’s gone.”

“um, I beg your pardon?”

“Everybody left.”

“Do you not remember what my name is?”


“Then why aren’t you using it? I was hoping you would have kowtowed accordingly. A new client for the Webreach Ring always shows his proper respect in addressing your new proprietress with a ‘Yes, Mistress Takura.’”

As Takura grilled Gary, she rubbed the handle’s butt-end of a leather cat o’nine tails slowly up and down the right nape of her neck. The triangular curtain of tails rose and fell over her shoulder as a counter-point to the handle. She started tapping her shoulder with the butt-nob impatiently, the tails dancing now like a cheerleader’s pom-pom.

Stroking his cum-drenched cock non-stop since he started, Gary said, “Yes, Mistress Takura.”

“Thank-you. It certainly looks like you don’t mind,” the Asian temptress said, as she slapped the tails on her huge breasts, gently, letting the tassels retreat, slowly, down her tits and down between her cleavage. She liked to do this to emphasize a point, to arouse her admirer into closer attention and lust, a welcoming into her world with wicked wantonness.

Takura typed on a keyboard affixed to the left armrest, and said, “ok—I have just about everything for commencing the REP program, or”—Takura paused, aiming the long handle down between her huge tits, stuffing it down there slowly, and then moving it up and down, the butt-end bulging through the pvc on the downpoke—“the Reciprocal Exchange Program, which stimulates you to put it in between my assets, like this, up and down, which is all that you want, and nothing else, right?”


“WHAT?!” Immediately Takura brought her cat o’nine tails down hard on someone behind her, but down below, out of sight. The resulting sound—like a muffled yell—confirmed this.

“Oh, uh, yes, Mistress Takura.”

“Your learning curve has already left me no choice but to delegate you to lower sub-peon. You now have to earn devotion points, and there are many ways to attain them, and for a lower sub-peon like you, Gary—I’ll be nice this time—every time now that you say ‘Yes, Mistress Takura’, I will hold my palm up like this”—Takura held her hand out to Gary, her palm up—“whereupon you will wait until I signal with a simple ’Up! Up!’ gesture, like this, and, YES! That’s exactly what I want! Yes, my lower sub-peon! Except thrust those loins up even higher, just like in that three-way negotiation video, from my power-point presentation, that I can see you so eagerly learned from.

“You did well, my lower sub-peon, for anticipating correctly a Webreach ring directive, and this pleases me, and will surely advance you further in ways that I, Takura Tena, your new proprietress, will deem appropriate. I see you’re admiring my crystal necklace. Very understandable—new clients are fascinated by it, by the way it greatly appreciates the value of my assets, because of how it sparkles so beautifully in the light.”

The crystal made Gary look at it more often, and realised he was able to enjoy a pleasant periphery view while homing in on the crystal. The fact that Takura was able to so completely rewire Gary’s senses so his pleasure impulse obliterated his red flag impulse was something the financier was way too under her spell to realise. The continuation of this unparalleled, pulse-quickening bliss was all that mattered to him. Sometimes short-term gain was a good option, he strangely rationalised to himself.

Takura slowly traced the butt-end of her cat o’nine tails’s braided leather handle down a sensuous cheekbone, and turned her face to the handle like a pleased cat. Looking askance at him with narrowed eyes, she brought the knob of the butt-end very close to her opening mouth, trailed it down between her infinite cleavage, and then cupped it underneath her right tit with the sort of flourish that reminded Gary of Anitra Ford sweeping her hand under a Cuisinart in The Price is Right. Takura gave her melons the slightest jiggle.

“There are ways to work your way out of lower sub-peon status if you so care to, however, it takes great effort—more than you are expecting, possibly. My current BACA assessment indicates there are some problematic accessibility points regarding some of your assets.”

As she continued, Takura gently whipped her huge breasts again, and leaned back, lifted up her right leg, and hooked it over the right armrest. This completely opened up her mini-skirt, revealing a thong made of shiny silver lame. Gary recognized the “W” on the crotch as the same one as the purple, fancy-fonted one in Webreach, right at the very beginning of the email. To the left of the “W” was a black dollar sign. To the right of it—red puckered lips.

“This is your chance, my lower-sub peon, to rise to the occasion, and I mean higher and longer and meatier rising to the occasion. You might be experiencing what I mean already. The window of opportunity has opened itself up, my lower sub-peon, to rise above your station, as I make my assets more available to you—as you can see—making you hunger for the reciprocal exchange program, remember? Does the sound of REP make you stroke in approval?”

“Yes, Mistress Takura.”

Takura held her palm up, making Gary thrust up his cum-drenched loins too early.

“No, damn you!” Again Takura brought her cat o’nine tails down on whoever was down behind her. “I had you trained to wait until I do this “, as she flapped her upturned, long-nailed fingers, “like I’m tickling George Soroz’s balls when he’s behaving correctly. Yes. That’s it. Higher. No—higher. Higher yet. Ok back down, and now back up again and, hold. Hold it, my lower sub peon. Hold it. And down again. Much better. You will find the trainibility arousing and will always keep you erect to keep me happy. Do you like how that works out, still my lower sub peon?”

“Yes, Mistress Takura,” said Gary, waiting for Takura to hold out her up-turned hand again, which she brought out after some considerable pause, but this time he managed to wait until she gave the “up up” signal before he dutifully thrust his crotch as high up as his painfully arched back would allow.

“Good. As expected,” said Takura, gently slapping the tassels on the inside of her right thigh, trailing down (or actually up) to her knee and then slipping behind it, like retreating snakes.

Gary did a double take on the area underneath Takura’s crotch, her thighs more spread open now. Was that a man’s face she was sitting on? Just below her silver thong, the top of someone’s head could be seen—if the head was looking directly up at her.

Two things, my lower sub-peon, that you must be aware of for our very own personalized, special, one-on-one session for my bilateral assessment of your assets,” (Takura lightly tapped the handle’s butt on the dollar sign), “with this being the first one, down here. And then, as you look up, up to my assets, my nice big shiny crystal pendant should be the focus of your throbbing, stiff, hard-as-rock attention, and evidently I see that it is. That’s the other thing. Under my control, right, lower-sub peon?”

“Yes, Mistress Takura.”

Takura raised her upturned palm, her middle fingertip making tickling motions and said, “imagine me tickling that vulnerable area of yours. And up. That’s it. Well done, almost crab-like. Just to warn you—my slaves’ chiropractic bills can be a real nuisance for you. There is a regular stretching routine I will show you to hopefully avoid any pathetic injuries on your part. Oh, and down.”

With the butt-end she slowly lifted away one side of her thong to reveal her long, taco-sized pussy, topped by a feathery, immaculately-parted-down-the-middle airstrip, and then covered it again and said, “there seems to be a pesky little encryption thingie problem occurring when implementing my BACA procedures, whereby, some of your assets, my lower sub-peon, lack the necessary accessibility for acquiring that essential information to assess your assets with my assets, right here, the ones you really have taken a liking to, like all my other stiff-dicked slaves have, as well.

“So, like I was saying earlier, lower sub-peon, this is your chance to rise above your current very, very, very low rung on my slave ladder and prove yourself in our very first BACA session. You will be quite eager to please me by providing the code words into your following accounts: JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sacks.”

As the red flags went off somewhere in the back of Gary’s inundated mind, Takura whipped off her Daisy Duke top and let her enormous, firm hooters shake and jiggle and bounce their way free into plain view for Gary to lavish in. With soft mists from a squirt bottle, Takura quickly misted jets of oil all over those incredibly nice big tits and skinny abdomen, and worked it in with her long, graceful, slicked fingers, the oil glistening sensationally, almost blinding, for the elated financier, as those huge, shiny, brown, long nipples helped Gary relax about the codes.

As Takura’s thin, long, oily fingers sensuously slicked themselves around the countours of her firm, glistening orbs and body, Gary typed into the skype text box the name of each bank with their corresponding bank codes.

“Ah yes, you have done well. For your highly-approved BACA initiative, you have moved way up on my enslavement heirarchy, actually, to an esteemed position that I usually let only my desperately horny elite slaves vie for in the octagon. As I say this, there should be a lot more pre-cum flowing out of your erection. It should almost be like a mimi-cum. Do you feel it, my newest sub-slave, that extra flow of goo lubricating what is now property of Mistress Takura?”

Sure enough, as Gary felt an extra coating of his slimy sperm slathering up his hard-on, he said, “Yes, Mistress Takura” and assumed the position as soon as her upturned hand flapped impatiently up and down. This time the Asian temptress made him contort his back up and down several times over, working him like a yo-yo, and then finally let him back down again.

Takura stood up a little and looked down at where she was sitting. Removing a piece of duct tape, Takura said to what appeared to be someone’s prone head underneath her, “The way you moved your chin like that, my elite sub, the way you made it press up into me, with intense vibratings, was unique, and I found actually quite stimulating, which I will want you to do at more regular intervals from here on in. But it also tells me you’re wanting to tell me something, hm?”

Catching his breath, he said, “Only that I can’t get enough of you and you’re the centre of my universe and I’m willing to be your trafficked sex slave, Mistress Takura.”

Quickly Takura whipped her cat o’nine tails down behind the chair, at what Gary now realised was the rest of the body belonging to Mr. Chairface, who let out a more unemcumbered yell this time.

“The bank and kill part!? Are you kidding me!?”

“oh and I would rob a bank for you and kill a man for you, Mistress Takura.”

“jesus christ, my elite sub. I feel almost not right addressing you as such! Do you want me to put this tape back on again? I gave you very, very special privileges to have you here, and meanwhile I’m inducting someone who’s already starting to prove himself, someone who’s starting to please me with his most recent BACA valuation, someone who is starting to remain perpetually e—rect for his new proprietress, so if you’re showing him that he can replace you, you best get your wits about you just a little more quickly, lest I relegate you to pool deck sidetable duty. Can get a little lonely out there, as I’m sure you remember well. And particularly hard on the back, that one. Quite mollusc-like, was it not, elite sub.”

“Yes, Mistress Takura,” said the chair.

“More. More. Stick it out more.”

Gary noticed a tongue rising up from the seat, bringing the nose and the top of his head more into view. Nestling back down again, Sakura looked at Gary while grinding her loins away. She whipped her preying mantis right leg over the armrest again, as Gary noticed this time her sexy, light pink, fluffy, stiletto slippers, which she occasionally dangled on her toes for slutty emphasis.

Demurely, she planted a hand on the outside of her right thigh as her leg shot straight up, almost perpendicular but still slightly off to the side, slipper balletically pointing north. With the strength of her left leg—and planting her right elbow on the arm rest—she was able to slightly raise herself, forcing tongueman to strain further upwards to the juicy goal, while allowing Gary a better view of Takura’s huge-lipped pussy recieving an eager tongue, lapping up for dear life her fleshy folds, which were plied wide open by the long, multi-ringed fingers of her left hand.

With bedrooms eyes, Takura sotto voce’ed to Gary, “Oh this does feel good, and making me feel good is the ultimate goal. The ultimate treaure, as you lap me up, licking me, loving what you lick so dearly. Such dear, sweet licking that you want to do more than anything else.

“So, sub-in-waiting, now that you see what levels of serfdom you can aspire to; now that you see that instead of doing the crab, I can let you taste me, each and every time you are allowed to say ‘Yes, Mistress Takura’; now that you see how pleased I am when I am being pleased like this; and now how you see how seductive, and addictive, it is, to make me happy, and to do as I ask—it looks like you are good and ready now for a tour of my spa, in which all my slaves immediately find themselves very aroused as soon as they arrive.

“From the looks of things, it will be impossible for you to control your erection once you are in the delicious confines of my spa, my very eager sub-in-waiting. As I keep you permanently erect, I will guide you through the necessary stages of the Webreach Ring Assimilation Makeover, which might make you cum, by accident, because it feels so good, and you will want to do it over and over again. The Webreach Ring Assimilation Makeover.

“So, in accordance with NCATA, which, you do recall what it stands for, sub-in-waiting?”


WHACK! as chair-guy took another lashing.

“I have just allowed you the doorway to further your advancement in my web, and you affront me by not immediately remembering the New Client’s Assessment of Takura’s Assets? Don’t make me relegate you back to lower sub-peon, or even worse, but we best not really go down that road at this point.

“So, as I was hoping to continue without your disconcerting blunder—in accordance with NCATA, you, the client, will assess my assets that you see before you, especially guided by my crystal nestled so delicately in be—tween my nice, slicked-up assets that are making you so greedily slick up your prick, slicking up that erection of yours with all that obedient sperm for me. Each tadpole, swimming in tribute, to their destination, in the name of, Mistress Takura Tena, who hereby now pronounces your erection my tool , for which you will be eager to let me have complete control of, to make it throb so much, so helplessly, making you lust over letting me make every decision for you, getting you too stiff—and on the verge of coming—to disobey.”

Very softly, she added, “Do you understand, sub-in-waiting?”

“Yes, Mistress Takura,” said Gary, aware of her further diminishing accent and accelerated proficiency in the Queen’s English.

After she lowered him from his crab position, Takura said, “In assessing my assets, you will focus on the sparkles of my crystal, right here, between my tits, as I commence countdown to consolidate closure in slave-mistress indenture. By the end of this countdown, sub-in-waiting, you will ejaculate the hardest, most forceful, pro—longed orgasm that you have ever ejaculated in your entire life. Slaves are amazed at the amount of sperm I can make them produce, and with you I promise you it will be no different.

“Alas—ten—as you stroke your gooey tool, sub-in-waiting, I want you to breathe deeply, inhale, as much as you can, to take in the smell of your enslaved sex, to begin associating your strong semen stench with loyalty and fealty to your new proprietress, to equate the powerful, heady aroma to an obsession with keeping me pleased. Mantra number ten will be ‘My sperm smell makes a me zombie for Mistress Takura’. Say it now.”

“My sperm smell makes a me zombie for Mistress Takura.”

“Nine—You feel the throb of your tool like you have never felt it before, its length, its strength, which makes you so incredibly thankful that, I, your mistress Takura Tena, will take it upon me for preparation of your tool by giving it the closest shave it’s ever had—at the base, the testicles, and well underneath, all the other way to your butthole, followed by various mixtures of aromatic oils and emollients and creams applied to your manhood in various stages, making you tingle with waves of the most uncontrollable lust as you bend to my will. Mantra nine will be: ‘My love for Mistress Takura makes my erection harder for her than anyone’. Say it.”

“My love for Mistress Takura makes my erection harder for her than anyone.”

“Eight—while you grease your piston for good, long mileage for me, keep in mind that as I hold my nice, big tits out for you, like this, gently squeezing them to enhance the hypnotized desire that you obviously feel for me, your devotion to BACA, REP and NCATA—the last one of which you are enmeshed in right now—will be of paramount importance to successfully be a valued, occasionally rewarded cog in the Webreach ring, making you persevere in excellence, making sure everything is running as efficiently as possible, so, mantra number eight will be—keeping in mind that I want this one to make you have difficulty sleeping, my sub-in-waiting, every night for the rest of your life—‘REP, BAC, and NCATA will always arouse me with swollen, electrified testicles.’ Say it, and this time you better crab fucking hard for this.”

Instantly Gary was out of his chair this time and aimed his laptop cam towards the floor where he could better attempt being a circle. With his erection aiming almost northward he thought about being useful at a horse-shoe pitch. He was able to start curling his head back under, so he could see his hands, the floor further past his hands, and then eventually, his feet.

“REP, BAC, and NCATA will always arouse me with swollen, electrified testicles,” Gary said as something tweaked painfully, making him let up. Rubbing his back, he clambered back to his chair.

Takura whacked chair-guy again and said, “Why did you stop? Do you see my hand still up in the air, sub-in-waiting? I almost wanted to call you lower sub-peon again!” Reaching to her right, offscreen, she said, “Get over here!” and yanked, by his erection, a naked man into the left side of the screen. His hands were handcuffed behind him, and as he moved toward her there were sounds of chains dragging along the floor. He looked familiar to Gary, who willed himself not to probe further down that road.

“Do you want to end up like this?!” said Takura as she lightly flailed his erection back and forth a couple times with her cat o’nine tails. Gary couldn’t tell if there was pleasure or pain in his face. “You’re lucky I pulled back at little. At least there’s no marks. You did well. Here.” Impatiently beckoning him closer with those flapping, long-nailed fingers, Takura slipped her hand under his testicles with fluid, Mata Hari-like grace, her finger tips barely making contact with his sack, running slowly, down, and back up, to his shaft, and then with thumb and forefinger did the ok sign around his scrotum, and gently pulled it down, repeatedly, each pull letting his balls go pop out of her grip, as she grabbed to milk them again with her slicked-up fingers. Takura looked at Gary as she did this.

With her left hand she grabbed the oil mister again and squirted more of it all over her mammoth, gigantic hooters, making Gary almost come from the just the “ffft” “ffft” sounds of the oil jetting onto those firm, large melons, instantly glistening brightly as soon as she put the mister bottle aside and rubbed more oil all over her large, perky tits, with circular fingerings around her nipples, gentle tweakings, slaps, sinful hypno-jiggling.

Actually, Takura had hooked the mister bottle on the erection of a shackled slave that she now pulled in from her right as her elbow bumped against the arm-rest’s keypad. She vigorously jerked oil all over his shaft, making the dangling bottle flap against his balls.

“AAA! Mistress Takura! The handle! It pinches!” said new guy holding up the bottle.

Taking a demure look at his raging hard-on, Takura said, “hmmm let’s see. Ah yes, already it’s leaving some deep rut marks, quite red. I’ll remove it but consider that a pre-emptive admonition for unforeseen indiscretions, misjudgements, or blunders that you may be foolish enough to make me walk you all through town again.”

“arf arf,” mister bottle guy barked.

Noticing Gary still rubbing his back, Takura said, “So I see you’ve done something already, my goodness. It was good form, though, I must say, and at least you’re showing signs of striving. And striving can get can my wonderfully manicured pussy quite wet, when I see it. And I know, sub-in-waiting, striving, when I see it, which should provide you with sufficient motivation to help expand Mistress Takura Tena’s power base.

“Alas, seven, as I milk you and bilk you—your semen simply a vessel for the flow of other forms of commerce that you will religiously ejaculate into the Webreach ring—you will insure that you will provide protection, you will provide vigilance, you will provide whatever resources, you will instantly spring to the defense of the Webreach ring. And when I mean spring, sub-in-waiting, I mean the speed and fierceness with which your erection will stand up for me, at attention, any and every time it pleases me so. Because of this, mantra seven is ‘The life of Webreach, before mine’. Repeat.”

Resuming his rapid fap-fap-fap-fap-fapping again, the office full of the sound of his repeatedly smacked testicles, Gary said, “The life of Webreach, before mine.”

“Six. And there you are stroking again for me. Just think of all the stroking I will let you do at my spa. And when you get there, sub-in—waiting, you will be greeted by a mistress-in-waiting of mine, perhaps several, leading you through the labyrinthine splendour of my spa, leading you along by my tool, which they will keep as erect as possible, making an easy leash for them to squeeze, to tug you around by. You will want to come back repeatedly, because it will become sexually addictive, which forces you to re-arrange your end-of-the-month plans so you can come again, and then come some more. More frequently. All that coming. Because of this, mantra six is ‘I will make secret visits to Mistress Takura Tena’s spa on an increasingly frequent basis.’ Say it, my sub-in-waiting.”

“I will make secret visits to Mistress Takura Tena’s spa on an increasingly frequent basis.”

“Five. You live to constantly stroke and please my tool in hopes that it will end up ejaculating between my lovely tits, which is definitely a possibility in the horizon, behaviour and performance permitting. My behavioural expectations are in accordance with the trainability, kowtowing, and unity and reverence modules as made clear to you in my earlier power-point presentation, and as soon as you arrive at my spa you will be closely monitored as to how closely you adhere to these objectives, theses goals. The ATM and assets part I already have you by the fucking balls with, but your other power-point aspects, my sub-in-waiting, will need further cultivation so you can be of even more use to the incredibly arousing Webreach ring. With that in mind, my fifth mantra is ‘At the spa, I will be better than anyone else in flaunting my knowledge of Mistress Takura’s power points’. Ejaculate that for me now.”

“At the spa, I will be better than anyone else in flaunting my knowledge of Mistress Takura’s power points.”

“Lower sub peons!” Takura snapped as two more naked men made their way up to her. Only their wobbly erections and arched loins could be seen at the bottom of the screen. Gary guessed they were crab-walking.

“I’m glad you slicked them up enough orelse my pretty little toes would be rubbing them raw,” the manipulative seductress said as those long, thin, preying mantis legs reached out so she could wrap a big toe and next biggest toe around each erection, moving up and down each oily shaft, sometimes stopping at the base, pushing, gently, with the balls of her feet, into each sack, accompanied by moans of varying ecstasy or discomfort from below. After more rapid toe-stroking, she then planted her toes into their scrotums and this time moved them around in circles, her long, black-painted toes splaying, scrunching, splaying, scrunching, splaying, scrunching, as they gently churned those balls with gyrating massaging, eliciting moans that sounded more aroused this time. Some more stroking, this time slapping the balls of her feet with loud, wet smacks into their worked-over testicles, and then stopping again at the base and planting the arch of her feet into both their perinea and pressed forward, actually lifting them, so that the crabs’ thighs and knees became visible, while Takura’s chair started to tilt back a bit. She gave Gary a rare, startled, flirty smile.

“AAAAAA!” the chair-face guy’s yell passed by and freely out from Takura’s smothering pussy as she realised that the bottom edge behind her substantial chair would be starting to cave-in his rib cage as she tilted back.

“ok you big baby,” she said as the chair came back down again, and as she resumed her toe-stroking she said, “better oil those tools before the friction you’re starting to feel will get hotter, and hotter, and hotter.”

In almost perfect unison the right arm of the right crab curved up over his junk at the same time the left arm of the left crab did the same, forming a not-quite dome. In their hands were oil bottles, which they overturned at the same time, pouring long streams of oil all over their dicks and groins. Gary loved the gooey, wet, sliding sounds of Takura’s re-lubricated toe dominance.

As Gary tried to take in the sight of the spread-eagled, multi-tasking, multi-limbed deity, Takura maintained her popping squeezes on the nut sack to her right while lubricating arf-man’s cock on her left, which she stopped jerking (as she slowed down her toe-stroking) and held out her necklace so that the crystal dangled above her breasts, letting the sparkling pendant swing like a pendulum, back and forth, across her gleaming, F-cup tits. She rubbed the crystal all up and down and around one nipple, and then the other, then let it bounce off her nipples, then placed it in her cleavage so she could make the crystal bounce back and forth between her tits as though it was try to bash its way sideways out of its mammarian prison.

Takura said, “So, sub-in-waiting, as I countdown to three now, masturbating for me comes so naturally to you now, just like it has with all my slaves, including my favourites, Warren and Billy, who both constantly brag to me about their nocturnal emissions for me as their wives sleep next to them. I have them so entrapped now I can threaten to hypnotize them to start yelling out my name in their sleep if they ever disobey or displease me, or stray from the fold.

“You will notice how this pendant sparkles so beautifully, and can lure you in, my sub-in-waiting, as your erection twitches with hunger for the crystal, because it gets you so horny to be so compliant. You can’t stop looking at how it catches the light, can you. It gets your dick too hard to look away. My crystal, sub-in-waiting, will be the centre of your subconscious now, as you delight in everything I say, and especially in everything that I order you to do. Every time you get an erection now, it will be in blind devotion to my crystal. Repeat: ‘Mistress Takura’s hypnotic crystal has my obedient erection under her control.’”

“Mistress Takura’s hypnotic crystal has my obedient erection under her control.”

With repeated, gyrating thrusts of the balls of her feet into the crab guys’ scrotums, as they moaned with each thrust, Takura said, “Two. Nice even stroking, my jerk-off zombie. You’ll be pleased to know I am pleased. The exciting new conditioning at my spa makes the new slaves, and especially my long-serving ones, so appreciative, so grateful, for the cocooning pvc containment policies that are strictly required for inventory, conditioning, assessment, molding, and re-integration for further conditioning and then re-conditioning.

“At the beginning of this email, I said that we will ‘open wide for you, and let you in, sealing those partnerships, sealing them tight’ . And oh you’ll be sealed in tight, alright. The feel of pvc nice and snug around you, the sound of pvc snapping against skin—mmmmmm I love it! And you will, too, my sub-in-waiting.

It’s so self-liberating and addictive, which is why you want to be an important cog in the Webreach ring—to discover the joys of closely regulated and closely monitored warehouse containment. To that end, mantra number two will be “My erections will be the hardest, but the trickiest to negotiate, as I cocoon for Mistress Sakura.’”

“And finally—one—your pulse races as you realise your erection can only be stroked for me now, which is why you won’t be able to stop compulsively jerkng it for your Mistress Takura Tena whenever you get the chance. To that end, you will delight in the prospect of not only disseminating your man-juice constantly for me, but also disseminating the email you recieved today to other colleagues, especially those who can provide the necessary assets that can be reciprocally exchanged through my sexy, a—rou—sing, bilateral assessments that always keep your cock constantly covered in cum, my eager sub-in-waiting.

“As you spread the word, spread the gospel, you will report to me on a daily basis the newest batch of potential slaves to whom you emailed my Webreach promo. And to think of the rewards, my sub-in-waiting, that so enticingly await you for your travails. The larger my power-base expands, so will your erection, too—getting larger and larger for your Mistress Takura Tena as my power exponentially increases. Alas, mantra one—‘The more slaves I get for Mistress Takura Tena, the more likely she might reward me.’”

“The more slaves I get for Mistress Takura Tena, the more likely she might reward me.”

“And now my sub-in-waiting, you will cum. Cum all of it. And you must aim as much of it all over your clothing as you possibly can. I will watch closely, and if I see any of your semen landing on anything other than your clothing there will be repurcussions upon arrival at my spa. Yes, aim it straight up in the air—aim high, yes. Yes there we go, that’s it, my sub-in-waiting. Yes! Let me milk and milk that thing so you can do it for me again and again, when I deem it proper. Feel the hot rush of cum exhilarate you as you discover your new devotion and allegiance to me, Mistress Takura Tena, controlling your cum, taking your cum, taking all of it from you, taking and taking, squeezing those balls to take and take as much as I can and then take some more, draining you, my sub-in-waiting, draining your sperm so I can allow you to offer me all the assests and future connections your enslaved cock and balls will find and procure for me. Mmmmm so good to see you still spurting, my sub-in-waiting. Your aim has been, spot on, shall we say? Mmmm and I like how you’re shuddering like that. Now that you’re all drenched in sperm, I’ve marked my territory. This is my baptism initiation, you might say. I mark all my new slaves like that.

“A final note—during this cozy little acquainting, I took screen shots of you that will be auto-sent and auto-enabled to over 60 gay porn sites within a week’s time. The only way this can be prevented from happening is if I, personally, de-encrypt them, which means that you, along with every one of my other slaves, will want to make sure that nothing—accidental—might happen to me. Don’t worry—I’ll keep track of your sixth day, no problem. Lots of sixth days to keep track of! My dream team has this taken care of, just like they took care of getting into your computer. I think your protective instincts might all of a sudden kicked in just now, and it will be the most desirable thing to lavish upon me once you’ve reached your true destination, Mistress Takura Tena’s lovely spa!

“I will sign off now. You will immediately notify your wife and relevant colleagues that in a couple hours’ time you have to go out of town for three days for an important conference in New York. Cut the chit-chat. You will bypass your own private transportation, because there’s a round-trip ticket set aside for you at the Air Canada counter for an 8:15 plane tonight to Vancouver. As my newly-marked territory, you might not to be too popular on the plane—I would avoid eye contact and just bury yourself in a book. And collect your thoughts to remember all the mantras upon arrival, which I will immediately grade you on, so impress me, and we’ll see how you rank among the others. Upon disembarking you will wait there until I phone you for further instructions that you will be much, much too erect to disobey. Who knows—I might even give you a spontaneous ejaculation, right there, over the phone, in the middle of the terminal for all to see and laugh at. Do not go home to pack, my tailor will fit you accordingly upon arrival at my wonderful Webreach ring spa.”

Gary was surprised that she finally laughed—a soft, quick laugh of taunting seduction. His screen then went black. He appreciated the straightforwardness of everything, and looked forward to these new plans.

* * *