The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Asian Tiger

The Asian Tiger got her name because she was as ferocious as she was beautiful. Though she never revealed her true name, the Asian tiger was Vietnamese and Chinese and trim with over-the-shoulder black hair, brown eyes, and full red lips framed by a stunning face. What made her so ferocious was the fact that she was Vietnam’s general, and she and her army had succeeded on several occasions with bringing Europe to its knees and crushing their armies. Along with that, the Asian Tiger and her army had literally looted Europe, bringing priceless treasures back to Vietnam. Depsite all of this, it still wasn’t enough for her. She still wanted more.

The Asian Tiger had her sights set on the city of Rome. The last time she had seen it was as a child, and how beautiful it was to her! But now as a general, she was interested in doing a lot more, such as bringing it under HER dominance. What a thrill that would be: having a female Asian ruler of Rome!

She couldn’t wait.

* * *

The Asian Tiger rounded up her army and brought her men and horses to Rome via sea. By the time they had reached the city, it was nightfall. Taking advantage of this, the Asian Tiger and her men set up camp and lay in wait as part of their surprise attack.

The next morning at the break of light, Rome awakened to thunderous gallopping, hooting, shouting and hollering. To their shock, a stunning female dressed as a general was leading an army on horseback, and the Romans scrambled to get out of their way. It wasn’t long until Roman soldiers came out on horseback themselves to challenge them, and this delighted the Asian Tiger.

In a few minutes, both armies got off their horses, and on the order of both generals, started fighting. The Asian Tiger fought as well, managing to overpower the soldiers who went up against her. The fighting lasted for some time and there were wounded men and casualties on both sides. Finally, after many hours, both generals asked that the fighting cease. The Roman general asked the female general, “Who are you and what do you want in Rome?”

“I am known only as the Asian Tiger from Vietnam, and I desire to conquer and rule your city. As you can see, my army and I have sacked many of your soldiers, and are prepared to cause more bloodshed if need be. There is no limit to what we can do.”

The Roman general was impressed. A woman as formidable as the Asian Tiger certainly wasn’t a force to be reckoned with, and it was very clear to him that she wasn’t playing games. He said, “Asian Tiger, dismiss your soldiers and come with me to Emperor Nero’s palace. You can discuss this matter with him.”

“Thank you sir, you are most gracious,” she said, “however, if I find that this is a trick, I am prepared to run you through with my sword.”

“I can assure you that there are no tricks,” the general said-his voice slightly quivering, “now if you will please come with me.”

“Of course,” the Asian Tiger smugly said. Then she dismissed her soldiers and went with the general.

When they got to the palace, he escorted her to Nero and said, “Emperor Nero, this young woman is from Vietnam and is a general known as the Asian Tiger.”

Nero laughed and asked, “A general? But she’s a woman!”

The Asian Tiger was outraged and drew her sword, positioning the tip under Nero’s chin to where it touched his throat. The emperor grew afraid and thought she was going to kill him.

“I...I’m very sorry,” Nero said, “please remove the blade. Please don’t kill me.”

She smiled and slowly removed the sword from his chin. Nero took a deep breath and said, “Thank you.”

“Of coure,” she said.

“If I may leave you two alone?", the Roman general asked.

“Yes, you may,” Nero said.

The Roman general walked out of the room and the two were alone. The Asian Tiger put the sword back into her sheath and looked at the emperor.

“May I call you the Asian Tiger or would you prefer General?", Nero asked.

“Call me the Asian Tiger,” she said.

“Why have you come to Rome?", Nero asked.

“To conquer and rule it,” the Asian Tiger said.

Nero was slightly amused and said, “But my dear, no woman has ever done that. Women in this society are second-class citizens.”

The Asian Tiger laughed and said, “Well, when I take the throne, all of that will change.”

Nero’s amused expression disappeared and he exclaimed (neraly shouting), “No woman will ever rule Rome! I AM the emperor!”

The Asian Tiger was amused to the point of laughing. Here a man was telling her what SHE couldn’t do. Well, she could have killed him right there, but then the Asian Tiger had a better idea.

“Emperor, would you please come outside with me? I’d like to give you a demonstration.”

“Of course,” he said.

They went outside where a 120 foot statue of the emperor was standing outside the door. The Asian Tiger climbed up to the head and swiped it with her sword, causing it to fall to the ground.

“My statue! My beautiful statue!", Nero shrieked, nearly crying.

The Asian Tiger came down and said, “If I don’t rule Rome, YOUR head will be the next thing that I cut off.”

The emperor backed down a little bit and said, “B..but my dear, wouldn’t you rather rule Rome by my side as empress?”

“An intriguing offer, but no,” the Asian Tiger said, “I shall rule alone.”

“Very well,” Nero said, “but before you take the throne, it would be an honor for me to spend some intimate time with you. After all, you are a very beautiful creature.”

The Asian Tiger was flattered and in a rare moment showed her sensitive side. Nero saw this and his first thought was to take advantage of the situation, but then he remembered how ferocious she could be-so he had to be very careful.

“Asian Tiger, would you like to come inside and perhaps we can have some wine?", Nero asked.

“Actually I always drink tea,” she said.

“Okay, then we shall have tea,” the emperor said-secretly disappointed that he lost the chance to get her drunk.

“Thank you,” she said.

They went back into the palace and drank tea in the dining hall as well as talked and laughed. Meanwhile, Nero was thinking up a plan to subdue the Asian Tiger and get some action along with it. If all went well, she would be on her way back to Vietnam and out of his life for good.

* * *

Nero had managed to convince the Asian Tiger to stay the night, and they went to his bedroom where he said, “You know, if it’s not too much to ask, perhaps we should undress first to get a little more comfortable. Try it.”

“Okay,” the Asian Tiger said, “should I take off EVERYTHING?”

“Yes,” Nero said and began to undress. The Asian Tiger did the same and soon the two were completely nude. That’s when he began the hypnosis induction:

“You know, when tigers aren’t hunting, they love to lounge out in the sun and relax. They love to relax, relax. Relax. They relax because they’re tired. They relax because they feel tired and tired and sleepy. You’re a tiger...aren’t you getting so tired and sleepy?”

“A little bit,” she said.

“Of course you are. You’re getting tired..sink into a relaxing sleep like those tigers...a relaxing, deep sleep. Focus only on my voice...and relax. You’re getting relaxed and tired...always more tired. As you continue concentrating on my voice, you become more tired and sleepier. You’re getting more tired and sleepy...more tired and sleepy...listen only to my would like to sleep...deep sleep...sinking into a deep sleep. Don’t fight against are getting tired...always tired...feel how tired my voice is making you...always more tired and sleepier. Don’t stay awake...close your eyes and sleep as tigers are so tired and sleepy, you would like to deep sleep...your eyelids are much to heavy to hold are sink always deeper into sleep...very deep and sink always deeper and deeper. Close your eyes. Sink into the deep sleep. This deep sleep...good deep are so tired and would like to sleep.”

The Asian Tiger finally closed her eyes and Nero continued, “You hear only my voice...just only my voice and you obey me completely. You must sleep for me and do everything which I tell you.”

“Yes Nero,” she said with her eyes still closed.

The emperor took her sword and had a thought: he could kill the Asian Tiger now for her insolence towards him. He lay her on her stomach and positioned the blade on her neck, but then decided that killing her wasn’t worth it. With that, Nero removed the sword from her neck, put it away, then turned her on her back and asked, “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes, Nero. I am,” she said.

“And you do want to have sex with me,” the emperor said.

“Yes, I want to have sex with you,” the Asian Tiger said.

“Sit up, open your eyes and look at me. However, remain in a deep trance.”

The Asian Tiger did as she was told, and saw Nero’s lips move towards hers and touch her soft ones. They shared deep, passionate kisses and made love for hours. Afterwards the emperor said, “Asian Tiger, when I count to three you awaken feeling refreshed and relaxed, and then you will get dressed. Tomorrow, you will go back to Vietnam and not have a desire to overthrow me or rule Rome. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“Good. One. Two. Three,” Nero said.

She awoke from her trance and got dressed. Following the posthypnotic suggestion, the Asian Tiger returned to Vietnam.

* * *

Nine months later in Vietnam:

The Asian Tiger was screaming in pain as she continued pushing, breathing and sweating.

Apparantly Nero had given her something to remember him by.