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This story is inspired by Jealous of Her Slaves by seesaw6 and Got the Look by Archibael.

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work to people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

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Asking For Trouble

* * *

I held up my glass for Colleen to refill. The hypnotized girl, dressed in a sexualized parody of a maid’s outfit, leaned over from her hips to fill the glass with wine. Her skirt rode up to put her lacy white panties on display, framed by the black garters holding up her sheer black stockings.

“How do you do it?” asked Heidi, who was sitting next to me on the loveseat. “She’s so... obedient.”

“Hypnosis can be powerful, when you apply the correct techniques,” I replied.

“But, I thought that hypnosis could only make someone do what they want to do,” said Heidi.

“Yeah, that’s true,” I said. “But, pleasure can be a powerful motivator.” I smiled at Heidi. “I’ve trained them well with it.” I pulled out a clicker. “It’s like training a dog, really. The reward for good behavior is sealed in with a click and a cum.” I turned back to Colleen. “Colleen, present.”

Colleen looked briefly at the clicker, set the wine down and quickly knelt in position. Her ass was on her heels, her knees spread wide, her arms clasped behind her arched back and her breasts thrust out. I clicked, and both Heidi and I watched the orgasm roll through Colleen. She was obviously doing her best to hold her position, but her eyes fluttered back into her head, her muscles clenched, and her legs trembled. She moaned in desperate release, everyone sitting around the living room looking at her.

When I looked back at Heidi, I smiled at the wanton expression on my friend’s face.

“Fuck me, that looked incredible,” said Heidi. “Can you make me feel that?”

“Sure,” I said. “I can hypnotize you whenever you want.”

“I...” Heidi looked down at Colleen. “Would you make me do that?” She gestured towards the kneeling girl.

“Well, I’m sure I could keep it at just making you cum when I told you to.” I smiled lasciviously at my friend. “Probably.”

“Uh, maybe not then,” said Heidi.

“What? You don’t want to be addicted to pleasing me so you get to feel that?” I grinned predatorially.

“Uh, no offense,” said Heidi, shaking her head, “but, uh, no.”

“Too bad.”

“Have you ever felt it?” Heidi looked me right in the eyes. “What’s it like?”

“Oh, no, I’d never trust anyone to do that to me,” I said. “Nobody gets to fuck with my head but me.”

“But, I figured you would’ve done it to yourself, right?” said Heidi. “Try it out, at least? It looks fucking incredible.”

“I...” I looked at my friend, not sure what to say. “I guess I could, but...”

“But what?” Heidi gave me another look. “You have to try. You have to. To know what it’s like, at least, right?”

“I,” I shook my head. “I dunno, maybe.”

“You should totally try it out.”

“Uh, no,” I said, still shaking my head. “It’s about training them, not me. I don’t want to be trained.”

“You wouldn’t have to do that,” said Heidi. “Just try out the orgasm once or twice, right? No training involved.”

I sighed. “Just, no. Not happening.”

“Okay,” said Heidi. “Your loss.”

“Yours too, not letting me into your head,” I said.

“Yeah, but you get to control what you do to yourself,” said Heidi. “I don’t want you controlling me.”

I shook my head again and looked around the room. Kim was sitting on the couch with her legs wide, the hypnotized Merry up her skirt, and Garrett and Shane were doubling up on the very blank looking Dana. I smiled. Everyone was having a good time, and that’s what mattered.

“Colleen, eat me out,” I ordered. The girl leaned forward, under my skirt, and pushed aside my panties. “Could be you,” I said, looking at Heidi, as Colleen started gently licking.

“No, thanks,” said Heidi. “But she’s mine next.”

* * *

Damn Heidi. After my guests left, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept seeing my three hypnotized girls cumming their brains out in my mind, and her comments kept me wondering what I would feel, what I would look like. I finally broke down and pulled out my laptop.

It didn’t take long, and the recording was all set, ready for me to try out. It was in line with what I did for my thralls, but without the triggers. It would just work the once, designed to let me experience the orgasm without any of the danger of being trained by someone who found out. It was almost 3am, so I should have been tired. Instead, I was amped. So amped, in fact, that I was worried I might not be able to slip into a trance. I was going to try anyway.

I blocked my door with a chair, not really wanting to be interrupted. I positioned my laptop on my desk to record this, placed my favorite vibrator on the bed, stripped down, and sat down comfortably on the edge. Taking a deep breath, I clicked on the audio from my laptop and started my metronome. I stared at the slowly swinging, clicking bar, willing my eyes not to wander. My soft voice started intoning to me, trying to induce a trance.

“Okay, now, Jenn, you want this to happen, you want to go into a trance, so just let it happen. Start with your eyes. They’re captured by the metronome, going slowly back and forth.” I watched the bar swinging and clicking. “Now, feel your body relaxing, letting your feet feel heavier, letting them rest on the ground.” They were already doing that. “Your legs, let them feel heavier, let them sink into the bed.” If I wasn’t careful, sitting as I was with my legs over the edge, I’d sink forward and topple off. Maybe I hadn’t planned this too well. Hopefully my feet were planted good enough. “Let your chest feel heavier, slowing your breathing, sinking deeper now.” I consciously breathed at the slow pace of the metronome, knowing that the timing could help me fall into the trance I wanted to try out. “Letting my voice guide you, slide further down as your head feels so heavy, your chin dropping to your chest, with your eyes on the metronome, that you can’t look away from now.” Since I was trying to help it along, this simple induction seemed to be working. I didn’t fight it. So slowly, as my voice droned on, I felt my eyes getting heavier, my mind slowing down. Soon, I wasn’t noticing my words, as the ticking bar held my attention completely.

Some time later, I snapped awake. The metronome was still going, but my recording had stopped. The clock said it was around 4am, and that seemed about right. I had this massive compulsion to grab my vibe and use it, just like I’d programmed myself to. I picked it up, laid back, spread my legs wide and turned it on. As soon as it touched me, I could feel this time would be different. I rose higher and higher, and after only a minute, I could sense the crest coming. It was going to be a fucking intense one, I could tell.

But it didn’t come. Well, not right away, and certainly not at the point it usually would. It kept getting better and better, and quickly surpassed anything I’d ever had before. My legs flexed and my toes curled, and it still didn’t crest. My body started shaking in need, with searing pleasure flowing up from my crotch to burn all thought from my mind. Then it hit.

It was a short eternity of pure perfection, the best thing I’d ever felt in my life. Swept up in the pure ecstasy, I felt my mind melt and reshape itself, a desperate addiction to the incredible bliss flowing from my spasming, squirting pussy to every part of my clenching body taking root. I arched up off the bed and curled around the vibe pressed hard against my clit. My eyes rolled back into my head as I slid to my side, moaning uncontrollably.

When I finally recovered enough to look at the clock, it was 4:30am. Every muscle ached like I’d just done a triathlon. I wondered if I could do it again. I laughed a bit at myself. Of course I could do it again, and would. Again and again. Just maybe not right now. I slowly slipped into a satisfied, exhausted sleep.

* * *

When I woke up, my clock said it was 1pm. My door was still blocked, and my laptop was still staring at me. Someone was knocking, calling out to me.

“Mistress? Are you okay? Can you let us in?”

I rolled off the bed and unblocked the door. “Come in.” I collapsed back on the bed.

Merry, Dana and Colleen all piled into the room, looking at me with concerned faces. “Are you okay?” asked Merry. “We were so worried when you didn’t wake up and we couldn’t get in.”

“She was just cumming her brains out,” said Colleen, pointing at my vibrator.

“Yeah, you can smell it still,” Dana pointed out.

“Why did you block the door?” asked Merry. “And why play without us?”

Colleen looked at the laptop, seeing the video on the screen. “And you recorded it?” She then looked at the metronome, which was still clicking away, a curious look on her face.

“I’m fine, you three. Please just leave me for a bit. I’ll be out for some food,” I said, stretching a bit while still lying down.

“Okay, but let us know if you need anything,” said Merry. She was always the most concerned for my welfare.

“I will,” I replied. “Now, if you would...” I gestured towards the door. The three left, with a few looks back.

Thirst and bodily functions drove me to the bathroom. When I came back out, I stopped the metronome and sat in front of my laptop. I noted that the video had stopped recording. Checking the file quickly, I saw that it had eaten up the space on the hard drive. Shaking my head, I started it up in a player. It began with me finishing the setup and sitting down. I jumped forward a bit and saw my blank stare looking at the metronome, which was off-screen. It was a better look on me than I was expecting. Knowing that I was being programmed at the time was a little scary, and somehow really hot. My hand drifted down and started gently stroking myself. I sped forward again, and started it up when I found the point at which I woke up. I watched myself grab the vibrator and bring it to my crotch. My clit twitched in sympathy as I watched myself cum harder than I ever had before. It was pretty obvious that it was mind-blowing.

My stomach grumbled, but my hind brain said, “Again! Now!” I looked at the metronome, thinking how easy it would be to do it, to slip into a trance and program myself to cum my brains out. Somehow, my higher functions won and I slipped on some sweatshorts and a t-shirt, and then quietly padded out to the kitchen.

“Want a sandwich?” asked Merry. “Or maybe some eggs and toast, since it’s your breakfast?”

“Sure,” I said. The other girls had sandwiches, so I added, “And a sandwich is fine.”

Dana concentrated on her own sandwich, but Colleen looked thoughtfully up at me, not eating the one in front of her.

“What’s that look for?” I asked her.

“Oh, just thinking about you locking yourself in your room,” she replied. “Please don’t do it again. We wouldn’t be able to get to you in an emergency.”

I laughed a bit, then said, “I can take care of myself.”

“Yes, but what if?”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Merry set my turkey and swiss on rye in front of me. “Perfect.” I picked it up and stuffed it down my throat as quickly as I could.

“Slow down!” said Merry, always playing mother. “You might be hungry, but we don’t need you choking!”

I kept at it, ignoring her.

“Hey, careful,” said Colleen, placing her hand on my arm.

“Okay,” I mumbled through a mouthful, taking a little longer for my next bite. It still didn’t take long at all for me to finish up. I swallowed the water Merry had set in front of me and announced, “I’m going to my room. I’ll be out in a few hours. Don’t disturb me.”

Merry look concerned, Dana looked surprised, but Colleen had a little smile. Interesting.

Once in my room, I decided to barricade again, and put the chair back in place. I propped up my laptop and tried to hack off parts of my video. It didn’t work, because the disk didn’t have enough room. I attached my large external drive and, though it took some time and a lot of copying, I finally managed it, cutting it right about when I fell asleep. I wondered briefly why I was even bothering and not just erasing, but I left it and set up my experiment again. Same audio, same video recording, same metronome, same position on the bed, same vibrator.

It seemed just a little easier to slip down into a trance. The words just slipped into my head and made a home there while I faced the metronome, slack-jawed and blank. An hour later, I came back to the land of the conscious, and felt the urge again to grab my vibrator and go to town. But dammit, I’d forgotten to strip. I stood and quickly tossed off my shorts, and pressed the vibe home while I was still standing. I crumpled to the floor as the pleasure and pressure built, my thighs clamping around my hand holding the vibe in place. I thought I would crash over the edge at the same point, but it was just a bit later, just a bit better this time. I couldn’t wonder why, as my mind was wiped clean in the bliss flowing up from my crotch. I squirted on the floor as what was my new best orgasm ever blew me away.

A while later, recovered enough to think, I was amazed at how it was even better than my first hypnotically-enhanced orgasm. Thinking just a bit, I realized that my recording said that it would be the best of my life.

So, each would be better and better.

Oh fuck.

I reset and did it again.

* * *

Hours later, after several mind-blowing orgasms, I was exhausted and starving. I dressed, slipped out of my room and back to the kitchen. My head was mulling over ways that I could make it faster. The turnaround time was much too long between each crest, since it involved a long hypnosis session first. I’d have to be a little careful, so as not to accidentally train myself to want to be hypnotized...

“What are you thinking about?” asked Merry, seeing me come in.

“Uh, what?” I said, my train of thought interrupted.

“Yeah, what were you thinking about?” said Colleen slyly. “Those mind-blowing orgasms you’re having?”

“Uh, what?” I said, a little more forcefully.

“We can all hear,” said Dana, smirking a little.

“That obvious?” I asked.

“Yep.” said Merry.

“Fuck.” I really hadn’t thought about that. Maybe I could change myself to be silent.

“What exactly are you doing in there?” asked Colleen, a knowing look on her face. Shit, did she have an idea? Did I care if she did? Well, yeah, I guess, because I didn’t want her to take advantage somehow.

“You should be having us help,” complained Merry. I noticed that she looked a little disappointed and sad. Now that I saw it in her face, I understood. I’d been training these three to serve my every whim, and here I was denying them the opportunity and just taking care of myself. I really should involve them somehow. I just didn’t know how, yet, because I didn’t really trust my head to anyone else. I couldn’t do something that might end up training me to follow their orders.

Although, really, wasn’t that pretty much what I was doing to myself? Following my own orders? I could already feel the pull of hypnosis and reward. If I wasn’t careful, trance would be linked with pleasure and I’d be screwed, trying to trance all the time so I could have the mind-bending orgasms. I needed a change. I had the kernel of an idea, though, and maybe it might work.

I’d work on it after dinner. Whatever Merry was cooking smelled amazing.

* * *

I sat in my room, excited and out of breath, all set up to record a new script. My idea, which came to me over dinner, would be something that would keep my girls happy, and let me cum more often and without the constant hypnosis. I rushed a bit through my first attempt, and realized the tone of my voice, all excited and anticipatory, would never help me drop into a trance. I slowed myself down, forcing my voice to sound calm and relaxed. It still wasn’t quite right. After a third try, I figured I had it close enough, and set up the laptop and metronome. I wouldn’t need the vibe this time. I started everything up and sat in place.

Again, the insistent pull of the hypnosis, dropping me into trance, was a little easier. I’d done it to myself several times now, and the induction I was using in this new recording matched my old one. It quickly had me in a deep trance, blank and receptive.

When I slid back into consciousness, I felt a burning need to play with myself. But wait, that wasn’t right, was it? The first thing I should be thinking of doing was leaving the room and using my three girls. They were supposed to be my triggers now, my ordering them around and having them service me giving me my fix. I glanced at the clock. Why had three hours passed instead of one? My hand slipped under my sweatshorts and panties. I couldn’t help it. Masturbating was the single most important thing in the world right now. It was an intense, burning need, driving me up higher and higher, desperate to crest. I moaned and whined as I twirled my clit, rubbing in just the perfect way I knew would get me off. Only it wasn’t working. I was frustrated, trying harder and harder, searching for an elusive orgasm that wouldn’t come.

Colleen entered my room. Oh fuck, I’d forgotten to block it off in my excitement. I watched her, in her sexy little clubbing dress, as I moaned needfully. She pulled out a clicker.

Oh fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

I wanted to cuss her out and take the clicker, but instead my libido took over and I just whimpered out a “Please.”

She smiled at me and clicked.

My world lit up in the single sweetest, most pure orgasm I’d ever experienced. The pleasure was so intense I locked up, choking on my own moan, unable to breathe. Every muscle trembled and shook as I clenched around my fingers. I wasn’t sure how long it lasted, but I came back to myself desperate for more.

“Jenn,” she said.

I turned my head and looked right at her. She clicked. My everything exploded in pure bliss.

Fuck. I was so screwed.

“Jenn.” she said. I did it again, turning to look right at her. She clicked. My mind was swamped in ecstasy I had never known before. Each time she clicked was just a bit better. I realized I was being trained. This first step was engagement. Soon, I’d be paying attention to nothing but her. I was fucked.

She did it a few more times. I was blank and needful afterwards, unable to process much more than wanting another click. I was staring right at her, hoping that it would help me get my fix. Then she changed it up.


My hands were already moving before I could muster up the will to fight it. I trembled as I stood, taking off my t-shirt and dropping my shorts and panties. She clicked. I burst into extreme pleasure.


Again, my body reacted before I could even really think of resisting. She clicked when my knees hit the floor.

I think at that point I was pretty much hooked. She was going to do to me what I’d done to her, and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

“Present.” I did without thinking. She clicked. I came in a mind-blowing climax. The carpet under me was soaked in my juices.

I needed another click. She started out of the room, saying, “Follow.” Standing, I did, somewhat desperately. She didn’t give me my fix.

Into the living room we went, and I saw Merry and Dana sitting on the couch, both dressed to kill in clubbing skirts as well, and looking smug.

“Kneel before them.” She pointed to the center of the floor.

I resisted. My body lurched, but I was able to stop. “No,” I said. “I won’t.” In the back of my head, I came up with the beginnings of a plan to maybe manipulate her enough to stop this. “And aren’t you rushing this? Training should take longer, particularly to get to a task like this.”

She just smiled and pulled out a buzzer I recognized, one I’d used on them. If it did the same thing to me...

“No,” I said. “Please, no, not that.”

She hit it, just a short buzz.

I felt it immediately, that push that I’d used to make a recalcitrant woman give in and do what she was told. It was intense, a buildup right to the edge of a blistering orgasm, and a sudden stop, leaving me wet and wanting. She hit it again, and it made me urgently need to cum. My blossoming addiction to the clicker made it devastatingly effective.

“Kneel.” I stayed still, and she hit the buzzer one more time. My already fragile will broke, and, craving the pleasure of release, I scampered to the center of the room. Kneeling down, I looked at her hopefully, almost expectantly.

She just held up the clicker to taunt me, and said, “Present.”

In my state of distress, my body moved on its own. My thighs spread, with my arms locked behind my arching back, and my breasts thrust out. Teasingly, Colleen pretended to click several times, looking right at me. Every muscle of mine tensed in anticipation, waiting for and needing her to press the button that would send me over the edge. I whimpered in desperation.

She didn’t press it. “For resisting, you get this.” She hit the buzzer instead. All that pent up frustration got one step worse. I groaned. She laughed, as did Merry and Dana. “You did this to us, so you’re only getting what you deserve.”

“Please, I just need to cum,” I whined.

“You think we didn’t?” Colleen leaned down in front of me, holding the clicker in front of her. “All I need to do to give you what you need is to click this. All you have to do to get me to click this is everything I tell you to do.”

Fueled by desperation, I swung one of my hands around. It caught her by surprise, and I managed to knock the clicker out of her hands. I dove, reacting just a little faster than her, and managed to reach the little device first. My thumb compulsively pressed, multiple times. And fuck if it didn’t make it so, so much worse. Each acted like the buzzer in her hands, and I cried out in frustration.

“It won’t work for you that way,” she said, as I kept clicking uncontrollably, trying to crest, but only driving myself insane with ever-increasing need. “I made sure of that.” Leaning down, she easily took the clicker away from me. “Now, present.”

I rose up from the floor, knelt, and adjusted into the correct position. I tried to glare at her, but I’m sure all she saw was the desperation.

She smiled at me. “Now, on your back.” I was so broken at this point, she could’ve asked for anything and I would have complied. I slipped down onto my back. She played at pressing the button again, teasing me.

“Can we now?” asked Merry. “This is getting me so worked up, having her like this.”

“Yes, Merry, we can.” Colleen sneered at me. “I think she’s mostly trained at this point, and so quickly too.” She gestured at Merry, and Merry quickly took up position over my face. “Eat Merry out, Jenn.” Merry shoved her panties out of the way and dropped her soaking crotch onto my mouth. Hardly able to breath, I started licking. “Do it well and make her cum,” continued Colleen, “and maybe you’ll get to cum too.” I doubled my efforts. I tried everything I liked, from gently nibbling to licking in all the right places.

“No, not like that,” said Merry, leaning down to look into my eyes. “Not what you like, though it’s wonderful. Do what I like.” Then she shook her head. “Oh wait, you never asked, did you?” She pressed her crotch down a little harder. “You better figure it out if you want to cum.”

I whined and started trying everything I could think of, from butterfly licks to lapping at her lips to sucking hard on her clit. The last seemed to work, and she suddenly went off. My face was crushed by her legs as I was drenched by her trembling pussy. She jerked away and rolled off. I sucked in heavy breaths as I saw Dana get into position.

“You know what’s coming next,” said Colleen, again brandishing the clicker in front of me. I was paying perfect attention to whatever she said. “Eat Dana out, however she wants.”

Dana pulled her panties all the way off before sitting on my face. She was already sopping wet. I started with the sucking, craving my own release, but she lifted up and said, “No, slow down, take your time.” I whimpered, but did as she said. I gently licked up on side of her lips and down the other. “Better,” she said. Slowly, I lapped around her edges, trying to pace myself against my driving need. Moving inwards, I let my tongue slide up inside of her, still deliberate in my motions. She moaned in pleasure as I continued working her, keeping my pace down, until she ground down and said, “Faster.” I let my tongue speed up and started carefully nibbling too. Her moans became more vocal, and her crotch mashed harder against my face. I suckled then, right on her clit, and she shrieked in sudden, surprised release. I could feel the orgasm play throughout her muscles, trembling and clenching around my head. She doused me in her juices, and slid forward off of me. I gulped in air again.

“My turn.” Colleen had already dropped her panties, and slid down on top of me. She was drenched, obviously needy herself. A part of me figured that this might be the last thing I had to do before getting my own release, and that thought drove me. Losing myself in her pleasure, I kept thinking of new ways to lick, fold my tongue, play inside her, and suckle at her clit. All of this playing, from the power trip to watching me underneath the two girls, must’ve worked her up, because it took only a minute for her to crest, hard, bowing around my head and shaking in bliss.

I’m not sure whether she meant to, or whether her own orgasm made her hand flex, but I heard the click I’d been craving. Pure ecstasy slipped through every fiber of my being and clenched everywhere at once. The intense pleasure burned away all thought except the craving for more.

We all laid around on the carpet, basking in the afterglow. I thought I was the only one wanting more until Merry asked, “Again?”

“Oh, definitely,” said Colleen. “We have lots more training to go through tonight.”

I whimpered, not knowing really whether it was in fear or need.

* * *

In the late morning, stiff and sore, I slipped out of the blanket they’d tossed on me and stood up. I was still naked. I’d slept on the floor in my bedroom, and the three of them were on my bed. Carpet marks were pressed into my side that I’d been sleeping on.

My bed.

They’d used me for a while longer, then let me condition myself further in a deep trance. I was going through the steps I’d taken each of them through, and was angry, scared, and leaking down my legs in my desperate need for more. I looked to the bed, and saw Colleen sitting on the edge, looking at me. She was now the only other person in the room. The other two left.

“Up right on time, I see,” she said. I glanced at the clock. It said 11:00.

“What?” I asked. “You programmed me to wake up at a certain time?”

“Yes, I did. We had a few preparations to make, and figured you should eat something before today’s festivities.” She smiled at me.

“What festivities?” Dread washed over me.

“Oh, just a little party, in your honor,” she said. “A few friends of yours are going to come over for drinks and entertainment. We have something for you to wear.” She stood, went to the closet. Pulling out one of the maid’s outfits I generally dressed them in, she tossed it on the bed. “We took a vote on whether you would get underwear, and, even though I was against it, they outvoted me.” Opening the underwear drawer in the dresser, she pulled out lacy thong panties and a half-cup bra. She tossed them on the bed next to the outfit. Next, she pulled out black garters and black, sheer stockings. The went on the bed as well, as she moved to the closet again. Leaning down, she picked up strappy heels.

“Eat first. Then shower, clean up, shave, and I’ll come in and help you with your makeup. After that, you’ll get dressed in this.” She chuckled. “You’re going to look so hot. The pictures and video will be great!”

“No,” I said. “No fucking way.”

She pulled out and hit the buzzer. My craving hit me hard, nearly sending me to my knees.

“Oh please,” I whimpered. “Click. Just one click.”

“No,” she said. “If you do all I told you to, I might let you have a click. Resist again, and I’ll keep buzzing until you can’t think straight.” She hit the buzzer. This time, I did drop to my knees, whining. “Hurry up.” She pointed the buzzer at me. I flew up and into the kitchen.

They made me make them all brunch, with fresh fruit, toast and eggs. The grease burned when it spat and hit my naked skin. It had been a while, but I could still cook. It was delicious, and I was starving.

The shower was almost torture on my sensitized body, but I got through it. I tried to get a little relief by masturbating, but that just made the desire to cum worse. I could get so close, but not quite crest. I was so screwed. I shaved as quickly as I could, the drive to cum pushing me. Stepping out of the shower, I shut off the water and grabbed a towel. Colleen came in, leering at me as I dried off.

“You are hot,” she said. “Now to make you look even hotter.” She had a bunch of makeup with her. I liked my three to look femme, but I generally stayed away from putting any on myself. I felt it was more dominant. She sat me down on the toilet, and I let her. She got to work, putting everything on much thicker than I had ever done myself, the times I had used makeup. She was efficient, and pretty soon I was staring at myself in the mirror.

“Look good?” she asked. I was amazed at the transformation. Lipstick, mascara, eye liner, blush... I looked femme. I looked fuckable. My mouth dropped a little, and I just gawked at myself.

She buzzed me. “Well?” I moaned and nearly slipped off the toilet. It felt so good and yet left me desperate.

“I look hot,” I answered, when I could control my voice.

“Yes, you do. Now go put that outfit on. I can’t wait.” She gestured to the bedroom with the buzzer.

I moved pretty quickly, hoping that she might click when I got the outfit on. First, I slipped on the garter and stockings, then the panties and bra, the very high heels that I would be teetering on, and finally the maid’s dress.

“Present,” she said. I did, dropping to my knees, spreading and arching. “Good pet. You’re learning.” She clicked. The world disappeared for a bit as the best orgasm I’d ever had swept over me. I flopped to the ground, every muscle firing at once as bliss flooded my brain. My release soaked my panties through and left me boneless on the carpet.

“Come on, your friends want to see you,” she said, gesturing at me to follow.

“They can’t see me like this,” I said, but I hopped up anyway. Feeling a little trepidatious and a lot embarrassed, I trailed her into the living room.

Kim, Garrett, Heidi, and Shane were all there, scattered on the couch and loveseat. I whimpered and blushed, hard.

“OMG, Jenn, you look so fucking hot right now,” said Garrett, leering at me.

“And so fucking femme,” said Kim, also looking me up and down.

“I never thought I’d see it,” said Shane.

“Yeah, that’s so not you, and so hot,” said Heidi. “How come?”

Colleen answered for me. “She’s in training, Heidi.” She pulled out the buzzer and buzzed me. I whimpered and shook as the desperate need overtook me.

“Oh, really?” said Heidi. “You wanted to try it out so badly you decided to go through it all?“

“I found her, playing, and took advantage,” said Colleen.

“Playing? You mean she hypnotized herself like I suggested? And you caught her?” Heidi laughed.

“Yeah, and now I’m training her,” said Colleen. “And you’re all here to help out.”

“No,” I whined. “No, please, no.”

Colleen hit the buzzer. My knees nearly buckled under the assault of pleasure and need.

“Me first!” said Heidi. “I’ve always wanted her to eat me out, and she never would.” She spread her legs, giving ready access under her skirt. All of my friends came prepared for easy access when invited to my parties.

I shook my head. “Please don’t make me...” Colleen buzzed, and I moaned out my need. Craving release, I dropped to my knees and moved underneath Heidi’s skirt, humiliation adding to the spice. Her hand pulled me in, and I started licking away.

“When you cum, click this,” I heard Colleen say. That drove me faster. I suckled and nibbled and licked, trying my best to get her off. I felt her thighs clamping on my cheeks, and her scent was strong around me. I could hardly breathe, and was getting light-headed. To add to my debasement, I felt hands on my exposed ass, rubbing and smacking. Luckily, it didn’t take long for her to be moaning and mewling her rising pleasure. Suddenly, she gushed on my tongue, squeezed hard around my head, and clicked. I just barely heard it, but it was enough. It went straight to my hind brain. I felt the orgasm roll up from my crotch and melt my mind in pure ecstasy. It just kept getting that much better.

“Fuck me, she’s cumming so hard,” said Garrett as I clenched, trembled and shook between Heidi’s legs. My moans were loud and directly on Heidi’s over-sensitized clit. She writhed around, trying to get away from my mouth, but I was stuck in place, frozen in perfect bliss. Finally I collapsed, nearly blacking out from lack of oxygen, and she managed to pull herself away. I sucked in air, muscles collapsed, spent, and shifting to afterglow.

“OMG, that was fucking intense,” said Kim. “Now me.” She pulled on my limp body, and I flopped into position to eat her out. I saw the clicker change hands, and my addiction flared. It took a minute for me to recover enough, but soon I was licking and sucking away at my friend. She mewled and whimpered and whined, obviously enjoying my attention. Quickly I felt her clamp her thighs around my head, then tremble and clench as she came quietly against my face. I couldn’t see her, but it must’ve been intense because she compulsively hit the clicker five times in a row.

I came, then again, and again and again and again. It was rapid-fire and powerful and mind-melting. I whimpered on the couch as my body shook, unable to contain the intense pleasure it was feeling. Each crest was better than the last, and each one acute enough to blank me entirely. I didn’t recover, not really, before I found myself being moved onto all fours. I didn’t process what was being said around me as the afterglow hit hard. All thought was short-circuited as I felt my panties dropped and two hard things pressing against opposite ends. My mouth had flopped open, so the intruder slipped in, and my crotch was so sopping wet it allowed easy entry.

Then I came back to myself. I was stuffed full of cock for the first time in my life. I’d never allowed any entry to any orifice by any man before, and here I had two close friends fucking me wildly. I was choking hard and trying to breathe, but Garrett, who was in front of me, didn’t relent. Shane didn’t either, rocking hard behind me. I felt him slapping against my ass hard as I fought not to gag on my first deep-throated rod. Sure, I’d had plenty of experience with dildos, but I’d generally been the one in control, and it was nothing like what was ramming into me now. I felt both twitch, and heard two voices crying out, and felt Garrett shoot down my throat. The click that came to send me into ecstasy was intense and degrading and utterly humiliating, knowing that I’d just cum around one and sucking on another cock at the same time. Both for the first time in each place. It added to the twisting, fiery pleasure everywhere in my body and burning my mind. I heard Shane cry out something, then felt him twitch and shoot inside me, and heard another click.

I was gone, literally gone from my mind for a while. It was too much all at once and I floated away on a blissful cloud of pure pleasure. I had no idea what was going on, only that I would do anything to get here again.

When I came to, I was lying on the floor, leaking from two orifices and sore in ways that I hadn’t been before.

“Coming back to us?” asked Colleen. Merry and Dana were gloating in the background, and my friends all seemed happy as they looked down at me. It was obvious they were all talking about what had just happened, but Colleen had my attention. “Good. Time for you to wash up.” She helped me back into my bathroom. I felt broken and used and ready to do what she said, as long as she’d click again. Or anyone, really.

In the back of my head, I knew I had to get out of this somehow. I couldn’t go through another get-together like this one. I couldn’t be Colleen’s little pet. I was supposed to be the one in charge, and I would be again. Giving myself mind-blowing orgasms, when I wanted, how I wanted, and without following orders to make it happen.

For now, though, the reality was that she’d won. I was fucked. She controlled the clicker, and, by extension, me.

Part of me loved it, craved the pleasure. The other part hated it and was plotting a way out of it.