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The Asters — Chapter 1: Hyp Nod Ick

“Welcome to the Magic Shoppe,” the tall, thin proprietor announced. “How may I help you today?”

The tall, athletic customer stepped up to the counter. He was in his early forties, slightly graying at the sides. He began, “I feel I must preface my request with a little background about my relationship with my wife. We’ve been happily married for almost two decades and so some of our, say, interactions have become somewhat routine.” He looked around the empty shop as if to make sure no one was eavesdropping. “Diane loves my cock. She loves touching it, especially at inappropriate times. She loves having it in her mouth.”

“Is this boasting leading to something, sir?” the proprietor interrupted.

The man cleared his throat. “Sorry, yes. These actions are always on her terms and when I request such activity she always responds, and I quote, ‘Your dick isn’t so hypnotic that I must drop to my knees and suck it as soon as I see it.’ So I’m hoping you can give me some kind of charm to make her do just that. Only afterward would she be aware of the prank.”

“And you are sure she would view this as a prank?”

“Oh, absolutely,” he explained. “Whenever I tell her I going to hypnotize her someday, she says, ‘You can try.’”

“Cheeky bird you’ve got there,” the proprietor noted. “Let me see. What are her favorite colors?”

“Blue, sky blue specifically.”

“And another color?”

“Um, scarlet.”

“They look hideous together.”

“She doesn’t wear them together.”

“Okay, this is going to take some work on both our parts. Come back in an hour and I’ll explain what you have to do.”

“Okay, one hour.” The man left the shoppe.

* * *

An hour later, the bell on the door to the shoppe rang and the man reentered.

“Welcome to the Magic Shoppe,” the tall, thin proprietor announced. “I have prepared what you asked for.”

The man stepped up to the counter. “I forgot to ask what this might cost.”

“Yes, you did,” the proprietor agreed. “Now, I have prepared instructions for you to follow. Please read them and ask any questions you have now.”

The man read the instructions. Halfway through, he asked, “A dab of Diane’s saliva and a dab of my semen. What exactly is a dab?”

“Take your fingertip and touch a pool or puddle of the wet substance. When you pull your finger away, a small amount of the liquid forming a circle will remain on your fingertip. That is a dab,” the proprietor explained.

“Okay,” the man replied. Finishing the directions, he asked, “Anything else I should know?”

“Do not oversaturate the ribbon or there will be side effects on her personality.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that.”

“No, of course you wouldn’t.”

* * *

“Jake, is that you?” Diane called from the kitchen.

“Yes, is dinner ready?” he called back as he entered the house.

“Marietta says it will be ready shortly.”

He entered the kitchen and kissed Diane. “Good evening, Marietta,” he said.

“Good evening, Mr. Aster,” the cook said.

Diane and Jake set the table in the kitchen rather than create a mess in the formal dining room. As they sat down, Marietta brought over the serving dishes. When they were set, she curtsied and left the kitchen.

“How was your day?” Diane asked. “Do anything fun today?”

“Nothing unusual,” Jake replied. “You?”

With that she brought him up to date on all the goings-ons in their various friends and acquaintances lives.

When they were done eating, he said, “I’m going upstairs for a quick shower.” He took the central staircase up to the master bedroom and disrobed, he placed the box from the magic shoppe under some towels. He was toweling off in the bedroom when Diane entered. He turned to face her, dropped the towel and said, “Gaze upon my cock.”

“Your dick isn’t so hypnotic that I must drop to my knees and suck it as soon as I see it,” she recited with some excitement poking through her attempt to make it sound halfhearted and bored.

“One can always hope,” Jake replied. “I’ll just put it away.”

Diane began to strip. “I only said I wouldn’t suck it as soon as I saw it. After a few moments looking at it though, it is rather inviting.” She gestured for him to lie down on the bed. “Besides, you know how much I love a clean dick,” she cooed.

Yes, you do, he thought as he leaned back. You certainly do.

She dripped some saliva on his dick and quickly started stroking it with her hand.

Having anticipated her arrival, he was easily aroused.

“I see I was missed, today,” She joked just before pulling him deep into her mouth. She sucked his cock like the runt of the litter finally getting access to the choicest teat.

He came within minutes. He wasn’t sure how to stop her from licking him clean until he muttered, “Fuck. I beg your forgiveness but I must get up. Nature calls.”

She leaned back and her lips popped off his cock with loud pop. He climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, he made sure not to touch his dick as he got the ribbon out. The ribbon was about two feet long and an inch wide. It was sky blue and aside from some runes stenciled on the ends, it could have been freshly snipped from a roll of ribbon found in a craft store.

Rather than try to find a place to dab his cock, he took a small area of the ribbon and touched it to a few wet spots on his dick. After a moment, that spot on the ribbon turned scarlet.

He rinsed his dick and dried it. He wondered if he should give it a shot. The instructions said to tie the ribbon around his cock loosely—like he would tie something tightly around his cock—and to pull it off once she started sucking.

He looped the ribbon into a sort of bow and pushed it over his dick till it was snug against his crotch. “Looks like I have a blue ribbon dick,” he joked to himself before he stepped out of the bathroom.

Diane was facing away from the bathroom. The signs of her forty plus years on Earth were faint and easily ignored by his loving eyes. She was obviously fingering herself.

He approached the bed and announced, “Ready to suck it again?”

“Your dick isn’t so hypnot—” she began as she turned around to face him. Her eyes glazed over as soon as she saw his cock. She immediately stood up and approached him. She knelt at his feet and placed her mouth around his cock in silence. Mechanically, she licked and sucked at his cock. He pulled the ribbon off and balled it up in his fist.

The proprietor had said to discourage bad techniques and encourage good techniques verbally. After a few “I like that”s and “stop that”s, the blowjob began to feel more natural, less mechanical. Soon it turned mind blowing and he was ready to come. He just let it happen without warning. “Swallow it all down,” he said and she complied, licking him thoroughly clean.

A second later she leaned back and he actually could see her eyes come into focus. “You finally did it.” She crouched lower on her knees so that she could look up at his face and his cock remain in her field of vision. “It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”

“I don’t know but whatever had me kneeling here at the altar of your divine cock is now gone.” She made no move to stop kneeling at his feet.

“Are you saying you found religion?” he jested.

“Jake, when I was blowing you just now, every word you said was like the voice of god in my brain. Do you know that little tongue flip I do that I thought you liked?”

“Yes,” he replied, trying not to sound disappointed. He didn’t really like it.

“The voice of god said, ‘Stop that,’ twice when I tried it. Thinking about doing that little flip now is making me uncomfortable. I will never do it again.”

There was an awkward silence. He had not expected her to have a quasi-religious experience over his cock.

“Do it again,” she begged. “How does it work?”

“I need to recover from the last two blowjobs, dear.”

Reluctantly, she stood up. “Of course,” she said. “I should freshen up anyway.” She disappeared into the walk-in closet.

He lay down on the bed and examined the ribbon. It did not look powerful. He balled it back up in his hand and closed his eyes.

He heard Diane move from the closet to the bathroom a few minutes later. She was obviously planning to seduce him. He remade the bow as he had before and rolled the opening onto his cock. He pulled a sheet over his cock and waited.

Moments later, Diane stepped out of the bathroom wearing a red lacy body suit that clung to all her curves with not an ounce of unwanted flesh in sight. She confidently strode up to the seemingly unconscious form of her husband. She sat down on the bed next to him and rubbed his leg. When he did not really react she knew he was asleep. Overcome by curiosity, she drew back the sheet.

* * *

It wasn’t fully dark, perhaps almost dawn. He could not tell. His dick felt nice surrounded by a warm wet mouth. “Suck some more,” he absentmindedly requested.

The mouth quickly obeyed, licking and sucking him to orgasm quickly.

As his eyes settled back into place, he muttered, “That was wonderful, dear.”

But the mouth remained around his dick.

He reached down and touched what he feared to touch. The ribbon was pressed between his crotch and her face, still wrapped around his cock. He sat up on his elbows and saw his wife’s head planted firmly in his crotch, waiting. “Sit up, Diane.”

She sat up. Her mouth remained fixed in a rude circle like a blow up doll’s face. Her eyes remained fixed on his cock.

He picked up the ribbon. It was half covered in saliva and cum and those areas turned to scarlet as he watched. He dragged a sheet over his crotch.

Diane blinked and her mouth closed. “No, don’t take it away, please,” she begged but she didn’t move to uncover his cock.

“Diane,” he said. “Look at my face when I’m speaking to you.”

She turned her head to look at his face. She did not blink at all.

“Diane, are you okay?”

“Never better,” she said flatly.

“Why did you spend all night with my dick in your mouth?”

“You know I like to suck you.”

“All night?” he asked. “You’ve never done it all night.”

“I should do it every night,” she actually seemed to become more animated and happy as she spoke. “That’s what I’ll do from now on. I live for having your cock in my mouth.”


“I was wrong,” she continued. “When I see your cock I must kneel down in front of it and put it in my mouth.”

“Isn’t that a bit crazy?”

“No, it’s liberating,” she continued. “No more head games, no more making sure I have the upper hand. Now I’ll just do what you tell me. It’s simpler.”

Isn’t this what I wanted? he thought. Without thinking, he pulled the sheet off again. As she started to lean toward him he said, “No, don’t move. I need to use the bathroom.”

She froze leaning forward her eyes fixed on his cock.

He got up without looking back and closed the door to the bathroom. After relieving himself, he looked at his hand. The ribbon was balled up in his fist still. Just now she was going to blow him without seeing the ribbon. He put the ribbon in the drawer that held only his shaving kit and stepped out of the bathroom.

Diane was sitting exactly where he had left her, staring at the spot on the bed where his dick was before he told her not to move.

When he realized what he had said, he sighed. “Can you move, Dear?”

“—ou -old -e no- -o,” she muttered through frozen lips.

“Speak normally. Do you want to move?”

“You told me not to,” she replied without changing position.

“And it doesn’t bother you that you can’t move?”

“Not if it’s what you want,” she replied without changing position. “Although, I would prefer to be able to see you while I can’t move. If that would be all right.”

“Turn and look at me,” he commanded.

She turned, hanging her feet off the bed and looked at him. Once she saw him, she seemed to lock in place again.

“You can move and act freely,” he commanded. “In fact, you will act and feel like you did before you succumbed to my dick last night.”

She shook her head, “Oh my god. What did you do to me?”

“You tell me.”

“You finally hypnotized me,” she smirked at him. “I love it. When did you have the chance to do it? I don’t remember going under.”

“I didn’t actually use hypnosis.” He began as he sat down next to her and told her about the little shop he went to the previous day.

“Magic?” She asked incredulously. “If I hadn’t spent the night with your dick in my mouth I wouldn’t have believed it possible.” She stood up suddenly. “Command me again.”


“You commanded me to act normally. So am I normal or just acting normal? Tell me not to move again and see if I obey.”

“Don’t move,” he said and waited. She seemed to become rigid. “How do I know if you can’t move or if you are pretending not to be able to move.”

Some sounds emitted from her mouth but he immediately commanded, “Silence!” And the sounds stopped.

He got up. She was still wearing the body suit she had put on the night before. He started removing it and she did not respond. Her body changed position as he manipulated it to remove the outfit. But it did not seem like she could initiate motion. Once exposed, he gently massaged her boobs. As her nipples became erect, he took each in his mouth and sucked on both gently and roughly. As he sucked on her nipples his hand wandered down to her pussy and he fingered her as well. She did not visibly react to his ministrations though he felt her pussy become slick and her breathing was definitely becoming shallow.

He picked her up and placed her on the bed. He lifted her legs over her body with her feet near her head then spread them apart. He pushed his dick into her very ready pussy with ease. Her eyes were fixed on a point on the ceiling and her head did not move as he fucked her. In and out he pumped his cock. He thought he could feel her pussy tightening reflexively. With a strong thrust he commanded, “Cum!”

Though her position did not change and no sound was heard, she was apparently having an incredible orgasm given the way his cock was being squeezed from within her. He said, “Keep Coming! Don’t stop until you can move.” His own orgasm followed and he lay against her letting her pussy throb insistently against his cock. After what felt like forever, he said, “You can move.”

Her body coiled like a spring, as she grabbed her ankles and pulled. Her mouth dropped open and the gentle throbs on his dick became one tight squeeze. Ironically, she locked in this position for a moment until the orgasm passed. She breathed heavily for another moment until she raised her head and looked him in the eye. Her mouth opened and closed once then she pointed at her mouth.

“Problem?” he asked coyly.

She pointed again more insistently.

Smiling he said, “You no longer need to be silent.”

“That was... That was... That was,” she began a few times. “That was indescribable. I suppose this means I’m only acting like my old self. It’s funny because I feel like myself. I think its because you told me to. But I can’t tell the difference.”

“Well, let’s try this.” He sat back, pulling out of her. “Want to suck it now?”

As she craned her neck to see it her eyes glazed over for a moment before lighting up and a wicked grin crossed her face. She sat up locking her eyes on his eyes as she tilted her head in a mock-condescending manner, “Your dick isn’t so hypnotic...” She stepped off the bed next to him, holding his arm encouraging him to turn so his legs hung off the bed, still looking into his eyes. “... that I must drop to my knees...” She continued as she knelt down in front of him. Her head moved forward as she continued, “... and suck it....” Her breath played across his still wet dick. “... as soon as...” Her gaze dropped from his eyes to his cock, “... I see...” And the last word, “,” was slightly muffled by her mouth taking in his cock and giving it a strong suck.