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At the Costume Shop in Anne’s Harbor

Chapter 01: The Grand Opening

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Hello, MCStories! I’ve been lurking on the site since 2005, and I love the place! I finally felt like it was time for me to contribute something to this wonderful community. This is the first chapter of a longer story, set in a community I’ve been developing over the last six months. If I get positive feedback on this one, I’ll follow it up with more chapters at the costume shop, as well as exploring the rest of the town.

Feedback is welcome at . I sincerely hope you enjoy this!

* * *

Welcome to Anne’s Harbor! Our little town has a wonderful variety of fun activities that can be found around every corner! As a new resident, taking a tour is definitely in order. After all, the sheer variety of opportunities for community building and strengthening relationships can be a bit staggering for newcomers.

Here at the Chamber of Commerce, we usually find it best to start with a little history. You see, in the not too distant past, our town was called Southport. How it was renamed, though, is a story for another day. For now, let’s just start with how the Mayor of the town, Viveanne Malcolm, moved to town and got established.

You see, Ms. Malcolm was always interested in magic and clothing, as well as the interesting ways in which the two things could come together. So when she moved to our little coastal town, she decided to open a costume shop. A very special costume shop...

* * *

I sighed in delight as I moved the ‘N’ from the hooks on the left side of my cute little sign to the right. Since the other three letters always stayed put, the sign could either read ‘NOPE’ or ‘OPEN’. This was my first official day of being open, and I just could not wait to see what it would bring.

Of course, I already knew the general shape things would take. I’d planned for it, after all. After spending a lifetime wandering the multiverse, learning different kinds of lust magic, I’d decided to settle down in one of the more mundane worlds I’d come across. There was magic here, but it was hidden, secret. The general population had no idea about their neighbors who were witches or wizards or shiftlings.

That just meant that they had no idea they needed to be careful of lust magic. Which worked in my favor.

Each costume in my store was designed to have some effect beyond simple disguise or ornamentation. Take the harem girl outfit on the mannequin near the entrance. True, it would present the look of a courtesan from the crèche of a desert pasha. But it didn’t only do that. It also instilled a mindset of calm, accepting servitude, as well as the knowledge of how to fulfill every desire a person might have by taking in the subtlest of clues at a single glance.

Each costume also called to the person who could wear it best. Temperament and inclination played a role in these things. After all, while you could force a fundamentally dominant person into a submissive role through brute magical power, they wouldn’t be as effective as someone who was predisposed to such behavior. I couldn’t wait to see which costume called the loudest and brought in its ideal wearer first.

Two hours later, the bell over the door finally chimed. I looked up from where I’d been perusing a spell book I’d found in a poorly attended library in a savannah nation called Argive. The woman who stepped into the shop was lovely. Perhaps 25, petite, with shoulder length brown hair and lovely blue-green eyes. Her body was the ideal balance of curves and fitness, exactly the sort of woman I loved. I smiled in welcome.

“Welcome to Viv’s Variety! I’m Viveanne, the owner. What can I help you with, Ms...”

I trailed off, waiting for the customer to identify herself. Another wonderful side effect of magic being secret in this world: No one guarded their True Name. It made things so much easier. After all, onces you knew a being’s True Name, you had a conduit to them that few anchors could match. It was the difference between shuffling your feet across the carpet to shock someone with static and sticking a live high voltage wire in the same person’s hands.

“Carmichael. Wendy Carmichael. I was just...”

The young woman trailed off, looking around in wonder. I smirked as I watched the reaction. There were so many enticement charms and alluring enchantments working on her, it wasn’t a surprise she was momentarily struck dumb. So many pretty things, trying to tug on her delicate strings. Which one would win?

“You were just what, Wendy?“

I spoke her True Name at exactly the right pitch and speed. After all, she’d given it to me. The air rang with the tiny echo of power speaking that name correctly called up. Her eyes flicked over to me. She might not understand why, but the minor working that was speaking a True Name drew her.

“I was just looking for a costume. There’s a party at church this Saturday, and I wanted to get something different...”

Oh, my costumes were definitely different. But which one would she choose?

Wendy wandered around for several minutes, taking in the stock. Each outfit was on its own hanger. None of the racks were overstuffed, so it was easy to see each potential purchase. There was a practical reason for that, beyond just making it easy to find what one was looking for. Push two charms or spells or enchantments too tightly together, and unfortunate things tended to happen.

After five minutes, Wendy stopped moving. She was in the back row of the shop, standing in front of a rack holding animal themed outfits. I smiled. Oh, this would be fun. So, so much fun. Would I get a pretty kitty? Or a loyal puppy? A docile heifer?

I was surprised when Wendy picked a bright orange fox costume off the rack. I would not have expected that. Wendy had struck me as a bit more submissive and gentle than the enchantments on that costume. Still, it would be delightful to watch her inner vixen come out. I tried not to lick my lips as I walked up next to her.

“Find something that calls to you, sweetie?”

Wendy jumped, as if she’d been caught doing something naughty. Don’t worry, dear, I thought to myself. You’ll be doing all kinds of naughty things before long. Wendy glanced from the costume to me, then back again. Her cheeks dusted with pink, which was adorable.

“I...Yeah, I think I like this one. Is there somewhere I can try it on?”

I gently took hold of her upper arm, guiding Wendy through the store to the three small dressing rooms on the other side. I waved a hand, indicating the three doors.

“Take your pick, sweetie. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to shout. I’ll be around.”

Wendy picked the middle door and stepped inside, pulling it closed behind her. I walked casually back over to the checkout counter. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t have Wendy becoming curious about why I was charging around the place. When I arrived, I pulled a small crystal ball out, as well as an intricately wrought silver stand. I set them both on the counter, and waved a hand over the crystal ball.

After a few seconds, the interior of the crystal ball clouded up, before clearing to reveal a view of the dressing room. I’d modeled my seeing enchantment on the wonderfully clever security cameras the mundane mortals of this world had devised. What I got was a view of Wendy from slightly above. And what a view it was.

She’d gotten stripped down to her underwear. After folding her top, which she’d just taken off, and laying it on the chair in the dressing room, she hesitated. I smiled, knowing that the costume was working on her. Wendy’s natural inclination was to put on the fox outfit over her bra and panties. The costume wanted to touch bare skin, though. First, the silk lining inside it would feel amazing. Second, the enchantments worked best when in contact with flesh.

After a moment of indecision, Wendy unhooked her bra and hung it across the back of the chair. Her breasts were simply divine, teardrop shaped, with perfectly placed pink nipples capping them. I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around those peaks.

Wendy quickly pulled on the halter top that simulated a fox’s white belly and orange sides, and then the matching orange skirt. The skirt was far shorter than what would normally be worn to a house of worship in this community. Wendy didn’t notice, though. She was too busy staring at the ears and the tail that came with the outfit. The ears were simple, just two triangles of fabric attached to a hair band. The tail, though...

I knew why the tail gave her pause. It wasn’t attached to a belt or a piece of Velcro. Instead of anything more conventional, there was a bulbous piece of plastic at the end. I was absolutely certain Wendy had never seen a butt plug before. She didn’t seem the type.

After another moment, Wendy put on the hair band with the ears and examined herself in the mirror. I took a slow, deep breath, knowing that she was wearing enough of the costume now to activate the magic in the fabric. The soft moan that came from her told me the exact second the spells kicked in.

The ears were the first sign that things were working. The left, and then the right, twitched minutely. Wendy blinked in surprise, turning her head this way and that. She was experiencing a far more powerful sense of hearing than she was used to, as the triangular pieces of fabric became flesh and bonded with her body. Both ears began to swivel, as she picked up quiet sounds she’d normally miss.

I watched her body now, eager for the moment when the fur would appear. Seconds later, it did. The halter and skirt slowly sank into Wendy’s skin, bushing out into a luxurious coat. I watched as Wendy ran her hands over the fur, moaning at the softness. Perfect. That feeling would bombard her mind with pleasure, leaving her unable to question what was happening.

Wendy’s knees went weak, and she collapsed back into the chair. Careful planning on my part meant that when she sat down, her body was facing my seeing enchantment perfectly. Her legs were spread, giving me a perfect view of her sex. It was nicely wet, an inviting cleft that just begged for the attention of fingers and a tongue. Wendy obliged, plunging two fingers inside of her sex and moaning even louder. This particular sound had enough volume that it carried to me from across the shop. I felt myself grow even more aroused.

Wendy kept fingering herself, staring at her new fur and ears. She was unable to look away from the mirror as she became lost to self-pleasure. Moments passed, with the only sounds being Wendy’s moans and the slick sounds of her fingers working in and out of her sex. I resisted the urge to touch myself. This first experience needed to be solo, and there could be no indication I knew what had happened. After all, Wendy would be back.

Moments later, Wendy came. Her moans crescendoed in a lovely scream. As she began to come down from her climax, she raised her sticky fingers to her lips. In a daze, she sucked them clean. She stood on shaky legs, reaching up and removing her ears. Her orgasm had caused the costume to revert into a costume once again. This was all part of the design of the spells on the outfit. That first climax was just a taste. In a world like this, where magic ‘wasn’t real’, I couldn’t have mundanes confronted with such a powerful truth before they were ready.

As Wendy began to remove the costume and pull her own clothes back on, I stashed the crystal ball beneath the checkout counter again. When the young woman emerged and walked over to me, I smiled at her. Her eyes were still cloudy with the post-orgasmic haze. It was a beautiful look on her. She laid the costume on the counter and looked at me uncertainly.

“I...I really like it,” Wendy said, her voice shaky. “How much?”

I quoted the price, and Wendy’s eyes went wide. Clearly, it was more than she expected. At her reaction, I smiled and laid a hand on top of one of her hands. Coincidentally, it was the hand that had just been recently buried in her sex. Her eyes flicked down to it, and then back to my face.

“Could you...Could you hold it for me? I get paid tomorrow...I could afford it then.”

I nodded, an understanding look on my face.

“Of course, Wendy. I’d be glad to hold it for you. See you tomorrow.“

Wendy Carmichael walked out of the shop in a daze. I raised my hand to my face, inhaling deeply. While the scent Wendy had left behind was faint, it was still there. She smelled divine. I couldn’t wait to get a better sense of her. And I’d only have to wait until tomorrow...

* * *

And so the story of our town’s new direction begins. Viveanne would go on, over the next few years, to completely change Southport. As her influence spread, more and more magic would become evident in town. In the weeks and months that followed, the Bake Sales at the local high school would change completely. Charity auctions would become a regular event, full of fun and sensual bliss. New and interesting residents would find their way to town, and longtime members of the community would be able to bring their magic out of the shadows.

But all of that came later. Then, there was only Viv, and the waiting she held close to her heart. After all, Wendy Carmichael would become her strong right hand in the fullness of time. But all of that began in a dressing room, with a fox costume, and continued the next day...