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At the Costume Shop in Anne’s Harbor

Chapter 03: Making a Momentous Purchase

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* * *

The morning following Wendy’s fevered night of exploration, the elder Carmichael sister awoke sore and feeling distinctly sticky. She rose from her bed, which reeked of stale sex, and stared at herself in her full-length mirror. Looking at her body, Wendy found herself growing aroused again.

The young woman had no way of knowing the road she was walking. True, the first steps had been rushed and made without understanding where it would take her. As she dressed, she chose clothing that accentuated her feminine shape. This was the first time in her life she had ever done so purposefully. It would not, however, be the last...

* * *

I stood behind the check-out counter in the costume shop, tapping the glass top in a bored way. I’d seen half a dozen customers since Wendy Carmichael had walked out the day before. I had expected things to start slowly, though. For one thing, I hadn’t hung any sort of grand opening sign on purpose. For another, I’d intentionally woven spells of routine over the shop. Those would make it so that people didn’t notice anything strange going on while I adjusted the town to my liking.

Three of those customers had merely been lookie-loos. None the current stock really called to them. They’d merely been drawn inside by their predisposition to sexual gratification. I made note of each one, expecting to see them again at some point in the future.

The fourth had been interesting. I had encountered his sort a few times through the decades. Every so often, people were born who seemed mostly immune to magical influence. There was no rhyme or reason to it, as far as I could tell. Anything short of completely rewiring their brains bounced off such people. I had frozen time for a moment and snuck a peek at his driver’s license. It never hurt to know where such people lived.

The fifth had been, surprisingly, a dryad. I wasn’t sure which kind but guessed either oak or ash based on the feel of the woman’s magic. Our conversation had been normal for two unfamiliar practitioners or magical beings meeting for the first time: small talk that danced around the actual subjects under discussion.

The dryad, who chose not to give her name (I respected the decision and followed suit), had asked ‘Do you plan to damage my home?’ without actually saying the words. I had responded in the negative before asking ‘What are you?’ in so many words. No answer, explicit or implicit, had been given.

I’d put a very low powered tracking spell on the woman’s left shoe, where it went unnoticed. I’d check in to see where the woman spent her time later. It never hurt to know where other magical beings spent their time.

My last customer had been a beautiful young woman named Allisyn Mehler. Allisyn had gravitated towards the animal costumes, just like Wendy. I had needed to contain a dance of joy when the Holstein Heifer costume ended up being the one that called to Allisyn. The woman hadn’t tried it on, but that was fine. Allisyn had touched the cow costume. The residual magic would go to work on her. She’d be back, and soon.

I was reflecting on all of this when the bell over the door jingled. I looked up and couldn’t stop the grin that spread across my face. Wendy, beautiful, sensual Wendy, came sweeping in. The woman had definitely been following the pull of the magic she’d taken in the day before. Her outfit was far more suggestive and revealing than the conservative one she’d worn the day before. The neckline of her blouse plunged, the skirt was a hair over twice as long as the one for the fox costume, and she’d even put on kitten heels.

I had to resist the urge to lick my lips. For one thing, it wouldn’t be very lady like. For another, I wanted to save my lipstick so I could leave prints all over Wendy’s body.

Wendy strode right up to the counter. The smile she gave me was the perfect mixture of nervousness and flirtation. She set a simple leather wallet down on the counter in front of me, unzipping one side of it. She pulled out a small stack of currency, counting out enough to pay for the fox costume. Wendy’s eyes lingered on the bills, as if she was unable to believe she was spending so much.

My resolve to let things play out in their own time fractured slightly. I reached out, pressing one finger under Wendy’s chin and pushing upward gently. Wendy didn’t resist. Our eyes met a moment later. I kept my voice gentle when I spoke.

“Spending money on quality is nothing to be scared of or ashamed about. You want the costume, right?”

Wendy nodded slowly, the motion growing more confident. I moved my finger from under the other woman’s chin to allow her freedom of movement. I grinned, and the expression proved infectious as Wendy smiled right back.

“Do you want to try it on, just to be sure it fits like you remember?”

Wendy’s eyes lit up. She nodded rapidly, her gaze darting to the corner of the store where the section of animal costumes was. I reached out, taking Wendy’s chin in my hand and slowly turning her back to face front. I reached under the counter, lifting out a rectangular gift box. Using my free hand, I flipped off the lid, revealing Wendy’s fox costume nestled on tissue paper.

“You said you’d be back, so I set it aside for you.”

Wendy felt herself melt inside. Her eyes warmed, gaining an excited light. Her cheeks flushed, taking on a lovely, delicate shade of red. She reached out, gripping the box with both hands. After a quick, “Thank you, ma’am”, she darted off to the dressing rooms.

As soon as Wendy’s back was turned, I reached for my crystal ball. I was impatient to see where events would lead next. A quick pass of a hand and the interior of the crystal ball cloud over. As the internal fog cleared, I could see that my customer hadn’t wasted any time. In the moment it had taken me to activate the crystal ball, Wendy had shed her clothes. The hesitation from the previous day was gone. Wendy had opted to strip completely, and the bright orange skirt was already halfway up her legs.

I had seen other subjects react with similar gusto, but never quite this quickly or this willingly. I had stumbled across a true gem in Wendy Carmichael. I definitely wouldn’t be letting this one go any time soon.

In a blink, the hair band with the fabric ears had been settled in place, the halter had been tied behind Wendy’s neck, and the skirt was settled low on her hips. The young woman eyed the tail thoughtfully. It didn’t seem she quite knew what to do with it. I didn’t mind that. I’d be showing Wendy how the toy worked soon enough.

A shiver ran through Wendy as the magic flowed into her again. Her fox ears twitched, her hands ran over her body as the thick fur grew once again, and her breasts filled out, gaining about a cup size worth of additional heft. Delighted moans filled the costume shop as Wendy sank into the chair. There was no hesitation as the young woman sank first one, then two fingers into her waiting sex.

I stood, my breathing growing heavier as I watched Wendy pleasure herself. Then, I waved a hand, clearing the crystal ball before placing it back on its shelf. I had no plans to play the voyeur again today. I wanted to taste my new toy, and I meant to take my time with that.

With a flick of my fingers, I cast several small spells towards the front door. The lock clicked into place, and a paper sign taped itself to the glass.

Back in one hour. Don’t hesitate to come again!

I chuckled at my little double entendre. No one but me would get the joke, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t bother knocking when I arrived at the dressing room Wendy was in. Why even bother? I thought to myself. Wendy hadn’t locked the door today. Her loud moans made it completely obvious what was going on behind the door. With a flick of my wrist, I pulled the door open, smiling at the sprawled Wendy hungrily.

The newly anthropomorphized Wendy had her legs splayed wide. One hand was busy between them. The bright fur that covered her sex was matted with her wetness. Her other hand clutched one of her enhanced breasts. The thumb and forefinger punched and tugged at the nipple, which now poked out from the forest of snowy white fur that covered Wendy’s chest.

My voice was low and sultry when I spoke. I couldn’t quite keep the excited purr out of it.

“I’m glad to see you’re enjoying your costume, dear.”

Wendy’s eyes, which had been mostly closed, snapped open in surprise. Despite the shock on her gorgeous, newly furry face, her hands didn’t stop stimulating her body.

“M...M...Miss Viv...I...I’m so sorry...I just...It feels....So good! I can’t...I can’t stop! This e...embarrassing!”

I stepped into the small room, leaving to door open. I began to strip, tossing my clothes back into the main store. Wendy’s eyes grew even wider at that. I had the feeling Wendy hadn’t ever seen a woman she wasn’t related to naked before.

I had long ago perfected my form. Firm, round breasts that sat comfortably between a handful and overflowing sat proudly on my chest. My lower body was the ideal blend of toned muscle and feminine roundness. I had left my features alone, for the most part. As with most lust witches, I’d started out life pretty. I’d tapered my nose a bit and increased the height of my cheekbones slightly.

Once I’d shed all my clothing, I plucked Wendy’s hand from between her legs. She whimpered softly but didn’t resist. The costume’s power left her too aroused to think clearly or protest in that moment. I raised her fingers to my lips, parting them to allow the two digits into my mouth. I sucked, moaning softly. She was the perfect blend of sweet and salty. I couldn’t resist sucking harder, lapping every drop of her wetness away.

I let Wendy’s fingers out of my mouth with a pop, grinning down at her. I reached down, picking her tail off the floor. I crooked a finger at her, turning and walking towards the back part of the store. A door with a sign reading Employees Only was there. I tossed a teasing invitation over my shoulder.

“Come along, Wendy dear. If you’re going to be a proper vixen, we’ll need to get your tail in.”

I heard the patter of her feet as she scrambled to catch up with me. As I reached the door, I got my first surprise of the afternoon. Rather than waiting for me to open the door, Wendy pushed me to the side, pressing my body against the wall next to the door. I gasped in surprise as her lips found my neck, nipping and sucking at it. Her hands slipped around me, groping my breasts in the most delightful way. I moaned, pressing my ass against her slick mound.

After several moments of letting Wendy explore my body in an eager, fumbling way, I pushed away from the wall. I reached around and gave her fluffy butt a light spank. That brought her up short, a look of confusion writ large across her lovely, furry features.

“Now now, Wendy. If you let me lead you, I’ll take you to a place where you can have as much as you want.”

The newly minted fox girl nodded slowly. Her breathing was heavy and ragged. She clearly didn’t want to stop. That was fine with me. I didn’t want her to, either.

I opened the Employees Only door. The front of back room looked exactly as one might expect it to. Racks of extra costumes, a table with a sewing machine, bolts of fabric and spools of thread. Behind several tall racks, though, there was a queen-sized bed, made up with silk sheets and a down comforter. I lead Wendy over to it and pushed my neophyte lover onto it.

Wendy rolled over, clearly expecting me to jump her in a fit of passion. I had far more control than that, though. I tsked, making a rolling motion with the hand not holding her tail.

“Uh uh, sweet girl. First, your tail. Turn over and get on your hands and knees.”

Wendy did as bid, looking slightly confused and more than a little desperate. Clearly, the magic of the costume had her deep into a sexual frenzy she’d never really experienced. That was fine with me. It was the point of the costumes, after all.

I took the flared plug of the tail firmly in one hand. Using the other, I brushed the matted fur around Wendy’s soaked sex aside. I pressed the plug in, so that it barely parted her labia, then rotated it back and forth several times. When the smooth plastic was coated in Wendy’s natural lubrication, I pulled it free. A soft whine escaped my vulpine lover as the stimulation of her sex abruptly stopped.

Using my free hand again, I parted her cheeks. This was met with a gasp and a stiffening of her spine.

“W...Wait! That isn’t...I don’t...Things don’t go in there!”

“Shhhhhh, pet...You don’t want to fight me. This will feel too good. Trust me.”

I teased her rose bud with my fingers, which had her shuddering. She’d never imagined anything like this. That was no surprise. Many of her type never considered the idea of anal play. That would change soon enough.

I pressed the narrow end of the plug against Wendy’s puckered ass gently. In a soothing voice, I said, “Relax, pet. Let it in. You can trust me.”

Wendy gave a long, low moan as her body followed my instructions. It took a few minutes, as she’d never had anything slipped inside this hole. But with patient pressure, we got the plug inside. Wendy’s arms gave out when it finally popped all the way inside. A series of grunts and frantic moans escaped her. I scooted back a bit, kneeling at the edge of the bed. I loved this part.

Wendy’s whimpers and gasps increased in intensity and volume over the next few moments. I watched as the tail melded with her body, eventually moving upward to settle at the base of her spine. It left her ass behind, ready to be penetrated with some new toy. The second the bushy appendage began to lash back and forth, I dove forward.

As I buried my face between her thighs, I was delighted by the musky scent from Wendy’s sex. It was growing thicker and richer the more the magic of the costume work into her. There was a wilder undertone. I made certain that all my Beastkin transformations carried the wild with them. In a few moments, Wendy’s mind would be subsumed by animal instincts she was unfamiliar with and had no hope of controlling.

I knew the exact moment those instincts hit. I’d been busily lapping at Wendy’s furry sex, moaning at the ever-evolving flavor. With no warning, Wendy gave an excited yip and flipped over. Her tail bopped me in the face as she bowled me over. I have a moment to whimper in protest at my treat being snatched away. Then Wendy’s muzzle, newly elongated from her face, was buried between my legs. I gasped, then moaned, and spread myself wider.

Wendy’s new tongue, thicker and broader than her human one, slid along my cleft hungrily. I’d plucked the fact that she liked strawberries from her mind yesterday. I had shifted my flavor to match. I always enjoyed allowing my lovers to feast on a taste they enjoyed.

Wendy was definitely doing so. She’d realized her control over her tongue was greater than before and was using that control to literally tongue fuck my hole. I arched, my hands gripping my breasts tightly as I ground against the cool nose at the end of Wendy’s muzzle. That tongue was running riot inside me, and the nose was pressing against my pleasure bud in the best way.

Wendy’s hand, now with thicker stronger fingers and pads on the palms and tips, pushed my own out of the way. A moment later, she was groping my tits. I lost myself to her amazing attentions. Time faded. I allowed Wendy to take the lead for a while, bending this way and that at her direction. She was exploring her new body and the instincts that came with it. Thankfully, the strongest of those instincts was to make love.

The next clear image in my mind is my face buried in the thick orange fur between Wendy’s legs. I didn’t know how long I’d been eating her. It didn’t matter. She was yipping and growling, her hands clenched in my hair. I had two fingers buried inside her, with my free hand clutching one of her breasts. She screamed my name as she gushed all over my face.

When we finally lay together, exhausted, I could see through a window that it was dark outside. A glance at the clock on the wall revealed that we had been making love for almost five hours. When I looked back at Wendy, a pretty human woman in a very sensual fox costume lay next to me. She had finally drained the magic, it seemed. It would rebuild with time.

“So...I guess...Wow.”

Wendy’s voice was filled with awe. She’d clearly never experienced anything quite like that. I smiled, leaning in to kiss her nose. We both reeked of sex.

“Wow indeed. Did you enjoy your costume, Wendy?”

“Oh yes! Yes, it was amazing! How did it do that?”

She looked curious, but not scared or upset. Good. I was too tired to deal with hysterics.

“Magic, dear. I’m a witch.”

There was a moment of instinctive panic in her eyes. I distracted her by tweaking her nipples gently. I was mildly surprised to realize her breasts hadn’t reverted to their original size, even in her human form.

“Not like the ones your religion teaches about. I’ll never hurt you or curse you. I didn’t push you towards that costume. It spoke to your inner self, and you picked it. And enjoyed wearing it, as I recall.”

Wendy blushed, smiling shyly before nodding. I cupped her cheek, kissing her lips. The contact was long and steamy, without rebuilding the passion we had burned through. I broke off after a time, nuzzling my nose against hers. I became a bit more businesslike when I pulled back.

“The magic is spent for now. Give the costume eight to twelve hours to rebuild its reserves, and it will be effective again. A word of caution about wearing it to your church gathering: you produce rather potent pheromones in your vixen form. They will fog the memory of anyone affected by them but be careful about who you get near to while playing foxy Wendy.”

My new lover blushed again and began to sit up. She winced, clearly sore. That was hardly surprising. We’d become quite acrobatic during our passion.

As Wendy gathered herself to leave, I reached out. With a playful yank, I pulled the tail plug from her ass. She gasped and staggered as the pleasurable gape hit her. She looked over her shoulder, glaring at me without any real anger.

“Warn me next time, Viv! That was...Ooooooh...That’s...a different feeling.”

“So, there will be a next time?”

I hadn’t tried to push. I wanted Wendy to explore this new world at her own pace. She responded by tangling her fingers in my hair and pulling me in for another long kiss. When she stepped back, my lips tingled pleasantly.

“How does tomorrow night sound? You could show me where you live. I’m sure my parents wouldn’t worry if I crashed with a friend.”

The little smile on her lips told me there was some private joke there. For a moment, I was tempted to pluck the truth from her mind. I decided not to, though. If this was going to be more than a fling, I wanted to learn her moods and secrets the mundane way.

Wendy swayed out of the back room. A few moments later, she returned, tousling her hair into a less ‘just finished making love’ state. She was once again dressed in her street clothes, and carried the box containing her costume. She blew me a kiss before turning to leave, tossing the most alluring challenge over her shoulder as she went.

“Maybe next time you can show me what other forms you’re able to take.”

I shivered as I flopped back on the sweat and sex-soaked bed. Next time indeed.

* * *

As the two new lovers separated that night, neither one knew what had begun there. Wendy had no way of knowing how that first transformation would lead her to take on a new shape that would define her life. Viveanne had no inkling that this lover would come to change the state of her life in the days to come.

While the lust witch had several lovers who traveled with her and had settled in Southport, Wendy would prove special. Beyond being the first resident of this world Viveanne had made love to, Wendy would change the witch’s heart.

But those changes were still farther down the road. The next milestone for the town that would become Anne’s Harbor was to be the Sacred Heart Dance at the church Wendy had grown up attending. The events of that dance would prove legendary in the months and years to come.