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Audits Can Be More Insightful Than You Might Think

A former customer needs to pass an audit to get a contract, but also needs to get even with the logistics company that terminated them. Maybe there’s a way to do both.

I don’t like audits—I don’t like doing them; I don’t like getting them. Sure they are a necessary evil, but when you have to audit a former customer who once told your Regional VP that he wouldn’t ship with him again until he sucked his dick in his office, well, that’s a whole different level of “evil”.

It seems this electronics manufacturer had a habit of over loading his pallets as well as not securing them properly. So after a few weight violations and shifting loads, our manager rescinded the contract which ultimately led to the proposed addendum of intra-office fellatio as a condition precedent to renewal.

But now the company had landed a government contract and the purchaser and the insurance company required them to use one of the better logistics firms which meant us and a couple others. Profit is a good thing and so my boss decided to bid. And as the new guy working his way through the corporate maze, I got the assignment.

So I’m sitting here across from a most unfriendly secretary who clearly knows the history between our bosses. But not my problem. They need us, not the other way around.

The door eventually open and a 30-Something comes over and sticks out his hand.

“Hi—Mr. Rone? I’m Tom Barton,” said. “I’m Mr. Barton’s nephew. Glad you could make it out here.”

“Charles,” I said standing and offering a hand.

Shaking it he continued, “I’ll be your liaison here; come on in and let’s get started.”

“Let’s do it,” I replied.

We stepped into the office. The place was decorated in early testosterone: wood paneling, deer heads, photos of hunting and fishing, large desk and large guy behind it. He looked like he belonged on the floor of the factory, not in the corner office. Standing off to the side with her arms crossed was a lady with a real serious look about her.

He did not get up. I did not sit down.

He gestured with his thumb, “My sister—Dawn—the CFO; Tom is the HR manager.”

I nodded, “Ma’am,” and another nod for Tom.

“You know why you’re here?” he growled.

“Yes Mr. Barton, I do. You’re in a bind, you have a need, and we are a possible solution.”

“You also know your boss over reacted and royally fucked me over?”

“Sorry, I’m new to the region. All I know is you got a contract and you need a Nine Level carrier to make sure your product gets to the customer.”

“And your boss told you that the only way you would get my fucking business is to suck my dick?”

I glanced at his sister. She shrugged like it was a perfectly normal remark.

(Great) I thought (Next thing he’s gonna do is stand up and pull it out, and I’ll laugh and say ‘gee that looks like a penis, only smaller’ and then he’ll come charging around the desk, and then—)

“Actually, that was not part of the briefing,” I said. “Look, I’m just here to make sure you’re in DOT and ISO compliance. The faster I get to it, the faster I’m out of here and the faster my company can let you know if your bid has a chance.”

He paused. “Look, I really need this contract, and the assholes are making it hard. I need for you to make this work.”

I shrugged. “If you’re up to standards, then we’ve got no problem.”

He looked back at his desk, flicked his hand in dismissal and said, “Tom will show you where to set up.”

Having never sat down, my exit was quick.

Tom followed me out, pulling the door shut behind him.

“Uncle Greg is under bunch of stress,” he offered. “And Aunt Dawn ain’t none too happy either trying to keep the red ink out of the books.”

Knowing this fellow was a pipeline back to the Bear and the Sister, I was noncommittal. “You got a spare office or conference room where I can set up?” I asked. “LAN or wireless would be a help as well.”

“Sure,” he replied. “Down the hall—there’s a spare office in my section.”

“So it’s a family business?” I said, trying to be amiable.

“There are several of us throughout the company,” he said. “Aunt and Uncle occupy the top of the org chart; cousins work around the place, mostly on the floor.”

“So how did you get an office job?” I asked.

“Majored in psychology, but nothing you can do with that unless you go post-grad. They needed someone they could trust, so I interned a little while and then took over.”

By then we were at the door. I followed him to the generic interview room, round table, four chairs, phone stand next to a wall, no decorations or window.

“This works, thanks.” I said. I pulled a folder out of my bag and handed it to him. “These are what I need for now—paper, PDF, or access to the files on the servers—whatever is easiest for you.”

“I’ll get on it; look me up when it’s time to go to the hotel,” he said and off he went.

“And your Email please, in case I need to ask a question,” I added.

As I’m setting up the computer, a lady sticks her head in and gives me a list of phone numbers and passwords. Take the jacket off, roll up the sleeves, grit my teeth and get started.

In a short while, the paper starts coming. Mr. Benton may be a cheat and an asshole, but his folks were cooperating. And my Emails bounced right back with an answer. Maybe they had cleaned up their act.

Before long, it was 7pm. I had enough to occupy a few more hours back at the hotel. So I went looking to see if there was anyone around to let me out without setting off an alarm. The place was deserted, but there was a light in Tom’s office. He was focused on the computer screen, so I called out to keep from startling him.

He looked up over his shoulder, acknowledged me with a nod of the head and said, “Grab a chair; I’ll just be a moment.”

I sat down.

“Ready to quit for the day?” he asked.

“Just moving from one place to the other,” I replied. “Figured I should get out now before I get locked in.”

“Oh yeah for sure,” he says. “Uncle Greg would cut off my dick if I left you alone in here all night.”

I shrugged.

“Can you do me a favor?” he asked.

“I guess,” I said.

“I’ve loaded an update and it needs to compile for a moment, and I need to go make sure the place is shut down—computers off and stuff. You know the drill.”

His Uncle is real prick, but I’m not holding any grudges here. “Sure, what do you need?”

“There’s a screen that rotates clockwise and then counter clockwise while it builds. It starts at 10 each way and then winds down to one. You need to hit enter when it finishes, so you can pass the time counting the time,” he said.

“Sounds challenging,” I replied.

“Yep, very. But it will give you a mental break from all the spreadsheets. Then we can go.”

“Sure,” I said.

“Sit here,” he said as he got out of chair.

I sat down and he reached around and clicked the mouse. “Don’t lose count,” he said with a smile.

I sat back and waited. The screen flickered for a moment or so and then the circle appeared. It wasn’t smooth; it was like it had been painted with brush and so the motion was easy to see. It was moving slowly at first and so keeping track was no problem. When it got to 10, it paused, swelled and changed color from a lavender to a pale pink and then changed direction. Another 10, a pause, a swelling and a change back to the lavender.

Before it started up, there were a couple of flashes. Then the rotation began, a little faster it seemed.

Nine one way, then nine the other, a pause, swelling larger and changing color as it shrank, some flashes.


For some reason, I found myself leaning in closer, trying to see what the flashes were. I thought I could see a letter.


Leaning closer in.


The circle stopped and began to pulse and it changed color as it went out and came in.

That went on for a bit and I kept watching—not counting, just watching.

Softly, so softly it did not startle me, I heard a voice say, “You’re doing a good job, just keep watching, and if you find your eyes getting heavy, it’s OK to let go and close them, still seeing the light pulsing and changing. Go ahead, let go.”

The voice was so soft and suggestive, I did.

I could still see the rhythm of the light with my eyes closed.

The voice spoke to me ever so softly. But I was so focused on the light, I could not make it out.

And then it was quiet.

A moment later I heard Tom calling out from behind me, “Hey, did it finish, you ready to go?”

My eyes flickered open; the screen was dark. “Uhh, sure,” I said, trying to shake myself alert. “Let me get my stuff.”

“So the program ran; any issues?” he asked.

“None,” I said. The circle went this way and that and wound down.”

“Great,” he said.

We walked on out together, making small talk about nothing. He went with me to where I had parked, made sure I knew how to get back to the hotel and said good night.

A quick dinner and back to the room. The faster I can get through this, the faster I’m home.

As I sorted through the invoices and BoLs, I found I needed to get some more source documents. So I Emailed Tom so he could get to it first thing. But a few moments later, he responded with a bunch of PDFs and documents. So I take a deep breath and start wading through it.

One document after another until one doesn’t load right away. The screen locks, then fades, and up comes the circle that was on his computer. Great, I thought, how did that get in here?

I hit escape, nothing. I hit C-A-D, also nothing. I click around the screen, still nothing.

I’ve got his cell phone, so I put the ear bug in and call.

“Charles?” he answers.

“Yep. Hey, one of the files you sent is whatever program you were trying to load on your computer tonight,” I said.

“Really?” he replied. Has it loaded or is just spinning?

“Just spinning.”

“Going one direction and then reversing like before?”

“Yep—back and forth.”

“And expanding and shrinking?”

“Just like before.”

“And nothing else is loading or is there some flickering?”

“Nope, there is some flickering though, too quick to make it out.”

“Well, there should be some words there; try looking closer while the circle changes”

I stared for a moment or two.

“Are you still watching?”

It took me moment to answer.


“Well, I’m not sure how it happened. But I’m near the hotel, let me come over and see what’s up. What room are you in?”

“Uhhhh,” I hesitated. I was following the circles so closely. Did he want my room number?

“Your room please,” he said softly. “Go ahead and tell me Charles—please.”

“410,” I said.

“I’ll call you in a moment.”

“OK,” I said absently.

I could not look away from the screen.

A moment later the phone rang. “I’m outside, come open the door,” a voice said. “Come now Charles.”

It was hard to leave the screen, but I stumbled over to the door.

Tom stepped in. He put his arm around my shoulder and led me back to the desk. “Let’s see what is there,” he said. “Sit down and I’ll look over your shoulder.”

I sat.

“Do you see anything other than the circle as it goes back and forth and expands and contracts and changes color?”

“Just some flashes’” I struggled to get out.

“Well keep watching,” his voice was in my ear. “Let me see if I can adjust it.”

He reached over and hit a couple of keys.

“Sit back and relax, see what you can make out,” he suggested. “Could one of the words be relax?”

I stared.

After another moment, “yeah,” I said. “I think that’s there.”

“Good, that’s good,” he said. “That’s one of the things this does—it helps you relax. And the circle just draws you in, doesn’t it?”

I was slowing down.

“And as you relax, you realize you feel comfortable with me, right?” His voice was very soft. “You have no problem talking to me, do you?”

That made sense. I nodded.

“So tell me what you do to relax when you’re on the road, in the room, after you’ve finished work. Do you read, watch TV, look around the net?”

“Uhhhh,” I said, staring at the screen.

“Oh, you can tell me, “he pressed. “I bet like most guys, you have some special websites you like to use to relax, don’t you?”

I hesitated—but the screen was compelling me to listen and answer. His voice was so persuasive.

“Tell me—pictures? Video?”

I hesitated more.

“As the circle draws you deeper, as the words in the screen become more clear, you realize you can tell me. There’s no harm in it. Just two guys talking. Go ahead, show me.”

How did he know?

“You’re so relaxed now; the circle is filling the screen and filling your mind; all you can hear is my voice; right?’

I was, it was. “Yessss,” I slurred.

“Go ahead, show me, it’s OK,” he urged.

The circle was so enticing. I hated to turn it off, but he was so insistent. I logged in and went to the hidden files. The directory opened and the large icons filled the box.

“Let’s see what you keep secret,” he said. “Then it will be our secret and we’ll have a special bond.”

He moved the mouse around, clicked on a couple, and was silent.

A couple more clicks and the circle appeared.

“Thanks for sharing Charles, I’m glad you trusted me. And as you watch the circle rotate and change, expand and change, any anxiety you feel fades away with each breath. Go ahead, just drift.”

He was right, I had let the secret out and he was OK with it. Relief flooded me and I became really focused on the screen. It distracted and occupied me.

A few moments later he spoke quietly in my ear. “I need you to be honest with me now, why do you find a smoking blowjob so erotic?”

I hesitated and then murmured, “because the woman is so submissive and compliant.”

“And that arouses you?”


“A lot?”


“And so you want someone like that to suck your dick?”

I hesitated.

“Charles? Tell me, what is it about these videos that thrill you”

“To be submissive and naughty.”

“In what way?”

I hesitated again.

“Charles, tell me; do you want to be the woman?”

I froze. How did he know?

“Why do you want to be the woman?” he pressed.

I gave in; the urge to tell was overwhelming. “Because they are so submissive, and smoking is naughty and sucking a man’s dick is naughty and wrong and they know it but they do it and they look so submissive and dominated.”

“So this tempts you? Have you ever done this?”

I could not stop now.

“I’ve tried it.”


I was lost in the circle. I could not stop now.

“My wife’s vibrator.”

“And you smoked as well?”

“I don’t smoke.”

“So you pretended?”

“My wife smokes sometimes, I found one of hers.”

“And you masturbated afterwards to reinforce the thrill.”


“Are you aroused now?”

I was. I was throbbing. I told him.

“Keep watching and relaxing; just watch and relax.”

A moment later he was speaking in my ear. “Pick the favorite one and loosen your pants. “ I did. The woman freshened her lipstick, took out a cigarette, lit it, inhaled and then reached for the dick on the other side of the screen. She began to suck and stroke and blow smoke gently, making it harder and harder.

“Slide your pants down and hold out your hand.” Something cool and wet hit my palm. “Now go ahead, relieve yourself.”

I started stroking.

“And this is your favorite because you like how she worships the cock; how she is fascinated by the cock; how she has to please it?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“And how naughty she is, doing everything she knows will excite the cock; smoking is naughty; sucking is naughty; making it cum is so sexy, so submissive?”

“Yes,” I grunted.

“You want to be her; you need to be her; you need to suck a cock, to blow on it, to excite it.”

“Yes,” I was panting now.

Something was teasing my lips. I could feel his thumb rubbing over it, his fingers stroking my cheek.

“Show me how you would take it in; how you would suck it; open up now.”

I did. I devoured his thumb. It was warm and filling.

“Cum now.”

I did.

“Good little slut. Very sexy; very slutty. Go shower and go to bed. Think about how sexy sluts like you are made to please a man.”

The morning came quickly and I was sluggish. Even the run did not clear my head. And another day buried in paper did not help.

I dragged myself back in the office, gave myself a strong talking to and got back to it. But an hour or so into it, the computer locked up and the same rotating circle showed up. I cursed a bit and went to call Tom, but before I could there seemed to be something different. There were some flickers and ripples. I thought maybe if I could catch a glimpse I could tell him what was there.

But 10 minutes or so later it stopped and my screen came back.

I happened again every hour or so, and I just rode it out. In fact, it turned out to be a welcome break—just to stare and let my mind wonder. But later in the afternoon, I got the temptation to steal a peek at one of the videos I had hidden. I gave in. A couple more hours, a couple more videos. It was 6:00 p.m. when I looked at the last one. And for some reason this time after watching, I picked up the phone and rang Tom.

“Yes, Charles,” he answered. “How can I help you? Need something.”

“Uhhh,” I hesitated.

“Go ahead, what do you want from me?”

“I—uh—I—need to see you please. May I come to your office?”

“Well of course,” he purred. “How nice of you to ask. I’m here and ready for you.”

I shivered. There was some compulsion vibrating through me. I needed to go see him. And he wanted me.

I walked down to his office; his was the only one with a light on as the place was no empty.

I stopped and knocked.

“Come on in,” he said.

I stepped in. The only light was his desk lamp. He was standing beside his desk. He motioned to the chair. As I sat down, I noticed his computer screen was filled by the circle—it was pulsing and moving smoothly.

I stared.

A few moments later, I was aware he was in the chair beside me speaking gently.

“You’re so caught up by this screen saver aren’t you? You can’t look away; you can’t think of anything; you can make out some words—some instructions though can’t you?

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“And I know that the naughty little slut you are, you watched those smoky blow jobs didn’t you?

“Mmmmmm-hmmm,” I had trouble forming words.

“You can’t fight the urge. You want to be the submissive slut, blowing smoke on a hard cock and then blowing the cock until it comes.”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned and grunted.

“So let’s take care of that urge. Turn and face me now. First, sluts wear a little lipstick so their lips slide on the cock. Pucker for me a little.”

I did and he rubbed a little tube over my lips. I rubbed them together to spread it.

“Very good,” he said. “You can see the tramps do it in the videos, so you know what to do don’t you.”

I smiled and nodded.

“Now the next part.”

He handed me a tube in the shape of a cigarette but it wasn’t white.

“Hold it like they do, place it on your lips and breathe in like a straw and just hold it in your mouth. It’s flavorful. Enjoy the taste and then exhale.”

I took a little sip. It was warm and spicy. I blew it back out.

“Good, very good. Now take a little more and blow it out smoothly. Just practice for a moment and relax while the circle keeps turning. Sit back; cross your legs.”

In my mind I see the women doing it and I imitate. Each inhale gets easier; I take in more and hold it longer. And the circle keeps turning and the blow job video is becoming clearer.

“Ok Charles, you’re there now. See how easy it is to become a slut. So let’s take the next step. Suck me; suck me now you trampy slut.”

He was standing in front of me, his pants down and his cock in his hand. It was getting harder as he fondled it.

My fantasy took over. “Come closer,” I whispered. “Bring over here, baby.”

My hand replaced his, with the other I took my largest inhale yet and then brought the head up to my lips and blew the smoke of gently and then licked it. He shuddered.

“Do it, slut. Get me hard and take me in slowly and deeply.”

I was gone. All I could do was obey. He got harder and harder with each plunge, with each exhale, with each caress by my tongue. It wasn’t long before our rhythms matched and he started to shudder. I knew he was about to come. My fantasies made their men cum and encouraged it. In between sucks, I told him to cum, to fuck me. Two or three strokes and it was warm and thick in my mouth. I hummed and made him vibrate and shake.

Slowly he pulled back, gasping. I sat back, smiled up at him and took another inhale, blowing it up towards the ceiling.

“You’re a natural Charles; now sit here and smoke and watch the screen.”

I did. And what I could see reinforced my belief that I was a good cocksucker—I was just like the person in the background behind the circle—submissive, obedient, willing to please. Those words were becoming clearer as I watched.

A few moments later, I sensed him behind me. He leaned over and nuzzled my ear and whispered instructions. Then he was gone.

As the voice told me, I took the lipstick and the cigarette and went to the restroom and then got my things.

By the time I was back at my room, all I could do was drop the briefcase, shower and order room service. I then started up the computer and watched my videos, paying close attention to their techniques.

I lost track of time and came out of it when there was a knock at my door. Without thinking I went and opened it. It was Tom. He stepped in and closed the door behind him.

“You up for another session,” he asked.

I smiled. “Always. I was just sitting here hoping you would stop by.” I stepped in close and kissed him, squeezing his ass against me and opening his mouth so I could wrap my tongue around his.

I broke it off and went to the desk, opening my briefcase and taking out the lipstick and cigarette. In my haze I did not notice it was just Chapstick; I saw it as dark burgundy and it made my mouth so sexy. And so I freshened my lipstick and turned to him, dropping the hotel’s robe off my shoulders to the floor. I took the cigarette and drew it in deeper, exhaling it in his face.

“Bring it out for me baby,” I directed. He did. I pushed his chest and made his sit on the bed. I knelt down and looked up at him. “What did I do to deserve a second session?” I asked.

Another inhale and a gentle stream along his rising shaft, and all he could was lie back and sigh.

I knew I wanted that cock, not just any cock; I wanted that cock. I wanted it hard and throbbing and cumming.

He was ready. The pre-cum came quick and he followed with the rest soon after. He knew what I was giving and he just could not hold back.

I sat back on my heels, smoking and rubbing the excess into my cheeks and chin. In a bit he got up, went to the bathroom and then came back. He stood in front and ran his hand through my hair and down my neck.

“What a slut you are; what a natural cocksucker you are.”

I just smiled.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a thumb drive.

“When I leave, put this in your computer and watch it until it tells you to go to bed. Use headphones.”

I looked up at him. When he spoke like that I knew I had to obey. I nodded.

Another restless night. Seriously, auditing sucks when it is not your full time job. Emails and tasks pile up and you can’t get to them until you’ve consolidated what you did all day. Another work day past midnight. But I should be ready to outbrief by noon.

Tom was not in his office when I got in and I had no desire to see the CEO until I was through. Everything seemed in order, but fool me once—. So I left a note asking if noon would be good.

A little bit later his secretary stuck her head in and said noon would be perfect.

And a few moments after that I wasn’t so sure noon would work because the circle kept coming on about every 20 minutes. I just relaxed and it was gone again in few. But pretty soon I was through. They would bear watching like hawk with frequent no-notice inspections, but they seemed to have “cured” their weight and load problems.

I went to Tom’s office. He was on the phone, but I caught his eye and mouthed ‘noon’. He nodded.

I went back and started clearing emails. I didn’t get very far because the circle showed up again. This one lasted longer and I must have zoned out again because the next thing I knew, Tom was tapping me on the shoulder.

“You ready?” he asked.

I stammered, “Yeah—sorry—you need to get your IT folks to look into this bug, it’s distracting.”

“I know,” he said. “It’s on a couple of machines and people seem to have a hard time resisting it.”

“Don’t know why it picked on me, I’m just a visitor.”

“Maybe it thought you were cute,” he snickered.

“Whatever. Lead on. I’m ready to head home,” I said.

We walked into Greg’s office. He was leaning back with his boots on the desk. He didn’t get up.

“Well?” he demanded.

“Mr. Barton, we all want to do business. You have your issues; we have ours. I’m not the decision maker. My observations get reviewed and assessed by my boss and whomever else he deems necessary.”

“So why are you standing there just spewing bullshit.”

[Stay calm a little voice said.] “I’m sorry sir, you know how this works, and as I understand it, you need our services, so let’s just get through it.”

“Well what can you tell me?” he demanded again.

“I saw no obvious red flags. But this world is run by folks with spreadsheets; so we’ll see what the computer says.”

He paused. “Fair enough. Look, I’m under a lot of pressure here, and I’m still pissed at your boss. But I’ll wait. Sit down—let’s have a drink.”

I’d just as soon pet a rattler, but a customer is a customer. I took a seat.

Tom walked over and locked the door and then punched the do not disturb button on the phone. Mr. Barton pulled a bottle out of the drawer and got some glasses off the table behind him. The big TV behind him had the company logo on it, but as I sat down, it flashed three or four times and the circle started up.

I stared at it while he poured.

“You too?” I asked pointing at the screen. “That pest has followed me the whole time I was here.”

He handed me a glass. Looking over at Tom he said, “Who knows. My great HR manager here tells me it’s harmless. A glitch in a new company directory he installed.”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t follow me home,” I said as I leaned forward to touch glasses.

He tossed his down; I followed suit. A refill was poured, and he started talking about how hard he had been working and how he was looking forward to taking a long week-end and relaxing in the hammock and just swinging and looking up at the stars.

I just sipped, making noncommittal remarks and thinking it would be good to get home and clear my head as well.

He paused and then I could hear Tom talking, sort of softly. He was behind me and in a moment or so he reached around me and put a tube and an e-cigarette on the desk in front of me.

“Thought you might want to freshen your lipstick, to get ready,” he whispered in my ear.

I paused in mid sip and starred.

“Finish your drink, your client is waiting,” he again whispered.

I did as I was told. I uncapped the tube and id my lips. I took the e-cig and inhaled, exhaling slowly as I sat back.

Looking at the man across the desk, I smiled, licked my lips and said, “What did you have in mind, sir?”

“I hear you have a very fuckable mouth; let’s give that a try,” he relied.

I stood up, inhaled again and walked slowly around the desk. “So I’ve been told.”

As I approached he stood up and unfastened his pants, dropping them and his underwear in one push.

“Looks like you’ve been thinking about this for a while,” as I reached down and stroked his almost full cock.

“You now it slut,” he murmured.

He placed one hand on my shoulder with gentle pressure indicating I was to go down then.

With one hand on the shaft, the other holding my cigarette, I proceeded to circle his head, stopping only to exhale a long stream of smoke and massage the shaft. The pre-cum was flowing and so did my tongue, spreading and mixing the lube. He started to tremble and I knew this was going to be quick.

“Come on baby, let’s cum now; I’m not paid by the hour; I’m paid to get you off.”

One more long exhale and I could feel the pulsing and the spring tightening. I slid my hand down to the bottom and took him as deep as I could, working him back and forth with my tongue.

Three grunts and a gasp and it was over. I sat back and watched him shudder as I smiled to myself. Nothing felt better than making a man cum, knowing I had satisfied his needs.

Someone was talking to me over my shoulder again. The man behind the desk had to take care of some things so it was time to go. I could freshen up in the bathroom, just outside. He would escort me out to my car. When we got to my car, he suggested I take a quick nap as I had a long drive. I yawned, several times.

I was putting the finishing touches on the attachments to the Barton Systems review when the Regional VP sticks his head in.

“How’s it coming?” he asks.

“Couple more charts and it’s ready for review,” I say.

“Well, don’t strain anything getting it ready. Got a call just now that there was an accident at the plant. Seems the asshole and his nephew were out on the floor looking at something on a cell phone when a forklift came by and the load on the pallet shifted and fell. Sound familiar?”

“Ouch!” I said. “So we’re dropping the bid?”

“No one there to take it. The load landed on them. I guess the sister is going to take over, but we’ll see. So hold the work. Maybe she can fix the place.”

“Shame,” I said. “They seemed sincere about cleaning up.”

“The fucker was also sincere about by sucking his dick, but—you don’t speak ill of the dead.”

“Sorry for your loss Ms. Barton,” I said as I approached her desk.

“Thanks. They got distracted while looking at something they ought not to have been viewing in public,” she replied, gesturing me to sit. “I’m glad you could come up on short notice, and this late in the evening. I want to keep our chances open to get back with your company. The contract was delayed and so we are still in the running.”

“Well to be blunt, shifting loads are one of the reasons that we’re in this position.”

“True, but my Nephew said you were a very open person who listened carefully and was very receptive to what he and my Brother had to say.”

“I—uhh—I’m not sure what you mean by open,” I replied.

She reached in the drawer and placed a tube and a purple e-cigarette on the desk. “These were in his desk. Did they belong to you?”

I stared at them; a sinking feeling coming over me.

“They are yours aren’t they? Tom told me how receptive you are when you see them. How you can’t resist reaching for them, picking them up, using them to get ready to submit. Go ahead; pick them up for me.”

Her voice was a whisper. I could not help it.

Holding the cigarette between my fingers, I sat back, opened the tube and freshened my lipstick. Then taking a drag and exhaling towards the ceiling, I looked over at her. She motioned me to come around as she stood up. She unzipped and dropped her skirt, exposing a thong. Putting her thumbs on either side or pulling, she smiled and said, “They named me Don at birth, but at some point I felt better as Dawn. But I still kept this for sluts like you to service.”

Her tucked away cock sprung out and started to grow.

“This thing has been throbbing since you sat down, “she sighed. “And if you knew this was waiting for you, you would have been too, right.”

I knelt in front of her and exhaled a stream up and down her very full cock.

“While I fuck you, I’m going to talk and you are going to listen carefully to what I say and do exactly what I say. You are my slut now; you will always be my slut; and whenever I call, whatever I demand of you, you will obey. Tell me you understand and then open that very sexy mouth.

A shudder ran down my spine. I knew I had sucked other cocks before, but this one was so lovely and her voice was so compelling, I could not resist.

“Yes, whatever you need.” I opened up.

I stuck my head in the VP’s office. “Barton is good to go.”

“So the sister has things under control?” he asked.

“Yeah, she’s in control, no doubt,” I replied.

Heading back down the hall to my office, all I wanted to do was make a call and hear her tell me what a good slut I was. And when she would need another audit.