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Alyssa had never kissed a woman before, but the man’s wife had incredibly soft lips, and a warm, wet tongue, and Alyssa felt her cunt growing wet again as she made out with the blonde bimbo in the back seat of the limousine.

The woman’s name was Melina, her husband had said, and as it turned out, Melina was a fan. She had had fantasies about fucking Alyssa since Alyssa had appeared as a naive teenaged cheerleader on the soap opera Without A Backward Glance, and now her fantasies were coming true.

Alyssa herself was wedged between Melina and her husband Kieran in the back seat of the limousine. While she passionately tongue-kissed the big-titted Melina, Kieran was nuzzling her neck. His hands moved to lift Alyssa’s skirt, and Alyssa lifted her hips to allow him to do so, forgetting momentarily that (a) she had no panties on, (b) she had her car keys stuffed up her anus, and (c) her cunt lips were clamped shut with a hair clip to hold her mobile phone inside.

Kieran’s eyes widened as he made these discoveries. “Holy shit,” he said. “Is that a hair-clip on your pussy?”

Alyssa blushed. “Yes,” she said. “I… uh… didn’t bring a purse tonight and it was just convenient to keep my stuff in my pussy… and in my ass. Thank you for looking at my cunt”

Kieran and Melina both laughed—a response that was a little bit cruel, but mostly just delighted by Alyssa’s whorishness. Kieran forced Alyssa’s legs apart to let Melina get a better look at Alyssa’s situation, and in the process he gave an excellent view to the chauffeur, in the front driver’s seat, who was watching the whole thing in the rear view mirror as he steered the car through city traffic.

“That’s our driver, Ahmed,” said Kieran, noting the interest. “I think he likes what he sees. Maybe you’d like to give him a little blowjob of thanks when we get to the apartment?”

“No!” said Alyssa in alarm—an instinctual reaction, not a considered one—and then amended it to, “No, but thank you, Ahmed, for wanting me to suck your cock.” And she cupped her tits a little for him, so he could see them better.

But even as she said “no”, her hypnotic conditioning kicked in. Alyssa had been given a hypnotic compulsion to provide one-in-three “average sexual availability”, as part of her preparation for a role in an erotic thriller. She was incentivised to accept one in every three sexual propositions—because for each proposition she declined, she would be compelled to create a new rule for herself, that would leave her more susceptible to being fucked in future. Whereas each time she had sex, she would be able to remove two such rules.

The new rule she made for herself was, “Tell each man you meet that you enjoy a particular sexual activity. Don’t use the same one twice.”

That meant she now had seven rules in total.

She had rejected Ahmed because she had felt that she was losing control of the situation with Kieran and Melina, and that an additional man involved might make her unsafe. She felt that resistance melt away, in compliance with her sixth rule. She didn’t need to be in control of how she had sex. It was okay for things to get unsafe.

And now she had to comply with her seventh rule, too.

“I really do enjoy sucking cocks, though, Ahmed,” she said, and then turned to Kieran. “I like it when men show off my cunt to other people, too.”

“Good,” said Kieran, “because you don’t need this anymore.” And he lifted her dress up her body, and over her head, with Melina’s help, leaving Alyssa completely nude in the backseat, except for the high heels on her feet and the hairclip on her pussy. He threw the dress into the front seat, and then he and his wife went back to passionately kissing and fondling her.

Alyssa knew at some level that she should be freaking out about all of this. She wasn’t a lesbian, and here she was nude, tongue-kissing a bimbo slut. She wasn’t a whore, and yet she was about to have a threesome with a couple she didn’t even know. She had allowed them to strip her, humiliate her, and she was thanking them for it.

But her conditioning wouldn’t allow her to act on those thoughts. She just kept on exploring Melina’s mouth with her tongue as a small part of the back of her brain screamed at her.

Shortly before they reached their destination, Melina reached up to Alyssa’s neck. Alyssa thought she was going to stroke it, but suddenly she felt something soft-but-rough encircling her neck, and heard a click, and before Alyssa could react, Melina had buckled a dog collar around Alyssa’s neck. Alyssa could see it was connected to a dog leash.

“What…” she started to ask—but then the limousine stopped. Kieran opened the door and got out on the road side, and Melina opened her side and got out onto the footpath—pulling Alyssa after her by the leash.

Alyssa resisted for a moment, but Melina pulled hard, and Alyssa had no choice but to get out onto the sidewalk completely nude, wearing a collar, her pussy still clipped shut and her car keys poking out of her anus.

Alyssa’s face was bright red. She couldn’t believe she was being led around like an animal in the nude! By a woman! And worse yet, they didn’t appear to be directly in front of their destination! Melina was leading Alyssa up the sidewalk. How far were they going to walk?

She was fortunate that it was late, and there was no one else on the sidewalk. But cars were still passing by on the street. Some of them flashed their lights or hooted their horns at Alyssa, and each new sound made her go redder with humiliation.

“Please,” she begged. “Can I have my clothes?”

Melina just laughed at her, and said, “Oh, don’t pretend. You’re loving this!”

“If she didn’t like it, you’d think she’d take that clip off her pussy,” said Kieran.

But there wasn’t far to go, as it turned out, and before Alyssa could respond, they had reached the couple’s building. A doorman in an old-fashioned doorman’s uniform stood outside, and as they approached, he looked at Alyssa with obvious interest.

“Good evening, Mr Michaels, Missus Michaels,” he said, nodding. “Brought another one home, have you?”

“Isn’t she a gem?” asked Melina. “Practically dripping with enthusiasm. And look what she’s done to her pussy!”

“Maybe you’d be so generous as to let me take a turn with her later?” asked the doorman.

“Please, no,” said Alyssa—and it didn’t even occur to her that she wasn’t firmly saying no, she was asking Kieran to say no for her, in a way that implied that it wasn’t her choice.

But it still counted as a “no”, and her mind made up another rule for her: “When you’re close enough to touch a man’s cock, and you have nothing else to do with your hands, you should be playing with it.”

She immediately reached out and began stroking the front of Kieran’s pants with her hand, blushing.

And simultaneously, the attitude that had caused her to say “no” went away. She had been humiliated out here on the street, and just wanting to get this sexual adventure over with—but now she felt like she had all the time in the world. She was humiliated, yes—but that was no excuse to hurry in getting off the street. She should stand here, and be humiliated.

“I’m sorry, Samuel,” said Kieran, even as Alyssa’s mind adjusted. “It seems like the lady’s not interested. Maybe next time.”

“As you say, sir,” said the doorman, clearly disappointed, staring at Alyssa’s tits.

“I do enjoy fucking strangers, though,” Alyssa told the man, in compliance with her rules.

And then they were inside, travelling upstairs via an elevator, and arriving in the couple’s expensive apartment.

Melina let Alyssa out of the collar, and sent her to the bathroom, where Alyssa was able to unclip her pussy, and remove the objects from her cunt and anus. Both her phone and her keys were coated with the cum of the men who had fucked her earlier at the nightclub. She cleaned them off as best she could, and hoped her phone would still work, and then managed to clean the remainder of the sperm out of her holes, before returning to the bedroom of the couple’s apartment.

The rest of the night was a slutty blur. It occurred to her briefly that if she tried to back out of sex now, the couple might rape her, and her current set of rules made her get wildly aroused at the idea of rape, so from that point onwards she was thinking with her pussy more than her brain.

Kieran and Melina both undressed, and she found herself kissing one, then the other. Their lips wandered over her body, and hers over theirs. She found Melina’s giant plastic tits very pleasant to suck on, and had a brief taste of Kieran’s cock as she sucked on it obediently.

And then Melina was lying on her back on the bed, and Kieran guided Alyssa into a position on all fours above the naked bimbo, Melina’s head between Alyssa’s legs. She felt Melina raise her head up and begin to lick Alyssa on her groin, and Alyssa sighed with happiness as she felt the blonde trophy wife’s tongue flicking over her clitoris, even as alarm bells rang in her mind in response to her first lesbian experience. She knew she shouldn’t want this woman tongueing her fuckhole—but she did want it, and when Kieran pushed her head down into Melina’s waxed pussy, she eagerly returned the favour, licking at Melina’s sopping wet snatch with enthusiasm.

Moments later she felt Kieran kneel behind her, and then his cock slipped into her pussy, fucking her hard even as Melina continued to lick at her. She could feel the nipples of Melina’s oversized tits brushing against her stomach. Her mouth was full of the taste of Melina’s sex. She was delirious with pleasure as she fucked this couple she barely knew, and she orgasmed once, twice, and then a third time before Kieran shuddered and ejaculated into her pussy.

When she felt Melina continuing to lick, and realised that Kieran’s cum was dripping out of her fucktunnel into Melina’s eager mouth, she had one more orgasm, making four all told.

Sex with two people. Two rules per person. She could delete four of her rules. She was being a good slut, and making herself available. She deserved her reward.

Storing her purse contents in her cunt and ass. That had to go. She couldn’t spend her whole life with her cunt clamped shut.

Wearing panties. She missed wearing panties. She deleted the “no panties” rule.

Thanking men for their sexual interest in her. That was too embarrassing. She was done with it, and deleted it.

And finally, she got rid of the rule that made her forget the attitudes that prevented sex. It was messing with her mind too much. It had to go…

.. and as soon as it did, horror and shame flooded her, as the attitudes she had forgotten returned. She had just fucked a woman! She wasn’t a lesbian! She had let these people use her like a slutty sex toy!

She wailed—and even in her horror and shame, when Melina sucked one last time on her clitoris, she orgasmed yet again.