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Award Winning Fuck Doll

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 3: Test Drive

Jadene quivered anxiously as she grasped the arms of her chair. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but if I am going to do this then… then I need to make sure the quality is good, right…? And I can’t wait until after they’re done performing all of the scans and tests they need to do with me…

I need to test one of the models that’s available now.

It had been a couple of weeks since she’d stormed in to Miriam’s office expecting to be done with the whole affair or have Miriam’s proverbial head, but things felt so much better now.

Of course it wasn’t Miriam’s fault that Thea leaked the information early. Of course it wasn’t supposed to be a decision made without Jadene’s consent. So many things were in the air moving so quickly it only made sense there might be a mistake here or there.

Jadene shifted in her seat. Her hands fell to her lap, grasping at her skirt.

Why did I dress up so nice to meet a sex bot…?

It wasn’t a look she would have worn to a fancy gala or anything so extravagant, but she’d still put on flared, pleated black miniskirt accented by a sarong to hide her thong peeking over her hips. Over her chest she wore a silky red blouse, unbuttoned low enough to show the first hints of her black bra that perfectly framed the pale flesh of her breasts. She’d tied her hair back, and even done her makeup.

For a sex bot.

Miriam’s even going to be the one to deliver her… Jadene shook her head, frowning at herself. Not her.


Her teeth closed around her bottom lip, her toes curling in the strappy heels that had felt like the perfect thing for her to wear. She was just lounging around her own home, but she wanted to look good. She wanted to look, and feel, sexy. Without that, meeting the ‘living’ sex doll wouldn’t feel right.

There was no way to know how it would feel if she wasn’t in the right frame of mind, and Jadene never did things half way. Sex dates weren’t something she indulged too often, but she was the kind of woman who tried to make every encounter special and unique.

I’m going to be the most conscientious lover that fuck bot ever had… and she probably isn’t even programmed to care about that sort of thing…

Before she had much more time to worry about what someone else might do with a sex doll, be it of her, or anyone else, her doorbell rang.

Jadene quickly leapt to her feet.

Behind the door, Miriam was standing with a very large box. She looked over her dark glasses, meeting Jadene’s eyes through her peephole before the door opened. “Jadene! I brought you a present… and you look ready to get the most out of it!”

“Well… come on in, Miriam…!” Jadene’s cheeks darkened as she motioned inside.

Miriam made a show of straining with the box, but the way it moved didn’t indicate she was the one doing most of the work. The doll inside was clearly able to walk and make the process smoother. It helped that Jadene could hear every click of the doll’s heels and Miriam was wearing flats.

I appreciate the discretion but… it still doesn’t stop this from being so… embarrassing. Jadene squirmed as she stepped forward, her thighs squeezing together. I have a lifelike sex doll… fuck robot… designed to be another woman… in my home…

And I’m intending to have sex with it, to let it have sex with me… to make it have sex with me…

Who even am I anymore?

Her thoughts were swimming with both confusion and lust. Lingering shame and uncertainty tried to claw their way up, but weeks of her assistant’s brainwashing kept those voices from having much volume at all.

Jadene was hot for that bot, and she was hot to trot.

That mattered to her so much more than her other concerns.

As soon as the box and her agent were both inside, Jadene threw the door shut. She only half rushed to push the door shut to keep sight of the box minimal. The rest of her reasoning was simple.

She wanted to get to the fun as quickly as she could.

Before she could lock it, Miriam was helping the Sex doll push the box off of herself, revealing the likeness of Thea dressed in a lacey black teddy with straps reaching down to hook on the tops of dark stockings that ended in pretty lace.

“Here she is!” Miriam moved behind the sex doll, gesturing to it with a wide grin. “Or well, ‘it’ if you prefer, but something about that sounds wrong when… well… look at her.”

Jadene was looking at her. She couldn’t take her eyes off of how perfectly exact this Thea looked. Being attracted to women was nothing new for Jadene, but she’d never had an encounter with Thea. She’d wanted to, but they were both busy women who moved in different circles most of the time. They’d never even had a chance for a late night meeting under cover of darkness.

Now I have an obedient version of her here in my house… all to myself…

The Thea doll grinned, posing with her back arched, her thighs spread shoulder width apart, her eyes hooded low. “However you want me, Jadene, here I am. You can touch me, or I can touch you. We can even just cuddle.

“I’m here to please you. I’m here to serve you, because being a sex doll turns me on.”

Jadene whimpered, her eyes fluttering as her thighs squeezed together under her tiny, layered skirt. “You… it turns you on to be a sex doll…? You… you understand that you’re…”

“Of course I do!” The Thea doll grinned, stepping closer until its body almost grazed Jadene’s “I’m programmed to simulate Thea! That means I need to be smart enough to understand what a fuck toy I am… and look at me!” Her hands lifted her breasts, and Jadene stared at them with hungry eyes. “Look at these. Aren’t these something a sex doll should have? And look at yours… They’re just as big…”

“I…” Jadene quivered, looking to Miriam with hazy, confused eyes. “You… you dropped her off, but…” Her hands reached out, tentatively feeling over the doll’s breasts. “You can go now, I… I can handle it from here.”

The Thea doll’s breasts were just as supple as she expected them to be. Still contained in the black lingerie, they shaped to her squeezing hands without feeling too flexible or too stiff. It felt so warm in Jadene’s hands,

Miriam slowly shook her head.

“Just pretend I’m not here.”

“Just… pretend…” Jadene’s lips trembled. Her mouth fell open, and her eyes gazed past the sexy woman-doll standing in front of her.

After she shook her head, she forgot Miriam was there at all.

“Mmm… You want these… of course you do… everyone does!” The Thea doll moaned, raising her hands to press Jadene’s into her breasts. The actress could do nothing to stop herself from being made to grasp handfuls of the Thea dolls breasts even as so much spilled over her hands. The Thea doll moaned lower as she made Jadene squeeze and knead. “Everyone wants to play with my big, fat, tits. Do you want to suck on them…? Do you want me to straddle you and force my enormous…”

The doll made Jadene squeeze her harder, and both of them moaned together.


It made her squeeze again, and something about the perfect way it emphasized the doll’s cleavage made Jadene’s head spin.

“Sweater puppies…?”

“I…” Jadene nodded shakily, her eyes glazing over as the strong scent of her arousal grew thicker. “Yes… That I… I want…” Her nails grazed around the doll’s nipples, pleased to both find them stiff and sensitive. The doll made the most erotic sounds, her whole body jutting out as Jadene’s nails grazed the hard nubs capping her breasts. “I want that… You… On top of me… your tits… Fuck… Do you… do you have her memories, too, or do you just know how to pretend to be like—whooaannhh…!”

The doll pushed Jadene back forcefully, walking the actress back into her bedroom. She was too aroused to question why the doll knew where her bedroom was.

She was too deeply programmed to hear, or see, Miriam following close behind the doll.

Her phone was in her hands, but Jadene believed she was already driving away.

“Another great thing about being a sex doll, besides being able to make so much use of my hot, fuckable body…?” The Thea doll giggled, shoving Jadene back onto her bed. It didn’t find a single ounce of resistance, and soon it was crawling up the woman’s body as it reached up to push the straps down her shoulders. “All I think about is sex. The only thing I need to think about is making sure everyone around me feels good… do you know how liberating that is…?”

“L-liberating…? Ohhhmmmphh…!”

Once the doll’s arms were free of the straps, and her large breasts fell free with a dramatic bounce, Jadene felt herself smothered in the doll’s flesh. She inhaled deeply, swimming in the doll’s perfume.

Drawing the scent deep into her brain slowed down her already slowed down thoughts, and further soaked her thong.

“All I want to do is fuck… to obey… to please, and I don’t care who!” The Thea doll grinned down at Jadene as she rubbed her breasts over the trembling woman’s face. Jadene tried to suck and kiss at Thea’s breasts as they moved against her, but her movements all felt so slow and useless.

She couldn’t manage much more than a brief taste of skin that made her body burn.

Ohhh she’s so… hot… so… fuckable… mmm all she needs to do is serve… obey… fuck… Mmm… Gosh that sounds… so…

“You’d think it would suck, to have no standards, to not care about my own ambitions—like my music career? But like…” The Thea doll bent over Jadene, squishing her deeper into her large breasts to whisper in her ear as one of her hands reached down to pull up Jadene’s skirt and feel along the slick black fabric tightly clinging to her dripping cunt. “Fuck that, right…?

“Who wants to make music, or act, or do anything but fuck when it feels so good…!”

“So… good…!” Jadene screamed between the doll’s breasts as the doll’s fingers thrust deep between her legs. Somehow they knew exactly how to find the place deep inside of her that took so many lovers so much effort to find, and rubbed with such precision Jadene couldn’t stay still. With fingers pressed there, and a thumb against her clit, all that Jadene could do was pant and whimper and scream while she found herself nearly suffocated by breasts and fucked raw by a fuck doll’s hands.

The words the Thea doll spoke finally registered in the actress’s sleepy mind. Her face tensed, and she quietly whined more out of concern than pleasure.

I… do I really want… to give up… everything, to… To lose my image and… and be… just…

“Keep an open mind, Jadene.”

Miriam wasn’t even supposed to be in the room, but that did nothing to diminish the power of her words on her client’s mind. She shuddered, eyes opening wide, and all of the tension drained from her face.

Feels… so… good… better than acting… singing… so… oohhh… fuck…!

“That’s right, Jadene…! I get to fuck all day… every day…! Mmm If I was yours we could fuck and never stop! Jadene and Thea, fucking all day and night long…!” The doll whined, rubbing its self down against Jadene just as desperately as Jadene arched up against it. “Mmm but I don’t think you want to own me… I think you want something a lot more than that…!”

“M-more…?” Jadene mewled in confusion. “What could be… better… if fucking you like this feels… so… Ooohhnnnn…!”

Jadene’s lust soaked the sheets beneath her as a heavy pair of tits pinned her face down against her own bed. The doll was smaller than her, the same size as Thea in every way, but she felt so impossibly trapped under the doll’s onslaught of touches that had her feeling so incredibly weak.

She had no way of knowing it was the perfume she’d inhaled so deeply, and hours upon hours of mental conditioning preparing her for this very moment.

All she could remember was learning everything she could about the program.

“Well… wouldn’t you like to be a sex doll, too~?” The doll emphasized her question by shaking her whole arm, the vibration reaching every sensitive place her fingers so perfectly rubbed. “To fuck, all the time… to only worry about being pleasing and sexy and hot…? Not needing to worry about awards, or a perfect performance, or anything but being hot and fun and fuckable—like me…?”

“L-like you… Ohh… y-yess… that sounds… so… hot…!”

“Loop that thought, Jadene.” Miriam’s voice was no nonsense as she tapped on her phone. She angled it carefully to record the exact contortions of Jadene’s face as the epiphany hit the same moment as her orgasm again, and again, and again.

“Like you… so… hot…! So… so… hot… like… you… like… so… hot… like… you… fuck… doll… yessss…!” Jadene couldn’t stop shaking, her back arched high off of the bed and her eyes fluttering helplessly. Drool leaked out of the corner of one pair of lips as her juices soaked the sheets from the other.

The Thea doll didn’t stop rubbing and smothering Jadene. Her actions seemed to be completely unaffected by anything Miriam said or did.

After nonstop minutes of orgasm and realization, Miriam smirked. “Loop end, Jadene.”

“So… fucking… hot… fuck doll… make me… a fuck doll… please… fuck doll… me…!” Jadene breathlessly pleaded. Her eyes were wholly unable to focus. Her thighs couldn’t stop shaking for a moment as her pussy quivered between them. “Make me a fuck doll, please…!”

“Like, of fucking course we’re going to make you in a fuck doll, Jadene! Do you think there was ever another way this was going to end…?” The Thea doll purred as she leaned forward to whisper into Jadene’s ear. “Do you wanna know something kinda dark, but also really hot?”

Jadene whimpered, nodding as much as she could with her neck feeling drained of all of its strength just like the rest of her body.

Spending those long minutes cumming her brains out had taken a heavy toll on her tensed up body, and made her mind that much more unable to fight back against the assault of touches and scents and words that overrode her good sense. “Mm… yess… wanna… know if it’s hot… please…”

The Thea doll giggled, her hand withdrawing from between Jadene’s legs. Slick and dripping with cum, it quickly leaned back and forced its fingers into Jadene’s mouth.

“I’m not actually a robot… I’m the original Thea…!”

Horror wasn’t what filled Jadene’s eyes as her lips sucked her juices off of Thea’s fingers. Arousal shined from deep inside of her hazy, sabotaged brain as she bucked up against the pleasant weight that kept her trapped against the bed.

“So I’m not just recommending you become a sex doll… I’m also already one…! We can both be sex dolls together, the original molds they use to print off copies… it’ll be super hot…!” Thea giggled, her free hand lifting and squeezing at one of her own breasts. “Nothing feels like being a fuck doll… nothing…! You don’t even care when they replace you with a robot that never forgets her lines and is always happy to sleep with the director or take a pay cut so the studio can make a bigger profit! It’s the fucking best thing ever…!

“Honestly, being told I didn’t get to decide what songs went on my next album? They told me that…?” Thea moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as she pinched and tugged at one of her own hard nipples. “It made me cum…! They let me see my fuck bot double perform…! Sometimes we trade places, but it doesn’t really matter… I only remember I’m the real one because it makes it hotter for other people to fuck me!”

Jadene whimpered. The last vestiges of resistance in her mind weren’t even strong enough to stop suckling on Thea’s fingers. Instead, her own hand shakily reached down between her legs, and picked up where Thea left off.

She was wet, and the idea of being swapped in and out of a film shoot with a sex doll was a hot enough idea to make her need to rub.

It wasn’t anywhere close to a thought. Jadene’s mind felt too simple for that, swimming in perfume and desire to please and fuck, but it was a strong enough concept that it had her moaning and grinding into her hand in no time.

“Ohhh that’s right… It’s just so hot, huh…? Make yourself cum… masturbate for a fuck doll that doesn’t even have any thoughts or dreams of her own at all…!” Thea giggled, her eyes looking as empty and hollow as a doll’s eyes if mildly less plastic and cold. “We can cum together… and cum and cum and cum… and maybe we’ll get to be sex dolls together, too…!”

Miriam smirked as she tapped one more time on her phone, the flash lighting up both of the women on the bed as it immortalized their carnal act with a high definition digital photo.

“Thea doll, deactivate.”

All at once the light drained from Thea’s eyes, and she slumped lifelessly on top of Jadene. She was still breathing, and her heart was still beating, but those were the only signs that the woman was still alive.

Miriam held out her phone towards Jadene, her eyes hooded. “If you want to be a sex doll, just look into my phone. It’ll help get you ready for transit.”

Jadene didn’t hesitate.

She instantly looked towards the phone, and lost her mind as the spiral reached out to take the last of it away.

I’m going to be a fuck bot…

It was the last thought of her own that the award-winning actress Jadene Corrigan ever had.