The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

Chapter 1:

“Oh cool,” Mike said. “You got a dorm on B-level.”

“What does that mean?”

As I threw my bag onto my new bed, I hoped that I didn’t sound too…I dunno, dumb. I’d only met Mike a few minutes ago, but he seemed like a cool guy. Friendly. I just wanted to fit it, but it seemed to immediately be obvious that I’d never done this before.

No one has, I reminded myself. It’s the first day of college. No one has done this before. Duh.

“You don’t know?” he crowed, and I felt my cheeks starting to get red. “Oh man…you are going to have a good time. Here she comes now.”

I turned to see who he was talking about—a plain-looking girl with her hair in a bun entered.

“Hi,” she said shyly. “I’m Libby.”

“What’s B-level?” I asked again, and Libby’s eyes widened as Mike explained it.

“Oh,” she said quietly when he was done. “Oh, I hadn’t realized.”

“Have fun,” Mike said with a wink.

We didn’t talk for the next half-hour. Unpacking our stuff in silence, I thought about what Mike had said. I mean, it didn’t sound right…but he’d been so confident, and Libby hadn’t objected. If he was making it up, Libby would have objected, right?

She’s new as well, I thought. Maybe she thought he was kidding and didn’t know how to deal with it.

But…what if he’s not?

“So,” Libby eventually said. “Looking forward to college?”

“Of course,” I replied. “Yourself?”


The silence returned, and eventually I had to say something.

“What Mike said…”

“Who’s Mike?”

“Oh, the guy…the guy who was in here earlier.”

“Friend of yours?”

“Yeah, kind of. I mean, we just met. Anyway, what he was saying…”

Libby interrupted me, carefully avoiding eye contact as she did.

“I get it.”

I paused, not sure if she was saying what I thought she was saying.

“You…get it?”

“Yeah,” she said, and turned to look me directly in the eye. We were both blushing furiously, but her voice didn’t waver. “It’s B-level. I get it.”

* * *

For the next few days, I didn’t do anything, I just watched. I watched Libby a lot.

Like I said, she was a fairly plain-looking girl. Not ugly or anything like that, but…I mean, if we weren’t roommates, I probably would never have noticed her. She had brown hair and an oval face, and her eyes were a bit too wide-set to be truly attractive. She had a big mouth, too. I don’t mean she talked too much—her mouth was just kinda wide.

She wasn’t chubby, exactly, but she wasn’t really that thin either. As you’d expect, I spent a lot of time looking at her boobs—I don’t know much about cup sizes, but I’d guess she was a B, B-plus? She didn’t really wear much that showed them off, but…like I said, I spent a lot of time watching her.

Here’s something I never appreciated when I had it—my own room. I knew that sharing a room would be a part of the college experience, but I guess I’d never really thought about the logistics of it. See, at home when I’d been horny, I could just go to my room and jack off.

When you share a room with someone—even on B-level—it’s weird, y’know? It’s weird.

I considered waiting until Libby went to sleep, but what if she woke up and found me getting myself off? I even considered skipping a class when I knew she had a class, but something stopped me.

It might have been the fact that I had another option.


I don’t know why it took me so long. I’d like to claim I was weighing up the morality of it, but honestly…that side of things never really bothered me. I mean, it didn’t bother Libby, so why should I get upset about something that she didn’t even care about?

More than anything, it was shyness. I was in a whole new environment—in those first few days, I met like eight hundred people, and I kept feeling this pressure. These were people I’d likely stay friends with for the rest of my life. These were people I’d build my life with—my Dad had told me (endlessly) about the connections he formed in college and how valuable they are, and so I was so intent on getting it right.

I wanted to meet the right people, and I wanted to make sure they liked me, and I wanted to make sure I presented myself right and it was all very stressful and I couldn’t even jerk off to relieve the stress.

And so yeah, every time I saw Libby I thought about it, but there was already so much on my plate. I didn’t know whether I wanted to try something.

Not yet.

But then, the weekend was upon us. Suddenly I didn’t have class, I didn’t have a million people to meet. I’d been invited to a party on Sunday night, but I wanted to spend Saturday relaxing, trying to get my bearings.

And by that point, I was so fucking horny.

* * *

Libby was reading on her bed when I entered. She didn’t even look up—it’s amazing how quickly you get used to cohabiting with a virtual stranger.

For all my watching over the last week, I hadn’t really learned much about my roommate. Maybe she was shy, like me, or maybe there just wasn’t that much to learn. She liked reading, she had a new Acer laptop, and she sort of kept to herself.

Generally she wore jeans and button-up shirts. When she was getting ready for bed, she had a set of flannel pajamas, which were pretty cute. They were pink and covered in cats, and didn’t reveal much—but I guess that was the point. She must have known there was a chance they’d pair her with a guy.

But I’m sure she hadn’t known that it would be on B-level.

That day, she was wearing a pair of black jeans and a pale blue button-up shirt. The top two buttons were undone, but you couldn’t really see anything. Hanging over the back of her chair was a brown jacket, and she wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks.

“Hey,” I said casually, my heart racing. Was I really going to do this? What if it was a prank that Mike and Libby had concocted? What if I got arrested, or kicked out of college? What if they told my family?

“Hey,” Libby replied, her eyes never leaving the page.

Just as I was about to make my way to the washroom and see if I could jerk off there, Libby shifted slightly. My attention was drawn to her ass, and I immediately knew I was going to do this.


Libby continued reading as I tried to work out the best way to do this.

“I just wanted to check: you’re okay with all this B-level stuff, right?”

My roommate shrugged.

“It is what it is.”

“So if I wanted to…”

I trailed off again, and Libby’s attention moved from her book to me. I could see that the tips of her ears were starting to grow pink.

“Do what you’ve got to do, okay? It’s fine.”

She went back to reading, and I smiled.

Couldn’t get much clearer than that.

Sitting down on my bed, I removed my shoes and socks. I carefully placed my socks in the laundry hamper, my shoes at the end of my bed. Standing up again, I lowered my pants, folded them, and returned them to the top drawer—I’d be wearing them again tomorrow.

Libby didn’t seem to be paying me any attention, but I’d noticed that the rate of her breathing had slightly increased.

Since I’d begun undressing she hadn’t turned the page.

I lowered my boxers, allowing my erection to come into view. Libby didn’t say or do anything, but we both knew that she’d noticed.

For the first time in my life, I was pants-less in a room with a girl.

“Okay,” I said, her attempts to feign disinterest giving me a weird confidence. “How do you want to do this?”

“It’s up to you,” she said softly, her eyes burning a hole through the novel she was reading, her cheeks aflame with embarrassment.

I swallowed.

I guess I could have pushed the book aside and made her suck my cock, but that felt…rude, somehow. Besides, she said it was up to me.

I could do anything.

I could do anything.

“Pants off,” I said. Libby, to my delight, didn’t hesitate—one hand still holding the book open, she undid the buttons on the front of her jeans, and lowered them.

My roommate was laying on the bed in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of bright pink panties and a button-up shirt.

I glanced at the door, to make sure it was closed. I was increasingly sure that I wasn’t going to get in trouble, but…well, this was my first time. I didn’t exactly want an audience.

Libby went back to “reading”, and I reached down and patted her butt.

That’s right, patted. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it—until now, my relationship with butts had entirely been a long-distance one, and a strange shyness had overcome me.

But Libby didn’t react, and her indifference reminded me—I was the one in control here.

I could do whatever I wanted.

With a smile, I leaned in and buried my face between her cheeks. I could feel the cotton of her panties against my nose and mouth, and the warmth of her buttocks just served to make me even harder.

I moved my face down, and tentatively poked my tongue out. A thin strip of material was all that separated me from her teenage pussy—honestly, all I could taste was cotton, but I knew that the taste of her juices was there, lurking just underneath the fabric.

I couldn’t wait any longer.

Standing up, I pulled her panties down—she shifted slightly to help me, but otherwise didn’t react to my efforts. I threw her panties onto my bed—there was something hot about the idea of keeping them, and I knew Libby wouldn’t object.

It was B-level.

Looking at Libby’s ass made me smile. She still seemed to be entirely focused on her book, but I knew that she was as aware of my actions now as I’d been of hers for the last few days. Hell, maybe she’d been watching me over the last week as well—the news of the situation here must have been a shock to her too.

Her butt was full and round and maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t jacked off in a week, but it looked like the epitome of sexiness to me. I reached down and parted her legs, and her pink peach also came into view.

My cock twitched with anticipation. It was time.

Libby didn’t say a word as I clambered onto the bed and positioned myself behind her. She gasped slightly at the feel of my hand reaching between her legs and checking that she was nice and wet, but she never put the book down, she never stopped reading.

Libby moaned as I slowly slid inside her, but that was the only acknowledgement she gave that her roommate was fucking her. She felt incredible—her pussy was snug and warm and wet, and admittedly I didn’t have much to compare it to, but as I pushed my entire cock inside her, I already knew that I wasn’t far away from cumming.

The only noise for the next few minutes was my slight grunts as I fucked Libby, and the sound of her book’s pages sporadically turning. Once the tension had been broken, I guess she was able to relax enough to get back into it.

Each stroke felt as good as the last; I’d been jerking off for half a decade, but I knew it would be hard to go back to that after the incredible feeling of Libby’s wetness.

Not that I’d have to.

This was B-level.

I considered warning her that I was cumming, but she’d shown no sign of wanting to discuss what we were doing, and so with a final grunt, I wordlessly thrust forward and came harder than I’ve ever cum in my life.

After my dick finished pulsing, I pulled out (enjoying Libby’s small gasp as I did) and returned to my bed.

For the next fifteen minutes, I just watched my roommate finish her book as my cum dripped out of her.

It wasn’t long before I was hard enough to go again.