The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

Chapter 5

I glanced at Libby. She met my gaze and nodded.

“Do it,” she said, in hushed tones. “I want you to.”

Somehow, I knew that she meant it. More than just like, ‘it’s B-level’.

Libby wanted me to fuck her girlfriend. And I sure as hell wanted to. And that just left…

“Are you sure?” I asked Kat, and she shot me a smile.

“I’m sure,” she said gently.

I looked at my roommate once more. She was staring at Kat’s soaked gusset, her tongue running around her lips.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said, my confidence rising.

“Good,” Kat said, her voice no louder than a whisper.

“And while I do, Libby’s going to lick you out.”

Kat swallowed. “Okay,” she said, a strange note in her voice. We’d never done this before—sometimes while I was fucking Libby, I’d make out with Kat, or suck on her tits, but I’d never had her go down on her girlfriend while I fucked her.

“I’m going to cum inside you,” I continued, and Kat relaxed once more.


It was a performative ‘mmm’, but I pressed on.

“And then…Libby’s going to lick it out of you.”

Two sets of eyebrows went up, but neither girl hesitated.

“Uh huh,” Kat said, wiggling her hips slightly. In excitement, or nervousness? I couldn’t tell.

“Can’t wait,” Libby said. She licked her lips once more—for my benefit, I could tell.

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s do this.”

I’d never gone through a play-by-play of what we were going to do before, but this felt different. There was a weird energy in the room, and I couldn’t quite work out what was causing it.

Maybe there’d been the same energy the first time I’d fucked Libby, and I just hadn’t been able to recognize it. But it was…I dunno, weirdly tense? Tenser than I would have expected for B-level.

“Take off your panties,” I instructed. My hesitation began to disappear as Kat obeyed.

Libby’s a blonde, and her pubic hair was very light. Kat, meanwhile, had a thick patch of hair between her legs—most girls in porn are shaved, so there was something super hot about seeing this big hairy thatch. I let out a groan, and was surprised to hear Libby do the same.

“Go down on her,” I instructed, and Libby didn’t hesitate.

At this point, I’d gotten pretty good at telling when the girls were faking. Like, they never faked an orgasm with me or anything like that—I’d never ordered them to cum—but sometimes when I told them to make out or play with each other’s boobs, I could tell that they were doing it for me.

More Kat than Libby, I guess. Libby was super into Kat’s boobs. But even then, sometimes I’d spot her like, sticking out her tongue and pointing Kat’s nipple at me.

I’d sucked on Kat’s boobs, more times than I could count. And from what I could tell, that wasn’t how she liked it—having her nipple tongued while it was pointing to the side. I mean, it wasn’t even particularly fun. I tried it once—it felt more like you’re trying to give your tongue muscles a workout than anything. It’s not sexy to do…but, I have to admit, it’s pretty hot to watch.

This wasn’t like that. When Libby dove between Kat’s legs, I could immediately tell that I was an afterthought. I may have been the instigator, but I wasn’t why she was doing this. Libby was going down on her girlfriend because she wanted to, and with the possible exception of the way she wiggled her butt, I could tell that she had all but forgotten I was there.

Kat was even worse. Or better, depending on your point of view. As soon as Libby started going down on her, she closed her eyes—when the girls are ‘performing’ for me, they always have one eye on me, making sure I’m enjoying what they’re doing.

Not this time. Kat was in this for herself.

And she was loving it.

I’m pretty sure Libby has cum before, while I’ve been fucking her. Kat? I knew Kat was cumming, because within just a few minutes of Libby’s tongue exploring her folds, her hips started bucking. She grabbed Libby’s hair with both hands, and started to moan.

For a moment, I was even worried for Libby—it almost looked like she was trying to get away, but I think she was just excited. When Libby reemerged from between Kat’s legs, she had a sheepish look on her face and her face was dripping wet.

“Wow,” I said. “I want you two to make out for me.”

There was no hesitation—the two of them started making out as soon as the words were out of my mouth. This time, it was more of a mix—sometimes a minute would go past where they were just completely lost in the moment, but then they’d remember I was there, and turn their bodies to face me.

Normally when they made out, Libby’s hands never left Kat’s tits. This time, it was her pussy—the entire time they made out, Libby had one hand in her girlfriend’s snatch. The other hand alternated between roaming across Kat’s olive skin and her own, groping tits, or spending some time between her legs. Libby still slept in that set of pink cat pajamas; I guess the bottoms were thin enough for her to get some pleasure from touching herself, because she’d twitch with arousal every time she rubbed her pussy through them.

After five minutes of this, I felt like I was going to burst.

“Lay down,” I said to Kat. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“Okay,” she said, the nervousness in her voice completely gone. I guess an orgasm had been what she needed to calm her down. I was glad I could help, even if it was through Libby.

Positioning myself above my roommate’s girlfriend, I slowly entered her.

I hadn’t been wrong; her entrance was much, much slicker than Libby’s had been. It was so warm, so soft.

Despite the fact that I was her first, it only took a few moments before I was completely buried inside her, and from what I could tell, she didn’t even seem to feel any pain.

“Are you okay?” I panted, and Kat nodded, her eyes fluttering.

Without another word, I slowly began to fuck her. Despite what I’d told Libby earlier, she didn’t dive in and tongue her girlfriend while I did—I guess she felt like she’d already played her part by getting Kat off. Instead, she just sat back and watched as my cock dipped in and out of Kat’s pussy. I glanced down to see what she could see—despite the fact that we’d just started, my cock was already covered in Kat’s white juices. Sometimes it would look like that after I fucked Libby, but only when she was really turned on.

After I was done, I’d get one—or both—of the girls to lick Kat’s juices off me.

I shuddered with pleasure at the thought, and was surprised by how close I was to cumming. I’d been deliberately trying to slow myself down the last few times I’d fucked Libby—partially just to enjoy the experience, but also because I’d heard how embarrassing it was to be too fast with a girl. But I guess that wasn’t so much a factor here.

It was hard to imagine anything I’d feel embarrassed about on B-level.

Maybe it was because of how insanely wet Kat was, or maybe it was just because it was with a new girl, but I could tell that I was going to blow my load any second.

“Gonna cum,” I panted. I rarely warned Libby, so I wasn’t sure why I felt the need to do so with Kat. Again, maybe just because we’d been friends first? I didn’t think too hard about it.

“Okay,” she panted, and for some reason, that was what got me off. She sounded pleased for me, like I’d told her I found twenty bucks…but she wasn’t excited. She wasn’t even pretending to be. She was acknowledging the information, not celebrating. Not reacting emotionally in any way.

The sound of a pleasant (but nonchalant) ‘okay’ was, in that moment, the hottest thing I’d ever heard. Within moments, I began twitching with pleasure as I pumped my second load of the day (Libby had sucked my cock before Kat came over) into the hot, naked, Latina girl beneath me.

When I was done, I rolled over and shot a grin at Libby and Kat. They grinned back.

“Libby,” I said, licking my lips. “I want you to lick my cum out of Kat.”

“Uh huh,” she said, her smile growing even more.

“While she does that, Kat—I want you to clean me up.”

“Sure thing,” she said.

It was a strange feeling—I softened in Kat’s mouth, then hardened again as Libby gave her another orgasm. After she was done, I fucked her for a second time—doggy-style this time. I had her eat Libby out as she did.

* * *

“That was your first time??”

Three weeks passed, and I had to admit—I was totally addicted to Kat’s pussy. To her body. She was so warm, and wet…I’d learned that she was a ‘squirter’, which was why Libby’s face had been so wet after she went down on her.

That was an educational afternoon of googling, I’ll tell you that.

The feeling of Kat’s warm pussy around my cock, or the way her boobs bounced as she rode me. Again, I don’t want to sound like I didn’t enjoy fucking Libby—I definitely did—but Kat was the woman of my dreams.

Physically, that is.

In the past twenty-one days, I’d fucked Kat probably more than fifty times. She’d even cum, once—admittedly, it was while Libby’s hand was also between her legs, fingering her as they made out—but since I was the recipient of the pussy-squeezings that resulted, I wasn’t annoyed.

It wasn’t like I was in any position to be jealous. She was Libby’s girlfriend. And a lesbian.

And it was B-level.

I very much doubt that Libby had even been remotely upset that I was spending less time in her mouth and pussy. She had checked in a few times to see if I wanted her to make me cum, but she’d been, like, zero percent bothered when I’d said no.

If I’d ever had any doubts that she really was a lesbian, that had dispelled it.

At one point, Kat had gone away for a weekend, so I’d fucked Libby (and had her go down on me twice). And again, I really don’t want to sound like I didn’t really like it; it was great.

It just didn’t even compare to fucking Kat.

So you know how, like, your family has some dish that they make? For us, it was lemon chicken. I have no idea why, but Mom would always make lemon chicken, and it was always really good. And I have such fond memories of it—I grew up eating it like, twice a week. I probably complained about it as a kid, but even now it’s something that I’ll happily eat any time.

I really do like it, and it’s so reliable. You know what you’re getting, and what you’re getting is always good.

But no matter how good it is, if I have the option of lemon chicken or, like, a steak from a fancy restaurant…I mean, there’s just no competition.

I love lemon chicken. I love my Mom’s cooking. I’m always happy to have it.

But no matter how much I love it, it’s just nothing compared to a meal prepared by a top-tier chef.

That’s what fucking Kat was like, y’know?

Anyway—three weeks after I fucked Kat for the first time, we were talking about it—again, just casually. In our dorm, sex was a topic as taboo as…well, as lemon chicken.

So that was when I learned: it hadn’t just been my first time with Kat.

It had been Libby’s first time, too.

And it had been Kat’s first time with anyone.

Remember how I said Kat was religious? Well, it turned out she was, like, ‘saving herself until marriage’. I had no idea that applied to lesbians as well. I’d had no idea, but we’d knocked out a lot of firsts that day—Kat’s first time going down on someone, the first time someone went down on her

The first time she came.

Yeah, that’s right. Kat was a lesbian—a college lesbian—who didn’t masturbate. She had no issue with making out (as I’d discovered the first time I’d met her), but anything beyond that was not, according to her beliefs, okay with Jesus.

Except, of course, on B-level.

That was why Libby had been so excited. She wasn’t going to be the type to pressure her girlfriend into anything, of course, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to fuck her. To finger her. To taste her. To feel her tongue between her legs.

And so having a dorm on B-level suddenly had a very big upside. It meant that—if I told her to—she got to be with her girlfriend.

But do you want to hear the weird thing?

When I wasn’t around, they still didn’t do anything. The only time they ever made each other cum was with me, when I told them to. I honestly would have guessed that once you did it once, under any circumstances, it was open game…but nope! Just like Vegas, what happened on B-level didn’t count. Not even in the eyes of the Lord.

No wonder Libby was so obsessed with Kat’s boobs, with her pussy. When I wasn’t around, she never got to see them.

I did the math. I’d fucked Libby’s girlfriend more than she had. Like, an order of magnitude more.

A part of me was tempted to give an order like “hey, it’d turn me on if you two fucked even when I wasn’t around.” To throw Libby a bone, y’know? And it wasn’t like that would be lying—the idea of them hooking up without me was kind of hot.

Although to be fair, the knowledge that they only hooked up when I was there…that was pretty hot too.

I seriously considered it, but in the end I figured it wasn’t right. I might not have agreed with Kat’s religious beliefs, but that didn’t mean that it was my role to make her break them. If she wanted to obstain from sex—and masturbation (!?)—until she was married, that was her choice to make, and I wasn’t going to interfere.

Except when I wanted to fuck her, of course.

That was B-level. It was different.