The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bachelor Party

By Quicksilver

My best friend, Tom, was getting married. As was the custom, part of my job as Best Man was to arrange the bachelor party.

I knew that Tom was having a real problem with his bride-to-be’s sisters. It was a classic Cinderella story. Mary, his fiancée, was the youngest daughter of the family. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father had remarried to a woman with three daughters, all of them older than Mary. Being the youngest, and a stepchild, the older girls received their mother’s favor while Mary had to work for anything that she wanted.

All of Mary’s sisters had been married at least once, and all were divorced and living off the alimony that their ex-husbands were paying. But now that Mary was getting married, and they could see how much she and Tom loved each other, they were making life difficult whenever they could.

Back to the bachelor party, or at least to my contribution that oh so noble pre-marital institution. I have always had a knack in getting what I want with women. It wasn’t until after I graduated from college that I realized it was more than good looks and luck, especially since my looks are average and my luck runs hot and cold, just like everybody else’s does.

My gift, for lack of a better term, is to be able to project a base emotional state to another person. For example, if I want somebody to be angry I project anger to him or her and he or she gets angry. If I want somebody to leave me alone I project indifference, or in the worst-case fear, and he or she either ignores me or leaves me alone out of fear.

Now if I want to get someone to do something complicated it takes a little more effort. The method is almost Pavlovian in nature. Let’s say I want a woman who’s across the room to approach me and come on to me. First thing I would do is wait until she was looking at me and project a feeling in interest, along with a slight feeling of pleasure. The longer she looked at me the more the feelings pleasure and excitement would grow. If she looks away I switch the feelings to loss and emptiness. Yeah, I know those aren’t classical feelings, that they are probably combinations of whatever the classical “basic” feelings are, but they are a lot easier for people to relate to. And since this is my story I can tell it however I like.

Anyhow, now the woman is excited by me and associates the feelings of pleasure that she is experiencing with me. I keep this up until her natural desires overwhelm whatever reservations she has and she approaches me. Then I keep playing this orchestra of feelings as we talk. When I talk I spike the pleasure feeling, so listening to me is enjoyable. I start growing a feeling of need, low at first, and then building it up over time. If we should happen to touch I send a spike of combined pleasure and need.

By the time we are done talking she’s feeling tremendous need and has grown to associate pleasure with me. You can imagine where this ends up leading.

So, what was I going to do for the bachelor party? I had set it up with another friend who owned a bar to use the back room for the party. The back room was a good-sized room with a couple of pool tables, dartboards and it’s own separate bar. It was available for special occasions, parties and whenever there were major events, such as the Super Bowl, that required extra capacity. So this took care of the music, food and drinks. All that was left was the entertainment, but I knew exactly what I wanted along those lines.

I stopped over at Mary’s parent’s house, which is where Mary and her sister’s were staying before the wedding. Mary’s eldest sister, Tina, answered the door.

“What do you want?” she sneered through the partially open door. We had never really gotten along. Go figure.

It was still early in the morning for her, even at ten in the morning, Her long reddish hair was still wet, from the shower I imagined, and she looked like she had dressed hastily, probably to answer the door.

“I wanted Mary to know where Tom was going to be tonight.” I held out a slip of paper to her. “This is the name of the bar where the bachelor party is going to be held. If anything comes up she can call that number and reach either Tom or myself. Would you please be sure to give it to her when you see her?” As I said that I sent her a feeling of contrariness, which I could tell from the way her eyes tightened was readily accepted.

“Sure,” she said as she took the paper from me, “I’ll let her know where her loser boyfriend will be tonight.” From the tone of her voice I could tell that Mary would never see that piece of paper, which was fine with me. But now for the final part of the first stage of my plan.

“And Tina,” I ask, catching her eye, “I would like it if you and your sister’s would stay away from the party tonight.” This was followed by a wave of contrariness. “I don’t want you three showing up just to cause problems.” The next feeling of contrariness hit her right between the eyes, so to speak.

A quick grin crossed her face before she covered it up with her normal haughty attitude.

“Like we would have any interest in going to that sort of party,” she responded. “You can be sure that we will be no where near there.” As she said this I spiked the feeling of contrariness through the roof. No matter what she said, she was going to be there tonight, and she would do everything in her power to get here sister’s there with her.

Step one completed. Now on to step two.

Gary, the friend who owned the bar, told me everything was ready as I walked in the door. Food and beverages were being prepared and the room had been decorated to celebrate Tom’s last night as a free man. When he asked me about the entertainment I told him that it had been taken care of and not to worry.

The guys I had sent to pick up Tom showed up right on time, with Tom in tow. The rest of the party goers were already present, the offer of free food and drinks something that no guy could turn down. The bartender/server, Melody, was taking the good-natured ribbing in stride as she was asked again and again if she was the evening’s entertainment.

Melody stopped by the table where I was sitting to tell me that Gary needed to see me out front. I knew what he wanted but needed to play dumb to make this work. I headed to the main barroom where Gary caught me at the door.

“Man, Mary’s sisters are here, all of them.” He motioned toward one of the side tables where all three of them were seated, sipping their drinks and glancing around the room and occasionally at the door to the back room.

Tina happened to glance our way and threw me a wicked smile as if to say “Gotcha”. I forced feelings of lust, horniness and submission at her in equal parts, as strong as I could. Her smile wavered as her eyes locked with mine and the feelings washed over her. I could see she was confused, which is what I wanted.

“I’ll deal with them,” I replied as I opened the door to the back room again. “Why don’t you go back and join the party. Your relief is here so you can let him handle things out here for the rest of the night.”

Gary threw another glance over at the sisters, where the other two were giving Tina a funny look as she continued to stare at me, and then reluctantly headed back to the party.

Walking across the room I made the mental preparations necessary to do what needed to be done. Everything would have to be done fast and hard if it was going to work out like I wanted.

Tina, the redhead, was seated on the left side of the booth. Tracy and Toni, blonde and brunette respectively, were on the right hand side. Only Tina saw me approached, the feelings of horniness and submission that I had been feeding her were still pumping into her strong.

“Ladies,” I said as I arrived at their table. They all looked up at me as I spoke. Lust, submission, obedience. “I thought that I had told you that you were not welcome here tonight.” Horniness, obedience, shame, regret. They all lowered their eyes, not wanting to look at me.

“Look at me when I speak to you,” I said sharply. Obedience. They all looked up quickly, looking me straight in the eye. Horniness, submission, obedience. “Who wants to tell me why you are here?” Obedience, desire, submission.

Tracy and Toni glanced at Tina, and then quickly returned their eyes back to me. When their eyes returned to me I gave them a quick but strong jolt of pleasure with an underlying feeling of obedience.

“Well,” started Tina as she tried to look away but found herself unable to, “we were in the area and decided to...”

I raised my hand to stop her and spiked her with regret and emptiness, hard. “Don’t lie to me Tina, I don’t like being lied to.” I pumped up the regret and threw in some fear and loss to accent them. “Tell me why you are really here.” Obedience, fear, lust.

She looked at her sisters but I was ready for that. Shame, fear. Her eyes returned to me in a snap.

“Um, well,” she stammered as she tried to collect her thoughts. I kept pumping her with lust and submission, which didn’t help her thought processes any. “We came down to, um, sort of spy on Tom and, well, see what we could catch him doing.” She was practically squirming in her seat now so I knew the feelings I was pumping were really getting to her.

Toni, the youngest of the trio, spoke up at this point. “We should be going,” she said in a somewhat husky voice, not in her normally confident tone. She picked up her purse and made as to get up. Her eyes never left mine as she groped for her things.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. Obedience, submission. “You came here to cause trouble, didn’t you?” It wasn’t a question and they knew it. Shame, obedience, lust. Three heads nodded at me, faces turning red from the admission. “How were you planning to do that?”

Tracy opened her purse and pulled out several of those disposable cameras. “We were hoping to get into the back room and take some pictures of Tom in some compromising positions.” I threw feelings of shame and regret at them.

“Were you planning to show them to Mary or were you going to use them for other purposes?” Shame, obedience.

“Tracy and I wanted to show them to Mary,” answered Toni, “but Tina wanted to hold on to them in case we ever needed something to hold over Tom.” I gave them all a burst of shame and emptiness, Tina the hardest.

“Well, I think that instead of leaving you should go into the backroom and apologize to Tom for what you were going to do, don’t you?” Obedience, submission, regret.

By this time their feelings of obedience and desire to submit to me had built up to the point where they would have agreed to almost anything. Their eyes also had that slightly glazed over look women sometimes get when their horniness has gotten the better of them.

“Yes,” they all replied, each grabbing their coats and purses and then standing to wait for my lead. Toni thought that I didn’t notice her rubbing herself against the edge of the table as she stood, but when she did I pumped up the feelings of pleasure and submission. Her eyes closed for a moment before she finished standing. I picked up the cameras they had brought and motioned for them to follow.

I led them to the door to the backroom and opened it for them, then gestured for them to enter. All eyes were on them as they walked into the room. Everyone stopped talking as they entered and just stared at them. Tom, who was getting ready to take a shot at one of the pool tables actually dropped his pool cue and stood straight up.

“Tom,” I said, motioning him to come over, “the girls have something to say to you.”

Tom slowly walked over to us, not really sure what was going on. The girls all looked at me for direction and I nodded.

“Tom, we’re really sorry,” started Tracy. I gave her a shot of regret and pleasure and she actually shuddered.

Toni continued, “We came here to see if we could catch you doing something we could use against you.” I gave her the same shot of regret and pleasure that I had given her sister.

“We’re really sorry and would like to make it up to you if we can,” said Tina. She too got the regret and pleasure, but with an added bonus of obedience thrown into for good measure.

I could tell that Tom had no idea what was going on or what to do about it, so I stepped in. “Tom, how about we let them help out at the party? I’m sure Melody wouldn’t mind a little help serving the drinks and food.”

Tom looked at me like I had grown another head so I sent him a small burst of confidence. “Sure,” he replied, “it would be nice to see them working for a change.”

“Well girls, looks like you’ve got jobs for tonight.” Obedience, submission, lust. “If you do a good job then maybe you’ll get a nice reward.” Lust, lust, lust.

Toni actually fell back into a nearby chair with that last burst of emotion while the other two licked their lips in unison and loosened the top couple of buttons on the their blouses.

I called Melody over and told her that the girls were her to help with the party and that she should tell them what she needed done and should let me know if there were any problems.

Melody lost no time in giving the sisters trays of drinks and food to carry around the room, serving those who wanted something. I watched them as they did their jobs, giving them occasional reinforcing boosts of pleasure when they served somebody and regret when somebody didn’t want anything from them.

Over the next hour several of the guys asked me when the entertainment was going to show up. I told them to have patience, all in good time. Relax, I assured each of them, the show will be worth it when it starts.

What I didn’t tell them was that I was waiting for something to happen, and it finally did just as I was beginning to think I would have to cause it to occur. Toni was coming around from behind the bar with another tray of drinks when she caught her blouse on one of the beer taps. The tray of drinks tipped and soaked her top and pants in beer and mixed drinks.

Shame, fear, obedience, submission. I hit her with these feelings as I marched towards her. She was holding the tray of drinks against her, trying to keep the glasses from falling to the floor, all the while saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” over and over again.

“What is going on? Are you so inept that you can’t even serve drinks in a bar?” Shame, regret, obedience.

Toni was on the verge of crying, which is not what I wanted. I reached out and took several of the glasses that were on the tray and put them on the bar. I noticed that her shirt was plastered against her breasts and her nipples were hard as rocks.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I assured her. Relief, pleasure, obedience. “But you’re soaking wet now so I think you had better lose the shirt and pants.” I phrased this as a suggestion but it was obvious to her that it was an order. Obedience, pleasure, lust.

She set the tray down, forgetting about the last few glasses that were still on it, and pulled off her blouse and pants and dropped them on the bar. I looked at her bra and panties but didn’t say a word. Her face turned an even darker shade of red as she removed them, bra first, then panties.

“Now get another tray and get back to work,” I said, and then turned to return to the party.

“But I can’t,” was all she said before I hit her with shame and fear. I turned back to her and she lowered her eyes.

“What were you saying?” Obedience, lust, fear.

“Yes sir, I’ll get back to work. But,” she hesitated and then took the plunge, “it’s not fair that I have to work naked while the others don’t.” She finished saying this quickly, still not looking me in the eye.

“You’re absolutely right,” I said. Pleasure, happiness, obedience. “Tracy, Tina, would you please come over here?” I called out to the other two sisters. They quickly came over to where I was standing so I gave them a little pleasure and obedience. As I’ve said before, reinforcement is key in this sort of thing. They barely even acknowledged their sister’s lack of clothing as their eyes were on me the whole time.

“Toni has pointed at that as you are all working here tonight in penance for trying to take advantage of Tom, and because of her accident she can’t wear her clothes, that it isn’t appropriate for you two to be clothed either. So, what are we going to do about that?”

I ratcheted up their feelings of obedience and that, as they say, was that. They set their trays down and started stripping. Tina, the eldest at thirty-six, still had a pretty good body. The other two girls were nothing to sneeze at either.

“Now, back to work.” Obedience.

“Yes sir,” said Toni, and Tracy and Tina quickly echoed her. Picking up their trays they began to circulate around the room.

Conversation ground to a halt as everyone at the party noticed the three now naked sisters serving drinks. Every now and then when somebody gave them a good look and the object of attention noticed I threw in an extra jolt of pleasure. I noticed that all three girls were showing signs of their arousal. Their pussy lips were puffy and protruding and their wetness was visible from across the room. Every now and then one of them would reach between her legs and gently rub herself. When she did I would reward her with pleasure, excitement and a bit of humiliation. She would glance around to see who was watching and then resume serving.

Tom came over to me with a wild look in his eyes. “What the hell is going on with them?” he asked me, looking at his future sisters-in-law as they paraded around in their birthday suits serving drinks to his friends. “How did you ever get them to agree to this? And what are they going to do when the entertainment gets here?”

“Tom,” I said quietly, “they are the entertainment.”

“Are you insane?” he practically shouted.

“No,” I replied, “and keep your voice down.” I looked around us but nobody seemed to have noticed his outburst.

“Look, I know that you’ve always lusted after Mary’s sisters.” Lust. “And I’m willing to bet that Mary would like nothing more than knowing her sisters got taught a lesson for being the stuck up bitches that they are.” Satisifaction. “So I decided to give you both as a wedding gift. Now just sit back and enjoy the show.” Agreement, lust.

“Girls,” I called out, “could I see you for a moment?” They rushed toward me as somebody called out that there wasn’t much I couldn’t see already. I just smiled.

When they had gathered around me I told them to lose the trays. They quickly responded, for which they each earned a special jolt of pleasure.

“Girls, we seem to have a small problem.” I had a frown on my face and sent them a feeling of anxiety. “The girls that were supposed to come and dance for us at the party can’t make it, so we don’t have anybody to perform.” Anticipation, obedience, lust. “Do you know anybody who we could get to dance on such short notice?”

Tina licked her lips and spoke up. “I know somebody who could dance.”

“Oh, who would that be?”

“Me!” Pleasure, lust, submission.

“And me!” joined in Toni and Tracy at the same time. The both received the same treatment as Tina.

“Well then, let’s see what you can do.”

They took this as an order and with a chorus of Yes, sirs they headed to the dance floor. I nodded to Gary and he put some appropriate music on as they began to dance.

I took one of the cameras they had brought to gather evidence against Tom and took a few snapshots. The crowd really began to get into action and started letting out the catcalls and shouts of encouragement.

While they danced, all eyes were on them. I looked around the room at all of the guys and they’re eyes were glued on the dancing sisters. The more erotic the moves each of the sisters made the stronger I made the feelings of lust and arousal they were experiencing. Soon they were openly rubbing their tits and pussies, trying to satisfy the feelings that had been building over the past hour.

I looked over at the bar and saw that Melody was glaring at the girls out on the dance floor. She picked up the phone and started dialing. This was not good.

Fear, anguish, uncertainty.

She dropped the phone back on the cradle, her hands shaking.

“Who were you calling Melody?”

She looked up at me in surprise. Fear, obedience, submission. “I, ah, I was calling the police.” She looked over at the sisters who were still out on the dance floor. “This is getting out of hand.”

I laughed. “What did you think was going to happen? This is a bachelor party after all.”

Humiliation. “Well, I knew there would be girls here, but I didn’t expect them to act like that. And I heard they are sisters for god’s sake.” She glared at the sisters again.

“They might be sisters, but look at them.” Lust. “They are enjoying themselves.” Arousal. “In fact they look like they are having the time of their life, entertaining all those guys.” Submission, lust, obedience. Melody was starting to breath heavy as I was really pouring on the lust. “In fact, I think they are about ready to reach their peak from all that attention.”

With that I hit each of the sisters with a wave of pleasure that pushed them past their breaking points. As they came they looked at me and I drove the obedience and submission into their minds like a hot knife through butter. A second shot of pleasure at the same intensity level dropped them to the floor where they moaned and squirmed on the dance floor.

The applause was deafening. I felt like I should be taking a bow, but nobody would understand.

While this was happening I hadn’t forgotten about poor Melody. When the sisters came she felt a similar sensation, just not as strong. I didn’t go as strong on the obedience and submission since I wanted her horny, not submissive.

She fell back onto one of the bar stools and looked me in the eyes. I hit her full bore with lust and arousal, wave after wave of it. Nothing subtle here. She knew that I was causing these feelings in her. She didn’t know how and after a minute she didn’t care.

After she had started to sweat I told her to lose her clothes. If the rest of the girls were naked then she should be as well.

She looked at me for a moment, taking longer than I liked to follow my instructions. Perhaps a little obedience was in order after all.

I hit her with the same feelings of obedience, submission and lust that I had been feeding the sisters all night, only it was a quick burst that was ten times stronger than the constant feelings I was sending to the other girls. I knew from experience that she would respond more quickly to this method, but that it wouldn’t last more than a few hours.

She started pulling off her clothing, taking plenty of time to make herself feel good as she did. With each piece of clothing she took off I gave her another jolt of pleasure. By the time she was naked she was wound up tighter than a spring and ready for whatever I wanted to give her next.

I decided that I didn’t have time for her at the moment, but that she needed to be kept busy and out of the way. So, I led her down and sat her at the end of the bar away from the other festivities.

Taking her hands in mine I stared into her eyes and began to speak in a quiet voice, quiet enough that she had to strain to hear me.

“Melody, you feel really good right now, don’t you?”

She nodded as a wave of pleasure coursed through her.

“In fact, you feel really good. You can feel the your nipples getting hard and your pussy growing moist. Sensations like you’ve never felt before are filling you, making your hornier than you have ever been before.”

I emphasized these words with the corresponding feelings. As I watched her body began to quiver and her eyes began to close. I tightened my grip on her hands and continued.

“You can feel that pleasure building, can’t you? The ache, the need, the desire for fulfillment. It has never been this strong before, but it keeps growing even stronger the more time passes.”

Her eyes began to roll back in her head as her arousal came close to reaching her peak. This time I used my gift to keep her from reaching climax, keeping her just on the edge. She began to moan in frustration as she failed to orgasm. My hands kept hers from roaming her body in an attempt to try to bring herself off.

“Melody, look at me.” She opened her eyes and looked into mine. “Would you like to come?” She nodded her head. “Do you need to come?” She nodded again, stronger this time. “Then if you say just one thing for me you can come. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes,” she barely got out as another wave of pleasure moved through her. Then she moaned as she failed to climax yet again.

“All you have to say is ‘I obey’. You say that and you can come. Do you understand?”

I guess she did because the next words out of her mouth were, “I obey! Ahhhh.” She fell back onto the bar as the orgasm ripped through her. I watched as the pleasure wracked her body and listened as she continued to say those words again and again. “I obey, I obey, I obey, I obey...”

It was at that time that I decided to try something new. I let the feelings from her orgasm being to wane, and then I started them back up again, only faster this time. Over the next couple of minutes her arousal grew to the same level as before and before I could say anything she was calling out “I obey!” and orgasming yet again.

As I watched the loop I had created begin again. I decided to leave her in this loop for a while, just to see what would happen. I knew that if the pleasure became too much she would pass out, but for now she was really enjoying the party.

While I was busy with Melody the sisters had picked themselves up and had resumed serving drinks. I grabbed the three bags from behind the bar and went to each sister, giving one to each and telling her to go change.

Soon each sister returned dressed in a sleek black number that I had selected for her. They resumed their serving duties, taking time out to dance with any of the guys who asked them to.

I drew Tina aside to talk to her. “You know, your sisters are pretty hot.” Lust, anticipation. “They sure seem to enjoy showing themselves off.” Arousal, obedience. “In fact, they seem to be willing to do just about anything.” Agreement, lust. “Look over there,” I pointed at Toni, who was dancing with one of the guys, “she’s got her hands all over him. She must be pretty horny right about now, even after that climax.” Lust, excitement. “In fact, I bet you feel the same way. You look like you feel the same way.” Embarrassment, lust, agreement. “Are you horny right now?”

“Yes,” Tina breathed as she stared at her sister, “horny.”

“So I bet you would like somebody to fuck you right now.” She let out a gasp. “Or maybe you would like it if somebody was eating you out right now. Imagine their tongue running up and down your slit, flicking your clit until you explode. Can you picture that?”

Obviously she could because she shuddered and licked her lips in anticipation.

“You know, I’ve heard that women do the best job at eating pussy. Did you know that?” Agreement, lust. “They say it’s because they know what they like so they know what to do. Can you believe that?” Lust, excitement, agreement. “So I bet that another woman would be the best choice for eating you out right now. She would know what to do and could probably make you feel better than any man could, unless you wanted a really good fuck.”

Tina was breathing heavy now as she stared at her sisters. She was still listening but she obviously had other thoughts on her mind.

“Would you like it if another woman was eating you to climax right now?” Agreement, lust.

“Yes,” she moaned, rubbing her pussy with both hands.

“Well, get back to work now. If I find somebody who can help you out I will tell you.” I gave her a slap on the ass and a jab of excitement and approval. “Go.”

She picked up her tray and resumed handing out drinks, but her eyes kept following her sisters as they moved around the room.

I had similar conversations with Tracy and Toni and when I was done they were circling the room, serving drinks, talking and occasionally dancing, all the while watching the other sisters.

I let them stew for another half an hour, and then I decided to start the finale. I called Tina over to the pool table where I was playing a game against Tom.

“Tina, I know somebody who can help you out, if you are interested.”

“Yes,” she moaned, “anybody. Just find somebody to lick me, please.”

“Anybody?” I asked.

“Anybody, please. I’ll do anything.”

“Would you do the same thing for somebody else who was in the same condition?”

“Yes,” she replied without hesitation.

“Wait here. You may touch yourself but you cannot come, understand?”

“Yes,” she moaned in frustration as she began to rub her pussy through the shorts she was wearing.

I walked over to Tracy and drew her aside.

“Tracy, I know somebody who can help you out with your problem. But you have to agree to do the same for her if she’s going to help you out.”

Tracy’s face lit up as I said this and she began looking about the room. “Sure, anything. I need to come so bad.”

“Her.” I pointed over at Tina who was sitting on the edge of the pool table frigging herself and moaning in frustration.

Tracy never hesitated. She went right over to Tina and pushed her back onto the tabletop, grabbed her pants with both hands and pulled them down. Dropping to her knees she dove in, licking at her sisters pussy like there was no tomorrow.

I went over to Toni, who was at the end of the bar watching Melody writhe with pleasure from her latest orgasm. Melody’s chant of “I obey” was growing weak so I stopped the loop as she finished climaxing. Surprisingly she continued to chant even without the stimulus of pleasure running through her.

“Toni,” I said, drawing her attention away from the recovering girl, “I can help you with your problem if you would like.”

She looked at me and nodded, biting her lower lip. I reached down and ran my hand up her crotch. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she shuddered at the sensation.

“All you have to do is agree to help her out in the same way, okay?”

Toni moaned what I presumed was a yes and once she had opened her eyes I pointed at Tracy, who was still licking away at Tina.

Toni was across the room and behind Tracy in a flash. She didn’t even pull Tracy’s shorts down; she just ripped open the zipper and dove right in.

The moans from the three sisters filled the room and the guys began to cheer and make bets on which girl would come first. I grabbed another one of the cameras and took some more pictures for the scrapbook.

Even though Tracy had a head start on Tina, Toni did a great job on Tracy, driving her over the edge in a matter of minutes. They switched positions and resumed, this time with Tracy eating Toni out while Toni went down on Tina.

I let the girls continue for a while and once they had each had several orgasms I went to each and whispered an instruction in her ear. Each straightened up their clothes and, with a smile on her face, approached one of the guys at the party and whispered in his ear.

Tina picked Mark, one of Tom’s coworkers. Tracy picked John, who had gone to high school with both Tom and Mary. Tina picked Gary, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. Taking the arms of their “dates” they said their goodbyes and left the bar. I knew those guys were going to have a night they wouldn’t forget for a long time.

The rest of the partygoers started heading out. After all, they had a wedding to be at in a little under eight hours. Soon there was just Tom and myself left. Tom was finishing his beer while I was sipping a diet soda. I had kept myself clear the entire night and was the one who would be driving Tom home.

“Quite a night, eh Tom?” I said as I looked around the room. The girls clothing was still piled on the bar next to where they had stripped. Empty glasses filled the tables and the remnants of nachos and chicken wings were piled high on the plates.

Tom was still in shock. “Did I just see my sisters-in-law dancing naked at my bachelor party?”

“Yup. And you also watched them as they ate each other to mind blowing orgasms. Not what you expected I would bet.”

“No, not what I expected. I had expected a stripper or two, not something like that.” He shook his head. “I’m still hard from what went on.”

“Well, I think I can help with that.”

He looked up at me, shock and alarm written across his face.

“No,” I laughed, “not that way.” I looked around the room and then called out. “Melody, would you please join us?”

Melody came out of the storage room. She was still naked and had a dreamy expression plastered on her face. Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she came over to stand next to us.

“Melody, poor Tom here has a problem that he needs a hand with. Or should I say a mouth.” I pointed at the very obvious erection that he was trying unsuccessfully to hide. “So if you would be so kind to take care of that for him I would be very pleased.”

“I obey,” she said with a smile and knelt down in front of Tom. Moving his hands to the side she pulled his zipper down and opened the front of his pants. She tried pulling his boxers down but had trouble getting them down over his erection, so she simply grabbed his briefs in both hands and ripped them open, his cock springing free from the confines of his briefs to stand straight up in the air.

Taking his cock in one hand she began to rub up and down its length. Then she bent over and took the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip before taking him deep into her mouth.

She kept up her oral ministrations for several minutes until I sensed that Tom was getting ready to blow. I used my ability to keep him from popping, and to heighten his pleasure.

I snapped my fingers. “Melody!” I said sharply. She stopped her sucking but kept him deep inside her mouth, waiting my next instruction. “Fuck him! Now!”

She let his cock loose from her mouth with a pop and with a whispered “I obey” she pushed him back in the chair and positioned herself on top of him. Reaching beneath her she grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit before sliding the head into her pussy. Starting slowly she dropped down onto his lap, engulfing his seven inches deep inside her. Then she began to rock up and down, off and then back on to Tom’s cock.

Tom began to moan as she rode him. Melody began to moan as well but I could also hear her saying, “I obey” on each upstroke and a husky “Yes” on each down stroke.

I removed the block on Tom’s orgasm and he quickly reached his climax. Since Melody had experienced a number of orgasms that night and was still highly charged, it was easy to cause her to peak at the same time.

Their cries filled the room as they came. Fortunately the outer bar was already closed for the night and we were the only ones left.

After they had recovered I told Melody to get a washcloth and to clean Tom up. While she was washing him he quickly regained his erection. She looked up at me and I nodded, at which point she took him in her mouth and finished the blowjob that she had started earlier.

Once they were finally finished I gathered Tom’s things and we readied ourselves to leave. Melody stood patiently nearby, watching as we put on our jackets.

“Sir,” she said as we went to leave, “is there anything you would like me to do?”

“Well,” I said, “what would you be willing to do for me?”

“Anything you ask, sir. I obey, sir.” As she said this her eyes closed for a moment and her body shook as a spike of pleasure ran through her system.

Okay, I thought, this was unexpected. But never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, or any other part of the body for that matter, I decided to make the most of it.

“Wash up and get dressed. Then clean the back room until I return. After I get back I will take you home and reward you properly for all your help tonight. Understand?”

“Yes!” she said as we walked out the door.

I almost didn’t hear the “Master” that followed us out.

Ah well, it was definitely a party to remember.