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Bachelorette Roulette

* * *

Three sisters are entranced by the casino’s roulette wheel during a bachelorette party.

* * *

Story contains sexual language and situations; do not read if you are under the legal age in your jurisdiction. All characters and situations are obviously fictional.

* * *

My older sister, Leah, was getting married soon. She had asked me to be her maid of honor, and our younger sister Jackie to be a bridesmaid, so together Jackie and I planned the night out. A large casino/hotel had recently opened nearby, so we thought that would be a great place. (I’m not really sure what the story of the casino was. I think the state or county had recently legalized gambling, or maybe it was associated with an Indian tribe or something. I’d been to Las Vegas before, and this place would have looked small out there, but here in our area it seemed huge.) In addition to the casino, it had some restaurants and a nightclub, so it seemed perfect. In addition to us three Owen sisters, we invited four of Leah’s friends that were coming to the wedding. We planned to hit the casino for awhile, go to dinner, then dance at the nightclub all night. We were able to get a couple rooms for the night so we wouldn’t have to leave the hotel; we Owens would stay in one room and the other four girls split the second room. We even got clothes—Leah would have a white tube top with “Bride” written in glittery silver cursive, I’d have a matching “maid of honor” one and Jackie got a “bridesmaid” one. It seemed like a perfect plan.

On party day, Jackie and I got dressed in our tube tops (I wore black pants and modest heels to go along with it, while Jackie had on tight capri pants and some red rather high heels. It also appeared as though she hadn’t put on a bra; I had put on a basic strapless white one) and presented Leah with her own top along with some cheesy pink beads and silver tiara. She laughed and put on the “bride” top. At first she wanted to wear some black pants similar to what I was wearing, but Jackie convinced her to put on her black miniskirt and almost knee-high boots with very tall heels.

“Jimmy’s not going to be there, it’s ok if you show off for other guys one last time,” Jackie said, grinning. “No need to dress like Heather.”

“Hey!” I mock-protested.

When Leah was done, she certainly would attract attention, I thought, even without the beads and tiara. Leah’s boobs had always been rather larger than mine or Jackie’s, and the tube top seemed to be straining a bit under the assault. While Leah wasn’t very tall, her legs still looked great, and the miniskirt and boots combo showed them off very well. Her curly blonde hair completed the look. (I was always jealous of both her hair, which looked like Mom’s, and Jackie’s straight jet-black hair, which looked like Dad’s family. I seemed to have gotten a mousy brown mix of both sides.) We led her outside where the limo we had rented was waiting. Leah’s best friend Candace was already in the limo, we’d pick up Sami, Amanda, and Lynn on the way.

* * *

We checked in and hit the casino floor. Jackie was excited, having just turned 21 a few months ago, so this was her first casino experience, not to mention finally being able to drink legally. Our group of girls got a few whistles heading through the tables and slot machines; I blushed a little, but Jackie blew a kiss at one group of guys. Candace bought Leah a shot to get her going, and we went to some slots.

Despite it being not yet 5pm, we were already doing a lot of drinking. (Hey, they just bring you free drinks while you’re playing the slots.) Our waitress found out we were a bachelorette party (not that we were hiding it, what with the shirts the three of us were wearing), and insisted on buying a couple more expensive drinks for Leah (the kind they don’t usually provide free, at least not at the nickel slot machines). She bought one for me too, saying that the maid of honor should get recognition too. I wasn’t going to complain.

After a little while, Lynn, who was apparently a good poker player, had headed off to the poker room, saying she’d meet up with us for dinner. Sami and Amanda had similarly gone off to the shopping area. So the rest of us (the three Owen sisters plus Candace) decided to try something else. We sat down at a blackjack table for awhile, though we didn’t do much better at that than we had done at the slots. We gave up on the blackjack, but there was still some time before we needed to meet the others for dinner. “Oh, let’s do roulette!” Leah said, dragging us over to a table.

The guy spinning the wheel was young and kind of cute, though he had a very intense look. His name was Evan, and he chatted with us while we bet; since we were all had had quite a few drinks, we found ourselves telling him everything. (Though I mostly stayed silent.)

“ she’s getting married next month,” Jackie was saying, pointing to Leah. “And the three of us have always gotten along really well, and we wanted to take her out and stuff.” Candace had left to find a bathroom, so it was just us Owens.

Leah nodded, smiling. “Aren’t they awesome? I love my little sisters. We’re heading to dinner soon and then going to the club.”

“You’re very thoughtful sisters,” Evan the roulette guy said. “And very lovely as well.” I blushed again. He turned to me. “You aren’t saying much.”

“I...” I stammered.

“She’s the quiet one,” Jackie said. “Don’t let her fool you though, she can get wild too. Remember your boyfriend in high school, what was his name? Paul, right, and you guys got caught at the basketball game...”

“JACKIE!” I said, as Leah cracked up.

Evan looked at me intensely again, and I found myself squirming. “Maybe we should get to the restaurant,” I said.

“We have to wait for Candace,” Leah said. “Come on, let’s try again. We can’t lose every spin!”

I wasn’t sure of that, but we went ahead. I put my chip down on 14 (always a lucky number for me), Jackie chose 21 for her age, and Leah went with the 00.

“Maybe this will be your lucky spin,” Evan said softly. “Watch the wheel spin, and concentrate on your number.”

I found myself watching the wheel spin around and around. The shiny gold inlays reflected the surrounding lights and the neon of the nearby row of slots.

“Just keep watching it, relax and concentrate on your number, don’t think of anything else,” Evan continued softly.

Fourteen. Fourteen. Fourteen.

“Don’t think.”

Fourteen. I couldn’t look away. Fourteen.

“Don’t think, just relax.”


“Remember how relaxed you feel now. You like it, don’t you, girls?”

I mumbled something and heard my sisters do the same.

“You love it. You want to feel like this again.”


“When you hear me say tiers du cylindre and your number, you’ll remember the wheel.”


“You’ll remember how relaxed you felt. How you don’t need to think. And you’ll go there again.”

The wheel kept spinning. Somewhere I felt drool drip from the corner of my mouth, but I couldn’t move. Only the wheel mattered. And my number fourteen.

“Concentrate and don’t think.”

Fourteen. He spun the ball into the wheel, where it rattled around. Fourteen. Fourteen. Four—

“00!” Evan yelled out. “Congratulations!” I blinked. Why was I drooling? I wiped my mouth and hoped no one had noticed. The spin seemed to have taken no time at all. But Leah was jumping and hugging Jackie and me. She had won.

Candace had returned, and was hugging Leah now too. Evan smiled as he counted out Leah’s chips. I could have sworn I saw him staring at Leah’s chest as she bounced up and down. I suppose I couldn’t blame him, though.

“Guess we’d better quit while at least one of us is ahead,” Jackie said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. Something was making me uncomfortable, but I wasn’t sure what.

“Thanks again Evan!” Leah said brightly, tipping him one of her chips. The four of us left for the restaurant.

* * *

After the meal, we hit the dance club. The bouncer waved us in without a second thought; I supposed a bachelorette party of seven girls in their twenties would attract guys very well. (I, at 24, was a young one compared to the group, other than Jackie. Leah’s friends were all 28, like her, or close enough.) I didn’t feel like dancing at the moment, so I grabbed a table and ordered some drinks for everyone, while Jackie and Leah went out on the floor. We of course made Leah put the pink beads and tiara on before heading out. Lynn (who had won at poker; I guess two of us ended up ahead) stayed at the table with me; the other three girls went to the dance floor too with my sisters.

Lynn and I chatted for a little while, and sipped our drinks when they showed up. Candace came back from dancing and sat down with us. With Candace saving our table, Lynn and I got up to head out onto the floor. A cute guy had been staring at Lynn, so she nonchalantly headed in his direction. I looked around for my sisters, but couldn’t find them anywhere. I frowned briefly. I figured they would be easy to find, so I was surprised they weren’t immediately visible. Maybe they went to the bathroom, I thought.

After several more minutes with no sign of them, I became more worried. I had brushed off a guy who wanted to dance with me, which was a little frustrating. Sometimes it was annoying being the responsible one. I had pulled out my phone and started to write a text message to Leah, when I felt someone grab my arm.

“Sorry, not right now,” I mumbled.

“Tiers du cylindre fourteen,” Evan said.

The world spun around me like a roulette wheel.

* * *

I don’t know what happened after that. I might have gone back to the table to say something to Lynn, and gather my things. There was a vague sensation of following someone. I couldn’t tell what I was saying or where I was going. Finally I felt like I was standing still.

Slowly I came out of my fog, and I found myself in the hotel room we had gotten for the night. Evan was shutting the door behind me. I heard some low moans from within the room. I walked in a little further so that I could see the beds. I quickly located the source of the moaning: Jackie, lying on one of the beds. She was still in her “bridesmaid” top, but the rest of her clothes were in a pile on the floor. Her naked legs were spread wide, and she was moaning because Leah, who was still completely clothed (even the beads and tiara were still on), was applying a vibrator to her pussy.

A tiny part of my brain, buried deeply, awoke and began freaking out. But for the most part I simply accepted the scene, pushing the alarm away. I idly noticed Leah’s look of concentration; Jackie’s tongue slightly hanging out of her mouth as she lay there in pleasure; Jackie’s neatly trimmed pubic hair. There was no need to worry, or to think at all about anything. Just accept.

Evan followed me in. He went over to a satchel on the floor that I didn’t recognize and pulled out a camera. He turned to me and said, “Fourteen, just go lie next to them and watch.” I obeyed immediately; I could think of no reason not to. He focused his camera on me and my sisters and took a few pictures.

“Ok, enough of that. Double zero, come here. Fourteen, why don’t you eat twenty-one out for awhile,” he ordered us. Leah immediately turned off the vibrator, got off the bed, and stood next to Evan. I found myself staring at Jackie’s pussy. It was dripping wet. I had an intense desire to lick it, taste it, make Jackie moan again.

“On your knees, double zero,” I heard Evan say. Leah complied, a little slowly in her high-heeled boots. She knelt there in her skirt and tube top and looked up at him.

I ignored the two of them, and buried my face in Jackie’s snatch. It didn’t matter that I had never done anything with another woman sexually, had never even thought about it before now. It didn’t matter that this was my little sister. All that mattered was making Jackie moan, and then making her moan harder. My tongue found its way into her slit, over and around, in and out, now teasing her clit. I continued to lick while also slipping two fingers on my left hand inside her. I soon succeeded in my goal.

I briefly came up for breath and looked around. Evan had pulled his cock out of his pants and was rubbing it on Leah’s face. She licked and sucked at his balls, then took hold of the shaft in her hand and moved the head into her mouth.

I turned my attention back to Jackie’s pussy. Jackie had grabbed a handful of my hair and was thrusting herself upwards into my face. “Oh Heather,” she managed between gasps. “God yes Heather. Suck my clit. Do it do it...” Despite my inexperience at being on the giving end of the act, it didn’t take long for Jackie to come. Afterward we both laid there, my face covered in my sister’s juices.

I looked back at the other two. Evan had both his hands on the back of Leah’s head, and was thrusting his cock deep into the back of her throat. Leah was gagging and choking, saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripping from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. The tiara was lopsided on Leah’s hair.

The tiny thought at the back of my head screamed in horror, wanted to get up and call for help or do something. Instead I undid the fastener on my pants and slipped my hand down. The same fingers that had recently been inside Jackie’s pussy were now rubbing my own as I watched Leah get her face fucked and abused.

Evan suddenly pulled on Leah’s hair, yanking her head back. His cock popped out of her mouth, still connected with a trail of saliva. With a sound somewhere between a moan and a grunt, he shot his load onto her. Most of it hit her face, covering it in his cum. One strand landed in her hair, and a final few drops dripped onto her tits, still wearing the “Bride” top.

He sighed. “God, that was awesome. Got a few pics of you two,” he indicated Jackie and I, “and a bunch of her,” nodding down at Leah. He snapped a few more of Leah’s semen-covered face. I merely stared at him.

“Well, onto the next part. Twenty-one, get down here and help the bride clean up. Use your tongue. Fourteen, start stripping.”

There was no question of disobeying. I took off my shoes, then pulled my pants off. My (dripping wet) panties followed. Evan was taking pictures of me as I undressed, and I smiled at the camera as I pulled my tube top over my head, revealing the white strapless bra I had on underneath. I quickly undid it and showed my boobs to him and the camera.

As I was taking off my clothes, Jackie had gotten off the bed and was kneeling on the floor next to Leah. Jackie started licking Evan’s cum off of Leah’s face. Leah was wiping herself off with her fingers, pausing occasionally to suck her fingers clean. Evan got a few pictures of them as well, then set up the camera pointing at the bed. He laid down next to me. His cock was still straight and stiff, which surprised me after the thrashing he had given Leah’s face.

“Well, fourteen, don’t just stare at it. Get on,” he said, sounding mildly annoyed.

I reached out and stroked his cock gently for a moment, then swung my legs over him and climbed on. I positioned my pussy above it and guided it inside me. As wet as I was, it slid in easily, despite it looking rather larger than any I had previously had. (Not that I had had many before. Just two, if you must know.)

I pushed myself down, taking it deep inside me up to the hilt. Slowly but getting quicker I began to rock up and down on it, hearing myself moan as I did so.

“Oh yeah. Look at the camera some, it’s recording video,” he told me. I complied, giving the camera another smile and a wink. He reached up and began feeling my tits; first squeezing them roughly then pinching and twisting my nipples. It only turned me on more and I began moving even faster.

“Hey, check out your sisters,” he said, grinning. I turned my head to look. Having finished cleaning off Leah’s face, my two sisters were furiously making out and fingering each other; Leah’s panties now down around her ankles as Jackie had her hand up Leah’s skirt. I smiled at them, then turned my attention back to Evan and his cock. He gave my nipple another painful twist.

That almost sent me over the edge, but I knew I had to make him cum first. Even though he had just emptied his load onto Leah not long before, I knew I could do it. I squeezed my pussy around his cock as I rode him, and stared down at him crazed with lust.

He pushed me off of him, then as I lay there on my back, he climbed on top of me and thrust inside me again. I thrust myself upwards in time with him as he fucked me. He started moving faster and faster.

“Take it, bitch,” he muttered, slapping my face for emphasis. I moaned harder. Finally he pulled out of me and shot a load on my stomach and tits, almost as much as he had emptied onto Leah. That was enough for me, and I came hard, almost blacking out for a second. It was the best orgasm of my life.

When I regained my senses, he was moving his camera over my fucked body. He pointed it at my face and I smiled and blew it a kiss. He turned the camera off and looked at me.

“You know, I’m considering turning one of you into my live-in fucktoy. What do you think of that, fourteen? Want to live in my house and be my sex slave? When you’re not fucking me, you could come to the casino and whore yourself out to the tourists. I’d probably keep you around for awhile, and sell you off when I got bored with you. Sound good?” Visions of being fucked like that every day entered my head; I could only muster a soft moan.

“Well, we’ll see. Onto little twenty-one then. Hey, double-zero,” he called to Leah, “Come lick your other sister clean, you seem to have quite a taste for cum. Maybe eat her out afterward, if she thinks she can take it.”

Leah climbed onto the bed next to me and stared into my eyes with a look of lust that I knew mirrored my own. Jackie was still kneeling on the floor, watching us. I shuddered as Leah’s tongue began lapping at my stomach. Evan took a few pictures then got up and stood next to Jackie.

I was exhausted, and just laid still on the bed while Leah continued licking me. I watched Evan push Jackie over onto all fours and move behind her. Somehow his cock was still rock-hard. He began rubbing it against her pussy, then up and down the crack of her ass.

Leah finished lapping up all of Evan’s cum that had coated my stomach, and move up to my boobs. She licked them a bit, then began sucking on my left nipple. It was still hurting a bit from when Evan had twisted and pinched it, and Leah’s lips felt soothing. Meanwhile, I saw Evan position his cock against Jackie’s ass and push his way into her backdoor. Jackie let out a little scream as she was violated, but whether it was pain, pleasure, or both, I couldn’t tell.

Suddenly Leah’s face was in front of my own, and I kissed her full on the mouth. I could taste Evan’s cum on her tongue. We kissed for probably a minute, then she broke away and moved her lips down my body; first sucking on a nipple again, then down my stomach, then kissing the outside of my pussy. I closed my eyes and sighed. I felt my older sister’s tongue slip inside me and gave myself over to the sensation.

I coiled a handful of Leah’s blonde curls in my fist, holding her head against me. She obediently continued licking my sex. My own pubic hair was not nearly as well trimmed as Jackie’s—whether or not Leah trimmed her own I still didn’t know, since Leah’s skirt was still on, and it wasn’t something we ever discussed—but Leah didn’t seem to mind.

With effort, I tore my attention away from the pleasurable sensations Leah was giving me, and looked over at Evan and Jackie. Evan had apparently pushed a pillow under Jackie’s head, and was now pushing her face into it, muffling her continued screams as he took her asshole. Her top was still on, but her tits had come out of the top of it. Occasionally he spanked her ass in addition to fucking it. The memory of him slapping my face surfaced, and I found I enjoyed it. I was even starting to feel jealous of Jackie, and I wanted Evan to assfuck me, too. If there was still a part of my brain rebelling against my new thoughts, I could no longer sense or hear it.

A particularly nice shiver ran through me as Leah did something wonderful to my clit, and I refocused on her. I pulled on her hair, lifting her head up from my pussy. She stared at me and licked her lips. I motioned for her to turn her body around, and she complied, swinging her boots up over my head, and positioning her own pussy, still underneath the skirt, near my face. I pushed her skirt out of the way and dove into her snatch, and was rewarded as she returned to my own. (I was a little surprised, but Leah was completely clean-shaven.)

We continued in the sixty-nine for awhile; I didn’t know how long. When we finally collapsed apart from each other, Evan had finished with Jackie: cum was dripping from her ass, and he had grabbed a handful of her dark black hair and was wiping his cock off with it.

“Alright, girls,” he said, as he pulled his shirt and pants back on. “I’m not really going to kidnap you or anything. Just a one-night stand for your bachelorette night. When I leave, you’re going to clean yourselves up in the shower, go to sleep, and when you wake up you’ll have no memory of any of this. As far as you will remember, the bride there got sick, and you other two came up to take care of her and just spent the evening talking.”

He put away his camera. “You don’t have to worry about these showing up on the Internet or anything, either,” he said. He headed for the door, paused, and turned back. “Of course, your trigger phrase is still implanted. Maybe I’ll see you around again sometime.” He grinned, opened the door, and left.

* * *

Five Years Later

“I felt it kicking!” I said happily, removing my hand from Jackie’s rounded stomach.

Jackie grinned at me. She seemed to glow; the old cliche about pregnant women fully applied in her case. There were only two months to go before her due date, and the two of us had left Jackie’s husband Matt at home to go out shopping for baby clothes.

We wandered down the strip mall towards the baby store. “Heard from Leah lately?” Jackie asked.

“Nope,” I replied. “I hope she moves back soon. It’s hard to talk to her and Jimmy with them in Germany. And I haven’t seen Stacy since Christmas.”

“Oh, maybe we should buy something for Stacy. Her third birthday is coming up, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, next month... hey, look at this.” I pointed at the window display of the store we were passing. It was a barstool and billiards store, selling bar furniture and other similar things. Inside the store, they had some poker tables and even a roulette wheel to go along with the pool tables. “Remember Leah’s bachelorette party?”

Jackie giggled. “Oh yeah. She won all that money on roulette, then got so drunk that she had to go upstairs and pass out after like 20 minutes of dancing. We were taking care of her all night.”

I laughed at the memory, or what I had of it. Frankly it was a bit fuzzy in my head; I hadn’t gone softly on the drinking myself that night. We ended up wandering into the store, since I had been considering a couple new barstools for my apartment. It was a small place, and there seemed to be only one employee. He glanced up at us as we entered.

“Who even buys a roulette wheel for their house?” Jackie said as we walked through the store. “Poker table, sure, but I’m pretty sure running roulette out of your basement is illegal.”

“Yeah, I dunno,” I shrugged. “It does look nice. Must be a European wheel though, it doesn’t have Leah’s 00 bet on it. See, the table even has the weird French bets labeled.” I pointed them out. “’Voisins du Zero’, and ‘Les Orphelins’, and ‘Tiers du Cylindre’...” I trailed off after saying the last one. I had suddenly gotten dizzy. Someone was on the other side of the table, and had spun the wheel. I watched it go around and around.

“Hello there fourteen and twenty-one,” a voice said. “How nice it is to see you again.” I felt my pussy grow damp underneath my jeans. The dizziness overtook me.

* * *

I regained consciousness in what looked like the back room of the store. Jackie was naked, on all fours, and a man who looked vaguely familiar was fucking her from behind. Her pregnant belly and swollen tits swayed back and forth in time with his thrusts.

I should have been terrified, but I felt only desire. I watched and awaited my turn.