The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Limerick


* * *

“Boobies boobies boobies,” Erin hummed. She sat in front her mirror. The window was thrown up to let in another beautiful morning, and the cool morning air slowly burned away months of dank. Erin didn’t pay attention. It just felt too good to let a little breeze play with her exposed skin. She was topless, dressed only in her old pajama bottoms.

They had grown again.

The noticeable apples that were pretty decent had disappeared. Now she packed a pair of serious tits. She didn’t need a pushup bra to produce a long dark line of cleavage. When she crossed her arms they squeezed together, popped upwards into her face. When she shook them they jiggled, and when she tweaked her nipples they grew rock-hard and buzzed for attention. More more more.

“I’ll bet I can get them into my mouth, now,” Erin thought, inanely. She had woken up like a kid on Christmas, taken her hands off of her boobs, and then immediately glommed them back on. Thoughts of Michael danced in her head. For the past twenty minutes she had just sat in front of the mirror with a contented grin, feeling her soft, ripe new titties.

Then she had come up with the boobies song.

“Yeah, I’ll bet they can definitely reache,” Erin thought. She pulled the right one up towards her lips, wet them, and…

“Erin? You’re awake?” There was a knock at the door. Her Mom swung it open. Erin started and put her hands quickly behind her back.

“I wanted to see—yikes,” her Mom said. “So, they did grow.”

“Just a little,” Erin said. She couldn’t seem to lose a goofy grin. Second verse: boobies boobies…

“More then a little, sweetie. Good lord. Those are a very impressive pair of boobs. And that’s overnight? You know, at this rate, they’ll be around your knees in a week.”

“You’ll have to buy me a wheelbarrow.”

Her Mom frowned. “This isn’t really a laughing matter, Erin.” She produced a tape measure from behind her back. “I’m going to measure them. I’m taking you out of school this afternoon to see a doctor. You might have some kind of hormonal imbalance.”

“My balance is fine,” Erin protested. She stood up, twirled around. Her tremendous chest clung tenaciously to her top half. “See?”

“Really, Erin. We should get you checked out. Too-large boobs sag, they can hurt, and they can mess up your back.” Linda couldn’t seem to stop shaking her head with quiet amazement.

“Mine don’t,” Erin said. There wasn’t an ounce of sag on them, despite their heft and weight. And forget about any pain.

“Lets just—lets just measure them, okay?” She reached towards Erin. The heavy-chested girl grabbed the tape measure and pulled it away from her brunette Mom.

“No, I’ll do it,” she sighed. Erin pulled the measure around. She willed her nipples not to bounce up at the feeling. At least her dark-brown aureole had receded. There might be some end to this growth yet. “Here,” she said, carelessly, handed the measure back.

Her Mom’s eyes widened at the big round number. “Yikes. Okay, you’re definitely going see a doctor.”

“I don’t want to see a stupid doctor, Jesus Crap. There’s girls with bigger boobs then me at school. And you have a rack yourself, Mom, it’s just genetics. Genetics are inevitable.”

In fact, her Mom’s rack was on display. She wore a bright pink blouse and a matching white suit. The skirt was daringly short. Her hair was carefully coifed. Erin took notice.

“Hey, what are you dressed up for, Mom?”

Her Mom looked out the window. “Yes, I meant to tell you… I’m going out tonight.”

“On business?”

“Uh… sort of. There’s a guy where I work. He asked me out yesterday. I was going to tell you earlier.”

“You’re going out with a guy?”

“Yes.” Her Mom stared at her, defiant. “So?”

Erin let it go. “I just don’t want to see the doctor. Can’t we just give it another few days?”

“I made the appointment already. I’ll pick you up from school at 11, alright?”

“Fine, thanks for turning womanhood into a medical problem.”

Her Mom put her hands on her hips. “Erin! I’m trying to help you! I think there might be something wrong.”

“Whatever. Don’t let the door hit you in the high heels on the way out.”

This is stupid. I finally have something good happen to me, and all of a sudden it’s a huge problem. She touched her chest gingerly. Very huge.

Erin’s eyebrows went up. That’s it. These boobies are my ticket out of here. They’ll open doors in any town—hell, they open doors when I walk towards them. She’s afraid this means I’ll leave!

Her largest bra from yesterday didn’t quite fit. Fortunately, her pillows formed a natural cushion even as they spilled out on all sides. Erin contemplated going bra-less. She didn’t really need the support—her pneumatic boobs hadn’t a hint of sag. But it would look just a little slutty, even in the Bizzaro-Dennis-Zone, and besides, she looked plenty good even in a t-shirt and jeans.

The scruffy outfit actually looked nice when a big pair of tits was behind it.

* * *

The pleasant hum from yesterday still buzzed through the campus air. Today it was overlaid with a thick haze of excited tension. The source seemed to be Susan’s fellow cheerleaders.

They all wore their cheer outfits. But the outfits had changed. The already-brief skirt was now an erotic parody, hiked up right to the tops of a series of milky-white thighs. The sighing girls in perfect makeup walked carefully in their towering heels. One wrong step—or a stumble—and the entire front half would ride up. About half wore some kind of tight pushup, spilling their boobs into the top half of a low-cut top. The other half hadn’t bothered with a bra at all. Most were escorted around campus by protective boyfriends, guiding them with firm pats on the ass.

No one bothered to carry a schoolbook.

Against this sex-kitten ensemble the rest of the student body couldn’t really compete. But they tried. Clubbing outfits were popular. The non-cheerleader popular girls competed with slinky low-cut red and blue outfits, in synthetic fabrics, and teetered on increasingly outrageous heels. Even the regular girls had caught the bug. Many were on their first pair of high-heels, or thumbed nervously at a low-cut blouse, their boobs unused to the attention. Although not as sexy in skin-to-clothes ratio terms, their tendency to teeter and fall over, revealing dainty pastel underwear, made them surprisingly popular.

Erin felt scared. And yes, proud that even out of the eye-popping crowd her prominent boobs appeared to have most of the crew beat. Even in her standard outfit her stretched-out t-shirt attracted admiring looks.

Alex and Terri were nowhere to be seen.

She beat a quick retreat to the bathroom to collect her thoughts. It’s spreading, whatever it is. First Susan. Then the cheerleaders and the popular girls. Next it’s going to get to the rest of the student body. How can Dennis be doing this? The movies? Some kind of virus? Mass hypnosis? Maybe it was even those stupid school videos that put everyone to sleep?

The ladies’ room sweltered with the same sex-scented air that had stained the movie theater. Erin strongly suspected that the relieved sighs in the neighboring stalls were from satisfied girls with fingers buried to the hilt. She took a deep breath. A few cheerleaders smoothly fixed already perfect makeup. Erin caught her breath. When they leaned forward, it was perfectly obvious that they weren’t wearing any underwear. The fluorescent lights glinted off a smoothly shaven snatch. It was red and cheerful. One girl tugged her skirt down. It didn’t do anything.

Later she peeked through the window into Ms. Hazel’s class. The brunette was actually teaching. Or at least, talking in front of the class. Her hair was immaculate, and she wore black-rimmed glasses. The rest of her wore a pink cami and the same too-tight white shorts Erin had seen on teenyboppers yesterday. She sucked on a lollipop. Even this display wasn’t enough to attract the boys and girls. Girls sat on boy’s laps, not-so-covertly fondling each other. If Ms. Hazel noticed, she didn’t seem to mind.

Erin looked for Terri and Alex, but the two were nowhere to be found, and both had their cell phones turned off. She left messages for both.

At last the increasingly overheated raven-haired girl fled the sex-fueled campus, past couples locked in passionate embraces in partially-sheltered corners. And two teachers.

Dennis. He was the center of all of it. He had to be. It had all started when the bespectacled boy had reduced Susan to his willing and eager sex toy, dressed her up in fuck-me boots and ravished her whenever he felt like it.

Which was why it was such a surprise when Erin found him sitting on top of a Mustang in the Senior Parking Lot. It was otherwise deserted. He sat on the hood, alone, looking up at the sky with a half-bored expression.

“I’m going to confront him,” Erin thought. Get him pinned down beneath two heavy titties, and attack until he was doing what she wanted.

Susan appeared. Any pretense of dressing for the weather or practicality or legality had disappeared. Now she was dressed to get bent over. She wore knee-high laced-up boots with fuck-me heels. That was coupled with a vanishingly brief pair of yellow shorts, topped with a pink bow at the front of the straining zipper. On top the blue-eyed blonde wore a matching yellow bustier with a zip-up top. The zip-up was precisely calibrated to keep her substantial boobs from popping out. It wasn’t clear why you couldn’t see a nipple.

She carefully escorted a second girl. Erin vaguely recognized Andrea, the Honors Chem girl with the white heels from last night. She still wore those, along with a puff blouse that hugged her waist and a blue mini. Next to Susan she looked like an old nun. The bookish brunette wore a lazy smile and a vaguely puzzled expression behind plain glasses.

Erin crept discretely closer. It was decidedly harder to sneak around with her enhanced chest. The girls liked to jiggle and peep out from around cover. She finally took cover behind somebody’s ancient truck and glanced through the windows.

Dennis swung his legs over the side. “Hi there, Andrea. Susan tells me you expressed interest in the cheerleading squad.”

“Uh… yeah,” said the brunette. She shifted her weight back and forth from hip to hip. “You know, I thought it might be kind of cool. To be a cheerleader and all that. Kind of fun.”

Dennis nodded. “It is. It really is. Cheerleaders have a lot of fun. But you’ll need to answer this short quiz.”

“A quiz?” Dennis nodded. They had locked gazes. “Don’t let anything distract you,” he admonished.

Andrea held herself at attention. She seemed lost in Dennis’ spectacles.

“Okay! What is the square root of one hundred and twenty-four?”

“Twelve?” Andrea said. She shivered.

“Good. That was for warmup. Susan? Distraction Level One”

The blonde, stationed behind the brunette, put her arms around her. Andrea went rigid. Susan attacked her neck with a series of melting kisses.

“What is the capital of California?”

“Umm… ummm…” Andrea said. She blinked rapidly. “I guess it’s Sacramento?”

“Well done again.” Dennis paused to adjust an obvious erection. Andrea had noticed it too. “Next question, you are doing very well.”

Susan reached out and cupped Andrea’s boobs. This time the bespectacled girl gasped, and her knees wobbled. She still had her eyes firmly affixed on Dennis’ cock.

“When was the Magna Carta signed?”

“Ummm… I don’t… we don’t… like, 1492 or something?”

“Judges? Close enough!”

Susan had her long-nailed fingers down Andrea’s shorts, now. The young girl panted and leaned forwards, beads of sweat dropping off her forehead.

“Last question! Andrea, dear girl, what do you need to do to get on the cheerleading squad?”

“I.. uh.. I need to cheer… really.. good.. I guess..” she mumbled. She was starting to buck back and forth.

“Let me give you a hint,” Dennis said. He adjusted himself once more and toyed with his zipper. Slow comprehension dawned in Andrea’s eyes.

Erin fled as she took dropped to her knees. If she noticed the parking lot gravel staining her nice white legs, she didn’t say anything. Not that she could.

* * *

“Look, I can’t go into details, just come over tonight around eight, okay?” Erin whispered.

“Alright,” Alex said. Her voice was tinny and high-pitched over the cell phone. “I’ll bring Terri. It’ll be fun.”

Fun! School had collapsed into anarchy. Dennis’ campaign of corruption had reached epidemic levels, forcing anyone that crossed his path to fall onto their knees and get a mouthful of cock.

The girl with the ebony hair sat by herself by the side of the road. Behind her the High School continued to rage with unmatched inhibition, a tawdry place of wet sighs and enthusiastic sex-play. She was the only one who could stop it.

But first she had to go to the stupid doctor for a made-up problem. Erin frowned and carefully removed her hands from her boobs. Her fingers had a tendency to reach up and play whenever she grew distracted. Which was often.

Her Mom pulled up to the curb exactly at eleven. Erin tossed her bag in the backseat and slammed the car door shut. She cast a long look over the school. Michael was still there! I’ll bet those science sluts are all over him! She’d have to wear something low-cut next time she ran into him, just in case.

“So, lets get this over with,” Erin announced. “I hope they stick some really big needles into my boobs.”

Her Mom sped up. “Well… Erin, I’ve been thinking it over.”


“And I think you had a point. There’s nothing wrong with you growing a pair of boobs. I should be supportive and helpful during this difficult time for you, and instead I’m treating you like a freak of nature. So I’m sorry.”

“Really?” Erin wrinkled her brow. “Do you mean it?”

“Yeah. I mean, what’s a doctor going to do?” Linda asked. “Probably just feel you up and send you home with a lollipop. You’re becoming a woman, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”


“So I thought I’d make it up to you by taking you bra-shopping.”

“Okay, Mom. Hey, maybe we can get something nice for you, too.”

“It’s too late for me, Erin.” Linda looked down at her outfit. “I’m pinning all my remaining hopes for immortality on my daughter’s boobs.”

“They’re big enough for it,” Erin said. She hugged herself. “Thanks for the genes.”

They both giggled.

* * *

“I… I don’t know,” Erin said. “I usually like to wear, you know, dark stuff. Black and grey and red mostly.”

Linda shook her head. “Look, Erin, first of all, you are doing your body no favors by looking like a corpse. Second point, think about what Michael would like. Black on white? Your color is all wrong for it. Third point, when you look like crap people treat you like crap. You’ll have a much more positive attitude if you wear something a little brighter.”

Erin fingered the shirt. It was pink. She had never worn pink in her life. And not just any pink, but pink with a tiny white bow across the top. “Just put it in the stack,” her Mom said.

Both women had intended to simply pick up a few basic bras, then leave the mall. But after a few bras Linda just “had to” try on a lace teddy “just in case.” Erin, dazed and smiling from a solid half-hour of boob stimulation, had hardly wanted to object. Then, visions of Michael echoing through her increasingly lust-fogged head, she tossed a few shiny red boy-shorts onto the growing pile.

Then they had gotten their nails done.

It was a new experience for Erin. She still stared, bemused, at the glossy light red nails she had acquired. She had wanted to go with black nails, or at least a dark wine-red, but Linda and the nail lady had somehow talked her into something a little more… feminine. The nail girl wore a tight gold bodysuit with a long pair of matching bronze nails.

“Body like this, and you want stupid nails,” she had scoffed. “You’re a girl, act like one.”

Erin had nearly objected. Then she had a mental image of Andrea, or some other hussy, running a perfect pink nail up and down Michael’s fly. How could he resist? So she had drank in the hot perfumed air of the salon, and watched a steady stream of relaxed young women pace outside the store.

She HAD objected to the hair salon. There was something very.. Susan.. in a perfectly trendy haircut. But Linda wanted one anyway for her date, and she had nothing else to do, so…

Her dark black hair was now exactly shoulder-length, and framed her face like a professional picture. It was swept back in a part and neatly complimented her mascara. “Jeepers,” she had thought, when she first looked in the mirror. Erin had hardly recognized the sultry, curved woman in front of her. She blew the mirror a kiss and struck a pose.

After some thought, Erin realized that looking good was essential if she was going to be taken seriously about what she now thought of as a Bimbo Plague. No one was going to believe mousy Squeaker, with her bee-sting chest and faded t-shirts. But Erin? The girl with the knockers and the smoking eyes? She commanded respect.

She also commanded an increasing level of interested stares from salesboys, passerbys, and anything else male. “Taken, boys,” she had thought, smugly.

Her Mom, aided by a few cocktails at a long lunch, had taken charge of Erin’s new looks. Now they sat in a boutique not far from the bustling Hugh Mussobay store. Linda had already pushed a trio of scoop-cut tight sweaters on her daughter, and two pairs of jeans “so that boys realize you have an ass, too.”

But Erin had hesitated at the pink shirt. Maybe, maybe I can wear it to… go undercover! For Dennis or whatever. Most of her was too intoxicated with the way her cleavage plunged into the bright, feminine top. She rubbed one finger up and down the middle of her boobs. Her Mom watched her with a half-inebriated smile.

“Hey, daughter,” Linda whispered to her. She clutched her own half-dozen parcels.

“Yes, mother.”

“I’m running out of money. Time for a two-tittied discount.”

“A what?”

“See that boy at the counter?” The boy in question, young and covered in bright red acne, blushed when the two looked at him.

“What about him?”

“Just go up and ask for the discount. Let him get a good look.”

“Mother!” Erin was shocked. But her boobs liked the idea of the attention. Crap, isn’t this what I do to Alex all the time? She frowned. No wonder she hates it.

She licked her lips as she ambled up to the appreciative young boy. “Hiiii,” she said, in her best Susan-sex-doll voice. She held up a treasure cache of flimsy fashions. “Can you ring these up?”

“And,” she purred, bending down and giving him an excellent view of her valley, “can you take maybe 30% off the… top?” She picked up the receipt-signing pen and ran it up and down the middle of her chest.

A few moments later she and her Mom flew out of the store, overburdened with shopping bags.

“That was perfect,” Linda said, tittering. “I would’ve just done one thing differently.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t use an uncapped pen. You’ve got ink all over your titties.”

Erin looked down. “Oopsie.” She giggled. “I was going to take a shower tonight anyway. Got to shave my legs!”

And take care of the Dennis problem once and for all.

“Alright, dear. I’ll see you later tonight. Don’t stay up for me,” Her Mom said. She checked and rechecked her dark red lipstick. Linda displayed her own not-unimpressive chest in a dark-green strapless. Her white nylons disappeared somewhere around her thighs. She readjusted her skirt. A few dusty condoms went into her purse when she thought Erin wasn’t watching.

“Knock him dead,” Erin said.

“I just might. And don’t have anyone over! No parties!”

“Yeah, yeah. Have fun,” Erin ushered her tittering Mom out the door. She zoomed out of the garage and smacked over the mailbox. She called Alex.

“It’s clear. Come on over.”

Erin checked her nails as she waited for her best friend to arrive. The lacquer caught the glinting light from the moon. Sexy. Alex rang the doorbell. She opened the door.

“What’re you wearing?” she said.

“What are YOU wearing?” Alex said, equally surprised.

“Geez, get off the street before a tentacle monster sees you,” Erin said, ushering her friend inside. She turned and put her hands on her hips. “You explain first.”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Alex said. The slim girl wore a sailor-suit top, molded tightly across her chest, and knee-high socks capped with shiny white heels. Her skirt billowed out into a circle. She had a bright pink headband on. Her eyes were blue-black with mascara, and she still wore the shiny-glitter lipstick.

“You look like you should be on the front page of Shonen Jump.”

Alex looked confused. “I don’t..know what that is.”

Erin sighed. “Just get inside.” She isn’t going to be much help for my plans if she’s dressed entirely in Modern Schoolgirl Fetish.

Alex checked herself out in the hallway mirror. “What’re you worked up about? This is just a nice outfit. It doesn’t show any boob. It doesn’t show off my butt even, with the skirt. So what’s the problem?”

“The problem is that you look like a slutty Japanese high schooler!”

“I do go to High School!”

Erin stamped into the kitchen. “You know what I mean. Christ, you’re dressed like someone’s exotic fantasy girl. All you’re missing is the big lollipop and the wide-eyed look.”

Alex stamped her feet own feet in mock mimicry. It made her totter.

“Erin, you’re the one wearing next to nothing. Seriously. I can guess your cup size from half a football field away.”

“I had a growth spurt!”

“Did you grow a slutty pair of shorts, too?”

Erin checked herself out. “There’s no comparing us,” she said, pouting. Okay, so the strapless baby blue top controlled her boobs like a hapless babysitter. And the tight tan shorts had three straining buttons. “This is classy. Your outfit is… yeah. Just yeah. And frankly, with these new girls I’ve got it’s hard not to look all tit.”

“You do look all tit. I have to stand on tiptoes to see if you have a neck.” Alex said. “Look, lets not fight. I just got here. Can I have something to drink?”

“How about a little booze?” Erin said. The two walked into the decrepit kitchen, outfitted with all the best equipment from 1985. She pulled out Linda’s not-so-secret stash of lemon vodka. They had shared a friendly Mother-Daughter glass after returning home.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Alex accepted a big tumbler.

“So, what happened to you with Jared after I left?” Erin asked. The last time she had seen her friend, she was playing up the dumb geisha for free clothes.

Alex gestured down. “Where do you think I got this ensemble? I didn’t pay for it. Jared funded a huge spending spree.”


“That dear little man must’ve dropped over 2-kay on me,” Alex put her head in her hands. “At first I thought I’d just shake him down for some new jeans. You should’ve seen the way he kept an eye on my ass. It was like he was the GPS satellite or something. Like he had mapquest directions to my butt.”


“Anyway, after I was full on casualwear I thought, you know, it was kind of mean to not even buy anything he was interesting in. So I kind of went with him to that new store? Mussobay or whatever? And then he had me try on some of these adorable little minis they had,” Alex flushed. “You know, Jared was so right. I’ve been fixated on my bad boobs that I just didn’t see my ass for the hot little number it was.”

“What?” Erin said.

“Yeah! I mean, you can’t really tell in this skirt unless I bend over, but when I’m rocking a short skirt and three inch heels? I look like pretty good! I was just completely smoking hot, and Jared convinced me that it looked even better with a tight top, too. You know. For the whole slim-and-slender look.”

Erin refilled her own glass. “Sounds like Jared did a lot of suggesting.”

“Oh yeah, he was a real dear. His credit card must’ve smoked. Then he helped me walk around in these darling heels. You don’t feel like a real girl until your ass is swaying in the air, that’s the lord’s truth. I’ve been wearing them ever since.” Alex took a second to admire them.

“He… he helped you?”

“Yeah, well,” Alex shrugged. “He kind of walked behind me and kept me from losing my balance and everything. You know. Standard helpful guy stuff. And he would keep his hand on my chest so I wouldn’t tip over. It was really sweet. He’s a nice guy when you get to talking to him, you know he’s one-sixteenth Chinese on his Mother’s side?”

“So did you at least tell him off at the end, like we had planned?”

Alex shook her head vigorously. “Of course! We went back to the shop, me wearing this little baby-sex-doll fuck-me outfit, completely hanging over his arm while he had his hand on my ass. And you know I’m completely wriggling it to get him hard. So then it’s just me and him, and I turn to him, and I say “Thanks a lot, sucker!””

“Thanks a lot, sucker?”

“Yeah!” Alex said. She grinned. Erin smiled weakly back. Alex took another sip of her drink and coughed. It sent her skirt flying.

“Anyway, long story short, he looked so completely hangdog and disappointed that I kind of, you know, took him behind the counter and gave him a blowjob.”

Erin blinked. She waited for the “gotcha.” Then she said “You WHAT?”

“I gave him a hummer. He had just spent two thousand dollars on me, what would you do?”

“Not a blowjob!” Erin lowered her voice. “Not a blowjob.”

Alex looked hurt. “What’s wrong with that? It took like thirty seconds. Guy was so hard he came right away.”

“In your MOUTH?”

“That’s where his dick was!”

“And did you swallow?”

“Of course! I was wearing a cute new outfit! Who wants to get jizz all over that?”

Erin coughed, hard. Alex reached over and slapped her on the back.

“Alex, geez, I just don’t know what—“

Alex looked hard at her. “What, there’s a problem with this? Were you not seen last night at a certain movie theater with a certain Michael? Were you not wearing a certain skirt? Did you not leave the movie theater early for some unscheduled hanky-panky?”

Erin snorted. “That’s a far cry from sucking off Jared the anime store owner.”

“Oh? How much would he have to spend on you?”

“That’s not—and how did you know about all this? That I went out with Michael?”

“From Terri. She heard it from one of her cheerleading friends. Apparently everyone was talking about the girl with the boob job at the movies.”

Cheerleading friends? Boob job?

The doorbell rang.

* * *

Erin braced herself, but still was not quite ready for Terri the bookworm wearing the scandalous cheerleader outfit and popping bubblegum.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said.

“Okay, before we do anything else,” Erin said. Her voice trembled. “I want to make sure you’re wearing underwear.”

Terri calmly let a bubble pop. “Kay,” she said, flipping up the front of her outfit. Erin relaxed. She WAS wearing panties. They were bright pink, and had a heart-shaped bow on the front, but they were there. Otherwise, Terri wore the same ass-revealing sexy cheerleader look the other girls had adopted.

“Nice to see you too, by the way,” Terri said. She waltzed in on her own heels. The only vestige of the former Terri were her glasses. Now they were horn-rimmed and exaggerated, like the hot librarian in that movie.

“Don’t mind her. She’s in a mood,” Alex said. She handed a full glass to Terri. The tall blonde sipped from it without skipping a beat. “Hey, we’re twins, by the way,” Alex said. She flipped up her own skirt. A hot-pink satin pair smoothly outlined a well-shaved pair of lips.

“Well. Aren’t we a trio,” Terri said. Three pairs of legs in skyscraping heels stood in the main foyer. Between the three of them, they had chest, chesty, and Erin’s own pretty titties.

“So… you’re a cheerleader now,” Erin said, getting her head around it. “What did you… have to do.. to get to be a cheerleader?” She took another sip. The room was starting to get a little… spinny.

“Not much,” Terri said. “It’s open recruiting. Just show up, find an outfit that fits, and be willing to shake things. They’ve got a new sponsor for the clothes, so you don’t even need to pay them any money.”

Terri took another belt from the glass. “And there was a short little hazing thingy, really no big deal.”

“What exactly was this initiation thing?” Erin asked.

“I had to walk around with a vibrator inside me all day.”

“You what?”

“You sound like a broken record,” Alex said.

“You heard me,” Terri said, calmly. She shook her head, followed them back to the kitchen table. “That thing was such a tease. It had me on the edge of my seat all day.”

“I’ll bet it did!”

“No, you don’t understand. It wasn’t on all day. They had a remote control. Like, I started out in Honors History, right? With that hot teacher? Mr. Hartmann? With the mustache? So they ask an easy question, and I raise my hand, and boop, there goes the vibrator!”

“What did you do?” Alex asked.

“Gritted my teeth and rode it out. And let me tell you girls. That thing had to be right on top of my clit. I felt like the whole class probably saw me dancing in that chair. I don’t even know what answer I gave Mr. Hartmann, it was mostly nonsense.”

“Then what?”

“I figure I don’t want them to see me quit, so next question comes along, I raise my hand again. Bang! Here comes that little clitty-lover again. I had my fingers around the desk so hard my knuckles turned white. But I didn’t let that get to me.”

Terri stirred her drink and recrossed her legs. “It was the third time I rose my hand that it got to me.”

“Jesus Christ, Terri, why did you keep raising your hand?” Erin said.

“Oh, I gave up on the schoolwork after the second time. At that point I just wanted to cum. I was so close! Those girls are evil, evil people. Whenever they saw me start to whimper in my chair, it turned off. Anyway, third question. By this time I have my legs uncrossed, I’m completely leaking all over my chair, I know Mr. Hartmann has to be staring right up my legs. I answer the question perfectly, and then I come so hard I bite my tongue. Drew blood, too.”

Terri winked at them. “Not too shabby, huh? Beat these cheerleaders at their own game.”

Erin remembered something. “Didn’t you have your AP History test today?”

Terri thought for a moment… “Uh… yeah, something like that. I didn’t pay it much attention.”

“You’ve been studying for it for weeks now. Months, even.”

Terri made a face. “Oh, books books books. Did books ever make me cum so hard my toes wouldn’t uncurl for a half-hour? Did books ever make me orgasm just from the effort of holding a vibrator inside me while I walked around? Did being smart ever get a guy to walk into wall just because I smiled at him? Books haven’t done anything for me.”

“So you skipped the test?” Alex asked.

“No, no. I went, alright. I got the vibrator control away from those girls, turned it on “low,” and had a nice hour and a half sitting in my chair. There was a puddle in it when I left, girls, and every drop was well-earned. I think I spent most of the time smiling and drawing penises on the test sheet.”

Terri finished off her first glass. “These are great,” she said. “One more round, please.”

Erin coughed. “Look, this is all great, drinking and stuff, but I called you two here for something serious.”

“You got a boob job?” Alex said. She slouched into a chair and rocked her legs back and forth. When she leaned back her satin-pink underwear peeked out from in between her silky-smooth legs.

“I did NOT get a boob job! Who’s telling people I am?” Erin said, hotly. She scowled at both of them. They’re acting like ditzy teenyboppers.

“No one’s saying anything, sunshine,” Terri said. Despite her bubbly white outfit she kept her even, measured tone of voice. “They’re just looking at your chest. You may just be the largest girl in school. Well, definitely largest for your weight. Have you named them yet?”

“Oh, we should get to name them!” Alex said, gleefully. “I recommend Monstro and Godzilla!”

“You two are acting like children,” Erin huffed. “And they are completely real. I just had a growth spurt.”

“Is that the Doctor’s name? Dr. Spurt?” Alex said. Whether it was the alcohol or newly kittenish personality, she couldn’t stay still.

“If they’re real, lets see,” Terri said. “We’re all girls here. For now.” She winked at Alex.

What was that for? “Fine. And after this I’ve got something serious to talk about,” Erin said. She took a breath, then pulled up her shirt. Unrestrained, except by a lonely bra, her new tits overshadowed her entire upper body as well as wide areas of the kitchen. Terri let out a low whistle.

“Those are boobs,” she said, reverentially. “You should join the cheerleading squad. Pair of those, you could be three cheerleaders. The other team would never win a game.”

“They’re just big boobs,” Erin said, dismissively. She saw herself jumping up and down, wearing pink socks, as her mammaries performed their own, separate acrobatics.

“Lets check them out,” Alex announced. Before Erin could stop her, she had her little hands underneath Erin’s shirt, cupping her soft chest. Erin let out a slow breath. Alex’s frenetic hands roamed all over the rolling fields of her tit-flesh.

“Umm, I don’t know how I feel about this,” Erin said. It feels fantastic. Every handprint seared into her head, mixed with the alcohol. She sagged in her seat, and unconsciously started to ever-so-slightly spread her legs.

“Hmm, feel pretty darn real to me,” Alex said. “Terri, do you want to check the nipple region?”

“Alright, Nurse Alex,” Terri said. Erin knew she should pull her shirt down, shoo the calculating girls away. Instead she sat, wobbling, as Terri wet her finger and descended on her unguarded pneumatic pillows. A soft, hot, wet finger pinched her left tit.

“Eek!” Erin squealed. Her entire body pulsed with sudden waves. She pulled down her t-shirt and stared at them both, wide-eyed. They both had evil grins.

“This is terrible,” Erin thought. I need them to help me, and here they are teasing my boobies and acting like drunk flirts. She looked down at the ground and examined the tiling.

“Well, well, looks like our own personal Ice Queen is starting to break up, just a little bit,” Terri said. “God, Erin, please lighten up. I’ve never seen someone so miserable when they’ve just grown super-sensitive tits.”

“And gotten them massaged by good friends,” Alex chimed in. She looked eager for another go.

“I’m trying to say something,” Erin snapped. She crossed her arms over her chest. It wasn’t easy to do. Her boobs pooched out on either side of her folded arms. “And you two are just being impossible… Alex!”

The coltish girl had bounced behind her and pinched Erin’s butt. “Nope, no stick back here. Not too bad looking, though.”

“Stop—just stop! God! You two are just stupid today, okay?” Erin glared at them both. They gave mock-sorry frowns.

“Look, Erin, just chill out, okay?” Terri said. “Lets just have a little fun. Then we can talk serious stuff. And I think what we need to do first is get those legs of yours finally shaved clean.”

“Absolutely,” Alex said. She poured Erin another stiff belt. “Drink that. Erin, a girl that looks as good as you do should not have hairy legs. It’s a sin against nature.”

Erin accepted the drink, wrapped her fingers around it. Don’t lose their cooperation. I was going to shave my legs before tomorrow anyway. “O-okay. We’ll do that. Then we’ve got business. Serious business.” She sank the entire tumbler in one go. The other two applauded.

* * *

“It’s like… it’s like… Dennis,” Erin said. She wrinkled her nose. It seemed to be getting more and more difficult to put a decent sentence together. All three girls sat in the Master Bathroom, next to the porcelain tub with the rusty showerhead. “He’s, all messed up and stuff.”

“Sure, drinky,” Alex said. She sat on the side of the tile, cross-legged. Erin was sprawled on the potty. Terri worked on her legs with a hot towel and a razor. Erin watched a growing line of smooth white skin emerging from her patient cut-work. Her boobies were wet where they had washed the ink off. Boobies boobies boobies.

“These are going to be pretty amazing when we’re done,” Terri murmured. “Who knew you were hiding some legs under there?”

“Michael must—he had to know,” Erin said. She sighed and wriggled downwards. “Such a sweetheart. What was I talking about?”


“Yeah! He’s, I don’t know, making all the girls in school super-hot. Little sexy fucky toys. All dressed up for him, you know?”

“Uh-huh,” Alex said. “You realize that he’s barely spoken to maybe a tenth of the class. And that it’s not like he’s spinning a little watch around, hypnotizing them.”

“Maybe…” Erin didn’t want to think about it. It was so much more pleasant to concentrate on the hot wet water and the smooth shlick-shlick of the razor. She could see right down Terri’s shirt. She doesn’t have my titties. No one does! My boobies boobies boobies.

“Maybe.. there’s something else?” she ventured. “Like the movies maybe? Lotsa cheerleaders at the movies. Or, like, it’s a virus or something?”

“That doesn’t make any sense either,” Alex said. She toyed with Linda’s bath ducky. “You’d have to get at the entire school if it was a targeted thing like a movie. And a virus? You’d get weird allergic reactions, plus how could you separate the boys from the girls?”

Erin sighed. Alex was matching too much sense—temporarily—to argue too much.

“Okay, legs are done,” Terri announced. “Take a walk in them.”

The dark-haired girl stood up and walked towards the large corner mirror. Her legs paced in a perfect straight line, and her butt rolled as she walked. She had a wide-eyed, innocent stare, and picture-perfect dark black hair that set off blemish-free skin. Her legs were tall, long, and innocent. And all of that was just frosting on a magnificent pair of boobs, squashed beneath a too-tight shirt, riding high and wide on her chest.

“Not bad at all,” Alex said. She looked down at herself. “See, when you have my kind of body, sometimes you just have to give the occasional blowjob to keep their attention.” She tweaked an imaginary huge nipple. “Someday,” she sighed.

“Erin, sit back down,” Terri said. “We’ve got to finish you up.”

Erin broke her gaze away from the lust-inducing vision in the mirror. “Finish what up?”

“Here, take off your shorts,”

She was still too dazed and happy to think about the request. “Okay,” Erin said. She squeezed the shorts over her butt. Both Terri and Alex laughed.

“Oh, of course you’re pink too,” Alex said. Erin’s panties were light-pink and lace. She barely remembered buying them.

“Wait, what are you going to do?”

“Gotta shave it all,” Terri said, innocently. She held up the razor.

“Nuh-uh, not doing that.” Erin said. She started to stand up. Before she had the chance, Alex was in her lap, her hands once again rubbing and stroking Erin’s boobs. The sensation made her too weak to quite move.

“Hm, Nurse Terri, can you recommend a way to keep the patient docile?” she said, her eyes intently watching Erin’s reaction.

“I think so.” Terri reached underneath her skirt, pulled something aside, and winced. A moment later she held a plastic pink vibrator, one of the little bullets. It glistened. Terri stood up and easily dropped it right into the crevasse that was Erin’s new boobs. Erin felt it slowly burrow in, slick with Terri’s juices, coming to rest somewhere deep in her own cleavage. Then Terri reached into her purse and flicked something on.

Erin’s boobs exploded. They shimmered from side to side, flickering as the vibrator buzzed innocently in the little pocket of her tits. The concentrated pleasure pillows shook and twisted. Alex kept her hand on them, let the vibrations run up the length of her own body, a pleased smile on her face. Erin just watched—no, even put her legs together—as Terri reached up to pull her underwear down her legs. Then, as the blonde approached her quivering inner thighs with razor blade and shaving cream, Erin put her head back and just fell into the sea of happy bubbles of pure sensation.

* * *

The doorbell rang.

“Huh? Whazzat?” Erin said. She lifted her head, groggy. Alex let go of her boob with a sudden “pop,” and the nipple fall free. It felt wet and, suddenly, cold. She gave Erin a smooch on the forehead and stood up.

“The boys are here,” Terri said. She stood up. At her side the bottle of vodka clanked, empty, to the ground.

“How.. how long was I out for?” Erin asked. She felt dizzy. How many orgasms was that? Can I count that high?

“Just a few minutes. Congratulations on joining the Pink Pussy Club. Terri and Alex and Erin, founding members.”

“Yay,” Erin said. That sounds nice. Wait, boys are here? She reached down with a questioning hand and felt at her “pink pussy.” It felt slick, moist, and completely barren of hair. “I have a shaved pussy,” she thought. That’s nice for everyone.

“We’re going downstairs, come join us when you’re ready,” Terri said. The two walked out of the room, leaving her to explore the glistening new folds of her wet snatch. Alex popped back in a moment later. “Almost forgot,” she said. Then the short-skirted girl reached into Erin’s still-slick boobs, pulled out the gently buzzing vibrator, and neatly inserted it into Erin’s pussy. “Love ya,” she said, and winked.

I have a vibrator in my snatch. It feels pretty good. Erin slumped against the side of the toilet. Her hands grabbed her nipples and roughly pulled and twitched. It didn’t matter. Any sensation sent ringing bells through her. I like it a lot.

I should call Michael over, get him to fuck me. He would do it, too. She would ease the vibrator out and Michael in, in one fluid motion. Then he would fuck her so good she would scream and scream. He’ll like my titties, everyone likes my titties.

In her sweat-soaked imagination she saw him fucking her doggy-style, her boobs cushioning her down below. Then up against the window of a car door in a dirty parking lot. Then slowly and leisurely, in the pool, her ridiculously-inadequate bikini pulled aside, spurting all over her face. Or at school, with Dennis disappointed in the background.


The thought pierced her soggy mind. Dennis. This is what he wants. He wants me acting like a dumb slut, fucking myself in my Mom’s bathroom. Erin groaned and forced herself up. It was a pleasant agony to walk with the vibrator still tucked inside her. She stumbled forward, boobs messing up her stride, knees pressed together. Erin found her panties and slowly slid them on. There. That’ll keep the vibrator from falling out. Once she had her shorts on Erin brimmed with renewed confidence.

From the top of the stairs Erin could hear the sleek sounds of skin hitting skin. She could barely get down the stairs, but if she kept her knees tightly together and took them one at a time, she could gradually totter to the bottom floor. On the fifth step she stopped, sagged against the staircase, and let another little orgasm ripple through her body. “It’s hard to see the stairs with titties,” she thought. It was so hard—so much a waste of time—to fight the sex juice that sloshed in her mind.

Erin inched into the kitchen. Jared, of all people, sat on the old kitchen island in the center of the room. He had both hands clenched on the edge of the table. In front of him, Alex’s mouth bobbed neatly on the store owner’s substantial cock. Bent at the waist, her sopping wet panties rode high in the air, One tiny finger rubbed hard down the middle of the synthetic fabric. They outlined every fold of her pussy lips.

“She does have a nice ass,” Erin thought. Especially when it was displayed in the middle of the white frame of her flowery schoolgirl skirt. She leaned against the doorframe and watched her friend’s dark hair fall more out of place with each bounce.

“Alex, I want to cum on your face,” Jared said. Alex broke off her deepthroat rhythm and licked the underside so she could talk.

“And I want you to cum in my mouth,” Alex said. “A girl needs her protein.”


“But nothing. I know all about you bukkake boys. No way I’m getting a facial. I hear they get in your eyes.”


“Jared-bear, you’re acting like you have a choice in this.” Then Alex redoubled her efforts, her mouth distended with the size of his penis. The finger on her clitty sped up. Jared gasped and threw his head back, and Alex smiled as little white droplets drooled out of her mouth. She released his dick and climbed onto the kitchen island herself. “My turn for a ride,” she sang. She finally noticed Erin. She was having trouble standing straight. “You can join in next,” Alex said. She wiped her mouth clean and daintily licked the rest off.

“No thanks,” Erin stammered. She shuffled away from the juice-heavy scene. My Mom will be home soon. What was I thinking about before? Maybe I should call Michael. She could suck his cock.

Terri hadn’t lost her calm, contented expression. Although she was blinking rapidly, and breathing hard. The blonde was on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth. Josh, the athlete boy from before, sat on his knees behind her, his cock buried to the hilt in her snatch. Pink pussy club. The cheerleader skirt was just a tattered white belt now; her boobs hung free. Her panties were forgotten scraps around her ankles.

“What’re you doing?” Erin said. She knelt and walked on hands and knees up to her friend. The air smelled like fluid and sex. Better then any incense.

“Taking a study break,” Terri said. She giggled, then looked back. “Josh, honey, can you grab my boobies? I can’t do it without breaking my nose. And remember, don’t come inside of me.”

She turned back towards Erin’s flushed expression. Josh reached over her back and grabbed her tits. Terri moaned. Alex answered with a squeal from the kitchen.

“This is a study break?” Erin asked. Somehow her hands had found her own tits, and were kneading and pulling. She had to stop talking whenever the waves of pleasure became too much to let her think.

“Yeah,” Terri looked around calmly. A tendril of drool slipped out of her mouth and pooled on the carpet. “You should try this, Erin. There’s something about getting it from behind. Very primal. You feel sooo full.”

“Uh—yeah,” Erin said. “Listen. I thought that—uhhhh—later tonight we could go to, I don’t know, Dennis’ house or something, and uh, spy on him. To see what he’s up to. Making everyone into bimbos.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Terri said. “You call Michael and get him over here, and we’ll have even more fun.” She started to push back harder. Her hips rose and bucked back and forth. Josh followed her energetically.

Something Terri said knocked on what was left of her mind. “Terri, you aren’t on the pill. Don’t let him—“

Terri moaned and screamed. Josh shuddered and nearly collapsed onto her back. The sight of her red face and dripping snatch, feet away, sent Erin over her own edge. She fell onto her back and stared at the ceiling as even more hot, fun cascades rippling through her.

When she came to once more, Terri sat cross-legged, examining bemused her dribbling pussy. Josh was in the bathroom.

“Oh well,” she sighed. “I think I read somewhere you can’t get knocked up your first time, anyway. That sounds about right.”

Erin stared at her. She’s going to get pregnant. And not go to college. Dennis. Dennis is doing this. The last orgasm had left her head just a little clearer. She reached in and took the attention-span-killing vibrator out of her clenched sex. Dennis did it to them, too. They’re just dumb sluts now, like everyone else. I’m the only one left.

She stood up and pointed at Terri. “Get out,” she said, slowly.

“Huh?” Terri said. Alex and Jared walked into the room. Jared was wiping his mouth of clear pussy juice. Erin pointed at Alexl. “Get out. Both of you. Get the hell out of my house!”

“What’re you talking about?” Alex said.

“Get the fuck out, you dumb sluts! I want your stupid, infected, bimbo asses out of my god-DAMN house!” Erin embraced the anger. It cleared her head just enough to see things clearly. The fucking. The mindless sucking.Alex and Terri were infected with Dennis too.

“Now! Go!”

Alex and Terri exchanged glances. “Jared, Josh, you wait outside,” Terri said. Alex crossed her arms. The two boys, recognizing an impending ugly fight, quickly zipped up zippers and scattered.

“You’re just like the rest of them,” Erin said, sneering.

“No, you’re just a bitch,” Alex said, coolly. She jammed a finger into Erin’s chest. This time it hurt. “This is the last straw, Erin. This is it. This is the last time we put up with your paranoid, idiotic, selfish behavior.”

“We do a lot for you, Erin,” Terri said. “We’re your friends. We put up with it when you make fun of us, we put up with your weirdness and cynicism and constantly making fun of us.”

“We did shit for you like tease the anime store owner and help you with the homework you’re too COOL to do yourself. We even shave you barren and invite you to help us fuck our boyfriends. Our NEW boyfriends who we’re trying to start relationships with. And you throw us out because you can’t handle it.”

“That’s not what this is about,” Erin said. Her anger cooled. “This is about—“

“I think we all know what this is about,” Terri said. She pulled down her skirt. “We’re leaving. Give us a call if you ever stop being a selfish ass.”

The two stamped out the door. Erin watched them go, then threw the vibrator against the wall. It shattered into a hundred mechanical parts, and she ran, sobbing, up into her room.

* * *

The day dawned warm and windy for the third day in a row. Linda pulled the car across the busted remains of the mailbox, stepped out, and walked inside humming.

The house was a mess. The smell of sex hung in the air, musty and thick. A puddle stained the living room carpet, and another circle was dried on the kitchen island. Linda walked through the downstairs. Her happy buzz from the previous night died away. She walked upstairs, noted the empty vodka bottle in her own room, and knocked on Erin’s door.

“Honey? Are you okay?”

“Fuck off and die!” Erin yelled. Her voice was sore.

“I’m coming in,”

Linda stepped inside. Her clothes were stretched and stained, and her makeup had run. Her daughter didn’t look much better. Erin had apparently slept in her clothes, wrapped tight in a ball on her bed. Linda perched on the side of the bed.

“Erin? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Erin said. She kept her eyes on the wall.

“Want to tell me?”

Erin looked over. Her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks stained with recent crying. “I had a party last night,”

“I figured. Sorry I didn’t come home. Tom is—anyway, we can discuss Mr. Brightman later. What happened then?”

Erin sat up. Her boobs fell in front of her. The accelerated growth had finally stopped last night. The duo were just a little bigger this morning, finally grown into her fat nipples. “I got into a fight!” she wailed. “I lost all my friends!”

She sank into her Mom’s arms. “Okay, why don’t you tell me everything?” Linda said.

Why not? I’ve got nothing else to lose. Erin told her everything. Almost everything. She told her Mom about Dennis, about Susan, about the necking session in the mall and the garden tryst the next day. She told her about the movie theater, omitting the part where she came hard in Michael’s car. She told her about the Andrea incident and the party last night. She changed Terri and Alex’s mad rutting into mere necking and left out the vibrator entirely. “It was like they were in heat, Mom! They were crazy!”

Linda digested this for a minute, while her big-titted daughter sulked on the bed. She glanced out the window. It was going to be another amazing day.

“Here,” she said, and walked into the bathroom. She emerged with a big glass of tap. “Drink this. I’m guessing your head hurts.”

Erin nodded and drank.

“Erin, I want you to something for me,” Linda said.

“What?” Erin sniffled. She finished the glass off.

“I want you to imagine, just for a moment, that all this Dennis stuff is in your head.”

“It’s not!”

Her Mom put up her hands. “I know. I know. But just try.”

Erin obediently set her mind to it. It had been a long night of beating herself up. “Okay..” she started. “so, lets say that Dennis and Susan just hit it off. And then all this stuff they’ve been doing is boyfriend and girlfriend nonsense.”

“Good,” her Mom nodded. “And everything else?”

“I guess the girls could be just because the weather is nice and everyone is getting hormonal. And the movies… maybe they were just a bunch of horny kids there that night. Plus everyone’s fashion is pretty slutty already. The no-underwear girls could’ve been a coincidence, and maybe Andrea really liked Dennis.”

“Keep going,”

“And that would mean that Terri and Alex… had both met new boys and were really into them. And they brought them over because they thought I’d be cool with it.”

Linda took her arm. “And if all that is true, what would it mean for you?”

A broken dam of memories and images ransacked her mind. Blowing off Alex and Terri at the mall. Forcing Alex to perform in front of Jared. Making fun of Terri at school. Criticizing them for whatever they wore and did. Stalking Dennis and Susan for her own weird reasons. And—worst of all—manipulating Michael to come with her as her boyfriend when what she really wanted was to keep an eye on—“

“Oh my god,” the tears sprang up again. “I’ve been a terrible person.”

Her Mom shrugged. “You have to admit, Erin. It doesn’t look good. And then you threw your friends out? Yikes, girl.”

“Yeah—but—what if it is all true? Everything? About Dennis?”

“It wouldn’t be from their perspective. Could you blame them for being upset?”

No. Erin admitted it to herself. What have I done? “What can I do?”

“Apologize,” her Mom said. She pointed at the phone. “Apologize. Be nice to them. Be nice to everyone. From what I hear, you’ve been skulking around and being weird. Act like a woman.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Erin said, in a little-girl voice.

Linda got up and walked out of the room. She appeared a moment later with their house phone. “Here’s how you start. You call Terri and Alex, and you apologize for the way you’ve behaved.”

* * *

“Terri? Is that you?”

“Erin.” Her voice was flat and emotionless. “Good morning,”

Erin felt like crying again already. “Look. I wanted to call and a-apologize. For the way I’ve been acting. For the past few day—during all of High School.”

The other end paused. “Go on.”

“I’m sorry I made fun of you for wanting to go to college, and then made fun of you for not caring about school. And for criticizing you for wanting to become a cheerleader. And for…”

“Hold on a sec,” Terri said. “I need to flip onto my back. Josh! Stop for a second.”

Erin waited patiently.

“Okay, there. Look, Erin, you were mean to us last night. Really mean. We’re your friends.”

“I know, I really know. I’m sorry. I can make it up to you.” Erin thought, furiously. “If you want to come over and fuck Josh, you can do that. If you want to use my titties for something, you can do that. Anything. Just don’t be mad at me.”

“H-hold on,” Erin held the phone at arms-length as Terri moaned and sighed into the phone.

“Okay. Apology accepted.”

“So, ah, Josh is over there still?”

”Yeah,” Terri said.

“And he’s ah, fucking you right now?”

“Yeah, he is. We figured that if he did knock me up or whatever, we might as well enjoy it.”

“What about college and stuff?”

“I don’t know. College doesn’t sound very fun. Too much books and stuff. I figured I’d just take each day at a time. I can always quit school and get a job as a waitress or a dancer or something.”

“Oh-kay,” Erin said. Stop being judgmental. Stop being judgmental. “Listen, I’m going to call Alex now, so—“

“Oh, Alex is over here.”

“Over at your place?”

“Yeah, she slept over.”

“Um, can I talk to her to apologize?”

Terri checked. Erin weighed her boob growth in the meantime. I’m all boob.

“No, she’s got Jared’s dick in her mouth again. I swear. It’s going to glue itself there if she doesn’t let go once in awhile. It makes my jaw hurt to watch.

Erin could hear Alex shouting in the background “Phuck yoo!”

”What? I can’t hear you!” Terri called back. “I think you’ve got something in your mouth! It’s big and long and it’s already spurted twice all over your face!”

Aw, Jared got his facial. Good for him.

A moment later Alex took the phone.

“Uh, hi,” Erin said. “Thanks for picking up the phone.”

“Oh, it’s no problem. Jared is—ahh, right there, right—Jared is learning that I’m not all tongue and mouth.”

“I’m really glad you two hit it off,” Erin said.

“Me too. You know he wants me to work at the store? Stand out front in one of his outfits and hand out flyers. I’ll cause more erections then a construction crew.”

“I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted,” Erin said. “I know it must be hard, especially when your best friend is growing huge knockers and lording them over you.”

Alex chuckled. “Good news about that. My own boobs are coming in! Finally!”

Erin smiled. “That’s great!”

“Yeah, I woke up with them this morning. They’re great, and they feel so slick when I rub cum into them. Mmm. Right there, Josh. That’s sooo nice.”

Josh? “Isn’t Jared fucking you?”

“No, we switched. Terri needs to practice her blowjobs anyway, if she wants to be a decent cheerleader.”

Good for them. “Okay, well, I’ll see you guys later.”

Alex sounded distracted. “That sounds great. Bring Michael over! We’ll have a great time!”

“You bet,” she hung up the phone. Now, why was I so bitchy about all that? Alex is having a great time and getting her titties finally. Terri is having a great time. Erin opened the window. The wind swirled around her. The sun forgave her. She dialed Michael and left a breathy message to call her back.

She hopped in the shower. The water sloughed away the anger and the old lubricant from last night, gave her time to think. She slowly cleaned each tit, then sucked on a nipple as the foamy jets heated her up.

She walked into the bedroom warm and completely naked. Her Mom was waiting outside. Linda nodded with quiet approval at her daughter’s proud, shaven snatch. She pulled a package out from underneath her arm.

“Erin, I was going to give you this when you graduated High School.” She handed her a pink Hugh Mussobay box. “I know you’ve always wanted to leave this two-bit town, and I thought that with this, you can get a ride to anywhere in the Country. Just stand outside and hold out a thumb.”

She opened the box. Inside was a light blue tube dress, made out of some kind of shiny, stretchy fabric. Erin gasped. It’s so beautiful! It looked and felt like air, the perfect outfit to complement a sunny day. She wriggled into it.

“I know guys are always going to stare at your boobs,” Linda said. “I thought I’d show them you weren’t all tit, you know?”

“It’s perfect,” Erin gushed. The fabric looked like liquid against her skin, clinging to her damp skin. The top wasn’t built for her billowing tits, so they pooched out on top and ran up against her upper body. But the main benefit was the way the high-cut bottom of the dress smoothed over her ass. “Better not bend over in this,” she said, laughing. She bent in front of a mirror and watched the fabric expose her newly cleaned pussy.

“You look great,” Linda said, admiring. “I, ah, got something similar myself for tonight. Tom is coming over. I thought maybe you and Michael could go see a movie or something.”

“Okay,” Erin said. She twirled her hair and gave the mirror a kiss. “Think I should wear underwear with something like this?”

“What would Michael say?”

“I guess I’ll have to ask him,” Erin said. “Linda… Mom… thank you. I know I haven’t been the easiest daughter to live with. Things will be different from now on, I promise. I won’t fight with you just because I’m bored.”

Linda looked out the window and winked. “Just let me have the house to myself tonight and we’ll call it even.”


There was only one thing left. Erin picked up the box with the boots she had slung at the wall. The light brown leather was the perfect complement to the friendly new dress. The heels forced her ass to swivel as she walked, and turned a nice outfit into a thing of beauty.

“Time for school,” Linda reminded her.

She smiled. “I can’t wait.”

* * *

School wasn’t exactly in session. It was a Thursday, so technically it should be, but classes seemed to be cancelled by mutual decision.

Erin had stopped by Ms. Hazel’s class anyway. The teacher was on her knees in front of her desk. The room was empty except for the chubby girl in the back row. Her boobs hung loose and rolled around in her hands. Ms. Hazel licked diligently between her thighs.

Girls in bright pink and green and yellow swirled around campus. Most had similar, contented, freshly-fucked expressions. Underwear was optional, and on many a trickle of lubricant or cum ran down the middle of their thighs. Some of the boys had collected two or three girls, and walked in the middle of them with hands placed carefully on butts.

Erin smiled at everyone. It was easy to be liked, when you tried. She strode down the center of campus, affixing boys and girls alike with welcome, inviting looks. She kept her chest pushed out so they had something to look at and enjoy. The dark-haired girl made a special effort to keep her butt in the air, to reward those very few who could tear their eyes away from her unrestrained chest.

Her pussy leaked. Another benefit of a positive attitude. All the attention was getting her chest steamy. It was about time for some mid-morning relief, but she couldn’t seem to find Michael anywhere.

She felt a sudden hand caress her half-exposed bottom. “Michael!” She thought, and backed into it.

It wasn’t Michael. It was Steve. The big half-barrel boy admired her chest as she swung it towards him.

“Hey, you aren’t Michael,” she said, pouting.

“Hi Squeaker. I just wanted to see these for myself. You’re famous, you know,” Steve said. He had his own blonde behind him, wearing a belt-sized skirt and clunker heels. Erin smiled at her, too.

“You can touch them, if you’re careful,” Erin said. “They’re really sensitive.”

“Aw, that’s sweet of you,” Steve said. He grinned. “But Lindsey and I here are on our way off campus. Why don’t you come over later? I’ve got about five or six friends that would like to meet you. All day.”

“Sure thing!” Erin said. “If Michael is up for it,”

“I’m sure he can share,” Steve said. “Nice to see you’ve changed, Squeaker.” He likes me now!

When he passed by, Erin saw Dennis in the background, up against a wall. He was alone, for once, and his lips were twisted. Erin strode up to the bottle-glasses boy. He followed her figure up, and affixed her with his blue-eyed stare. Erin matched it and stared back. She waited for the hypno-swirl, the irresistible command to act like a bimbo-slut.

Nothing. I don’t feel any different.

“You’re… that girl I sit next to in class,” Dennis said. “Did you get implants or something?”

Erin ignored that. “Where’s Susan?”

Dennis frowned. His eyebrows drooped. “We’re.. seeing other people. She decided I’m too young for her. I think she’s fucking the principal right now.”

That explained the heavy breathing over the PA. “I just wanted to tell you that I’m on to you, Dennis. And you’re not going to get at me.”

Dennis looked up from her chest, baffled. “What in hell are you talking about?”

“Making Susan into your sex slave. Turning the girls around here into bimbos. Making everyone into horny little minxes. I know you’re responsible.”

He shook his head. “Are you crazy? You think I have some sort of weird mind control powers?”

Erin looked down at him. He suddenly looked short, nerdy, and very tired. What?

“No, you have to be responsible. You melted Susan. You were always there when skirts rose up and girls started spreading their legs. You started all of it.”

Dennis laughed. “Listen, crazy lady with the boobs. I hate this town. It’s not New York. I moved here last week, I hit on a girl because I didn’t have anything better to do. She does everything I ask for and more. And it’s my fault?”

“But what about—“

“The other girls? Got me. I guess I lucked out,” he shook his head back and forth. “I guess I just stumbled into the sluttiest little town in Texas. I’ve never had it so good.”

“What about that thing with Andrea?”

Dennis looked uncomprehending. “The brunette in the parking lot. Yesterday.”

“Oh. Susan thought it’d be fun to do a twosome. The cheerleading-tryout thing was her idea. The girl seemed into it.”

“So you aren’t some kind of magical mind controller,” Erin said, slowly.

“No, ma’am.”

“You’re just a horny creep,”

Dennis kicked an imaginary rock. “If you want to put it that way. I’m not one to say no to a girl with a rack like yours. Want to go out back?”

“No!” Erin said. She shook her head in disbelief and stormed away. I was wrong all along. Unbelievable. There really is nothing going on.

Dennis watched her swaying ass and readjusted his crotch. “I don’t know if I love or hate this town,” he said, and slouched away.

* * *

“Erin! Hey Erin!”

Erin turned and squealed. Michael caught up to her, panting. He waved a piece of paper.

“I need to talk to you, Erin, it’s—“

She interrupted him with a soul-searing kiss, locked her face to his and let a morning’s worth of steam float into it. “We need to talk,” she said and released him slowly. Erin grabbed her boy and walked off to her usual lunch spot. The dark corner was oddly uninhabited by humping couples.

“Yeah, Erin, I looked into—“

“I need to apologize, Michael,” she said, looking right at him. Now THOSE are hypnotic eyes. “I’ve been a terrible person.”

“Okay, but—“

“No, I need to say this. I’ve treated you terribly. I let my own insecurities and bullshit problems take me over. And it’s never happening again.”

“Never,” Erin said, still locked in those delicious eyes. “Again,” She unzipped his pants in one easy motion, unbuttoned them as she was falling onto her knees. It took the slightest tug to unleash her untameable chest. Michael stared, awed, as they bounced and shivered to a new equilibrium. His cock strained in the warm air.

Erin bathed his cock in hot spit, regretfully withdrew, and then plunged them into the middle of her chest. The soft boob nestled and caressed her boy’s dick, and his startled little spasms were better then any vibrator. She looked up at him with lust-rimmed eyes and gave him the sunniest possible smile. Her free hand played with her choker.

Michael hesitated, then started to plunge forward with abandon, leaving an increasingly slick trail down the center of her mammaries. “I came to tell you,” he said, panting. “I figured out what’s going at school.”

“Huh?” Erin said. “Oh, nevermind that. I found out. Dennis isn’t responsible. It was just me being stupid.”

“No, no! Well, yes, it’s not Dennis. It never was.” Michael said. “Oh fuck, this feels good. I did some digging of my own, and I found out… agh… look, we’ll talk about this later, okay? But I’ve got it all under control, I think.”

“Okay,” Erin said, happily. She hadn’t heard much of it. Should I touch myself? I’m all wet and warm. But Michael deserves my full attention. Her knees were getting dirty in the old, unswept corner. Erin didn’t notice.

Later, Michael explained everything, in between short gasps. Something about the water supply and the chemical plant, and elevated levels of this-and-that. Erin smiled and nodded while he nailed her inviting slit from behind. She was too busy creaming at the delightful sensation of a real dick all the way inside her to really pay much attention. If she peeked around the corner she could see the freeway, way off in the distance, clear and fast on a sunny day.

A great big bus trundled off to bigger cities and opportunities. That could wait. She shuddered, smiled, and came.