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Bad Dog chap 3

It was a week after the arrival of the leash that Natasha swept back into our lives. (I found out later that she’d been busy apartment hunting, after some kind of infestation at her old place, and had nearly forgotten about us with the new stress in her life.)

Nonetheless, there she was, strikingly beautiful, with a powerful, haughty sneer, and seeming taller than she was in the same black coat and boots as before. She’d let herself into our house and was standing in our living room almost before we could react, and I barely had time to fumble my collar off after falling off the couch.

Lily recovered sooner than I did. “You!? What the fuck are you doing here? Get the fuck out of our house!”

“Now, now, my little piglet—no need to take that tone. Didn’t you like my gift? I bet you did ... How many times has he worn it?”

Our quick shared look was all she needed to know.

“And have you noticed how docile he gets? How obedient? Men need help getting themselves under control, don’t they ... And I’ve found just the thing! A little hypnosis, a little fantasy ... and a collar. Isn’t it nice to control him so completely?”

“But ... but why?” said Lily. Without actually agreeing or disagreeing, I noticed. “What’s your game?”

“To show this mongrel, this bitch in heat, this mutt—” Natasha threw the word at me—“that I can still control his life. That I can still ruin his life. And to show you, you man-stealing slut—that I can ruin you too.”

“You want him back that bad?”

“Ugh. Why do you two keep thinking that? I don’t want him at all! I want YOU to see that YOU don’t want him either!! He’s useless in bed, and he refuses to learn anything. He can’t be trained, and he won’t shut up. So, this last couple weeks he’s become even more useless, hasn’t he?”

Lily started to say that I could be trained, I’d been trained well in pleasing her in many ways over the years, but Natasha cut her off. “He can’t get it up, that’s what I’m talking about. Not that you could ever tell, his erection is indistinguishable from an outie belly button... And this week, he’s been quiet, and eager to please, right? This week I showed you how docile and obedient he can be. But the joke’s on you, because he’s not really obedient to you—he’s obedient to me.”

Finally, she turned to look at me. I’d felt like an invisible observer this entire time, an object to be quarreled over. Now, she saw me. And I flinched.

She snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor by her boot. “Heel!” she said in a commanding tone.

I looked at her quizzically. Did she really think that was going to work, I wondered—ignoring the fact that something inside me had pulled toward her, for a moment.

“Bad dog!” she barked, and I yelped. I could feel my ears prick up for whatever she said next. She pointed more forcefully. “Heel!”

Without taking time for conscious thought, I bounded across the room and crouched by her foot. I looked shamefully up at my wife, but didn’t resist Natasha’s touch as she stroked my head. Indeed, I think I leaned into it.

“Good boy. You like being my good boy, don’t you?” I rubbed my cheek against her thigh. “I thought so.”

She took a dog biscuit from her pocket and held it up. “You want a treat?”

My eyes went wide. All my attention was focused on the treat.

“Speak!” she said, and I barked as loud as I could. “Up!” she said, and I eagerly got onto my hind legs, wobbling a bit. “Clothes off—you know good puppies don’t wear clothes.”

I stripped off my human clothes quickly. They didn’t feel right on me anyway—I needed to be free.

“So good. Have a biscuit.” She tossed it to the floor, and I dropped to all fours, found the treat with my mouth, and started to crunch it. I didn’t like the taste very much—not as much as Froot Loops—but I did my best. I knew it was good for my teeth.

Somewhere above me, I could hear Natasha laughing.

“Oh, Tommy boy—look what I have.”

She had opened her coat to reveal the same ensemble in black as before. My tongue lolled out of my mouth. I could smell her.

Instantly, I became rock hard. I bounded forward and pushed my nose into her black panties. “Ha ha! Oh, easy boy ... You need that, don’t you? Well maybe I’ll let you lick it later ... Right now, hump my leg.”

She extended one foot, and I instantly started rubbing my erect doggy dick on her calf, clumsily trying to stimulate it on her leg. I couldn’t seem to use my arms or hands properly, couldn’t quite my doggy brain to figure out how best to fuck this thing.

“All right, down boy! Down.” I fell to the floor, and rolled sideways, showing my belly. And my dripping erection.

“Mmmm, there’s a good boy.”

She smiled at Lily, reveling in the triumph of her demonstration. “He obeys me, and follows my commands,” Natasha said. “He’s a slave to my pussy. And I know he can’t get it up for you anymore, can he?” She must have seen the truth in my wife’s face, for she laughed again. “Truth is, he can only get it up for animals. Have you noticed that?”

My ex looked down on me, and her lip curled in disgust. “He’s a useless mutt. You should throw him out in the street.”

There was a moment’s silence. Then:

“You’re right.”

Through my low-IQ, obedient-doggy fog, her voice still penetrated. And her words. I looked up, with a whimper.

“He’s useless to me like this,” said Lily, her voice hard. “I mean, his tongue still works pretty good, but ... maybe I should take another lover.” She looked at me. “What do you think, Tom? I could use a nice big cock for a change. Should I get some big alpha male stud in here, a bull to fuck me the way I need to be fucked?”

My cock throbbed at the word “bull”—and, I think, at the image of my wife being pleasured by another man.

“Maybe I’d make you watch us ... have you lap his cum off my body with your doggy tongue when we’re finished. Lick the cum off my tits, or from deep inside my cunt.” Lily got down on her knees, and I sat up to look her in the eye as she held my ears. “Would you like that, boy? I’d let you sleep at the foot of my bed, after my bull fucked me all night long. I can imagine him wanting you to wait outside, because it puts him off to have the pets watching us do it—heh—but I’ll just say, ‘No, you know he’ll just whine out there in the hall, he’ll be good.’ And you would, wouldn’t you? You’d be a good boy.” She scratched my head, and I gave a happy bark.

Natasha had moved behind her, so I could see her smile. “Oh, I like this. I wasn’t expecting such kink out of you, such a cruel streak, but I approve.”

“Or ...” Lily continued, ignoring Natasha and looking deep into my eyes, “maybe you need to get fucked too. What do you think of that? Get some slutty poodle for you to stick your little dick into? Or maybe I’d borrow the neighbor’s Great Dane to come over and stick his massive doggy dick in your ass. What do you think of that? Servicing big dogs with your body? Maybe that’s all you’re good for ...”

I whimpered a little. I wanted to serve, I wanted to please, to be a good dog. But I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do it like that ...

Natasha laughed loudly. “Well, well. I wanted to get you to see that he’s useless, and throw him out the way he discarded me. But this is even better! Much better than I could have hoped. All right, let’s see what you’ve got. Tommy pup!”

I pulled my head away from my wife’s hands to pay attention to my mistress.

“Bad dog. From now on, you will obey Lily’s commands as if they were my own. Good boy.”

I looked from one to the other, confused, still on my hands and knees. I mean, on all fours. Who was I supposed to listen to now?

Lily swatted my nose with her fingers, just enough to get my attention. “Bad dog!” she said. Then:

“From now on, you get super hard for me, for my pussy and mine alone. You fuck me as long as I need you to, and you don’t cum until I give you permission.”

My eyes grew wide, as I realized what she was doing.

“Second! From now on, you ignore all this woman’s commands and her programming. She is dead to you. You can’t even hear her. And third. Get this bitch out of my house this instant. Tommy—sic her!”

She stood up, and glared at Natasha. “Good boy.”

It was a beautiful moment. I stood, and touched my wife’s shoulder. I had my speech back, at least for a minute.

“Sweetheart ...” I murmured.

Natasha looked shocked ...

Then she burst out laughing. “Oh, that was good!! Oh, brilliant, well done.” She clapped, a slow, sarcastic clap. “Yes, that really should have worked. Wow, you love your man. Stand by your man, and all that. Well done.”

Lily looked at me, and then back to Natasha in confusion, and a little fear. Why wasn’t I moving? Why wasn’t she?

“But see the thing is ... I’m not as dumb as you seem to think. I built in a few failsafes, in little Tommy Pup’s brain here. And in yours, piglet. Or did you forget that you’ve been going to the same hypnotherapist for months?”

Lily gasped.

“Bad bitch. Clothes off ... quickly now, bitches don’t get clothes.” Lily, my lovely bosomy wife, stripped naked faster than she had in years, her expression full of shock at her obedience and our situation. “On your knees. Good girl.”

Natasha stroked Lily’s hair as she knelt before me, her eyes on a level with my cock. My formerly hard dick was rapidly deflating, disappearing into my bushy pubes.

“Suck his dick, bitch. Go on. Put it in your mouth. Suck it good. Since you needed to steal him from me, I want you to fully understand that this pathetic little dick is the last cock you’re ever going to get. I’m going to make sure of that. That’s it, suck it. He’s not even getting hard for you, is he? Pathetic, the both of you.” Tears were streaming down Lily’s face as she was forced to keep sucking, trying unsuccessfully to coax some life out of my shriveled penis. I was crying, myself. I wished I could get hard for her, wished I could cum. Wished I’d never gotten into this mess.

“That limp noodle is all you’re going to get. Ever. I hope it was worth it. Tell me. Was it worth it?”

Lily pulled away from my crotch, letting my dicklet flop from her lips. She looked at Natasha with the last of her defiance.

“It was. To get him away from a cunt like you.”

Natasha slapped her across the face. “Bad bitch! No more words for you. Down on all fours! Now!” Lily dropped to her hands and knees. “Speak! Like the bitch you are!”

“Aarf! Aarrf! Rrarf!”

“Head down, ass in the air!”

Instantly, Lily’s face was resting on her front paws, on the carpet. Her tail wagged in the air, her thick, beautiful thighs winking at me.

Natasha smiled, a cruel, wicked smile. “Good dog.”

And then ... something miraculous happened. As I watched, my wife became ... less human. She transformed, in my eyes. She was not a human woman. She was a gorgeous, voluptuous dog.

A bitch. In heat.

Like me.

My cock surged to a new hardness and virility. My tongue lolled out of my mouth as I salivated. I couldn’t stop staring at her ass. I wanted to lick at where her tail should be, and right under it. I wanted to mount her, with an energy I hadn’t felt since I was a pup.

Out of the corner of my eye, I sensed that Natasha was watching me. “Go ahead,” she said, almost kindly.

I leapt on my beautiful bitch, my front paws scrabbling on her back as I mounted her. I slid inside her easily, and then ... there were no thoughts. Just white noise. Just pleasure. Nothing to distract me. I didn’t have to think of images to prolong it. I didn’t have to think of ways to keep it up. I didn’t have to think, at all. Time had no more meaning to me than it does ... well, to a dog.

I humped into the bitch’s pussy for what felt like an eon, and she barked and yipped her pleasure. When I finally came, we both howled out our joy, together.

Like two dogs in heat. Together.

* * *

In the end, Natasha decided to move into our house. She didn’t have a place to live, anyway.

She seems to like having two dogs. Lily and I frolic in the yard or nap on the floor, always nude of course. We fuck as often as we like. We doze in a warm pile on the rug. We lounge on Mistress’s feet when she lies on the couch. We keep Mistress company in the kitchen. Mistress takes care of responsibilities, and we don’t have any worries. Except for when Mistress forgets to let us into the back yard for too long, and we have to whine and scratch to be let out. We don’t want to pee on the floor—we get punished badly for that. But other than little moments like that—and we don’t remember them for too long, since we think very little these days ... our lives are empty but happy. We have our chew toys, our food bowls, plenty of sleep, and each other. And Mistress, of course.

Who keeps saying she’s going to take a lover into her bed ... but so far has been more than satisfied with her toys, and her pets. And her pets’ tongues.