The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bag of a call girl

The airport was crowded, as usual. I barely got to the terminal in time to catch my flight, and then spent hours crammed into a middle seat. The baggage claim was even worse today than it had been in the past. I bumped into a lady who seemed in as much of a hurry as me. Our suitcases dropped to the floor. I looked to see if she was okay but she just waved me off and grabbed her bag. By the time I picked up my own, I saw her already headed out the door and getting into a car. I walked out to find a cab, just glad I was going home.

Once home, I set my luggage on my bed, took a shower, and got into my comfortable clothes for lounging around. Then I went to make some tea before unpacking. As the water heated, I stepped back into the bedroom. Unzipping my case, I noticed the bag looked fuller than I remembered packing.

I take out clothes and notice that they seem to not be mine. Sighing, I put them down, then move to grab the phone when something within the case catches my eye. I put the phone down a second to have a better look; there is something glittering as I move things aside.

I pull out lace panties, silk bras, and some silk scarves. Then, as I place them aside, my eye catches a pendant—wrapped up but almost falling out of the blouse it was swathed in. I pick it up and unwrap it fully from its hiding place. The necklace shimmers in the light. I dangle it in front of me and notice how it dances in front of my reading lamp. My mind seems to drift, and I don’t notice time passing.

It’s only when the kettle goes off that I startle and almost drop the necklace on the bed. I look around for a moment, gathering my head before I place the necklace back in the suitcase and go take the kettle off the stove. Pouring some water for tea, I take it back to the bedroom to again grab the phone to call the baggage people. Someone must be missing this lovely piece of jewelry. I dial the number on my ticket stub for baggage claim. I get a recording, leave a message, and hang up. I will try back tomorrow.

Putting the phone on my dresser, I sip my tea. Then I remember the run in at the baggage area: it must have been the woman’s bag that I grabbed. I start to look in the case for some form of address or a number, but the only thing I note is a strange symbol, like a logo: the triangle-shaped, rainbow-colored gif that seems to shimmer like the pendant did.

Something pulled at my eyes again. It was the necklace. I picked it up and felt a twinge of pleasure. I put it around my neck, to see what it would look like. There in the mirror, I saw the flecks of light shine in it. My eyes could not look away from my reflection. I moved away from the bed and watched myself.

I saw myself strip off my night clothes and fondle myself, teasing playfully at my nether region. I heard myself moan, and felt the scintillating shiver of pleasure down my spine as I continued my assault. My nipples grew erect and I watched my free hand start to fondle one breast, then the other. I let out a breath and focused on my fingers …craving them ... wanting them … deeper inside me.

There was a whisper. “Perform for me, my sexy plaything.”

I moaned at the sound and found myself moving faster and making myself hornier. I pushed myself to do as the voice commanded, closing my eyes as my fingers danced over me.

Next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I was squirming, my digits moving over my sex, rubbing over my slit, and finding their way inside, stroking steadily and without mercy as my hips rose and fell. I let out a moan and heard the whisper again.

“Cum for me, my little vixen.”

I moan as I hear the words. My fingers work faster and deeper as my other hand caresses my breasts and hardened nipples. My only thought is to ride the pleasure and give myself to it.

Fulfillment comes as I feel my body rock with waves of fiery bliss. My eyes close as my body arches with each wave. Then I see the inner light: the necklace glowing and marking me as the light inside my mind grows.

The pleasure is now like a heavy heart beat and my mission is complete. I have arrived at the destination. The world is turning completely white and blinding, then … nothing. My body falls limp and I sleep.

Not sure how much time had passed, I woke up and turned to look around. I was in a bed, but not my own, however. The sheets were cool against my naked body. I blinked, not remembering how I got naked or even in the bed. As my eyes adjusted to the rooms dim light. I swear I heard music playing, but couldn’t make it out. I smelled candles burning and tried to lift myself out of the bed.

“She awakes ... my pretty pet.” I heard a voice say. It was velvet and honey, and sent a shiver down me. I softly whimpered, then heard her chuckle: “My poor pet, so confused ...”

I heard her move, as if getting up from a chair, perhaps. Her heels clicked on the tile floor and came closer to me. I turned my head to see a tall, slender figure leaning over me. I took in the scent of jasmine and something else. Her lips pressed against my own as I breathed her in. Her kiss sent pleasure through me.

When she broke the kiss, I moved from under her. My cheeks felt flush, and I was warm all over. She gave a laugh and held up the pendant that had been around my neck. My eyes followed it like a moth to flame.

“You are a nasty dirty girl ... and I need to punish you for stealing my things.”

As she spoke I watched as she swung the pendant in front of me. The way it swayed back and forth and glinted in the darkness kept my eyes locked on it. Her voice made me whimper, for I knew she was right.

“So naughty, going through my things and then fondling yourself ... such a bad, dirty girl. What should I do with you? ”

Before I could say anything to defend myself, she placed her fingers over my lips and kept swinging the pendant. My eyes followed it and kept their focus on it as she spoke again: “You need to be punished for such crimes ... and I, as your captor, know just how to handle someone as smutty and slutty as you.”

The pendant swung and filled my mind as she told me about myself. I felt my sex heat up and my cheeks blush again.

“As the pendant goes back and forth, watch as it takes you with it. Feel yourself get smaller and smaller. See yourself shrink and feel so insignificant. No one wants you. No one will miss you. You disappear into the necklace the more you look at it. You cannot look away, and thus you seal your fate.”

I watch as her pendant swallows me up. What I was, who I will be all seems to vanish with each pass of the jewel in front of me. I sink into the bed and begin to float away.

“There’s a good girl ... my nothing-but-a-whore. Now that you are forever forgotten … except by me ... I will make you my slave. You will please me and I will use your body as my toy. It’s all for your good now. You want to be my toy, to be my slut, to please me. Your body exists for my pleasure and nothing else. You want that ... you need that … you will become that for me, your owner.”

I looked past the pendant, looking at the shadow who held my fate. She, the one I was to please and be used by; she, who would play with me as a toy, to throw away at her whim. I was hers to command like a dog. I wanted, needed, ached to be used, abused, and horny for her.

I hear her laugh as she bends over to kiss me hard on the mouth. I moan and reach up, pulling her on the bed. I start grinding against her. My body arches into the woman, I moan as I lick her until I find her sex. My mouth sucks and my tongue licks her pussy lips like a hungry wild beast. My nipples grow erect as I hear her groan in pleasure at my attention. I fuck her with my tongue and massage her butt cheeks with my hands.

“That’s my good little whore ...”

Her praise sends shivers down to my sex as I do my best to perform for her and be her dirty little slutty whore always. I move up to kiss her body and use my fingers to replace my tongue. I moan against her as my lips kiss her belly. My tongue finds her breasts. I devour each as my lips latch onto one and then the other to suckle and kiss and nibble upon so hungrily I am never sated. I fuck her hard, unrelenting. Her screams of pleasure are my reward and my payment for servicing her.

I move against her even though I feel spent. She tears me away and throws me against the bed. I whimper and try to move towards her again. Her voice is firm, “That’s enough my little whore. You did well for your first of many times.” She climbs off the bed and throws me a robe. “Go, shower, get yourself clean. You’ve got others awaiting your needy, horny pussy.”

Without another word she walks away, leaving me alone to collect what little I have left of myself. Like a good slut I do as I am told, as it has always been and will ever be.

There, on the floor, at the foot of the bed, unnoticed, is the open bag …