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Bait and Switch Ch. 07

Thanks to JA & garbonzo607 for their insightful edits.

* * *

‘It seemed like any other Monday, except for the whispers and stares I received as I walked around campus. In one way it was an improvement, no one calling me dweeb, or nerd, but it was also a little disturbing.

Had someone discovered my ability? Had Gina told someone? I remembered Lindsey saying I was the talk of school, and that had been before I’d told Gina, so I doubted she’d told anyone. I walked towards a couple guys talking, to see what was up, but when they saw me coming, they fled. In consternation, I stared after them, wondering what in the world was going on.

No one seemed willing to talk to me about it, and those that were willing to talk to me, didn’t know. The whole thing was starting to give me a headache, and it was then that I remembered old Mrs. Polkins. I walked into her office, and found her sitting behind her desk, a faint smile on her face.

I told her I had a headache, and just needed some Tylenol. I watched as she moved around. It seemed like she was moving faster, but that may have been hopeful thinking. I’m certain the roots of her hair were darker, not gray, but there wasn’t enough there to tell what color yet. Her cheeks sagged a little on her face, but there looked to be fewer wrinkles.

I checked her switches, turned up the elasticity of her skin, as well as her metabolism, but left her other two switches alone for now. I thanked her for the painkillers, and left her office. I tried to remind myself to check up on her from time to time and see the progress she makes.

Standing right outside, was Robbie Mortensen. By the look he gave me, I knew he’d been waiting for me. I decided that running wasn’t an option, and besides, I should be able to handle him.

As I walked up to the jock, I noticed his eyes looked haggard and sad. He looked like a man that had been to hell and back, only he’d brought hell with him. For a moment I felt sorry for the role I’d played in that, till I remembered all the bullying I’d received at his hands.

“What’s up, Robbie?” I asked, trying to sound unconcerned.

The big man examined me for a bit, arms folded across his large chest, and his brow furrowed. “You been working out?”

I almost laughed. Could THAT have been what all the stares were about? I still couldn’t see a difference in myself, though I had noticed things seemed lighter than they used to be. As I thought about it, even my shirt had seemed a bit smaller when I’d put it on this morning. Despite this, all I said to Robbie was, “Maybe.”

“I don’t know why I’m doing this. Maybe I feel sorry about what I did to you, but you don’t seem to be hurting from it. For some reason I feel like I owe you though, so I’m warning you.” He took a deep breath, and I tensed. What was he going to do, threaten me some more? “Derek means to pay you back, and make you hurt. It is all over the campus. He seems to have it in for you.” Before I could say anything in response, he turned and walked away.

THAT must be why everyone was looking at me. They didn’t want to get caught up in whatever Derek had planned for me. I wondered if they were also supposed to keep me in the dark or if that was just the unintended side effect. Had Robbie just crossed some boundary to help me out? I resolved to keep my ability in reserve, so that I could use it if I needed to, on a moment’s notice. I didn’t want to get caught unawares, or weak.

An idea occurred to me, and I recalled that I could sense my switches. I walked to a quiet spot, and cast my mind out, feeling for the switches that were Derek’s. If he was anywhere close, I would know. I was shocked to find him on the other side of campus. Not shocked because he was far from me, but because I could feel his switches from so far away. My ability truly was growing. I also found Gina off to my left, not as far, and Robbie moving further away. I felt others too, but concentrated on Derek. If he was over there, I was safe.

My phone rang then, and my mind came back to me. Shanna was on the other end.

“I just heard something, you should know,” she said without preamble.

“About Derek? Yeah, I just heard. I’ll be fine though, don’t worry.”

“Oh, okay. Hey, are you working tonight?” She asked, sounding hopeful.

“Yeah, I tried to get this week off so I could study for finals, but Bradley wouldn’t hear it.”

“Great! About you working, that is. Not about Bradley. I’m working too, I’ll see you there.”

Shortly after I got a text from Gina, warning me of the same thing, but she wasn’t worried either. She knew what I was capable of.

The rest of my classes seemed a blur, as I concentrated on keeping track of Derek. Luckily I didn’t have any finals today, with my mind so preoccupied.

Dennis gave me the same warning when I got home, and I only laughed. When he looked surprised at my response, I said the same thing I told Shanna. He didn’t look convinced but that was fine with me. I had a couple hours till I started my shift, so I played a few games, before getting ready.

The snow was lightly falling as I drove to the restaurant, and I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about the last time Shanna and I had worked together. The snow was still piled high on the sides of the road from that storm, though the power was likely to stay on tonight.

Shanna greeted me with a smile as I walked in the back, and I gave her a quick wink. I suddenly wondered if this was Shannon, and realized the only way for me to tell them apart was when I was sleeping with one or the other. I could use my switches though, to tell them apart. I easily made a small switch that would make her happy when I moved it, and noticed that it was already on. There, that should do it, I thought with satisfaction.

Despite it being a Monday, it was a busy night, and Shanna and I had little opportunity to talk. Bradley seemed to be on a rampage, as he bellowed out orders, and chewed one cook out for being too slow. He left Shanna and me alone, though, so I didn’t mess with him. I needed to save my strength for whatever Derek had in mind. I could just faintly feel him off to the east somewhere.

When the restaurant finally closed, Shanna waited for me in the parking lot with a smile. We kissed for a while in her car.

“We need to stop,” she told me breathlessly after a bit.

“Why,” I asked, cupping her cheek in my hand, and pulling her face back to mine.

“Because my sister is home, and I’m getting pretty horny and I don’t want to do it in the car!” She laughed her wonderful little laugh as she pulled away from me.

“We could go to my place,” I whispered.

“Didn’t you say you needed to study for finals?” She tried to sound serious but I could see the mirth in her eyes.

“Sure. How about we study anatomy together?” I suggested. She giggled again, and I felt her long lashes against my cheek as she hugged me tight.

“Another night, I need to do some studying as well,” she told me, and I felt let down.

Reluctantly I let her go, horny as hell, but unwilling to manipulate her into having my way. I really should study anyway.

I ended up playing on my computer, instead, until I went to bed.

I woke up immediately, when I felt Lela’s switches close to me, and everyone else’s switches vanish. I didn’t even realize I was still monitoring all the switches, until they were gone. Where had Lela taken me that was outside of my newfound range?

“Have you been practicing?” The dual-tonal voice of Lela asked me as I was bathed in the weakening/strengthening white light.

“No,” I told her honestly, “I have been saving my strength. Something has come up that I need to be ready for.” I didn’t want to tell her about Derek since it was a personal problem.

“More important that your entire race?” The question hurt all the more because it was said with almost no emotion.

I knew she was right, but what was I to do? Derek planned on hurting me somehow, and I needed to be ready to deal with him, but at the same time, the human race depended on me too, though they didn’t know it. If I wasn’t ready to face the demons when they arrived, we were all doomed.

“I’ll keep practicing,” I promised her.

And what better way to practice than right now? I flipped the newest switch in her, the one I hoped would put her in heat, and watched as her eyes grew large, and her ‘horny’ switch flipped to full blast.

She made a loud noise, that sounded like two different voices sounding at once, saying two different things, but neither intelligible, before reverting back to English. “What have you done?”

I knew there was no way for me to deny it. She knew what I could do, and if she was in heat when she wasn’t supposed to be, the only rational explanation would be because of me.

“You said to practice,” I tried to explain. “I need to practice on aliens as well as humans. How else will I know what I can do?”

She screamed something that I realized must be her natural language, and it didn’t sound pretty. “You don’t understand. I was chosen for this mission because I wasn’t supposed to mate for many of your solar cycles. Offspring have always been planned with genetics in mind.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” I told her, getting defensive. “I’ll just turn it off.” But the switch didn’t move. It refused to budge. I pressed against it harder, groaning with the effort, but to no avail.

“It can’t be turned off. I have to either mate, or I will die.” She screamed again in her language, and I’m fairly sure I didn’t want to know what she was saying. “There isn’t a mate-worthy male on this side of the galaxy. You have killed me!” She continued yelling in her own tongue.

Complete and utter shame filled me. This wonderful alien helped me develop my ability and was trying to help me save the human race. But in my ignorance, I had doomed this kind and trusting creature; and all because of my sexual curiosity.

“What about me?” I asked, doubting it was even possible. My head was throbbing, and it was hard to think through her confusing language.

She suddenly stopped talking, and looked at me. Her silvery-blue eyes had turned to a green color, and her slit pupils had grown larger. Her breathing was heavy, and I could see a light film of liquid running down her legs. The light fairly danced around her body in her distress.

“You?” Both tones of her voice sounded odd, ragged, as she asked me that. “Our genetic code is different. It shouldn’t work. And you are only human.” Her whole body shook, and I could tell she was in distress. “I may have no other choice.” She now sounded resigned to the possibility.

Her hands moved in the air before her, hitting her invisible buttons, and the white light around me turned to the healing greenish-yellow for a moment, restoring my strength, before turning off completely.

I stepped up to her, not sure how this worked for her species, and placed my hand gently on her shoulder. Or tried to. An electrical shock coursed through my arm, and knocked me back a couple steps.

“Wait until I get undressed!” She demanded after she worked out the words in English. But she was already naked... The dancing light around her body simmered, and then fell to the floor, shining dully. The light had been her clothing! It wasn’t designed to cover up, but only for protection.

I looked back to Lela, and she looked a little different without the light playing across her smooth pink skin. I tentatively reached out my hand to touch her shoulder, and this time my fingers touched flesh. It was as soft and smooth as it looked, and warm to the touch.

I realized she was glaring at me impatiently, and that I was still had my boxers on. I quickly disrobed, and felt my face turn beet red as my limp member came out. Filled with shame as I was, I had lost my other desire. If I was to have a chance at saving her, though, I had to get it up.

I brought my face close to hers, and she backed away, uncertainly. “What are you doing?” She asked in alarm.

“I’m trying to kiss you,” I told her, not wanting to explain the need for it.

“You humans kiss. We just mate. We do not need to kiss,” she replied matter-of-factly.

“Well I DO!” I said, frustrated. I pulled her to me, and pressed my mouth against her soft thin lips. She didn’t fight me this time, and accepted my embrace. I licked her lips, before trying to slip my tongue into her mouth. I heard her sigh, before letting it in, but she just stood there, letting me do whatever, without returning the kiss. “You have to kiss me back,” I complained.

“You humans have weird rituals.” Despite her words, she tilted her head back, and this time when I kissed her, I felt her tongue around mine. Or rather, I felt two tongues slide around mine. One went into my mouth, and licked around my teeth, while her other one swirled around mine. I was shocked, but at the same time, turned on. I felt my dick start to rise, and let my hands drop down to her buttocks, giving them a nice squeeze. She did the same for me, and I guessed she thought she had to do whatever I did. I wasn’t going to complain.

It didn’t take long for me to grow fully hard, and I broke the kiss. “I’m ready,” I told her, looking deep into her now green eyes.

“I—I’ve never...” She trailed off.

“How do they do it on your planet?”

“Usually, when the mate-worthy male gets our scent, it drives them wild. They take us, and mate with us several times. I have heard it can be brutal. We are helpless to stop them, unless we wish to die.”

I couldn’t imagine what that must be like for her; to be in heat, and possibly hurt while in the act. I couldn’t be brutal, but I could try to take charge.

“Lay down,” I instructed her, and despite her earlier anger, she meekly complied. As I dropped to my knees between her slender pink thighs, I could feel the vibrations through the floor. I leaned over her belly, kissing the smooth surface, and worked my way up to her small breasts. Her nipples were already hard, when I pulled one between my teeth.

“Is this a necessary part of your human’s mating?” She asked me, but there was a slight hitch in her voice as she asked me. Was she starting to enjoy this? I hoped so, but couldn’t be sure, so hurried myself along.

I looked down, and was thankful that her vagina was in the same place as a human’s (and eerily looked like one, minus any hair, and completely pink), as I placed the tip of my penis against it. I could feel the heat of her sex pouring from her crotch, and as I rubbed my member up and down her small slit, she started to shift underneath me. It didn’t take long for her juices, which were practically pouring out of her, to lubricate me, and I tried to push my way into her.

It was no good. She was too tight, and I was too big. For a moment I feared that I was going to fail her. But then I remembered when she had shown me the holograms of her species in this room. I hadn’t paid much attention to the males of her species at the time, but if I recalled properly, they were even better endowed than I was. If they could do it, then so should I. I wondered if that was why they had to be so violent.

I continued to rub my cock against her opening, occasionally trying to push my way in. She started to make odd noises as I continued to do this, but I wasn’t sure if they were frustrated sounds or something else. About my sixth attempt to penetrate her, I pushed harder than before, and was gratified to feel my head finally slip in.

Lela’s hands grasped my back, her fingers digging in, as she cried out. I held still, not sure if I should move or not. Her inner muscles started to milk what little was in her, and I realized that her juices were making my schlong tingle.

“Why did you stop?” She asked me after a while, and I still hadn’t moved.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I replied.

“We need to get this done with. Do you want me to kiss you again?” Her voice was soft, but not quite emotionless.

“Only if you want—” I was cut short as her lips met mine, and her two tongues snaked into my mouth. I started to move my hips, and was thankful for how wet she was, because she was tighter than I had thought possible. Her inner muscles seemed to grip my cock with a strangle hold, tightly squeezing me, while at the same time, undulating around me.

I soon came up to a barrier, which I assumed was her maidenhead. I broke the kiss, long enough to say, “This is going to hurt, and I’m really sorry.”

“Just do it,” She hurriedly said.

I pressed my mouth back to hers, and it almost seemed as though she was hungry for the kiss, her tongues sucking and sliding against mine. I thrust my hips forward, and broke past the thin barrier. Lela cried out into our kiss, and her fingers dug painfully into my back, but otherwise made no other movement or protest.

Her pussy had also gripped me even harder, and I waited for it to loosen a little before I began sliding in and out of her. With the way her juices were making my rod tingle, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Part of me was grateful that she wasn’t going to have to endure the humiliation of mating with a human much longer.

Another part of me wanted to keep going, it felt so good.

I felt my climax getting close, and picked up my pace, sawing into her with a frenzy. I pulled almost all the way out, leaving only my head in, and then sank fully into her. I was surprised her small frame could take my length, but relished in the feeling as well.

Lela was grunting underneath me, moaning into our kiss, and I felt her hands go to my ass, pulling me in, in time with my thrusts.

We both cried out at the same moment, as I shot my load into her alien canal, and I felt a hot gush of her fluids wash over my groin. Her whole pussy seemed to be milking my cock, demanding every last ounce of seed in my balls.

I truly hoped this would work. I desperately wanted her to come out of this okay, and for a moment I thought I felt something move, but I couldn’t be certain.

I rolled off of her, lying on my back, on the vibrating floor, and breathing heavily.

“I am truly sorry you had to suffer that,” I told her, my shame coming back to me.

She said something in her own language, and then switched to English. “That was not what I expected. Your human rituals are... Nice.” Her large head turned to look at me, and I could see her eyes were still green. “This kissing you do is nice, too.”

“Did it work?” I was afraid it had failed. Her eyes were still green. “Will you live?”

“After one mating?” She laughed, and I realized it was the first time I had ever heard her laugh. “It takes many matings before the need will leave me.” It was then that I thought to check her switches. Her ‘horny’ switch was still on, but was it down a little? She crawled on top of me, and I groaned. I didn’t think there was a possibility of my getting it up right then. “I have seen your females like this. Let’s try this position now.”

I groaned again. On the one hand I was glad she was no longer angry with me, but on the other, I still felt like I had doomed her. The males of her species must be some kind of super studs to mate multiple times in a row.

“What is wrong? Do we need to do the kissing again?” She asked me, looking down at my slick limp willy.

“I don’t think kissing will do it this time. Human males don’t recover that fast, without other stimulation,” I told her. There was a little part of me that couldn’t help but wonder if she would.

Her head cocked to the side, as she looked at me. Despite having no hair, I thought she looked rather cute right then...for an alien, of course.

“I have seen your females do other things to help your recover quickly.” It was then that I realized she had been watching me have sex, and she must have been referring to the other day when Shanna had given me a blowjob in her car, as I drove us to her place. I didn’t know how I felt about her watching me.

“That might work, if you’re willing to,” I hedged.

“I want to live,” she told me, but somehow I didn’t think that was all there was to it. She had pretty much said she liked kissing.

She slid her body down, till her large head was over my soaked crotch. She took my member in one of her three fingered hands, and examined it for a moment, before tentatively sticking out one of her tongues, and licking it. Her head cocked to the side again, as she returned the tongue to her mouth, and examined the taste.

I can only assume it wasn’t offensive to her, because she then opened her small mouth, and took the head between her lips.

I could feel both of her tongues moving around my shaft, and despite having just spent myself inside her only a few moments ago, I moaned at the pleasure this brought me. Her tongues wrapped around my member, sliding around the length. She must have been watching a lot more closely than I would have thought, because she really knew what she was doing, as she started to bob her head up and down in my lap.

It only took a couple minutes of her two-tongued technique before I was growing hard again. When she pulled her small mouth off of my member, her lips seemed to get stuck around the rim, before popping free.

“Now my position?” She asked, and I just nodded.

More eagerly than I would have expected, she crawled up my body, and started kissing me again. I could taste our combined juices on her tongues, and they made my mouth tingle, as they had my cock. She pressed her little hole against my rigid pole, and once again we had to supply enough pressure to break past the initial barrier. I couldn’t believe how light she felt on top of me.

Once inside her, she wasted no time getting my full length up into her slick hole. The tingling started up again, almost immediately, and I realized I was even more sensitive than I was last time.

I let Lela set the pace, as her our tongues met and danced with one another. She started out slow, rocking back and forth on my body, and this time it was me that grabbed her ass, enjoying the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my cock.

Lela started moaning, and I knew she was really getting into it as she picked up the pace. I was glad that I was able to at least supply her with some pleasure, after the mess of the situation I had created, and wanted to give her more.

I broke off the kiss, and lifted her torso far enough away, that I could suck on one of her nipples. I kept one hand on her rear, and brought the other one to her left breast, squeezing the firm flesh in my hand. She started to moan louder, speaking in her own language, as she increased her pace.

When I felt her climax again, her love juices soaking me, I wrapped my right hand around her back, holding her still, and started thrusting as hard as I could, sucking hard on her small teat, and tweaking her other nipple. Her loud cries of pleasure hit a crescendo, and then she collapsed on top of me as she found release.

I pulled out of her, lifted her off of me, and stood up. With my new strength, there was a position I wanted to try. Lela had whined when I pulled out, but when I explained the new position, she seemed eager enough. What a change from her initial reaction to my meddling.

I slipped my hands under her arms, and easily lifted her in the air. Her slender legs wrapped around my torso and her arms around my neck, as I gently lowered her onto my rod. I actually had to force her down a little, just to get past the initial barrier, but once in, she sank fully onto me.

Her lips met mine again, and she used her legs to move her pelvis against my invading cock, while I supported her with my hands under her small ass. We were building a good rhythm together, kissing, and moaning, thrusting, and gyrating, and once more I felt the familiar churning in my balls.

I broke the kiss, and used my arms to pull her away, and then slammed back into her. It only took a couple strokes like this before I shot gob after gob of semen into her. This seemed to set her off again, and our mutual fluids started to dribble down my legs.

My arms were shaky as I set her standing on the floor, and then I sat down with a whump. I was exhausted; more so than I had ever been from Lela’s white light.

“That was good!” I heard the alien say cheerfully, the dual tones of her voice sounding melodic. “Whenever I’ve seen our species mate, it was never like that. The male just took the female however he wanted, and the female was helpless. I have been told it is painful, but necessary. But that was beautiful!”

I cracked my eyes open as I looked up at her. Her breasts were heaving on her chest, and her small mouth was lifted in a smile, as she regarded me.

“What position do you want to try next?” I groaned as I heard her ask me that. I was in no condition to try again.

“Is it even working?” I asked, as I closed my eyes again.

She was quiet for a moment, and I opened my eyes to see she was typing again on her invisible screen. After a moment she gave me the answer.

“Yes, it looks like it is. The need has lessened in me, but there are still several more matings required before I will be done.” She smiled down at me. “Won’t that be fun?”

Kill me, kill me now, I thought. There was no way I was going to survive this.

But I was wrong. Lela used her greenish-yellow healing light on me, and I was soon back inside her, doggy-style, making her moan and scream in her own language.

By the time she was no longer in heat, I had lost track of how many times we had coupled. Sometimes she used her mouth, and sometimes she used the healing light to rejuvenate me. I was fairly certain the last time had been unnecessary, and just for her pleasure, as her eyes had gone completely back to silver.

I’d learned my lesson though: don’t mess with an alien’s physiology, unless I was prepared for the consequences.