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Battle Hookers

Episode 1 (Part 1): The Exotic Dancer

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Kate uses a magic ritual to transform her friend Jenny into a sex bombshell. They take her new body out to a nightclub to see what it can do. Little do the young girls realize that actions have consequences. (Part 1 of 3)

* * *

WARINING: The story is fiction and had better darn well stay that way.

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* * *

The magnificent dancer he had been watching all night slinked over to him, grabbed his shirt, and wordlessly dragged him off to the nearest bathroom.

He couldn’t believe this was happening.

The bathroom was a small rectangle exactly big enough for a toilet, a sink, a mirror, and two people to lie down in. Comprised mostly of white porcelain and tile, it was unusually well-kept for a club bathroom. It was also better lit than the club dance floor, and seeing this woman in the light was a better experience than seeing her dance—although he hadn’t thought such a thing possible two seconds ago.

Her hair was the dawn sky blue. It was adorned with cyber locks of green, purple, and black forming a psychadelic rainbow down to the small of her back. Her lids were outlined with black mascara that ended in points and filled in with blue and glitter. When she pushed him against the wall and placed each heavily bangle-decorated wrist on either side of his head, the most stunning pair of lake-blue eyes held him so fast he couldn’t gaze down at her cleavage. The poor gaze couldn’t even reach her full lips.

She kissed him. Hard. Her tongue tasted like sugar and lust. Her chest pressed against his as she raised to her tiptoes—an impressive feat in heels—to kiss even more forcefully. Excited, he grabbed her by the indent in her hourglass figure and rubbed his hands up and down three inches in either direction before he found fabric. In one direction there was her deep blue sports bra containing a chest too big to belong to such an amazing dancer. In the other direction, a pleated blue and black mini skirt. When his hands crept under her skirt’s waistband to fondle a blue, lacy thong she broke the kiss and took one stride backwards.

“Easy there, slave. You’ll get yours in due time.”

He opened his mouth to say something about not being a slave, but her body caught the rhythm that was pulsing through the bathroom door and she began to dance. She moved her hands in fluid circles that followed each other. His eyes followed her hands to her breasts, and now he was captivated by four things. She moved her hands over her head and bent backwards, presenting her flat stomach, chest, and thighs to him. A normal human would have had to put her hands on the ground for this bridge but not her; she even managed to pulse her body in sync with the beat.

When she came up, she turned around and backed into him. Her ass connected with his body half a second before the rest of her did. Pressed against him, he could feel her body’s incredible firmness. She raised her arm and hooked it around his head, pointing his lips at hers while she grinded her ass against his cock.

“You’ve been staring at me all night. You want to fuck me.”

She pulled his mouth to hers before he could reply. It gave him the idea not to try to say anything. After the kiss she turned and took half a step back. She pulled off her shirt revealing her large, natural breasts. He couldn’t believe they were real, surely their weight would harm her dancing; yet, incredibly, it didn’t. He thought of moving his head toward those magnificent breasts when her gaze pinned him right back to the wall.

“Take your cock out and you can touch these,” she said, tossing her shirt one step behind her.

He dropped his pants, accelerated his breath, and touched greatness. The only thing ruining the moment was how close to orgasm he already was. This was the fuck of his life—the one where you can die happy if it actually happens—and he was about decorate her belly button piercing. Maybe if he could regain some control somehow. If he could bend her over the sink and dominate the little club tart—

She grabbed his cock. His head jerked back in surprise and hit the wall. The pleasure cancelled the pain. She pursed her lips and cooed at him. She began wiggling her pelvis in mini dance moves, the beat still clearly audible.

“You want to cum, right? Nod for your mistress.”

Mistress? Well, her hand was on his dick and he knew he wasn’t saying much any time soon. He nodded.

“Mmmm...don’t worry, you can cum all over me. Then I’ll suck your cock hard again and you can bend me over and fuck me right through my slutty fishnets. Is that what pet wants?”

Oh, hell yes. That’s exactly what I can do. Mistress is so kind to let me cum as much as I want. I’m going to ride that bitch into the sunset!

She sank to her knees and looked up at him with wide eyes and long cleavage. A long, studded tongue slid up the base of his cock and it almost made all his sperm follow it up like they were magnetic. She acted like it was the most refreshing treat ever. She caught his gaze again and spoke using the same tone one would use when saying, “fuck me.”

“Pay me. one hundred dollars.”

Huh? A hooker? Dammit. Too good to be true. Being her pet did feel good. Amazingly good. Time to fight temptation though, hookers are bad news. Time to say “no.”

She slid his cock all the way down her throat, speaking between strokes.

“You’re going to pay me. Slave isn’t in control. You’re going to pay me and jizz all over me. I’ll have to wear it in the club. Everyone will know how you conquered me.”

Okay. One hundred. Chance of a lifetime now, find replacement money later. Wait...slave? She was giggling only to show a painfully attractive smile. She placed the hard cock between her tits and seemed to love it. It was like she was orgasmically happy because a cock was about to spray her face and tits with cum.

“One hundred dollars per shot.”

What? But...

“You want the blowjob and then you want to bend my sweet ass over the sink and fuck my slutty brains out.”

She let go of his cock.

“Say it. One hundred dollars per shot. You can stop after the first one if you want to.”

His hands reached for his cock, it needed to be touched. Badly. Her hands caught both of his and pinned them to the wall. He knew she had power to balance on her hands, but she was still surprisingly strong. He couldn’t budge his hands. When he thrust his cock into her face, she dodged easily. It was like she was locked in a tantalizing dance with it. When she spoke, his cock felt hot breath but could shoot out nothing in return. It had to be touched.

“This pleasure is from being helpless. You can release all you want. Now say it.”

“One hundred dollars...a shot,” he said.

She clutched his cock to her chest like a dear friend and it erupted. Streaks of white stained the blue hair, the cyber locks, her painted face, and her neck and shoulders. She squealed with delight as he sprayed her with his weakness. She let him watch her panting heavily on her knees, cum dripping onto her chest. Wordlessly she wiped the cum from her eye and rushed her mouth to his still-hard cock.

Her head stayed down for five seconds, so he didn’t see her eyes glow a dark blue. He wasn’t facing the mirror, so he didn’t see his own eyes glow a pale blue.

“That’ll be one hundred dollars.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said. As he handed over the money, she suddenly scowled and her free hand went to her temple. She felt a very unpleasant psychic sensation. Her lake blue eyes froze over.

“Bloody poachers! FUCK!” Her British accent came out when she was angry. “Slave, go find Rick and tell him you’re 1) New and 2) Not done. NOW!”

He timidly backed away several steps to escape her rage and left her alone in the bathroom. She grabbed her shirt from the floor and quickly put it back on. Before she stormed out, all of the semen on her body floated off—even if it was embedded in her hair or clothes. It formed a ball, pressed the flush lever on the toilet and followed the water down the drain. Breakrave stormed out of the bathroom and towards the front door of her nightclub. She irately waved her hand in a well-known signal and men snapped into line behind and around her. Some bitch was really going to get it.

* * *

The bouncer kept his large, intricately tattooed arms folded. Ed was very good at his job, which primarily conisted of wearing an XXL black polo shirt, black slacks, and looking menacing. Lots of underage people tried to get into Prima—doubly so because it had become trendy. The bribes came mostly in cash, occasionally in jewelry, and more often than one would think, sex. Naturally they were underage so Ed usually motioned the two other black-outfit-white-wire surly folk to show the kids where the playground was. He wasn’t going to jail because some mini-tart just found rouge and a paintbrush. Besides, the boss gave him what he needed.

When Ed saw today’s mini-tart, his needs increased sharply. Standing at five-foot nine, she had the poise and grace of a runway model but the voluptuous curves of fantasy. Her firey red mini skirt crossed ivory thighs diagonally, hiding one above the knee but presenting the other for all to see. It suggested the other thigh was even more stunning and had to be covered or there would be traffic accidents. A matching, sparkling tube top snugged a large chest against her body. Prestigious universities were not this well-endowed. Her bright scarlet locks were too red to be real but every strand of flowing hair seemed perfectly natural.

Emerald green eyes siezed Ed by his attention span. It thought of leaving her face, but her sultry, pouty lips held it in that general region. She’d have his attention when she spoke and if he was good, she’d let his eyes return to that slammin’ body.

Red put her soft hands on Ed’s beefy, locked arms. “Hi, my name’s Jenny,” she said. “What’s yours?” She stood on her tip toes—in heels (somehow)—to lean into his face as she spoke. The seduction that dripped out landed all over him.

“Ed.” He had remarkable composure. He unfolded his arms to grasp each of Jenny’s wrists and push them away. It was a trap. As he moved she slid her hands down his forearms into his. She mmmed in approval at feeling his muscles and quickly followed with, “I’m so glad to have such a strong man protecting this club. I’ve just turned twenty-one and I wouldn’t want anything to happen in my first time here.” She let out a sigh of helplessness. The fact that it better presented her cleavage was not an accident. Before the transformation her cleavage would derail a man’s train of thought. Now it made men want to do just about anything to please her.

“A’ight, look. You—” Overwhelmed by the joy of looking at such beauty, and his stone face cracked. He returned her smile, earthen leather meeting a radiant sun. “—can go in. Anybody gives you a problem you shout for me, OK?”

She pouted sadly and turned to her 19-year-old friend who had just been denied entry. “What about her?” She fluttered impossibly long and graceful lashes at him. A great sadness filled him as he realized what he’d have to tell her.

“Your too young.” And too gothic.

Kate had heard these bouncers were top notch and that only made her want to get into the club even more. She had come decked out in her best gothic eyeliner, and club blacks—stockings, platform boots, a mini skirt, and a black sweater that buttoned in the front. It would have looked fashionable over a light purple shirt since it didn’t cover the forearms, most of the chest, or the belly button. Kate had only a light purple bra under that. Her hair was naturally black so it didn’t make her look like some wannabe witch. The pentacle around her neck did that.

After Jenny had transformed, it was Kate’s idea to test her powers of seduction here. Normally she had to convince Jenny to do something naughty. Sometimes Kate would do it first, or with her. Sometimes Kate just gave her undying support as she’d always done since childhood. Sometimes she’d buy the pint of “bribe-flavored” Hagen-Das. No matter how she went about it, the convincing would take about ten minutes. Before they knew it, they’d be at one of their houses giggling about the experience.

This time, however, Jenny went for it immediately. Did she really want to get into this club as badly as Kate did, or did the transformation bring this on? Since the changes happened just yesterday it was still too early to tell.

Kate reminded herself to Watch Jenny closely. (Capital “W” Watch—look for magical energies.) Magical mishaps aren’t always immediate—that’s just on TV. Ever since the transformation there was a powerful and sexy scarlet aura had surrounded Jenny. If you were to hug her, you’d feel it two seconds before you felt flesh.

Jenny stepped closer to Ed until her face was close enough to fall into an accidental kiss. Her chest touched his. “Please,” she breathed. I came here with my friend all this way and I just can’t leave her all alone out here. She means so much to me. I’m her ride.”

The extra entendre on the word ‘ride.’ It filled his mind with sapphic fantasies. He was looking into her eyes when she glanced down and he followed—another trap. His gaze ran directly into the best rack he’d seen in his entire career. A career spent working at a hot, trendy, dance club.

“I can’t...boss...will...”

She used his shoulders to pull herself up to whisper in his ear. Her melons rested on his barrel. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

The touch of her breath brought arousal. His imagination ran wild with what her body could do.

“Just let us in,” she whispered. Your next 15-minute break will be the best fifteen minutes of your life.” She released his shoulders and fell back to her normal height. Her breasts absorbed the shock and tried dearly to escape the tube top. She placed her hands on them to stop the jiggling. A demure giggle. “Oopsie.”

Ed unhooked the velvet rope. He still couldn’t manage to say “go in,” but he turned to his subordinates. “I’m going on break.” One minute later Kate and Jenny were facing the bar ordering drinks. Ed stood behind Jenny, his hands on the narrowest part of her hourglass figure.

Jenny had known she had new powers from the moment of the transformation. What worried her, however, was how easily she could seduce even the most stoic of bouncers so well. She wasn’t a slut, but she was acting like one. Two days ago, she’d never promise a stranger sex. Two days ago, she’d be worried about a creep behind her in a bar like this. Today, it felt like everything was going according to plan. Today, she hungered for him. It wasn’t the lust she read about on the Internet—the kind where she was all wet and needy. It felt like she needed to reverse the roles and use him to satiate her desires. She needed to cum too. It was only human. She wasn’t walking around horny, but he’s got what she needs, so she’ll take it. She knew he was entranced by her. She knew he was willing to do anything for her, even risk his job to get her something trivial she wanted. It was capital ‘H’ Hot.

Jenny turned to face her thrall. “It’s not cool to check out my ass while I’m walking away. Take us to the back room and do it.”

Kate was engrossed in the drinks menu. She blinked out of her reverie and tried to get a handhold on the conversation. “Us?” Jenny leaned in to kiss Kate and made sure it gave Ed a good look at her plump backside. “Oh,” she said dreamily. “Us.” Ed had them both there in seconds. No one asked for security clearance. Ed WAS security clearance.

Jenny had to admit she was impressed by Ed’s commitment to his work. Just yesterday she had folded three men in under five minutes. Faced by that very same hypnotic beauty, this man was leading them past the private rooms in the back.

Since it would have looked bad if the head bouncer was stuffing hot club girls into private rooms during a shift, he held each girl around the bicep as if he was showing them out the back. It was a perfect cover as it would also explain his 15-minute absence from the front door. Only his subordinates were the wiser, but they’d most likely cash in the favor when they had a similar opportunity. Kate looked worried when Ed took her past the rooms she thought she’d be in and through a much less elaborate door that read -Employees Only—.

The loading dock was neither clean nor romantic, but during club hours it was empty. It had bays for up to four trucks that opened into a patch of asphalt large enough to be a second parking lot, but was used for commercial traffic only. There were crates of liquor that wouldn’t see proper storage until workers clocked in at 9am and even more various empty containers stacked almost neatly among the parked forklifts.

Once the door closed behind them, Ed pushed Jenny’s back against the nearest stack of whatever and leaned in for a forceful kiss. “You got 15 minutes. Make them ‘the best.’”

When the kiss landed Jenny’s instincts said something was wrong. The erotic atmosphere degenerated into one of danger, but not for the mundane reasons Kate would list—they got in, so sex wasn’t necessary, the loading dock did nothing for “the mood” and this entire situation is something a respectable girl should escape from. For Jenny, the big problem was it felt a little too much like he was using her for pleasure. That infuriated her—SHE was the one using people for pleasure here. With surprising strength she pushed him away, kiss and all, and slammed his back against the crates.

Ed smiled.

She forced her tongue into his mouth and her nubile body against his. She felt his cock hardening against her exposed thigh. Ed countered with a firm grip on her backside, a large hand on each, taught, round cheek. It was exactly how he’d be holding her if he were bouncing her on that long cock that would be out of his pants soon enough. The image filled her mind with pleasure.

Then wrongness. Dammit, he was doing it again.

Just as the hand on the shorter side of her skirt found its way under she broke away and turned to Kate. She let her voice absorb the pleasure to sound more husky, inviting. “Sweetie, why don’t you come over here and help this guy learn his place as a sex toy for us.”

Kate gulped. They were no longer high school girls daring each other to play Seven Minutes in Heaven with some cute, bewildered school boy. She wanted to object; instead, took a nervous step forward.

Guilt was wracking Kate’s mind. SHE had done this to her friend for a selfish reason. SHE had found the ritual and talked about it with JenJen for like a year. They had giggled and dreamed over everything the ritual promised. “Be a sex goddess.” “Have the body you want without dieting or exercise.” “Never buy makeup again.” Now that it was done, Kate feared she was about to pay a terrible price for her actions. Jenny’s request swam through Kate’s rationality and guilt. Her friend and- since Jenny had taken her forcefully right after the ritual- lover needed her. Nothing else mattered.

Ed considered objecting to being a sex toy when a second pair of hands began massaging his thighs. Jenny slipped her hands under his shirt and drew lazy circles on his large chest. Both women cooed in pleasant surprise at how strong his muscles felt. Ed wasn’t defined. He was a rock, rounded but solid. He was really going to say something about not being a sex toy, but both women were kissing him wherever they could fit their lips. He was aware of Kate, Jenny’s mouth electrified where it touched. Kate’s hands were circling closer to his cock and he wished they’d just go there. His opinion about not being a sex toy seemed to matter less. Two women were on him like a fitted Armani suit and his hands were on the best ass a mind could imagine. He slipped his fingers down between the slightly split thighs and felt an intense heat, as though the thin panties were on fire.

Jenny wasn’t about to let Ed have what he wanted. She inched back so his fingers barely reached around her backside. With a demure smile she lifted his shirt off and used it to pull his arms forward. Before Ed could finish taking off the shirt, Kate pulled his waist back into her, forcing him to bend over. Ed’s vision was a brief slide of black, then the most beautiful pair of parted thighs he’d ever seen. His hands had already hiked up Jenny’s skirt, and now he could see the red, lacy thong that signaled both ‘danger’ and ‘come hither.’ He tried to follow the beautiful vision upward but felt a hand on his head, holding him down.

“Don’t get up, sex toy,”

she said, parting her thighs a little more. “Kiss.” Ed was strong, but easily led into traps. His weakness had Jenny dripping with excitement.

Even bent over, Ed had to strain to kiss very high up on Jenny’s thigh. He could feel the warmth from between her legs. It was a comforting and inviting heat. It soothed him. Controlled him. This is where his mouth wanted to be—not making silly objections.

Jenny closed her eyes and nodded her head back in pleasure as her toy delighted her. Kate bit her lower lip as the sight of her lover in rapture reminded her of the night before. The images hit her so hard her hand moved under her skirt on its own. Kate was breathing hard in Ed’s ear, and the pleasure was contagious.

“Katie, get his pants down and step on the back of his knee.”

Ed reflexively rose when he heard that, but Jenny kept her hand firm and held that toy where she wanted it. Once the sensation passed, Ed’s mind returned to wondering why he’d ever want his head anywhere else. Soon his underwear was around his ankles and Kate’s foot was pushing the giant to his knees. Once he was down, they pounced.

Jenny was all business. She caressed his head, guiding his vision where she wanted it. Viewed from the horizon of her stomach her breasts looked more like red mountains of paradise. She led him back down to her perfect left thigh, right, and the thong between them that was the last thing between his eyes and what he really needed. Around and around she took him, getting him drunk on pleasant sights while Kate’s nervous hand made sure he felt intense pleasure from looking at Jenny. She held his gaze there so he wouldn’t see her thong vanish in a puff of red light.

Kate was lucky touching Ed’s dick was the only requirement. She was beholden to her friend, nervous, scared, and now bemused as she watched Ed enter a new level of trance as Jenny held his head between her legs. She had a much clearer view of Jenny tensing her arms and back as she tossed her head around in pleasure. The sight of it had Kate’s other hand working harder under her skirt. Those wet panties had to be moved aside. Her mind finished it’s bemusing thought, ‘did I look like that when Jenny took me?’

Downed and half-naked, Ed was glowing with the happiness of a person who had everything he wanted in life. He was fulfilled. something he’d been dying to be accepted to his entire life. Accepted by God into Heaven. Or perhaps...a Goddess? Sticky joy covered her hand. Then her other one. Jenny wailed in approval.

No one saw Jenny’s eyes glow a deep red or Ed’s a pale pink.

After the three orgasms Jenny willed her clothes back to perfection while Ed and Kate struggled with fluid dynamics. Jenny wiggled her fingers and all the sex juices simply refused to stick to flesh or clothing anymore. They dropped to the ground. The bouncer went slack-jawed for the wrong reason.

“Oh. Shit. Oh shit. Ohshitohshitohshit. You can do what my boss does.” Jenny smiled a full-of-herself-smile until he said that last part. “Oh shit, man. YOu can’t tell her. She can’t find out about this or—”

The music—a dull thump not noticable during passion or even light conversation—became loud. This was due to the door opening and letting in the music, 15 men that varied in club style from Hot Topic to suits, and the most breathtaking woman Kate had ever seen since looking at Jenny. Her blue club clothes should have been slutty but instead highlighted the perfection of the female form. Her arms were art. Without thought she moved as one with the overpowering beat behind her as a collection of glowing color and rhythm. Everything she wore highlighted her beauty—even rage.

“Mistress...what should I do?”

The club girl stormed up to the bouncer and slapped him off his feet. He had said ‘Mistress’ while looking at someone else. Not his fault, but it made her feel better. She turned and narrowed her painted eyes at the lady in red.

“Bloody harlot.”

Jenny got worse than a slap. Every sexual fluid on the ground, even the dried ones from last week leapt from their resting places and splattered all over her clothes and face. She managed to make most of it fall off, but her opponent lifted one opened hand to shoulder height and closed it. Ed’s, Kate’s and dried fluid recompressed on Jenny. It felt like utterly disgusting hail. The club girl smiled sadistically as she watched Jenny struggle through the incredulousness to get enough power together to clean herself off.

Finally, Jenny shook off the last of it. She had to think a bit on how to handle the dried stuff but she got it. The effort left her too distracted to see the spin kick that unhinged the right side of her jaw and sent her off the loading dock. She fell four feet onto hard asphalt and rolled into the parking lot.

* * *


* * *


~~Scene: Breakrave is on her knees in the bathroom. “Marker! Action!” While moving her head around to tease the erect penis in front of it, she pokes herself in the eye. In minor pain, she winces around while the prosthetic tits flop around. The director yells “CUT!” as the guy on the wall pinches the bridge of his nose, hangs his head down, and laughs.~~
~~Scene: Jenny and Kate are wearing Ed down. Jenny gets the cue for a line. “Marker! Action!”

“Katie, get his knee down and step on his pants.” (“CUT!” ... “Action!")

“Katie, get his...cock...and...dammit.” (“CUT!")

“Katie, get his pants off.” Kate: “And?” Jenny: “And...suck...his dick?” Ed falls over laughing. Director: “Jeannine...being as dim as your character is NOT method acting."~~

* * *