The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Be Polite Now!

by John Jabbin

So I read this stupid-ass article that some limp-wrist panty-waist asshole wrote in one of my business trade journals about how the world had become such a rude place all of the sudden. Where the hell has this guy been livin’?

The world has always been a rude place for as long as I can remember! When was the last time anyone did something nice for me? 1986? No, it’s been further back than that.

Whatever world this guy was livin’ in wasn’t mine. The world I lived in was dog-eat-dog, a kick—’em-in-the-balls-while-their-down kind of world.

Normally I would have file thirteen’ed this worthless piece of crap article immediately except that it had been personally put on my desk by my boss with a note that said, “Read this today or your fired!”

So, it did get my attention. The weak-kneed nimrod author suggested that everything would be peaches-and-cream all of the sudden if everyone would be just a little more civil to each other. What a load of shit!

Even the title of the article was crap: “Today’s Magic Word—Please!”

So my boss—who got where he got by screwing over his boss—wanted to cut my nuts off and make me a panzy who walked around saying ‘Please could you not hurt my feelings!’ or ‘Please could you not twist that knife so fuckin’ hard while your stabbing me in the fuckin’ back!’

At least that’s the impression I got.

Fuck me! I could use another cup of coffee.

Or better yet, a long vacation! I had a better chance of getting a cup of coffee though. But only if I got it myself. My worthless excuse of a secretary sure as hell wasn’t gonna get me a cup. Hell no! That would interrupt her personal phone calls or doing her nails. Whoever she had screwed to get this job it sure wasn’t me and she didn’t mind letting me know it.

Today’s magic word is please, my ass! I’ll show my boss.

“Oh Margaret,” I said as nicely as I could muster into the intercom addressing my secretary. “Would you PLEASE come into my office?”

Usually such a request would have taken at least thirty minutes to get a response, but the raving bitch who was my secretary actually made it up out of her desk within a couple of minutes of my request this time.

“What the hell do you want?” she asked in her sweetest tone, which just happened to be that of a wolverine over a scrap of meat.

“I’m getting a little thirsty, Margaret,” I told her. “Would you PLEASE get me a cup of coffee?”

“I told you when I first started working for you that I don’t get coffee and I don’t give assholes like you blowjobs on their breaks,” she shouted for the whole office to hear.

“I thought we were clear about this!” she added as she stormed out of my office, slamming the door.

So much for the frickin’ magic word, ‘eh Mr. Bossman!

I had just about let off the steam from the confrontation when Margaret stormed into my office and rudely slammed a cup of coffee on my desk so hard it sloshed over and got half of a pile of overdue invoices soggy.

“Here’s your goddamn coffee,” she said venomously and stormed out once more.

Just to piss her off, I got back on the intercom.

“Oh, Margaret. Would you please come back into my office right now.”

When she stalked back into the room I said in my most ingratiating voice, “Now would you PLEASE clean up this mess you just made?”

With a huff and a toss of her blonde hair, Margaret came around my desk and started straightening the pile of invoices and shaking off what extra coffee she could onto the floor. As she huffed and fumed about even being asked to do such a thing, I couldn’t help but admire her shapely, round posterior. If she weren’t such a ball-buster all the time she wouldn’t be bad to have around just to look at every once in a while.

“And would you please try to act more professional in my office, Margaret? Would it kill you to be a little nicer to me?” I asked.

“I’ll try, Mr. Rogers,” Margaret answered quietly. Then reluctantly, she added, “I’ll try to be more professional while I’m in your office.”

What the hell, maybe this ‘please’ shit did work a little! That was the first decent remark Margaret had made to me since we started working together nine months ago.

“And I’ll try to act more professional with you too, Margaret,” I added, meeting her half-way. “Now, would you please take some of those files and put them in the file cabinet where they should go and maybe neither of us would spill anything on them again.”

She picked up an armload of files and, looking back at me with an odd expression, quickly left the room as though trying to escape.

Altogether, it was a completely odd response! I walked around my desk and looked out of the small window to the world my shitty office offered and actually saw Margaret filing the materials she had taken from my desk away. Hell, it even looked like she was filing them away where they were supposed to go! She didn’t look real happy about it, but I couldn’t even believe she was doing it. Talk about a miracle.

Or was it magic? After all, I had said please.

I shook my head to get that crazy-ass thought out of my brain. As if that’s all it took!

But, what if it was? I knew it was a crazy-fuckin’ thought, but what if that was all it took? Hell, if that was all it took I could actually get her to do the work a secretary was SUPPOSE to do in the first place. She ought to have filed those things away a week ago anyway.

The way she was slamming the file doors shut now and looking back at my office like she was pissed or something really got me going. Dammit! She ought to do her job in the first place.

I picked up another stack of files, the ones that had been accumulating from this week, and carried them out to Margaret’s desk.

“Oh, Margaret,” I said perhaps a little snidely. “If you’d be so kind as to file these away too when you’re done. PLEASE!”

Margaret stalked up to me and stood about two feet away and put her finger in my face.

“Look mister,” she whispered harshly. She looked around like she was scared someone was going to see her talking to me. “I don’t know what’s going on around here, but out here I don’t have to act professionally to you, you little shit! I’ll file these fuckin’ files when I’m done because you said please, but after this you better leave me the fuck alone!”

Something definitely was going on around here! I had to get to the bottom of this.

“Margaret, follow me please.” I told her.

As we stepped into my office, Margaret straightened up and the harsh look went out of her eyes. Just by crossing into my office her attitude seemed to change.

“OK, what’s going on here?” I asked her.

Margaret rolled her eyes slightly and then stomped her foot once in irritation. She obviously wanted to say something but just couldn’t get it out.

“Would you please just tell me what’s going on?” I demanded.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Margaret answered quickly and with precise language. “You asked for a cup of coffee and even though I didn’t want to bring you one, I had to. You asked me to clean up the mess and again, I had to. You asked me to act professionally in your office and even though I don’t want to do it—gosh-darn it!—I’ll do it!”

OK! I’m thick-headed. It took me a minute!

“Margaret, are you doing all of these things you don’t want to do because I said please? Oh, would you please answer the last question? And please answer it truthfully!”

“Yesss,” Margaret answered in frustration, as though she was getting a root canal. Only very professionally.

Framing my question carefully I asked her, “Margaret, are you being compelled by someone or something to do anything I ask as long as I say please? Oh please, tell me the answer!” I pleaded.

“Yess,” Margaret groaned and gave another very professional stomp of her foot.

“Oh, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You sweet, beautiful woman!” I said joyously, kissing her on the forehead in jubilation.

Margaret’s eyes grew huge, offended both personally and professionally, and turned to walk out of the room as quickly as she could professionally do so.

“Margaret, please stop.”

“Margaret, please turn around.”

“Please Margaret, just don’t say a word.”

“Margaret, please unbutton your blouse. And do it slowly. While licking your lips. Please.”

“You are so beautiful, do you know that!”

“Now please, the bra. Take it off please, Margaret.”

“Oh god, they’re as big and as beautiful as I thought. Oh please, let me touch them. Let me touch you anywhere I want, please.”

“Oh, Margaret! I can tell you don’t like this. You don’t like it one bit. I COULD ask you to like it, couldn’t I? If I DID say please you’d do that for me, wouldn’t you?”

“But I didn’t say it, did I? Unzip your skirt and pull down those stockings please while I tell you how it’s going to be from now on.”

“That looks lovely. Oh, yes! Do you know how often I’ve fantasized about your ass, Margaret? Turn around please so I can get a good look at it. I’ll take care of the panties. I’ve always loved the way a woman’s ass feels in a skimpy pair of panties. Just hold still while I pull them down, won’t you? Pretty please?”

“Oh, that’s so nice. You even smell good, you sweet little bitch. Turn around now, please?”

“You need to be a little wetter. Don’t you? Will you get wet for Daddy? Please?”

“Yes, just like that. You feel how my fingers slide in easier now? It’s OK to be scared, dear. Is this turning you on as much as it is me? I bet it isn’t, but let me show you how much I’m enjoying it.”

“Now, you know what I want, don’t you? Margaret, please get on your knees and suck my cock very gently with your sweet little mouth.”

“Oh, now that’s really fine! Oh, Margaret, I knew you’d be a good cocksucker. Just a little harder, please.”

“OK, just keep that up please. Just like that. You’re not gonna be able to ever tell anyone about this, please? You’re not going to be able to quit you job, either. Please. Or get fired, please. You’ll come to work for me every day and never miss and to everyone else in the office you’ll be the surly bitch you always were. Please.”

“And when we’re not in my office you can treat me the same too, please. Except a little nicer, please. Just a little more respect, please. But not too much, please. Make your mouth a little wetter, please.”

“And you will do your work from now on. And I didn’t say please! Because if you don’t, I’m going to buy some nipple clamps and a big butt plug and maybe a few other goodies for you to wear here. And at home. Oh, and you’ll always tell me where you’ll be every night so I can visit you when my wife is busy. Won’t you? Please?”

“Now get ready. I’m almost there. Or, better yet, please don’t. I want to see that look on your face when I squirt off in your mouth.”

“So please forget ... what it’s like ... when a man cums ... in your fuckin’ mouth ... like I’m fixin’ to do ... right now ... PLEASE!!!!!”