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Beast of Bird-en

mc, ff, fd, be

Synopsis: The bird Kacy is taking care of can mimic the post hypnotic triggers Kacy is given.

“Pat!” The perky brunette said opening the door to her apartment.

“Kacy!” The less perky and more weather-beaten woman said in the doorway. Pat put down the bird cage and shouldered her bag a bit better before giving her sister a hug.

The two were on the third floor of a five-story apartment building. It was cozy and although there appeared to be exposed brick on some of the walls it was warm despite the below freezing temperatures outside. The apartment was a converted office building and afforded Kacy lots of space and large windows. Natural light from the overcast skies gave everything a gray look, but Kacy’s place seemed to glow orange and inviting.

“I can’t stay long,” Pat said stepping into the apartment. “Peter is down-stairs in an Uber waiting for me. Thank you so much for bird sitting for me.”

“Is that the beast?” Kacy asked pointing to the covered bird cage.

“She has ears,” Pat said lifting the bird cage. “Kacy, may I introduce you to Mia.” The gray fabric came off the large square cage and there was the bird. About the size of a pigeon, Kacy admitted to herself that she knew nothing about birds. This one was mostly black, with yellow around the back of the neck and under the ears, white feathers on the tip of each wing, an orange bill, and yellow feet.

“Mia is a Gracula songbird, also known as a hill myna, but she doesn’t sing much,” Pat said opening the cage. “She is supposed to talk, but she hasn’t done that yet either.” Pat let the bird hop onto her hand and brought her out. “So, she eats seeds, nuts, fruit which you might have to cut up, and insects. Worms are a treat, so she doesn’t get those all the time.”

“You said this in your email,” Kacy stated looking at the black bird as the black bird looked at her. “I even looked up around here and the hardware store down the way stocks crickets and worms year-round. I have a pantry with nuts, and a fridge full of fruit. I’m good. How long are you going to be in Santa, whatever?”

“Santa Elena Quito, in Ecuador,” Pat said, putting Mia back into her cage. “Our missionary schedule is for twelve weeks, but it’s going to take two days to get down there, and two days to get back. By the time we get back it should be warm around here.”

“I don’t know how you can take work off for this, but I expect to be paid handsomely for this service,” Kacy said grinning at her sister. “HANDSOMELY!”

“Before I forget,” Pat said giving Mia a rub on her chest that the bird seemed to like, “Mom said Dad wants fishing gear for his birthday. I’ve already got it set up, he’s getting a professional fish finder from us while we’re gone. Don’t just get him a hat.”

“Given how little money I have I might be able to afford a hook,” Kacy complained. “Fine, not a hat.” There were three short bleeps of a car horn from outside.

“That’s Peter,” Pat said. “I must go. Don’t be a heathen.”

“Too late,” Kacy said watching her sister leave. With the door shut and the place quiet it was just Kacy and Mia.

Kacy picked up the cage and took it over to a table near her large windows. “I guess it’s just you and me,” Kacy said to the bird looking her in the eyes. “You’re supposed to talk, so say something?” The bird just stared at Kacy cocking its head one way and then another. “Oh well, you’ll be like my last boyfriend, there but silent. Food?” Kacy opened the door to the cage and went and got a scoop of seed and something to fill Mia’s water dish.

A week went by, and Mia didn’t make much noise. She had taken up following Kacy around her place. More than once perching on the shower curtain rod while Kacy was taking a shower. Mia would also follow Kacy into her room, and perch on Kacy’s headboard. Kacy would talk with the bird, but the bird would never talk back.

It was a Friday when Kacy had a friend over for a very special night. Heather was Kacy’s longtime friend from high school. When Heather came out as a lesbian, the person she came out to first was Kacy. Kacy stated that she liked boys and would support her friend in any way she could. Kacy never lost contact with Heather all through college and now that the two were living their adult lives they often got together. Heather was far more adventurous than Kacy and looked far more butch. Heather had tattoos, piercings in places other than her ears, and half of her naturally blond hair shaved off.

“You got a bird,” Heather was saying when she got to Kacy’s apartment.

“It’s my sister’s,” Kacy said getting them both a glass of wine. “Her name is Mia, and she’s supposed to be a songbird, but she barely makes a peep. She’s also supposed to be able to talk, but I haven’t heard a word.”

“So, she’s not going to bug me while I hypnotize you?” Heather asked.

“I doubt it,” Kacy said sitting on the couch next to Heather. “How much is this thing going to make?”

“No idea,” Heather said taking a sip of her wine. “I hypnotize you. Make you do all kinds of sexy things. I put half of the stuff on the internet for free with a link to my pay site where they can see all the juicy stuff.”

“I’m still uneasy about this,” Kacy said taking a large sip of her wine. “I don’t mind the idea of sexy stuff, but the hypnosis stuff. How do I know you won’t make me go down on you?”

“Do you want to?” Heather asked.

“No,” Kacy stated flatly.

“Then you won’t,” Heather answered putting down her wine glass. “You’re straight, I get that. I can’t change you into a bi-sexual or a lesbian like me if you aren’t already. I can’t turn you into my obedient sex slave. That’s why this time we’re sticking with things you already do. Yes, you’ll be naked. You’re naked all the time when you take a shower. Yes, you’ll masturbate, hell I bought you a dildo for your birthday last year. Will you pose your body like you’re on a runway, yes, because you did that modeling job over the summer? I’m not going to turn you into a sex slave, because I can’t. Try to relax. In fact, that’s what hypnosis is all about.”

Kacy sighed. She closed her eyes and then said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

The curtains drawn, the lights on, and a candle lit, Heather guided Kacy into a hypnotic state. All the while Heather’s phone on a stand recorded the action. Heather took Kacy deep. Kacy’s mind was open to just about anything Heather wanted to implant. Heather took control of her friend.

Kacy was made to strip naked at a certain command, even if she acted like she didn’t want to. Kacy was forced to rub her breasts in a lude and sexual manner when Heather said a certain word. Kacy was made to talk dirty when Heather put a hat on Kacy’s head. At a word Kacy was forced to masturbate to an orgasm. Heather made Kacy orgasm repeatedly until the brunette was an exhausted sweaty mess. Kacy was forced to masturbate, and then freeze for long moments. Kacy was posed like a statue and forced to orgasm while looking like a frozen sculpture.

All good things must come to an end so while wrapping things up Heather said, “I’m going to leave some triggers in your mind. These will only be able to be triggered by my voice. When you hear my voice and only my voice say ‘drop’ you will be unable to stop yourself from dropping into a deep hypnotic state open to any command. That phrase to hypnotize you again is my voice saying ‘drop’. You will wake up when you hear me say, ‘wake up’. Whenever you hear my voice, and only my voice says ‘cum’ you will find you have to masturbate right then and there to a very powerful orgasm. You won’t be able to stop yourself from masturbating to a powerful orgasm when you hear my voice say, ‘cum’. Whenever you hear my voice, and only my voice says, ‘strip’ you will be unable to stop yourself from taking off all your clothes. It will be automatic, and you won’t think anything while you take off all your clothes. You will take everything of when you hear my voice say, ‘strip’. If you ever hear my voice and only my voice, say, ‘freeze’ your body will instantly become rigid, and your mind will be blank for five minutes. You will not remember being frozen or that anything happened in those five minutes when you hear me say, ‘freeze’. Remember you will do these things when you hear my voice say, ‘drop, strip, cum, and freeze’. Now it is time to wake up.”

Minutes later Kacy was getting into her bathrobe as Heather finished off the wine. Kacy was smiles but look daze and a little lost as she dropped onto the couch. “I remember everything,” Kacy was saying, “but I’m not sure what I remember. It’s like watching a movie in fast forward, and I need to go back and examine things I missed.”

“Well, you are an excellent subject,” Heather said packing up her phone. “I really enjoyed messing with you.”

“What you’re saying is, too bad I’m not into girls,” Kacy joked.

“Yes, that’s a shame,” Heather joked back. “Of course, I might just be able to twist that mind of yours into becoming a lesbian if you keep thinking about how you should at least try it.”

“Just because I’m thinking about it doesn’t mean I want to try it,” Kacy shot back. “I did this for the money.”

“Well,” Heather said knowing a losing battle, “if this makes some money, I might just hypnotize you again, or just for fun.”

“Oh shit, you left some commands in my head,” Kacy said realizing what Heather meant.

“You better believe it,” Heather said with a mischievous grin. “Like drop.”

Kacy’s eyes immediately felt heavy. Like there was a barrel full of bricks bringing down her eyelids. In a second Kacy was again deeply hypnotized.

“Wake up,” Heather stated.

Kacy’s eyes snapped open, and she looked around. “Did you just put me under again?” Kacy asked her friend.

“I did, and it is so hot,” Heather said. “Strip.”

Kacy stood up, took off her robe, and sat back down, naked. Her body was now open for view with her small A-cup breasts, and long runner’s legs. Kacy shaved her bush, but as soon as Kacy sat back down again, she crossed her legs. “Hey!” Kacy said grabbing her robe and pulling it around herself. “Shouldn’t you be at least recording this?”

“This is just for my own fun,” Heather said watching her friend put her robe on again. “Cum.”

Kacy groaned as her right hand went into her robe and started stroking herself. Kacy’s eyes were closed as her hand rubbed her mound. She slipped her finger into her slit and started to rock her hips to the digit. There was a squishing sound when she put two fingers into her body. In far less time than it normally took Kacy was crying out and thrusting her hips up to the orgasm exploding inside of her pussy.

“Damn, I need to go see my girlfriend,” Heather said to the panting Kacy.

Kacy just glared at her. “Have you had your fun, are you ready to go now?” Kacy almost growled.

“Just about,” Heather said standing up. She gathered what little she had left and looked at Kacy. Kacy had stood up, with her robe firmly closed over her thin body. “There’s just one more thing I want to try,” Heather said with a wicked grin. Kacy let out half of a curse when Heather said, “Freeze.” Instantly Kacy was stuck with her mouth forming the curse word. Heather opened Kacy’s robe and looked at the brunette’s body. “With a body like that,” Heather mused, “you should be a lesbian.” With that Heather left Kacy’s apartment. Heather didn’t look back at the frozen woman, or the black bird that flew to perch on Kacy’s shoulder.

The next morning Kacy came back from her morning jog. It was the only thing, besides not knowing how to cook, that kept her thin and trim. She had on her pink tights and a thin pink jacket. She came back into her apartment and there was Mia sitting in her cage watching her. Kacy hung up her jacket and greeted her temporary roommate.

“Hello Mia,” Kacy said to the bird cocking its head. Kacy headed for the shower. “You’re lucky you’re a domestic bird. The snow is sticking outside, and it is cold as f—.”

“Freeze,” Mia said. The bird’s voice sounded exactly like Heather’s. The tone, the cadence even the pitch was exactly like Heather had used the night before. In all ways the bird had said in Heather’s voice Kacy’s trigger.

Kacy froze. That part of her brain where the post hypnotic trigger sat dormant woke quickly, shot up, and out of her subconscious like a geyser. The command that took over her mind and body flooded over her and instantly Kacy froze. Her eyes looked straight ahead, and a little glassy. Her body paused in mid stride, standing, ridged. One word from a bird and Kacy was a statue.

Mia hopped around. The black bird with the yellow feathers around its head looked confused. The bird flew to the floor right in front of Kacy and looked at her. When this had gone on for a minute Mia flew over to her cage and hopped inside.

“—uck,” Kacy said when her freezing for five minutes were up. Kacy blinked and looked around. Kacy knew something was off but wasn’t sure what. Kacy looked over at Mia, but the bird had started eating the seed in her cage. Kacy shrugged, figured she was worried about nothing, and went to take a shower.

As was her usual routine, Kacy finished washing her hair before starting in on the rest of her body. Kacy heard Mia fly to the shower curtain rod. Kacy didn’t bother looking up at the bird. “I wonder if the humidity in here reminds you of your home,” Kacy said to the bird. “I was looking your species up and apparently you came from southern Asia, but then were introduced to Florida. I’m betting Pat got you from Florida.”

“Cum,” Mia said from her perch on the shower curtain rod. Again, it was in Heather’s voice.

It was that voice, Heather’s voice. That phrase that overwhelmed Kacy’s mind. It was like everything in her brain was sent through a sieve and the only thing that remained was the thought of masturbating.

Kacy’s hand went right down between her legs. With the bar of soap still in her hand she started stroking herself. She knew what she was doing. She just couldn’t stop herself. Her body reacted fast. Kacy went from zero arousal to rushing towards the edge of her orgasm in a heartbeat. Kacy’s hand seemed to have a mind of its own as the soap was dropped and her slick fingers pushed into her body in a slick and wet sound. Kacy felt her orgasm peaking almost as soon as her fingers touched the spot inside of her. Kacy had her back to the wall as both of her hands were rubbing between her legs. Kacy’s right hand was deep inside of her. Kacy’s left hand was rubbing her wet and slick mound. In between her fingers was Kacy’s love button that was rapidly being pushed. Kacy came hard with hips shaking, her knees giving out, so she fell to the tub’s floor, and stars forming behind her eyes. Kacy was gasping for breath as water poured down over her.

Rationality came back to her, and Kacy stared up at the black bird as it looked down at her. “Oh, that’s bad,” Kacy said more to herself than the bird. Kacy shooed Mia away, something that Kacy had only done when the bird wanted to join her on the toilet once. Kacy quickly finished up in the shower. Kacy had her robe on when she went into her bedroom to see Mia on the headboard.

“Lesbian,” Mia said in Heather’s voice to Kacy.

“Oh, that’s not going to happen,” Kacy said grabbing her phone from the charger.

“Strip,” Mia said in Heather’s voice.

Kacy groaned as she felt the phone drop from her hand as they instead pulled her robe off. Kacy clenched her teeth as the cold winter air hit her naked, still damp, and cooling body. Kacy was pissed. “Heather is g—,” Kacy tried to say.

“Drop,” Mia mimicked Heather’s voice again.

Kacy tried to fight it. Kacy didn’t want to drop down, but it was so relaxing. Kacy was stressed out. The soothing darkness of letting all her worries drain away just let her drop down. It was like her mind swirled around the soothing dark void. Kacy fell onto her bed, looking up, but seeing nothing.

From the headboard Mia said again, “Drop.” Kacy sunk deeper into her mind. “Drop,” Mia said again, and Kacy couldn’t stop herself from going deeper. “Drop, drop, drop,” Mia echoed Heather’s voice as Kacy had lost her mind to even think about fighting.

Mia seemed to pause as Kacy lay on her bed. The brunette lay, unmoving, naked, with her nipples sticking up in the cold air. The woman had no thoughts of her own as she floated in the warm darkness of bliss. Kacy’s mind was wide open to anything.

“Lesbian,” Mia said in Heather’s voice. Kacy didn’t move. The bird cocked its head and then said again in Heather’s voice, “Lesbian.” Mia looked at the woman, hopped onto the bed and got closer to the brunette. “Lesbian, drop,” Mia said next to Kacy’s head. Kacy didn’t move.

Kacy’s mind was a blank dark cave. There was nothing there. Then like a fluorescent poster in black light plastered against the wall of her mind Kacy saw, heard, and felt the word, ‘lesbian’. It was as if the only thing with her in the void was that she should be a lesbian. It was Heather’s voice that echoed in her mind those words. Then her mind was filled with another glowing phrase, ‘lesbian’ and with Heather’s text her face seemed in the background of these echoing words. Then there seemed to be another glowing poster in her mind, the same as the first of how she should be a lesbian, and then another poster with Heather’s face and the phrase of lesbian. Then Kacy felt her mind drop deeper when the words entered her mind and darkness lowered her, but above her, as if closed inward behind her, the only light in her mind the only things she could see and know were how she should be a lesbian like Heather.

Mia hopped around the frozen nude woman on the bed. Kacy was breathing with her eyes closed, and Mia was growing bored with her. Mia got close to Kacy’s face, but nothing happened. Mia flew back to the head rest and looked at Kacy. The bird’s head cocked from side to side as if trying to figure something out. “Drop,” Mia mimicked. “Drop, drop, lesbian, drop, sexy, drop, lesbian,” Mia said these things without her bird brain knowing what they meant. Then the bird flew to her cage.

Kacy lay on the bed, naked, hypnotized for one hour and then two. The brunette’s mind still hadn’t resurfaced. Every time she tried to pull herself up from the darkness her mind was in, there were those glowing phrases, irresistible commands, mind altering texts that tried to push into her very soul. The more she tried to wake up, the more the words tried to force into her psyche.

Mia flew back into the bedroom after Kacy had lay on her bed, naked and unmoving for over three hours. The black bird hopped onto the woman’s bare chest. Even the tickle of the bird’s claws didn’t rouse the brunette. Mia cocked her head from left to right and then from her orange beak in Heather’s voice the bird said, “Cum.”

Kacy’s body did a fine imitation of a rag doll. Her hand moved, and with a noodle like arm she slapped her palm to her pussy. Mia jumped out of the way of the appendage just in time. Kacy’s mind was still fighting in her void. Her mind was mildly disconnected from her body. Kacy knew that she was masturbating. Kacy knew she was getting aroused, but deeply hypnotized it was as if there were a pillow between her and the action. However, the more her arousal grew the more her mind was forced up. Her mind was forced up into those words of being a lesbian. The more the words were forced into her. Kacy’s hands however knew their job and knew well how to complete their job.

Kacy’s eyes flew open, her mouth forming a circle, her hand between her legs, and her body curling up. The orgasm was more powerful than anything she’d ever had. Her body had pulled her mind up out of the darkness, lesbian words or not, and Kacy was thrust back into reality. Kacy’s body was pulling in and contracting from an orgasm that had overwhelmed her. Kacy felt everything glowing, tingling, and twitching from such a potent climax.

“Freeze,” Mia mimicked.

Kacy froze, curled up, her body still climaxing. Still as a statue the brunette’s pussy still rolled over and over again as despite her body and mind frozen, Kacy’s pussy was still climaxing. When the five minutes were over Kacy fell onto her own bed. Kacy was breathing hard, but her body was no longer wracked with undeniable pleasure.

Kacy rolled over and from the floor retrieved her phone. In seconds she her the other end pick up. “Kacy,” Heather said on the other end.

“You need to get over here now,” Kacy said cutting off her friend. “I mean right now.”

“What’s going on?” Heather asked sounding suddenly concerned for her friend.

“My sister’s damn bird,” Kacy said putting on her robe. “It must have heard you giving me those post hypnotic commands and somehow it can say them in your voice.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” Heather said and there was sound of some rushing around on her end.

“It’s not cool,” Kacy said angry. “I don’t know who messed with my head more, you or that damn bird.”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Heather said over the phone. “I need to dig my car out of the snow. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Try to do something about that bird.”

“Right,” Kacy said eyeing Mia.

Kacy got to her room and was able to change into an oversized red sweater and black sweatpants, all the while watching for the bird. Mia didn’t join Kacy in the bedroom but was there when Mia came back into the living room.

“You’re the reason I keep having images of Heather naked,” Kacy said to the bird. “I swear you start talking at the worst possible moments.” Kacy went into the small kitchen and started some toast.

From the living room Kacy heard Mia mimic Heather’s voice, “Slave.”

Kacy’s eyes shot up. She didn’t remember Heather ever saying that word. Kacy wasn’t sure if a Gracula could come up with words on their own, but she doubted it. Kacy also knew she needed to stay far away from that bird until Heather showed up to fix the mess. Then Kacy remembered that Mia’s cage had a cover on it. Maybe that would be a way to keep the bird quiet and away from her.

Kacy heard the toaster pop up while walking towards Mia in her cage. The one thing Kacy was thankful for was that Mia would poop in her cage and nowhere else, except for the kitchen sink. As Kacy got closer to the cage Mia noticed her. The bird squawked but didn’t say anything. Kacy was able to latch the door to the cage closed and breathed a sigh of relief. If nothing else Mia was contained. Kacy was on her way around her couch to where the cage’s cover was stashed in the closet when it happened again.

“Drop,” Mia said in Heather’s voice.

“Shit,” Kacy got out as her world sank out from under her. She almost made it to the couch.

“Strip,” Mia said from her cage as if angry and wanting to get back at Kacy.

Fighting to keep from sinking into the oblivion of hypnosis Kacy couldn’t stop two commands. Kacy felt her arms pulling the sweater off her body. Then as she struggled to keep her eyes open Kacy felt her fingers slide down her sweatpants and panties at the same time.

“Drop,” Mia cried louder than before in Heather’s voice. “Drop, drop, drop, strip, drop, slave.”

Kacy felt the support of her mind drain away as she sank deep into a hypnotic state. Heather’s voice, telling her to drop. Heather’s voice in her mind saying she should be a lesbian. Heather’s voice says the word that seemed to dominate all others, ‘slave’.

Some of the panic had left Heather when she made it to Kacy’s door. It had been over an hour to get there. Heather’s car was buried in snow that resembled ice thanks to a snowplow. Heather’s car had nearly no traction on the wet and slippery snow. There didn’t appear to be any plows on the roads. It was still snowing to the point even Heather’s heater and windshield wipers weren’t keeping up. Somewhere along the way Heather’s phone let her know that she was in a level two snow emergency and if she didn’t have to be on the road she shouldn’t be. Regardless Heather made it to Kacy’s door and knocked.

There was no answer.

Heather knocked again, heard Mia say, “Strip.” Heather was shocked. The bird sounded just like her. Also, if Kacy was in there, she most likely was naked. Heather really wanted to see that.

“Kacy, babe,” Heather said to the door, “it’s me, please let me in.”

There was the sound of movement on the other side of the door and with a fast eagerness that seemed out of place in the tense situation the door was thrown open. There was Kacy, naked, hair a mess, covered in sweat and what looked like cum. She was breathing hard as Heather came into the apartment and made sure the door was firmly shut behind her. Kacy however dropped to her knees before Heather.

“Kacy,” Heather said like talking to a child, “what’s going on?”

Kacy was almost hyperventilating on her knees. Finally, she was able to say, “I am your lesbian slave.”

Heather was greatly shocked by this. So shocked she didn’t at first register that Mia had said something in her voice. Then Heather realized she wasn’t the one who said, ‘cum’. Kacy however immediately started to saw at her crotch. Her pussy was red and raw and looked like it hurt Kacy to be rubbing her body. In seconds however Kacy thrust her hips up and a squirt of fluid came from her slit just before her body started to shake and jump with the orgasm.

“Damn,” Heather said taking off her coat and dropping her bag. She got down and held Kacy in her arms. Kacy for her part started crying. Heather started trying to sooth her.

“It’s that damn bird,” Kacy said crying. “She’s been putting me under with your voice and making me think about being a lesbian and a slave and everything is mixed up in my mind. I can’t think straight.”

“Freeze,” Mia said from the cage. Kacy stopped moving. She was frozen in the middle of her sobbing. Naked, and drenched in cum and sweat she was completely still.

“Okay I get it,” Heather said standing up and looking at Mia. “You are a mimic in my voice too. Well, we need to fix this don’t we.”

Mia cocked her head from side to side and then squawked out, “Strip.”

“Not quite yet,” Heather said tapping her finger to her chin. “I can use this.”

Minutes later Kacy unfroze. She realized she wasn’t in Heather’s arms anymore. Heather wasn’t even near her. Kacy popped up, uncaring that she was naked, “Heather?”

“In the kitchen,” Heather said sticking her head out. “I’ve got Mia in here under a heavy blanket.”

“My sister is going to murder me,” Kacy said looking for clothes. “Uh! My mind is like broken glass. I feel like I need to obey you and get your permission to not be naked.”

“Why would you think that?” Heather asked coming into the living room.

Kacy seemed to have an internal struggle for a long moment. “I know you are a lesbian, and you like my body, and I am a slave, and in my mind, I’m thinking I am a slave to you because your voice said slave,” Kacy said quickly.

“Okay, okay,” Heather said leading Kacy to the couch. Heather put a throw over Kacy’s naked body. At first Kacy flung the small blanket to the side, and then seemed to realize what she had done and covered herself up again. There was a muffled sound of something from the kitchen, clearly from Mia and just as clear it was in Heather’s voice.

“You need to fix this,” Kacy said angry.

“I will,” Heather said reaching over the couch and grabbing her bag. “There is one thing. I need you to fully trust me and let me into every part of your mind and soul.”

“Done,” Kacy said and then squeezed her eyes shut hard for a long second. “I don’t know if I said that because I want this to be over or because I feel like I am your slave. At this point I don’t care. You have my full permission to do whatever you want to me.”

“I will hold you to that,” Heather said serious. “Are you sure you’re going to let me have full control over you?”

Kacy sighed for moment thinking. Then there was another muffled sound of Heather’s voice from the kitchen. “Yeah, I’m in,” Kacy said after hearing this. “You have my permission to have full control over me.”

Heather already had a candle in her hand and a lighter. She lit the candle before setting it down on the coffee table. “Then, let’s begin,” Heather said with a smile, “drop.”

The sun had gone down. The sky had finally cleared from the snowstorm and through Kacy’s tall windows the twinkling stars of the night sky shined bright. The candle that Heather had used to help Kacy fall into a deep hypnotic trance had long been extinguished, but the brunette hadn’t needed it for a very long time. Heather was just then bringing Kacy up out of her deep trance.

“And one, wake up,” Heather said snapping her fingers in front of Kacy’s face.

Kacy blinked a few times and looked around. She looked worried and noticed that her place had gone dark. Then she looked over at Heather. “Did it work?” Kacy asked Heather.

“We’ll have to test it out,” Heather said.

“I don’t remember a thing,” Kacy said standing up and wrapping the throw blanket around her otherwise bare shoulders. “Okay, hang on Mistress, I need to get some clothes on before we test Mia.” Kacy disappeared into her bedroom. Heather went from window to window closing the curtains. Minutes later she came out fluffing her hair. She had on extremely skimpy two piece white lace lingerie. The top barely covered her nipples, but supported her breasts with a small red bow between her mounds. The bottoms had little red bows on the sides, but sloped down to barely cover her private area. “I need a shower, but that can wait,” Kacy stated walking into the kitchen.

“She’s been quiet for a while,” Heather stated as she started taking the heavy blanket off. “I hope she’s alright.”

“She’s asleep,” Kacy stated looking at the bird. The black bird had her eyes closed, nestled into a corner of the cage where a bar held her up. “I almost don’t want to wake her.”

“HEY BIRD WAKE UP!” Heather yelled. Mia jumped and frantically looked around flapping her wings a bit. An unintelligent squawk came from her orange beak. “Come on say something,” Heather said to the bird, tapping at the cage.

“Slave,” Mia squawked a little startled.

“Not helpful bird,” Heather said looking over at Kacy.

Kacy had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot. “I’m starting to think of Mia as my beast of bird-en,” Kacy wiggled her eyebrows at Heather.

Heather gave no reaction to this. “Okay, I’ll give that one to you,” Heather stated. “It’s not funny, but I’ll give it to you.”

“Strip,” Mia crowed.

“Oh,” Heather said with eyes wide and looked from Mia to Kacy.

Kacy looked down at her barely covered body. “Nope,” she said. “I have no desire to take off my clothes.”

“Such as they are,” Heather said.

“Drop,” Mia sounded off again.

“Still awake you beast of bird-en,” Kacy said to the small winged creature. “I probably shouldn’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything by not doing what a bird says.”

“Low bar there,” Heather said.

“Freeze,” Mia said cocking her head from side to side. “Freeze.”

“Thank God, that’s over with,” Kacy said going into the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of water. “Now I just need to teach Mia some new words before my sister comes back. I don’t think Pat would appreciate her bird spouting words like, ‘cum’ or ‘lesbian’ in their home.”

“Cum,” Mia mimicked Heather’s voice perfectly.

“The funny thing is,” Heather stated, “I didn’t exactly remove those commands from your head.”

“What?” Kacy asked looking at her friend.

“Well I kind of just turned them off,” Heather said with a mischievous grin. “I can turn them back on with the phrase, ‘slave, bird talk, obeys.’”

“Seriously?” Kacy asked. “Mistress, why would you do that?”

“I think it would be funny,” Heather said with a huge smile on her face. “I had this idea to live stream you obeying Mia. Or just record you and edit it up to get the juicy parts.”

“Damn it, Mistress,” Kacy said looking angry, but not very angry. “I don’t want to be your internet porn star.”

“Not in the state you’re in now,” Heather stated. “Slave, obey me, you want to be my internet porn star.”

Kacy blinked once, long and hard. When she opened her eyes again they were sparkling with love and joy. “I’m sorry Mistress,” Kacy said sounding meek and small, “I do want to be your internet porn star.”

“Then we should go into the bedroom and make our first lesbian video,” Heather suggested.

Kacy blinked a few times and then a huge smile crossed her face. “Oh yes, Mistress,” Kacy said, “I would love t—.”

“Freeze,” Mia called out. Instantly, in mid word Kacy became rock still. The brunette woman didn’t move her lips, eyes, hands, and barely her chest while breathing. Heather smiled and looked down at Mia. Heather unlatched the cage and Mia hopped to the door, and then flew to Kacy’s shoulder. Heather took a picture with her phone of an image that made Kacy look like a pirate, in lingerie. Mia hopped off Kacy and then went to the sink and pooped inside before flying off to the bathroom for some reason.

Minutes later Kacy started moving again as if nothing happened, “o fuck you for the camera.”

“You better believe it,” Heather said. “First, slave bird talk disobeys.” Kacy shivered a little at this as if her mind resettled. “Now,” Heather said, “let’s go make love for the camera.”

Every light was on in Kacy’s bedroom. The pair even brought in two extra lamps and pointed them at the bed. With the phone camera pointed at the bed, Kacy put her body on it, in a sexual and open position. Then Heather entered the shot. Then Heather was on top of Kacy. The kissing and moaning started immediately. Heather was running her fingers through Kacy’s hair. Kacy was pulling Heather’s clothes off. Kacy’s top sprung off her as Heather masterfully worked the hooks on the back. In moments the two women were naked and writhing on Kacy’s bed.

It was clear the Kacy didn’t have any experience. Heather had to keep telling her what to do. Kacy had to be told how to hold her hand when fingering Heather. Kacy had to be told how deep to stick her tongue when licking Heather’s snatch. Kacy had to be told that nipping at Heather’s nipples was okay, but biting wasn’t. The two went at each other like horny teenagers under Heather’s direction. Kacy, was obedient to all direction from her mistress.

Heather was all worked up as she leaned against the head board. Heather’s legs were spread wide, and Kacy was between them. Kacy was taking direction from her Mistress at how fast to rub, how hard to finger, and how slow to lick. Heather was moaning and feeling her body build and build to an orgasm. With Kacy sticking her finger up Heather’s asshole and licking and rubbing the blond woman’s twat, Heather climaxed hard. Heather felt and saw explosions in her mind. Sparks of joyous fire flashed through Heather’s brain. Her body and soul went over the crest of her orgasm into a climax the consumed her. Heather’s hips bucked and her legs shook. She felt Kacy still try to lick and rub her pussy as Kacy’s other hand worked the backdoor. Regardless of how inexperienced Kacy was, she was very quick to learn how to make another woman cum.

Heather was trying to get her breath back as she waved Kacy off. Kacy sat back on her haunches and looked lovingly at Heather. “Did I please you, Mistress?” Kacy asked.

“Absolutely,” Heather stated gasping for breath.

Kacy seemed to hesitate for a moment then asked, “Will you be pleasing me?”

Heather seemed to think for a second. “It’s been a long night,” Heather said. “I’ve been well and truly fucked. I don’t have the energy to fuck you. I tell you what, slave obey me, finger yourself to orgasm, and think that I am the one doing it.”

Kacy blinked long and hard again. When she opened her eyes her hand went down between her legs. “Oh Mistress!” Kacy cried out. Kacy fell onto her back, and her legs shot out. Kacy’s head was off the edge of the bed, so her face was in full view of the phone’s camera. “Oh, your fingers are magical, Mistress,” Kacy moaned. Kacy’s words and tone became more frantic as she said, “You make your slave feel so good, Mistress. I am yours, Mistress. YES! Do what you’d like to me, Mistress! I am your slave, Mistress. I am your slave! I Am Your Slave! I AM YOUR SLAVE! I AM YOUR SLAVE!!! AHHH!!!” With that Kacy’s legs shot out, cum shot out, spittle shot out. Kacy’s eyes rolled back into her head so far only whites showed. Her body shook and jolted and jerked hard from the orgasm. Kacy’s pussy pulsated and her body quivered. Her body bounced internally as the orgasm broke over her mind and body. Then the most dramatic part of the orgasm stopped. Except for gentle moaning, and Kacy curling up into a ball, the most powerful orgasm Kacy had ever had up to that point was over.

“Wow, that was impressive,” Heather said from the top of the bed.

Kacy’s eyes were hooded as she looked up. Drool hung from the side of her mouth. Her eyes barely focused. The words were slurred as if she were drunk when Kacy said, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“That got me all worked up again,” Heather said spreading her legs wide. “Slave obey me, make me cum as hard as you just did.”

Kacy’s eyes flew open. Any trace of fatigue was gone. “Yes Mistress, I will make you cum as hard as I just did,” Kacy stated. Kacy quickly scrambled to the head of the bed. To Kacy her Mistress issued a command, and no matter how tired she was, or how sore her muscles were, or how on the verge of collapsing she was, her Mistress just given her slave a command. Her slave had to obey.

A week and a half later Kacy let herself into her apartment. It was dark outside, and had been for many hours. It wasn’t extremely late, but it was well into the evening. Kacy closed the door firmly behind her and locked it. Then she stripped off her exercise clothes. For Kacy much had happened in the last eleven days. She’d sworn off men, and now only wanted to have sex with Heather, her Mistress. Of course if her Mistress told her to, Kacy would have sex with anyone she was told to have sex with. This was something that happened on the weekends. On the weekdays Kacy had to get herself into shape.

Kacy had to follow the command that she exercise and eat healthy. Kacy went and exercised for three hours in the morning, and then three hours in the evening, every weekday. Kacy also had to exercise Saturday mornings. The rest of the weekends were devoted to living out her Mistress’ fantasies for the camera. Of course Kacy performed for the camera on the weekdays too, but usually alone, usually.

Naked, Kacy went from window to window, closing the curtains so no one could see in. Then Kacy went over and opened Mia’s cage. This woke the bird up, who went from her perch to the door, to the freedom of the apartment before landing on top of the cage. “Hello, Mia,” Kacy said to the bird rubbing the bird’s belly for a moment. “Can you say hello?”

“Slave,” Mai squawked.

Kacy sighed. “Only to Mistress,” Kacy stated.

“Lesbian,” Mia squawked again.

“Why can’t you be a normal bird and say things like, hi, food, I poop in your sink?” Kacy said to the bird.

“Slave,” Mia crowed again.

Kacy sighed and then went over to the docking station near the kitchen. There were six wireless internet connected cameras with a speaker and microphone. While Kacy was at work and the gym they charged up, to record her at night. Some nights they viewed nothing more than Kacy making dinner and then responding to email. Some nights they recorded Heather commanding her slave over the small speakers in the cameras. Other nights they recorded Mia commanding Kacy in random ways. Kacy strategically placed the cameras so they could see her anywhere in her apartment, from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and of course the bedroom.

Kacy made sure the camera in her bedroom captured her as the brunette contemplated what to wear. More than once Heather’s voice would come from the camera and Kacy would have no choice in what to wear. However given her previous commands, burned into her brain, Kacy had no choice but to wear something that showed off her body. Kacy decided to go for something that had come in the mail a day before and she hadn’t had a chance to try it on.

Moments later Kacy was admiring her body in her bedroom mirror. The outfit was in many ways a black bikini, but it was so small it barely covered the private bits, and so tight that it could have been mistaken for paint. The straps that held the black rubber together were clear plastic, and if it wasn’t for the thin strips that shined when the light hit it just right, Kacy looked like she just had pasties on.

Mia flew into the bedroom and perched on the headboard. “Lesbian,” Mia said in Heather’s voice.

“I am now,” Kacy said. “I’m having more and better sex now that Mistress made me a lesbian, than the past five years combined while I was straight.”

Kacy flexed her body. Muscles that weren’t there before emerged. Her arms had small bulges that sprang up. Kacy’s abs became defined, but they weren’t the six-pack that Heather demanded. Kacy’s legs showed long thick cords of muscles. “I’m working on it, Mistress,” Kacy said as she relaxed.

Heather had the thought that fitness women would be more open to hypnosis, and using that, perhaps also is open to doing lesbian porn. What Kacy thought on the matter was not considered. When Heather told Kacy, that Kacy needed to transform her body into something like a fitness model, Kacy had to obey. That was also why Kacy had an appointment with a plastic surgeon the next week to see about breast implants. Heather wanted Kacy to have big breasts, so Kacy wanted to have big breasts.

“Sexy,” Mia called out in Heather’s voice.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Kacy said to the bird before leaving the bedroom and going into the kitchen. Kacy put on some of her energetic exercise music and started making dinner. Kacy was dancing in her barely there bikini and Mia was bobbing her own head to the music too.

Kacy just put the chicken and vegetables into the oven when one song ended and there was a lull in the sound. As if from the heavens above there was a voice. “Slave, bird talk, obeys,” Heather’s voice said from the small speaker in the camera.

“Really?” Kacy said to the camera. “You want this beast of bird-en, yes I will continue to do that joke, to command me more than you. Why don’t you come over here and command me yourself?” Kacy turned down the music, some.

“Slave,” Mia crowed.

“Oh don’t you start with me,” Kacy said washing the dishes she used to prep her meal. “I just want Mistress and me, in bed, cuddling, and just enjoying each other’s company. Is that too much to ask?” Kacy soaped up a cutting board in the sink.

“Cum,” Mia articulated in Heather’s voice.

Kacy’s eyes went wide. With water and soap and suds on her hands the brunette woman couldn’t stop herself from reaching down and pushing her slick fingers deep into her own pussy. Kacy moaned as she started to work her pussy hard with her fingers. She glared at Mia for a moment before the pleasure made her throw back her head and let out a strangled cry of pleasure.

Mia cocked her head from side to side as the bird watched the human. Kacy seemed to be jumping onto her fingers as they drove into and out of her pussy. Suds flowed down her legs as much as her own arousal. Kacy started getting into the rhythm of her masturbation.

“Drop,” Mia said.

Kacy heard the word, and felt her mind quickly go dark. Her fingers were still working her pussy, but her mind was losing the fight to stay awake. The last thing Kacy said as the warm comforting darkness of hypnosis enveloped her was, “Damn bird-en.”

The End