The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

‘Bella’s Pastoral Life’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Bella Holstein gets sick of living in the big crowded city and tries to move to a nice quiet farming community where she happens upon a strange but exciting new job offer.

Chapter One

Bella Holstein has always been mocked for her name. The fact that she’s got large, juicy breasts the size of watermelons hasn’t really helped her out much, either. But a long time ago she made peace with the knowledge that some people are just going to be jerks no matter what, so she doesn’t let it get to her anymore. If it wasn’t for her large breasts it’d be her massive, round ass or her thick, life-affirming thighs. Certainly someone out there would make a joke of her trim waist, too, or even the length of her hair.

Hell, once she got mocked by a crazy man on the subway for not having any tattoos. It’s why she doesn’t take public transportation anymore—she only gets molested and insulted. And whenever she files a report, the cops tend to look at her in a manner indicating ‘yeah, but look at you...’, and she’s had enough.

It’s not me that’s the problem, she’s come to believe, it’s the people that surround me.

For years she’s lived in the big city working a desk job at a multinational trade agency, as ‘relational assurance associate’ where she handles manual data input sanitation, and she’s hated it since she started. It makes a lot of money, but no amount of money is worth her being miserable.

And that’s a harsh pill to swallow for someone as bright as Bella. She graduated college two weeks before she turned 18, and she’s been working for Dewey, Bonum & Howe ever since after an internship. Back then she thought everything would turn out okay.

Well, it didn’t.

She’s about to turn 21, and she hates working in that office, living in that city, being around those people, more than ever!

It’s time for a change.

She wants away from the stink of the harbor, the stress of the crowds, the pollution in the air over the busy streets and the constantly overflowing sewers. For over a year, nigh on a year and a half, she’s dreamed of quitting her job and moving away to a nice, small community out West, where there’s forests and plains and fields and clattering brooks and colorful flowers and...

What’s the point? There’s no use living in a dreamworld.

No! Something’s gotta change!

Monday morning, nine days before her birthday, and the day’s started off dreadful. One of her best bras snaps as she’s putting it on, and since her breasts are so large she has to get all of them special order, that really ticks her off. She orders a new set via her laptop before she heads to work, and gets the house deal: half off if she’s willing to watch a two minute video.

Well, why not? These things are expensive, and half off is half off. She’s watched an advertisement the last two times she ordered bras, too, so why not again, as long as they’re offering?

Her old work-friend Stephanie suggested she use this web store specifically because of their great deals, just about a year and a half ago. Bella loved hanging out with her, but Steph moved out West earlier this year because she couldn’t take it in the city anymore.

Those two minutes fly by, and she can’t really tell what she was watching. Just something about... Uh...

Trees? A clattering brook? And strange music. ... Oh well. The order is reduced in price and she inputs her credit card info.

It’s not like they’ll know she spaced out during the commercial and rescind the discount or anything.

She checks her watch, and she groans. Turns out she’s lost track of time and now she’ll end up being half an hour late to work.

By the time she gets there, the office is in a loud, messy chaos, as always. She settles into her cramped cubicle and gets to work on large stacks of paper to input manually, one at a time, often laden with errors she has to guess at.

And she gets yelled at when she guesses wrong, which is inevitable.

For whatever reason, today she really just can’t spend the effort to do her job. The clock ticks, loudly and slowly, and it’s just too much to bear. She got to work at eight thirty, the clock’s at nine twelve, and she just can’t deal with this shit anymore.

Steady on, she thinks, just gotta get through today. Tomorrow will be better.

No it won’t.

Fuck tomorrow and fuck today. This place is a shithole anyway!

She gets up and looks towards the elevator. It’s open, as people have just gotten out. It’s like a window to safety.

I could just go, she thinks, just go and never come back.

“Bella?” her coworker asks.

“What?” she blinks, her gaze tearing away from the elevator to freedom. “Oh. Laura. What’s up?”

“Emmerson’s got me on bitch duty.” she pouts. “And the espresso machine’s acting up again. Can you do that thing you do?”

Bella smiles at her last friend at the office. “No problem.”

The two of them walk to the kitchen and Bella opens up the espresso maker. “These things need to be cleaned regularly but nobody ever does, and then they bitch and moan that the machine’s acting up when they’re just abusing it without end.”

“I know how it feels.” Laura pouts. “But, I’m getting out of here.”

“What do you mean?” she asks, performing basic maintenance on the large device.

“I... handed in my resignation.” Laura explains. “Two weeks notice. That’s why I’m on bitch duty.”

“Oh...” Bella blinks. “I’m... I’m gonna miss you.”

They hug, the petite Laura having those large, round breasts wrapped around her head.

“I’m gonna miss you too.” Laura admits. “You gotta get out of here. They’re never gonna promote you. Just a bunch of dicks being dicks.”

“I know.” Bella sighs. “So, what are you going to do when you get out of here?”

“My uncle runs a strip club by the harbor.” she says. “He’s been telling me I should come work for him since I turned sixteen and... well, it’s time.”

“You’re going to run his strip club?” Bella blinks, overthinking things. “That’s so cool!”

“Uh... Well, I’ll end up running the place eventually, I guess... when my uncle retires.” she says, scratching her head. “But for now I’ll just be pulling night shift at the glory hole booths. Night shift’s the busiest, so I’ll probably be making the same I’m making here. I’ll just be having a lot more fun, and perform a valuable service. Maybe even regain some sense of self worth, regain my self respect.”

Bella giggles. “You’ll do great. Good luck out there! I’m thinking about quitting, myself, too. Maybe move out West... out in the country.”

“But you’re such a city girl! And quit? Are you sure you wouldn’t get yourself fired? If only just so you won’t get stuck on bitch duty like me...”

“I might! Who knows? Today might be the day I finally smack Emmerson.” she giggles.

“If you get fired, I’ll put in a good word for you with my uncle, I’m sure he’ll give you a job at his club.”

Bella smiles. “Sounds... not too bad, right now.” the large breasted beauty admits, winking.

“Ugh. He’s such an asshole. And they’ll never do anything about it. He’s the CEO’s nephew, he’s basically untouchable.” her friend groans. “I’ll be glad to be rid of him.”

“I’m sure one day he’ll get what’s coming to him.” Bella replies. “I swear, I’m sure he calls me Bessie on purpose, just to bother me!”

“Well, he better. He’s smacked my rump three times in the past week, and when he groped me on the way out to get his espresso, I swear I could feel a bruise the shape of his fat hand on my ass.”

“Poor thing.” she smiles, gently rubbing Laura’s sore, round buttock.

It makes the short, slender girl moan and bite her lip. “You’re such a sweetheart.” she says, kissing Bella on the cheek. “I’ll see you for lunch.”

“You bet.” she winks, handing Laura a cup of espresso.

The mousy cutie walks off, returning to bitch duty.

Bella lets her courageous facade drop when Laura’s out of sight. She knows. She’s never going to get promoted. Never.

So she just returns to her desk, and continues working.

Eleven to ten. Her phone chimes, and she checks it. It’s from the site where she ordered her new bra. She opens it without really thinking about how busy she is with work, and watches the commercial.

It’s about... trees? And a clattering brook? Some music is playing, but Bella can’t seem to focus on it, as she starts daydreaming again.

Probably wasn’t important.

She gets up from her desk at eight to ten and decides for an early lunch. She takes the elevator down, and heads out into the lobby, then out into the street. Towards the sandwich bar she’s frequented every day she’s worked at that office.

But today, she doesn’t stop there. She just walks. To, and then beyond the sandwich bar.

Towards the station. She hates public transportation, but today it’s worth the risk. A ticket, two ways, out West.

Is she really doing this? She wonders as she stares at the ticket in her hand. To and from Yondervale, a farming community two hours from the city.

On the platform, she starts to daydream yet again. About her life in the city. Wouldn’t she be happier elsewhere? Out in the countryside? Trees, tall grass, ... perhaps a clattering brook.

Bella’s deserved some time off. Period!

She’s going somewhere, finally. No idea why she’s picked Yondervale. She had a reason for it, was it to see the countryside? That same countryside she’s seen in her dreams for so long?

She can’t remember. But she’s glad she’s going.

“You look happy.” a nice conductor with a large, bushy mustache comments, as he waits for the train to arrive. He looks to be in his early forties, but he’s in great shape.

“Oh! Um, yeah! I’m, uh... I’m going on a mini-vacation, you could say.” she admits. “It’s been a long time coming. I’m a little nervous, though... I always end up unlucky when I travel.”

“Well, I hope you enjoy it. I’m Henry, and if you need anything on this trip, come find me.” he winks, reaching out his hand for her to shake.

“I’m Bella.” she says, shaking his hand with such excitement it makes her large, plump breasts jiggle in her tight shirt.

She spots his eyes wander to her chest, but they shoot back up quickly to look at her adorable face.

“Oh, sorry.” he blushes.

“It’s okay. I’m used to it.” she shrugs, making them jiggle again. “Can’t really seem to hold them still anyway.”

He clears his throat and tries again. “They’re very lovely. Quite possibly the loveliest I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks.” she smiles politely, only the slightest bit embarrassed.

“Well, Bella, I hope you enjoy your trip. If you need anything, come find me.”

“Thanks, Henry.” she nods, and lets him get on with his day.

Just as the train arrives, she gets a call on her phone from her manager.

“Go fuck yourself, Emmerson.” she says under her breath, refusing the call, then turning her phone off, and stuffing it back into her purse. “Pig.”

She boards and looks for a seat. First class to the countryside, if only so she won’t get groped and ogled by the majority of commuters.

There’s another girl in first class, with beautiful black hair, and an adorable innocent face with a lovely smile, and a body just like Bella’s, with large, succulent breasts, thick hips and round buttocks, and plush, soft thighs. She’s reading a book, listening to some music.

“Is this seat taken?” she asks, pointing to the seat opposite the pretty girl.

“Oh, go ahead!” the girl says, shooting Bella a smile. “Are you going to Yondervale, too? Good luck!”

“Uh, thanks! You too!” she smiles.

“I’m Veronica!”

“Bella.” she says, and she reaches out her hand to shake.

Veronica, however, leans in to give Bella three kisses along the cheek. “I’m sorry if I’m not very sociable, but I get a little travel sick so I’ll be trying to get some sleep once we start moving... I hope you won’t think I’m rude.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you wake up for your stop.” Bella offers.

“Thanks!” she giggles, and returns to her book. Though briefly she looks over her pages at Bella’s large, round breasts and winks “Don’t worry, you’ll get in for sure!”

“Uh, thanks!” she says, not really following what Veronica’s talking about. But at least now that she looks like she’s not traveling alone, it’s very unlikely she’ll be accosted by perverts.

Veronica nods off with her book on her lap, her head resting against the window as the train starts to move, riding along the tracks with occasional, rhythmic bumps along the way to make both her and Bella’s large bosoms jiggle in unison.

The train takes quite a while to get to Yondervale, making only two stops in between. One at the edge of Fylth City, and one in Vilewater, a town in the middle of a swamp, famous for its strip clubs and whorehouses. The trip is long, but smooth, and Bella has to resist drifting off to sleep herself. Even as excited as she is, it’s a long way out...

She greets Henry as he comes by to check tickets, but aside from that the ride is wholly uneventful. After the stop at Vilewater he returns and sits by Bella, and they make small talk and she tells him about her awful job. It’s a quite pleasant conversation, cut short as the train reaches Bella and Veronica’s destination.

“Will I see you again?” Henry asks.

“If we’re both lucky, sure!” she winks, waking Veronica and getting ready to disembark.

It’s about noon when the train arrives at Yondervale. It’s just as pretty as a town in the country is made out to seem on postcards and advertisements.

Such life, such beauty, such clean air and vibrant colors. She stops to take in the sights and sounds, smell the roses, enjoying the scent of fresh baked bread coming down the street.

Everything’s so nice... What an incredible change from Fylth City, where everything’s dirty, even the air.

She makes her way into town, with people smiling and greeting her, and she greets them right back with a cheerful “Hello!”

There’s something a little off about the town, though, but she can’t quite put her finger on it right away.

But then she realizes it. It’s the girls!

There’s so many beautiful girls around, all of them look completely spaced out, and all of them have large, round breasts—quite a few even bigger than Bella’s own incredibly sized melons.

Oddly, all of them have two things in common, aside from the body type and vacant looks in their eyes. For one, they all are wearing leather collars with large cow bells on them, and for another, they each have a yellow tag on their left ear with a four digit number on it.

“Oh! Hi!” one man says, approaching Bella. “Are you Veronica?”

“No, sorry. I’m Bella.” she says. “Why do you ask?”

“I’m supposed to meet a beautiful young lady with very large breasts here, but...” he says, then sighs. “So far, no luck.”

“You just missed her, I’m afraid.” She notices a tag on his shirt. “What’s Yondervale Farms?”

“Oh, we’re a human dairy farm.” he explains. “I figured you were here to apply for a position as dairy cow.”

“What?” she blinks, wondering if she heard him correctly. Did that beautiful girl come here to be a cow?

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. You just... look perfect for the job!”

“Wait... someone out here, in this beautiful town, is hiring girls just like me?”

“Yeah, and the pay’s great... if you get a good grade in the interview.” he nods. “See that large farm out there, on the other side of the field?” He points it out to her. It’s a large structure, yet fits with the pastoral style of the town quite well. “That’s where you go if you wanna try out.”

“Thanks for the tip!” she smiles, heading off into town. She’s missed lunch, and wants to just relax at a little bistro and take in the sights.

A big, hungry inhale. The air is so clean here!

She takes a seat, smiling her pretty little face off, and one of the waiters comes over. “Um, sorry, are you lost?”

Bella blinks in confusion. “What? No. Oh, are you closed?”

The waiter realizes his mistake. “Oh, no! I thought... you were one of the farm girls.”

“I’m not. What’s with them, anyway?” she wonders.

He smiles. “Don’t worry, miss, they’re harmless. They’re cows from the farm... all of them underwent voluntary brainwashing. During work hours they’re fully obedient and mostly brainless. Being milked puts an awful lot of stress on the mind, so they submit them to a cocktail of drugs and hypnosis. That way, the girls don’t crack under the pressure.”

“And that’s legal?” she blinks. It sounds so strange yet... so exciting!

“Oh, Yondervale Farms has the best human milk on the planet. They’ve won several awards... We can offer you a taste of it, if you’d like.” he says, pointing to a small bottle of milk on the counter. “Warning, though, it’s quite expensive. Fifteen dollars for a single serving, hundred for a gallon.”

“Fifteen dollars for that little?” she gasps. “That’s... crazy!”

“I promise you, it’s well worth it. And the cows get paid quite handsomely for that milk. They take in only the finest girls to be milked.”

Bella blushes. She’s been mistaken for one of those ‘fine girls’ twice already. What an honor!

“I’d love to try some.” she says, daring to try new things today.

As she takes in the sights at the side of the road, the stillness, the calm, the beauty of the place, she finds such peace of mind.

Then the milk and her lunch arrive, and she can’t resist. She tries the milk first.

Oh Gosh! It’s incredible! It tastes like liquid happiness coating her tongue and trickling down her throat. It fills her with warmth and such pleasure... Money well spent.

It makes her even more curious about this human dairy farm, and decides to ask some locals about it.

They all tell her about how wonderful the cows are, how sweet and helpful, and how much tourism the place attracts. They talk of a town within a town, behind the farm, where the cows live together safe and sound, away from prying eyes.

She must find out more!

Bella makes her way along a long dusty path to the Yondervale Farms, and walks into the reception. It’s a small waiting area with a few offices about. Nothing too different than the accountancy agency she interned with in college.

“Hello.” she starts, addressing the older woman at the desk.

“Ooh. Hello, dearie.” she stars with a nice, wide smile. “Did you get lost?”

“Um, I was wondering... are you hiring?”

“We only have openings for new cows, if you’d like to try out for that. Except... We’re at this time not taking new applicants. We can set you up for next rotation, which will be in two months... or perhaps three.”

“Oh, well... I just... To be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing here. I was just... I guess I...” she starts, but then goes quiet. Suddenly she seems fully incapable of stringing a sentence together.

“Are you nervous, sweetheart?” the nice lady asks.

“Y-Yes. I dunno why but... I’m... I’m sorry. Should I go?”

“Would you like to become a cow, dear?” the nice old lady asks. “There’s no shame in it, sweetheart.”

Suddenly it clicks in Bella’s mind. She’s been struggling against the beauty and splendor of her body since she skipped her first grades when she was twelve. She’s always fought hard to be respected for her mind, but this was all about her body. “I... I think I do.”

“How did you hear about us?” she asks.

Bella stands there, thinking. “Um... I think I saw one of your advertisements. On ‘the cup holder dot com’, I think.”

Her mind’s a little fuzzy and soft, working hard in a seemingly futile attempt to remember. Doesn’t she always goof off and daydream during those advertisements? And though they always seem to take much longer than two minutes, she couldn’t really remember any part of them now that she’s actively trying to.

“Ah, you know us from our half-off deals for special order bras?” the lady says, pushing a button, buzzing someone from the office behind her. “You certainly do look like someone who’d order from their selection.”

A man stands up and looks at Bella, then picks up the phone and calls someone.

“Uh, yeah.” Bella says, a little confused. “I think so.” She’s a little embarrassed, as she’s not one to easily crack under pressure, but right now she’s just a mess.

“Oh, well, I guess I can squeeze you in.” the nice lady says, pointing to a small office with three desks, three workstations, and three chairs. It offers nothing in means of distractions, not even a potted plant or a clock. “Preliminary rounds are over but I think HR will agree that they’ll wanna see a girl like you.”

“Great! What do I do?” Bella asks.

“Well, you’ll need to do some tests. I’ll get someone from HR over here and set up your exams. It’s an IQ test, a psychological exam, and some general knowledge and math tests, all of it multiple choice. It’ll take you about two hours, and there’s a time limit so you might not finish every test, but don’t worry if it’s too hard. Almost no-one fails this round.”

A psychological test? Just to get to apply? And why do brainless cows need to know math?

“Oh, thank you. Are you sure it’s no bother?” Bella offers.

“Oh, honey, people here will love to meet you!” the nice lady smiles. “You don’t want to have come all the way out here from the big city for nothing, do you?”

“No, I guess not.” Bella agrees. “Okay, I’ll gladly take the tests right now, ma’am.”

A young man comes along to unlock the door to the side office and turns on the middle computer. He works on it a little bit, and then the nice lady at the desk calls Bella, sitting in the waiting area.

“Little lady? We’re ready for you.” she smiles, showing Bella to her seat, then closing the door behind her. “Good luck” she says, and then the door clicks shut.

The strangest feeling overtakes her. A tingle travels up Bella’s spine. There’s an almost audible tone of discomfort, like she’s being watched—probably because she’s being graded. Exams always made Bella uncomfortable.

It’s the stress, she tells herself, and decides to focus completely on those tests. Clear her mind, and just get it done.

She fills in the form on the computer asking for basic information. Name, age, cup size. Home address, current employment, sexual preference, ... it doesn’t seem like any sort of application form she’s ever seen before.

Such strange questions... it’s probably part of the psychological exam. She won’t let a few oddball questions get the better of her!

The final question is if she’s open to anal penetration for pleasure. She shrugs and selects ‘Unsure but willing to try.’

Regardless, like a good girl she fills in all the boxes, and moves on to the quizzes. As said, they’re all multiple choice, and she has to answer as quickly as she can.

It’s nothing too difficult, not for her.

Click, click, click.

And in between every set of questions is a short clip with relaxing visuals and soft music to let her unwind, so she doesn’t get bored out of her mind.

Not that she’s paying attention, breaks like that are a great time to daydream.

Makes her feel a little weird, though. But she pushes on like a trooper, and gets high marks on all the tests. She’s always scored exceptionally high on IQ tests, and this one was no bother.

The nice lady comes in to check on her. “Would you like to take a break, little lady?” she asks in the sweetest tone.

“Um, no, thank you. I’ve done all the tests.” Bella explains.

“Did you see the introductory video?”

Bella blinks. “Um, I don’t think so.”

The lady smiles. “Oh, you must see it. Just click it at the bottom.”

Bella looks at the screen, and sees a video link, which she clicks. As it starts playing, the lady hurriedly closes the door, just before the music picks up.

She sits there and watches, watching a video, watching... trees... and something about flowers... and a clattering brook. Birds chirping. Something about a cow? Smiles, and happiness.

Gah, she’s goofing off again. Daydreaming...

It’s so much nicer out here than in the big city. Everything in Fylth City just gets on her nerves. Everything here is so clean and wonderful and ... and ... and ...

Suddenly Bella wakes from her daydream. Too embarrassed to admit she nodded off, she just smiles and exits the side office. “I’m finished.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. Would you like a little coffee while you wait? I have decaf if you’d like.”

“No thank you. What am I waiting for?”

“I’ll ring up HR to make sure you can have an interview planned as soon as possible. I’ll try to find you someone who’s free.”

Bella smiles and blushes. “You’re so nice.”

“I try my best, dear.” she smiles back.

Bella waits by the snack machine, reading a magazine from last year. Unfortunately, someone has filled in all the crossword puzzles already.

“Hello, dearie...” the lady says, coming over with a large stack of documents in a thin cardboard folder. “I’ve talked to one of the top men in HR, Connor Shepherd, and he’d love to meet you tomorrow morning at eight.”

“That’s a little early... I live in the city.” Bella says.

The nice old lady pouts. “It’s the only time available...”

“Oh, sorry, I don’t want to seem rude! I’ll... I’ll be here! Bright and early!”

“Wonderful!” the lady smiles. “The interview will last into the afternoon... So best you clear your whole day.”

“I will.” the large breasted beauty promises.

Then, the nice lady hands Bella the documents. “You’ll need to fill these out and bring these back with you tomorrow. Your breasts aren’t fake, are they?”

“No, ma’am.” Bella shakes her head. “All natural.”

“Good girl.” the lady smiles, and gestures to the door. “Don’t stay up too late tonight, honey, you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow. Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you!”

“Thanks ma’am!” she smiles. “You’re too kind!”

Without really thinking about it, Bella walks out the door with the forms in hand. She barely manages to cram them into her purse so she won’t lose them.

It’s getting late, and she should head back home. Plus, she’s working up a bit of a headache. The stress from those exams really got to her...

The walk to the station takes about half an hour, but it’s still nice out, so she doesn’t mind as much. It’s so pleasant out here, with the trees and the flowers and the clattering brook...

She passes a clattering brook via a small bridge by the large front gate to Yondervale Farms. Where has she seen that brook before?

It’s gonna drive her nuts... She hates not being able to remember something.

But what a lovely town. She’d love to be back. Hell, she’d love to live here! But to do that, she’ll need a job. A decent job, not the shit one she blew off to be here.

Oh no! Clouds are forming... and it was such a nice day.

She runs the last stretch right for the station, and with a nice helping of luck, she manages to get on the train home before the rain starts.

Two hours on the train ride back, and no Henry to keep her company, nor any Veronica.

At least her headache is subsiding, and the long ride means she has some time to go over those forms she’s received.

Reading through the application form, there’s a lot to go over. To be eligible, she has to mark down she’s fine with being bred daily while ‘subjected to conditioning’, which sounds scary, but also exciting. All the girls she’s seen around town so far seem fine, and that nice girl from the ride over, Veronica, also seemed to look forward to this kind of life. So she ticks it, and tries not to think about it further.

Some more of the forms go on about how much she’ll earn.

“Two thousand a month. That’s a bit low...” she says to herself, before re-reading that part. “Wait. Oh, shit! Two grand a week?! That’s insane! And full medical insurance, too? Even a rather plush pension plan...”

She goes over the documents, and is impressed with the pay and benefits offered... no wonder there’s such a selection process to get in.

Did she really find heaven sixty nine miles from home? Or has she been living in hell, sixty nine miles from where she belongs?

When she gets off the train at the station, she’s disgusted by how dirty and loud everything is. Bums coughing and sneezing all over the place. People leering and shooting her dirty looks.

This place is a shithole.

I gotta get out of here fast, Bella thinks. She almost says it out loud.

She returns to her apartment, where it feels so dark and cold and cramped. It’s so stuffy in the building, in the whole city in fact, she can’t believe she’s been breathing this gross air, this thick miasma of putrid stench, for years now.

Long ago, when she first moved to Fylth City from the other side of the country, she was excited and happy to be there, in the bustle of the metropolis, one among fifteen million others, about to make a difference.

Now she’s so stressed she hardly has time to make change.

Bella is unhappy, and she’s been actively unhappy for the past year, year and a half. Something’s gotta change.

She drops her keys into the bowl by the door and it makes a loud, annoying clang.

Bella lies down on the bed, and checks her phone. Twenty-eight missed calls, seven messages, and one very angry e-mail from HR telling her to come in early tomorrow morning and work unpaid overtime for the rest of the week or she’ll be fired.

A big, happy smile as she rests her head on the pillow.

Tomorrow, she’s going back to Yondervale.

Settling into bed, she gets a good night’s sleep, the first in perhaps years. She dreams of Yondervale, with its lush trees and colorful flowers and... the clattering brook...

With all these worries off her mind, she’s refreshed as she gets out of bed at four in the morning, full of life and energy, and jumps into the shower. She’s got a job interview at eight and she’s planning on nailing it!

She picks out an outfit not for the office, but one that she’d wear to go out to a club, something she hasn’t done in so long. Something she looks beautiful in, something she’s confident in.

“Something that makes the girls look good... They gotta fall in love with the girls... Maybe something that makes ’em jiggle a lot...” she says to herself, putting on her favorite red top, tight around her chest. Tight jeans, wide belt. Make that ass stand out. A nice thigh gap.

Stilettos? No, she decides against it, as she doesn’t want to risk tripping and making a scene.

And underneath, her special underwear; a set of white lace bra and panties in a matching style. It makes her feel sexy, and she’s not above putting herself on display if it gets her what she wants.

The life she deserves, away from this horrible shithole of a city.

It’s twenty to five and she heads out, looking and feeling wonderful, and takes a cab to the station. Fifteen minutes later she’s on the train, waiting for it to take off. First class, of course, and it seems she has the carriage to herself for now.

At eight past five the train starts to move, making her large breasts jiggle, and excitement takes her. She’s going on an adventure, she feels, into a brighter tomorrow.

She watches the sun rise as she leaves the city, leaving the darkness behind as she rides the train towards Yondervale Farms.

It’s twelve to seven when she arrives in Yondervale. Everything’s still closed but there’s people about, and a postman on a bike comes by, greeting her warmly. “Hello!”

“Hello, sir! Have a nice day!”

“Thank you, little lady! You as well!” he calls out to her, waving from his bike as he rides past.

A nice old couple is walking their dog, a little corgi. “Hello!” the old woman calls out with a smile. “Going to the farm, young lady?”

“I am! Good morning!” Bella says, stopping for a quick chat. She’s got more than an hour left to get there, anyway. “I’m pretty nervous, actually... I’m going in for a job interview.”

“Well, you look like just the kind of girl they love over at the farm.” the old man says.

“Thank you very much, sir!” she smiles, blushing. “That’s very kind of you to say!”

“Would you like to pet Snuffles for luck?” the old woman offers.

Bella giggles and nods. “Thank you, ma’am, I would!” Then she squats next to the excited corgi and pets him, as he spins around before her and licks her hands.

“Don’t you worry, darling, you’re going to do great!” the old man says, winking at her.

Gosh, everyone’s so nice here!

She waves to them and moves along, and a handsome, muscular man comes along on a moped.

“Hey there. Are you going to the farm?” he asks.

Bella looks him over and sees he’s dressed just like the man from the day before who was looking for Veronica. “I am!”

“Hop on, I’ll give you a lift!”

“I don’t want to be a bother.”

“It’s no trouble, get on!” he smiles.

She gets on the back and wraps her arms around his waist, her large, soft breasts pressing flat against his broad back, her hands holding on to his rock hard abs. Starting gently, he picks up speed and she’s at the front door in no time at all.

“Are you here for an interview?” he asks as he stops in front of reception, which is still closed. It won’t open for another fifty minutes.

“I am. I’m pretty nervous.” she admits.

“Well, I’ll cross my fingers for you.” he says. “You look like you’d fit right in, and I’d love to see you around more often!”

She blushes. “Thank you!”

“I’m Jack.”

“Bella. Nice to meet you.” she giggles.

“Would you like me to show you around? Offices don’t open until eight anyway.”

“If it’s no bother... I’d love that!” she smiles. “But, will I be back on time?”

“No worries! I’ll keep an eye on the clock for you!” he winks.

Moments later they’re back on the road, puffing along until they arrive in a sleepy little suburb full of small, identical houses with beautiful young women walking around, all of them with massive breasts, wearing collars with large bells on them, and an ear tag in their left ear. Bella feels right at home here.

“Is this...?”

“We call it Mooville, though it’s officially called Cow Town.” he says, coming to a stop to let her look around. “All these houses are called ‘pens’, and we have about six hundred of them, each built to house four cows.”

“This place is wonderful!” she beams, trembling with excitement.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet!” he smiles, taking her along to the center of the village, where there’s several facilities. An indoor pool, a relaxation spa, a supermarket, a cinema, a book store, clothing stores, and much more—everything a town needs to keep its residents happy.

All the open space is overwhelming.

And every segment of the town is connected by a suspended monorail system that takes the cows anywhere they’d like to go, including to the farm itself.

“I hope I get to live here...” she says, looking quite nervous.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. You look like exactly the kinda gal we love around here.” he says, driving her around town. There’s even a little park where a bunch of beauties have gathered in skintight jogging outfits, ready to go for a morning run.

As they head off, the only thing more noticeable than all that jiggle and bounce is the clanging of all those bells.

“At eight o’clock they all go brainless and report for duty, and the work day starts officially at half past eight, until half past four. And, well, there’s a bunch of girls who enjoy working the bonus shift from half past four to half past ten, too, every other day or so. Outside of those hours cows are free to do whatever they’d like.”


“Well, there are some restrictions. All of Yondervale Farms is a no smoking zone... but you can drink as long as you don’t make a spectacle of yourself.” he explains.

“This place seems... like a dream.”

Jack smiles. “Thanks! Me and the guys work very hard to make it all happen. I’m a waste management professional, myself.”

“Well, Jack, let me just say I appreciate all you do for these girls.” she says, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Aww, shucks...” he blushes, a big goofy smile on his face.

He takes her around town showing her all his favorite places, and finally takes her back to reception with just three minutes to spare.

“Told you I’d get you back in time.” he smiles.

“You did. Thank you.” she says, getting off his moped.

“Hey, when they hire you...”

“You mean ‘if’ they hire me...” she offers.

He shakes his head. “No, I mean ‘when’ they hire you, will you... let me take you out for dinner?”

She blushes. “I’d love that.”

He smiles victoriously. “Oh, man!” he almost squeaks, before forcibly regaining his composure. “I mean... ‘cool’.”

The effort required to wipe that goofy smile off his face makes her giggle, and she gives him another peck on the cheek.

“Oh, man...” he starts, biting his lip. “You’re too much. Good luck in there!” he says, as the doors are being opened.

“Thanks! Have a nice day, Jack!”

She enters the building, after taking a big breath of fresh air for courage.

“Nice to see you again, sweetheart!” the nice old lady from reception starts. “Mister Shepherd is ready for you, he’s in his office at the end of the hall, last door on the right. Would you like to bring him his coffee? Might help to make a good first impression!”

“Oh! Thanks!” she blushes. “You’re too kind!”

The lady pours a hot cup of coffee into a mug on a small tray with a few biscuits, a napkin and some notes on it, and hands it all over the counter to Bella. “Don’t forget to ask him if he wants anything else. They love girls that go the extra mile to put a smile on people’s faces around here.”

“I’ll do that!” Bella nods with a big, blushing smile. “Thanks for the advice!”

“Now go get ’em, Bella. And don’t you worry! I can tell you’d make a terrific cow!”

With that encouragement under her belt, Bella carries the tray through the long corridor towards an office with a white door, and a golden tag that reads ‘Connor Shepherd, Control & Recruitment’.

She knocks, and waits for him to call out.

“Come in!”

She enters, and with a big smile on her beautiful face, puts the tray down. “Here’s your coffee, sir. Would you like me to get you anything else?”

Connor smiles. He’s a man in his late thirties, in a fancy but unintimidating outfit, remaining fully casual. Dark hair, a thick rimmed set of glasses, and a straight, white smile to die for. Broad shoulders, tall, and he looks like he works out quite a bit. The stubble on his manly features makes him look like he just walked out of an aftershave commercial.

“Well, if you’re offering, could you go and put this empty mug in the dishwasher, and bring me back a newspaper from the break room?” he says, gesturing to an empty coffee mug on his desk.

The office is pretty big, with one half of it looking more like a living room, with a large comfy single seat couch and a television set up, even some carpeting. He has his own fridge and microwave, and a little TV-dinner table.

“It’s no problem at all, sir, I’d love to! I’ll be right back, sir.”

She takes the cup and turns to walk out.

“You’re Bella, right?” he asks.

“Yes, sir! Nice to meet you.”

He leans back in his comfortable leather office chair. “You really don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, but I’d love to, sir.” she insists. “Please, it’ll be my pleasure.”

“Very well. Oh, and bring me back a red apple. The biggest one you can find.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be right back with your newspaper and apple. Thank you so much.” she says with a pleasant smile.

“Hang on... Did you bring your application forms? Leave them here, I’ll look them over while you’re out.”

With a smile, she hands over the fold with her forms, which he starts reading immediately.

“Oh, and, could you empty out my bin, please?” she asks, his eyes glued to her forms. “It’s, uh, next to the break room.”

“Of course, sir, I’ll gladly do that right away!” she beams a smile, leaning down to pick up his bin. “Anything else, sir?”

“No, that’ll be all, Bella.”

“Thank you very much, sir, I won’t be a moment!”

She heads out of the office and quickly hurries to reception to ask where the break room is. In less than a minute she’s back at Connor’s door, comes to a complete halt, composes herself to hide she’s been running, and puts on a big smile.

“I’ve brought your newspaper and apple, sir.” she says, closing the door behind her.

“Thank you, Bella. That’s very kind of you.”

“It was my pleasure, sir!” she insists, putting his items down at the side of his desk, and his emptied bin on the floor where she got it from. “Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can do anything else, I’d love to put my best foot forward for you!”

“Are you always this eager to please?” he asks smiling.

“Well, to be honest... if it gets me what I want, I’ll do almost anything...” she admits, adding “... within reason, of course.”

“Before we begin, how are you? How do you feel? Did you sleep well last night? I see that you had to come from the city so you must have woken up early, and I hear you were quite nervous yesterday.”

“Oh, I feel great, sir, terrific even. I slept like a baby. I mean, I’m quite nervous because I want to impress you, but... I’m very excited to be here. I’m really honored that I got squeezed in at the last moment.”

“That’s good to hear.” He looks her over, and smiles. “Very pretty. And smart, too! An IQ of 127, perfect scores on the general knowledge and math portions of the interview exams... and so far you seem a very willing and eager girl, quite servile. And you want to become a brainless cow for us?” he starts, going through several pages on a clipboard. “A double Masters degree in Management and Business Administration... you could easily start up a very successful business.”

“Oh. Is this... Am I... ‘overqualified’? Because, I mean, I get it, you’re looking for a certain type of girl and you see my education history and you’re thinking, ‘this girl isn’t what we’re looking for’ but... I don’t wanna be that girl anymore. That’s not the life I want. I’ll go crazy if I have to stay in that city much longer...”

“Oh?” he goes, “Tell me what kind of girl you wanna be, miss Bella.”

“I...” she starts, her fists clenching nervously. “I wanna be a cow!” she insists with confidence. “Please let me be a cow, sir! I’m a hard worker, and I’ll do whatever it takes. I promise, sir, you won’t regret it!”

He chuckles. “Well... you certainly seem determined, so I’ll give you a fair shot. At the very least, you bring the potential for greatness in the field of... being-a-cow.” he smiles, gesturing to her large breasts.

She sighs in relief. “Thank you, sir. I won’t disappoint you, I promise!”

“I’m Connor Shepherd.” he says. “If you have any questions about this place, you can contact me directly via phone or e-mail. I will personally be handling the selection of our new cows.”

“Pleased to meet you!” Bella says, blushing a little. She’s quite on edge, but not nearly as much as she is excited!

“We have four openings for new cows, and we’ll make our decision in a few days from now on the 12th, for the new girls to start on the 14th.” he says, starting by looking over her application form. “Oh. The 14th is your birthday? What a coincidence! Well, happy birthday, and good luck!” he adds with a smile.

“Thank you, sir! I’m... quite nervous actually. I hope I make a good first impression.” she admits.

“Don’t worry, you’ve made a terrific first impression so far.” he says, filling in a few things from her form into his computer. “You’d be willing to relocate from Fylth City to Yondervale, right?” Then Connor circles from behind his desk to the front, leaning over her, looking her over.

She nods, her large breasts jiggling. “Yes, sir. Immediately. If I can find a place, that is.”

“If you’re selected, you’ll be housed on-site. We have a little miniature town on the far side of the farm grounds. Whichever four girls we’ll take will share a small home there.” he starts, his eyes jumping between her application, her face, and her chest. “You know, when I first read your application, I thought you were playing a prank on us. You have a very... unique, yet very, very fitting name, if you don’t mind me saying so.” he goes, sitting down on the edge of his desk, between it and Bella. “They’re real, right? We can only hire you if they’re fully natural.”

“Oh, they’re 100% real, sir.” she nods.

“Lovely!” he smiles, gesturing towards them with both hands. “Well, let’s get them out of your shirt, I’d love to start with a basic inspection and, if you don’t mind, I’d like to weigh them as well. You can use the special scales over there.” he says, pointing to two large metal scales side by side against the wall.

A little nervous but also quite excited with how different life is out here in the country, Bella takes hold of her shirt and peels it up, over her large, luscious breasts, removing it entirely before unhooking her bra at the bridge and removing the cups, letting the twins come out.

“Oh my, such wonderful shapes, soft yet oh-so-firm. Excellent elasticity.” he remarks, taking a few pictures. Then, he puts on white latex gloves and sinks his hands into them, groping and squeezing. “They certainly do feel real...”

She pants, blushing a little bit. “I promise, they are...” she says in a light, squeaky tone.

His hands are so firm but gentle, she’s getting aroused.

A lusty moan escapes her lips disguised as a harmless squeak.

“Everything okay?” he asks, looking her over like a physician would. To him it’s just a job. A great job, but still...

“Oh, yes, sir.” she nods, smiling as she bites her lip. “Could you... keep doing that a little longer, please? Perhaps... squeeze a little bit harder?”

She arches her back, pushing her udders into his large hands.

He smiles and nods. “If you’d like.” he offers, massaging her large, soft breasts as she takes hold of the armrests, gripping them tightly as she revels in the attention, leaning back in the chair. “It’s good you enjoy this. You’ll be exposed to a lot of this kind of stimulation should you be selected. Massages after every milking session help to de-stress our cows.”

“Ahh...” she moans, biting her lip. “I’d love that...”

“Come now.” he says, petting her head, as if she was a puppy. “I have a lot of work to do today, so please, let’s get you undressed and weighed.”

She gets up and removes the rest of her clothes, standing fully nude in front of the interviewer yet beaming with confidence.

He starts with a tape measure around her neck, and instructs “Swallow, please.” followed by a “Good girl.” right after she does as she’s told without hesitation.

“Um, is that...?”

“Collar size. All our cows are collared. It’s mostly a branding thing, purely aesthetic, but it is mandatory.” Connor explains. “You don’t mind wearing a collar to show your team spirit and loyalty to your farm, do you?”

“Of course not!” she replies immediately. “I’d love to! That sounds fun!”

His hand reaches over to grab one of her large, soft buttocks, the other gripping her plush tit tightly. “You don’t mind being handled, do you?”

“No, sir, not at all.” she says, biting her lip and trying not to pant too obviously. “In fact... it feels kinda nice...”

“Good girl.” he praises, reaching up to pet her head.

She seems to revel in the attention. “Thank you, sir.” she returns happily.

“Now, I need you to lean forward onto those scales and hold very still. It’s time to weigh your udders.”

“Yes, sir.” she blushes, biting her lip.

The metal scales feel cold to her skin as she scoops her large, soft orbs into them, letting them settle and fill up the large cups.

“Good girl.” Connor praises, petting her back, and rubbing her ass. “Just hold still...”

She holds her breath, trying very hard not to move a muscle.

“My goodness! 24 pounds each! That’s terrific!” Connor says, praising her in such a way it makes her blush, and feel appreciated.

“T-Thanks...” she says, squirming in place, visibly happy.

He pets her back, his hand trailing onto her bottom as he gives one buttock a nice pat and squeeze. “Oh, you’re really enjoying the attention, huh?”

“Y-Yes, sir!” she nods, blushing. “Thank you, s-sir!”

Connor smiles. “And so very polite! I’m starting to think you’ll fit right in, here.”

She giggles, as he marks down notes. “Thank you, sir, I try my best...”

He puts his hands on her wide hips and moves her along, onto a scale on the floor before letting go to check the readout. “Now hold still. Let’s see... 5′6″... 166lbs... For a shortie, you’re quite the big girl...”

The comment makes her blush even more. She’s all exposed and being judged purely on her body, which is what she went to college for to avoid. But ever since she’d been fighting an uphill battle... and the more she learned about Yondervale, the less it seems worth it to resist.

“I hope I’m not too heavy.”

“Nonsense. So far you’re getting a perfect score!” he says, marking down the results. “In fact, you get to go on to the next stage of the interview; the physical exam. We’ll have one of our doctors check you out, make sure you’re as healthy as you look. We call them ‘veterinarians’ for a laugh, you’ll find we stick to a theme around here.”

She reaches for her clothes, but Connor stops her.

“You can leave those here. Just go right through this door, one of our vets will be right with you.”

Bella opens the door to a doctor’s office, and stops. “Hey, uh... how are my chances, sir?”

He smiles. “If you pass your medical I’ll happily put you near the top of the list. That’s not a guarantee, but... that’ll give you really good odds.”

She makes a happy noise, trembling in place, before replying “Thanks!” and heading over to wait for her exam.

Bella takes a seat in a comfy leather padded chair, waiting patiently in the doctor’s office. Behind her is what looks like a dentist’s chair, with several thick leather straps to bind the occupant in place. It looks quite intimidating, but so far everyone here has been nothing but nice to her, so she’s not worried at all.

A beautiful young lady in a doctor’s coat enters, and for the first time since arriving in Yondervale Farms she sees someone with regular sized breasts. They’re plush, plump DD’s, but around here she might as well have been flat-chested. “Bonjour!” she starts, in a delightful french accent. “I’m Sophie, I’m here for your physical.”

She looks to be in her mid twenties, and quite pleasant. The blonde leans over and grips Bella’s large breasts and inspects them first, before writing something onto the clipboard she has brought with her.

“Do you have any allergies?”

“None, doctor.”

“Do you smoke?”

“No, doctor, I don’t like the stench.”

“Ah, très bien.” she notes. “Good girl. Any history of drugs?”

“None, doctor.”

Then the veterinarian takes a pen light and shines it into Bella’s eyes, writing down more. “Have you ever been pregnant?”

“No, doctor. Never.”

“And you consent to letting us impregnate you should we desire to?”

“Yes, doctor, if that’s what it takes.”

“Would you like to have children?”

“I... I haven’t really thought about it. Maybe some day.”

“It may never come up, but for some it’s a necessary part of milking. We have procedures in place to stimulate lactation but they don’t work on everyone.” she explains, getting a tongue depressor from a container and taking it to Bella’s mouth.

Bella opens up without needing to be told to, and stick out her tongue as far as she can.

“Oh? No gag reflex?” doctor Sophie giggles. “That will make you very, very popular around here...”

“What do you mean?” Bella asks once the tongue depressor is removed.

The vet smiles, and writes on the clipboard. “Don’t you worry about that, girl. Do you prefer being called ‘girl’ or ‘cow’?”

“Um... either, I guess?” she blinks. “Would I make a better impression if I say ‘cow’?”

The vet shrugs. “You might, for some.”

“Then feel free to mark me down as happy to be called a cow.” she smiles, nodding. “In fact, I insist!”

“Are you sure? Everyone will be calling you cow from here on, oui? It might get a little annoying... A little embarrassing, a little humiliating...”

“I insist!” she confirms, smiling. “Please, I’d love it if you and everyone else here would refer to me as a cow, and only as a cow.”

“Ah, très bien.” the vet smiles, marking down Bella’s choice. “Belle vache... good cow.”

Bella feels all warm and fuzzy, getting so into the corporate culture. It’s so much more positive than life at Dewey, Bonum & Howe. “You’re very welcome.”

“Now, before we move on to things like the lower body inspection and the blood work, I’m going to subject you to one of our brainwashing devices, to see how you take to it. No sense going through with several invasive exams if we can’t dull your mind into the desired obedient, brainless state.”

She bites her lip. “Will it hurt?”

“Oh, well, I don’t want to lie to you... a lot of new girls have headaches the first few days. Some even get migraines. Maybe get a little dizzy for a few hours... but if that happens, don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.”

Bella gets up, and is led to the intimidating chair behind her. She gets up into it, and the chair is adjusted to let her fit in perfectly. “This may be a little scary, but do not be afraid. Nothing bad will happen. The worst that can happen is a headache.”

“I understand, doctor.” she says, still quite nervous as she watches a large mechanical arm with a strange set of rotating lenses on it be positioned above her head. “Why am I being tied down, though?”

“Some new cows, when being programmed, tend to flail their body about nervously once their brain is first emptied. It is for your and our safety.”

“Okay. Go ahead.” Bella says, the first belt going around her body, right under her large, juicy breasts, being held out of the way so the doctor can fix the belt nice and snug.

The second goes under her arms, over her chest, with her massive udders sticking out between the two straps. Her neck is strapped up to the headrest, and her head is clamped between two padded slides to force her to face straight up at the arm with the lenses.

A headband is put on, with a rather impressive looking device resting against her forehead. Five cold metal pins poke against her head.

Her arms are strapped down to the armrests, and her legs are strapped down to the padded stirrups.

“Please, try to get out of it. As hard as you can, belle vache.”

She struggles against the restraints, but has to give up. “I can’t. I’m all stuck.” she admits.

“Très bien.” the doctor says. “Are you comfortable?”

“To be honest, not really, but I don’t mind.”

The doctor makes a note of that. “Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, doctor. Go ahead, please.”

“Okay. Now, it may be scary, but it is important you stare right into the spinning display, and keep staring. It will help empty your mind before we start to imprint the engrams onto your brain to make you fully obedient and docile. Then we can begin to take complete, permanent control of your mind.”

Sophie turns off the lights in the room, with only the arm having any lights shining on her. Then, the lenses start to spin, and it looks like a universe is displaying itself right before Bella’s eyes, coming closer and spinning faster with every passing second.

A powerful stinging sensation from the five metal probes pressing against her head shocks her brain. It’s quite painful, and it seems to last a long, long time, but eventually it becomes a numb throbbing, and she drifts away into a lovely, deep sleep.

A dream of wide open fields, of mountains and forests in the distance. Bella runs naked through the tall grass, wearing only a collar and a cow bell. She’s happy, in complete bliss, mooing out playfully and listening to an echo.

The sun is warm on her flawless skin, and suddenly she hears someone call out to her. A warm, a male voice. It’s coming from behind.

She turns, and there’s Yondervale Farms, and the people are all smiling and waving at Bella.

Bella runs over to them, smiling, welcomed warmly as a man comes by to put a chain leash on her collar and walk her into the farm, among to hundreds of cows just like her. She’s fixed by the collar to a long rod which has many girls clipped in place by it, made to bend over a milking machine. Her teats are sucked into a pair of thick plastic plugs, and it’s turned on, with the man petting her back and ass with one hand, and rubbing her large, swollen udders with the other, as milk is taken from her breast and fills up a tank below her.

She feels so loved and desired, so filled with appreciation. She never wants to leave.

Another man comes by, and he’s brought delicious soup. The plate is put on a little counter before her, and he lifts up a spoonful of soup for her, blowing on it before guiding it forward for her to enjoy.

She takes it, and the flavor is delicious, making her whole body squirm with delight. The excitement takes her, leaving her aroused, feeling warm, wet love trickle down her plush, naked thighs.

Her eyes cross, her toes curl, her mouth hangs open slack with her tongue out, drooling profusely in ecstasy as milk flows from her large, swollen udders, and manly hands caress her naked body.

And inside the dream, she drifts off, like laying in bed on your day off, just resting on the pillow all wrapped up and snug. She doesn’t do anything or remember anything or think anything, but she’s happy, and content, and it’s warm and soft and oh so pleasant.

Time passes, but Bella isn’t aware of it. She’s too happy to notice.

When Bella wakes up, she’s wearing a leather collar with a large, heavy bell on it, and a ‘on probation’ tag on her ear. She’s still in the scary chair, but no longer restrained by the leather straps.

“Ah, belle vache, how do you feel?” doctor Sophie asks.

“I feel, uh... a little dizzy. And I have a headache.” she says, blinking her eyes a few times as if just waking up from a deep sleep. “What... What time is it?”

“Four hours have passed, beautiful cow. It is one in the afternoon.” the veterinarian says. “Do you remember anything?”

“No. Nothing.” she replies. “Sorry.”

“Non, c’est bien! You were very sweet and obedient.” she smiles. “Certainly a little too frisky with two of our handlers, but very willing to please, and quite affectionate.”

“Oh... so I did well?”

“Oui, parfait, top marks! You were very delightful to be around, and the two men said they’d love to handle you again very soon.” she says, still writing a few things down, before shining a pen light into Bella’s eyes to check her pupils. “No one is perfect, of course, but given the right training you’ll make an exceptional cow!”

She feels her chest, as it’s sticky from some sort of glistening coat of fluids. “What happened?”

“Belle vache, you did an awful lot of drooling. It was very adorable.” the vet smiles, as she injects Bella with a solution from a thin syringe. “How is your headache?”

“It’s, ... oh! Much better.” she says, the headache almost vanishing. “Thank you, doctor.”

Once the room stops spinning, she carefully tries to get up, finding herself a little off-balance, and she drops back onto the chair.

“Ooh... I feel... heavy.”

“We’ve injected you with our serum to activate your udders. You seem to have taken to it quite well, but perhaps you’ll find your bra will no longer fit you...” she starts, writing a few things down. “Perhaps wearing a bra will be very uncomfortable for the next few days, if so, you should strongly consider going without.”

“O... Okay.” she says.

Sophie hands Bella a plastic bottle of pills. “If you get dizzy, you should sit down and take one of these, and wait until you feel better.”

“Thank you...” she says, holding it in her hand as she has no pockets or purse to put it in.

Sophie gently rubs Bella’s swollen udders, making the cow squirm.

“Ahh...” she gasps, sucking air through her teeth.

“I see. Very sensitive. Perhaps you should wait a few more minutes before you put your clothes back on.

“Yes, doctor.” she says obediently.

Connor enters from the next room, looking at Bella. “How do you feel?”

“I had the most amazing dream...” she says, biting her lip. “I dreamt I was a cow here... It was wonderful...”

“Aw, that’s adorable.” he smiles. “Can you get up?”

Carefully she tries to get up, and Connor holds her by the arm.

“There we go. Good girl.” he praises, helping her up.

Sophie shows him something on her clipboard, and it makes both of them smile.

“I mean, good cow!” Connor says, and suddenly Bella feels all flush with delight.

“Thank you so much, sir...” she blushes, almost moaning her words.

He takes her back to his office and lets her sit down on the comfy chair. “I have something for you...” he smiles, putting on a video on the television.

As she watches, he takes the bottle of pills from her, and puts it in her purse, so she doesn’t lose them.

On the television plays footage of Bella, wearing nothing but a collar, a bell and a tag, in between all the other cows, like in her dream. She’s being milked by the machine she saw... so does that mean she didn’t dream it at all?”

He hands her a bottle of milk and smiles. “Wanna find out what you taste like?”

She blushes. “Oh... Is that... from me?” she asks, taking it. It’s still warm.

“Fresh from the tap!” he says. “I’ve had some already, your milk is absolutely to die for. Top marks!”

She takes a sip, and it’s even better than the milk she had the day before. It makes her moan and squirm with delight. “Oh... it’s so good!” she says, getting a little emotional. “Thank you!”

“No, thank you!” he winks. “You make a wonderful cow!”

She blushes at the sound of him praising her. “Th-Thank you so much, sir!” she goes, hiding her blushing face nervously.

“Take a moment and enjoy the milk. We’ll finish up your interview when I’m done going over the vet’s notes.

Bella sits, drinking the milk, watching herself brainless on the television, milked like the cow she is. She doesn’t remember it, she only remembers the dream... but watching herself on the television is getting her all frisky.

Connor meanwhile works at his desk, quietly, occasionally glancing over at the naked girl on his couch. The tape ends, and the milk’s gone, but he’s still writing, so she sits there quietly, waiting for him to address her.

Finally, he does. “Bella, be a good cow and go and empty my bin again? And fetch me another coffee.”

She doesn’t get a please or a thank you, but it fills her with such delight to be referred to as the cow she is, and she hops out of her seat, a little wobbly, and smiles happily.

“I’d love to, sir! Count on me! Can I do anything else for you, sir, please?” she asks, in a very giggly tone of voice.

“No, that’ll be all.” he says with a smile.

She gets his empty mug and his bin, and walks out into the corridor, wearing nothing but the collar, the bell and the tag, and heads for the break room.

She empties the bin.

She puts the cup in the dishwasher.

She gets a new cup and fills it with fresh coffee.

Then, as swiftly as she left, she returns with a big smile. “Here you go, sir, my pleasure!” she says, putting down the cup of hot coffee, and putting down the bin. “Can I do anything else for you?”

“Just sit and wait quietly, little cow.”

“Yes, sir, thank you very much.” she giggles, and takes a seat before him, waiting quietly as instructed.

“Bella, are you dating anyone?” he asks without looking up from his work.

“No, sir. One of the staff here has asked me out already, though...” she replies immediately.

“Oh, that’s fine. We don’t mind our staff dating our cows.” he says, finishing up his work. “In fact, I wanted to ask you if you’d like me to take you out to dinner sometime.”

“Yes, sir, I’d love that, if that’s convenient for you at all.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry. Perhaps you know that we don’t just milk our cows, but they also provide other services for us? Well, with your keen mind, you’d make an excellent personal assistant. I could use a good cow like you by my side as Head of Control. Though, you would be conscious for a lot of that work, as it’d be very demanding.”

“That’d be an honor, sir! If you feel I’m up for it...” she blushes. It feels like shes up for a promotion even before getting the job. “But... I’d like to start as a regular cow, simply brainless, and this position, though it sounds wonderful... perhaps sounds a little too much like the life I’m now trying to get away from.”

He looks at her and stops, then smiles. “Well, I won’t make you. Choice matters here at Yondervale Farms. If you want to be a brainless, drooling cow, we’ll be more than happy to make you one, given that you are selected of course, and you’re free to let us know if and when you’re ready to take on more responsibilities beyond merely doing as you’re told.”

“Thank you, sir.” she smiles in relief.

“Though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s weigh you again...”

Bella gets up and moves over to the scales, blushing.

Connor looks her over. “Well, if your udders weigh 28 pounds or more, I can literally put you at the very top of the list so far.”

“I’ll try my breast!” she giggles, making a silly joke. “Sorry, sir. I’m nervous.”

She lowers her large, swollen udders into the scales, and the numbers roll as those huge, juicy orbs settle.

Connor smiles. “32 pounds each! That’s incredible! Good cow!” He puts his hand on her head and gently pets her, making her feel loved and appreciated. “Poor thing, they must be sore.”

“Yes, sir...” she says, cooing. “Can they have another massage, please?”

He grins. “If I do that for you... will you moo for me?”

She bites her lip, looking back over her shoulder at him, nodding. “Yes, sir...” she says in a soft, servile tone. “I’d love to...”

He gets behind her, his arms reaching under hers as his hands grip those large, swollen udders, lifting them from the scales and groping them firmly against each other, his strong fingers squeezing deep into their soft cores. “Good cow.” he smiles, his muscular body rubbing against her bare back.

She nervously opens her mouth, panting and drooling. Her eyes cross and her toes curl, and she gets sopping wet, as she lets out the most adorable moan of a moo.

“Good cow...” he praises again, massaging her sore, sensitive udders, dulling her mind with absolute pleasure.

His lips kiss her neck and shoulders, even lifting up her fat tits to kiss them as well. Then, with her in his grasp, he leans in and sucks on the nipple, sucking milk from her, which makes her moan out loudly.

“Oh, sirrrr!” she moans, her hands grabbing and squeezing his ass, rubbing her back against his broad chest. She’s drooling profusely, her knees trembling.

After a moment, he lets up. “How was that, little cow?” he asks smiling.

“I love that, master... I mean, sir!” she blushes, biting her lip, her mind still wrapped in the warm blanket of ecstasy.

He guides her to stand on the scale, and weighs her again. She’s put on a little weight, most of it in her udders, and he marks down the improvement.

Then, he guides her back to the chair, and lets her sit. He waits a moment for her to calm down before proceeding.

“I’m sorry, sir... I didn’t mean to make a scene.” she says, quite embarrassed.

“Don’t be. You’re a very good cow, and we’d be happy to have you.” he says. “Of course, I can’t guarantee you the position today, you understand...”

“I understand, sir.” she nods, trying to get back into her professional state of mind.

“Before your application is complete and can be considered, you have to sign a few documents. For example, a non-compete clause, for five years. A standard pre-contract agreement, giving us permission to prolong your contract with us for as long as we deem fit, with pre-approved raises and benefits per three years of service. And this one, giving us permission to put you in a constant false-pregnancy state.”

“False-pregnancy?” she blinks.

“It’s a chemically induced state to force your udders to consistently produce large amounts of milk. This way we don’t have to get you actually pregnant. It’s completely harmless, and if you stop being injected regularly your body will return to normal in, oh, about six weeks, eight weeks tops.”

“I see. Don’t worry, sir, if I’m treated well I’m very loyal.” she says, signing several documents.

One of them is to declare she has no criminal record nor any ‘unrecorded crimes that may negatively influence the farm and its investors negatively in the future’. Another gives the farm and its staff complete control over her whenever she is in ‘a state of applied submission conditioning’.

“What does this ‘conditioning’ one mean?” she wonders, pointing at it.

“It lets us completely dominate you when you’re scheduled to work. Your brain will be switched off and you’ll be fully obedient. This document makes that completely legal.” Connor explains.

She bites her lip, smiling at him as she signs it. “Done, sir!” she giggles.

“Good cow.” he smiles, coming over to pet her head and take the documents. “One more thing... this is personal, so feel free to decline, but... Can I have your bra?”

“Uh... what?”

“I collect bras from the most beautiful girls that pass my office. It won’t improve your chances to get selected, but... it’s not like you’ll fit into this one anymore.”

“You collect them?”

“I have a wall at home full of them, each with a little note signed by the girl who handed them over.” he says. “I’d love to own your bra too. You know, sometimes a girl changes her mind and we never see her again, this way I’ll have something to remember you by.”

She picks up her large white bra and smiles. “Got a pen?”

Bella signs her name and three kisses on a piece of cardboard he has provided, and hands it and her bra over.

“Here you go. To my number one fan!” she giggles.

He takes the bra and smiles, putting it in his briefcase along with the note. “Thanks a bunch, little cow!”

She blushes, hiding her face in her hands. She can’t believe she just did that.

“Now, let’s get that tag out of your ear and that collar off, and get you dressed.” he says, coming over to carefully unclip the tag from her ear, and unbuckle the strap of the leather collar.

She feels so naked without them, suddenly.

Bella gets up to get dressed, and picks up her panties. Lifting one foot to step into them, she stops. “Would... Would you like these too, sir?”

“Oh? Do you want me to have them?”

“Maybe... I want you to tell me to hand them over...” she says, blushing and teasing.

He smiles and snaps his fingers at her. “Come here, cow, and hand me your panties.”

“Yes, sir! I’d love to!” she says, turning to hand them over, and they vanish into the briefcase as well.

Then, fully nude, she leans over, her large udders pressing against his chest as she kisses him on the cheek.

“Thank you very much, sir.”

He grabs her ass and smiles. “My pleasure, cow.”

She leans in and before he can let go she’s kissing him on the lips, her eyes fluttering. Her hand rubs at his bulge, but he gently pushes her away.

“Someone’s frisky.” he smiles.

“Oh! Oh, Gosh, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me!”

“It’s no problem... the first few rounds of brainwashing tend to leave our newest cows a little ditsy, a little frisky...” he explains. “You’re not in any trouble.”

“Th-Thank you, sir...” she blushes, wrapping her arms around him and holding him tight for a hug. “I’m all nervous and excited and my brain’s... my brain’s all messy right now.”

“Don’t worry. Your brain will clear up on its own.” he says. “Maybe... you should get dressed, and I’ll have someone take you back to the station.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.” she nods, letting go, and bending over to pick her pants up off the floor.

He chuckles, watching on as her large, swollen udders jiggle as she fits her thick, round butt, now swollen in size, in those pants that were already too tight for her when she walked in with them.

Finally she barely manages to fit, and she sighs. “Phew!”

Her shirt is stretchy enough to fit over those large udders, but they’re so sensitive and large they jiggle about even just from the beating of her own heart.

He holds out his hands in front of her chest. “Would you like to be felt up before leaving?”

She bites her lip, nodding her head with a big, cheerful smile, making her large udders jiggle heavily.

His hands grip her soft orbs, the fingers digging into them as she moans, enjoying the attention. It’s the most incredible feeling. He gives her a few minutes of groping, as she backs up against the wall, helpless in his kneading grip.

Then, he ends with a gentle kiss on her soft cheek. “Good cow.”

Connor walks Bella over to reception, where the nice old lady sits waiting.

“Someone looks happy.” she says.

Bella blushes. “I... hope I got the job...”

Connor rubs her ass. “Oh, little cow, you know I can’t promise you that...” he starts, before turning to the receptionist. “Can you provide miss Holstein a ride back to the station? Her knees are a bit wobbly.”

“I will, sir. Leave it to me.” she says.

With that, Connor returns to his office, and Bella hears the door close.

“Are you okay, honey? You look a little sad.” the receptionist asks, in a very motherly tone.

“I just... I don’t want to go home. I hate it there.” she pouts, fighting back tears.

“Oh, honey, don’t worry. I’m sure you did great. But you gotta go home and wait for the decision, okay? It’s not all up to Connor himself.” she says.

Bella nods, her swollen udders jiggling freely. “I know.”

“All the cow girls get emotional after their big interview, it’s perfectly normal.” she says, her hand caressing Bella’s cheek. “I’ll have a nice young man come pick you up, and take you to the station.

One of the office workers gets pulled from his desk and escorts Bella to an electric rickshaw, fully enclosed and quite luxurious, with room for four in the cabin, and even an enclosed segment for the driver.

“These are fancy...” she mentions in passing, noticing it is one of many parked around the side of reception.

“We need to get around, miss, even when it rains.” he says as he holds the cabin door for her and helps her get in. “Comfortable, miss?”

“Yes, thank you.” she says, pouting as she looks back at the farm.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of such a lovely, well-shaped cow such as yourself!” he winks, before closing the door and going around, getting into the driving seat and taking off. “Would you like to listen to some music, miss?” he asks.

“No, thank you. I’m alright.” she offers with a weak smile, and looks over her shoulder the whole time as the farm gets further and further away.

The return to the station is a lonely, quite sad one. She really doesn’t want to leave. She can only hope to be back very, very soon.

At the station, the young man stays with her until the train arrives, and walks her up on board, getting her seated before disembarking. He comes to the window, waving at her and smiling, which makes her feel a little better.

Everyone’s so nice here.

Her head’s spinning and another headache is coming up, so she reaches into her purse for the bottle.

She takes a little pill, making her feel all mellow and relaxed, and suddenly it doesn’t feel so bad anymore. Even if she doesn’t get the job, she can always come back and apply for other jobs around town.

Her phone’s been blowing up, with twenty missed calls, forty messages, and three threatening mails from HR demanding she return to work tomorrow morning and work two weeks with weekends from opening to closing without overtime to make up for her behavior, or she’ll be fired.

She really doesn’t care about any of that, and she just ignores it. She’ll be making more money as a cow on the farm than another rat in the race.

The train takes her along, and she nods off. It’d been an exhausting day for this poor little cow.

A nice little dream about strolling naked through tall grass and rolling hills, wearing nothing but a collar, a bell, and a tag, like things ought to be.

At the terminal, a conductor shakes her awake, making her hefty udders jiggle noticeably, rolling side to side against her chest. “Excuse me, miss, it’s time to get off.”

“Oh! Thank you...” she offers, getting her purse and disembarking.

She almost nods off again in the cab on the way home.

Her apartment is so small and dark and cold. She really doesn’t like being back.

She’s only been from Yondervale for two hours and she’s already dying to go back.

Bella gets out of her clothes, dropping fully nude onto her couch in front of the television. Her dainty little hands rub those large, swollen udders of hers.

She’s so proud of how large and soft they are.

Bella’s is catching up on a movie from the weekend, fanning herself with a magazine as her phone rings. It’s an unknown number.

“Hello?” she asks, picking up.

“Bella? It’s Connor. I just wanted to make sure you got home okay.”

A powerful blush takes her. “Oh... sir! You really shouldn’t have.”

“Well, I felt like I should.” he insists. “I just wanted to say that I loved meeting you, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you very, very soon.”

“I’d love that, master.” she smiles, her eyes fluttering. She doesn’t even catch what she just said.

“Next Monday, we’ll announce our selection on our website. I’ll send you an email so you can log in to check.” he says, before adding “You’ve had a very busy day today, little cow, so don’t forget to get plenty of rest.”

“Yes, sir.” she promises. “Thank you for checking up on me.”

“My pleasure, little cow.”

And as promised, she takes a long shower and heads to bed at six in the afternoon, dropping into a deep, powerful slumber, dreaming of life as a cow in a beautiful meadow.

Master’s strong hands massaging her sensitive, swollen udders as a reward for making him lots of milk.

Sucking his dick for hours as he pets her head.

Dreams of being not just a good cow, but the best cow.

Over the coming days, she decides to stay in, and hang out around her apartment fully nude. The bra she had ordered arrives, but it’s already too small for her by now.

Friday is a good day, where she gets a message that she’s been fired from Dewey, Bonum & Howe, and even though they’re docking her pay for the last month, she’s glad to be rid of them.

What a bunch of dicks.

The weekend is the hardest on her. She just wants to go back and hang out with the other cows, but... what if she gets on people’s nerves? She doesn’t want to ruin her chances.

She puts on a little weight from eating delivery every night, all of it in her chest, her ass and her thighs, as her waistline even seems to be shrinking slightly.

Finally, Monday rolls around. She spends the morning in bed, her laptop at her side.

Just about noon, her phone rings. It’s Connor.

“Sir?” she asks, picking up immediately.

“Hello, sweet little cow. Did you check our website yet?”

She crosses her fingers as she logs in to the page. It takes a few seconds to load, but then the names appear.

‘We happily welcome miss Veronica Leigh Lash to our family. She likes reading and hot chocolate.’

‘We are glad to welcome miss Vanessa Swallows to our family. She likes going out dancing and hanging out with friends.’

‘It is our pleasure we welcome miss Clara ‘Clarabelle’ Madison to our family. She likes singing and modeling.’

‘We are very excited to welcome miss Bella Holstein to our family. She likes dressing up and fancy wine.’

It goes on to congratulate all applicants and encourages them to try again at a later date.

Oh Gosh! She made it!

She’s a cow now, and she couldn’t be happier!

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” she cries out, cheering. “I’m so happy, thank you so very much, master!” she goes, jumping up and down on the bed, knocking over a lamp.

Connor chuckles. “Good cow. Now, be good and start preparing to move to Yondervale. I look forward to taking you out on that date...”

She squeaks happily, almost moaning “I can’t wait, master!”

Bella celebrates all day, cheering out of the window into the street, elated that she’ll finally be rid of this disgusting city.

Tuesday flies by as well. Bella is busy making arrangements to move to Yondervale, into pen 516, where apparently she’ll share common quarters with the other three new cows, yet she’ll have a large room all to herself, with plenty of space for all her things. It’s like a dream come true, and Yondervale Farms has so many luxuries at the ready for their cows, that Bella can just breeze through everything. Six burly fellows help her pack up everything she wants to bring, and load up a large truck.

Bella, however, stays behind to hand over her key to the landlord Wednesday morning.

She spends the last night in her apartment on just a mattress with a pillow, some old stuff she’s eager to leave behind, only to get up at six in the morning to be at the farm at noon.

“Happy birthday, you adorable little cow, you!” she giggles at herself in the mirror as she goes to brush her teeth. She’s now 21, and she’s starting her new life as a dairy cow.

She gets into her outfit, and takes the elevator down to hand over her key.

“So, you’re really gone, huh?” the landlord says. “Shame. I loved having you around. Very pleasant on the eyes.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint, sir.” she offers, as he takes the key back. She feels a little bad making him sad, but she’s still quite happy to escape Fylth City.

She sets foot outdoor with her last case of things. Everything else is at her new home by now. The air is gross and thick with smells, but she feels so free and excited, so confirmed in her life choices. Bella is finally happy again.

The cab ride to the station takes a while, as she gets stuck in traffic, but she’s well on time to be there at noon. It’s not like she’s doing anything else today.

She considers her new job her birthday present. The best she’s ever had!

On the platform, she’s waiting for the train to arrive.

“Oh! Hi Bella!” a familiar, adorable voice says.

Bella turns and sees Veronica. “Oh my Gosh! Hi! Congratulations”

“Thanks!” Veronica cheers. “Congratulations!”

They both giggle and hug tightly, their large breasts pressing flat against each other as they share three kisses on the cheek. Neither of them is wearing a bra, as each of them has gone up a few sizes since they last met.

“I wonder what the other two will be like...”

“Oh, well, we’ll find out when we get there. Apparently the new girls get put together as roommates to help each other acclimate to their new life as cows. I read about it on their website.” Veronica explains. “And, oh my Gosh, how scary was that chair?”

“Terrifying!” Bella giggles. “Oh, I was so scared.”

“And then getting my brain zapped...” Veronica agrees, adding “But I had a really lovely dream then! I was in the field, and taken in by loving people to be milked...”

“I had the same dream!” Bella admits. “Oh, wow, I can’t get over how incredible you look! You were already gorgeous, but now... oh, your udders look amazing!”

“Thanks, your udders are just to die for!” Veronica says, with both of them now groping each other in public.

“Hey, would you believe it’s my birthday?” Bella smiles.

“Oh, well, happy birthday, sweetheart!” Veronica smiles, both of them still pawing each other. “I’m going to pop over to the coffee shop and get something to drink. Do you want anything?”

“No thank you.” she smiles. “I’ll wait here for you!”

Without either of them thinking about it, they kiss each other on the lips for a few seconds, before Veronica heads off for coffee.

To Bella, it was a completely normal conversation. To the three guys watching, who are now jerking off, it was so much more. A moment they’ll never forget.

The train arrives, but won’t depart for another ten minutes. While she waits, a tall man approaches.

“Oh, nice to see you again. Bella, wasn’t it?” the conductor with the bushy mustache says, walking over to greet her.

“Oh! Hi!” she smiles, beaming bright. “Henry, right?”

“You look happy. Even happier than before.” he remarks.

“I’m moving out West, to Yondervale. Finally getting out of the city.” she says, trembling with excitement.

“Yondervale? I live in the neighboring town, across the river. Maybe I’ll see you around.” he mentions.

She giggles. “Oh, I’d love that! What’s your number?” she says, taking out her phone.

He types his number into her phone, and she saves it.

“You have to be my guide and show me all the best places in the countryside!”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful.” he smiles. “Wow, you look terrific!”

“Thank you!” she blushes. “I’m going to be a cow at Yondervale Farms!”

“Well, lucky you! I hear they’re very picky about who they bring in...”

“Thanks!” she giggles, feeling good about herself. She’s so lucky.

“Maybe... we can go out for a drink sometime.” he offers, a little nervous. “Maybe... I can buy you dinner?”

“It’s a date!” she smiles happily and winks. “... Do you like milk?”