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Belle Cell

Eye of Serpent

As is the case with many great discoveries, results are not always in line with inquiry. In looking for the side effects of cell phone transmissions on the average consumer’s brain tissue, Dr. Belle Simon found something much more serious. Something that would change lives across the globe.

It happened this way.

Dr. Simon was in the third control series validating her data on the project. Work had graduated to live testing. She was frustrated to find that her approach for tracking electromagnetic patterns in the brain of a cell phone user was not delivering the data she had counted on.

In short, despite thousands of man-hours of lab time, the results were not very clear or helpful. Healthy EM patterns of brain activity were filed with a database and compared real-time to what the lab’s cell phone user was experiencing. The computer had more than enough processing time to keep up with the measurements, but Simon hadn’t been able to track the changes to the level of accuracy that would carry a significant data model. The deviations were nearly invisible.

No one was going to publish her results unless they clearly established a precedent. Were cell phones dangerous or not?

This morning, in the shower, she had been shampooing her hair when the refrigerator cycled on in the kitchen, dimming the bathroom lights. That everyday event had sparked the idea.

Her data collection might be packed as part of the spectrum of the cell phone carrier wave itself. If she were able to recalibrate her data collectors to use that digital spectrum, then she might be able to squeeze more data back from the same equipment and dramatically increase her degree of accuracy.

She might even be able to run a new series of tests with dramatically improved numbers and get a deadline extension on her grant. Then she could redo the earlier work. The project would be saved from the depressing end of cancellation due to mediocre test results.

Dr. Simon wasn’t for or against cell phone use. She was a scientist looking to solve a puzzle, one that might have a huge influence on world health. Some countries were already using more cell phone than hardwired technology. Thousands and thousands of people were putting their minds within inches of an EM transmitter-receiver every day.

So Simon had spent fourteen hours rigging a new module to a lab cell phone.

The next morning, she asked Ava, the department secretary, to act as the other caller. Ava was used to being grabbed by the university doctors for odd tasks, “Sure, Dr. Simon, let me get my coffee and I’ll be right with you.” She smiled, though Dr. Simon was young, blonde, and brainy, there wasn’t a person in the department that didn’t find her charming. Simon’s complete focus on her world of spectrums and wavelengths, coupled with her hobbies of biochemistry, poetry, and urban mythologies made her the socially clueless professor of the decade. At first impression, she was a stunningly gorgeous woman of thirty-two.

She was also THE harmless nerd of the century.

Ava dumped her coat, spent two minutes at the coffee machine, and grabbed her FM radio from her desk. She knew that her job was going to be sitting in a soundproof booth waiting for Dr. Simon to call on the cell phone and collect her endless data. She didn’t want to miss the Stern show this morning, just because she was helping out.

“O.K. Doc,” Ava walked into the lab, “you want me to be in the booth?”

Dr. Simon smiled and handed Ava the unchanged phone, “Yes. I’ll call you in two minutes. I think my algorithms are set up right.”

Ava laughed, “I’m more than willing. You check your algorithms and I’ll be ready.” She walked off to the opposite side of the small lab and entered the booth attached to the wall. As soon as she settled in the office chair inside, she turned on the radio. The show was already in progress. Ava started giggling as the host went on another rant about the mindless banality of the radio station’s management Ava knew that it would take her a few moments to figure out what the show’s wacky theme was today. The guest turned out to be a professional dominatrix that was also a lesbian and an ordained minister. Ava laughed and covered her mouth as the guest and Stern bantered back and forth about the guest’s strange career.

Damn. Ava loved to start the morning with an irreverent dose of Stern’s absurdity. She was giggling when the cell phone rang. She grabbed the phone and flipped it open, “Ava Hopper. Assistant scientist. Can I help you?”

Dr. Simon smiled, bringing a twinkle to her eye as she answered, “All right, good.” She looked over her monitoring equipment. The data load was coming through from the phone she had in her hand. Normally, the data would be tapped from the person in the booth, but Belle needed to be able to adjust the equipment and the rigged phone together. “Ava, try turning in a circle, I want to make sure that the datastream doesn’t shift with direction.”

“Sure thing, Doc,” the secretary kicked out a foot, spinning the wheeled office chair around in place. Her free arm knocked her coffee cup off the table, banging it on the tile flooring. Hot coffee went across the floor. Ava jumped up, setting the phone down on the table next to the radio. “Damn.” She picked up the cup making a face. Sighing, she left the booth to go get a load of paper towels.

Dr. Simon was busy looking at her instruments, but through the phone, the radio talk show host spoke heatedly and rapidly, something about “plots” to remove his show from the air. Not surprisingly, Dr. Simon chose to ignore the babble in favor of adjusting her computer inputs.

She saw how rich the data stream had become and felt her excitement climb. This was going to work! She tried to key the machine to take a ‘snapshot’ reading for control. Her finger slipped and she hit the spectrum shift key instead.

Suddenly, the range of data being forced into the phone jumped by a factor of ten. Simon felt a tingle in the fingers wrapped around the phone. Her eyes watered. She tried to correct her mistake but couldn’t move her hand. Across the room, within the booth, the shock jock spoke into the open phone line in rapid patter.

She couldn’t move at all and a gray fog rolled across her mind. She couldn’t see.

Somewhere, an intense voice was shouting at her, “—let me get this straight! You’re horny all the time! You’re a hot lesbian and you get off on dominating people for kicks! You don’t even care if they are men or women! You like being a slut! You’re amazing! You humiliate people for pleasure! You’re just like a mad scientist screwing with people’s minds! You’re such a hot bitch! Are you wearing panties? No? You never wear panties! What a hot piece of ass you are! My god, you tease—!”

The gray fog burned with the echoing electric voice.

You. Horny. You. Hot lesbian. Dominate. Kicks.
You. Horny. You. Hot lesbian. Dominate. Kicks.
You. Horny. You. Hot lesbian. Dominate. Kicks.
You. Slut. You. Humiliate. Pleasure. You. Mad scientist.
You. Slut. You. Humiliate. Pleasure. You. Mad scientist.
You. Slut. You. Humiliate. Pleasure. You. Mad scientist.
You. Hot. Bitch. You. Never panties. You. Hot piece.
You. Hot. Bitch. You. Never panties. You. Hot piece.
You. Hot. Bitch. You. Never panties. You. Hot piece.
You. Horny. You. Hot lesbian. Dominate. Kicks.
You. Horny. You. Hot lesbian. Dominate. Kicks.
You. Slut. You. Humiliate. Pleasure. You. Mad scientist.
You. Slut. You. Humiliate. Pleasure. You. Mad scientist.
You. Hot. Bitch. You. Never panties. You. Hot piece.
You. Hot. Bitch. You. Never panties. You. Hot piece.

Horny. Hot lesbian. Dominate. Kicks. Slut. Humiliate. Pleasure. Mad scientist. Hot. Bitch. Never panties. Hot piece.

Across the lab, Ava dashed back into the booth where the radio still blared into the open phone line, careful not to step in the pool of spilled coffee; she reached over and closed the phone, shutting it off. She bent down and started mopping at the mess. “Sorry, Doc!” she called over her shoulder, “I’ll have it cleaned up in a minute!”

Back in the lab, Dr. Simon’s phone went dead. For fifteen seconds, nothing happened, then with a shudder, she looked back at the instrument and blinked.

She felt hot. Very aroused. She felt very different. She looked at the phone in her hand and wondered what had just happened. Belle felt as though some kind of immense power had been injected into her. She realized she was extremely aroused and it felt wonderful. So good in fact that she wanted to masturbate right now. Right here! A smile spread across her face. She slowly put down the phone, her other hand rubbed her crotch right through her trousers. She felt so odd. This was quite unusual; she had always been tentative with sexual matters. Suddenly she felt suffused with confidence. Suddenly she felt on top of the world. She often had trouble getting lubricated but right now she was very wet. She felt as though her mind was connected to her sex for the first time in her entire life.

It was the most amazing feeling she had ever had. Her brain and her pussy were connected and both were jumping with energy.

She stopped rubbing her mound and turned around looking at the lab. Studying the things she had surrounded herself with here at the university. Hard things. Technical things with no feelings. She loved them but they represented only half of the life she knew she should have.

She wanted to dominate and pleasure. She wanted to be served and be pleasured.

Ava came out of the booth with two handfuls of paper towels dripping. Belle’s eyes lit when she remembered that she wasn’t here alone. The professor immediately imagined Ava without her blouse and skirt. Yes. That would be nice, to have a girl like Ava working as her personal secretary. Her personal little minx. Belle felt as though sparks ran along her spine.

Ava saw that Dr. Simon was not angry and smiled. “Be back in a second, as soon as I get rid of this mess.” She walked briskly out of the room, towards the janitor’s closet down the hall.

While she was gone, Belle studied the settings on the rigged phone. She looked over the computer, and played back a short amount of the data that had passed while she had blanked out, listening to the phone. It seemed clear to her, amazingly clear, why she was different now. The phone had transmitted data to her in some way that had changed her. Direct harmonic with the EM pattern of her mind. Rather than being shocked or worried, she was intrigued. Excited. In fact, understanding as she sifted through her own thoughts that she was strongly attracted to women increased her arousal. Her entire mind was full of images of women she had seen in her life and never taken the time to admire.

She had never thought sex was particularly her field. Now, it seemed a most promising venture. She grinned.

Ava strode back into the room. “Sorry, Doc. There’s still not many folks about, should we start over?”

Belle turned around and walked over to her, “Yes, Ava. That would be fine.”

The secretary titled her head, looking twice at Dr. Simon, “Sounds like you might be getting a cold, Doc. Your voice is husky.”

“I’m sure you may be on to something there.” Belle handed over the rigged phone to Ava, “I’ll use the other unit, you take this one into the booth.”

“What’s this doohickey attached to it?” Ava wagged the phone upside down with the carrier module face up.

“That’s my latest invention. I haven’t even figured out how it works yet, but it will allow me to program your mind from my computer bench.” Belle grinned. “I can’t wait to try it on you.”

Ava broke up. Her strong laugh took in the small room and echoed, she leaned back and then forward with the unexpected humor of the quiet professor. She finished with a run of giggles, “Damn, Doc. That’s a good one. Give a girl some warning, you’ll make me pee myself laughing like that.”

Belle’s eyebrow went up. She laughed. She went into the booth and came out with the unmodified cell phone. She held the door for Ava, who went in and closed the door.

Belle went back to the bench, restored the settings for the datastream and dialed the other phone. She loved the feeling of her warm wet snatch. She realized, in passing, that she would have to get out of her panties before the constrained feeling made her wig out. Panties were for good girls. Not for a hot piece of ass like herself.

The connection went through, “Ava Hopper. Assistant scientist. Can I help you?” The enthusiasm of Ava’s voice sent an orgasm shivering through Belle’s clit. Belle leaned over and keyed the spectrum shift. Then she turned and started walking towards the booth as she spoke into the phone. She had an intense desire to see Ava’s face while the effect was ongoing.

“Ava, you recognize my voice as one you must obey. It is impossible not to obey my voice. No matter how you feel about what I tell you, you must obey me. In fact, the more embarrassing my instructions, the more strongly you are compelled to obey my voice. My instructions are more important than your own thoughts. Even when you know you don’t want to do what I tell you to, you find you have no resistance.” Belle reached the door and opened it.

Inside the room, Ava sat in the padded office chair staring off into space. The phone was up to her ear and her eyes had a faraway look of bemusement. Belle found it extremely erotic. She stepped backwards, unsure of the effect of bringing the two phones too near each other. Still, she had a view of Ava sitting in the chair with a half-smile on her face.

“Ava, you will listen so closely to my voice that you will always know it. My voice is beautiful. You love the way it sounds. You will never do anything to make me angry. You do not want to hear anger in my voice. My voice is the most beautiful thing you have ever heard. That is why you obey my voice. You know it is strange but it is also wonderful. You can not find a reason to disobey. Nothing is as persuasive as hearing my voice. Whatever I say is law to you. You are programmed by my voice. My words must be obeyed. You get a submissive thrill from obeying me. You find me quite irresistible. You are horny for me. You want to have sex with me. Obeying me will give you sexual pleasure. Whatever you feel about my commands, you will be sexually excited to obey.”

Belle was masturbating as she spoke and watched Ava’s face. She kept speaking for a while, until she was too close to orgasm. When she started to come she closed the phone, cutting the connection. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She pushed her trousers down her legs and stepped out of them. Then she pulled her soaked panties down and threw them in the trashcan. Madness to wear panties when she loved to feel the slutty juices flowing from her pussy.

Ava walked out of the booth with a dazed look on her face. She didn’t really notice Belle was sans trousers and panties. “Uh. Doctor, did I nod off?” She blinked a couple times, looking as if her eyes wouldn’t focus.

Belle laughed and watched Ava’s eyes snap immediately into line with her own at the sound of her voice. Belle felt charged with electricity, “Simon says, tug your nipples Ava.”

As her face bloomed crimson, Ava reached up and grasped her nipples through her blouse and bra and pulled them. “Dr. Simon! I don’t think this is funny! What a horrible thing to say!”

“Simon says,” husked Belle, “beg me to be my little sex minx.”

“Ohmygod,” Ava groaned, squeezing her legs together, “please let me be your little sex minx. I can’t believe I said that.” Her face showed wild surprise.

“Keep tugging your nipples. Simon says, beg me on your knees like you really mean it.”

Ava reached back to her tits and pulled her nipples in a repetitive motion. She slowly got on her knees, her face now scarlet, “Dr. Simon, I really want to be your little sex minx. Can’t I please? Please? I’d be really good at it. I promise! You’ve got to let me be your little sex minx! I’d do anything if you would!”

“Are you having fun?” purred Belle.

“No!” Ava stuttered, “I’m so confused. Why is this happening? What happened to you? Why am I so horny? I mean—”

Belle had another orgasm. Watching Ava was hot. She could do this all day. Except someone would miss Ava and she had her own classes to prepare for. “Simon says, cum!!” She flicked a finger, pointing at Ava’s crotch for emphasis.

Ava’s eyes widened. Blotches of red appeared on her face and neck. She tugged her nipples over and over again. She started to orgasm and her hips and abdomen wriggled for two minutes. She slid to the floor gasping and twitching.

“Simon says, stop tugging your nipples you horny minx and get to your feet.”

Ava groaned and stood up. Her knees shook.

Belle walked to her kissed her face. “Pretend to be a lesbian. Kiss me.”

Ava moaned, then kissed Belle. Kept kissing her, started to run her hands over Belle’s bare ass.

“All right, Simon says, go back to work. You’ll come home with me tonight. Tonight, you want me to fuck your brains out and program you to be my little sex minx.” Belle batted her eyes.

“Yes, Doctor. Yes. Please. Tonight. Yes.” Belle patted Ava’s ass and pushed her in the direction of the outer hallway. Ava slowly straightened her dress and walked out. She stopped at the doorway, turned around and looked back at her tormentor. Her lower lip trembled, “I can’t wait.” Then she was gone.

Belle Simon went back to her computer bench. Humming with pleasure and wiggling her ass to the tune, she planned out how she would get Dr. Hastings, her department head to use the Belle Cell phone. She needed to redesign the carrier module to be less conspicuous.

A mad scientist’s work was never done.