The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Benevolent Dictator

by Calaban

My name is Jackson Roberts and I am a mutant. Oh, I don’t have an adamantium skeleton or grow nine feet tall and turn green. I’m a very normal 30ish guy; medium height, thick muscular build. I have short brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee.

It would be more colorful if I could tell you that I was bathed in gamma radiation, or bitten by a bio-engineered spider. Heck, even my mother doing lots of illicit drugs during pregnancy would be something of a story. The truth is I don’t know why I’m a mutant, but my theory is that I’m an example of the next stage of human evolution. Given a few more generations there may be more like me.

By now you may ask what makes me a mutant? Well have you ever tried listening to a very weak radio station while another station keeps bleeding in on the signal? My emotions, thoughts, and feelings can bleed over like that onto anyone near me mixing with their own. If I touch that person, or look in their eyes – well now I’m the program director. I can insinuate whatever thoughts and attitudes I want seamlessly with the persons own psyche.

Now a more ambitious mutant would surely find a way to rule the world with this gift. Make the president your personal sock puppet for example. I’ve read comic books though. There’s a lot of work involved in being a supervillain, because once you’re at the top you have to compete to stay there against do-gooders and other super villains. I’m more your laid-back slacker villain. I live comfortably and use the minimum of manipulation to keep from working for a living. (A few local professionals send me large checks every month sure that it’s premiums for a life insurance policy)

Of course where I am the most villainous is using my powers for sexual gratification. Usually It’s very subtle and harmless, I just meet a girl at a club or wherever and I let my own arousal “bleed over”. The girl in question is then just as turned on as I am and everything goes on smooth.

A few days ago however I made more than the usual use and it’s an interesting story.

I was filling up at the gas station when a very attractive blonde woman got out of the van in front of me and began pumping gas.

She was probably in her early twenties with a slim build and a nice tight bubble butt. I stood behind her in line and began letting our thoughts merge, planning to give her a dose of horniness before I grabbed her ass. What I felt coming from her changed my mind though.

I would best describe it as “pious crap”. I’d picked a born again religious girl. I could turn her up as horny as I want and she still wouldn’t want laid, she’d just pray some more and maybe flip the bean a little before bed.

Just then a very pretty black girl a little bit younger came in and joined Blondie. As they talked I picked up that their van was carrying members of a church group to some Christian conference in the next state.

Well, I wanted this pretty black girl too and thoughts were already running around in my head...

Back in the parking lot I approached the van. Blondie and her friend were standing by the passenger door. The sliding door was open. An older woman and two kids sat in the middle passenger seat. “Excuse me; can I have your attention?” I asked the group clearly as I approached. All eyes looked at me. Perfect. Bam! I hit them all with an overwhelming urge to snuggle down and go to sleep. That is, all but the two prizes I grasped by their wrists. I planted a different thought into their pretty little heads, they wouldn’t think twice about obeying any order I gave them.

“What are your names girls?”

“I’m Rachel” said the blonde and “Shandra” chimed in the black girl.

“Let’s get in the van girls. Drive us to that motel over there Rachel”


As Rachel pulled the van out of the gas station and around the block to the motel lot I began testing the girls’ state by running my hands up and down Shandra’s thighs. While the girls seemed to be perfectly compliant they were also pretty unresponsive. I’ve never fucked a corpse and a girl who just lays there doesn’t do much for me, so this plan was going to take a little fine-tuning.

I left mom and the kids sleeping in the van while I rented a room for our fun. When the clerk acted a little funny about renting a room to an older guy and two young looking girls (this was a big chain motel, not a seedy place) I zapped him too so he thought the girls were much younger and I was obviously their father.

In the room I told Rachel and Shandra to sit on the main king size bed.

“Girls, what do you want to do when I give you an order?”

“Obey it.” They answered in stereo.

“Girls, I have some special instructions to give you. Listen to them all very carefully now. When I snap my fingers two times your thoughts will mostly return to your own. You will be yourselves as you were an hour ago with some important exceptions. Are you ready to hear them?”


“First, you will be unable to walk to the door or pick up a phone. Your feet and hands will just be too heavy to lift. Second, you will be unable to scream for help. Trying will only cause your throat to clench. Third, each time that I take liberties with you -or with your friend- you will become more aroused sexually. You may speak freely and resist, if you want to. But we’ll see how long you want to. Oh, one other little thing. Just for safety sake. If I snap my fingers once, you will immediately return to this compliant state. Oh, and another thing, you won’t think of assaulting me physically. Do you understand everything?”


“Allrighty then...” I snap my fingers twice.

“Hey! Why did you bring us to a motel room?” Rachel asked

“And why the hell did we come?” wondered Shandra

“Come on Shan, let’s get the hell away from this creep” Rachel said as she got up and started for the door.

She got two steps and stopped with her feet rooted to the floor.

“What’s wrong?” asked Shandra, “Let’s go”

“My feet, I can’t move them!” exclaimed Rachel, pulling at her calves as though to free them from mud.

Shandra pulled her friend from behind. Both of them toppled to the bed and I had a good laugh.

“That’s enough, we’re out of here!” Shandra glared angrily at me as she took one step toward the door and froze in fear. “Shit! It happened to me too. I can’t move my legs Rachel.”

“I think you’ll find that happens every time you try to leave ladies” I smiled and leaned against the doorframe as they began to show signs of fear

“Rachel, call the police.” Shandra instructed

“I tried Shan, now I can’t move my hand either” Rachel whimpered.

I stepped toward Shandra, a lithe hard bodied ebony statue, and stroked my hand across the firm swell of her breasts.

“Take your hands off of me you pig!” she exclaimed.

“You liked it.” I told her smiling.

“Bullshit!” she lied, “Why would I want an old perv pawing my titties?”

“Why would you? But I see your nipples getting hard and it’s not cold in here.” I grasped her by her glossy straight black hair and pulled Shandra forward for an urgent, smothering kiss. As she tried pulling away and resisting, I nevertheless felt her lips quiver on the verge of returning the kiss. Rachel drew in a long hissing breath and watched with interest as Shandra surrendered her lips and we began kissing in earnest.

Shandra moaned as I broke our kiss. Sliding my nose along her jaw line I peered over her shoulder at Rachel. Rachel was leaning back on her hands, and her face looked flushed.

“Quit that Shan, don’t kiss that perv!” Rachel told her friend.

“I... I uh...” Shandra searched for words to respond until I squeezed her tits in my hands. “Ohhh God!” Shandra cried out as she thrust her firm tits into my grasp “I can’t help it Rachel, I’m so horny!”

On the bed Rachel was visibly breathing heavy, rubbing her thighs together as Shandra rubbed her tits in my hands happily.

“Shandra, I want you to do something for me. I’m not commanding you understand?”


“I want you to suck my cock Shandra, would you like that?”

She bit her lip, looked up at me demurely with her big eyes, “I... I’d like to... But I signed a pledge not to have any more premarital sex... It’s wrong”

“Any more??” Rachel asked from the bed “I thought you were a virgin!”

“No, there was a guy...” she started to speak before I shushed her with my finger over her lips.

I bit the side of her neck and she trembled as I began stroking her tight ass. “Shandra, feel my hard cock. Think how good it would feel in you...” (She shivered against me) “Do it for me”

Shandra quickly sank to her knees and began unfastening my pants. She gave her friend a guilty look as she slid her full lips down on my hard shaft, but Rachel didn’t say anything this time. One hand was down her shorts and she watched enthralled as Shandra began blowing me slowly, her hands working the revealed portion of my cock as it slid in and out of her sucking mouth.

“Mmm, that’s nice Shan...” I complimented her as I caressed her head and pressed my cock to the root in her accommodating throat. Shandra was apparently more experienced than her friend guessed. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensation of her succulent mouth as I began to thrust my fat cock slowly into it.

When I opened my eyes Rachel was panting and obviously playing with her little pussy beneath her shorts. Shandra’s whole being seemed focused on worshiping the meaty intruder in her mouth and I felt myself getting close to nutting.

I pulled myself away; Shandra looked questioningly at me as she breathed deeply, her mouth agape. “Stand up Shandra, take off your clothes” I ordered, slowly stroking my rigid cock. She quickly jumped to her feet and began stripping off her jeans her T shirt exposing her beautiful dark body. Her long legs curved gracefully into a tight bubble butt. Her two firm C cup breasts stood up proudly on her heaving chest with no support at all, displaying her prominent Hershey’s Kiss nipples. A light carpet of curly black hair led to the hidden treasure between her legs.

“Rachel!” As I called her name, Rachel was brought back to reality and looked at me, alarmed.

“Take off your clothes too Rachel...”

“No, I can’t!!”

“Look at this Rachel” I began stroking my fingertips over Shandra’s sodden pussy “You know this is what you want, Take your clothes off and show me your sexy body”

Slowly and shamefully Rachel pulled her loose t shirt over her head revealing her slim muscled torso, from the firm hard abs up to her apple size tits hiding behind a thick white bra (with her nipples trying very hard to break through). Down came her shorts, and then her damp white panties, which stuck wetly to her thighs. Rachel’s shorter, well muscled legs ended in an ass just as tight and fit as Shandra’s, if a little wider. Her pussy was more visible beneath her pale yellow hair, which ran in a sparse strip down the middle of her mound.

I guided Shandra onto the bed and laid her long legs back into the air exposing the bright pink treasure waiting there.

“Rachel, hold Shandra’s ankles back like this. That’s it, pull them back wide” I told her as I kicked off my jeans and pulled my t shirt off showing the girls my wide, strongly built chest and arms.

I crawled onto the bed in between Shandra’s ebony legs and watched her shake as I teasingly blew my soft warm breathe on her aching cunt.

“Are you watching this Rachel? Do you see how good that makes her feel?”

“Yeah, she really likes it”

“Now watch this” I tell her as I bend lower and begin licking Shandra’s pink, wet, pussy.

“Aieeee!” Shandra screamed and had her first orgasm immediately from the anticipation. I rode out her bucking and thrashing with my face clamped to her hot oven and sucking up her flowing juices. I began to rub her clit with one finger while I began fucking her pussy with two fingers

“Ah yeah, Oh jeeze God!” she rolled her hips and it was all Rachel could do to hold her legs back as I feasted on Shandra’s tart, sweet pussy.

After she clenched her legs around me in another mini-orgasm I shuffled up closer, suckled her hard nipples, and drove my fat 10 inches straight to the hairs in her open pussy.

“Ooooh shiiiit!!” Shandra screamed as she broke free of Rachel’s grasp and began pounding her hips back to meet me. Rachel watched on in fascinated horror as she watched her friend fuck me back, wrapping her legs around me and holding me tightly to her as her hips thrashed in a frenzy driving her dark pussy lips again and again to meet my plunging white pole.

“Oh God, you’re so big!” (thrust thrust) “And it feels so good!”

“You like that Shandra? You like my hard cock splitting your little pussy?”

“Shit yes! Oh fuck me hard!”

I began a racing pace, slamming myself home again and again into that welcoming pussy. I’d like to say I lasted a longer time, but what the fuck—with two sexy young things here for my enjoyment? I fucked Shandra maybe five more minutes before I drove my cock as deep inside her scorching pussy as I could and let loose shot after shot of my hot cream. I clutched her passionately against my chest as I groaned and thrust a couple more times, more slowly and gave her a few more small shots to remember me by.

As I pulled out from Shandra’s fresh fucked pussy, my cum spilled out running a distinctive white stream down between her black ass cheeks to pool on the bed... And Rachel was shaking in orgasm from the work her fingers did while watching us...

The girls lie panting on the bed in stunned silence as I caught my breath. Both were obviously still excited but an expectant silence filled the room as they wondered what I would do next.

Rachel especially had a priceless look of frightened anticipation as she stared at her first cock glistening along my thigh.

“Well, what do you think Rachel? You came hard watching that didn’t you? And you know how much Shandra loved it.”

“Yeah, oh my god I did! But I can’t do that! I’m a virgin and I have to stay that way until I’m married”

“Suit yourself” I told her “but what about other things? No penetration means you’re still a virgin after all”

I subtly turned her lust up a bit and reinforced the instruction for her to become hornier the more anyone messed with her.

Rachel bit her lip and moaned as she thought things through in her head. I could see her pink nipples like bullets and her thighs were still shiny with wetness.

“Uh, OK. I guess if there’s no penetration. You promise? You won’t fuck me?”

“Rachel honey, I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. Now lie back…” I guided her down on the bed and softly kissed her lips.

She kissed me back with surprising enthusiasm, wrapping her arms around my neck as she pressed her lips to mine.

I stroked my hand down Rachel’s neck and softly cupped her firm little breast. She eagerly pressed the hard pink point into my hand and moaned heavily. I could hear her rubbing her legs together in her excitement.

I reached lower and parted her muscular legs, teasing my thumb across her sparse pubic hair…

“Are you sure you don’t want any cock in there Rachel?”

“No! You promised!”

“Just checking to see if you changed your mind, but you’d like me to keep playing with you down here wouldn’t you?”

“Ohhhh god yes, it feels so good…”

I admired my little doll draped on the bed, with her head back in ecstasy as I rubbed my thumb over her clit. My little fuck doll, she just didn’t realize it yet.

I also looked back at Shandra. She was totally recovered now and watching with interest as I seduced her friend.

“Shandra, would you like Rachel to feel as good as you just did?”

“Yeah, make her cum hard. Fuck I never came like that before”

“Help me make it good for her Shandra…” I spread the trembling blonde’s legs on the bed and looked with meaning at her friend. “Come up here and make sure she cums hard”

Rachel raised her head blurrily from the bed “What the…?” she began as Shandra settled between her legs.

I stroked Shandra’s glossy black hair and guided her in to Rachel’s steaming pussy. She stretched out her tongue and tentatively probed Rachel’s swollen red lips.

“Nooo! Stop it, I’m not a dyke!” Rachel moaned out from the bed but she hunched her hips anyway grinding down on Shandra’s exploring mouth.

“It’s ok” I reassured Rachel as I stroked her firm stomach and began kissing her breasts. I was taking it easy on the artificial mind control stuff this time, just having so much fun teasing her. “You’re still a virgin and nobody has to know about anything that happens here”

I was pinching one nipple and caressing the other with my lips when sweet Shandra took initiative herself to add a couple of fingers to her tongue action. Rachel jerked so hard I swear she levitated off the bed as her orgasm crashed through her, It had been slowly building and now her release rolled on as she continued to writhe in blind passion as I took Shandra’s place feasting on this sweet cherry little pussy.

Rachel finally calmed down enough to catch her breath although I continued to lazily lick her lips, her asshole, everywhere her tasty juices tried to hide.

“I want…. More please more…”

“What do you want?” I ask her as I circle my fingertips over her clit…

“Make me cum again please, it’s so good…”

“Tell me what you want Rachel, all you have to do is ask me to put my big fat cock in and use you like a whore..”

“But… b but…” she began to argue ineffectually as I pulled back and blew my breath softly on her wet pussy.

“YES, please fuck me!” she shouted as her passion overwhelmed her will.

“Not good enough…” I smiled as I led her on. God I love to tease.

“Please, fuck me like a whore! Stick your fat cock in and fuck me like a dirty cheap whore!”

“That’s more like it” I approved as I slid up between Rachel’s eager legs. The legs Miss Priss used to guard her treasure until now gaped open inviting me to use her as I nudged my angry red cock head against her slippery little pussy lips. I had thought about taking this slowly and savoring her first time, but what the hell. You strike while the iron is hot, and this iron was burning up.

I pressed myself into Rachel’s gripping pussy until my head was seated inside and the little bitch struggled to impale herself on me. With one hard thrust I sank my ten inch column deep into her untouched pussy. Her pussy contracted around me like a fist, but she was so slippery from arousal that I continued to thrust effortlessly into her thrashing body.

Loud moans and curses and unintelligible sounds began to pour out of the sweet church girl’s mouth as I fucked her like a ragdoll.

“Shandra – Get up here!” I called and the slim black girl rushed to our side “Sit on Rachel’s face for me Shan, let her pay back some of what you did for her.”

It made a distinctive sight as Shandra settled her dark thighs around Rachel’s blonde coif, soon settling her wet brown cunt down onto a pair of inexperienced but enthusiastic lips.

I went into overdrive fucking sweet Rachel, trying to nail that hot pussy to the bed, sucking like a babe at Shandra’s firm chocolate tits. I lost track of how many times the girls shuddered and came beneath me but the first fuck had taken the edge off for me and I was able to really give it to them good until I finally exploded deep inside of Rachel’s hungry cunt. Her heaving orgasms continued to milk me as I dribbled out the last of my cream inside the young woman.

I dressed and left happily, but not before blanking their memories and leaving the girls with a few interesting suggestions for the future. I thought such good friends should have a healthy urge to fuck, and then to suck the cum from each other’s pussies. It’ll just bring them closer right?