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Betsy finds herself in River City and is shocked to discover it’s infested with super heroes who will try to stop her doing her own lawful work.

Author’s note—This story contains scat. I have provided an alternative story line for readers who do not want to read about scat. The scat sections are prominantly indicated, so you can skip over it and read the alternative instead.

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Betsy Visits River City.


Dr. Orlof walked round the bimbos, checking them out carefully by vision and by feel. They were impressive but he kept his face straight. After all, he didn’t want Mr. Herschel and Ms. Jigger know how much he wanted to own a few hundred of them. Plus, he didn’t want them to know he had just sacked every last one of his henchmen because they went on strike for better pay. What was the world coming to when henchmen thought they had rights? It didn’t help that word of the henchmen had gotten round the underworld resulting in no applications for the jobs. Ms. Jigger and Mr. Herschel would obviously increase the unit price if they knew that, so he was careful not to let them know. They were from the other side of the country and didn’t have any contacts round River City, which was fortunate for him.

Stewart Herschel and Tilly Jigger watched him impassionately. They had a good international reputation for both quality and cost and had no worries on that score. Dr. Orlof was a new customer whom they had researched well, because of his wealth. It was possible he could become a reliable repeat customer and they were anxious to get this right. Their sample bimbos were trained within an inch of their lives.

“Now, tell me again exactly what they can do and what they can’t do,” said Dr. Orlof.

Tilly Jigger smiled the smile of a saleswoman in genuine reach of a sale. “They will do whatever you want,” she responded. “Obviously, sex, of whatever sort, is a given, as you will confirm during product testing.”

As she said this, Dr. Orlof prodded another tit and watched the massive mammary wobble enticingly. He was extremely pleased to note not one of them needed, or wore, a bra, despite the size of their tits.

“But they are not confined to pleasure functions only. Each one has been manufactured from genuine human stock and their brains are intact and complete with all past memories and experiences. We have only amended their free will in order to obey their owner. Consequently, exactly what they can do depends on what they did before we recruited them to our workforce. They can all do general work as a given, maid service and housework for instance. Our training includes office work as standard, so they are all competent in filing and typing and office management. If you have specific tasks for them to undertake, it would be prudent to let us know beforehand, so we can include those paradigms in their parameters. What sort of work do you envisage them undertaking?”

Dr. Orlof’s attention had drifted back to the second group of bimbos. The group he had immediately separated out. He heard her answer, but it was standard and he expected it. He wondered exactly what he could do with the second group. He would have to think that one over very carefully.

“I was thinking of general guard duty for the castle,” he eventually replied. “Would it be possible for your bimbos to undertake such a task, as well as their other, more standard, duties? I do appreciate that this may be beyond your abilities, as this conversion may be so far beyond the products’ original specification as to be untenable. But it would definitely be handy.” He knew Mr. Herschel and Ms. Jigger wanted an in in this geographical area and, therefore, was pushing their acceptance criteria as far as he could.

Stewart Herschel looked at Tilly Jigger. It was Stewart who replied after a slight nod from Tilly Jigger. “Of course they can do that. It’s just a matter of training. Our bimbos are fixated on the pleasure principle, and they receive pleasure from obeying. Consequently it’s simply a matter of training them up. As a matter of course, we don’t let them near any guns, or munitions in general, during their post manufacture training, but all that means is bespoke training for your needs. Do you have your own trainers? Or weapons?”

“No, I have no trainers, but I do have my own weapons. As you have already realised, I allow no firearms in the castle or in the grounds. I do not like guns, of whatever sort, and will not have them around me at any cost. The weapons I have are based on expertise of use only. I will show them to you later. Let us keep to general principles for now.”

“Certainly,” responded Stewart. “But these are the sort of details we will have to know eventually, in order to fulfil your order.” He used the standard sales technique of talking as if an order was inevitable and they were simply discussing the fine details.

Dr. Orlof knew he was going to order and wanted the order to cost as little as possible, while containing as much value as possible.

“How long can they watch a screen for? I mean a screen showing the inside of a corridor, for example, which never changes at all. And they would have to highlight the instant anything changes on the screen, no matter if that’s all they did for years.”

“That’s not a problem, Dr. Orlof. Our bimbos will need rest, as they are constructed from basic human stock, but you will still find it amazing what they can do. They require at least three hours sleep per day, but can go on without sleep for four or five days. That is not recommended as it will reduce accuracy and invalidate the guarantee. On your specific example, any of our bimbos will work for twenty hours watching a screen where nothing happens and will flag up any happening the instant it occurs. She will also have to eat, which, as we’ve already explained, would be in their own dorm, as it seems to offend most people. They can eat ‘normal’ food if necessary, and draw sustenance from that, but it’s really not necessary for normal operations. The food we supply, contains all the necessary ingredients that will keep your bimbo operational for a lifetime. Each bimbo doesn’t need a lot either, but as it’s consistency and smell is offensive to most people, it is recommended they eat away from people.”

Stewart Herschel and Tilly Jigger had, correctly, assessed Dr. Orlof as a tightwad and were proceeding on that assessment.

“There’s also another consideration we find most people miss in our bimbos.”

Dr. Orlof looked interested.

“Using your example for instance, our bimbos would not require a desk or a chair or any sort of refreshment either. These may sound trite examples to put to your attention, but I assure you, this consideration for all bimbos has been known to significantly affect an operation’s bottom line, as I’m certain you will appreciate.”

Dr. Orlof liked that they considered him to have considered that aspect already. They recognised good and efficient management. He nodded sagely before changing the subject.

“Now, tell me about these alternatives. To be honest, I like the idea of relaxing after work with one of your bimbos, but I wonder about these. I note you still call them bimbos?”

“Ah yes, our exotic range. To be honest, Dr. Orlof, we find this range caters for a more, well, flamboyant type of customer. They do stand out, don’t they? Some of our customers like this fact. They can be seen and identified from a long way away, as you can tell. Some people like that.

“They are bimbos, just like the rest. They are experts in sexual gratification and have all the requisite office skills, but, as you can see, they do look different. Their fur is quite natural, by the way. It’s induced during manufacture utilising their own redundant DNA, which we reactivate to suit. We do not deal in anything artificial. All our products are top quality and purely organis as you can see. This means their fur and tails are unique. You will not find any of your friends, or indeed, enemies, with an exact same model. Should you choose from our exotic range, it will be unique to you.

“Their ears are also unique and very sensitive and versatile. Stroking behind them will produce a loud purring which has been proven time and time again to be extremely relaxing to the owner. Some owners have been known to spend hours just stroking their pets behind their ears. But those ears also have a practical purpose. As you can see, they are large and mobile. The shape is an extremely efficient sound collector and amplifier. They can hear sounds way beyond our reach and can act as an early warning system, should you train them up that way. Please note the ears are independently mobile as well. They can listen to your orders while still actively scanning behind them for inappropriate sounds. They have proved themselves to be very efficient guards and a significant number of our clientele consider this feature the most important.”

Dr. Orlof watched them for a while, especially their tails, well, not the ones with bushy tails but the ones with the long flexible tails. They had been standing at attention for a while now and, as he had been told about, those tails were wandering. Those tails seemed to be made for pleasure and Dr. Orlof wondered about that.

But, he was set in his ways and decided something this new was probably the wrong thing for him at this juncture. He decided, reluctantly, to ignore this possibly new type of play for now. Perhaps he would try one or two of them out later, once he had settled the complete giggle in. His eyes then wandered to the three cages, which contained the, well, the different ones.

“Are those to be considered bimbos as well?” he asked. “They look like your exotic range at first glance, but I’ve had more than one glance at them.”

Stewart Herschel smiled. “No, Dr. Orlof. They are for our customers who have a penchant for bestiality, as we find some do. We include these in this demonstration, to offer you a complete overview of our operations. Do you want a demonstration?”

Dr. Orlof had no interest in these feral beasts, but he was curious. “Yes, please,” he answered.

Stewart Herschel smiled, went to a cage and opened it. The furred animal inside growled a proper growl and bared its teeth and swished its tail. Dr. Orlof couldn’t determine its sex without a closer look, an extremely closer look, and looking at it so far he was afraid to get that close. Stewart, on the other hand, didn’t flinch as the animal sidled out and faced him, baring its teeth. And its teeth were definitely the teeth of a carnivore. They looked, well, efficient.

Stewart sternly said “Fuck,” to it which changed its demeanour from wanting to rip your heart out and dine, to something else. Something Dr. Orlof knew intellectually but couldn’t discern from its behaviour and demeanour. It still looked like something Dr. Orlof wanted behind bars if it had to be there at all. Stewart approached it unarmed and confident and when close enough it growled menacingly and turned its back to him before bending over and presenting its furless purple rump. Stewart gave a commentary from this point.

“It’s important to be ready now,” he said while opening his flies revealing a large cock. Dr. Orlof didn’t like that cock. It was too large and aesthetically displeasing. His cock on the other hand, or preferably, in the other hand, was exquisitely proportioned to be highly pleasing and incredibly artistic at the same time. He instinctively didn’t like Stewart’s enormous cock on display. It just looked gross and put him off this whole range of merchandise. But he had asked for a demonstration, so he suffered it. He watched as Stewart inserted his cock without any foreplay, jerked a few times then released. The animal turned, growled at him, then wandered away.

Stewart lowered his voice, saying, “Home,” forcibly. The animal looked at him, growled and returned to its cage, which was locked once it was safely back in.

Tilly Jigger watched all this with a keen interest. She had seen it before, of course, but she was focused on the customer’s reaction, which was typical. They were going to have to change this demonstration and use a smaller cock. Stewart’s member was costing them sales. This had to stop. She wondered whether to have Stewart’s cock reduced or whether to bring in another salesman. She didn’t want another salesman, thank you, so she continued her development of a suitable argument that would convince Stewart. This would be a hard sell, but she could do it.

Tilly instigated the next demonstration before calling attention to it.

“I’ve just added the pheromones to these cages,” she announced, in an attempt to attract Dr. Orlof’s mind to the amazing pleasures of owning such animals and simply watching them copulate. Dr. Orlof looked. He saw an animal look up. It had been lying on straw the whole time, totally impervious to what was going on around it. The animal in the next cage stopped its pacing and was sniffing the air. Its tail started twitching. The first animal rose to its full, and impressive, height and revealed itself to be male. Excessively male. Dr. Orlof wondered if that thing could actually rise, it seemed unlikely. He watched as the animal stared at the female in the next cage while slowly proving Dr. Orlof wrong.

Tilly watched him in the hope he would see the animals in the proper light, as an attraction all on their own, but, disappointingly, she saw Dr. Orlof still compared his own equipment to what he was being shown. She decided to finish this section of the presentation quickly and move on to more profitable areas. She had the bars between the cages retract while, at the same time, increase the pheromone dosage, resulting in a noisy and quick coupling. The male returned to its straw nest afterwards, again ignoring all around it.

“You do realise these animals can be the perfect guardians of your estate, Dr. Orlof? Once specifically trained, all you need do is let them out in the grounds each night and they will automatically guard your property. We find a lot of our more discerning customers consider this option carefully.

Dr. Orlof considered this option quickly. He didn’t want them. All that sex was just gross. He wondered if he would need an enlarged cock, like Stewart’s, to deal with the female animals. The thought of an operation on his own member didn’t appeal. He said no to them, and they moved on.

“Now, how much for, say, two hundred fifty straight ordinary bimbos?” Dr. Orlof asked.

“You do realise the unit price will drop drastically on orders of five hundred or more?”

“Yes, I know that. Let’s stick at two hundred fifty for the moment.”

It took them a few minutes to haggle, as is traditional among evil geniuses, before coming to a deal. They shook hands, again, as is traditional, before Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel repacked their demonstration models and retired to their rooms to work out the exact details of how they would fulfil the contract.

Dr. Orlof informed Ffanci Cloyd-Morgan, his sister-in-law, of the results.

“Good,” she responded. “It doesn’t feel safe around here without any defences.

Dr. Orlof smiled but didn’t go there. They had already discussed his abrupt sacking of his whole henchman team in a fit of pique after they asked for more money. What did they think they were? A union? He wasn’t having this insubordination, so he sacked them. Ffanci had asked him later why he hadn’t gotten another group of protection prepared before acting in this manner and he didn’t have a good answer for that. He didn’t like that.

But, there was still a problem.

“Ffanci, I’m having to pay far too much for the speedy delivery times I’ve requested and we’ll need to get some cash from somewhere.”

“What about your bank balance? Transfer the money or write a cheque or take the money out and hand it over. Why are you saying there’s a problem?”

Ffanci knew why and didn’t like the answer. Dr. Orlof had an aversion to dipping into his bank accounts. His money was safe there and comfortable and Dr. Orlof liked the thought of his money being comfortable, so he had his answer ready.

“Now Ffanci, you know there mustn’t be a trail, no matter how tenuous, between my bank accounts and any of our real activities. We’ll use Robot Man. Tilly Jigger has expressed a preference for jewellery as payment, so we’ll supply her with some. We do get a small discount for this, so its well worth the effort. I do know the Dominatress is planning a heist on the Jewellery Market tonight and I thought we could have that. The underworld doesn’t know Robot Man works for us, so we’ll be perfectly safe.”

Ffanci looked exasperated. “Oh, if you must. I’ll make sure he’s charged.”