The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


The sudden light blinded her and she raised her hands to cover her eyes, but she couldn’t. Her arms were fixed in place. There was noise all around her. She couldn’t see because she had to close her eyes tight against the glare. She tried to roll over but couldn’t. She was obviously strapped down to something. She realised she was naked as well.

Can’t you do anything right?” said a sarky Essex voice on her left.

“What happened? It was all clear.”

“Well I had just exited the shop when a woman sprayed something into my face and I woke up here,” said Pearl, who was strapped into the frame on Vicky’s left.

“And I went to see what was keeping Pearl,” said Vicky, when a big titted woman asked me a question then sprayed something into my face and I ended up here,” said Vicky.

Dr. Orlof laughed. “Did you think it would be so easy? I found the strap you cut last time which led me to your little trick with your nails, so that won’t work again Betsy, so this time you will all stay and be processed. I have simply removed that sliver from your nail. You were caught because I now have an army of helpers, thanks to Mr. Herschel and Ms. Tigger. “They’re amazing. They can obey simple orders and don’t stop until they finish their tasks. But, as you have proved to be so resourceful, I’ll have to update my schedule. You will be processed now.” With that he wheeled her away.

Two of his big titted hench-bimbos went to the dispensary desk and started to fill syringes. Vicky decided that now was the time, particularly as the inept mad genius didn’t seem to be able to work out they could have talked to each other while free. She couldn’t ball her muscles like Betsy, but she did have two slivers of razor blades stuck to the inside of her nails, one on each hand—just to be one better than Betsy. So she started to cut away her straps. It was difficult as her thumbs were held back, but she managed to get leverage with both hands. Pearl, on seeing what Vicky was doing, started to scream and shake so much the hench-bimbos both went to her in order to inject her first. Pearl couldn’t do much else as her strength had again failed.

Vicky freed her arms and grabbed the upper arm of the nearest one to her and pulled her close. Once in range Vicky hit her throat with stiffened fingers and she dropped gurgling blood. The second hench-bimbo saw this and immediately went around Pearl’s bench to subdue Vicky, but Vicky had managed to remove the straps holding her legs and that one died from a roundhouse kick which broke her neck.

Vicky immediately freed Pearl who, in turn, removed the strapping holding Vicky’s thumbs back. They collected their weapons and rushed naked after Betsy. They found her in an adjacent room. A hench-bimbo was walking back to a bench after injecting her. Betsy had used her muscle balling a second time and the hench-bimbo was too stupid to work out what it meant. But she had still been injected with sleepy stuff. Pearl was closest and she drop kicked the bimbo in the chest. There was submerged venom in her kick and Vicky, at the other side of the room, pulled a face when she heard the bones crack open. ‘I never though she could be that viscous,’ Vicky thought. The hench-bimbo died instantly, her heart punctured by bone fragments. They quickly freed Betsy and carried her back to the holding room where they dressed. It was too difficult to dress Betsy and they did want to get away as soon as possible.

As there seemed to be very few personnel about, they decided to leave now. Because they were dressed and had their weapons, they decided to carry Betsy out with them. Pearl still didn’t have her strength back so she volunteered to do the carry, but she staggered after only a few steps. Betsy was surprisingly heavy. So, Vicky took over that task. They crept out to the ground floor and to an outside room, Pearl scouting the way. They didn’t wonder why there was hardly anyone about, they just accepted the fact and went quickly. The three hench-bimbos they did encounter seemed to ignore them completely. Pearl knew it wasn’t her doing, so she assumed it was Vicky that was somehow making them not see them, if that made sense. Pearl laughed to herself at that little awkward bit of wordplay. Eventually they were out, Pearl dumped the haversack on the lawn then emerged herself to take Betsy from Vicky. Once out, Vicky took Betsy back and they ran to the wood around the castle.

They emerged from a different side to last time and Vicky took the opportunity to head straight for Betsy’s cache from last time. It was hidden deep inside a large wilderness of thorns and brambles. Betsy had detailed how to get in and Vicky lost no time getting all three deep inside the brambles without taking much care with Betsy’s naked body because of the need for speed. Vicky was glad of that excuse. They had just made themselves comfortable next to the cache when they heard an alarm sound.

There wasn’t enough space in here to dress Betsy so they manoeuvred her unconscious body onto a bedding of sorts they created from Betsy’s own clothes and covered her severely scratched and bloody body with a thermal blanket they found in the cache.

Once both Pearl and Vicky deemed themselves safe for the moment, Vicky grabbed the cache Betsy left behind and started to paw through it. Pearl looked on in wonder. What was Vicky looking for? She found out soon enough when she sat down with a couple of Betsy’s nutrition bars and started eating the first ravenously.

“We can wait until we’re safer for food,” Pearl said in what was the closest to criticism this paragon of American values had ever said to Vicky.

Vicky shook her head while screwing her face up at the taste. “You don’t know how much energy it takes to make people think you’re not there. I had to control three of those bimbos as well as carry that heavy lump and now I’m in serious danger of keeling over. These bars are disgusting but they are effective and fast acting. In fact I’ve never recovered so fast. Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Pearl digested that bit of information for later analysis and restricted herself to whispering, “It does sound as if you qualify as a super hero in your own right. Do you want me to sponsor you into the League?”

Vicky stopped mid bite. This could be a problem. There was no way she would join the League. All she wanted was a few days, well, months, shacked up with Pearl. She was prepared to humour her a lot, but this was beyond the pale. How could she say no without offending her future orgasms? She decided on the truth. Or on a form of words that were originally based on the truth. That would be good enough. Vicky didn’t automatically distrust Americans like Betsy, but there were limits. Like Betsy, she was British.

“I’m so sorry but I can’t do that Pearl. I’m already part of a group based from Paris and joining the League would be an obvious conflict of interest.”

“Oh that’s a pity, but why would it be a conflict of interest? Surely we both work for the same ends, justice for all? Are you working for them now? What are you after?”

Three questions. Good. Maybe she could make her forget about the one she didn’t want to answer and perhaps a bit of embellishment to increase the pity factor. After all, pity sex is still sex. “No, I’m not on a mission or actually working right now. I’ve taken a sabbatical to recover from an injury received while working though. They’re fine with that because they say it was a serious injury. They do keep an eye on me and what I’m doing and I’d be hauled over the coals if I joined another organisation. All I’m doing right now is recuperating and having a good time.” And, just to take her mind well away from the first question she added, “That job Betsy was doing probably sounds like the sort of thing I’d normally be doing as well. Except this time Betsy got the goods as I wasn’t interested in them.”

Pearl looked closely at Vicky. There was a lot of information to digest. “Do you mean to say you’re better at this than Betsy? Do you know what she was after? And what was your injury? It must have been serious.” Pearl wasn’t used to this type of dialogue, so much information in such a short time. She liked her news in bite sized pieces so she could digest it properly. This all seemed so chaotic, but it’s what Vicky was used to and Pearl liked Vicky a lot. She now knew about women on women relationships beyond what she was used to and was curious. She did wonder if Vicky could show her a more detailed synopsis of this intriguing type of interaction.

Vicky took another bite of the bar and grimaced at the taste before answering. The fact that that gave her more time to choose the answer most likely to get them into bed together was a fortuitous byproduct of her hunger. But Pearl shushed her before she could answer. Vicky became alert and looked where Pearl pointed.

She saw lots and lots of hench-bimbos emerging from behind a bush and heading out towards the ring road. It was unnerving because not one of them seemed to be the slightest bit wary. In fact most of them giggled as if to some private joke when they emerged from the bush. Vicky and Pearl watched in silence as far too many of them to count emerged and headed out. Vicky wondered how they could navigate this terrain with those heels, but they did.

Eventually the hoard of bimbos ended and silence descended in the wood until the birds and animals decided it was once again safe to go about their business of noise-making, killing, eating, fucking and shitting. The background noise started up again.