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Betsy Visits River City.


TillyBetsy caused problems. She was hospitalised and checked over by Ffanci, who was, after all, a fully qualified doctor. Ffanci could find nothing wrong with her but her behaviour was not normal. Ffanci, who never used the title of doctor since her husband died on her operating table, had the advantage of comparing her behaviour with that of Tilly herself. After all, they were one and the same person except for the little fact that they had different bodies. On the face of it, TillyBetsy had the superior body. It looked thirty years younger and had been maintained well. But TillyBetsy fatigued easily, far more easily than Tilly. Also, TillyBetsy was clumsy and easily distracted. They all were shocked, however, when one day, TillyBetsy slapped a bimbo in a fit of rage. That wasn’t the shock, after all, every one of us has done that in our lives. No, it was the fact that TillyBetsy broke the bimbo’s jaw in multiple places. The bimbo was, obviously, put down and Ffanci performed a series of tests on TillyBetsy’s strength, which was discovered to be erratic, depending on how she felt at the time, but at its best, was very much stronger than normal.

Ffanci compared Tilly’s and TillyBetsy’s brainwaves, just to see if she could determine anything from that. She determined they were the same person. Nobody could fake those and these two were the same person. The minor differences could all be explained by the fact of the different bodies each Tilly inhabited.

Ffanci put TillyBetsy on an enhanced diet, designed to pump nutrients into her body as quickly as possible. But either it wasn’t working or it was simply preventing the body from deteriorating. Ffanci didn’t want to experiment and find out which. After all, it wasn’t her problem. Either Stewart and Tilly would keep TillyBetsy or they wouldn’t. The thought of TillyBetsy striking out on her own just didn’t enter anyone’s mind. Well, except TillyBetsy’s. But TillyBetsy wanted to strike out on her own without the fear of some sort of unknown illness liable to hit her hard at any minute. For the moment she preferred to stay here. She’d watch out for Tilly, though. She didn’t trust that bitch.

She wasn’t bedridden. She could, and did, work. And walk around. She had Tilly’s brain alright. That could be determined by the way she bossed the remaining bimbos. This was useful because Tilly and Stewart were fully occupied in procuring the additional giggle of bimbos Dr. Orlof had ordered. They were back at their mall right now in pursuit of this target (one of the numerous escape tunnels from the castle emerged away from the storms). Everything was quiet at the castle which was just as well. Now TillyBetsy could cope and take her frequent rests without any repercussions or arguments.

It took the combined efforts of Tilly Jigger and Stewart Herschel two eighteen hour days to supply the first giggle of twenty five bimbos plus all their experimental batch, another five. Dr. Orlof was very glad to have them. Now he could induct them to his little ways and with the battlefield experience he now had with the first batch, he expected to achieve their full operational readiness within a day. It was easier this way, small giggles. Now he found he could train them properly and be ready for the next batch. Ultimately this would save him time and he valued his time. So far, he couldn’t create time, but he was still working on it. Until that happy event, his time was limited. He didn’t like anyone or anything limiting him.

The five experimental ones still struck him as rather strange though. He wasn’t displeased. He appreciated Mr. Herschel’s and Ms. Jigger’s efforts to please him. He especially appreciated the fact they didn’t charge for them. And he wondered about their tails. Those tails looked, well, interesting.

TillyBetsy froze on one of her frequent rounds of the castle. There, at the bottom of the corridor was a woman carrying a coupling of their bimbos. One on each shoulder.

“Are these yours?” she asked. “I’m sorry if they’re damaged, but they did attack me first.” All this was said with a smile and a friendly manner. TillyBetsy was confused. She only had a coupling of bimbos with her as well.

“Er, yes, they’re mine. Or rather they’re Dr. Orlof’s. Who are you?” She asked this while instructing one of her bimbos to tell Dr. Orlof what was happening. The bimbo minced off in her heels. The newcomer watched the bimbo’s arse with unmuted fascination. She wondered how that bimbo could walk so fast while performing the bimbo mince.

She shook her head to clear the image when the bimbo rounded a corner. “Oh, I’m Sonia Watkins. Dr. Orlof invited me here when we came to a deal for Vicky. I’m afraid I don’t know her second name. Just Vicky. Short for Victoria, I assume. But you never know nowadays.” She smiled in a renewed friendly manner, wondering who this was. She looked fit, but there was something not quite right about her. ‘Perhaps she’s just tired’ she thought. After all, by the look of the place they have had a lot of excitement recently. The lack of security and the pile of a few hundred dead bimbos outside in the compost heap could possibly be clues. “Who are you, by the way?”

TillyBetsy was nonplussed. She didn’t know quite who she was. Her brain still told her she was Tilly Jigger, but her brain became a lier every time she looked into a mirror. Or directly at herself. She still hadn’t gotten used to having no tits. They were sensitive though. Nice to play with. She was still getting used to her arms and legs being of a different proportion than her previous body. She kept stumbling and knocking into things. Her frequent bouts of dizziness worried her as well, although she tried hard to keep that from the others. The good news was she didn’t seem to be getting worse. She also thought Ffanci had noted this. She hoped Ffanci would treat it as confidential.

She decided on honesty. ‘Let’s face it’, she thought to herself, ‘I don’t think I can remember even the simplest lie just now. Maybe I can get creative later, when I’m feeling more myself.’ She added a postscript to herself. ‘After I learn who myself is.’

“My name is complicated,” she eventually said. “But call me TillyBetsy, at least for now.”

Sonia Watkins raised her eyebrows at this. She only asked for her name. Her initial inference was this person was mind controlled and hadn’t been given a name. Not even a number. But she was in charge of the obviously mind controlled bimbos. She looked closely at TillyBetsy. TillyBetsy didn’t look well but she was functioning and in charge of those bimbos. Sonia wasn’t impressed. She looked uncoordinated and bumbling. She wondered what her temper was like.

She decided to be polite. After all, Dr. Orlof had that Vicky person and she wanted her. She wanted her a lot. And they had agreed terms. She wasn’t going to sacrifice that if she could help it.

“Could you please direct me to Dr. Orlof?” she asked politely.

TillyBetsy smiled. “I’ll take you there. I was going anyway. Do you want to carry those bimbos? Or would you rather they be put back to work?” TillyBetsy wasn’t so far gone to reveal how many trained bimbos they didn’t have any more. This coupling were probably rather important right this minute.

“They tried to stop me when I entered,” Sonia explained. “They’re not very effective,” she added.

“If that’s all, set them down and I’ll correct your presence here with them. Sonia set them down and cut their bindings.

“You two,” commanded TillyBetsy. This woman is Ms. Watkins. She’s a guest of Dr. Orlof. She’s entitled to be here and to order you. Now get back to your posts.”

The two bimbos looked closely at Sonia, presumably to memorise her face, then curtsied to her. They both giggled and one said, “Sorry about that Ms. Watkins. We were just doing our orders.” It was obvious they were getting off on all this activity around them. They loved their life. Sonia nodded at them and they departed, chattering. TillyBetsy led Sonia to the main common room where she assumed Dr. Orlof was.

And Dr. Orlof was there having a well deserved rest. He had been working hard shoring up his defences and training the new bimbos. The five experimental ones trained up just as well as his normal bimbos and he was gradually getting used to their looks. And abilities.

He hadn’t had much sleep but, with the new bimbos, he could, at least, have his cock sucked whenever he wanted once again. He missed that little necessity of life and was indulging with one of the tailed ones—having black stripes on a ginger fur background, it looked very different and it had a surprise. Its tongue wasn’t human any more. It was longer and thinner and she had exquisite control over it. It affected her speech, but that didn’t matter at all. However, he needed to ascertain exactly what all its parameters were, especially that tail—and he was going to do just that after he finished categorising its tongue. Watching that tail fuck her as she sucked on him was intriguing. Then TillyBetsy and Sonia Watkins entered.

“Ms. Watkins,” he ejaculated before anyone else could speak. He jerked upright as he spoke and scraped his cock on the bimbo’s teeth. “Ow,” he screeched at her.

She was contrite. “Thowwy thir. I didn’t think you’d move so fatht.” Her tail whipped around in anguish. Dr. Orlof noted that and realised this was how to distinguish her emotions. The fur all over her body looked cute and soft and cuddly, but it did hamper facial interpretation.

Dr. Orlof was a fair man. Firm but fair in fact. He recognised it wasn’t her fault. “OK. You’d better go and join your giggle,” he said in a firm but fair manner while clutching his meat and two veg.

The bimbo curtsied and left, recognising the newcomers as it did so. On the way out it curtsied to the newcomers saying, “Mth Tilly Betthy,” she audibly separated out TillyBetsy’s name, “Mth Watkinth.”

“Sorry about that Ms. Watkins,” he said, without actually looking sorry. Just pained. “Sometimes these things happen.” He adjusted his trousers.

“Quite all right Dr. Orlof. It looks like I took you by surprise.”

“Well, yes you did, actually. I didn’t realise the storms had abated. The last I heard you were stuck in Midas.”

Sonia smiled. “The storms are still as ferocious as ever. And as weird. Transport is still at a standstill, so I came by car as far as I could and then walked. It took a while, but it was still less time than waiting for the storms to subside. Do you still have Vicky? I note you seem to have had some trouble recently.”

Dr. Orlof knew she was sharp. Obviously she had noted every little thing on her way in here and had come to the correct conclusions. “Yes, we’ve had a lot of trouble. Your friend, Vicky, and her friends are very competent. But we do have things under control now. And, yes, we still have Vicky. She’s restrained and waiting for you whenever you’re ready. But first things first. You’ve obviously had some trouble getting here. Do you want refreshments? And rest? We have a stateroom ready and waiting for you. And you’ve come at an auspicious time. I have just taken delivery of a new giggle of bimbos which includes some of those furries, consequently, I can offer you one or two for your convenience.”

”If Vicky is secure, I’ll have a coffee, and perhaps a sandwich, if it’s not too much trouble,” she answered. “Was Vicky responsible for your troubles?”

He rang the bell. “TillyBetsy,” he said. “Do you want refreshments also?”

TillyBetsy smiled. “Yes please. I seem to be always hungry. I don’t know if its this body or something else, but I’m always hungry.”

Sonia Watkins looked at her inquiringly and Dr. Orlof answered. He felt she should know what had been happening. Her group was powerful and may be able to help. He told her everything that had happened to TillyBetsy, leaving nothing out.

“You say this Betsy character is now dead, but somehow caused a clone of Tilly Jigger?”


“I’d like to know more.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait until Ffanci comes. She’s looking after Pearl Girl at the moment and TillyBetsy is also her patient. And, before you ask, she is a fully qualified medical doctor. She specialises in neurology and is a first rate all round medico.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” said Sonia, sipping her coffee and picking up a sandwich. Bimbo service was very fast, she noted to herself. As fast as at Three Fingers.

They chatted politely for a few minutes until she had finished. During the meal she asked, “Dr. Orlof, that bimbo you were with referred to me by name. But I only announced my name here to TillyBetsy when I arrived. I didn’t recognise any form of portable communication here either. So, How did that bimbo know me as your friend?”

“Ah, I have noticed that myself. I’m afraid that’s one aspect of my acquisition that still baffles me. They seem to have some form of instant, or near instant, communication between them that eludes me. No doubt I’ll learn how they do it later, but, for the moment I am happy to take advantage of it. You should ask Tilly Jigger or Stewart Herschel. Or even TillyBetsy here. How could I forget that?”

TillyBetsy answered quickly. “I’m afraid that’s a trade secret, Miss Watkins. I’m sure you understand.” She hoped that answer would suffice because she had no idea how this happened and she was certain neither Tilly nor Stewart knew either.

Sonia Watkins smiled at her. “Of course. I must say I’m impressed. You do good work TillyBetsy. I assume my present knowledge isn’t secret, so I will be sure to report back to The Franchise of your firm’s abilities. I can promise they’ll be very interested and will be in touch sometime.”

TillyBetsy smiled an acknowledgement at her.

“Thank you. We’ll look forward to doing business with them.”

“Well, doctor.” Sonia went on, “Could I see my acquisition now? I’m anxious to understand exactly what the situation is with Vicky so I can determine how to proceed.”

“Yes, of course.”

A bimbo showed her the way. Once inside she dismissed the bimbo guard, who argued back. Once again a bimbo demonstrated they all now knew her face and her status, which was less than that of Dr. Orlof and Dr. Orlof had given them their orders not to leave the room unbimboed. Sonia won, she was a persuasive person when she was minded to be so, and the bimbos exited giggling to contact Dr. Orlof for verification, which he gave.

“Well, Vicky. We meet again.”

“Is that the best you can do?” sneered Vicky.

“There’s no need to be offensive. You’re in no position to argue and you don’t know what I’m going to do to you.”

“True,” answered Vicky. “You must excuse me. I’m a bit annoyed, that’s all. I do want to have a quiet word with Dr. Orlof and his crew though. Are you part of his crew?”

Sonia smiled. “No. I’m just here for your sale. But Dr. Orlof is an important man and I have no wish to offend him. How did you escape the effects of that portable MC helmet? It obviously affected you badly, but you still managed to escape. Knowing how would be a useful start to your debriefing.”

“Don’t you mean interrogation?”

Sonia smiled. “I prefer debriefing.”

“Sorry. But that’s classified.”

“Classified by whom?”

“Sorry, that’s classified.”

Sonia sighed. “OK Vicky. I’m tired and need some rest. I’ll just have to get back to you later.” She turned to leave, then turned round again. “Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Will you give me your surname? It’s for our files. They’re a bit anal about them and all we have for you is Vicky. And will you confirm Vicky is short for Victoria?

“No and no.”

Sonia smiled and nodded at Vicky. It was an unnerving smile because it reeked of sincerity. Vicky didn’t like this at all.

Vicky left the room and told the bimbos to get back in there and guard the hell out of Vicky which they did. They all loved being told what to do. It added to their already high arousal. One of them led Vicky to her stateroom and had to be forced out when Vicky wanted to sleep. She had to be rather sharp with it as that tail kept prodding her pussy while Vicky’s hands were busy with guiding it out of the room. It instantly realised Vicky didn’t care for much of that sort of thing but couldn’t go against its programming without specific orders. Vicky jammed a chair against the door and went to sleep.