The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


Billie hoped Betsy and Vicky were on to something that would help. She couldn’t see what they saw, but she hoped. The bimbos congregated around Billie and they all watched the fight with the monster and hoped. The two new heroes were encouraging. They were attacking the monster so hard it was concentrating all its attention on them. Fundamental took the lead in a frontal attack. He was punching the monster on its head in a fast and furious attack. He was too fast for it to counter and was even more upset when Fundamentelle started punching it’s back in coordination with Fundamental Man’s attacks.

Beamer tried to help but things were moving too fast and he was concerned his beams would hit his new allies. It was the same for Bubble Girl and Smooth. They hung back and let the new heroes take the brunt. Faeryfaye also hung back for the same reasons when she saw what was happening.

Billie noted this and realised she would have to equip both Fundamental and Fundamentelle with the small communicators the rest of their heroes had. So far the present day heroes couldn’t help. She wondered if that was a good thing as they were so tired. She also wondered what would happen to the League when Fundamental and his cousin joined again. They were so powerful and they were the undisputed leaders of their time. She wondered how difficult it would be to get them to come to terms with present day morality and never even considered them not doing so.

When she looked back, she saw the monster on its knees being punched like a punch-bag and she noticed something. That monster, while being punched, didn’t seem to be getting any worse, but it was getting smaller. It was just taking the blows and not really reacting, but the smaller it got the more menacing it appeared. She commanded her heroes to fall further back and watch and hoped Faeryfaye would follow their lead. She did.

Fundamental and Fundamentelle simply kept on throwing blows at the thing and things got repetitive.