The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Betsy Visits River City.


One look told a very different story from last sight they had of the action. The monster was still there, cowering and now only about three metres tall. Fundamental and Fundamentelle were still peppering the thing with blows but the heroes were distinctly tired and the monster was in sharp focus. Betsy gasped when she saw the thing now.

“That’s a fucking pixie,” she exclaimed.

“What?” said Billie. “Aren’t pixies little people? Wait,” she announced before an answer was forthcoming. “Aren’t elves little people as well? I know Lord of the Rings has them as normal size, but that’s a film. They should be little.”

“You’re thinking of faeries,” answered Betsy, pronouncing the word correctly, while still staring at the monster. “Tolkien started that work off as a straight history but was, er, persuaded to make it into fiction as a straight story.” Betsy answered absent mindedly. She couldn’t take her eyes off the giant pixie. She wanted desperately to run away.

Joystick and Vicky just stared at the events unfolding before them, which were inevitable. That monster was going to win. It was doing nothing and winning while the heroes were doing everything and losing. But the heroes didn’t change their tactics. It was as if they had no other tactics to change into.

Betsy looked out for Faeryfaye, but couldn’t see her. She could see the broom though.

“Well, if it’s a pixie, then maybe I can help,” she said with the dread in her voice.

“How?” asked Vicky, suspiciously eager to learn the last of Betsy’s knowledge before she died, again.

“Wait and see.”

“Wait a minute,” said Vicky, who was now staring at the monster. “That thing is reversing.”

Betsy, Joystick and Billie looked at the giant pixie. “Can’t see anything,” said Billie. The rest didn’t argue.

“Yes it is,” Vicky squinted. “Or, at least it’s stopped absorbing energy.

“I can take that energy,” said Joystick, talking for the first time since he emerged.

“D’ye need anything?” asked Betsy.

“No. You do what you can. I’m good,” he answered and approached the fight.

“Where’s Faeryfaye?” Betsy asked of Beamer. The three remaining heroes were just watching the action as they all were exhausted. Their energy levels were depleted and they couldn’t do much right now.

“She raced into those woods,” he answered.

“Did she say why?”


Betsy looked carefully at him. “Are you all right?” she said. He didn’t look all right. He looked like crap.

“Dunno. Never felt like this before. Normally I can regain energy quickly but it’s just not happening now. Must be that thing,” he indicated the monster, now in full focus. “I heard you. Pixies are real then. How much damage can it do?”

“Betsy looked at it with dread in her heart. “Pixies aren’t real. That’s the problem. They can cause ultimate damage if they’re not controlled. But I’ve never even heard of one this size before. In all of history, this has never happened. I hope the elves knew what they were doing.”

“Elves? This isn’t a fairy story,” he answered. He was getting exasperated with information that was making no sense.

“Later maybe,” said Betsy. “That thing has to be stopped now.” A little of her old self returned, despite, or maybe because of, the terror that filled her mind. “Even Americans don’t deserve this.” Then she ran towards the broom Faeryfaye had left.

Picking it up and blanking her mind, she checked it over. She knew her brain would have checked it out automatically, despite her terror, so she knew how the thing operated. She checked the power level and worried about it, so decided to bump start the fucking thing.

She ran fast with the broom in her right hand and parallel to the ground. Jumping on the broom when she reached top speed, her stomach lurched as the broom dropped to the ground. She automatically raised her legs parallel to the ground and waited for the ground to make contact with her bum with the broom shank in between. This would be a continuation of past events when she was learning how to operate the fucking things, which she thought were safely forgotten, where she was gradually being acclimated to accepting and even liking being beat across her bum with a stick or cane or other such implement because of the number of times this manoeuvre failed and she crashed, bum first, to the ground. However, this was an emergency and she bravely accepted this potential future for herself with fortitude.

This time she must have been lucky, or she was getting better at it because the broom stayed up a few centimetres above the ground. She quickly adjusted the height until she could sit comfortably with her legs dangling properly. She now was a massive one and a half metres above the ground, which was enough height for anyone anytime. She smiled the smile of triumph. Betsy the Magnificent wins again.

Taking a tight turn, she pointed the war broom towards to monster and opened the throttle to a mighty fifteen kph and attacked the thing.

She had to be careful because Joystick was now grappling with it. He was on its back. Fundamentelle was metres away on her back, her face bloody. She wasn’t moving, but Betsy could see her breathing. Billie and the bimbos were running towards her. Fundamental wasn’t breathing. That was obvious because his stomach was spread over a few metres of ground. It looked like he had been crushed to death.

The monster was moving again, trying to get a grip on Joystick, but wasn’t having much luck. It was only a matter of time, though, before it thought of rolling over. Betsy stopped the broom a few metres away and fiddled with the controls. Her superior experience of armaments in general soon told and the watching heroes quickly saw some distortions appear in the air between Betsy and the thing, but nothing happened. Then Betsy gave a triumphant cry and the distortion stopped flickering on and off and became constant. It stretched between the broom and the monster and the monster stopped trying to grab Joystick and started to strain towards the broom which stayed motionless. Joystick took the opportunity to wrap his legs around its legs so he was more firmly connected to it. He was also trying to manoeuvre himself into position. Betsy could see that, but not knowing his power, she couldn’t work out exactly what he was trying to do. But he did look impressive.

Betsy concentrated on locking the thing’s arms first, to stop it attacking Joystick, and then its legs and she succeeded in locking one arm in a neutral position. She was trying to lock onto the other arm when the beast lurched and cried out. It was a high pitched creening that was totally unlike any noise anyone there had heard before. They didn’t like it. The beast didn’t like it either but Betsy quickly realised it wasn’t her actions the beast especially didn’t like. It was Joystick. He had finally gotten himself into the perfect position and was attacking. Betsy still couldn’t see what he was doing, but she made a guess based on Joystick’s position on the back of the thing. Joystick’s hips thrust forward and the beast creened again, this time with a shudder throughout its body that threatened to shake Joystick off. But Joystick was now firmly attached and wasn’t shaken off.

Betsy wondered about lube. Shouldn’t Joystick be using some? Or shouldn’t he be using a ton of the stuff? Betsy managed to link to the other arm and hold it in place, which made Joystick’s job that much easier.

Joystick screamed as he absorbed the energy the beast had stolen from Fundamental and Fundamentelle and all the others, but he still held on and pulled his hips back then thrust again.

Betsy was really getting the hang of the broom now and she linked it onto the beast’s legs and body, making it effectively immobile and making it easy for Joystick to get himself into a rhythm, which he did. By the look on his face, he wasn’t exactly enjoying himself the way she thought he would.

‘It must be the power he’s taking from it,’ she surmised as she held her position and relied on Joystick to finish off the beast.

“Hold it there, Betsy,” was the cry Betsy heard. It was Faeryfaye running back from the woods. There were tiny balls of light orbiting her head at great speed. She looked pretty at last.

Betsy held the broom in position, continually adjusting the controls as the beast tried again and again to move towards Betsy and the broom. Joystick was now stuck on its back with his member deep inside the monster. Joystick’s member was enlarged to its maximum. This was a condition he had never indulged in as it would kill his partner. Normally, when in pleasure mode, he would ensure his cock would grow to create maximum pleasure and then pulse in an orgasmically inducing way. Orgasm for both of them. When working, his cock would disable his opponent and ensure anything said was truthful. There was a female super in his time who used a girly lasso to get her opponents to tell the truth. Joystick preferred his way.

Disabling an opponent was by absorbing his energy. Or her energy. Well, at least in theory. Joystick hadn’t actually practised on any female to verify he could work his magic on the letterboxed sex, but he just knew he would be able to do it if he could only get it up during the interaction. He was supposed to be working on that aspect of his power when he was captured by Dr. Orlof and put on display. And the word ‘supposed’ is the operative word in that sentence.

Faeryfaye and her orbiting lights stopped right next to the monster’s side, out of the way of the broom’s spells clamping the monster in position. Betsy checked the power readings.

“Be fucking quick,” she screamed to Faeryfaye. Those spells were depleting the broom’s power far more quickly than Betsy had anticipated. Faeryfaye’s inexperience had really used up power unnecessarily.

Faeryfaye put both her hands onto the monster’s hide and closed her eyes. The orbiting lights detached themselves from her head’s gravitational field and began to orbit the monster instead in intricate and complex patterns.

There everything stayed. Nothing happened. Billie looked up from tending Fundamentelle and stared at Betsy, Faeryfaye and Joystick just holding still while the monster also didn’t move, but at the same time, obviously strained mightily against something. Sonia and the bimbos and the other heroes just watched and prayed.

Suddenly the monster threw its head back without a sound and started to shimmer. Then the observers all swore it shimmered more before becoming a shimmer in air, which looked odd because Joystick was still clinging on to something but they could now all see his massive purple cock throbbing and spurting deep inside nothing at all.

A loud nothing at all happened. One minute Joystick was clinging on to something they all couldn’t see and Faeryfaye had her palms on something as well and some lights were orbiting, well, something unseen, and the next instant everything went back to normal. Joystick fell to the ground. Not a long way normally, but he fell cock first and gave a mighty cry when it contacted the ground and bent. Faeryfaye just fell over face first into the mud churned up by the monster’s thrashing around and Betsy came up against one of Newton’s laws when there was nothing for her broom to push against. The broom shot off backwards at great speed into the woods with Betsy clinging on for dear life. Her screams had just faded when Sonia and the bimbos ran up to attend to Joystick.

Nobody saw what happened to the lights.