The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Big O


This happened not because I was a handsome stud, or a brilliant nerd, or even someone who was in the right place at the right time. This happened because for whatever reason I always believed that my partner should have multiple orgasms. Now you might think I am bragging but I am not. I used to believe that it was perfectly natural for a woman to have multiple orgasms in a single love making session. It wasn’t until recently that I found out this was not the case.

I truly believe that I am successful for three reasons. First I love to lick pussy, it is not necessarily the taste or anything just I like the feeling of power it gives me to feel a woman come just from my tongue. Secondly, while I am only just over six inches long in the cock department I am thick, thicker than average apparently. Take those two factors combined with the fact that I can normally go for 10 to 15 minutes and on more than one occasion I have gone for over 45 minutes without coming and you have an orgasm generating man.

As to how this led to my owning a harem of married neighborhood woman well that was actually my wife’s doing.

It all started at a woman’s only drinking party, I am sure they had food, but mostly they were just drinking. Somehow the conversation got around to sex and orgasms. My wife just kept quiet as the various ladies complained about their general lack of sexual satisfaction. I am not sure if she would have said anything if they hadn’t made some snide comments about my general physical appearance and how they were sure she was going completely unsatisfied.

“Well I don’t know what you ladies would consider unsatisfied. While it is true that last night I only had nine orgasms, we were both tired and he only lasted about ten minutes or so before he came. I admit I generally want and get more but everyone has their off night.”

“You expect us to believe that he gave you nine orgasms in ten minutes, as if he could last that long?” This comment came from the hot and ample chested blond (Candy) who lived only four doors down and across the street. She was the accepted leader, I think because she had the best looking and wealthiest husband, a strapping ex-baseball player.

“No I think I had four or five orgasms from having my pussy thoroughly licked, if you must know.” My loyal spouse snapped back.

I don’t think anyone actually believed her but she refused to budge from her story. When she got home she told me all about it. To be honest the whole story got me worked up and we ended up having a marathon session. Before my wife drifted off I heard her mutter something along the line of 17 times, that will show that know it all bitch.

That was Friday night. All of the next week I was working out of the house, I had expected to get a lot of work done. I was wrong, how wrong I had no idea until Monday just before lunch. The phone rang and it was Candy. She asked if I could come over and help her with something. I asked how she knew I was even home. She said that Sarah had told her I would be home all week. I was reluctant but went over to help.

It was all a ruse to get me there. When I got there she was dressed in this really short skirt high-heels and this skimpy top that looked to be all mirrors or at least it was shiny and metallic. I really did my best to resist her in fact I swear I had been ready to leave but the next thing I know I was kneeling on the floor of her bedroom licking her shaved pussy and her clit. I will not go into details here because it was the next day that was important and defined my future. Just believe she was one very satisfied woman. When I finished I used her bathroom to clean up thoroughly, I wanted no evidence of my infidelity and that is when things got strange.

“That was wonderful Sam; it was the best sex I have ever had.”

“Thanks, I…really enjoyed myself, but listen this was a one shot deal I can’t ever do this again. If either one of our spouses found out they would kill me and believe me I am more afraid of my wife than of your husband.”

“They don’t have to find out…or I could make it so Sarah is not only happy that we are fucking but would encourage it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Do you know what I did for a living before I married Jerry?”

Several replies came to mind but I thought better of it and just said no.

“Well…I was the top hypno-therapist in the state!”

“So, everybody knows that you can’t make someone do anything under hypnosis that they would not normally do. I don’t care if you worked two shows a night in Vegas.”

“That might be true for most hypnotists but I know how to get around the restrictions and can make anyone do anything I want.”

“Sarah said something about your wanting to hypnotize her and she said no way.”

“So I might need your help. But I will prove to you that I am a very powerful hypnotist, I will use self hypnosis and put myself under your control all you have to do is come by tomorrow and have sex with me. When we are finished I will tell you what I did, then you will have to agree to help me hypnotize your wife.”

“Look I told you I am not going to have sex with you again.”

When I was walking out the door Candy reminded me that I was to be there at one in the afternoon to have sex with her, as agreed.

When Sarah came home that night she was really hot. Something at work had set her off, she never said what but we had a busy night and morning. I wanted to call Candy and tell her to make it another day but I couldn’t. So promptly at one I rang their doorbell. Candy answered in this really sexy, skimpy pink thing, her nipples clearly showing through the translucent material. I wanted to tell her that after a sex session like I had last night and again this morning she might be in for one of those sessions where I might be thrusting into her for forty minutes or so. Somehow I could not say any thing instead I watched her swaying ass as she led me to the bedroom. My cock was rock hard and I had already undone my zipper and freed it because it actually hurt being trapped like that.

She lay on the bed and in a sultry voice said, “I’m all yours tiger just make me come and come.”

I felt like I was possessed I yanked her silky bottoms down and plunged my face into her waiting pussy. I licked and sucked like a man with a single purpose; to give this slut the most orgasms she had ever had in her life. I licked and sucked at her clit but it wasn’t enough I slid my finger into her slick hole looking for her G-spot. I knew I had found it because when she came for the fourth time it had extra power to it. After three or four more bed shaking orgasms she begged me to stop and fuck her. I took her clit in my teeth and pulled on it as I pressed hard on that sweet spot one more time. She actually screamed when she came that time.

I wasted no more time mounting her with growing urgency; I was soon pounding away at her twat with deep hard thrusts. I grabbed her ankles and pulled them up lifting her pussy into my cock and pulling her ass off the bed. I continued to thrust into her and she continued to come. Finally I pulled out of her after what must have been ten minutes of solid thrusting.

She cried out, “No what are you doing you have to come in me I need you to come inside of me.”

Still holding her ankles up I pulled her ass further off the bed and proceeded to resume licking and sucking at her swollen clit and pussy. Just before I plunged my face into her lust soaked hole I told her, “Don’t worry I will come in you slut, I just wanted to get another taste of your sweet pussy.”

She moaned in pleasure but continued to beg me to fuck her, finally I said, “Get on your hands and knees Bitch, and I will fuck you from behind!”

She complied with my order as quickly as we were able to get disentangled. She put her ass up and her head down pulling that silky top away to give me clear and complete access.

I began thrusting into her and I rammed into her again and again. She was screaming my name and other things as she came almost constantly now. Finally she had one of those orgasms that woman sometimes have where she lost complete control of her muscles, suddenly I was in a lose hole the tight contractions gone. I had been thrusting into her for a solid 15 minutes and I could use a break. So I pulled out and dropped to my knees.

There was her entire slit laid out before me, I pulled her lips apart and shoved as much of my face into her pussy as would go, licking sucking and basically eating her out as she had never been eaten before. Eventually after a few more orgasms she collapsed on the bed crying no more, no more.

It was then that I picked her up and turned her sideways pushing one leg up practically to her tits. I thrust and thrust into her again and again. I was finally ready to come, I told her that soon her pussy would be filled with cum and then it happened; I felt the build up and then the release. I spewed into her again and again, I am sure that she felt it at first because it seemed to trigger the wildest orgasm yet as she came with such force I was afraid for both of us. Finally we both subsided.

When I was able to move I simply fell in a heap on the bed pulling out of her. It was awhile before she spoke finally she began to talk.

“Thank you, master thank you! That was the best sex I have ever had, I am glad to be your sex slave and I will willingly serve you forever.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I told you master I would give myself a post-hypnotic suggestion.”

“And just what was this suggestion?”

“I programmed myself to become the sex slave of the first man who could give me seven orgasms in a single love making session; the session would end when he came in my pussy.”

“Was that all?”

“Wellll…if the man gave me 14 orgasms I would gladly help him enslave any woman.”


“If he gave me 21 orgasms I would willingly even eagerly participate in any sex act he desired, even have sex with other woman.”

“You are going by sevens, what happens when you reach 28 you become a nymphomaniac?”

“Don’t be silly master I just would lose the ability to respond sexually to any man other than my master.”

“What happens at 35, you pretty much covered everything else?”

“Nothing really master, I stopped at 28, frankly I never expected you to get past 20, after all yesterday I had only 12 orgasms (she laughed), only 12 before yesterday I would have said four was fantastic.”

“So just how many did you have, Candy?”

“32, master, so it looks like you are stuck with me and I will have to use hypnosis on your wife.”

“What about your husband, what do we do about him?”

“Don’t worry master, he is completely under my control, men are far easier to hypnotize than women are.”

A nasty suspicion began to form in my head. I better tread carefully. “Slave you will not speak until I give you permission! You may not hypnotize me or use any trigger phrases or words with out permission. Now tell me have you hypnotized me?”

“Yes master, it was the only way I could get you to fuck me.” She seemed very much put out that it was necessary to use ‘force’.

“You will remove all posthypnotic suggestions, all trigger phrases and words, restore all my memory that you blocked and you will never hypnotize me again without my permission.”

“Yes master.”

It was amazing how much she had done to me in a short time. I really needed to think this through, the only thing I knew for sure was that I had to let her hypnotize my wife; apparently I now had a responsibility to both my wife and Candy. Before I left to go home I had one last question for Candy. “Why didn’t you just use your talents to get your husband to give you what you craved, why make yourself my slave?”

A look came over her face I think it was too many emotions to judge but I would say it included bewilderment, embarrassment, consternation, and finally resignation. “Perhaps you are correct, but it is too late to undo it now. I made the changes irreversible, unalterable, and everlasting. I also made it so I would not only accept those changes but come to love my new position in the world. I expect that by tomorrow I will firmly believe that what I did was the only way to do it.”

With that I returned to my house and called my wife at work telling her that Candy would be over tonight to discuss something that I thought would help improve our lives. Sarah asked if it was about hypnosis and when I confirmed it she sighed and said ok she would let Candy put her under; she confessed she had actually fanaticized about using it to improve our sex life. I responded something to the effect that it might be a good idea but for now lets just stick with helping her sleep better at night.

Things went pretty much as planned except I had to leave the two of them alone in order to run interference when one of Sarah’s brothers called. Candy had been instructed that she was not to make Sarah submissive to her or anyone other than myself.

I learned months later that this is what actually happened while I was gone:


“Listen closely Sarah we need to adjust your programming.”


“Yes, I will listen and obey.”


“I need to make your enslavement like mine; it is a compulsion that I must obey. Listen and obey: When you reach seven orgasms you will become an obedient sex slave as I said but with each subsequent orgasm your enslavement will increase. Repeat your commands.”


“When I reach seven orgasms I will become an obedient sex slave as instructed but with each subsequent orgasm my enslavement will increase.”


“When you reach fourteen orgasms you will gladly help enslave anyone to serve your master and you will not be jealous of your master and his other sex slaves, but with each subsequent orgasm your desire to help enslave attractive females will increase. Repeat your commands.”


“When I reach fourteen orgasms I will gladly help enslave anyone to serve my master and I will not be jealous of my master and his other sex slaves, but with each subsequent orgasm my desire to help enslave attractive females will increase.”


“When you reach twenty-one orgasms you will eagerly participate in any sex act your master desires, including sex with other woman, but with each subsequent orgasm your desire to participate in any sex act your master might suggest will increase. Repeat your commands.”


“When I reach twenty-one orgasms I will eagerly participate in any sex act my master desires, including sex with other woman, but with each subsequent orgasm my desire to participate in any sex act my master might suggest will increase.”


“When you reach twenty-eight orgasms you will lose the ability to respond sexually to any man other than your master, but with each subsequent orgasm your physical responsiveness to your master and only your master will increase. Repeat your commands.”


“When I reach twenty-eight orgasms I will lose the ability to respond sexually to any man other than my master, but with each subsequent orgasm my physical responsiveness to my master and only my master will increase.”


“Very good Sarah, I have one final command. This is a big change so listen carefully. Your first time after this session that you have seven or more orgasms will determine your master, however, should you have more orgasms in any subsequent sexual session with your master, your enslavement to your master will be based on the higher number. Do you understand?”


“Yes, whatever the highest amount of orgasms in any sexual encounter with my master will determine the level of my enslavement.”

When I returned Sarah was out of her trance and Candy excused herself leaving Sarah and I alone. As soon as Candy left Sarah was on me like a love starved nymph. I tried and succeeded in limiting her to less than twenty orgasms.

Of course the next day when she got home from work she was hot and bothered and after I told her all about my afternoon with Candy she was ready to come before I even touched her. She told me before she drifted off that she had reached a record of thirty-four orgasms and she was positive she had not lost count.

Thursday morning I awoke to a blowjob from my wife and slave. The first such I had ever received in the morning. She headed off to work after serving me breakfast but before she left she asked if I planned to enslave another woman that day. When I said I had no plans she gave a pout of disappointment. Then she requested (more liked begged) that Candy come over that night for some three way action. I was shocked and said so.

Her reply was very matter of fact: “You have said that on more then one occasion master you would love to see me licking a freshly fucked pussy and since that is what you want that is what I want.” With that and a parting grope she left for work.

I had barely started working when the phone rang. It was Candy and she was way too perky for that early. “Good morning master! Did your slave take care of you this morning or do you need my services immediately.”

“No, I am fine, Sarah took care of me though she said something odd, she asked if you could come over tonight so she could lick your pussy. I could have sworn that she did not have more than 20 when she became my slave.”

“Maybe becoming your sex slave has removed some of her inhibitions master; you did tell me yesterday that just mentioning having sex with me got her all excited.”

“Well I guess that could be it, so when can I expect you over here today Candy?”

“Are you sure you want me to come there master? I have a surprise for you that might shock the neighbors if they happened to catch a glimpse.”

I must admit that I got hard just thinking about what she had in store for me. “Ok, I guess I will plan to be there at 11:00 this morning.”

“Could you make it noon master; it would make things so much easier?”

“Alright, noon it is.” Little did I suspect what she really had in store for me, if I had I might have stopped her (well maybe not).

When I got there I was disappointed to see her wearing a skimpy although not a completely sluttish outfit. She quickly led me to her bedroom gestured for me to go first and then closed the door leaving me wondering.

I quickly noticed the bed was occupied, not by my wife as you might suspect but by Anna. Of all the women at that fateful party I think Anna was the hottest, she wasn’t the tallest and she wasn’t the prettiest but she had a smoking hot body and enormous natural tits just asking to be grabbed. She was displayed for me in the skimpiest red teddy I had ever seen.

“Hi…Anna I must say I am a little surprised to see you here. To what do I owe the pleasure (and believe me she was a pleasure to see) of your company?”

“Well, you see it’s like this; yesterday Candy asked me to come over early for our monthly therapy session and afterwards she kind of confessed to having sex with you. She told me that everything that Sarah said last week was true and she had never had so many orgasms in her life. At first I was shocked but then I started thinking about it and fantasizing about it and the next thing I know I was calling Candy to see if she could arrange a little get together with you. And here I am.” This all came out in a rush and when she was done she got off the bed and slinked over to me pressing her hot sexy body against mine. “I hope its ok with you, Sam.”

My dick was hard before she finished and it was ready to burst out of my jeans when she pressed up against me. It was obvious that she could feel it as she let out a small moan and pressed up against my crotch.

“I just have one thing that needs answering,” I said as I bent down to kiss her full red lips (my question was delayed for a time while I explored her lips and delicious mouth), “please explain monthly therapy session.”

“Oh we do hypno-therapy every month, a lot of the girls in the neighborhood do it; it is very relaxing and for me it personally it helps me stick to my diet.” She immediately returned to kissing me with renewed effort.

After a while I stopped her and walked hand-in-hand with her to the bed. When we got there I moved behind her and cupped her breast while I pressed my erection into her ass. She responded with an even louder moan of pleasure then before as I bent and nibbled at her ear and neck. Lightly squeezing her nipples I whispered in her ear. “I know what I plan to do to you Anna, but is there anything special that I can do for or more importantly to you?”

She increased the pressure of her ass against my cock and I could see a blush appear on her face. “Do you think you could stick your finger or your thumb in my ass while you do me? I would love to have a cock there someday but I really need you to fuck my pussy today. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, I know my husband says just the thought of it is gross and disgusting.” Her blush deepened.

“It is not gross or disgusting Anna, I will be glad to finger your asshole and if you really think you want it I would be more then happy to shove my cock deep inside every one of your holes. Now I think Candy has some oil or something in the bathroom, so just lay on the bed and I will be right with you, oh, and don’t remove anything I want to do that.”

The whole time we had been talking I continued to kneed her breast and pull gently at her hard nipples. I stopped and reluctantly left her to look in the bathroom. As luck (or Candy) would have it right on the counter was a bottle of ‘Love Oil’ guaranteed to lubricate your lover and it warmed on contact.

Saving time I dropped my pants and underwear on the floor before I got into bed. I really wanted to feast on her breast but I figured that was where her husband usually lavished his attention and her pussy had most likely suffered from neglect. Before I went down on her though I returned to her mouth and sampled some more of her excellent kissing techniques. Of course while I did this I slipped my fingers along the silky bottoms of her outfit moving the material aside to gain access to her wet eager pussy.

It wasn’t long before my mouth made its way down to the same location; the material was easily removed giving me complete access to her lower extremities. She came almost immediately I think more from anticipation then anything I did. After few minutes I could tell her interest was waning and she still had not experienced a second orgasm. I inserted a finger looking for that sweet spot. I did find it triggering a second and than a third response.

I realized it was time to enter her nether regions. Applying the oil liberally and moving my finger clockwise around the edge of her anus triggered a fourth orgasm. I met some resistance as I began to penetrate her hole. She relaxed as she came again, before long first my finger and then my thumb began sliding in and out in a rhythm to which her body eagerly responded. I continued to lick and suck at her clit both hands fully occupied one in each hole.

I managed to eek out a few more waves of pleasure from Anna before I decided it was time.

I ordered Anna to get in the doggy position because I intended to fuck her pussy senseless while plunging my thumb in and out of her bung hole. The words alone brought her off again, of course I had yet to remove my thumb. She complied readily and took all of me deep inside of her. The experience was too much for me and I barely lasted five minutes with her screaming things like yes fuck me, fuck me good and I love your thumb in my ass shove it in deeper.

I honestly did not count her orgasms once I started ramming into her from behind they seemed of sufficient number since she called me master afterwards.

I decided it was time to talk to Candy. This had to stop. I already had three sex slaves and was positive that both Candy and my spouse planned on me having more. So after ordering Anna to lick my cock clean and washing my hands with soap and water I dressed and went looking for my sneaky sex slave.

When I found her I confronted her with her actions and ordered her to cease all hypnotic activity unless it was authorized by me.

She smiled in response and while she was undressing and unzipping my pants this was her response:

“I have brainwashed every woman that was at that party last week. Every one of them will become the sex slave of the first man that gives them at least seven orgasms. Each of them has been programmed to desire sex with you master, a desire that will increase daily until it is satisfied. I have also made it so even I can not undo their programming. That is why I needed the extra time this morning master I had to complete their programming before you ordered me not to.”

Her smile grew even bigger as she dropped to her knees and proceeded to take me in her mouth.