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Bimbo Stories: The Wedding

“Jacob you know better than to come in here. What if you’d seen Amanda?” the woman shrieked.

Jacob rolled his eyes at his future mother-in-law. He couldn’t decide which had been worse, the mother of the bride or the bride herself. Each of them spent the past two weeks yelling, complaining, worrying, and generally taking it all out on the groom. Throughout it all, he reminded himself that the wedding was a necessary evil. After they said their vows, he and Amanda would be able to start their lives together. Everyone kept saying it was “her day,” which he didn’t mind. At least not at first, but being told off in the hall by Marion made him incredibly resentful. He wanted his soon to be wife to enjoy her special day, sure, but he still had a right to take a piss without being screeched at.

“Marion, I’m just going to the bathroom,” he said through gritted teeth.

“No, no no,” the woman insisted. “You can go out and around. Amanda is in the foyer taking pictures, and you can’t see her.”

“Why the fuck not? I’ve seen her loads of times before,” he blurted out. “A dress isn’t magic. We’re not going to be doomed to childlessness and poverty because I see her in a specific garment.”

His mother in law crossed her arms and said, “Is that the attitude you’re going to have on her day?”

Jacob threw up his hands and turned around, walking quickly back the way he came. The small church provided a room for him to hide in while the bridal party gallivanted around the grounds. He slumped down onto the couch and reached for another beer. Despite the general unpleasantness of the past few weeks, he knew his wife cared about him. Jacob’s friends and family were too far away to travel for the somewhat impromptu wedding, so he was alone in his room. In exchange, Amanda had only her mother and Stacy, her best friend, in her bridal party. Anticipating her future husband to have a lonely, nerve racked day, she’d left a small bucket of ice and beer for him with a note reading, “Have one for the past and one for the future. I love you! See you tonight!”

He longed to return to their relationship before all the wedding stress derailed them. Two weeks ago, they had been madly in love, so caught up in the rapturous appreciation of each other that the rest of the world faded away. Then came Marion. The second Amanda told her mother about the marriage, Marion ingrained herself in their lives.

It started out as small, minor suggestions about locations or dresses or flowers. But once Amanda started to show excitement, Marion took the reins and goaded her daughter into become a demonic bride. Now the flowers couldn’t be blue they had to be a specific shade of blue, and if they weren’t then hell would be raised. The photographer was meant to be at the church at eight to set the lighting, and god help him if he was late.

Jacob understood why everything had to be perfect for Marion’s little girl. Marion’s husband left her when they were young,. and Jacob didn’t have to try hard to understand why. In response to this abrupt abandonment, Marion lavished all her attention on her daughter, forcing Amanda to have the perfect life that she never could.

For the majority of their time together, Amanda never mentioned her mother or her long lost father. Jacob overheard them talk on the phone occasionally, but the two didn’t seem close. The opposite, usually. When Amanda did talk about her mother, she complained. Something about the wedding reversed all of it, though. Marion became her daughter’s best friend overnight, and a domineering force in both her and Jacob’s lives. He hoped that she would fade away once more after their wedding.

The clock clicked on ominously. Jacob opened another beer. While he wasn’t uncomfortable or particularly nervous, he was quite bored. They had not provided anyone for him to converse with or a television to watch. His phone provided minor entertainment, periodically dinging with a message from friends and family wishing him good luck. Occasionally someone would pop in and ask if he was doing ok, but they only asked because it was their job to make sure the groom had not bugged out.

Twenty minutes before the ceremony, Jacob heard a knock at the door. Without waiting for a response, Marion entered.

Marion refused to age gracefully. In her late forties, she had not yet come to accept that twenty-three was long in her rear view mirror. Thick wrinkles caked with too much makeup lined her face. Her hair thinned slightly near the front, and she did a poor job of hiding gray roots. She tried to carry herself with grace and poise, but a lack of strength led to an appearance of fragility. “Is it time to start?” Jacob asked as she entered.

“No, Jacob, dear, have a seat,” Marion plopped herself down on a chair and began a long process of adjusting her dress to make the perfect appearance. Irritated, Jacob sat down.

“What’s on your mind, Marion,” he asked.

“Jacob, as you know, Amanda’s father is long gone so it’s up to me to give you the lay of the land.” She spoke with a sneering disregard. “You should know that Amanda’s family believes she’s marrying beneath herself. This whole wedding is unworthy of a girl of her breeding. I thought that she’d come to her senses by now, believe me I’ve been trying to convince her all morning. This isn’t anything against you, Jacob. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that the family believed that she would marry someone of substance.”

Jacob blinked at her. “I don’t know what to say.”

Marion turned to look at him directly for the first time since entering the room. Her eyes flashed with indignation, “Well, it’s not your place to say anything. You simply need to do the right thing.”

A violent, dangerous anger welled up inside of him, “And what exactly would that be, Marion?”

“Leave,” she said. “Gather your things, take the car, and go to your apartment. Shove your junk in boxes and get out before Amanda gets back. It will shock her for the first few minutes, but I’m sure it will only move her to more quickly understand that you’re saving her from a life of mediocrity.”

Jacob clenched his fists and unclenched them. His nails pressed into his skin, and the slight relief as they pulled away helped drain away some of his rage. “Get the fuck out of here,” he said in a seething whisper. “We will finish this day because Amanda wants you here. After that, if I ever hear you speak to me like that again, I will make it my life’s mission to keep your daughter away from you. You will never know your grandchildren, and you will die alone and afraid. You have no idea who I am. You don’t understand me or your daughter, you old cunt. You are a walking, talking checkbook to her. Get the fuck out of here.”

Marion gasped throughout his diatribe. She stood up rigidly and swept out of the room. Jacob knew she was skittering off to tell his future wife all the vile things she could. He thought of breaking into the room, picking up Amanda, and carrying her off to elope and forget her family forever. But Marion succeeded. She planted a seed of doubt. Maybe the past two weeks previewed his own future with Amanda. Maybe her father left because he’d realized how horrid the women in that family could be. The clock ticked along. He gathered himself and headed out into the church sanctuary.

Jacob looked out at the small crowd wondering who the people were. He recognized some of Amanda’s family, but not the majority of the guests. A tall, slender man with grey hair and dark, glittering eyes walked up and stood beside him. The man wore a close fitted black suit that did little to hide his gaunt frame, but denoted him as a priest or preacher or whichever applied to this particular type of church. The man unnerved Jacob more than he wanted to admit.

“Where is Father Gabriel?” Jacob asked, keeping his voice low.

The tall man responded without looking at Jacob, “He was called away on an emergency. My name is Thaddeus, and I will be performing the ceremony.”

“Oh, well Amanda is really particular about—”

“Do not worry, Jacob. Your bride will be perfectly happy with my services. In fact, it is her greatest wish for today.”

Jacob nodded, but remained unsettled. Despite the warm day, Thaddeus seemed to exude a cool aura that made Jacob’s hair stand on end. The man stood as still as a statue, and his eyes constantly scanned the room as they waited for the bride. Jacob noticed that none of the guests focused on anything. Their eyes stared ahead blankly or rolled from one thing to the next, as if searching for light in a dark room. The women weren’t admiring the flowers or the decorations. The men weren’t checking their watches. Over time, they all looked toward the alter, but Jacob thought none of them could actually see anything.

The music swelled, and Jacob turned his attention to the aisle. Stacy, the bridesmaid walked slowly toward him, clearly as confused as Jacob about the appearance of Thaddeus. Jacob did notice that the closer she came, the more her eyes lost focus. Her pace became mechanical and slow. She moved to her mark and took her place, going as still and calm as the others in the room.

Next came Marion, the sneer on her face being contorted into a half smile. She took her place opposite of Stacy and turned to watch Amanda’s walk down the aisle.

Jacob smiled broadly. Despite his frustrations of being kept from her, his heart warmed to see her walking towards him in a beautiful white dress. Amanda smiled back at him, her eyes full of love and appreciation. After reaching the altar, she let a single tear roll down her face as she took Jacob’s hand and mouthed, “I love you.”

Thaddeus moved, suddenly and quickly, as if a stone gargoyle had spontaneously jumped to life. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to observe the union of Jacob and Amanda.” His voice echoed through the room which was otherwise a stifled silence. “Who gives this woman?”

Marion tried to speak up, “Her mo—”

“No one,” Thaddeus said. “No one can give a person to another, save for the person themselves.” Jacob glanced at Marion. The older woman looked confused and certainly insulted. “Amanda, do you come today to give yourself to Jacob?”

Amanda smiled, unsure of what to do. This was not the rehearsed sermon. Thaddeus peered at her, not blinking. “Um, yes, yes I do.”

Thaddeus moved again, as if a windup doll whose crank had been turned a bit more. “And Jacob, do you give yourself to Amanda?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Very good,” Thaddeus said. His hands darted into his coat and withdrew a book which he opened between them. “Let us being the vows. Amanda repeat after me.”

Amanda repeated the words unflinchingly as Thaddeus read them out. Oddly, Thaddeus could not be heard by anyone other than Amanda, while Amanda’s tiny voice rang out clearly through the room. She repeated, “I Amanda, promise to love you Jacob, from this day until the day we part. I promise to strive each day to make you happy, to suck your cock when you’re horny, to let you stroke my pussy when you wish, to let you cum on my tits, to let you fuck my ass from this day until the day we part.”

Marion yelled, “Jesus Christ, Amanda!” She turned her gaze on the officiant. “What are you playing at?”

Thaddeus waved his hand. “Jacob, repeat after me.”

Jacob repeated, “I, Jacob, promise to love you Amanda, from this day until we part. I promise to strive each day to make you happy, to cum in your mouth when you’ve earned it, to finger your pussy when you’re horny, to cum on your tits when you want to rub my cum on them, to spill my load in your ass from this day until the day we part.”

Marion slapped him, but Jacob did not seem to notice. “What the hell is going on here? Someone help! Roger? Stacey? What’s the matter with everyone? Someone please!?”

Thaddeus let his mouth split open with grotesque smile, “Jacob, continue to repeat after me.”

“I take Marion to be my bimbo now and forever. So long as she is always twenty two with big round tits and a big round ass, and as long as she is thirsty for my cum and only my cum. She will beg me for my cock and envy her daughter’s time riding my dick.”

As Jacob said the words, Marion felt a change come over her. Her anger dissipated into nothingness as a strange tingling filled her mind. Her body began to change as well according to the description Jacob recited. Her wrinkles smoothed into perfectly new skin. Her breasts swelled to ludicrous bimbo boobs as her ass turned into swollen pillows of thick flesh. A smell hit her, Jacob’s cock. The object of her life’s purpose was only inches away, growing hard as he watched her body become a fuckable toy. He wanted to fuck her new tits, and she knew it. He wanted to shove his cock between her thick ass cheeks. How could she have been so hard on him earlier when he just wanted to fill her mouth up with his sperm.

Thaddeus’s voice boomed once more, “Now Jacob, what act will you perform that will demonstrate your devotion to this union of man, wife, and bimbo?”

Jacob looked at his beautiful bride. Her tits seemed to be swelling out of her dress and her eyes filled with a sparkling excitement. He leaned in and kissed her as her hands fumbled quickly for the buckle of his pants. The two of them briefly glanced at the slack faced attendees, but their fervor for one another drowned out any embarrassment they might have felt.

The newly bimbified Marion pulled her dress down and wriggled out of the stodgy old underwear, reveling in the feeling of the cool air on her youthful skin. She started to play with her nipples as she watched Jacob’s pants fall to his ankles and his thick cock spring into view. Now she knew what her daughter saw in him. Marion’s mouth watered as her daughter stroked the cock in her hand.

Jacob pushed up Amanda’s dress, and his hand dove between her legs. He found a bare, wet pussy which greedily accepted his exploring fingers. Satisfied that his wife was ready for him, he bent her over and pushed the frilly wedding dress up, baring her ass to the whole room as he positioned himself behind her. His hands massaged her firm ass as he slipped inside of her soaked pussy. Amanda moaned as she dropped to her hands and knees, managing to wriggle enough to keep her husbands fat cock inside of her as they shifted forward.

Desire overcame Marion as she watched her new master fuck her daughter. She wanted to help. Getting down on her own hands and knees, she presented her newly bare pussy and ass to Jacob, angling herself so that he could watch as she massaged her folds. Whining and mewling, she desperately hoped that he could see how wet her fingers were and how fat her tits had become.

Jacob’s pace quickened as his cock started to spew cum inside of his almost wife. His length slipped out of her, coating her dress in several spurts of cum. Amanda rested forward on her chest, cooing as her pussy throbbed and ached from his absence.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now fuck your bimbo,” said a disembodied voice.

Jacob’s cock hardened as his eyes turned to his mother in law. She looked nothing like her former crusty self, but now like his ideal porn star. He stepped over to her, and she attempted to get his cock in her mouth, but he stopped her. “Am I good enough for your daughter now, Marion? Look at her, that’s what makes me good enough for me. I can fuck her till she’s a cum splattered mess.”

“Oh, do that to me Jacob, please!” Marion begged, thrusting her tits up at him as she knelt at his feet.

“You haven’t earned my cum yet have you?” Jacob taunted while slowly moving his hand up and down his cock. “You’re our bimbo now. You get to do all things we don’t want to do, and you’re going to do it without any complaining isn’t that right? You’ll clean our house and wash our dishes. You’ll do it so that you can sometimes suck my cock, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, yes master please, pwease let lil ol Mari suck your big dick! I want to feel it in my mouth, push it against my cheeks as I lick it with my tongue! Or my pussy, put it in my pussy and stretch me.”

“Turn around,” he said, feeling complete power over her. Her ass wobbled as she gyrated it toward him. He reached between her legs and felt a slight exhilaration as his fingers easily slid inside the mother of his bride. He wondered if this is what Amanda’s sister would have looked like if she’d had one. For a moment, his eyes drifted over to Stacy, and he wondered if this bizarre situation could embroil her as well.

Turning his attention back to the slut in front of him, he pushed down on her back, forcing her to raise her ass up in the air even further. His cock pushed against her lips for a moment. Her body shook with anticipation, but he pulled away. Then Marion felt the head of his cock pushing against her ass. “I’m going to fuck your ass and cum inside of it.” He pushed forward, and his cock passed into her ass, causing her to moan wildly.

“Oh, no, no master it’s too big. You’re too big. It can’t fit!”

Jacob pushed all the way inside of her, marveling at the tightness of her ass. Roughly, he began thrusting in and out of her, feeling his orgasm building up once again. Arms wrapped around his chest, and Amanda whispered in his ear, “That’s right, fuck my mother like the slut she is. Cum all over her ass.”

It was too much for Jacob. The first gout of cum spewed into Marion’s ass, and her body went rigid with orgasm. His cock popped out of her with a wet sound, and Amanda took hold of him to aim his spewing rod towards her bimbo mother’s ass. Jacob could only grunt as his wife jerked him off onto their bimbo. Amanda leaned in to kiss him and the world dissolved into black.

Jacob woke up the next morning in Hawaii at their honeymoon resort. The sight of his wife’s tight naked body lowering herself onto his erect cock greeted his sleepy gaze. “Good morning, husband,” she said. “I thought I’d help myself to the first cock of the day.” His bride’s pussy soaked with her arousal. Her lips parted easily as she pushed herself down onto his stiff cock. He couldn’t remember what he’d been dreaming about, but he didn’t know how it could be better than the real thing. His hands moved up to squeeze her ass, pleased to find it as supple as ever. Despite the marvelous wake up, questions plagued his mind.

“Did we have sex in front of everyone yesterday? How did we get here?” Jacob said as Amanda gasped, bottoming out on his rod. For a while, she didn’t respond, her body shuddered with small tremors. Jacob could feel her pussy contracting around his cock, and his mind started to fill with the haze of sex once again.

As the mini orgasm subsided, she looked down at her husband with a broad smile on her face. “How do you think we got here silly? Everything happened just like you think. We rode on a plane together. The airplane ladies got very upset when you came so much they couldn’t swallow it all.” Amanda leaned forward, her tits swinging out inches from Jacob’s mouth.

Her tits are bigger. The thought buzzed through his head as memories started to flood back. Who the fuck was that minister? What the hell did he do to us? His mouth opened, and he took Amanda’s nipple into his mouth, his tongue teasing around it in circles. Oh god, what happened to Marion? He nipped playfully and relinquished his prize as Amanda leaned back and started to buck her hips faster. “What about your— what about Marion?” he asked through clenched teeth.

“Marion?” Amanda responded with a hazy look in her eyes. “Oh, you probably mean Cummygirl. I sent her out to get some ice or something. It was the only way I could get the first cock of the day. She probably got lost or started sucking some guy’s cock. Maybe you’ll have to punish the dumb bimbo when she gets back. We could cuff her to the bed, and you could spank her until that big ass of hers is bright pink.”

“So you don’t remember…”Wait, remember what? Jacob couldn’t focus on the name any more or who the woman had been. In place of those memories, all he could picture was a black haired stewardess sneaking back to their seats to lower her hot mouth onto his thick cock. Whatever happened to them, their memories had been affected. He had to figure it out. Just as soon as he filled his new wife up with the cum he’d stored up over night.

He heard the door open. Cummygirl strode into the room wearing a tube top that was stretched to its limit and a skirt that barely covered her ass. “I’m back! I found a machine with free ice! Oh no! I wasn’t here when Master woke up!” Immediately, she started taking off her clothes. Jacob enjoyed the sight of Cummygirl’s fat tits falling into view as his nubile wife bounced on his cock. Cummygirl moved her hand down between her legs and started playing with her bald pussy as she watched her master fuck his bride.

Jacob grunted and grabbed hold of Amanda’s hips, forcing her back and forth along the full length of his cock, until he pulled her hard against him. His cock erupted inside of her, forcing her into another orgasm as his spunk splashed inside of her. She leaned down, pressing her tits against them as they both shook with pleasure. Sated, she rolled off of him. Cummygirl saw her prize and leapt on the bed, slurping Jacob’s cock into her mouth. Jacob shivered at the extreme sensation, but it passed. His cock started to harden again. He smiled and pulled Amanda closer to him as she started to kiss his neck and stroke his chest. “Not a bad wedding,” he mused.