The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bind Date

By The Scribe of Domina

Part 1

Well, this was the place.

Rick fidgeted a bit at the doorbell. He’d gotten a match on the dating site he’d finally gotten around to signing up for—the first one in the week since he’d signed up. The girl had asked him to meet her at her apartment, so here he was. But he was nervous. So he fidgeted in place, making excuses for not doing anything in his head until he finally ran out, and rang the doorbell.

A lamia answered.


No turning back now.

“H-hi! I’m Rick—I think we matched online—you said to meet you here? God, I hope I didn’t get the address wrong. I got the memory of a goldfish sometimes.”

He nervously chuckled. Wow. She was even prettier than he’d expected. Hopefully this was the place. He put his hand in his pocket. A nervous tic? Sure, but he’d always felt it made him look cool.

She turned back to the apartment.

“Clare, your date’s here!”

Ah. Not her. Well, Clare’ll probably be nice too.

“Oh, my bad. Should I come in, do you think, or just wait out here?”

He toyed with the collar on his Hawaiian shirt, trying to make sure it looked nice.

A Dark Elf appeared next.

“Ooh, Clare’s gonna love this one.”

Like he wasn’t even there. A little humiliated to be talked about as if he wasn’t there, but it was a compliment anyway. A bit of heat rose to Rick’s cheeks as he looked around awkwardly.

“I’ve got a wicked idea,” the Lamia told the Dark Elf.

She looked him dead in the eyes. Rick had no idea that she was trying to do anything with that look, but he was already avoiding eye contact out of sheer anxiety.

“Hey, could you...not stare at me like that? I don’t mean to be rude, but between that and the wicked idea thing, you’re freaking me out a little.”

She wrapped her body around him, binding him, and held your head in place as her eyes turned into colorful spirals. Part of Joe wanted to resist. A large part. This was dangerous. He wasn’t doing an excellent job at it though—particularly considering he’d fantasized about this exact scenario nearly ever since he’d come of age. He did manage to close one eye, which helped a little.

“W-wait. What are you going to do with me?”

“I’m making sure tonight is perfect for Clare. This is her first date since a bad break up. you want to have a good date with her right?”

Thankfully, the feeling of being insulted was enough to keep Joe awake at least a little longer, though it was a struggle to keep even just that one eye closed.

“Y-yes, but...who’s to say I’m not g-good enough awake?”

He talked the talk about trying to resist, but he wasn’t struggling against her coils even a little. The only struggle was an intense erection straining against his pants.

“I’m not putting you to sleep. I’m giving you hypnotic suggestions to make your date more fun. What’s wrong with that? You’ll do things she likes and enjoy it. Just let me help my friend.”

Oh. Oh! Triggers to let his date play with him! That’s...he hadn’t fantasized about it, but couldn’t deny that it sounded...really hot. He let his other eye open as soon as she finished explaining.

“Oh. Sorry, i assumed you were going to try and make me a totally mindless puppet or...something...”

He started to slur his words a bit, as all but one part of his body started to go limp in the lamia’s coils.

“Sorry for trailing off there. Your eyes are just...really pretty...”

A moment later he was back standing in front of them with no memory of what happened or idea time as passed. Clare the Succubus arrived. Rick tugged at his shirt. Still a bit nervous, he checked his watch.

“Geez, where’d the time go? Coulda sworn I got here at 7:15, and now it’s...ah, whatever. You’re here, so I guess it doesn’t matter.”

The fantasy popped into his head that maybe he’d been hypnotized to forget, but he dropped it. There’s no way that was it, clearly. Completely irrational explanation. He smiled at Clare.

“Ready to go?”



She hugged him tight. He had the sudden visceral fantasy of motorboating her massive beautiful breasts. Rick’s face turned bright red, as he is suddenly completely erect.

Jeez. Maybe I’ve been alone too long. I need to get out more.

He smiled and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down, before pulling away from the hug.

“L-let’s get going, then!”

He gave Clare a timid smile.

Well, guess I ought to just pretend that didn’t happen. It’s a first date. I shouldn’t be thinking of that stuff. Hell, I haven’t even had sex—why am I thinking about it now of all times? It’s so rare that I’m interested...

He gets a little lost in thought, which seems to calm him down from his fantasy.

As he got into your car he suddenly changed his mind and wanted Chinese food. He drove right to a little place he’d never seen before.

“Ooh this is my favorite place!” Clare cried.

He shrugged. He was basically always in the mood for Chinese anyway—hardly seemed out of the ordinary. And if it was his date’s favorite place...well, he did want it to be a good date. She was pretty, and he’d been lonely a while, so having this date work out could be pretty nice.

“Perfect! Guess I lucked out choosing a restaurant.”

Joe undid his seat-belt, got out and went around to the passenger’s side to open Clare’s door for her. He suddenly imagined her closing her bedroom door and locking it before tackling him onto the bed. Rick blushed again, but shook his head to clear the fantasy, attempting to hide his erection.

Man, what is with me today? I gotta focus. I can’t make this a bad date just cause she’s really attractive.

His face is still red, and will probably continue to be for a while. He held the car door open for Clare.

“R-ready when you are. Sorry, I think I’m just a little out of it tonight.”

“No problem. ”

Inside they ordered and took their seats. Rick smiled. Despite the two incidents earlier, things seemed to be going pretty well.

Just have to not fuck it up. I can do that. I can eat food and talk to someone without making a complete fool of myself, probably. Normal small talk. Shit, what do normal people talk fabout? Animation doesn’t interest most people, so it’s a no-go as a topic, so...

“What’s your favorite movie?”

“Little Mermaid.”

A brief fantasy of her being an animation nerd like him popped into his mind, but he cleared it out like the others, considering it even less likely than the sexual fantasies.

“Oh man, I love that movie! Poor Unfortunate Souls is one of my favorite disney songs, and the way Ursula is drawn is always so cool to look at. Her design—”

Mercifully, the food arrived just in time to stop Joe from going on a long tangent about character design.

“Jungle Book is a close second. I love how Kaa hypnotizes people. Sheila, my Lamia roommate, does it all the time.”

Rick had to math that one out in his head. Eventually, between the strange fantasies and the missing time, he figured he’d ask.

“That’s funny—I met her just before you came down. You don’t think there’s a chance she did that to me, do you?”

He didn’t even know what answer he wanted out of that question.

“hard to say. you won’t know until the end of the night.”

Maybe she has memory come back the night after hypnosis usually? Well, whatever. If she’s not worried, he wouldn’t be.

“Huh, fair enough. If she made me forget, I’ll have to ask her about that. Never been able to pull that one off—not for lack of trying.”

Oh, shit. That wasn’t something he should’ve said. He never told anyone he had any interest in hypnosis. He took a deep breath. Fine, whatever. If she didn’t like him as he was, as a complete person, she wasn’t going to like him at all.

“Can’t walk that one back, so to answer your question—I dabble in hypnosis sometimes, yeah. It can be fun, so I get why she does it.”

“Why we do it.”

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Okay. Rick tried to hold it back, but a massive grin crept across his face, and he sighed with relief.

“Oh man, I was worried that I’d freak you out by telling you that. You being into it too is comforting. Surprising, but comforting. Next thing you’re gonna tell me that you’re way into animation history too.”

He quietly chuckled to himself.

“Of course I love animation and it’s history. Though why does my use of hypnosis surprise you. you do know what I am, right?”

He grinned ear to ear hearing she loved animation history.

...Oh. Wait, was she...? Oh shit. Oh my god, I had no idea.

“...Would it be endearing to say that I completely forgot that you were one?”

“That I’m a Succubus? A little. Have you ever been with one of us before?”

He flushed a little.

“In a relationship? No, i’ve only really been with humans I guess. If you mean...’been with’, been with, I haven’t done that with anyone yet. Been waiting until I felt ready, I guess.”

He shrugged a bit. Man, he hardly ever felt at ease enough to talk about this with anyone, let alone with someone he’d just recently met. He wanted to play mini-golf. Rick smirked a little.

Alright, that sure sounded like an intrusive thought, and I doubt it was mine. Which means...

“Well, after I just got an inexplicable urge to mini-golf, which I haven’t done in years, I’d have to hazard a guess that your roommate definitely put me under and messed with my head a little. So that’s pretty fun.”

Joe finished the last of his fried wantons.

“We could go do that if you want. Your choice, I’d be fine either way.”

“It’s my favorite game. How about we make a bet over it.”

He laughed.

“I’ve never been much good at golf, but sure. I’m game. What are the stakes? I should warn you—I don’t have a lot of money to bet.”

“Here are the stakes. You win I remove Shelia’s commands or tell you what they are, you’re choice. I win I get add some of my own.”

“That just sounds like a win/win for me. Alright, one more stipulation. If i have to give me a kiss on the cheek, in addition to telling me what the commands are.”

He held her hand out, offering to shake. That was, in fact, the first thing that came to mind when he thought about what he’d want her to do. Rick’s mind was not especially dirty.


“Then if I win you have to kiss my tits”

Rick turned a bright red. That had not been the response he’d expected. He glanced down at her breasts, which only made things worse. He looked her in the eyes, opened and closed his mouth a few times like a fish, and then took a deep breath.

“Deal. Jeez, your mind’s kinda in the gutter there, huh?”

He grinned at her, quietly chuckling.

“Not getting this whole Succubus thing, huh?”

The game was rather uneventful but still very fun. By the time they reached the last hole the two were tied. Rick looked to Clare and grinned before she swung.

“If we tie, let’s just hold up both ends of the bet. We kiss each other. You tell me my triggers. You put more in, but don’t wipe my memory of you putting them in. Sound fair?”

“If we tie, but be warned I like to win”

“You and me both. Not that winning will really change much for either of us. When I win, I’ll probably ask you to put me under, anyway. It’s fun for me too, and I trust you enough. Only difference either way is that I get to remember my triggers.”

She made it in four. As he prepared to swing she pulled her top down. Joe glances at her chest, before quickly looking away to make his next shot, clearly knowing anything longer than a split second would throw him into defeat—it’s a bit off, but he still makes it in 4.

“Huh. Surprised there’s no trigger for that. They’re...really nice, but it’s still a tie game.”

After finishing his fourth shot, his eyes are practically locked on Clare’s chest. She kissed him on the cheek. Rick flushed a little, leaned in, and planted a gentle kiss on top of one of her breasts, which he now seemed entirely unable to look away from.

“A-alright, now for the other parts of the bet.”

He got some of her body glitter on his mouth. Rick couldn’t move his body whatsoever, though his mind was still mostly there, and he was certainly tenting in his pants.

“The deal was that y-you’d tell me the triggers. You have to hold up your end.”

“You’ve already experienced most of them. She just gave you one last place to take me.”

“Well, I’m guessing—hoping—location #3 is somewhere private, considering what you’re doing to me even now. Wait, does that mean that the fantasy stuff—that was all you?”

His gaze flitted up and down between her eyes and breasts.

“It’s a succubus thing. We don’t even try to do it. I am intentionally giving you some new commands. Command one: you are going to play hooky tomorrow and spend the day with us.”

He attempted to shrug, but with his body immobile, couldn’t.

“I don’t even have classes tomorrow, so all that means is calling in sick to work. Man, it’s weird to be fully conscious for this. I mean, cool, but weird.”

“you will not be embarrassed at all to spend all night and day with all four of us naked”

“...if you mean in public, then that’s not really gonna work. I’m fine if you mean in private.”

“if we wanted to take you outside we could make you easily. Lucky for you we don’t plan on sunlight till then.”

“Fair enough. What’s the plan for now then. I’m frozen in place, sure, but still That gives me an idea for a fun challenge for you, if you’re game.”

“When I’m finished. You will be having sex with me and my roommates.”

His arm twitched a little.

“I’ve exchanged maybe 2 words with your roommates. Let me at least properly get to know them a bit first.”

Not missing a beat or looking she rubs glitter on it freezing it again.

“By the time they’re done with you you’ll be begging to sleep with all three of us at once. you will be willing to be bound in any position, gagged, breast smothered whatever we can think of.”

“Alright, whatever. I’m guessing that means you ain’t exactly looking for a romantic relationship, then.”

He looks disappointed. Almost ashamed of himself. Then he looks angry. He nearly snarls.

“Fine. You’ll take control of my body. But it sure sounds like that’s all you see me as. Or is that unfair, Ms. Succubus?”

Her eyes turned a livid demonic red. She pinned you against the ice cream mountain.

“How dare you. Do you have any idea how hard it was coming out here tonight? To put myself back out there. You seemed perfect, into everything I am, sweet, prudish but not stuck up. I had high hopes for maybe a good relationship. I wanted to give you a fun day. What do you do? You insult me.”

Oh shit this was a mistake.

“Now you’ll learn why you should never cross a succubus.”