The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Summary: Julia wanted to chase and use a Wolf for his power. Instead, she becomes obsessed with being bitten.

Title: Bitten to the End

Author: Katherine Ma

It was no hardship to invite Julia out to dinner, Trent reflected. She was leggy and curvy in all the right places. From the way she dressed, he knew she knew it, too. Under different circumstances, Trent would’ve savored the chase that they both knew would end with her surrendering to him between the sheets. Or bent over a table. Or trapped between him and a hard, brick wall in an alley.

But Jason had warned Trent of her treachery. Most women came to the Wolves for fun, for pleasure, or for the thrill, and as long as they played nice, the Wolves usually let them leave unharmed. Some came just to say they had spent the night a Wolf, and that left a bitter, metallic aftertaste to the liaisons, but even that was okay. Julia, though, wanted to snare one for herself; She thought she could leash a Wolf and claim its power.

In her lust for power, she had attacked Jason and then tried to kill Jason’s mate. She had almost succeeded, and Trent had come too close to losing a beloved pack mate and a trusted second. Even if she had succeeded, Jason would’ve preferred to wander the world alone than choose another.

Most people knew that Wolves mated for life. Humans thought it was like a very strong marriage, and that like humans, some chose for beauty, some for money, and some for fame. But in the wild hearts of the Wolves, the decision was never anything so conscious. It was a twinning of souls, a braiding of destinies, and a Wolf simply knew when a mate was found.

So now Jason was off settling into his bond with Luanne, and Trent was here, in the high end restaurant enjoying the company of a beautiful, selfish woman.

“You’re so handsome,” she cooed and dragged a hand down to her amble cleavage. Her perfectly manicured fingernails sparkled delicately under the lumen spheres. “I wish I’d met you before. I’d choose you over Jason any day.”

Trent smiled, showing human teeth. She tittered.

Humans had names for people who chased the Wolves: thrall-seekers, Wolf lovers, moonlight dancers... None of them were meant to be complimentary.

He looked at her in the eyes. She had unusual green eyes, set in a flawlessly porcelain face. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun and the artful stray curls softened her sharp, aristocratic cheekbones. Dangling diamond earrings emphasized her delicious bare neck.

“I’m so glad you could join me,” Trent replied. “Jason has told me so much about you.”

She smiled with her ruby red lips, and leaned forward, giving him a better view of her cleavage. Trent could see clearly that she did not wear a bra under her dress.

“Jason broke my heart. We shared so much together. He enthralled me. And then he just left me. Is it any wonder I went a little crazy?” She sighed and brushed a curl behind her ears, her fingers grazing the alabaster column of her neck. She made an artful moue. “I’ve accepted that Jason doesn’t want to be with me, but I worry about that poor girl Luanne. She seems so naive and in love. I don’t know what she’ll do when he does the same thing to her.”

Trent knew that Jason had not enthralled her. If he had, her devotion to Jason would not have allowed her to chase Trent, and she would have been incapable of trying to hurt Jason, or Luanne, by extension.

Before Trent could come up with a suitable reply, the waiter brought some bread and olive oil and vinegar. This was an old fashioned Italian style restaurant. It tried to keep to the traditions from Before, though of course there could be no electric light or fancy electronic cooking gadgets. Still, meals were served in courses, with stainless steel ctulery and cloth napkins.

Julia continued after the waiter left. “I know that he’s your second, Trent, so I don’t really want to say this... But I feel it’s only fair that I tell you. I don’t know if Jason is reliable. He seems... very self-absorbed. He’s even mentioned becoming the Alpha. So I’m not sure I would trust him if I were you.”

Trent pretended to be shocked. “Jason? I trust him.” Trent had known Jason for centuries. They had roamed together, fought together, and slid into human shapes for the first time together. They had been Pack before they learned human speech or took on human names.

“I know.” Julia’s sigh was dramatic. Trent wondered if that worked on human men. “You seem like a good guy. I just don’t want you hurt.”

“Let’s not talk about Jason.” Trent was worried he might maul her before dinner arrived. Nobody would do anything about it; He was a Wolf. But it seemed rather impolite to ruin others’ delightful evening.

Julia nodded and made a sympathetic hum. Then she smiled at him, her teeth white and even. “Tell me about what it’s like to be an Alpha.”

So Trent gave body to her vague dreams of being the Alpha’s mate. He knew she wouldn’t want to tumble on the soft loam or swim naked in the alpine lakes. Instead, he told her of the power to command the rest of the pack. He filled her mind with the luxuries humans traded them for safe passage. He told her of all the important people who came to the pack to ask for favors.

In the end, he hadn’t needed to enthrall her at all to convince her to spend the night with him.

* * *

His den was a safe place, and not somewhere he would want to bring someone like Julia. Besides, he doubted that she would enjoy his rustic furniture or cozy setup. Instead, he brought her to the newest Ritz, to fill her expectations of glitz and glamor.

Their room was on the top floor of the three story building. It was high enough that they’d have a nice view from the deck, but not so high that she would labor too much in her heels to climb the stairs. When she opened the door, she saw the room was lit up by lumen spheres, the expensive charms the Guild held monopoly over. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed.

“I’m glad you like it.” All he noticed when he looked around were the various scent markers left by the previous occupants. Hotels were not cleaned to Wolf standards.

Julia sauntered over to the large king sized bed in the middle of the room, gracefully gliding out of her heels between one step and the next. When she reached the bed, she leaned with her back against it and toyed with a strap of her dress, sliding it slowly over the curve of her shoulder. Then she gave him a bright smile, hiding her artifice. “Are you joining me?”

“Are you inviting me?” He pierced her with flinty hazel eyes.

For a moment, she thought she saw anger in his eyes, and considered dropping the flirtation, but she wasn’t giving up her plan so easily. She knew men and she knew how to keep them interested. She also knew this one had power.

“You’re being obtuse on purpose,” she pouted. “I know you’ve already enthralled me.”

One moment he was across the room and the next he stood in front of her. She could smell the subtle musk of dirt and pine and sweat from him. She felt his warm breath tickle her cheek.

The stories say that enthrallment was beautiful, floating bliss. They tell of an endless fall into mindless oblivion. Songs were sung of the hopeless, helpless infatuation, and the world disappearing in contrast to the sharp focus on the Wolf.

As Julia stared into Trent’s glittering amber eyes, though, she remained as lucid as ever. She could still hear the birds and see the framed art out of the corner of her eye. Only, there was a sudden, deep knowing that whatever he said, she would obey.

“You’re addicted to your own pleasure—crave it—but you can’t without pain,” he told her, his voice low and steady and relentless. “You need to be bit, each time harder than the last, in order to orgasm. You will not cum under any other circumstances, but you will constantly think about it.”

Then the world snapped back into focus. Julia felt her own heart stuttering, wondering if he had merely wanted to frighten or insult her... or if he had actually thralled her. As she tried to sort through her skittering thoughts, he leaned down carefully and bit firmly on the tender part where her shoulder met her neck. A sudden shot of pleasure, equal parts hunger and fear, coursed through her. It weakened her knees and made her crumble to the floor as her desire peaked.

I might get addicted to this, Julia thought in wonder, as she felt him pick her up and lay her on top of the plush comforter on the bed.

“Good night,” Trent said and left without waiting for a reply.

* * *

A few nights later, Julia sat across Elliott Wyatt. She had planned for this meeting for months and specifically catered to his secret taste in women. Her hair was straightened and pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her dress was long and silky, with a well-concealed slit up the side. She had made sure to flash him a view of her fishnet stockings and thigh high leather boots. She had planned to lure him to a hotel and record his affair with the very expensive filming charm she’d acquired, so that later, she could have some material to persuade an Advisor of the Magicians’ Guild. She didn’t have any specific favor in mind, but she was sure it would come in handy.

However, pesky thoughts of exquisite orgasms kept intruding on her thoughts. Much to her consternation, Julia hadn’t been able to cum since her meeting with Trent. She had trouble hearing Guild Advisor Wyatt’s words, even as she kept staring at his thin, cracked lips and white teeth. He was a bit portly, she thought, but he dressed well, and of course she found his position of authority particularly attractive.

“Julia,” he called her back from her thoughts. He smiled pleasantly at her.

She fantasized about him worshipping her, kissing her from the toes of her black boots up, and continue under her skirt. Maybe he would bite the womanly flesh on her hip or use his teeth on her pussy. Hopefully, he’ll even put a bit of force into it. Just the thought of it made her wet, but from experience, she knew no amount of fantasy would push her over the edge.

“Yes, my dear Elliott?”

“Julia, please, we have a professional relationship.” He looked surreptitiously around. If anybody noticed her endearment, they were discreetly eating their meal again. “However, I do have a new project with the Guild. I would love to chat with you in confidence about it later.”

“That’s fascinating.” Under the formal dining table, Julia reached forward with a leather clad foot and slid it slowly up his inner thigh. When she reached the juncture between his legs, she gently felt around with her supple leather sole and then applied just the smallest bit of pressure. She had the satisfaction of feeling him spring to attention under the table and seeing blood rush to his face. “I would love to talk about this later.”

Elliott dabbed at his sweaty forehead and cheek with a crisp white handkerchief. “Yes, yes,” he agreed. “Let’s focus on dinner now.”

Julia noted that he did not actually move away from her foot.

* * *

Elliott was acceptable.

He was full of admiration, as Julia had expected. In the hotel room, he knelt when when told. He licked her boots until they shone and then carefully crawled under her dress and unlaced her boots with his teeth. That was when he had discovered her bare snatch, full of womanly scent as she had played with herself before their meeting but not washed. She had ordered him to lie on the hard floor and she had sat on him unceremoniously, gyrating as he slobbered everywhere and licked her. Sometimes, she covered his nose and his breathing was labored, but that did not curb his enthusiasm.

It was fun, but it wasn’t what Julia wanted.

She stood up and she asked him to bite her.

“Where?” he asked.

“Use your brain. Pick a good spot.”

He nodded. He carefully lifted her silk dress and then bit gently on her inner thigh.

Julia barely felt teeth.

“Harder,” she ordered.

He hesitantly applied more pressure. She could feel the shimmering pleasure starting to course through her.

“Harder, you imbecile!”

He took a deep breath and gnashed his teeth down. She trembled as she held his head to her thigh.

After a long moment, Julia sighed in satisfaction. She looked down and recoiled from his red face and heaving adoration. “Leave,” she told him. “I’m done.”

For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something else, but in the end, he left without another word.

Julia never even took out her filming charm.

* * *

It took another several days before Julia realized that she could bite herself as she masturbated.

She still wondered if she had actually been enthralled or if her brain had latched onto Trent’s words and ran away with the fantasy. Either way, she had no idea how to stop it.

She lay in bed in the dark, the sheets twisted and damp with sweat and feminine secretion. Her hair was a mess. A sweet coppery tang coiled on the tip of her tongue. Her neat, even teeth marks were angry and red and bleeding on her left forearm.

The urge to cum had been a constant hum in the back of her brain. Her right arm subconsciously seeking to trace her clit and her labia, when she was distracted with other thoughts. And then she was dripping and wet but couldn’t orgasm until she brought her arm up and bit it hard. Each time, the pain pierced sharply through her before buoying up her mind to ecstasy.

The last few times, she had had to draw blood.

* * *

Julia had had to put her plans on pause. She had canceled her meeting with Mrs. Darlene, the representative for Fremont on the human city council, and instead met up with Slade.

They sat across each other in the dark, dusty room on the hill. She peered around his single room in the dimness. He was too cheap to use lumen spheres and instead lit a candle now that the sun was setting. The room gave nothing away about his interests. She wondered if he truly lived here or if it was simply a decoy.

She had only worked with Slade in a professional capacity before. He was fully human, with no allegiance to the Guild or the Wolves or the human government. He advertised himself as a freelancer, his strength and paramilitary training sold to the highest bidder. Usually, Julia hired him for protection for her meetings with more difficult characters. This time, though, she wanted to use his strength to sate her new addiction.

The problem, she found, was that she needed to be bitten to cum. No amount of mashing on her tender flesh could bring her satisfaction. Neither did cutting herself bring her over the peak; She had tried twice, once with a razor sharp knife and once with a dull, serrated one. It wasn’t the pain or the blood; It was simply the bite.

Slade was the strongest person she knew who she thought might do this for her. She stared at him now and admired the silhouette of his square jaw against the dusky purple sky outside and hoped it was as forceful as it looked.

“Bite me,” she told him as she slid him a briefcase.

He looked briefly surprised before his face became impassive again. With a swift moment, he opened the briefcase to find two gold bars in there, perfectly untraceable.

“That’s a lot you’re paying for a bite.”

“It may be more than one. And it’s also for your silence.”

He nodded. “Where? How hard?”

From experience, she knew that he would probably have to draw blood. She had worn a cap and sunglasses and an inconspicuous outfit. Her cap and sunglasses now sat on the small dining table between them. Carefully, she stood up and pulled her khaki skirt up on the right side to reveal her pale pink cotton underwear hugging low on her hip. “There, on the hip. I’ll tell you when you’ve bitten hard enough.”

Slade shut the briefcase and slid it under his chair.

Then he approached her, and even though she had only ever seen him as a pawn, her heart raced. He would bite her, and he was so strong. He could do for her what she had been unable to achieve for days.

Quietly, he knelt down beside her. He placed his teeth carefully around the bare skin where she indicated. He applied pressure slowly, much to Julia’s frustration. Then he bit harder, and she could feel herself getting closer to that elusive euphoria. With a sharp piercing pain, she knew he drew blood and soon she felt her panties dampen and her soul soaring over the world. When she collapsed onto the couch, Slade let her go.

She saw him wipe his mouth with the back of his hand. Then he walked to the sink and rinsed his mouth.

Julia wanted to bask in the pleasure, but she knew she couldn’t stay. In a few minutes, she righted her clothing as best as she could and headed toward the door. Slade looked away with disgust. She knew he would not contract with her again, but in her current satisfaction, she couldn’t bring herself to care.

* * *

Even humans could only bite so hard. Eventually, Julia realized that she would have to visit the Wolves again. Perhaps, a part of her had always known this. Or perhaps, she simply needed to see Trent again—see the one who had pushed her down this abyss.

She had nothing to bargain with, and Wolves rarely bargained anyway. As she tried to select an outfit, she wondered if she should show the evidence of her obsession or not. If not, she had very little choice in her wardrobe. That long sleeve shirt and a maxi skirt were really her only option.

No, she thought defiantly, they had made her this way. They would see her as she was.

She put on a bright red number, shiny and clingy. The tightness did not leave room for any undergarments and she had to shimmy into it after a generous application of talc powder. It squeezed her breasts together showing a deep cleavage and it hugged her hips tightly. She knew that with every step, it looked like the hem would ride up and expose her ass. The PVC dress had been extremely expensive, since plastics could only be recovered from artifacts from Before.

Bare legs, she decided, since she wasn’t hiding the numerous bite marks, in various stages of healing. She slipped on matching red wedges. For her final touch, she put on bright red lipstick and ran her fingers through her hair.

Just because she was going to meet the Wolves didn’t mean she had to devolve to their animalistic nature.

* * *

The carriage ride east across the lake had been short. She sat in the cart, huddled against the wind, her nipples hard against her dress. The horse clip-clopped across the water and the driver only turned to look strangely at her twice. After crossing the bridge, they traveled several miles north before the man dropped her off, “This is as far as I’m willing to go.”

This had been a city, before The Cataclysm. Now, the buildings’ facades sat dirty and disused, many of them crumbled onto the deserted roads. As she picked her way away from the station towards the forest, the vegetation grew denser and denser, until she entire patches of asphalt were hidden by dirt and plants.

She had no idea where the Wolves’ territory actually started. However, she knew they lived in the forest somewhere. She was betting that she would run into them or they had sentries who would notice her. If she had bet wrong, she would probably freeze to death overnight. However, with her need to cum again an insistent itch under her skin, she refused to think that far. She needed to see the Wolves tonight.

After another hour or so, she was proven right. A woman approached her from the dark. A slender shadow amongst the trees, her eyes glowed amber as she approached. She held a crossbow aimed at Julia.

“What are you doing here?” The Wolf asked.

Julia was surprised to find the Wolf was shorter than she was, but the Wolf was filled with lean muscles.

“I don’t mean any harm.” Julia continued on in spite of the Wolf’s obvious skepticism. “I just... I just need to be bit.”


Julia had thought Trent would have returned to his Pack and cawed about his dominion over her. She had thought she would be... if not welcomed, at least known and expected. Having to explain it brought embarrassed color to her cheeks.

“I need to be bit. Hard.”

“I’m sorry. What?”

Julia sighed. “Please, just take me to Trent.”

The Wolf looked over Julia but did not frisk her. The red dress was probably obviously skin tight. Or perhaps Julia looked ridiculously wobbling her way through the forest in her heels. The Wolf jerked her head down the path toward the forest. “Go on.”

The moonlight disappeared behind the full foliage, so Julia was left stumbling in the dark. She briefly wondered what she was doing, but then her mind reminded her of the exhilaration of pain and she doubled her resolve. She didn’t even hesitate after she fell and dirt smudged her dress and her bare skin.

Eventually, after several more stumbles like that, after she stopped trying to fix her hair, she came to a clearing in the forest. Five people stood there, all of them clearly Wolves. She recognized Trent with relief. He stood apart from the others.

“You enthralled me. You have to give me what I need.”

His lips thinned and curved in a semblance of a smile. “I didn’t enthrall you; We don’t enthrall just anyone. I merely shifted a single truth in your world.”

“Well, you did something! Fix it!” Julia hugged herself and shivered. She wasn’t sure if it was from the cold or from need. “I need to be bit. Hard.”

“I know,” he told her, not unkindly. “These four will do that for you, but they will do it as wolves and you will have to tell them when to stop.”

She nodded. It was more than she had hoped.

He turned and left. When she looked back to the others, they had slipped into their animal selves, sleek and wild and elegant. She sat down on the dirt ground, giving them access to her. They whined and whuffed at her as they stalked her, their strange amber eyes glued on her.

Julia held out her arms. “Bite me,” she told them.

The first one was slightly hesitant in biting her, but once he drew blood, the other three descended on her too. Each bite was a sharp shot of ecstasy, muffling her world in a thick gauze of euphoria. When she felt them slowing down, she urged them, “More, more!”

She knew that she was bleeding, as she lay on the ground. The world was growing colder even as she floated higher, the sky suddenly bright and glorious even in the dark of the night. The wolves continued to bite her and maul her. All she knew was that she didn’t want to leave the painful embrace; She needed to cum.

“Harder,” she whispered, her head light. She heard her bones crunch under their omnivorous teeth. She knew there should be pain, but instead she was suspended in joy, perfectly in synch with the thousand stars hanging in the sky, before gravity inevitably beckoned her back to earth.

The world started to fade to black on the edges as her breathing became difficult.

She wanted to tell the Wolves she was no longer cold, that the world was warm and comforting around her. She wanted to thank them for showing her what was possible, for guiding her to purity and bliss. But she had so little energy and her soul was soaring into the clear night sky.